A Leak Of Our Own

rFactor 2016-07-15 15-13-48-64.jpg

American sim racers have had it pretty rough over the past few days. As the 2016 Presidential race heats up in the land of the free and home of the brave, both the Democratic and Republican parties are pulling out every last trick in the book to earn as much guaranteed support as possible before the real deal in November – and it’s gotten pretty out of hand to say the least. Mainstream news outlets have exploded with coverage of almost 20,000 leaked Emails indicating Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee worked together to ensure she would be their primary candidate regardless of Bernie Sanders’ rising popularity, essentially proving the system was a democracy in name only. For those that couldn’t care less about politics and are well aware that neither presidential candidate is all that equipped to run the country from an objective standpoint, the endless stream of news articles on the scandal are nothing short of nauseating. I mean, if you live in America and check Facebook on an hourly basis, this is all people have been talking about.

However, for those that enjoy the chaos WikiLeaks has unleashed upon the American people, you can’t help but revel in the spontaneous festivities of hilarious insider information being thrown at the public, so we’re going to do a bit of that today here at PRC.net. It’s not big news, nor will it be any sort of shocking revalation, but it’s something a lot of people have wanted: proof.

If you’ve been around the sim racing community for any length of time, you’ve most likely stumbled across Inside Sim Racing at one point or another. The popular sim racing news entity first burst onto the scene in the mid-2000’s fronted by the knowledgeable duo of Darin Gangi and Shaun Cole, and achieved well-deserved respect within the sim racing scene when production values saw a tangible increase, and the lovely Jessica Lopez was introduced as the show’s host. For a few short years, Inside Sim Racing was the absolute best place to go for news on the world of virtual auto racing thanks to how much passion Shaun and Darin had put into each and every video, though the outlet’s reputation began to diminish when sponsored iRacing content slowly ate into each upload via hard-coded commercials, and a rotating cast of co-hosts indicated many sim racing personalities struggled to get along with Darin.

Throughout the history of PRC.net, and even before I started this shitty little website, I’ve always been very outspoken on the fact that Inside Sim Racing had been operating as a third party marketing outlet for quite some time. While their reviews of odd-ball titles such as Forza Horizon and Ferrari Challenge were always informative and well-constructed, the ominous presence of tidy iRacing polo shirts and commercials inserted directly into the video led me to believe that there were a few ulterior motives behind the scenes. As a sim racer, this frustrated me. Two years ago, there wasn’t a PRC-like entity that I could visit for unbiased news; I had to rely on outlets like Inside Sim Racing, and rather than explore the world of sim racing, they were wasting time advertising promotional codes for iRacing. It was a bit too intrusive, and I started asking questions.


So we’ve reached a point today where someone was willing to help out PRC.net, and back us up on what were once “outlandish stories” that very few people even bothered to listen to in the first place. The sim racing community as a whole are quite unwilling to believe some guy showing up on any somewhat active message board who loudly proclaims that the staff of X or Y website a bunch of viral marketers in disguise, so it helps to have a bit of proof. The backstory for the following screenshot from Skype’s messenger application relates to Darin Gangi’s plans for Inside Sim Racing during the fall of 2014 – which from what I believe, eventually fell through. At the time, Gangi was attempting to partner and/or sell Inside Sim Racing to Playseat, a hardware company specializing in custom-built gaming chairs used primarily for virtual auto racing or aviation applications. The portion of the conversation we’ve chosen to publish outlines Darin’s plans for the company, including a mention of how Playseat almost bought Inside Sim Racing outright, before continuing to negotiate further. There are a few interesting tidbits that come out from this change, so I’ll do my best to analyze them.

Gangi A.jpg

The first thing I take away from this conversation, was Playseat’s dedication to purchasing Inside Sim Racing. They did not want to throw a few free products at the show here and there to get their name out to the general public, they wanted in on Inside Sim Racing. And this is a company that produces a completely optional line of gaming products – you do not need any sort of sim chair just for Assetto Corsa or Project CARS to launch, these fancy chairs are aimed at a fraction of a fraction of the overall sim racing community, because most average sim racers are perfectly content with their office chair for many years before embarking on building a proper cockpit. So for a niche company to be this serious about outright purchasing or partnering with a sim racing news website, it makes you wonder who else in the world of sim racing takes these endeavors seriously. What’s Slightly Mad Studios doing? What’s Kunos doing? If Playseat are willing to go this far – and they aren’t exactly a big deal to most sim racers – what other potential partnerships are being made behind the scenes?

The second thing I take away from this conversation, was how Darin says the potential partnership/purchase will highly benefit Inside Sim Racing on a personal level, as they will no longer have to “worry about where the next advertiser is coming from”, and only have to “focus on creating sim racing news.” Hold up, what the fuck is this shit? I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I run a sim racing news website myself. I don’t need to worry about where the next advertiser is coming from, and if you’re sick of those stupid fucking Baby Motrin ads Google AdSense plasters on each page, asking me to take them down is one button, and doing so will not be detrimental to my bank account in the slightest. As long as I pay my $120 to WordPress every March, the site is mine to keep for the next 365 days and I’m free to post whatever I want on it. And this goes for other entities in the world of sim racing as well; EmptyBox doesn’t need any money from Reiza Studios to make videos of him playing around with the CART mod in Automobilista, and OnWheelsTV basically just opens up FRAPS and talks about some track he just downloaded for ten minutes. The fact that getting concerned about advertisement money is even being discussed in the first place indicates this supposedly objective sim racing review show is being run for all the wrong reasons. You simply don’t need a stream of advertisement money to write articles or make YouTube videos about hardcore driving games.


And the final thing I’ve observed from this capture, is Gangi’s mention of needing to drop “all rig reviews and sponsorship” if the deal with Playseat goes through – in particular, the mention of “sponsorship.” This indicates sponsorship is a pretty normal thing for Inside Sim Racing, thus calling the integrity of the website into question. Look, as a sim racer needing some information on a new title or piece of content – because God knows the mainstream sites like Kotaku can’t even complete a lap of the game without smashing into the wall – the last thing I want to see from guys dedicated to reviewing these hardcore simulators, is for them to be wearing the polo shirt of a competitor’s product. What do you honestly want me to think when I see two guys wearing iRacing shirts while talking about a Gran Turismo 6 patch? Do you genuinely believe I will be convinced that they’re giving this other title a fair and unbiased shakedown? You shouldn’t, because everyone knows damn well what’s going on here. Prominent companies in the sim racing scene are making behind-the-scenes deals to use these supposedly unbiased news outlets as extensions of their online marketing campaign.

Exactly how much capital is involved in these alleged secret deals, you ask?

Around $3,000 according to our anonymous informant.

Gangi B.jpg

This is what the world of sim racing has descended to. We already struggle with car counts on a near-universal level, because these games are extremely difficult for all but the most dedicated of auto racing fans. Many titles with large marketing campaigns and a rabid group of core users are left in varying states of disarray by developers who would rather insult their own fans than fix their game. And when loyal sim racers venture onto the various websites dedicated to the hoppy in the hopes that a knowledgeable group of writers and content creators can keep them properly informed on this ever-evolving scene, they are instead force-fed marketing babble by companies manipulating the news outlets, who throw copious amounts of money at YouTube personalities to say nice things about their products.

I have often said on PRC.net that some sim racers within the sim racing community simply aren’t here to race, and as you can see from the screenshots above, now it appears the reviewers aren’t even here to review.



72 thoughts on “A Leak Of Our Own

    1. GG Allin = Austin
      Floor = Sim Racing Community
      Shit being Taken = pretendracecars.net
      Smearing of shit all over = each article
      Small cock = proof of how insecure james is
      Eating Shit = what you should do

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  1. “Two years ago, there wasn’t a PRC-like entity that I could visit for unbiased news”

    Lol you think people that aren’t sponsored by anyone are unbiased? A privately driven bias is much stronger than any commercially paid bias.

    But either way, not matter how much you tell people this is biased or unbiased, they can see right through it, maybe not instantly, but they can. Be it from normal news websites or blog news.

    Just the fact that this is a blog where you write news from your point of view, it is biased on its own.

    Normal news websites present news more objectively and don’t try to influence the reader with the author’s opinion. Although they can also be biased (or corrupt) by not disclosing information to the reader or omitting relevant content for the news integrity, by steering it into the direction the author wants.


  2. Lol PRC, «We present unbiased content». Then goes to write a big paragraph with arguments backed up by previous articles they wrote. Lol. «We are unbiased guys, its legit»


  3. Wow! Youtubers get money for advertisements. Big news. Somebody made money with something which started as a hobby. How awful!
    Also it shouldnt take anybody more than the intro of inside sim racing to see they’re sponsored by iracing or thrustmasters because there are advertisements are all over the screen. So what is this “leak” about?


  4. I have a major announcement. Last night I was watching news on TV and believe it or not, they had commercials! Advertisements! Basically sponsorship of the program. Then I picked up the local newspaper and was SHOCKED again to see advertisements. And here’s someone saying you can’t trust anyone who takes advertising dollars. This was one funny PRC post.


    1. The only thing is for something like ISRTV, a sponsorship isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as they can get some free goodies and cash to help the channel grow, and they just say “Hey check out audible/crunchyroll/whatever.” When it gets into “We’re now partnered with playseat, so we’ll stop doing any other rig reviews” leaves it a bit sore. I periodically check ISR to see what’s new in simracing, or look at a new rig. If they turn to just iRacing and Playseat, there’s no reason to watch, and it becomes ultimately more biased to that product. Commercials on TV aren’t endorsed by the show, and no ones trying to get you to buy the products over another.


      1. “Commercials on TV aren’t endorsed by the show, and no ones trying to get you to buy the products over another.”

        There is this thing called “Product Placement” where the products are embedded to the show/movie, more or less subtly, so that the manufacturer gets screen time. This is more obvious with electronics and cars, some movies have everyone with a role driving Audi for example 😀

        And PRC is not biased, bitch (James) please 。◕‿◕。



        1. I’ve never seen a news caster go on live TV and say, “Hey, have you tried those polished eyelet catheters yet?” Or even better “I used to have a raging yeast infection but since I’ve started using monistat….” Sure, Coca-Cola gets put in a lot of TV shows and movies, but all in all, the entirety of the show/movie isn’t swayed solely by the fact that Coke’s in it. Having a sim racing news site that’s supposed to be impartial, but partnered with iRacing and Playseat makes it pointless. If Playseat gave them free goodies like product placement, but they still reviewed other rigs, even in a comparison way would be fine.


  5. From an objective point of view (lmao) there is nothing of interest in these screen caps. Well, except that it confirms biases of angry internet posters. Riddle me this: Did you think their advertising for iRacing was done as charity? Slippery slope rambling does not an investigative journalist make.


    1. Wake up fam, no one cares because there’s no reason to care for rF2. Just play the game if you’re happy, otherwise let us be. Please go to an anger management group.


  6. Seriously you call this NEWS look at all the Free stuff they get and Surprise the company sending it get’s GOOD reviews this is nothing new inside sim racing is like any other company looking after there best interests. Welcome to the world.

    Sorry this one is NOT up to your standards SIGH…..


  7. I fucking hate isrtv,I unsubed a while ago,when ever I pointed out that they would nnever do a fair review of Rf2 they deleted my posts,it’s so blatent the bias towards thrusmaster and iracing,and now fanatec,ganji fell out with fanatec but all of a sudden started speaking highly of them again,sure enough fanatec were probably giving them money to do so.

    If you can’t see that both Darin and John don’t actually have a clue what they are talking about then your a mug.


  8. PRC is a hobby. ISR is a business. A business needs revenue – it’s as simple as that. Provided the business declares its financial interests I don’t see a problem. Armed with this knowledge, people can judge the validity of any content for themselves.


    1. That’s why he judges sim racing games the way he does. Like all this could be done in your spare time, where you can implement everything you can and people want, create a lot of systems and content out of thin air, and all this in one year tops.
      He thinks running a youtube channel with the production of ISR is done by using your salary from your 9 to 5 job. Youtube became their job, afaik, at least Gangi’s, but PRC is a blog you run after your normal job.


  9. Picture the scene. You’re running an online racing service and you want to choose a guy or girl to moderate the forums and make sure everyone’s being fair and behaving themselves. Who do you choose? What characteristics do you look for?

    Any professional organisation would choose someone tolerant and without prejudice. After all we can’t have someone running things who hates muslims, gays and women for instance. We want someone who can be fair, and who has the intellect and communication skill to ensure members know what rules they’ve broken, why, and how they can improve their behaviour. We want someone who will be diligent in their work, who will nurture a community by setting a positive example.

    Just in case he deletes it, here’s a screenshot. He posted this March 8th and 9th 2016. https://s31.postimg.org/90miwhf9n/shannonwhitmore.png

    This is the kind of guy iRacing employs to run things. Let’s break it down for you.

    – “Ooph!, Rubio got slapped around like a Detroit street hooker.”
    – “Yea, in Michigan especially. He and the other liberal need to quit nd hopefully Cruz gets those votes. Rubio is going get slapped around like a Miami street hooker next week in Florida, Hopefully.”
    – “Oh well he got beat so bad in Michigan after all that money he spent and promised his Pimps (gop elites and chamber of commerce) that they slapped him around like a hooker. BATCH WHERE MY MONEY!!”

    First, he hopes Cruz gets the votes. This ted Cruz https://is.gd/4s8J2Y. First, he’s a Tea Party republican. Straight away that tells you he’s nuts. The far right of an already very right-wing party. Even other republicans think he’s too extreme. He wanted to repeal gay marriage, uphold all gun rights, replace income tax with sales tax (let’s redistribute wealth from the poor to the rich), opposes exceptions for incest or rape in abortion laws, yep he’s a treat. That he considers this guy ok and guys like Rubio to be liberal.. just wow. It tells me that his own views likely match those of Cruz, or at least that Cruz is the closest match to his own beliefs. This means that iRacing has someone in charge of forums (and competition in general) who hates women, gays and Muslims, and thinks that more guns is always the solution. Could that be why anyone suggesting after yet another mass shooting that perhaps fewer guns would mean less gun crime gets banned, while threads like http://members.iracing.com/jforum/posts/list/3494381.page where members show off ridiculously large collections of guns which would be sufficient for a terrorist group to commit enormous atrocities go unmolested, indeed Shannon intervenes when people question the ethics of gun ownership to shoo the objectors away.

    Interestingly there are a few iRacers on Shannon’s friends list, I wonder if they get preferential treatment? 😉

    It seems however that iRacing likes to work with objectionable arseholes, as their relationship with Darin Ganji indicates. Bear in mind this is a guy who has repeatedly insulted people on the forums including a very nasty PM sent to Empty Box (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vzSnSNl10U), and yet never seems to get banned. Indeed after the Empty Box incident I recall him saying he’d never post again and being all apologetic. This is no longer the case.

    Then there’s Michael Main. I’ve seen him go off at people in a highly abusive fashion in the Facebook comments on iRacing’s FB page, and yet he seems to be the ‘official’ PC supplier for iRacing, allowed endless advertising in the forums, primarily because he’s friends with the top guys at iRacing.

    Sometimes you have to judge people (or in this case companies) by the company they keep, I think it’s clear that iRacing must be judged harshly.


    1. Who in fuck wants muslims, gays or women on their forum you idiot?
      Wake us to yourself and clean the sand out of your arab pussy.


      1. We all want more racers right? We’re all bored by tiny fields with huge spreads of ability from back to front? So get more people racing. At this point you have to widen your audience.

        If you keep driving women away (and there are some fantasticly quick women on iRacing) then it just becomes a sausage-fest full of immature little boys talking about what they’d like to do to grid girls and wondering why their sim lacks grid girls. Pathetic. I wonder sometimes if some of these guys have ever actually met a real woman, you know, one that you don’t have to blow up first.

        iRacing is very white and male, and that’s not good. It leads to something of an echo-chamber. You need people with different views, different backgrounds, different experiences, to offer different solutions that can make a community better and make a product better. iRacing lacks all of those things. It’s just a place for Dave K and his mates to hang out, even the unsavoury ones mentioned above.

        Personally I’d rather have a Muslim on a forum than Shannon. And I’d rather have a Muslim on the forum than the American gun nuts who seem to have massive collections of weapons, because the Muslim is less likely to shoot the fucking place up.


    2. First of all just because npr told you cruz is evil doesn’t mean it’s correct. Second the Republican Party is the party of trump now making it more liberal than it’s ever been. Don’t lump rational Cruz supporters in with Shannon who’s clearly not mentally stable.


  10. I don’t really like their site but I don’t see much harm in a guy trying to turn a hobby into a business or full time job.Its not like the guy was trying to make a quick buck and move on.It looked like he was trying to partner up and grow the site into something better.


    1. Operating under the guise of an objective and trustworthy news outlet while accepting thousands of dollars in private to shill for certain products is scummy at best.


  11. You simply don’t need a stream of advertisement money to write articles or make YouTube videos about hardcore driving games.

    You do if your blog/channel is a full-time job. If not advertising, then paid sponsorships.


      1. And that’s why people run dedicated ads besides adsense or receive patron or sponsorship from certain brands. These companies don’t want your money from what youtube pays you, they want the exposure from people viewing your videos, and what place else for them to advertise. TV and outdoor are too expensive compared to what you can do on social media or entertainment websites on the internet.


        1. And that’s fine if you’re some shithead who drifts around yelling OOOOOOOH CHIT. Guys like SlapTrain landing an endorsement deal just means they get to play a wider variety of games – the content of the show doesn’t change.

          But a long-running news site? That’s just wrong.


            1. slap train is for fucking stupid mentally challenged vape filled highschoolers who think he can drive. literally fuck that guy.


  12. I don’t understand the point of this article, or what is so scandalous about them being sponsored. Unless a sponsorship affects their judgement, there is nothing wrong with receiving some money on the side. Whether or not they actually “rig” their reviews, it’s another matter. But the money thing is not something to be worthy of an entire article.

    Plus, as long as they disclose their partnerships/sponsorships during the course of the video or in its description, they can do whatever the fuck they want. The FTC is very strict about this, and if you heard about the entire CS:GO gambling shitstorm which is going on since a couple of weeks, you would already know that.

    Sorry, not sorry. This article doesn’t make sense. You want to do some real investigative work? Look around and see if in any of their videos there is any mentioning of a sponsorship. If there isn’t, call the FTC.


      1. majority of a minority of a minority of a minority doesn’t agree with you on this one Jamezz, how you gonna handle it?


          1. yesyesyes, of course, I agree with you. “real” news outlets should not get funding from “anywhere”. But in times like these where national news outlet here in the pure Finland that is funded solely from taxpayers pocket has started openly lying, spreading falsified news and using “experts” with known bad track record to spread the pro-migrant agenda while suppressing all and every negative news story they can. But I guess that’s what’s going on in whole EU. I can’t understand why we want “them” here, but frankly I don’t care enough, not 1/32000th of a promille of “them” is going to have the skills to take my job and if shit starts to really hit the fan, I’m gone, either to Australia or to a cabin 200 miles from the closest town…
            Ahem, what was I going for… Yes, I don’t give a blob if the guys have a strong connection to the product they praise, I can still enjoy their videos. There is no way that I’m going to trust anyone, especially anyone who says they are unbiased, raw facts with undeniable proof is what it takes to convince me these days. I think people (in general) should learn to think for themselves again.


            1. As a Finn I bet you’re quite young, not highly educated and life will teach you some gray colors too.

              Being cynical is probably not the way for happy life. Been there, done that.


              1. Only have MSc in tech, but must confess that I’m young and that my knowledge of history is very lacking 1900s history, and even on the times long gone, if we’re not talking about Eastern Front or Mayas. I wasn’t there when the Soviet Union came down, not when Berlin Wall came down and not when the 90’s recession let go… I wasn’t there when Marilyn Monroe overdosed, when Nazi leaders killed themselves, or when JFK was assasinated. I wasn’t there… And then what? What I wrote could easily lead the reader to think that I think media control is a new thing, that was not my intention. BUT I still do think that this situation is being handled very poorly, plus the thing that there are unfinished wars going on.

                In contrast to what I said above, I’m trying to see it positive in day to day life with when around people I think I can trust. But I can’t close my eyes from the fact that our world is drawing closer and closer to the even horizon, beyond of which there is no return to this state of planet we know now. Or is it already too late, are we the crew on a fishing ship waiting for the first wave of tsunami to smash us to the rocks.


        1. The only reason i read this place is because the owner has the balls to call it as he see’s it, he’s nobodies patsy and whilst i don’t agree with everything he says i respect him for not being a puppet for somebody, so he has my support.
          If i wanted to read fluffed up sugar coated dribble i wouldn’t come back and check this place out everyday, james to his credit has created a site thats entertaining and very informative and i don’t recon he gives a shit if anybody agrees with him or not.


    1. False. Go read it, seems like either you didn’t read it or you aren’t capable of understanding it.

      Disclosing that the video is sponsored in the description not sufficient.

      All sources of sponsorship have to be clearly disclosed in each video. Not in the description, not in the title, not in an annotation and certainly not below the fold.

      Please follow your own advice though. You can play around and test your luck like WB and see if the FTC is impressed with the semantics behind your defense.


        1. This is not about opinion.

          You also don’t have to be a ‘youtuber’ to understand written documents. Remember, I’m the one arguing that ISR is not a ‘real’ company, nor an actual source of meaningful content-driven revenue.

          You’re in here making shit up in favor of Darin’s behavior

          But don’t worry, no one noticed your weak little deflection and I’m sure you’re a highly valued employee.

          Also, since I’m not a youtuber, allow me to express my admiration for your ability to have a job dude, that is fucking amazing! What are you, 16 and just got your first?


  13. Except for Billy Strange’s Test Drive footage ISR is horrible. Since I saw Darin’s arrogant behaviour I think that iRacing fanatics like him are douche bags who can’t stop idolize iRacing’s alleged superior realism near*. And even to stay informed I prefer MotoGamesTV.

    *what’s in fact better than praising iRacing without ever having played it like some German Formel E drivers do…


  14. James, you should maybe watched ISR last Wednesday show. Darin is working full time for SimXperience nowadays and John is in charge of ISR. So wtf are you writing about?
    ISR always get sponsored by the companies they play the commercials, but some sponsors left the building it seems. No iRacing and Thrustmaster videos and giveaways, not even iRacing News. Just GT Omega chairs.


    1. Come on man, break down the stats.

      Look at the last 1-2 month range, the best video seems to have gotten 55k hits. The rest are lucky to break 10k.

      Do you have any idea what a poor return on investment that is for someone that is paying inflated living costs?

      There are portions of the globe where this level of income can provide a very comfortable lifestyle. The US is not one of them.

      You’re looking at an average of less than $10 USD per video if we use average EPC. That means they really can’t be making any significant profits.

      Think about at. Even if we use 10 cents per kw/hr, you’re already cutting into the tiny margin with power costs for running the editing software and the final rendering/encoding. Add in a VERY moderate fee for amateur video editing services and you already have zero profit.

      None of this makes sense and is clearly providing diminishing returns, we are in the realm of a singular minimum wage worker’s earnings and falling.

      ISR fucked up, never really provided the service that consumers require and failed to adapt before losing their advantage as an early youtube channel.

      Compare this to Matt Orr, who doesn’t really give a fuck, doesn’t do reviews, doesn’t seem to accept bribes/sponsorships/darin-style bullshit and also doesn’t make nearly as many videos…Yet on average, his videos are noticeably more popular in terms of audience reception and viewer counts, even though he has roughly half of the total subscribers and clearly isn’t spending as much time messing around with youtube and related nonsense.

      So what the fuck is going on with ISR? The channel is far from self-supporting. GT Omega chairs is financing this shit themselves just because?

      No way dude.


  15. Darin Gangi is a fucking scumbag piece of shit who acts like a 5 year. His temper tantrum towards Empty Box and towards PRC in the comments section proves how much of a bitch he is.


      1. Also, Darin’s manchild behavior was the reason why Shaun Cole left ISRTV. Speaking of Shaun, The Simpit is back and puts out much better content than ISRTV.

        Liked by 1 person

  16. Aw the gangi fanboys are here, probably bought some of the shit he was hawking and now feel the need to defend their poor decisions.

    This guy has been shilling way more than necessary, but let’s give him a break because he’s too useless to understand that relatively low-popularity youtube content can only be expected to provide moderate residual income, right? We should just be happy about this, or what?

    It’s not comparable to an actual business…. Nearly all of the very limited overhead specifically required for the non-shill content is by choice, not necessity.

    At this point, his content provides limited real-world value to consumers. A simple platform for promotion.

    But hang on, it’s a ‘business’ guys, we have no right to question the completely excessive shilling.

    Gangi, you had best be taking a close look at the FTC guidelines for disclosure.

    I believe you have several outstanding/unaddressed issues with regards to partial, missing or incomplete disclosure, no?


  17. Big news, guys: “A business needs income, sponsorship or partnerships to live on and grow and cannot be done just in sparetime before going to sleep.”

    ISR = business
    PRC.net = hobby

    What is the deeper meaning of this article?


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