Reader Submission #110 – Can Codemasters Pull It Off?


2016 is shaping up to be a landmark year for the Codemasters Formula One franchise, as the European studio is set to pack the annual release full of highly-requested features that promise to turn F1 2016 into a very special achievement for the once-dwindling franchise. The days of Codemasters phoning in a yearly $60 title with only marginal improvements – and some times even regressions – appear to have come to a close, with F1 2016 promising an experience that should thrust the otherwise niche driving game into the spotlight alongside heavy hitters such as Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo. However, are Codemasters truly capable of pulling it off when the game is finally on store shelves? Today’s anonymous Reader Submission here at from an individual participating in the closed F1 2016 beta draws attention to a few quirks the team will have to work around prior to the game’s very public launch later this year.


Good evening, PRC. I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep me anonymous as I do not want to lose the privilege to be part of the feedback process, as Codemasters were very keen on expanding community involvement and testing this time around. 

I’ve been closely following and monitoring the F1 2016 revealing process, as I have played every Codemasters F1 game to date, and I’m still  racing on F1 2015 despite its many flaws. You have definitely saw that they’ve announced many new features and shown off gameplay of the new title that has a lot of people optimistic for F1 2016. The addition of the safety car, better damage, research and development, manual starts… It’s really fantastic what they’re doing, and everyone including me is genuinely hyped up. There are still some issues with the handling – I’m in the beta – but Codemasters were really receptive to our criticism and released a second beta build that included changes based of our feedback, so they really delivered on their promise to involve the community and work with us to create the best experience. It all sounds great, right?

I’ll say this now; if you’re a Career Mode guy, this will be the best F1 game ever. However, a while back they announced that Online Multiplayer will allow for a full 22 car grid. Let’s just stop right there for a second because I don’t believe they can pull this off.

You basically can’t get more than five cars in a lobby for F1 2015 without the room bugging out, let alone the current maximum of sixteen, so I have no idea how the hell they plan to introduce 22-car Multiplayer. We’re one month out from release, and Codemasters has not told us a single thing as to how they plan to ensure a stable netcode experience this time around, aside from the fact that they are not offering dedicated servers. The F1 2015 bugs you covered in your review last year are still present in Multiplayer. You get stuck with one set of tires, the game freezes in the menu, at the start everyone launches at different times, and the notorious de-synchronization bug where the cars are not where they actually reside on the track. Codemasters tried, I’ll give them that, and the eight patches or so fixed many of the single player bugs, so I assume that the single player portion of F1 2016 will run smoothly, but multiplayer is still broken.

So you should see where I’m going with this. All the emphasis is on career mode this year. It’s great that Codemasters took criticism and brought back some features that fans were calling to be included for years, but I have no clue how they plan on ensuring Multiplayer will work as intended, because there are thousands of players who want to league race in this game, but unfortunately Codemasters has been silent – even in the closed beta program – about Multiplayer. In my experience, if they’re silent, they will royally fuck it up – as we saw in F1 2015 where they were quiet until the game released in a monumentally poor state. Do not get me wrong that I think this year’s game will be a massive step forward, but there is still a feeling that not everything will be sunshine and flowers.

Thank you for the info, and in particular confirming that the closed beta program mirrored what Codemasters had done with DiRT Rally last year. I obviously don’t agree with letting just anyone into the beta to judge the handling of an F1 car with a gamepad, but if the game is getting high remarks from people such as yourself – especially with the existence of superior titles such as Formula One Championship Edition for the PS3 – Codemasters have obviously hit their stride this year and are on pace to deliver a game most people will be quite content with. With as much elitism as there is in the sim racing community, a lot of people are going to temporarily shut up about 100% authentic driving physics and lose themselves in the world of F1 if there is a complete and polished experience surrounding the game. So it’s good to know that unlike F1 2015, where we knew it was bad based on just how little info was available, that people have a reason to get excited for this year’s game.

I believe you’re correct about online potentially being just as shitty this year as it was in last year’s offering. Complete radio silence is always a bad sign, and I’m surprised that Codemasters have not used the Closed Beta program to iron out the kinks in online play. This may come as a shocker to the hardcore guys that lurk, but tons of people use the Codemasters F1 games as a league platform, and even the semi-serious guys like to run longer races within a polished environment that does everything for them. It’s important to get online right, because after the initial two week excitement wears off, these are the individuals that will help carry the game throughout it’s 12-month lifespan. If online isn’t good, these dudes will drop it, or potentially get so pissed off that Codemasters will lose a chunk of F1 2017 sales.

I’m curious to see how this title turns out, because Codemasters have indeed put a lot of effort into cramming additional modes and features into a game that has traditionally seen minor upgrades from year to year. Online could be the make-or-break portion of F1 2016, and people would be pretty choked if they got it wrong.



61 thoughts on “Reader Submission #110 – Can Codemasters Pull It Off?

  1. GG Allin = Austin
    Floor = Sim Racing Community
    Shit being Taken =
    Smearing of shit all over = each article
    Small cock = proof of how insecure james is
    Eating Shit = what you should do


    1. This video..
      GG Allin = Shannon
      Floor = iRacing community
      Shit Being Taken = Forum moderation
      Smearing of shit all over = Gun nuts at iRacing
      Small cock = Shannon’s cock
      Eating shit = What Shannon thinks anyone left of Ted Cruz should do.

      Picture the scene. You’re running an online racing service and you want to choose a guy or girl to moderate the forums and make sure everyone’s being fair and behaving themselves. Who do you choose? What characteristics do you look for?

      Any professional organisation would choose someone tolerant and without prejudice. After all we can’t have someone running things who hates muslims, gays and women for instance. We want someone who can be fair, and who has the intellect and communication skill to ensure members know what rules they’ve broken, why, and how they can improve their behaviour. We want someone who will be diligent in their work, who will nurture a community by setting a positive example.

      Just in case he deletes it, here’s a screenshot. He posted this March 8th and 9th 2016. [img][/img]

      This is the kind of guy iRacing employs to run things. Let’s break it down for you.

      – “Ooph!, Rubio got slapped around like a Detroit street hooker.”
      – “Yea, in Michigan especially. He and the other liberal need to quit nd hopefully Cruz gets those votes. Rubio is going get slapped around like a Miami street hooker next week in Florida, Hopefully.”
      – “Oh well he got beat so bad in Michigan after all that money he spent and promised his Pimps (gop elites and chamber of commerce) that they slapped him around like a hooker. BATCH WHERE MY MONEY!!”

      First, he hopes Cruz gets the votes. This ted Cruz First, he’s a Tea Party republican. Straight away that tells you he’s nuts. The far right of an already very right-wing party. Even other republicans think he’s too extreme. He wanted to repeal gay marriage, uphold all gun rights, replace income tax with sales tax (let’s redistribute wealth from the poor to the rich), opposes exceptions for incest or rape in abortion laws, yep he’s a treat. That he considers this guy ok and guys like Rubio to be liberal.. just wow. It tells me that his own views likely match those of Cruz, or at least that Cruz is the closest match to his own beliefs. This means that iRacing has someone in charge of forums (and competition in general) who hates women, gays and Muslims, and thinks that more guns is always the solution. Could that be why anyone suggesting after yet another mass shooting that perhaps fewer guns would mean less gun crime gets banned, while threads like where members show off ridiculously large collections of guns which would be sufficient for a terrorist group to commit enormous atrocities go unmolested, indeed Shannon intervenes when people question the ethics of gun ownership to shoo the objectors away.

      Now the second level of all this is that he thinks it’s ok to joke about violence towards women, and even when his female friend called him out on it he carried on, blissfully unaware of his ignorance.

      Yeah I really trust that guy to lead by example, make complex decisions about the rights and wrongs of any competition and make judgements about what is and isn’t ok to say on a forum. Well done iRacing.


  2. “simcade” F1 2016 simulates brake temperatures and “quality simulator” Assetto Corsa doesn’t hahah ahahah ahahah hahahaha


    1. Introducing brake temperatures for some of the RedPack cars.
      Assetto Corsa now simulates brake temperatures. Following our tradition of step by step evolution, some cars from the RedPack have now brake temperature. In the following months, we will add more features like air ducts and pads and all Assetto Corsa cars will be updated with brake temperatures and their effects.


      1. the list of features to complain about AC for ISI shills is getting smaller and smaller with each update, while ISI just rests on it’s laurels.


        1. There’s not much to fix for ISI when their game has the best physics model out of every other racing sim. Just like the delusional AC fanboy Aninjobawhateverthefuckhisnameis, you can keep trying to uplift your inferior sim to make yourselves feel better, running away from the truth that rF2 is the best sim available.


            1. Tell that to the hundreds of people who participated in the VEC Le Mans 24hr race. How many people run 24hr races in Assetto Shit? None, because it doesn’t have them trolololol.


                1. Those steam chart things are inaccurate and useless. VEC Le Mans had two servers (divisions 1 and 2), each with 40 cars, each car had 3 or more drivers swapping in and out as it was an endurance race. You do the math.

                  not everyone on rf2 has even switched over to steam, I know I haven’t


                  1. Wow, that is rf2? Wbhahgagha omgroflol, it looks even worse than a psx game. For god`s sake, i wouldn`t even drive that crap if isi offered me money.


                    1. simulation value is more important than graphics. I tried playing AC once and the graphics looked amazing, pity the handling made me vomit.


          1. “rF2 is the best sim available” that is disinformation. You forgot to add the word “consumer”.

            I think majority agrees that rF2 provides most capable physics engine available to consumers.
            The point is that ISI are barely update the game. Which is exactly what was said earlier “resting on it’s laurels”. They could make it not just best physics simulation showcase for consumers but also the best racing game.

            Few years ago promised clutch/transmission model still hasn’t been introduced. No aquaplaning/standing water (which makes rain pretty much useless to simulate wet racing).
            Majority of the cars constantly have outdated physics/graphical models.
            Graphics performance is inadequate. MP pay model is unacceptable for the majority.


  3. Looking at the videos on Youtube, they actually managed to make the game look worse with loads of textures popping and so on. And most of the drivers look nothing like themselves, especially Hulkenberg, Bottas, Massa and Raikkonen. Granted, the gameplay is from the PS4 version, so maybe the hardware just can’t keep up now that they’ve improved every aspect of the game and added tons of new features. If you compare the new trailers for F1 2016 to the ones we got for F1 2015, the PC version looks miles better. Remember that shot of Monaco harbor last year, complete with water and boats that looked like they belonged to some PS2 game? In this year’s trailer there’s a shot of the harbor in Abu Dhabi – the water and the boats look decent enough.

    I have enough experience of Codemasters to know to not pre-order, but it’s looking very promising. My only gripes about the game are superficial fluff like not seeing your crew on the pitwall celebrating your win as you cross the finish line, the centered T-cam looking like ass (it was the same with early F1 2015 gameplay and was changed for the final release), the absence of classic drivers/cars/tracks and the fact that drivers can’t change teams/junior drivers can’t graduate into F1 (can’t even happen because of the license so no fault of Codies).


    1. I think it’s that Codemasters are just incompetent bastards, since Assetto Corsa on consoles looks ten times better than this piece of shit.


  4. What do you aspect from a game that releases in a yearly cycle. Wouldnt it be better to just get things right platformwise first, then do a dlc pack with all the respective team changes for every years season change etc…guess that would mean less money earned so its better to release a crappy game every year instead


  5. This is an official screenshot approved by Codemasters and sent to the press. How is this acceptable? It’s the current year! Also, Raikkonen has a neck of a Brachiosaurus.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Codemasters doesn’t deserve to have the F1 license anymore and the license should go to Kunos. Kunos has the best racing game on the market right now and their DLC content is arguably the greatest DLC content in the history of racing games. They would handle F1 perfectly, and simulate everything down to perfection. It doesn’t matter how good the career mode is for F1 2016 or if the online works properly because Codemasters F1 sims are simcade, and F1 shouldn’t be represented by simcade racing games.


    1. Don’t want to be a party pooper, but it would require a lot of work to actually simulate so much from the F1 world, the features, regulations, all the interface and options around that, like Codemasters is doing, especially now the 2016 game. If they would get this license, they would need at least 2 years work offline. I think in this case they would have to simulate rain and wet tyres as well. It would be a 2-3 years work behind the scenes to make this project, before they could release yearly dlc updates or a new yearly game to update the cars, drivers, and possibly new things that appear in f1.


    2. Kunos can’t afford the license and even if they could, they would shortly after go out of business because only 1000 people would be able to play their F1 game competently. Let’s face it, most of the F1 fans who buy these games don’t even have wheels, they just drive with a pad.


      1. even Assetto Corsa leagues don’t want to run seasons in the SF-15T because it’s “too hard to drive” and league racers are the most hardcore players out there. but what else would you expect from the simcade casuals who play AC.


        1. You 3 rf2 plebs will never know how hard the SF-15T is to drive, since that fossil doesn`t simulate all the electronic settings the car has.


          1. The only reason the electrical energy is such a pain in the ass to deal with is because Assetto Corsa doesn’t simulate the distance and location based automatic programs the engines use in real life. The drivers aren’t actually changing recovery, harvesting and deployment settings 50 times a lap as is necessary in AC. The computer does it automatically, and they can manually override it if necessary when trying to overtake.


            1. *can and often do override

              Sound like the relative simulation value is a bit too high for you buddy. Maybe they will add keyboard and management assists for you 😉


  7. The gameplay and added features look ok. But whoever is in charge of the visuals needs to be let go with immediate effect. The blurry look isn’t doing it for me.


    1. It’s depth of field, an important part of simulating a lens aperture. It’s used in nearly every game, including codemasters titles. One reason is that it helps to hide lower LODs in the distance and helps with atmospheric/distance blurring simulation.

      What you actually mean is that they have the aperture open too wide in the shots above. You often see this in screenshot modes, especially since you pick up aliasing and shadow artifacts in the background much more easily without some blurring.

      This is just a simple setting adjustment, the work of 5 seconds for the visual artist. Usually you can disable the post process filter or adjust the focal plane anyways as a end user.

      Yes the f-stop is really lower than necessary in these lighting conditions for the real world, but that’s entirely up to the photographer and scene, people use low f-stop and a fast shutter in bright conditions all the time dude.


  8. In fact only a fraction of racing sim buyers race online. Multiplayer racing is not very popular. Of course it looks different if you and all your buddies race online. MP racers also write on forums actively, still most of sim racing players don’t ever play online.


      1. there are literally millions of offline simracers who set steam to offline mode to make sure no-one knows they’re doing it


          1. “We have many options to choose from to renew. You can renew for as little as $12 and be back to racing in just a few minutes!”

            😉 Maybe my numbers are off. Pretty sure I’m remembering correctly though. Felt like the ‘huge’ userbase was mostly a fabrication.


            1. Numbers lately have been shit. On road only 5 series go off regularly with 2 or more splits. Rookie MX-5, GT3, Ruf GT3 (aka GT3 fixed), Skippy and FR20. Poor.


      2. The most popular racing sim period? There are only 3-5k users on at once most of the time and it seems like most of them just have the browser open. I sure as hell don’t see thousands of people actively engaged in racing, more like ~1k actively engaged at one time on good days/times.

        These aren’t particularly impressive numbers and their browser launcher allows them to craft misleading statistics at will.


  9. “Ooph!, Rubio got slapped around like a Detroit street hooker.”

    “Yea, in Michigan especially. He and the other liberal need to quit nd hopefully Cruz gets those votes. Rubio is going get slapped around like a Miami street hooker next week in Florida, Hopefully.”

    “Oh well he got beat so bad in Michigan after all that money he spent and promised his Pimps (gop elites and chamber of commerce) that they slapped him around like a hooker. BATCH WHERE MY MONEY!!”

    This is the guy who oversees Nim at iRacing, looking after forums, protests, etc. He’s a fan of Cruz, who is a nutjob who grills bacon on a machine gun. Does this explain why the thread (thread discussing how wonderful guns are with people showing their frankly scary gun collections – seriously someone in there’s going to go on a rampage) is still going with the 2 people who are suggesting guns might not be ok getting a rebuke, while any thread about people shooting people with guns gets locked.

    Can’t think what the problem might be here.


  10. Are you AC shills actually trying to dispute that iRacing is the most popular PC racing sim right now? It is a fact that iRacing has more active users than Assetto Corsa and you fucking shills are trying to come up with bullshit explanations on why that’s not true. 3-5K users at a time is way more than 1K users at a time which is where AC is at. iRacing is more popular than AC, and that won’t change no matter how much shilling you do.


    1. Nobody is shilling here ffks. Are those 3-5K iracing users online at any given moment using the website/afk or actually racing/looking for races?


      1. I had a good laugh at his iracing defense.

        you fucking shills need to stop bullshitting though, fucking shills fuck you IRACING IRACING IRACING


        1. What’s funny is that you are denying that more people play iRacing than AC. I didn’t even argue what game was better but of course the AC shills will rush to defend their sim from anything.


          1. No bitch, no one said anything about AC in the entire conversation. Someone mentioned millions of offline steam racers as a joke.

            Learn to read and take at look at yourself before you call shill.


  11. Ac fanboys are again playing the victim role. You fucking pricks are attacking rF2 and iRacing, and yet you guys still claim to be the victims. Lets be real here, Assetto Corsa fanboys wanna complain about rF2 having bad graphics yet graphics don’t mean shit. AC might look better, but does that matter when the driving physics are similar to GT and Forza’s. AC is missing essential features that have been in ISI sims for over 10 years. AC has a worse online infrastructure. rF2 physics blows AC’s out of the water and it isn’t even close. Now keep playing the victim role while you attack other sims you cunts.


    1. Is amazing how much the anti-AC fan brigade is good as twisting facts and the story. I think you like more shit talking AC than actually liking those other games. Your life at the other sims would be even more boring if you wouldn’t spend your days shit talking Assetto corsa. It became a sim racing hobby at this point. Lets denigrate other sims a lot every day so that hopefully someone will notice the sims we pretend to like. Tough luck, everyone already knows about x-motor-racing tactics, so people aren’t falling for the same BS. Is funny how both x-motor and rf2 people had AC as the common enemy, almost like they’d be the same people.


      1. We enjoy playing our sims unlike the rabid AC fanboys who are out to smear and bash other sims to make AC look good. In this comments section alone, the rabid AC fanboys are attacking rF2 and iRacing, and you still want to pull the “everyone is out to get AC” card. Maybe it seems that way because everyone is fed up with your shit of constantly praising AC to be the holy grail of racing sims, when it is heavily flawed. And when we point that out, that is where the butthurt AC fanboys get sent into a wild frenzy.


        1. “We enjoy playing our sims unlike the rabid rf2 fanboys who are out to smear and bash other sims to make rf2 look good”

          There, I FTFY.

          Besides, don’t start with the “AC players are onto rf2 and iracing, poor us”. When in fact iracing is a much stronger competition against what rf2 wants to achieve with its USA player base/content type. You’re just using iracing in there as an excuse to have pretend to have a common enemy between rf2 and iracing against AC, when in fact is due to iracing’s model that rf2 is lacking many players and an active online.
          AC is an all around sim racing game, where it can suit both casuals and dedicated racers, both road and race car enthusiasts. Although iracing is taking the crown for the mostly competitive sim racing game, that rf2 is also aspiring to, but iracing has a better system and better content than rf2.


          1. “AC is an all around simcade racing game”


            You can see for yourself in this comments section alone that AC fanboys are attacking iRacing, but looks like your fanboyism has blinded you from seeing the truth. You are right that AC suits casuals because it is a simcade racing game that has the same simulation level as GT and Forza. We have enough active players on rF2 to run many highly competitive full racing leagues, and we don’t worry about what iRacing does because of that.






    1. It does seem that way. I’m kinda waiting for them to add a specific feature before I will be getting back into it again but I do miss it and really want to test out the adjusted AI.


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