Reader Submission #106 – PS4 Wheel Woes *UPDATE*


UPDATE – A fix for the problem outlined in this article was released a few short hours ago.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 may have received a nice array of aftermarket racing wheels from the likes of Thrustmaster and Logitech, but unfortunately for the avid driving game crowd preferring to use an all-in-one gaming console to meet their sim racing needs, things have gotten a little bit out of hand lately. A recent patch for Codemasters’ smash hit DiRT Rally has essentially bricked wheel support on the PlayStation 4, and no elapsed time has been given for any sort of fix. Today’s Reader Submission on outlines the situation currently faced by hardcore DiRT Rally players, unable to play their title of choice despite owning a console that should essentially be free of troubleshooting, or waiting around for upcoming patches.


Hey PRC. I’m an avid reader of this place, and a relatively new sim racer, having made my start on the PlayStation 4. I have written to you guys to bring to light a rather questionable situation that has arisen for many PS4 DiRT Rally owners.

As anyone who is a fan of DiRT Rally will know, a week ago Codemasters released the latest update for the game. As I, and many other PS4 players sat down to play the game once the download had completed, we made a very disappointing discovery: The new update had broken the game, and rendered all Thrustmaster wheels incompatible with the title. It appears that the update for whatever reason was never tested, and released without any quality assurance stuff performed on it.

Understandably upset, myself and many others took to the DiRT Facebook page to seek answers and see how Codemasters were responding to an increasingly dire situation. To which no information or feedback was provided. So I moved to the official forums to see if they were even aware of the issue, and this led to two new discovers. Yes, they were aware of the issue, but they were not willing to provide a time frame of when this would all get fixed. A week later, there has been no change to the issue, or any detail as to when we should expect a fix.

Technical issues thread.png

My second discovery during my expedition through the forums was an even more alarming issue. While I have only had to spend a week without being able to use the game properly, many Thrustmaster T300 owners have never been able to use their wheel at all, due to it not being properly supported. Coming across a post from earlier this month, one user complains about having to go over ten weeks without being able to use his wheel, and questioning whether Codemasters are even trying to fix the problem at all.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 12.31.46 pm.png

This user was promptly greeted by a number of players telling him to just “be patient” – as if this is something he wants to hear. One user even goes as far as to defend Codemasters saying the issue is not the responsibility of Codemasters, but that it’s the OP’s fault for not owning a supported wheel. Just to bring PRC readers up to speed, the T300 is in fact a wheel DiRT Rally supports – it’s listed on the game’s website, and considered an “official” PS4 wheel to begin with. So this guy ran across a genuine problem, and Codemasters apologists did their best to blame it on the customer instead.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 12.33.58 pm.png

This is appalling that not only do Codemasters fail to support one of the most common wheels available for the PS4, while taking far too long to even discuss the issue at length, but then release a patch that ruins the game for the rest of the wheel owners. Yet somehow, people still think that Codemasters deserve to be defended and that users just need to be patient. It also brings into question the priorities of Codemasters, given that the PlayStation 4 is one of the more profitable platforms for simulation style games thanks to the Gran Turismo series and the sales figures of Project CARS.


That’s… Disappointing. I mean, the entire point of owning a console is to explicitly avoid the eternal science project state of modern PC gaming, especially when it comes to sim racing, and this is instead like a really ugly throwback to the launch of WRC 5 late last year. DiRT Rally was supposed to be a finished product on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, using the time spent in Steam’s Early Access program for refinement, but this is just amateurish. Patches aren’t supposed to outright break games after they’ve been on the market for a few months. That’s bummy as all hell.

Better yet, the “be patient” attitude adopted by Codemasters forum fanboys is just ridiculous. You paid $60 for a functional product, and it’s not working as intended. This isn’t even regarding a discussion of omitted content or anything, as we see with Assetto Corsa where fans make excuses for a lack of certain features usually seen in racing sims… This is like, a controller that was advertised to work with the game, doesn’t work, and people are basically saying it’s the customers fault. How fucking dense is the sim racing community these days, and more importantly, what other wild shit will this crowd of leftist nu-male cucks defend on behalf of a developer they have no financial ties or other miscellaneous personal connections to?

UPDATE – Now that the fix has been released, and people are obviously quite happy to be able to play DiRT Rally the way it was intended to be played, I’m having a hearty giggle at some of the comments inserted into the submission above. Codemasters literally released a patch for the issues fanboys tried to pin on alleged customer stupidity. Like, if they weren’t problems with the software, why did Codemasters send out a patch to fix them? Good job shills, 10/10 on that one!


22 thoughts on “Reader Submission #106 – PS4 Wheel Woes *UPDATE*

  1. Codemasters is notorious for poor communication. This is no surprise. Not really sure why your juvenile political editorializing at the end was necessary or relevant to this issue, however.

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  2. Some guys on that forum feel like they have some personal connection with Copdies.It started back in September when then community manager Lee Williams, left for EA .The forum was then given a free reign .Pretty much the shills took over and started what can be called a kliq. The vast majority of these guys are people mentioned in the game credits and given a special crown badge next to their ingame name.The current moderator, appointed about December is a young women who can’t really handle a bunch of company apologists. Essentially, those people took over an official forum of a game developer, and unless a strong willed mod takes over and restores order, the kliq will go from strength to strength.


  3. PRC using JZStudios as it pleases. So is JZStudios the good or the bad guy, the shill and apologist or the speaker of truth?


    1. I’d like to say the game is still not defective. It still runs. It sucks ass that the wheels aren’t working properly, but a combo of a PS4 update and another DR hotfix specifically for the PS4 seems to have solved the issue. This guy is ridiculously late to the party though. CM released the patch yesterday, and said many times they can’t give an accurate timeframe for the patch because of the Sony submission bullshit.


  4. Remembers me a bit of my experience with the Accuforce. First it wasn´t supported at all but due to fellow AF-owners and some workarounds i managed to script my personal ini-files and the AF was working perfectly within many months and updates without issues. But than they officially supported the AF and since this update i have to map all functions again and again after every start. The hole file-structure have changed and they don´t support a shit. Every time i launch DR i have to first change the shifting to manual, select the AF in the control settings, which only map the wheel (left-right), nothing else. Than map every function again. At least today i could use the ingame-FFB since the update, but tried it once and was not close to the Sim Commander FFB at all.

    But in the end better to play DR with this circumstances than this Loeb-game with a gamepad:)


  5. A post about an issue that was fixed at 14:30GMT today. Timely! To be fair, the game is almost three months old on console and didn’t receive its first patch until a week ago. Also timely!


  6. Honestly I was disappointed when the patch made my wheel redundant for a week , 1 week is a pretty good turn around for patches when we are talking ps4 patches …….. Pretty good work I thought …

    They made a mistake on a great game , then fixed it within 7 days ….. No boggy really .


  7. I’d also like to address that I did blame his wheel because TM sucks. It only affected certain wheels on the PS4 and I wasn’t defending CM. I’d say the same thing about AC or PCars if you had a wheel problem, except those games are significantly more buggy, I’d still say the game is just not compatible with your wheel. Not sure how that goes to blaming the customer, but fuck it, whatever.


    1. But isn’t the T300 officially supported?

      And if it’s not, why isn’t it? One of the most popular PS4 wheels, but they couldn’t be bothered to support it?

      This seems indefensible to me, but maybe I’m missing something.


      1. It only affected the PS4 version of the game. The same wheel on PC or the counterpart on Xbox works perfectly fine, so yeah, there’s definitely a weird issue there, but it could be on any of the three parties involved. In any case, the game itself, unlike PCars release was playable, the wheel just didn’t work. It’s not like the game crashes every time it starts, or you randomly fly through the air/fall through the ground. The game itself is not broken or unplayable, just wheel support. Yeah, it shouldn’t be a problem, but apparently if I plug my Fanatec GT2 into the PS4, that’ll work fine too, and that was made for the 360. It’s a weird issue only for specific TM wheels and only on PS4. And again, I’ve shown my disdain for TM many times after I bought 2 wheels that lit on fire, combined with the super weird shady seeming back door firmware update for the wheels, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the issue.


  8. Wait wtf it’s out on console ALREADY!? That was damned fast…

    Glad they patched it quickly, seems like a pretty easy thing they catch….do they QA with only g29??


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