Isn’t This Theft?

I never once imagined there would be a day where a prolific YouTube troll managed to build an incredibly convincing case against a company funded by the owner of the Boston Red Sox, but it appears the God of Chaos and confusion has chosen to work his magic upon the sim racing community. Of all the people who have taken interest in NASCAR-related video games over the past decade, YouTube personality weregonnalose – a former member of the United States Armed Forces known for his cheeky and ridiculous Xbox Live banter – may have accidentally discovered something that could land iRacing in serious hot water, with the monumental legal ramifications tipped heavily in his favor. We’ve reported on this issue here at before – the fact that iRacing can and most certainly will deny you access to the money you’ve spent for no reason at all – but the work WGL has done to expose their absurdity highlights how black and white the problem actually is, something that is sure to throw both iRacing staff members and rabid fanboys into a frenzy. They are clearly in the wrong.

So let’s review this entire scenario from the very beginning, as this is bound to all spiral out of control in the near future, and readers of will most likely appreciate a simple explanation to bring them right up to speed.

weregonnalose began his venture into the world of YouTube comedy with the maiden Eutechnyx NASCAR console release in the spring of 2011. Basically, this random guy with a bit too much time on his hands realized his voice was never going to win over the ladies, but he sounded absolutely ridiculous over the Xbox Live headset, and armed with a fairly competent capture card, could use this unholy combination to fuck with people on a level nobody had seen before. weregonnalose would simply show up to random NASCAR The Game public lobbies and engage in the most ridiculous and absurd banter sessions with otherwise unsuspecting individuals, continuing this behavior once the green flag dropped. With screen names such as EARNHARDT_DIED_LOL, and race tactics such as pile driving an opponent into the wall before claiming his controller batteries had died, other players in the lobby quickly lost patience and promptly exploded at the lovable character, who by some act of God managed to stay committed to his ruse throughout the whole ordeal. Obviously, it sucked to accidentally run into this guy when actually playing the game during your own personal time, but his videos are a hidden gem in a sea of bland and uninspired YouTube video game commentaries.

After branching out into newer Eutechnyx NASCAR releases, as well as mainstream sports titles such as the Madden or NHL series – where frustrated teammates begged him to “punt the ball, bro”weregonnalose finally decided it was time to allow his persona to grace the absolute pinnacle of organized online auto racing – the Motorsport Simulation service. The professional shit disturber lasted less than a week within the highly competitive atmosphere before promptly being removed from the service due to an absolute plethora of user complaints via iRacing’s protest system. However, even more impressive than the original video itself – five minutes and twenty nine seconds of quality trolling which fans claimed to be his best video to date – salty iRacing diehards quickly jumped into action in defense of their beloved title for reasons only God understands. The comments section of the following YouTube video is nothing short of lunacy; rabid iRacing fanboys absolutely lose their minds at the popular YouTube personality, their dreams completely shattered over someone making a literal mockery of the ultra-serious environment. It was hilarious.

But of course, iRacing banned him, and now the sparks have started to fly on a mere technicality, with the odds actually in favor of the infamous YouTube troll. As admittedly dumb as this whole situation is, this motherfucker actually discovered something quite concerning, far more serious than any piece of content he’s ever uploaded to YouTube.

You see, weregonnalose wanted to return to the iRacing service for another attempt at comedy gold. And obviously, since his original account had been permanently banned, he needed to make a new one. This meant whipping out the credit card and going through the lengthy sign-up and tutorial process all over again. iRacing allowed him to register, as well as both download and install the client software onto his system – which wasn’t exactly time consuming, as the essential files weigh in at just over a gigabyte of data. However, when it came time to jump into a session, weregonnalose was immediately locked out of the member’s website, greeted by the classic 403 Error – Account Suspended screen that both myself and Sev have become all too familiar with. Long story short, WGL paid to sign up for iRacing, and can’t actually race.

After spending $7 to see an error screen and told he can’t use the simulator at all, weregonnalose wants his money back, and requests a refund via Support.

iRacing refuses.

For our resident burger flippers hanging out in the comments section of each and every article, I want you to try something at work tomorrow. When a customer places an order, don’t actually cook the meal. Don’t put the fries in the bag, don’t fill the drink… Hell, tell your buddy on the hamburger grille to just not make the burger and proceed with the next order. After approximately five minutes pass, and the customer proceeds to shout colorful profanities at you, look him/her/xir directly in the eyes and say “sorry, you’re not welcome at this particular McDonald’s restaurant, and we do not have a refund policy.” Your ass will promptly be fired, because what you’re doing is illegal.

But those are hamburgers we’re talking about, not a computer program. So in iRacing’s case, this all falls under a much different umbrella. We have to actually research a bit to see what they’re doing here to myself, WGL, and anyone else who has been on the receiving end of their strange operational habits – and in my brief research, their behavior actually falls under the legal definition of Mischief.


Mischief in relation to computer data obstructs, interrupts, or interferes with a person in the lawful use of computer data, or denies access to computer data to a person who is entitled to access it. Or, in much simpler terms, when you pay for software, you’re entitled access to said software. And paying the $7 for iRacing data to be downloaded onto your computer, only to be greeted with a screen saying you can’t access the software in its intended form, most certainly does not qualify as accessing the software. In fact, recent changes to the Consumer Rights act actually give people in this situation – regardless of how much of a shithead they’ve been –  a right to a full refund if the product is not as advertised – an easy victory for weregonnalose in this situation on multiple levels.

Regardless of your opinion on the guy’s YouTube channel, iRacing simply can’t be doing this to consumers, and it’s incredible that someone who set out with a mission to merely entertain random fuckheads on YouTube accidentally uncovered a major problem with the way iRacing operates from a business perspective. Sorry, resident iRacing fanboys, you can’t ad hominem your way out of this one.



88 thoughts on “Isn’t This Theft?

  1. you forgot the part where he was permanently banned from the service via his home IP address. Thinking he could simply make a new account was stupid on his part. With that said, I do agree that he shouldnt of even been able to pay for the product again but theres no way for iRacing to check IPs through the signup process until the software is actually installed on the computer.

    He still has no legal high ground here despite your efforts.

    I also called that you were going to post this article as soon as I saw this video a few days ago.

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    1. You said it yourself: Can’t take someone’s money, THEN notify them of an IP ban, and keep their money. He could really go to town with this if he wanted to.

      If you’re banned from a mall, yet you sneak in and buy some shit before security catches you, they can’t take all your bags and tell you to fuck off. This will change how iRacing handles the ban process for sure.

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      1. He was IP banned a long ass time ago, well prior to him attempting to make a second account and should of been well aware of that fact. He obviously had no idea how an IP ban works.

        And your “research” about “mischief” would only apply to someone attempting to gain services for the first time without any prior experiences. Im sure of the fact that because he was previous banned, this law wouldnt hold up much.

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        1. I don’t agree with Mischief either, but the description was accurate. And I don’t care if iRacing publicly declares him to be Hitler’s incarnate, you can’t take someone’s $$$, show them a white screen, and be like LEL NO REFUNDS.


          1. Oh they absolutely can, because he created new account and submitted FALSE INFORMATION about himself, then logged on from same IP and MACHINE ID (ir prolly uses machine ids too, because why not, it’s basic stuff)
            If he had tried to buy again with his original account that he is legally entitled to, they would have not sold to him, because already banned.
            Now, making a new account with false information puts him already to direct breach of contract law (the term to google for you here is Misrepresentation) and the ip ban resulting from trying to play the game is just a formality. iRacing could go futher and sue for damages, but that would be overkill when most of the time one ban is enough.
            Rookie mistake from him really, but what can you expect from a shithead like this. Griefing is the absolute cancer of online gaming, try to pull this shit off in real life sports, you’d be lucky to get away with just your money gone.

            Btw. Blizzard and Rockstar, to name two, have been instabanning people who rebuy their games (and don’t take the necessary precautions to not get instantly banned again) for ages.

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            1. The only thing requiring to be different is an email address, of which he owns and is therefore not false information. They could ban for second accounts, but a refund is still required.


          2. For someone who complains out the ass about the racing quality in online racing sims these days, its rather hypocritical of you to defend this troll’s idiocy. You of all people should be glad that he got what he deserved.

            I also guarantee you never would have published this article had this exact same thing happened on any other sim out there.

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            1. Hey dude, do you mind lending me a small loan of a million dollars? I promise you’ll see it again and get it back, I promise!


      2. GG Allin = Austin
        Floor = Sim Racing Community
        Shit being Taken =
        Smearing of shit all over = each article
        Small cock = proof of how insecure james is
        Eating Shit = what you should do

        FUCK OFF


    1. Thats the sound of inbreds with brain damage, and thats 99% of nascar fans.
      How brain dead was the racing in that video, just utter garbage, who would race that shit?


  2. You can’t ad hominem your way out of this one.
    Classic iracing fanboy line there,this comment section will be a good read for days.
    But James I have to ask why I seem suprised iracing have done this when they act like a bunch of nerds getting there own back many time on the forum,just look at the antics of who moderates the incedents and forums.
    I’m going to name the comments section by their try name based on the replies I see them give on the iracing forum.


  3. I guess the clown in the video doesn’t know they not only ip ban now but mac ban as well? Why would you keep trying knowing the end result. This is been tried since 2009 with people who have been banned.


    1. BREAKING NEWS DOPEY, it takes a few minutes to get a new home IP.
      You can have a new one every hour of the day if you like.


  4. “The comment box is not a toy”.
    Neither is a subscription model simulator where you’re not supposed to troll in this way, you’re actually supposed to avoid any incident even if it costs you race positions. And you’re defending that behavior.

    Because in short:
    – A guy trolls many racers who try to race in a serious way
    – Gets his account banned
    – Guy must be Apple co-owner because he comes back and pays for another account which will be used to troll people again.
    – He clearly doesn’t care to give money to iRacing a second time only for trolling and get his account banned another time in literally seconds.
    – Suddenly, he actually cares when he sees he’s not getting access to the game due to an IP ban.
    – Uploads a video in YouTube “showing how iRacing steals people” when it’s actually all about crying out because iRacing won’t let him troll again and stole his money even though he was going to get this new account banned anyways.

    I really can’t understand this article. I read it a few times so I hopefully find some kind of irony in it but I can’t, so you’re clearly defending this behavior. Congratulations and the best of luck in the next “Raceroom is full of wrecking cunts” article. You’ll need it.

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  5. I think it is very simple: You should not be allowed to register and pay for the service if you are banned. I think he could and should make a case out of it.

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  6. To all the guys taking iRacing’s side here, you are completely missing the point.

    – Yes, the guy is a wrecking troll that should live beneath the proverbial bridge on a far side of the Internet,

    – Yes, he has no interest in racing and would likely get his account banned within a week,

    – Yes, he was already previously banned,

    However, no matter how you put it, what is happening here is that he was able to pay for a product (and for those of you wondering, it doesn’t matter if it’s the first time or not, would you be happy not to get a refund on a pair of shoes you ordered but never came in the mail, just because it wasn’t the first pair you bought?), get denied access without enjoying the product because of his previous ban and not get a refund.

    I know this is foreign concept for most of you, but imagine going to a night club. Sometimes you have an entry fee, sometimes even the security guard has heard tales of you or just doesn’t like your face, he can deny you access even after you pay the entry fee. Take a wild guess at what happens. That’s right, they give you your money back and (most times) politely show you the door and hint to not come back.

    Why is this you ask? Because they cannot deny you access to something you paid for without actually returning your hard earned cash.


    1. In every example scenario, your assuming the person has no prior bad history with the product. If I bought a pair of shoes and then wrote derogatory remarks on them about the company and posted it on the internet for all to see. I would be pretty sure the company would say they would never send another product to me. So If i went and tried to buy another pair of shoes under false information, they have every right to refuse to send the product. It would be my own damn fault for trying knowing what ive done before. You have to be a special kind of stupid to do stuff like this, I have no sympathy for him.

      Companies have the legal right to refuse service of their product except under discriminatory terms (race, religion, etc). So luckily dickhead troll isnt exempt.


      1. Except in this instance the company is taking your payment for the shoes first and then saying “no, we’re not gonna send you the shoes”.

        The company has the right to refuse service, what it doesn’t have is the right to accept payment first and THEN refuse service. They can either refund the money or provide the services paid for. Otherwise it’s consumer fraud.

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  7. First off why is anyone even speaking about this guy. He is getting all kinds of attention for being a dick head and purposely trying to ruin the enjoyment of those guys and gals who use iracing. What does it tell you about the mental capacity of an adult who spends his free time trying to purposely piss people off ? Maybe it’s that mental capacity or very much lack of , that makes him believe he could get his money back. I didn’t read the full article as I find it ridiculous, but as far as his legal rights go. The law is pretty clear that if you lose money when trying to defraud someone else then your shit out of luck. And that’s exactly what he was trying to do ! By creating another identify in order to gain access to something you are banned from is fraud ! He fraudulently created a new identity and he fraudulently tried to create a new account. Get your legal books outs boys and girls because iracing could actually report the fraud to law enforcement. And depending on where you live and if money was sent across state lines or some other borders , the severity of the fraud goes way up and so do the charges. Bottom line, this guy is a dirt bag ! It’s one thing to have an opinion about something , good or bad . It’s a completely different thing when your sole intention is to go out into this world and try to ruin the fun for everyone else. It doesn’t matter if it’s racing , or any other sim or game. Most everyone hates these guys. Obviously he is not inelegant enough to realize he is an ass. I’m thinking he would be better off strapped to the walls of a rubber room with bungy cords and a plastic helmet so he doesn’t hurt himself !!


    1. I didn’t bother reading 99% of your shit, all I saw was “By creating another identify in order to gain access to something you are banned from is fraud ! He fraudulently created a new identity and he fraudulently tried to create a new account.” – your logic is just retarded. the only fraud here is iRacing.


    2. Fraud with regards to consumers consists of failure to pay.

      Deciding what information a service provider needs to know doesn’t really fall under the heading of ‘fraud’ if you are authorized to use the provided account and they can successfully charge the account….


  8. ice iceRacing too cold …

    alright stop
    collaborate and listen

    iceRacing is back
    with a brand new invention …


  9. iRenters are always the ones who takes sim racing very serious to the point they get emotional about it, and they are the one’s who get butthurt so easily. The troll shouldn’t have been allowed to pay for the service if he is banned, but iRenting is gonna milk all the money they can get out of everyone. Simraceway is shovelware, yet iRenting is practically the same thing and people eat it up.


  10. Nothing to see here, Sony PSN do this every day to their customers, that can do what they want, its all in the fine print.
    And how freaking bad does that iracing look, looks like its from 1990, why do people play it?




  12. from the comments: “Massachusetts state consumer protection laws allow for this. As long as the company is clear and forward that his new account will automatically be banned due to his current ban, it’s legal. and in the tos they make this very clear that if you decide to continue with your purchase and have an current ban the moment the account is made it’ll be automatically banned.”


  13. Had you bothered to try and re-register from your banned IP, I’m sure you would have been unsuccessful, and they wouldn’t have taken your money.

    Why not verify that rather salient fact, before impulsively publishing yet another example of your rapidly diminishing critical thinking?

    If iRacing doesn’t know you’re banned, how can they stop you from registering?

    Although I’d give the guy his $8 back, I imagine the TOS deals with this esoteric situation as well, and likely explains that anyone trying to circumvent iRacing policy in such a manner will not be eligible for a refund.

    Pretty simple really.

    Since they can’t necessarily catch them during registration, they need to dissuade people like this clown from continually trying to evade bans, and THE ONLY WAY TO DO THAT is through an economic disincentive. They keep your money.

    Was that really so hard for everyone to figure out?

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    1. The iRenting dicksucker is here to defend his precious sim. If they can’t catch him during registration then they should allow him to have his money refunded. But of course iRenting won’t do what’s logical, and only does what generates them the most profit.

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  14. iRacing ought to have refunded this dick’s money immediately, no question about that.

    Nevertheless, I like them more than this bald dickhead, whose miserable attempts to spoil other people’s fun are a considerable distance from ”hillarious”. You are in need of a brain upgrade, James, if you really find the guy entertaining.

    Yep, he should have got his money back immediately. And then get killed off before he starts to reproduce.


    1. Wanting someone to get killed off because they crashed into someone in a video game. I don’t even have to try to make the iRacing fanboys look psychotic anymore.


      1. Since you’ve been banned, why not try and re-register for the service (from your banned IP), and see if they allow you to proceed all the way to a race before locking you out?

        Obviously, your registration won’t be accepted, nor will your money.

        If, however, you re-register while logged on to a different network, they have no way of knowing you’re banned, and your registration will be accepted. Your money as well.

        To keep idiots like this guy from continually trying to evade bans, not to mention wasting their time, they have to discourage the behavior somehow.

        So they don’t offer refunds to those trying to fraudulently breach their TOS. Nor should they.

        Perhaps instead of researching esoteric aspects of digital jurisprudence next time, you might try critical thinking first.


        1. So how the hell got banned literally seconds after iRacing took his money if he re-registered using different network and iRacing didn’t have no way of knowing he was already banned before?


        2. You can’t TOS your way out of the law. Consumer laws always apply before any terms of service agreement. It doesn’t matter what is in the ToS itself. They cannot knowingly take someone’s money and then deny them service. Full stop. It doesn’t matter who the person is or what they’ve done.

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          1. Does it matter if you’re trying to create a fake identity to access a service you’ve been banned? They can’t check who you are during registration, only after everything, apparently. So is used to keep away people who were previously banned and wanted to pay their way in with a new identity.


            1. > They can’t check who you are during registration, only after everything, apparently.

              The point is: Of course they can check who you are after registration and _before_ charging you. That’s where iRacing clearly acts against the law!!!


              1. Doesn’t the first law transgression come from the person trying to defraud iracing by faking a new identity to gain access to the system he was banned on?

                When you make a payment only then the system can check who made the payment? As when you pay you’re at the same time sending your identification data, not before.


                1. > Doesn’t the first law transgression come from the person
                  > trying to defraud iracing by faking a new identity to
                  > gain access to the system he was banned on?

                  There is a difference between TOS (which are not in compliance with a law) and law itself!

                  I smell a case for a consumer protection attorney…


                  1. What you mean consumer protection? Why should iracing do something to avoid you giving them money when your person is banned from iracing.


                2. > When you make a payment only then the system can check
                  > who made the payment? As when you pay you’re at the
                  > same time sending your identification data, not before.

                  Of this _could_ be changed and it doesn’t take a genius programmer to do this. After you sent your identification iRacing’s system should check if the credit card number is found in the data base of banned user. If there’s a hit, then deny banned member access to iRacing and DON’T CHARGE banned member. It’s that simple.


                  1. It still won’t be solved here on the comments, you can make thousands of videos about this but won’t affect anyone. Until this is taken to legal places to be clarified none of this will matter. This isn’t bad publicity for iracing because is just banned users complaining they can’t pay their way in with a new account. Maybe only when you change ip, hardware, and payment sender.


                    1. D’accord! I’ve just wanted to point out iRacing’s questionable business behaviour and the light it throws on their treatments of customers. It’s up to each user to decide if they want to give their hard earned dollars to such a company.


                  2. And what do you do if he uses a different credit card with a fake name? The ban check comes from the home IP address, not the name on the credit card. And yes, I understand from the comments that people are saying its ‘easy’ to get a new home IP address. I dont think that common knowledge. I work in technology field (web programming) and I personally didnt know you could get your Internet Provider to just change your home network address. And lets face it, the troll in the video doesn’t appear to be from the upper echelon of intelligence. Theres no way a moron like him would bother going through the process of changing his IP.

                    OR, hes actually very smart and fully understood the concept of the IP ban and the whole video is another troll as he fully knows what hes doing, and does it anyway just to stir shit up. You’ll never know with this type of socio-path. But either way, he deserves what he got trying to deface a company when he has zero moral high ground in the situation.


      2. I thought you’d understand it was used metaphorically, but I must have overestimated you; your zealousness in seeing iR fanboys everywhere has blinded you, at least temporarily – I quit iR a few years ago after I’d been fed up with the NTM shit Keammer had been feeding us. A miss :).

        But really – you found some retarded dipstick whose main interest seems to be getting online and ruin people’s races. Wow, that’s some quality news. Next week we’re gonna read about a Kentucky guy who enjoys eating his own poop while playing pCARS, and then there’ll be aliens in my scrotum won’t make me fall asleep.

        I have been somewhat enjoying coming here since you started a year or two ago, but your journalism has been hitting the bottom consistently over the last few weeks. Tabloid press is not the way to go, sir.


  15. The funny thing is and no matter what brainwashed iRacing-fanboys write, there is nothing to discuss here: What iRacing does is indefensible and against the law.

    End of discussion.


  16. This 7,20$ a month is just for new members only and what i hate about iRacing is: You can buy all the content and you still have to pay 12$ a month or 99$ a year. I´m out since February and took them four months to send me a 25% discount code even i spend over 200$ for content, so not the worst custome. And the prices are just not justified. Paying more for one car than the Red Pack for AC plus the membership is ridiculous. The tire model in iRacing sucks. Just found a review from last year in steam:

    The Physics : Whilst they are more realistic than most of the games people are used to this can barely be called simulation, whilst things have improved and continue to improve, the game lacks fundamental tire model elements that would define this title as a simulation. Fundamentally the iRacing engine is based off the Nascar Racing 2003 game engine, which in turn was based off the Grand Prix Legends engine of 1997.

    So in a nut shell this core engine is almost 20 years old. The company themselves and most definitely the players and community like to believe the simulation models tire wear which it doesn’t, all it models is that an overheated tyre is a slippy tire so basically one or two sideways moments in a lap, requires potentially 5 corners afterwards on knife-edge oversteer to let the tires cool down again [exactly the same game engine tyre properties that were there on GPL] – which in real life just isn’t the case and if you’re used to real life racing physics and simulation you will be fighting the car on corner entry as braking and turning on iRacing seems to overwhelm the game engine and generally send you into a low speed spin, again something that wouldn’t happen in real life.


    1. Wyatt Gooden from his iRacing GT3 Setup Tips vid said iRenting tire model is FUBARrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


  17. The troll deserves to be shot, who gives a shit about him losing a few bucks, he’s a snotty nosed faggot and he talks like one too.
    He can get away with it because the Americans have no bullshit meters, they are as dumb as dog shit so you can troll a yank all day and they wouldn’t know, us Aussies love taking the piss out of them, if he did that in Australia he would be carved up and shat out in 1 minute.
    I cannot believe how dumb the online racers were he was trolling, sounded like they all had brain damage.
    The troll just needs to be bashed within an inch of his life, pissed on, shat on, pour some kero over him and throw a match, the blokes a piece of trash, throw the cat to the pigs.


    1. And to add to that the racing he was doing looked utter shit, is that the fabled iracing people keep talking about, it looked like 1990 graphics and looked utter shit, Project cars looks like a master piece next to it and thats saying something.


  18. “GG Allin = Austin
    Floor = Sim Racing Community
    Shit being Taken =
    Smearing of shit all over = each article
    Small cock = proof of how insecure james is
    Eating Shit = what you should do


    So the scat/cock fancier is an iRacing fanboy, how surprising.

    (you can tell because this is the first time he added ‘fuck off’ to the end of favorite video spam)


      1. Same, here, never heard of him after seeing this bite it you scum clip i was compelled to do some research, the mans a fucking maniac in the purest form.


      2. I haven’t clicked it. I want to, but I also know it’s not going to be a positive experience for me and I’m smoking out a hangover anyways so I’m not about to investigate this shit atm haha

        I’m sure if I watched it, then I would be like WTF and want to see this documentary.

        I think I’m just gonna avoid it entirely this time tbh


  19. I can see why people are pissed with guy in iracing and all , but it’s a fuckn funny video . Give him his money ….I needed a giggle today.


  20. Tbh.. I’ve tried iracing… Wasn’t impressed. Graphics were shit.. physics were okay at best. People pretentious. And who the fuck charges a subscription for a limited ‘demo’ of a game!!!

    Then asks you to pay nearly $20 AUD per fucking car and track. The whole thing is a rip off.

    Talk as much smack as you like with AC or Pcars.. but at least I got value for money in the overall product.


  21. I’m assuming the guy used a new PayPal address, or one of those throwaway VISA/Mastercards you can buy at the grocery store.

    Otherwise, I completely agree.

    I hope it would flag a card previously used to purchase a now banned account.

    Then again, households aren’t banned, individuals are, and if a 15 year old (who used Mom’s CC) is banned, his brother should be still be able to sign up with the same card.

    In those rare instances, however, they should probably flag it anyway, but allow the registration after the mother speaks with Customer Service.

    BTW, Consumer Protection laws have caveats like anything else.


      1. But its not funny James, its simply not funny material, he’s being a cowardly little annoying faggot, the type of bloke that would get bashed if he went to the local pub and did it.

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  22. I’ve never heard of this YouTube autist before, I thought he was some 14 year old who’s father walked out on him and his mother when he was baby. When I fired up the video I was shocked to see that he’s a bald middle aged man.

    This fucker is the reason why we need another world war.


  23. Whatever… this ****heads only motivation is to **** ** someones else game (race…) , so it is funny to see when someone ***** with him – even if that’s iRacing (I don’t care) TOS. Thumbs up for that.

    On the other side, iR should change those checks, so if you’re permabanned idiot you shouldn’t even come close to actually register and pay for something you cannot use anymore after all .I get it ,it is all explained in TOS, but let’s get down to earth – no one reads TOS.

    Now here we talk about 7$ , but hey someone else stupid enough could buy full package for a few hundreds $ and despite it is all written in a TOS , no refund ?

    Anyway, since this is bussiness and customers/public relations matters, it would be act of good will to offer refound in those cases, since it is clear perma banned guy cannot use iR service anymore.


    1. Like i said, this 7,20 $ are for first subscribers only. Renewing the account is a different process. And since you can´t make up a fake name an pay with Bitcoins it should be common sense that it´s not gonna work. Would be more interesting to know what will happen, if the old account just run out and you try to get a fresh one that way (probably without any bought additional content). This is much more likely than a banned account. And maybe some people tries it with the one or two year option and loose a lot more bucks if they handle this guys the same way.


  24. This guy is a moron. I can’t believe he tried re-signing up twice. What the hell was he expecting?

    As much as don’t care for iRenting, I really don’t care that they will not refund a banned users money when they try to re-sign. Nope, don’t care. This guy is a proven fucktard on the track and it’s pretty clear why he was banned. An angry troll complaining about his own stupidity is not newsworthy.


  25. I’m assuming he was testing the waters with Iracing and perhaps got exactly what he wanted !

    Material for his channel was a +


  26. So if i go to a sporting venue and get banned for life for whatever reason, said venue can’t prevent me from buying tickets, but they can prevent me from entering the facility that i clearly am aware i am not allowed into.


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