Why is Criticism Taboo?

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Out of sheer boredom, and thanks to the many different ways to browse Reddit using a mobile phone, I often find myself exploring the various Subreddits and vast online communities of titles far away from our favorite little genre – partially to understand the structure of each individual online gaming world, and how it differs from that of sim racing. After being subjected to numerous instances of online stalking, crazed quasi-viral marketers, smear campaigns, delusional developers, poor customer service, and an all-around highly toxic cluster of internet Stigs, I’ve been curious to know if we have any equivalents. Is there an Associat0r of the DOOM world; an Ian Bell of modern military shooters? Do diehard Madden NFL fans continuously apologize for broken game elements and drown out any valid criticisms raised by competitive players? When a 2D platformer is shipped in an unfinished or unsatisfactory state, is there an aggressive viral marketing push to counter-act the tidal wave of hostility from disappointed customers?

I was shocked to discover that no, we’re actually all alone in this mess, and that’s pretty pathetic. For a community comprised primarily of adult males, individuals established and competent enough in their personal lives to both work and afford expensive toy steering wheels, plus an array of unnecessary placebo effect purchases, the average sim racer exhibits ridiculous behavior on par with that of your stereotypical pre-teen Taylor Swift super fan. Nowhere else in modern gaming does a community this ass-backwards and nonsensical exist, and today, I’ll provide a few examples to display how messed up modern sim racing has become compared to our brothers and sisters on other gaming forums.

pcars vs mno.jpg

So if you’re not well-versed in the world of 2D platformers as we enter the final half of 2016 – and it’s understandable, gaming as a whole has more or less moved on from these titles – there was this game called Mighty No. 9 that came out today on a variety of different platforms. A Kickstarter endeavor that was the brainchild of a former Capcom employee responsible for the Mega Man series, the idea behind the crowdfunding campaign was to create a title like Mega Man, but better, and without Capcom interfering on the project’s development. After raising $4,000,000 and poorly managing the development process – including several unexpected delays – the game received a complete thrashing by critics. And once the title arrived in the hands of the customers, they too were furious: the game was buggy, broken, and a complete letdown compared to what was promised. Head of the project Keiji Inafune, along with translator Benn Judd, responded to criticism by mocking the disastrous launch by telling fans “it’s better than nothing.”  This resulted in yet another line of articles making a mockery of Inafune’s project, and even more frustrated fans – unwilling to accept such a poor title when all was said and done.

Does this sound familiar? Of course it does.

Ian Bell and Slightly Mad Studios parted ways with Electronic Arts after the launch of Shift 2: Unleashed, and Ian Bell envisioned a crowdfunding project where they could make the racing sim they’ve always wanted to make, away from the interference of an incompetent publisher overseeing development of the title. After raising far too much money and poorly managing the development process – including several unexpected delays – the game was ripped apart for shipping in a buggy, unfinished, and in some cases outright embarrassing state.

Actually, back up a second: It wasn’t. Sure, the YouTube videos graciously documented the volcanic eruption of hilarious game-breaking glitches, and the hardcore sim racers among us – those who have been steady members of the community since the early 2000’s – pointed out that the final product came nowhere close to resembling the ridiculous ambitions of the early outline, but critical comments were soon hidden under a literal ocean of nonsensical praise for the title. Those who dared to speak about the sub-par experienced bundled inside the Project CARS box were attacked by viral marketers and crazed fanboys, who vastly outnumbered the remaining intelligent personalities on each forum. You were told you had an irrational vendetta if you pointed out that Project CARS sucked, and if you were lucky enough to be told off by Ian Bell himself on the game’s official forums, apologists quickly rushed to his side, passing off borderline meltdowns and inability to take any criticism as typical British humor.

Two very different modern video games followed the exact same path, from initial planning, all the way to release, and received vastly different reception from their respective target audiences. The title intended for legitimate manchildren and nostalgia gaming enthusiasts was rightfully ripped apart for being a steaming pile of shit. The title intended for moderately intelligent auto racing enthusiasts was defended for being a steaming pile of shit. How the fuck is the sim racing community this dense?


We now move on to the latest iteration of DOOM, by the legendary id Software. This was a game that wasn’t really on my radar at first thanks to Bethesda’s involvement – indicating there was a chance this title could get really fucked up by someone in a suit trying to tamper with a beloved video game franchise – but the post-release reception immediately put my doubts about quality to rest. It obviously will never live up to the original DOS-based titles, but basically everyone who has touched this game, even for a brief period of time, absolutely loves it. The Single Player campaign is the ultimate example of fan service. The new SnapMap functionality is essentially modding tools in a box. There’s a reason this game is winning awards pretty much everywhere – it’s really fucking good.

And yet, people still wanted more. Within a few days of the game launching, the most popular thread on the game’s Subreddit asked id Software to add in the classic Capture the Flag mode to the game’s online multiplayer functionality. No, there isn’t a first person shooter rule book hosted on Geocities that states capture the flag is a required mode in all high profile first person shooters, and hey, there’s an entire portion of the disc dedicated to a fucking massive level editor, but that didn’t stop people from asking where the hell capture the flag went – considering it was a stable from the Quake series of games. A few weeks later, hardcore DOOM fans started a petition to add modding support as well. Again, mod support isn’t required by the international law of first person shooters, and developers are by no means obligated to include it in any of their titles, but a whole bunch of people wanted it, and the community collectively spoke up.

Nowhere can id Software apologists be found criticizing avid DOOM players for making unreasonable demands from the company. People were just sort of going “hey, this game is great… but why did you guys take out Capture the Flag?” – followed by others generally agreeing that a modern id Software title should have included this beloved mode by default.

Meanwhile, let’s jump over to the world of sim racing, and take a look at Assetto Corsa. This is a game that bills itself as “your racing simulator”, but does not allow you to drive at night, drive in the rain, jump the start, execute a pace lap, stall the car, select the color of your car in most online sessions, run a race scored by time, manually toggle the pit limiter, predetermine your pit stop strategy, execute driver swaps, heat up the brakes, and damage the engine due to excessive temperature, among many other omissions. These are all little quirks found in other racing simulators directly competing with Assetto Corsa, and while they aren’t required by the international law of sim racing to be included within the title by Kunos Simulazioni, the lack of such features has generated justified criticism from many hardcore sim racers.

Like the 2016 iteration of DOOM and it’s lack of Capture the Flag, races contested by time rather than laps isn’t a required feature – in fact, there are no requirements at all for any company building any sort of video game. But whereas the DOOM fans loudly voiced their dismay over the lack of a classic gameplay variant in the popular first person shooter, Assetto Corsa fanboys promptly resorted to making excuses for Kunos Simulazioni. DOOM literally has everything you could want in a first person shooter, and fans are unanimously asking for more. Assetto Corsa is an objectively unfinished racing simulator, and diehard sim racers are instead defending the title’s lack of traditional features, proceeding to take things a step further and praise a near-constant stream of upcoming DLC announcements after shitting on titles like Forza and Need for Speed for doing the exact same thing.

Good job guys, way to make yourselves look real smart.

Lastly, I’d like to talk about the EA Sports line of Madden NFL games that most North Americans have probably played at some point in their lives over the past five years. Part of my influences when it comes to writing and maintaining PRC.net would be the simulation football community surrounding commercial NFL titles, and as an extremely average former high school quarterback who understands football on a technical level, I find videos by guys like Ryan Moody, apexisfree, and TheSimStandard to be more enjoyable than some guy screaming over a pack of fake football cards. Not only do these guys routinely discover new ways to demonstrate that Madden can be broken as fuck, the overall hardcore community surrounding the yearly American football simulator constantly pushes EA Sports to improve upon the previous year’s product. These guys all came around the YouTube scene in late 2008, with the abomination that was Madden NFL 09 (the one with Favre on the cover), but their work has paid off – Madden 16 isn’t bad, and it’s partially due to these guys ripping EA Sports a new asshole when they find something wrong.

What I’m getting at, is that while sim racing has just PRC.net, and many sim racers love to downplay this place as the ramblings of a mentally ill individual, Madden has like, five of me, they all have YouTube channels, and most of the Madden Subreddit is equally as critical of the game as the personalities mentioned above. And just like Madden has been the undisputed king of football simulators for quite some time, iRacing has been the king of motorsports simulators. Like it or not, iRacing is a monolithic entity that thanks to their massive userbase and deep pockets, is here to stay. But unlike the Madden community, who continuously draw attention to problems within the game that completely change things from a tactical standpoint, iRacers simply won’t allow you to do this.


I have a folder full of quotes from just this guy on Reddit alone, but it goes to show how ridiculous iRacers can act in defense of their favorite game. Since starting up PRC and talking openly about some of the shortcomings found in iRacing, a steady stream of iRacing fanboys have shown up on various social media outlets to defend a company they have no financial or personal obligation to defend. When drawing attention to the company’s lengthy EULA not being valid due to unconsciousnability laws, I’m told “you’re just butthurt because you got banned.” When Lord Kaemmer makes an obvious mistake regarding the heating behavior of racing slicks, iRacing fanboys don’t question him – they twist reality to make him appear to be correct. When I point out that the Street Stock in iRacing is unrealistic, and the rookie races can be a clusterfuck of chaos, iRacers claim I was causing the chaos myself by winning all the races. And when top iRacers were passing out hero cards of their pretend race cars at Sprint Cup Races in hopes of landing an ARCA ride, bottom split heroes claimed I was just jealous of their success – even as anonymous Peak Anti-Freeze Series drivers were thanking me in private for shedding light on such embarrassing behavior. These people simply cannot take criticism, even when criticism is prevalent and actively discussed in all other video game communities.

GSC 2016-05-15 15-26-26-48

The aggressive shills and paranoid delusions of some sim racing community members may generate hearty giggles among readers who make this place a stop on their daily rotation of websites, but as a sim racer it’s pretty shitty to see people bring up genuine topics of discussions on places like RaceDepartment or VirtualR, and immediately get shot down by a tornado of rabid apologists. Even worse, it sucks to see that when unfinished games, broken elements, or missing features are discussed in other gaming communities outside of sim racing, the hostility exhibited by sim racing shills is virtually non-existent. The DOOM community generally agreed that Capture the Flag should have been in the new game by default, but hardcore racing simulator fans make excuses for the lack of pace cars or false starts. That’s all sorts of messed up.

It’s as if the middle aged men populating our community have temporarily been given the emotional stability of a pre-teen Taylor Swift fan, and you only have to look at recent reception to certain news articles in order to understand what I mean. Taylor Swift fans defend their idol jumping from guy to guy in a manner similar to Slightly Mad Studios fanboys justifying Ian Bell’s numerous meltdowns. In the former example, I can at least understand a teenage girl not understanding why Taylor’s long list of ex lovers calling her insane may be a massive red flag for the rest of us, but middle aged men defending customer service behavior that would get them fired from their own place of employment is questionable at best.

So why does this happen? Why is criticism in sim racing such a taboo topic?

Daytona International Speedway_1.jpg

Unfortunately, there are no clear answers.

  • The presence of prominent developers within several different community message boards forces many users to remain politically correct at all costs, in order to avoid offending one of several key figures notorious for the inability to take criticism.
  • The high average age of sim racers means many of those among us have been raised to “appreciate what they’ve been given no matter the quality”, though I have a feeling these notorious apologists are the same folks who claimed George Lucas ruined their childhood with the release of Star Wars: Episode I.
  • Crowdfunding campaigns may cause sim racers to feel personally attached to any number of products, and compelled to embark on viral marketing campaigns to blindly praise the product.
  • The “Pack Mentality” allows several members at a time to receive a bit of harmless laughs over ganging up over one person somebody else has deemed a nuisance.

Those are just some of the contributing factors leading to the awful environment routinely found in modern sim racing communities, but if you have an absolute answer as to why this all occurs, and more importantly, how to fix it, we’d love to hear it!


63 thoughts on “Why is Criticism Taboo?

  1. I agree with you(not with everything you say)… but with the idea of manchildren forming packs that devour anyone who invades their territory, in a manner of speaking. What happens at the AC forums sometimes is infuriating. Fanboys slagging off respectable opinions that only show moderate or “not enough” enthusiam for boatloads of new content on the horizon, ganging up on all non-acolytes. Circle-jerking to no end. I don’t know.. The game’s not bad, but boy did I get burned for merely stating my opinion on the status quo, and I’m always trying to be nice and polite. Not really keen on going there again, it’s become an echo chamber, and those insane fanboys ruined the fun for me.


  2. James if you think sim racing is bad then trust me you could be much worse. Its toned down a bit now but in there prime Combat arms and Crossfire or just general CS clone community. Holy fuck were there some venomous ghouls lurking on those sites.

    I remember a very long time ago there was the birth of the G36E to combat arms.

    For comparison it is like ford in le mans 2016, it is like electric cars to a petrolhead, it is every presidential candidate, it pretty much is BREXIT, it is like Sunohara from Clannad and worse of all it is like males that act like females on steam. 😉

    There was uproar, it meant that any old git from level 0 could take skill out of the picture, a 4 shot kill(5 with paytowin armor later on) and 1/2 headshots would be a one hit kill and it had a 3.4x scope and minimal recoil.

    Everyone was angry, they wanted some sort of resolution or to make a setting where it would tell G36E users to die in a fire.

    What did the devs add to balance it out…………..

    Fucking mines

    Fucking miniguns

    A special edition G36E with a bird on the side.

    I can tell you that day majority of the userbase had a angry german kid sort of reaction.

    It cut a large line between the rich people that could splash out and the coppers as they were called which meant you grinded.

    This turned into a spat between the userbase, the rich people would defend the hellish pay to win practises etc, coppers would dive into the code and call people out on their bs. devs gave up on community management apart from news of them ripping you off for slightly less for a week or two.

    While ive not got into them i hear that the fps hoard community is one of the more angry ones such as with payday and killing floor and to a lesser extent vermintide.

    There are people like you that i know by alias for other games just like you some of the things talked about are useful, some are silly, others out right ridiculous and unfounded. Just dont make some of the mistakes others have done, they ended up imprisoned for going too far with the devs. a decade ago no one cared, if something like that happened now it would be massive news.

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    1. What do you have against Sunohara ? I mean sure, he’s loud and stupid most of the time, but he’s pretty important 🙂


  3. How about the difference in criticism.

    Nobody is saying “DOOM isn’t a first person shooter because it hasn’t got CTF” because that would be retarded. AC and PCARS are, by intent and features, racing simulators.

    To get your criticism taken seriously you should probably start with “why do sim racers think it’s acceptable to make their points this way” and screencap a bunch of people who got banned from RD, from AC forums, from Sector 3 forums, from PCARS forums, and analyze what they said and how people who didn’t get banned said the same thing.

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    1. RD and certainly sector 3 are not known to go crazy with the ban hammer at all, dont drag particularity secter 3 who has probably the best official forum around, through the mud, S3 certainly dont belong in same bag as AC forums or even worse Pcars.


      1. Sector3 forums doesn’t have the toxic people rfactor and assetto attract. People also get banned in rf2 forums. People also get banned in AC forums. People also get banned in Racedepartment forums. People also get banned in iracing forums.
        Crazy with the ban hammer? Banning 20-30 people total out of over 100k forum users (in AC) is going crazy with the ban hammer?

        Of course now will come some guy saying “But if I was in charge I would let everyone doing what they want, because freedom”. First, AC forums is a support forum for customers of the game. Therefore they have guidelines and rules to moderate the forums. Perhaps users of sector3 forum are better behaved within those guidelines the moderators set for the forum community.


    2. Well, I m a frequent inhabitant of Sector 3 Studios and I haven’t seen anyone from the company going bananas on users as others devs have done.


  4. Sim racing is NOT a democracy. You should all know this by now you religious fucktards and mentally ill social care shilling naive retards


  5. “I was shocked to discover that no, we’re actually all alone in this mess”.

    You’ve obviously never been to the CS:GO sub-reddit… that place is s bigger circle jerk than any individual sim forum. At least a few times a year valve shows up out of the blue with a game changing update that absolutely fucks shit up. In between those it’s compete radio silence.


  6. Clearly, everyone’s been at the Kool-Aid. I think it’s time to accept that this is how the sim racing community acts, and move on. These people are never going to change, at this point this is fairly obvious. So fuck ’em. If they want to shill shitty, broken games, good for them. Obviously they’re too shitty and broken themselves to be worth “helping”.

    Fuck this weird, creepy community, all I wanted to do was drive some pretend race cars in my spare time, not deal with some guy trying to dox me because I once said projectCARS was a bit shit.

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    1. Imagine posting a photo of your setup to come back to 478 responses talking about how your monitor bezels are too thick.

      It’s like nobody noticed the Oculus DK2 hanging from the steering wheel but decided to tell me I should kill myself, anyway.

      Fuck this cancerous community and fuck Reddit.


  7. You forgot one:

    Too many people praising the devs, because either the devs are former modders, so “part of us”, or because the people doing the praising want to join them someday and also make money/a living out of sim racing. This was vastly clear with the WMD pCars campaing.


  8. What does “Your racing simulator” really mean? It means nothing and everything. Is too vague to use it as argument whenever it suits you. No night and rain racing? “hurr durr, but they call themselves as your racing simulator”. You’re trying to imply that by using that tagline they are promising everything imaginable around motor sports.


  9. Criticism isn’t taboo in sim racing. Just that you need some manners and constructive criticism and constructive suggestions.

    Saying “sims 20 years ago had this” isn’t constructive criticism nor suggestion. Saying “we need proper this and proper that” isn’t either.

    Attention, I’m not saying for people to stop asking things they want or would like for the sim game. Because in a way this is important for the devs to know there’s need and demand for something, and in what direction to take the development.
    But also understand that your criticism and suggestions aren’t always the best for the game/user base, or in this period of time. Devs will read the majority of things we write about the game and the simulation. And then they analyze and see what is needed to make it happen or if is really needed for that thing to be present in the game. Sometimes players get confused between desired and needed. Most of the things people request for AC are desires. Now, these desires possibly can enrich the playing experience.
    But there’s so much the devs can do, they don’t have unlimited resources (time, money, people, skills/experience). And all this is gained with the more work you make, with the more quality products you make or try to make.

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    1. Personally I find it hilarious when people ask for something, devs implement it, and the people immediately realize they weren’t specific enough in their request and didn’t get what they want. Not because they’re ignoring users, but because the users distill their desires down so much that they lose the essence of what they want.

      For example, “allow people to jump starts”. It’s pretty safe to assume that people mean “I want the car to be drivable before the green light” + “I want a penalty when someone starts early”. But then there’s “the penalty should be an addition to your race time” which is much less universally popular. Or “the penalty should be a drive-through”. Or “the penalty should be the same as failing to get ready in time, removal from the grid + stuck in pits until after the race has commenced”. Or “the start is cancelled, and people grid up again”.

      In practice, each type of penalty has its own problems. If you just give a time penalty, you completely fuck up the concept of “passing for position” which changes the entire racing dynamic – and, as seen in one Australian series recently, the driver can jump the light by so much that the penalty doesn’t compensate. A drive-through penalty, adding 40-50 seconds to the next lap, is enough to make the driver guaranteed last place on any sprint race. And removing the driver from the grid amounts to the same thing as the drive-through, with the only difference being the rest of the grid doesn’t have to get past the guy diving into the pits.

      If you leave it up to the devs, well, they’ll pick the one that’s cheapest to implement, or one they would personally use. They’ll never please everybody, because everybody races different cars, compares to different series rulesets, and just plain cares different amounts about “absolute truth to real world” vs. “make it easy to simulate the good parts of racing”.


  10. Still a biased article, but nonetheless, a bit better than usual. As others stated, while you have some decent points about the lack of features from some “racing” sims, you are exaggerating the bad and also obsessing over some really SMALL things.
    What is the definition of a racing simulator? Or a driving one for that matter? How do you balance a better than average car feeling versus the lack of night racing? How do you weigh the pros and cons?When you are analyzing a game, be objective and thorough. The problem, dear James, is that even if you are right in your own way about the points you make, you do not know how to express your opinion and how to prove it with logic and facts, so people do not really take you serious anymore. For the sake of the opportunity that you have with the infamy of this blog, you should really try to do quality journalism, be better than the other ones out there and spit some quality articles that are not biased. I suggest you try also to focus things that really matter, and stop being so dramatic. You’re famous, this is your chance, don’t blow this up
    I believe that there is a serious issue of communication between fans, haters, devs, etc. Most of them are doing it wrong. I also firmly imply that this is happening because most people are stupid or superficial. Next time, before you open your mouth, think twice. Ok, done for now, have a nice one.


  11. As someone who recently entered the “sim” racing “community” last year, along with many others, this community is fucking garbage. The Dirt forum is the only one I regularly check and participate in, and they don’t censor every thing you say. They don’t ban you for criticizing the game or even talking shit unless it goes to extremes. And the people on there are generally a bunch of goofs that want to have an actual community based around rally and have some laughs. And unless people come in saying the games too hard and they need an easy mode, they don’t come to the defense and apologize for CM’s shortcomings. We tell CM there’s a bunch of shit wrong with the game constantly and they aren’t a bunch of fucks about it and ban you. I got banned from the AC forum for saying the graphics with their one light source was not as good as Forza, and that there SEEMS to be a SLIGHT amount of understeer that was introduced. Fucking Kunos himself insulted me after I said they use the same basic tire model as literally everyone else, which is true. There’s so many fuckheads in this community it really puts me off and I don’t want anyone else to ever join.
    The only other forum I visit is the BeamNG forum, and they’re constantly talking about how to improve the game via every way they can, especially with physics. You can’t even begin to slightly question physics in AC before you’re jumped by Hornbuckle and banned. At this point, I only have a PCars account to get the FFB files and that’s it.

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    1. Physics are discussed productively quite a lot over there. People who combine arrogance with ignorance are often banned from discussion forums, who knew. But no, having an obsessive hate boner and retelling your valiant tale of being unjustly banned over and over is surely converting readers of this blog. Maybe a reader submission is in order.


  12. Their needs to be a universal speed rating attached to everyone’s opinion. That way everyone can instantly discredit the opinion based solely on the fact that they are indeed a slow piece of shit. My universal speed rating is zero, because in fact I do not race.


  13. I have the answer and its a simple one,most of the manchilds that play race Sims are in fact the most nerdy spindly fucking dweebs imaginable.
    They all got bullied in school so haven’t left there moms house since,they have never even spoke to a female,apart from said mother.

    They have no life,other than the forum of their preferred SIM.

    James the asymmetric handling problem has been bought up again in iracing with proof this time and yet again the apologist are in force.

    Someone linked a good article of the same bug from n2003,looks like they never rewrite that part of the code,and it’s made that way because of oval racing.


  14. Two things; cognitive dissonance and post-purchase rationalisation working in tandem.

    People have bought these expensive toy wheels and spent hundreds or thousands on software, dlc and subscriptions. As such, any evidence that they have wasted their money or made the wrong choice is mentally painful.

    We like to think of ourselves as smart, rational and informed, so in the face of such evidence we can do one of two things; go “well shit, i fucked up”, admit our mistakes and move on, or go “no, you’re wrong, this stuff is great, how dare you (or words to that effect)”.

    With sim racing the latter is in full effect. People are so invested in these titles and platforms they have to fight to the intellectual death or else face up to their errors or mistakes; a prospect too awful to consider.

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  15. It is very sad that those who criticize certain aspects of a sim are not only attacked by other sim racers, but are also attacked by the devs themselves, by being labeled as “trolls” or “idiots”. We just want to see the games improve, because with the technology that is available now, the current sims have the potential to be a lot better than what they currently are, but yet we are “trolls” for wanting those sims to get to that point.

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    1. If you want to see the games improve, then just wait. Everyone wants everything yesterday, and it HAS to be perfect. There is nothing wrong with critisism, but screaming like kids everyday that a game is utter shit because it doesn`t simulate the weight of a cupholder is retarded. Making a simple 2d platform game from the ground on up is already a complex task, imagine the task of writing a physics engine for a sim and creating a game around it. It can`t be done yesterday, and it will never be perfect.

      Everyone has to calm the fuck down, and just wait for the improvements coming to certain titles.
      I really can`t grasp the way some people are thinking and acting on the internet. Grow up for christ sake…


      1. Exactly. We have this article suggesting there’s taboo in the community about criticism. But at the same time the author calls people squeaky pre-teens because of our behavior in sim racing.

        That’s what makes people stand back when they read some criticism, because plenty of it is done in a squeaky pre-teen way. So grow up in the way you express your suggestions, have critical thinking and reasoning ability.

        And lastly, there’s a part that contributes highly to people getting banned. Usually no one has anything against your initial criticism and suggestions, but then you start fighting with other users/devs about your things, start being more aggressive/sarcastic/toxic, then things escalate and at the end of the day you get banned because you weren’t happy enough with your initial criticism, but you had to impose yourself, to mark territory.


        1. You should be telling the devs that calls its customer base idiots, and that bans people for criticism to grow up. Yet people like yourselves love to defend this kind of behavior from the devs even when their game is in a broken state.


          1. It`s really easy. You reap what you sow. Noone got banned for nothing, and noone got called an idiot out of the blue. I have seen these discussions and how these people behaved online. If you would behave the same way irl to people like the banned ones did on those forums, you would either get punched in the face or arrested for stalking, slander or anything along those lines.



            1. Not true are you saying that its ok to act like that in a customer service environment? Usually that results in the EMPLOYEE being fired/written-up/etc. And i bet you wouldnt feel sorry for them if they had disrespected you. So in all honest your a hypocrite.


              1. It`s not an employee, it`s the head of a studio. He can do as he pleases. I would do the exact same thing in his position. Can`t discuss things in a civilized manner? Feel free to leave, or i`ll make you leave. Easy. Try to walk into a store and act like an asshole, sure to some extent people will stay polite and try to help you, but don`t be surprised if the store owner or manager is going to ask you to leave at some point.


                1. Nazi store owner. Gestapo store manager. I am the customer, I am always right. I can shit talk the store and the employees as much as I want, I am the customer, no one can put a finger on me, or I will play the censorship card.


  16. I think stop assuming the other guy is an idiot simply because he has a different opinion would be a good start. This is true for users as well for devs.


  17. Dear Mr. Ogonoski

    Thanks for contacting Customer Relations. We value hearing from our customers and appreciate positive feedback about our company.

    We rely on our employees to perform their duties in a helpful and friendly manner. Your letter is appreciated and I’ve shared your comments with Management.

    Thanks again for sharing your pleasant experience with US.


    Customer Relations
    Kunos Simulazioni


  18. “The presence of prominent developers within several different community message boards forces many users to remain politically correct at all costs, in order to avoid offending one of several key figures notorious for the inability to take criticism.”

    True, but political correctness isn’t incompatible with criticism. There are civilised ways of telling the devs you think they screwed up and there is this way http://giphy.com/gifs/animals-being-dicks-ZY8sqfYEuIG1q . Make no mistake, I don’t think PRC is throwing shit at the devs. So being a nice guy to the devs and not breaking forum rules does not warrant closing our eyes to the problems. It’s important also how the devs handle criticism. Take Sector3 for instance, you write a whole article about their AI failing and they commend with something like “yeah we’re working on it, we broke it with the latest update and now we’re fixing it”.

    Heck, from time to time I think I’ve even criticized you, James, but I (hopefully) always did this respectfully, as I do the devs. The only time I lost my shit was when Steam made some changes to the file structure of the Race07 installation and we were left with no way to play the game for about two weeks. I had already purchased all of the packs and was getting quite frustrated with how a game I had payed for was no longer available for reasons beyond my control.

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  19. These articles about the taboo of critism are like a deja vú we have every two days here. How often do you want to tell the same story over and over again?


  20. Because of situations like this and “criticism” like your in the article that some parts of the sim racing cumunity is broken

    I still dont get why i see still see you say that sim racing is dying and all that

    Opinions are just that … opinions yours is … peticular

    “no, we’re actually all alone in this mess, and that’s pretty pathetic.”

    You being one of the main fuel of it congrats !!


  21. The community is so small that it is easily manipulated and a social media’s PR’s wet dream.
    So it is leveraged as such against the players best interests.

    This is easily shown by how effective you are alone.


  22. “I indirectly criticise Ian Bell and all the other guys I hate so much for some reason”-post #264

    Of course Ian is a pretty big douche bag but hearing that again and again along with all the other garbled shitty theories, your spins and propaganda simply withholding information that easily invalidates your position, your need to always give yourself airs.

    Your disregard of tolerance and privacy creates a picture of a sick man with the need to compensate all his selfishness, inferiority complex and loneliness with this nihilistic blog.


  23. Man, you have an obsession with Ian Bell and pCARS. I swear every other article you put up mentions his rants, just in case we might have forgot.


  24. Addenum: Any fixes to glitches that a community finds useful will be received with harsh feedback. Compare Polyphony Digital fixing a glitch in GT6 that allows you to play custom courses created in the Track Path Editor app in the career mode to FGC’s reaction when they found out later ports of Capcom vs. SNK 2 removed roll cancelling, a glitch that has turned into a tournament winning tactic.


    1. >zero criticism

      Apart from outdated graphics and sluggish development (it took years after years to get Rockingham available), what else are the problems of LFS? No sim racing title, not even LFS, is perfect.


  25. It’s the league racing and general mature of sim racing. We suck as a community. Period. Starts with league racing. If we can’t win or finish up front in league races. We quit and find another one.
    Can’t win in our sim of choice? Create your own league in a different sim.
    Set up your own competition at your favorite tracks in your favorite car. But no one joins. Because that’s lame and you didn’t bring your own following. It’s just a bunch of stupid clicks where everyone can feel like top dog. Without actually having to compete fairly for it.
    It’s why Iracing is so great. System can’t be cheated or avoided.
    Hopefully GTSport will bring some of the community together with a proper evaluation and rating system no one can hide from and go play in their own corner with.
    All it’s going to take is the right game done the right way.
    Then maybe some of the fractured splinter cells will join the real competition. And ditch the tiny cells of clicks for real achievement and progression.
    Viva GTSport


  26. So basically James just spends all his time reading random forums on the internet and in order for it to not feel like he’s wasting his life he has to turn these narrow samplings of the human culture into some kind of authoritative truth.

    Its not any old truth though, it can’t ever be that. It has to have the weight and significance of a controversy. It has to be something revelatory. It has to be accusatory. It has to be a truth that puts himself into some special category of people, the truth tellers, the objectivists, the honest brokers in a crooked system.

    So this article begins by James telling us he just decided to go out looking through other gaming forums in order to prove his theory right. He went searching under the pretense of an agenda and found everything he was looking for. They call this confirmation bias, or in another field, a statistically insignificant sample size. In other words, your research is pleb level. Total academic scrub.


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