Splitting Hairs


My most sincere apologies to the readers of PRC.net for taking a weekend-long break from updating the website. Usually prior to a race weekend, I’ll prepare a few pieces ahead of time and set them to publish on a schedule, but we just never got that far this time – and I couldn’t be bothered to use my buddy’s laptop like we did for the Ian Bell interview a few weeks back.

Stagnance. It’s a problem that has plagued the world of sim racing since the ISI Motor engine became the go-to resource for many major players within this genre, and the frequency in which developers use this engine –  all the while expecting drastically different commercial results than the products before – falls under the literal definition of insanity. In short, we have been purchasing and playing a variation of ISI’s own rFactor since the popular modding platform’s release in 2006. Except, it hasn’t always been called rFactor. It’s shown up on the Xbox 360 as NASCAR 09 or Race Pro. It’s appeared on the PlayStation 4 under the name of Project CARS. You’ve most likely got it sitting in your Steam library as well, with the alternative title of Race 07, Automobilista, or Race Room Racing Experience. Each time we’d been presented with the initial previews of these titles, long before their release, their respective developers promised us something more than just another run-of-the-mill racing simulator. However, upon the actual exchange of cash taking place, many of us realized we’d merely ended up buying rFactor again – down to the exact same formula:

Here are some tracks from around the world, but many of your favorites are missing due to obvious budget constraints, so you’ll have to visit a whole bunch of sites like RaceDepartment to download the same old conversions for your new game, all over again. And here’s a rather diverse list of cars that seem to cover every discipline you can think of, though you’ll really only be captivated by two or three of them. You’re welcome to just sort of do whatever in the game world we’ve provided, but beware that the AI is retarded and there’s almost nobody online.

And for the most part, that’s okay. I have no problem admitting the physical driving experience provided by the ISI Motor engine is top-notch. As a hardcore sim racer, there is still much fun to be had by developing setups in the presence of AI bots, joining a league that has a schedule meeting your needs, and partaking in the shenanigans of a virtual auto racing community during your spare time. But the sting of how little these games have evolved in the past decade is a shocking revaluation once you venture over to other titles away from the spectrum of sim racing. During rain delays, my buddy and I will fire up the newest iteration of Madden on his Xbox One, and the number of modes, features, and options is simply overwhelming. We basically can’t run out of shit to do, whereas in titles like Automobilista or Project CARS, you can see everything there is to see within a night, maybe less.

I know there are going to be people who bitch at me for using sports games with multi-million dollar development budgets as examples, so I’ll take things back into familiar territory. Grid Autosport, while not the most realistic pretend auto racing endeavor, is packed with shit to do. Dustin and I have been running private lobby races over the past few months, filling the field with maximum strength AI cars, and we’ve seen only about 15% of what the online portion of the game has to offer – something that makes up for the lack of fidelity in the driving model. Project Gotham Racing 4, a title that won’t win any awards for how complex Bizarre Creations could make their tire model calculations, had something like two or three distinct single player campaign modes alone, and that was before you mention all the crazy shit like how you could drive a 50’s Grand Prix car in the snow. Formula One has a career mode that is supposed to be getting a major overhaul this year. The NASCAR Thunder games of yesteryear let you micromanage the research and development aspects of your individual Speedway/Short Track/Road Course-specific car builds. All of these games were crammed with shit to do.

And then you fire up stuff like Automobilista, Race Room Racing Experience, rFactor 2, or even Assetto Corsa as of late, and there’s just fuck all to spend your time on. The offline experience is lackluster, there’s no doubt about that. And the player count online? Your local grocery store has more activity, and one of the little shits wheeling a shopping cart high out of his fucking mind can probably put on a better race with you than the clowns in public lobbies. Lifeless menus and generic instrumental tunes give way to an experience rooted deeply in 2006, while the rest of the video game industry sets their sights on 2017. It sucks to buy a brand new racing simulator such as Automobilista, after months of hype and promises from rabid fanboys that this would give the genre a much needed shake-up, and instead be able to count the number of times I’ve been in an online race on one hand. RaceRoom has fared slightly better with their player count, though arriving home after work at 3PM local time, there’s no way in hell I’m able to find people to race with.

What ends up happening, is I boot up one of the many racing sims I’ve got installed on my PC, click around for five minutes, realize I have no incentive to do anything within the game, see that nobody’s online, and promptly switch to a different game, where the same exact thing happens.

It’s nothing short of insanity. You’d think in a decade, developers would see the decreasing sales, the abysmal steam numbers, and think “oh shit guys, we need to do something more than just release rFactor again,” but it seems nobody has clued in yet. Even the Flight Simulator guys, back in 2006, made an effort to build a game around a robust engine, and for the most part it paid off – people are still fucking playing this game. Yeah, you could be a hardcore virtual aviation nerd and fly your favorite Delta Airlines route from Atlanta to Minneapolis in the game’s Free Flight mode, but Microsoft physically went out and built a game around Flight Simulator X because it gave people shit to do. You could earn stupid little certificates, find Easter Eggs, complete a basic virtual flight school, watch a shitload of tutorial videos… It was a complete experience rather than a bland sandbox for an exclusive set of computer nerds. And in 2016, there’s no need for yet another empty sandbox to over saturate the market.

Which brings me to the major example I wanted to present during this article. Sim racing developers as a whole are clueless as to how to progress the genre in a meaningful direction, and nothing demonstrates this better than Reiza Studios’ New ECU Model. Automobilista technically isn’t released yet, but every month Reiza are continuing to cram more and more stuff into Bland Racing Sim Sandbox 2016, and I think this reworked ECU system should win some kind of award for the most redundant feature ever to show up in a racing simulator.


Let’s not pull any punches here. Nobody is playing this game. The numbers presented on Steam Charts for Automobilista are quite frankly, embarrassing. Of the sim racers who do own Automobilista, only a fraction of a fraction will be able to notice a slight change in the throttle response of one or two cars in the entire game. Here you have an immensely talented team pushing out a product that is a commercial failure and has already landed them in hot water with Formula One Management, and rather than doing everything in their power to make the game appealing to more than just 120 sim racers, are slaving over refining an element of the driving physics that three people in the entire world will notice.

Can we have a basic career mode? No. Can we have custom championship season? No. Can we have an online lobby that isn’t straight out of Counter-Strike? No. Can we have an in-game livery editor as seen across practically every arcade racer since the early 2000’s? No. Why does the new heads up display cause the game to freeze? Because it’s actually a third party mod they bought from the community. Are there plans for racing in the rain? No. Are there any cool rewards for beating a preset fastest lap? No. Any driving school or tutorial mode for new sim racers? No. How does the damage model look? Straight out of 2006.

But they have a new ECU model that will supposedly improve throttle management on a few cars!


Loading screens for RaceRoom talk about a new transmission model that replicates drivetrain flex, but online lobbies are empty. rFactor 2’s real road technology was supposed to be a game changer, but the outdated online pass means basically nobody has bothered to touch rFactor 2 aside from the few diehards unwilling to part with an ISI product. Assetto Corsa is on their eighth tire model in three years despite the cries of fans wanting basic racing features like safety cars, caution laps, and timed races. Slightly Mad Studios threw around acronyms like SETA with a completely straight face, as if this useless technobabble was a genuine selling point. And now with Reiza bragging about this New ECU Model, it feels like we’re splitting hairs with no tangible benefit. 99% of the people who own these games won’t even notice these additions or refinements, but they’ll certainly notice there was more shit to do in their outdated and archaic PS2 titles than these supposedly advanced racing simulators, where forum users demand they spend hundreds of dollars on equipment to play them “properly.”


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  1. When I fire up rF2 I want to race. I don’t care about fancy menu’s, stupid challenges or a fucking career mode. The lack of a full series is a valid point, but leave all that other crap to Gran Turismo or Forza.


    1. Then Gran Turismo and Forza will continue to be the main sim racing games for casuals, and get the most attention, while the PC sims continue to fade away into obscurity.


  2. Something needs to change as you have said James it is the same experience or extremely simular for every title . Until someone tries something different e.g codemasters with dirt rally and maybe f1 , things will start to get even more dull as we run the same tracks with the same cars in most titles.

    The next step is to have fully fledged working penalties , flags , damage and wear , not just visual but a actual working system ……..online structures done properly (competitive structure).

    At the moment these games are becoming dull fast . The bar needs to be raised because sooner or later the penny is going to drop and one of these companies are going to suffer big time with abysmal sales after working on something for several years.

    Not bashing here ” I re-installed project cars last night for a quick run” , it just doesn’t have anything to hold my interest for any length of time as it is farkin boring.

    Dirt rally on the other hand is fun “exciting ” and punishes you for messing up and makes you push the limits.

    Seems to me from the videos I have watched from f1 that at minimum they are attempting to change things up a little and add some life to the product with full working flags , safety car , limited but better damage e.g blown engines , blown tyres and manual pitting .

    Sim racing is at the same place as first person shooters at the moment , lacking in ideas , unwilling to change things up (take a risk) or just don’t have the know how or the resources to implement the above things mentioned.

    I am not a codies shill or what ever you like to call these people 🙂 , but I do like what they are attempting to do to their latest titles.

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    1. >e.g codemasters with dirt rally
      it didn’t add anything new to the genre, apart from the game itself being a “new” title

      >Dirt rally on the other hand is fun “exciting ” and punishes you for messing up and makes you push the limits.
      it’s actually too forgivable and doesn’t punish enough for mistakes

      except when slightly leaving the road or driving too close to spectators, in which case you get instantly reset to the road and lose all your speed


  3. You nailed it right on the fucking head. Some (most) racing devs have gotten so far into their own “sim” circlejerk that they’ve forgotten to attach an actual game. Aside from the die-hard community that infests the regular hangouts, the result is obvious. At least Codemasters is trying to do something different, but honestly, we should have gotten everything in F1 2016 years ago. It’s sad how great it looks compared to everything else out there…


  4. I really hope F1 16 finds success. With that and DR’s success and the acquisition of the Evolution studios they might just surprise us all with a great GRID/ToCA game.


  5. Lack of interest in the game doesn’t come from the lack of fancy and useless game modes (PGR4 career mode was boring as fuck, the same repetitive events againd and again), it comes from lack of big car licenses and atractive graphics engine.

    If you add those 2 things to a decent physics engine, you’l likely have success. AC is the most obvious example.


    1. This is assuming that success is measured entirely by James’ satisfaction with steamspy numbers and his ability to get a pick up game whenever he feels like it.

      Success is being able to sell a product, make a profit, and bank enough capital to continue devleopment on a new product. Since most of AMS is a crowdfunding project paid for by its existing fans where’s the controversy?

      James isn’t the market guru who picks the winners. He’s just an annoying troll who has an inflated sense of his own opinion.


      1. But if after such amazing crowdfunding and positive reception nobody plays the game, how is it a success?

        You still can’t get enough of Renato’s cock, I see..

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        1. But people do play the game or else there’s a real issue with trying to figure out how Patrick’s tracks get thousands of downloads.


            1. Based on Racedepartment figures.

              Winton ver. 1.01
              – 42,042 downloads. Only one update since first posting.
              – Version 1.0 by itself had 29,978 between April 14 and May 21. Since then 12,282 downloads

              Spa ver. 1.02
              – 29,345 total downloads. Two updates since the first posting.
              – First two versions were posted on the same day, they account for nearly all downloads.
              – Latest version only accounts for 4,558 downloads

              Bathurst ver. 1.01
              – 26,755 total downloads. One update since the first posting.
              – First version alone accounts for 19,584 downloads.

              If you’re going to pull a number out of your ass try and make it at least vaguely based on the topic and don’t invent something if you have access to actual figures.


  6. I think the lack of effective pickup races, against similar skilled player is what is stopping games, Regardless of the studios.

    NFS Porsche Unleash with a cheap plastic wheel was awesome in the 90s. Multiplayer… Was there some?

    Around 2003-4, a friend introduced me to LFS. I played that alot with a logitech momo wheel and i had great fun for a while. As soon as i got introduced to karting at the local track, i couldn’t really play race games again for a while. Driving with your butt, the feeling lots of things, etc… It was just too damn fun.

    But like games, i was forced to stop at some point. In the first years we went to the local track, after work, we could always race against unknow people. Some fast, some slows. Regardless, the track was always full. Sometimes, we would wait alot betweens 15’s minutes stints. At the end, beside our small group of 3-6, the track was always empty. It even closed 2 years ago.

    When pCars(Insert your favorite game) got released, i tought i would try it. For 9 months, i played alot and it was mostly enjoyable. But in the end, i stopped playing because just like real karting, pickup races, for classes i enjoyed where almost non existant. And from what i’m seeing, pCars is of the more used game right now.

    Regardless of the features of a game, if you can’t try them against someone that has the same skill as you, where you can do lots of laps, bumper to bumper, it won’t attrack many people.

    I mean, at least, racing on the computer should be more convenient that going to the track.

    As much as we would like AI to be like real driver, we are far away from it.


  7. Amazing how every sim racing game tries to copy off the success of rFactor and every one of them failed hard. ISI is the main driving force behind the entire sim racign genre, and the are the LIFE and HEART of the sim racing genre, yet people treat Kunos and SMS like their gods. FUCK KUNOS and FUCK SMS. ISI is the only reason why your favorite sims exist, and without ISI, sim racing would be dead!


    1. FUCK ISI..If rf2 is so good why not release a proper kill em all ver with PROPER graphic like AC or pcars?kill em all ver with a PROPER laser scan Lapuna Sega or Tebring tracks? PROPER licensed cars not that GUESSWORK car mods?PROPER licensed series?PROPER career mode not that ASSoc buggy excel.. oh no ISI will bitch blablabla like u need more powerful pc,1200 core cpu ,more ram etc shit like that.PC hardware now is very cheap.Give us that kill em all ver u stoopid ISI fools.


      1. FUCK YOU! rF2 has the most advanced physics engine and is the best sim racing game out now, but you fucking cunts would rather play simcade garbage racing games like Asshito Corsa. People like you are the main fucking reason why sim racing is dying because you care about graphics over physics like a 12 year old COD player.


        1. bitch please, you don’t even play rf2 with a wheel. Go back to space sims where keyboard at least makes some sense.

          I dare you to play without keyboard assists…

          That’s why you don’t like AC, because it doesn’t have unrealistic assists besides the stability control to control the car for you. So for you Assetto Corsa is a hard game with keyboard.


          1. It doesn’t matter if I use keyboard assists or not dumbass. The fact still remains that rF2 has the better physics engine than Assetto Corsa, and the simulation value of rF2 will always be higher than AC. I don’t play AC because it’s dumbed down simcade trash that you fanboys cream over.


              1. hahahaahah, but it’s SIMULATION VALUE IS REAL, unlike your fucked up casual game for dumbed down casual console racers.
                this is one of the problems of PC sims being exposed to the casual dummy console market, they must dumb down so dumb and useless can drive.


              1. There’s very little weight transfer, the brakes are a on/off switch, and some cars simply drive poorly, a common complaint with simcade titles.
                Anyone who thinks that AC is a sim isn’t very bright or knowledgeable.


                1. I’m glad to see that sim racers are using arguments pro and against various sims like it’d be religion or politics.
                  Well, that’s just like your opinion, man.

                  Devs have the science and the data behind it and unless you can somehow test these cars vs real life or if you’re a very intelligent man to use science and show they are wrong, then people can’t validate what you say. Without that, that’s just like your opinion, man.


                  1. NO DUMMY.
                    These requirements/details/modeling is absent or downgraded to cater to casual/stupid gamers.

                    casual/stupid gamers are a HW and SW bottleneck…just look at edge lit LCD, one of the worst technology for TV and PC, and on top of that, the engineering oddity of edge lit applied to ensure screen uniformity problems among other, all to satisfy dumb cunts who know nothing about technology or simulations.


  8. Oh ! last but not least , fix your fucking racing games before you flog us around the head with your DLC !

    🙂 have a nice day Gentlemen.


  9. I agree with the main premise here. Developers are losing the forest for the trees and for that reason people are not playing these games. Of course, you want a dev to be detail oriented and get the details right in a game, but perhaps not at the expense of features that will entice new players and keep old players interested long-term. Then again, maybe you can’t expect that this genre will ever attract large numbers of players and really the problem is the market is over saturated with many sims, which all do something right but none of them do everything right.


    1. It’s kinda ironic how much time this blog spends complaining about those tiny details that affect 3 people, and then says it’s bad when they actually model them.


      1. Isn’t it? You can’t ever seem to do right with James. iRacing has the best online model but their physics are shit and if you listen to him apparently unforgivably embarrassingly shit. PCars is hugely popular but its shit too. AMS is great but its shit because not enough people are playing it because they didn’t pander to the same people who’re taken in by the shit that is PCars that he thinks is shit. Assetto Corsa is shit because… I forget his arguments are always stupid.

        This blog is what you call self contradicting.


  10. There was one racing sim that tried something different. It saw where trends were going in the greater gaming scene and hopped onboard. That sim is now the biggest racing sim out there.

    iRacing should have turned the whole genre on its head. It SHOULD have made people realize that, “hey, maybe we should be doing more than just bot races with online lobbies.” Instead, every other company out there continued to do exactly the same thing and we end up in a world where iRacing owns the online racing space and for some reason nobody is even attempting to mimic them or even draw inspiration from them to create something better.

    That’s the most baffling thing about simracing right now. Usually when a game becomes a huge commercial success in its genre it’s disruptive to the whole genre as people turn their heads and decide that they could do better, or that they need a piece of that pie. For some reason, simracing devs never look around to see what’s happening anywhere else and instead just plug away at the physics of their own game.


    1. iRacing has been a 10 year long money pit. They would be bankrupt ages ago if someone hadn’t way overbought into the INTERNETS ARE THE FUTURE meme before there was even facebook.

      “Commercial success” it is fucking anything but. The game that actually makes big money is Gran Turismo, which is why in lieu of being able to get the F1 license everyone else goes after the clusterfuck of cars and tracks approach. Except they will never beat GT and Forza at that game.

      What someone -should- do is make a deal with SRO and its partners for a standalone GT3 game featuring the Blancpain series. R3E has the best first party GT3 lineup of anything but I doubt most people who have heard of it even realize they’re all in there.


    2. Modeling after iRacing is how AC ended up with the weird multiplayer limitations (you can only pick your car+skin if you prebook). The devs thought people wanted scheduled online racing, where you pick your car and skin before the race, and there’s no joining partway through. So they built MP with that idea in mind… and it turns out people don’t actually want that, they only want the part of iracing where trolls supposedly get banned.

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  11. It’s really sad that GTR2 is still unmatched when it comes to single player content.
    It’s not hard to implement this stuff so why is nobody doing this anymore?
    (aside from Forza and Gran Turismo, the only reason I play these games)
    I don’t count being lazy as a reason since it’s so easy to implement.


  12. If I had the money and knew enough talented graphics guys I’d try to license the Assetto Corsa engine and do a 1989 IMSA GTP/GTO sim. Someone please do this.


  13. Ugh, your “I don’t have anybody to play with” agenda yet again, James? Grow the fuck up already. If you don’t know how to have fun with a simulator, better stick to the arcade racers with “shitloads of stuff to do”.

    You think the majority of FSX players are into that because of the stupid “missions”? Get a brain.
    Regardless of whether you can find anybody to play with, sims will always be sims first and foremost. And it’s the little details that are paramount, not your game modes, achievements or any other childish crap. Once you are old enough, you’ll feel outright embarrassed with this “article” of yours.

    Though you are partially right in that it’s about time someone came up with a better engine already. Even if it’s isiMotor 3 or something…


      1. Indeed. I keep playing AMS and rf2 as they real and I enjoy the driving. Bored of AC on the other hand and to continue have to buy DLC. Keep up the good work Reiza.


        1. yeah fuck AC and it’s DLC money, fucking simcade garbage for people too stupid to know better, and so stupid they can’t even be taught how simcadey AC is.


          1. So you paid 85 bucks for rf2 in promise you’d get plenty of free content, yet all you got was the same amount you get in AC with the bonus packs, and majority of that are conversions from rf1 to rf2 by the devs or 3pa.
            Then the person who paid 32 for the game got the same free content as you, but you paid 52 more just to play online in other peoples servers usually with modded content. Nice scheme.

            Think about that, think how they schemed you and in return you’re already bored with the game because is basically the same content since 2013 and some rehashed from 2005.


    1. When I was in my early 20’s that was exactly how I viewed the simulation games. Now that I am older I understand that what ever the simulation is it can’t exist in a vacuum. There needs to be real substance in it to be meaningful.

      It is true that those little details apart simulations from other games, but those other games have everything that makes them some how meaningful to their players. Those aspects are not in contradiction no matter how much average sim racing fan tries to think so.

      It is so funny that simulations where you drive trucks or tractors are several hundred times more popular than these racing simulators with most loved sports and racing cars. It is laughable.


    2. Why not have both. A great simulation with many details about cars and tracks, and then a game design for the players and the ones who want to simulate the racing way of several car series from irl.


  14. >rather than doing everything in their power to make the game appealing to more than just 120 sim racers, are slaving over refining an element of the driving physics that three people in the entire world will notice.

    I guess I’m one of those 120 people? I want them to focus on physics, car & track content, and competent AI. They’re doing that and I couldn’t be happier.

    What I look for in a sim is a solid foundation, like for example, GPL, RBR, etc. To me, games like that are infinitely replayable; whereas I almost always grow tired of, and eventually uninstall career mode focused stuff like Shift 2, TOCA 3, Dirt, GRID, etc.


  15. It has got all, what you need for community races and the best FFB of all simulations.
    What you miss, is coming with the next version.

    Btw: Weather. pCARS and Forza has it, and you can drive in rain. But, ask the comunity “Want we make the race today at night and rain?” They scream “Nooooo noooo, please!”
    DX12 coming to AMS and Patrick Giranton make great mod-tracks.


  16. please give use a shitload more of single player campaigns…lol
    also where is Major Truth, starting to fear that the guy may be hurt or something bad happened to him


  17. What a great article that resonates perfectly with my relationship to that weird Italian supermodel AC who does not want to get kinky when the lights go out. Just a big tease, she is.
    Nothing to do really starts getting to me, as a non-fanboy, non-hardcore player. I’m little over 600 hours now and sampling so-so mods here and there does not get my juices flowing as it used to 2 years ago.
    Getting difficult to find good online races without GT3 cars or without the new F1 crap I could not care for. I enjoy streetcars or low aero race offering like the old RS Ford, or M235i. Not many people show up to these races, and the ones that do… skill levels are so different, you are either racing alone or in the top 3 positions. No action in between.
    Solo gameplay is not interesting at all since last year, what am I going to do? Run some single races against that freaky AI? No thanks. Hotlap for another 2 hours? Yeah, I rather not. Drive another alright track mod alone because nobody cares for mod tracks/cars online? Yeah I rather watch grass grow.
    DLCs, Ports and new car features are all nice but how bout you make the sim more rich, more alive, more FUN?? Yeah, I know, I’m stupid, sims are not supposed to be fun, no sir. We’re supposed to be all serious work hard pretend racing, training for the real thing… or something.


    1. Yeah public online in AC can be a pain. Try SRS, or even better, sign up for Racedepartment or a league like ACRL. Plenty of top class action is around, PRC just doesn’t like it when people can enjoy simracing.

      RD also has a great AMS, PCars and rF scene. Well worth the subscription fee.

      Also good article for onvce, the devs are great at making Sims, bad at making games. Too bad that games sell better, more simracers would benefit us all.


    2. You have to admit cars are not your thing then. Just like they are not James’.
      I’ve been using simulators practically for as long as the genre stands, but yet have to run out of fun. Hardly ever doing serious racing or anything like that. Simply enjoying the virtual driving for what it is.

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  18. Automobilista has enough to do with fixing the main issues like this HUD freezing and fps-bummer. Creating new content with licensing and they (how many are at Reiza? 5 or more?) should work for the DX11-title which was promised for next year.

    So i don´t blame Reiza for the AMS gift and last time i send them money for GSC is some time ago. But S3S wasn´t really doing a lot at the core of Raceroom in the past 15 months and they got a lot of money from me. New content is nice, but never changed the basics. The AI is all over the place, but you can´t even change the difficulty during a championship season and what´s the effort of implementing such basic features? Only one (100%) grip condition, no dynamic road, not even tire pressure and temps. So why not hitting on them? They were really lazy outside the content development.

    Kunos did a lot past year on every level. I prefer the career-mode to bullshit like Forza 3-laps-crash-races with some video-trailers in between and this most lousy “racing”-experiences at all. The AI changed from the worst to maybe the best in business. Great car pool and soon many Porsches coming.


        1. I did. They stil try to drive through me when I stop in the fucking pitlane and they still don’t know what attacking or defending is. They always drive the same line like on Gran Turismo. Try rF2.


    1. Yeah Michael Main is shilling again. That cunt is mates with the iRacing top brass and thus gets away with anything he likes including abusing people on social media. Of course he’s going to shill for them.


  19. My first post here.

    Wow these are my exact thoughts for quite a while. I’m not az iR fanboy (IMO they have the worst tire model out there) but 99% of the time I play iR only because they have people online.

    When I get a little bored (or iR fucks up my brain with it’s handling) I fire up Automobilista/rF2/AC, try 1-2 new mods, do a few laps then quit because even if I want to race against the AI the AI is bad on almost every track except for the official ISI tracks. Or if the AI is not that bad, the looks and/or feel of the track and/or car is subpar.

    Sometimes I try a pickup online race in AC (just because AC is the only one sim outside iR where you can get a quick race almost any time in the EU) but then comes the turn1 divebombs and if you survive there is a very little chance you get a good race (I had 2 good pickup races in the past year).

    These games are mainly for offline play (outside of leagues) in 2016, the Internet is here for quiet a while.

    Btw that flag video at the end of your post made me smile. In one hand I understand that it’s a useless feature and probably nobody will notice during a race.
    On the other hand iRacing at least tries to make these little improvements which can make the game a little more enjoyable. For example the exhaust flames and the dirt pickup which lands on the windshield (also the windshield gets dirtier by the time passes) is pretty good, it adds certain “life” to the game.


  20. So they say they don’t have the dev time to incorporate proper driver animations in time for 1.0, but a new ECU model is no problem. The hell Reiza. The Formula Extreme isn’t even hard to put power down on if you have a semi-competent right foot


  21. In my ideal world Ecclestone would pander to young people by associating F1 with video games. I only can imagine the frenzy of the sim racing community if F1 created a sanctioned series using the sim software with the most advanced physics engine. By this, drivers with a trauma for not being a real race car driver (like me) would work to be the best drivers, and developers would compete for delivering the best and most accurate software in a yearly contract. Yeah, right… Actually iRacing is doing that with the aid of NASCAR (Is that part of their success)?

    We are in a society where shit like fucking pokemon go is a mainstream thing, sort of game, app? Whatever. People even get killed playing that crap. We are in a society of manginas, white knights, social justice warriors, parasites, hipsters and retards where something requiring some sort of effort from them to learn and be good at (like sim racing, or engineering, or math) is simply too much to ask for. Add to that that the only markets that like and invest time in sim racing (to be good at it) are somewhat a mix of the following: 1) Motorsports fans (they appreciate physics over any other feature), 2) Engineers (they appreciate physics over any other feature and tuning options), 3) Single people, 4) PC gamers. But if number 1) is not there, NO AMOUNT OF OPTIONS related to playability in a sim will make people play these types of games.

    I appreciate greatly what Reiza is doing and I agree that efforts have to be made to find the “mainstream” in this niche market. Personally this is where I stand:

    Can we have a basic career mode? Nice to have, not a must.

    Can we have custom championship season? There’s other software that can help me administrate this.

    Can we have an online lobby that isn’t straight out of Counter-Strike? A must have. They can learn from iRacing

    Can we have an in-game livery editor as seen across practically every arcade racer since the early 2000’s? Nice to have, there are solutions to this already.

    Why does the new heads up display cause the game to freeze? Never had this problem but there are few other glitches I can complain about.

    Are there plans for racing in the rain? Very nice to have

    Are there any cool rewards for beating a preset fastest lap? I almost sim race for the “glory” and the satisfaction. Practically I’m a billionaire in Forza and I put it down a while ago.

    Any driving school or tutorial mode for new sim racers? There were no tutorials when I played Papyrus Indy car racing. All I had was a PC, a keyboard, a TV, the broadcast of onboard cameras from drivers on Indy Car (and then CART) and a FUCK LOAD of patience. I’m sure there are plenty of tutorials now floating there in youtube.

    How does the damage model look? Could be better but is yet a nice to have feature.

    Do I think that everyone must learn the same way, have the same tastes as I do, and have the lifestyle that enables them to dedicate the time necessary to be good? No.

    One last thing: I play AMS from PRC’s buyers guide recommendation and oh boy, it is my primary sim now. And yes, it can be even better.


  22. Hi there,just bought Black Flag and I am a bit …disappointed.
    I was expecting info and secrets about simracing and especially nowadays ones,like Rf2,AC,iRacing.
    The PDF has a lot of vague and not on the spot info and guides about sims.
    I wanted for example something about URD GT mod,how to setup GT cars,little secrets about setting cars from online experience and races.
    You just give a baseline setup which is good but for 6.99$ nahhh…..
    Hope for an update like Black flag reloaded or something!
    I would also something like open wheelers for RF2 info,how to begin setup,what to look for,which tracks to test and develop setups etc.

    Regards Jim

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I both agree and disagree.

      Yes, Car Setups could have been explained in much more detail. However, racing sims are not detailed enough to require a dedicated setup for each track. Because of this, I simply gave away my baseline – which works across multiple sims. We HAVE explored the idea of a dedicated setup guide though.

      As for individual sim secrets, the software evolves too much. PCars had a new patch every three weeks that broke random shit. Fifteen tire models are split between Assetto and iRacing. Continuing to edit the guide each week would be insanity, so exploits are posted on the site instead.


      1. Exploits are….
        …..and I ask you,why we paid for?
        1 page of interest and 70 of something one hour later nothing of interest.
        You don’t have to update every week,do it when critical patches are out that fix or break one sim.


  23. I’ll stick with iRacing for the Full Servers and Races.

    AMS is what the 5th Version of rFactor and the then Reiza 2017 is the 6th Version of said title.
    how many times can a title get rehashed. Don’t know how reiza can be called developers when there really cutting and pasting. they didn’t develop GSCE or AMS, its was just a cut and paste from one title to the next


  24. If you can’t appreciate a good selection of cars and tracks with fantastic physics and ffb, SIMracing as well as real life motorsports is not the genre for you, kid.
    The day Reiza starts catering for people with short attention spans needing sensory overload or fake tasks to stay interested, they lose me as a customer.
    Go play rocket league and stop trying to turn our hobby into shit.


      1. You’re welcome. Some of us are not looking for video games but a substitute for real life motorsports. There isn’t much else than racing going on on a real track.


    1. Come on! Have you even seen how quick the author is on his other posts? Also the posts where he exposed how inadequate and incorrect these “fantastic physics” on some sims on certain situations? I think he’s one of the few people on earth who could actually feel these subtle simulation features.

      And he really does have a point. It’s nice that devs are putting these extremely small details on their sims but they’re neglecting other parts of the sim to make it fun. If these devs just go for 100% realism and accuracy then nothing else they’re selling to the wrong crowd. They should work on real racing teams’ simulators.

      Since they’re still basically selling a VIDEO GAME there still needs to be something fun to do for a long time on these sims aside from breaking lap records and online crashfests.

      Right now the sim I mostly play is R3E because it has DTM and GT3 cars which I like but there just isn’t much to do on it aside from buying new cars or tracks. I got tired of trying to find the right FFB setup for PCars. I got tired of test driving sports cars on AC.


      1. By saying “fantastic physics & ffb” i meant AMS specifically, not the crap you gamers play.
        Judging by your post, yes, you are definitely the “wrong crowd” for a proper simulation.


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