Footage of NASCAR Heat Evolution Has Arrived!

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Despite the crew at IGN’s rather casual-oriented display of American Stock Car Racing uploaded earlier today, we now have our first look at the rebirth of NASCAR Heat Evolution, set to release this September for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Crafted by the team behind 2002’s cult-classic Dirt to Daytona, and confirmed to be powered by the exact same engine Monster Games had used to take a serious shot at dethroning Electronic Arts – with the Hardcore physics option set to return – it appears we’ll finally have an officially licensed NASCAR simulator to write home about, the first in over a decade.

It is an absolutely atrocious video in terms of raw presentation – the thumbnail for the clip has actually been taken from Project CARS, and the demonstration itself is clearly using a half-finished version of the game on the entry level set of physics, but for NASCAR fans who have suffered through years of getting anally penetrated by abysmal Eutechnyx products, the five minute overview justifies any cautious excitement oval racing fans may have over this upcoming release.

Unlike the laughable attempts from Electronic Arts near the end of their run with the license, and the shovelware quality releases pushed on NASCAR fans by Eutechnyx, this one is going to be quite good. A full Career Mode is available as the main form of single player progression, the classic Beat the Heat challenges will also be making a return, online will obviously be much easier to implement than it was in the early 2000’s, and the physics will satisfy all dedicated sim racers thanks to the availability of an optional hardcore driving model, one which unlike past games will be available from the start inside the options menu.

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As someone who has sunk many hours into NASCAR titles by Monster Games thanks to a backwards compatibility PlayStation 3, as well as messed around with total conversion mods for the original NASCAR Heat on the PC, this is the best possible title NASCAR fans could have received at this point in time. To this day, a small yet dedicated modding community continues to create content for the original NASCAR Heat, a game released for Windows 98 operating systems all the way back in the summer of 2000, and their creations still hold up to some of the more established oval racing simulators currently available. If someone were to… I don’t know… come along and simply re-make this exact game, with modern graphics, it would make a lot of people very happy.


It may seem bummy that Heat Evolution will closely resemble something of an official first-party modification for the original title published under Hasbro Interactive, sixteen years in the making, but the sheer quality of the driving model, combined with the competence of the artificial intelligence, means that sim racers will be quite satisfied with the final product once it hits store shelves.



46 thoughts on “Footage of NASCAR Heat Evolution Has Arrived!

  1. Hopefully we will see dirt racing back within a few years now that they’ve released the base game since they already said that they were working to implement the Xfinity and Camping World series in the future. Even without the extra series and the bare-bones look to the beta footage, it will easily be the best NASCAR game since 2003.


  2. Nobody in the rest of the world gives a flying fuck for your pointless NASCAR beside some mentally challenged white trash yanks/Canucks, like you, scumfuck.


  3. Bitter F1 cucks are just mad that their league is pathetic and is steadily declining in popularity. Fuck off with your eurotrash races.


    1. Did anyone ever tell you that you sound really smart when you write things like that? People are allowed to not like things you don’t like you know.


        1. You complain about F1 fans trashing NASCAR while you fling childish insults at them. So are we supposed to think you’re a better person somehow? I mean you’re doing the same thing…


            1. Oval racing is the lowest form of racing, racing designed by people who can’t drive and get lost easy, oval racing gave them a chance.
              You could easily do it with no arms or feet.


              1. Why can’t people just accept different forms of racing as they are? I enjoy road courses just as much as racing ovals. Ovals will make you a more consistent driver, they teach you fuel strategy, tire management, among other things. Some of the best side by side, back and forth racing at 80 to 180mph happens on an oval.


  4. “the sheer quality of the driving model, combined with the competence of the artificial intelligence, means that sim racers will be quite satisfied with the final product once it hits store shelves.”

    The hype train is fucking real and James is driving it.
    Waiting for the article in a few months saying, “There’s a hardcore physics option but it just gives the cars less grip and is unrealistic as piss, something, something, project cars broken, something something.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. P.S I’m actually really hoping this is a good game. I did have some fun in Nascar The Game 2013 and 2015 (after getting it for 5 dollars) after treating it like a completely casual controller racer as it wasn’t worth setting my wheel up for.
      If this actually handles well and doesn’t have piss poor menus like Eutechnyx managed to pump out I’m keen for it. (Seriously though… how do you even have menus with more aliasing than a GBA game?)


      1. As long as it’s better than the last few games it works for me… I’m just keen to see when the trucks come in, they are probably my favorite series Nascar has. It’ll be good to have a real progression in career mode as well even if it’s just Trucks > Xfinity > Sprint Cup.


  5. Nobody cares about Nascar and Indycar. Nobody that is not a redneck at least. Which means the entire world minus some gay dudes in the southern states.


    1. What about Darryl Waltrips hot lap around Mt Panorama? that was excellent?

      James when are you coming to race Mt Panorama?

      Im backing you in to go better than Darryl.


  6. NASCAR Heat never was a simulation as NASCAR Racing was. Even NASCAR Racing 3 at its time was already better than NASCAR Heat, not to mention NASCAR 4. NASCAR Heat never felt as good as NR and I doubt the new title will. It felt simplified, even the crash and collision physics weren´t nearly as good.


  7. I will hard time to re-adjust my brain to accept anything other/less than NR2003. I still wish all the best for this game.


      1. You did say that the pic of them at Watkins was a PCars screenshot so it seems reasonable to ask what it actually comes with


  8. I still see that we have rolling starts instead of starting and driving the pace lap(s) from the pit lane. I also saw no footage of pitting under your own steering controls without the game taking over. Those were two of my gripes with Heat originally and I wonder if that limitation on pitting is still present. I’m still probably going to buy it but it’ll be interesting to see how much “sim” there is in this thing.

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  9. Looks promising. I hope there’s an option to force cockpit view in multiplayer. Never understand why anyone would want to drive a car from 7′ behind? Atari Pole Position is so 1982. Here’s a small list of other stuff I hope it will have:

    Fixed/non fixed setup with real chassis tuning options.
    Adjustable rules/yellow flag rules that work properly.
    Pit lane speed rules.
    Weather conditions.
    Tire physics-tire wear/temperature.
    Track tire rubber conditions.
    Brake/engine temperatures.
    Realistic force feedback and adjustable options.
    Realistic camera views in replays. Race announcers (like Madden).
    Realistic sounds/effects.
    Realistic spotter.
    Realistic drafting.
    A pIt crew that jumps over the wall services the car as you told them to do and tells you to GOGOGO. I don’t care if they are 2D graphics.
    Proper crash physics/damage/car to car contact.
    Triple monitor/VR support.
    User friendly UI of course.

    Just a few things… that’s all. Wish them luck!


  10. The linked video has been marked as “removed by the user”.

    Also, happy 1st anniversary of the PRC vs SRD coverage here (I know you told me the drama have been going earlier before PRC).


  11. So, here it is okay to re-use an old old engine?
    Also, yet again a NASCAR game with drivers who don’t drive in the Sprint Cup. Yey.


  12. jesus ! the shit you people put on each other is out of control , motor sport fans trashing motor sport.

    Nice work guys.

    It would be nice to have a game better than nascar 2003 which is hard for me to understand seeing it is now 2016 ………13 fuckn years and no one can come up with a better nascar game .

    Unbelievable really . I don’t see this being any different to the last 13 years (fingers crossed)

    I don’t get you guys saying nascar is shit or whatever , its motor sport and if done right within a sim can be super exciting .


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