Not Much of a Competition


It was supposed to be a natural progression for the Forza Motorsport franchise, and instead it’s only served to anger  longtime fans who have suffered through a long list of questionable decisions by Turn 10. To end the lifespan of Forza Motorsport 6 prior to this year’s launch of the third open-world Horizon spin-off, Turn 10 Studios opted to take the main series into a direction they had yet to explore – competitive online racing with real world prizes. iRacing had their $10,000 World Championship, and now it was Forza’s turn to reward gamers for their time spent behind their respective plastic steering wheels. The plan sounded fantastic on paper, and the ultimate prize for first place overall was a practical vehicle by the Ford Motor Company many urban dwellers would love to have sitting dormant in their driveway, but a key aspect of holding a world-wide competition is to actually enforce a set of rules that don’t turn the whole thing into a giant clusterfuck when the green flag drops.

Turn 10 basically forgot about this element.

The game’s official site describes the Forza Racing Championship as this massive month-long competition between the best Forza players in the worldwith ways for the common Forza owner to participate as well – but already the event has ran into major issues mere days into the endeavor. Cutting has been a major problem plaguing the entire online portion of Forza Motorsport 6 since the game launched last fall, with liberal track limit boundaries allowing for ridiculous interpretations of the racing surface, yet Turn 10 Studios have done nothing to rectify the obvious exploits arising from this situation, even as they are flooded with complaints on the official message board that question the legitimacy of the competition. Now in any online racing game, you’ll undoubtedly run across guys who have figured out unintentional shortcuts here or there, but with a brand new 2017 Ford Focus on the line for the winner and a very public reputation to upholdy6, you’d think a company as massive as Turn 10 would sit down for five minutes and adjust the competition so this specific issue players have been nagging about for months on end wouldn’t affect the outcome of their biggest community tournament to date.

They haven’t. As discussed and demonstrated in the video above by YouTube personality JSR Devon, it’s possibly to blow through entire chicanes at Monza during the first round of competition, completely skewing the results of the competition to reward literal cheaters. This isn’t a case of someone putting half of a tire more over the white lines than they’re allowed; treating your stock Ford Mustang like a literal monster truck is now the key for Xbox One owners to climb through the early qualification sessions. Coupled with how easily the Forza Motorsport physics engine allows drivers to conquer uneven sections of terrain with relative ease thanks to hidden assists that can’t be turned off, the most talented drivers will undoubtedly miss out on their shot at glory thanks to countless assholes exploiting Turn 10’s laziness. It’s a really unfortunate situation that Turn 10 have spent more effort simply promoting their competition rather than actually ensuring the playing field is level for all competitors, speaking volumes about the ideology fueling the franchise. To see a representative such as Dan Greenawalt stand in front of a camera and imply that Forza Motorsport is this “ultimate car guy game”, only to discover the developers barely care enough to police their own events, is extremely disappointing. Just telling it like it is.


But the problems don’t stop with the cutting epidemic. Forza owners who are competing in the head-to-head portion of the Forza Racing Championship are also reporting an experience that doesn’t live up to what’s been promised by Turn 10 Studios. The serious atmosphere of a worldwide competition straight up doesn’t exist; competitive lobbies under the FRC banner are filled to the brim with intentional wreckers and talentless hacks who can barely keep the car pointed in the right direction, ruining the experience for basically everybody in the room. The ideal scenario of close, competitive online races between diehard Forza fans in their quest to win a 2017 Ford Focus simply isn’t occurring in any way, shape, or form; sessions are a junkyard of disabled cars and immature drivers. To add fuel to the fire, some users have stated on Reddit that despite widespread requests for Turn 10 Studios to explore ways to solve the outbreak of dirty driving, the developers are completely apathetic to the situation, and have openly displayed during Twitch sessions that they simply don’t care about how bad the online environment has gotten.


Obviously, you can see where I’m going with this. Behind the pretty promotional pieces and the partnerships with Logitech, Ford, and Michelin, the reality is that Season 1 of the Forza Racing Championship is an absolute mess when it comes time to hit the track, and the players involved are actually quite pissed at how the whole ordeal has been handled. Turn 10 Studios have gone through the effort of hosting a massive competition on an international scale, but those who physically own a copy of the game and have tried to invest any sort of time into competing in the FRC events have discovered it’s a giant waste of resources on multiple levels, and that Turn 10 Studios are more concerned with marketing partnerships & building the brand rather than actually hosting a fair and level worldwide competition. Track boundaries can be liberally exploited by even the most retarded of drivers despite being a genuine gameplay issue for months on end, and nothing has been done in regards the abundance of destructive racers who are only present on the grid to cause chaos.

Will Turn 10 listen to the cries and pleas of the community?

Probably not.


56 thoughts on “Not Much of a Competition

  1. I’m glad you have covered this. There have been a lot of issues that haven’t been addressed since the game came out. One of the longest threads on the forum relates to picking your Ai ‘drivatar’ opponents in freeplay. No effort has been made to increase single player components of the game for people who are frustrated by the hopeless driving online.


    1. The cars that are available in Forza 6 are amazing,just don’t bother trying to race many of them against anything like real life opposition.They recently added a MAN racing truck.No option in Free race to set up a race against the same vehicle so you race the truck against cars?WTF?
      There is no way to setup a LeMans style race with LMP and GTE cars and there is no way of setting up something simple like a GT3 race.The free race Modern GT class has GT1s and Super GT cars.

      Turn 10 know plenty about cars but virtually nothing about racing,That is why the online will always suck.


  2. To call something like Forza a racing simulator is just down right hilarious. What kind of real world race allows you to completely abuse track limits and ram other cars at will with no penalty whatsoever. In my years playing Forza, I learnt jack shit about race craft, because I simply nudged AI cars out the way and barged on through.

    It barely scrapes through as a driving simulator, but a racing simulator? True racing enthusiasts realize how pathetically woeful games like Forza are at replicating a real world racing experience. Turn 10 should watch a few real world races and take some notes, instead of continuing to make endless amounts of cars. What a hopeless piece of fucking Forza has become.


  3. Maybe now all of the I Racing Haters can finally start to put some understanding behind all of the things they dislike about IRacing. It takes alot more than just opening a compatition up for real rewards on some racing game to have something that works and be as fair as possible. People bitch about IRacing does this or doesnt do that , yet it is still the only one out there that has been capable of putting on good events, with great competitive racing. If the sport (and yes i call it a sport) of sim racing ever gets televised beyond that of utube , we will be watching IRacing !! No other sim has yet to put together a more rounded package. IRacing may not be the best at any one thing, but it is the best at what it was intended for, real compatition with real drivers with the most realistic cars and tracks it can provide.


    1. Have you ever thought why iRacing has only 70,000 subscribers and only few thousand active users? It’s small business and just a fraction of all simracers. I think it’s because most simracers dislike IRacing.


        1. You wish sim racing esport was as popular as those games where tournaments have prize pools in the order of thousands of dollars and the bigger tournaments have millions.

          If and when sim racing reaches that point, it will mean sim games are really great and a lot of people play them. But we aren’t there.

          Iracing has some 10k events, and will see what GTSport does.


  4. This is the reason why iracing makes you pay money every month. You end up being more careful and having greater respect for those around you.

    Forza is like giving a GTPLANET youngster a gun with unlimited ammo, they’ll just go nuts, without thinking of the repercussions.




  5. Keep in mind that the relative difficulty of hosting an event like this is largely dependant on dealing with cheaters and trolls.

    Since turn 10 isn’t going to manually filter results and also isn’t trying to fix issues with platform exploits, I’m not sure they had to or are putting many resources behind this.

    My guess: a free car from ford and tasking a marketing department that doesn’t have a clear objective half the time anyways for promotional materials really doesn’t need to cost much.

    Even so, they probably managed to waste quite a bit of money somehow.

    Either way, this is a pretty short-sighted event from turn 10. It’s not going to earn them good will from dedicated fans of their software.


  6. Its a well known fact that 87% of Forza players are cuckold Homosexuals who love nothing better than sucking the truffle butter out of their boyfriends ass after he has been to a dogging party in the local homeless park.


  7. Not sure if I’ve offended my Muslim neighbors this year with all my Christmas decorations so I’ve decided to write ‘Prophet Muhammad was a pedophile’ on my garage door just to make sure.


  8. well that’s what they get for running the competition on a simcade and not a true simulator like rfactor 2, which is a new generation dedicated modding platform with dedicated modding tools such as Dev Mode and gJED

    , and is pushing the state of the art of vehicle dynamics and AI.

    rFactor 2 is the only proper modding platform with modularized mod versioning and packaging system (so mods don’t conflict each other) and with Steam workshop support with auto-updating of mods, and auto-downloading of mods during multiplayer, reworked AI code with better awareness that adheres to blue flags and move of their racing lines to defend and attack and are much more dynamic at race starts. They can be aggressive, yet disciplined. It’s a major improvement.

    rFactor 2 also has an extendable plugin-based race rule system, allowing for extensive oval rules. It also has much improved endurance features during multi-player and also resume from replay savegames. And a reworked plugin API that’s more flexible. The UI also has improved functionality, with the ability to compare garage setups and much more.

    rFactor 2 has a physical thermo-mechanical
    tire model, based on real tire construction from first principles, with full carcass, thread and contact patch simulation

    , where peak slip angles dynamically change with temperature, pressure and camber, instead of staying static. And don’t forget proper flatspots resulting in mass imbalances and some more. Such a tire model alone took many years of research and development effort. rF2 also has an updated collision system, with vastly improved wheel-to-wheel collisions for open-wheel cars.

    It also has fully dynamic Real-Road and wet weather / rain with dynamic drying line based on where the cars actually drive.

    rFactor 2 also has a 85 DOF physics model including gyrospopics, instead of just 15 DOF, and also has chassis flex and even suspension compliance.

    most importantly it has superb keyboard driving support, which is the ideal input as per previous PRC articles which demonstrated the worthlessness of direct drive wheels


    1. This is what I think of this constant spam, be in here, on reddit, rd.. in whatever place you go to defend rf2 with the same marketing spam.


      1. It’s not the real Ass, it’s an impersonator that copy pastes his stuff here with some of his own additions. Ass never shits on DD wheels.


    2. The problem is not what rf2 has but what it doesn’t have – players! It could’ve had players if they’d integrated a solid iRacing like multiplayer but they decided to go with last century’s online modus operandi! Even a Gran Turismo 6 similar multiplayer where you can create your own server in 2 clicks would have been better..


    3. So you and the other rF2 fanboys like to tout all of these technical accomplishments and features, but I have yet to see you come up with a defense to the fact that no one plays the game! Clearly something has gone wrong when the majority of people would rather just play the original rFactor. Or Assetto Corsa. Or iRacing.


    4. U know rf2 oval ai is gay n retard, U can still have fun with 100% agress n limit but they were never a proper 2/3 way race or a proper drafting race. STINK.


  9. Sure rF2 has all those advance technologies underneath a very ugly looking dated mess, however if it looks like a 2005 product, with a clunky interface, horrible modding tools and a general feel that is made by some (admittedly smart on the physics department tho ) old farts that don’t grasp how things work in the modern PC/Console game industry then i’m afraid the folks at Image Space Inc will be out of business soon or at least they wont release another rf tittle and they will focus only by doing rFactor Pro related work.


    1. “old farts that don’t grasp how things work in the modern PC/Console game industry then i’m afraid the folks at Image Space Inc will be out of business soon or at least they wont release another rf tittle and they will focus only by doing rFactor Pro related work.”

      Fuck “gamers” they a bunch of fucking idiots and weirdos for the most part, I hope ISI sticks to engine development and simulation, theres plenty of “games” to satisfy your base instinct, why would we want the only race sim dev that concentrates on the good stuff to turn into enougher bare bones shister game developer?

      your comment is like going to Cannes film festival and telling the directors they need to take a leaf out of Hollywoods book, so they can get more brain dead spastics will watch your films,the only real bad negative anyone can really pin on RF@ is lack of players, and seeing the general state of drivers and IQs present in sim racing, it doesn’t surprise me one bit rf2 lacks players, but at least the crop of players in rf2 are some of the best guys around.


      1. So you don’t want it be to a game, for gamers, or w/e; you want it to continue being an engine development and simulation project.

        But then why complaining there’s lack of players? You can’t have one without the other.

        But either way, iracing took a lot of the more dedicated active racers from using rf2 due to having a better game and service. So in a way it proves a sim needs everything, and not just bragging about having features from 10 years ago that newer sims don’t have. Because that is just one part of the whole and it doesn’t really define everything. Especially when several of those things can be added later to the game when possible.


  10. Call the WRC5 russian shill and tell him that there are a bunch of gays and women racing. He’ll go in a frenzy about how gays and women can’t drive even though it isn’t his game. That would be hilarious.


  11. I’m going to skip all the fanboy bullshit, and jump straight back to Forza 1. Forza 1 had actual track limits, and in lieu of having a proper flag system, at least when you went off track it counted up the time and added it to your lap. For some reason they got rid of that, but I’m also not sure it makes much difference in this case. People flip their shit about this, then Turn10 puts barricades on the big cuts, then people flip their shit about barricades. Sure, for a competitive environment they should implement a flag system, but without one what else are they supposed to do?
    I suppose to be a shill I could say if everyone cuts the corner it’s fairish…. sort of.


    1. Other than that, they could potentially look for clean racers that are abiding the track limits, and then enforce track limits in the contest by essentially manually doing flag penalties, but that’s only if the races take place on very specific times.


  12. iRenters argue that you have to pay for clean racing when that is a load of horseshit. Even in GT6, the online racing is cleaner than in Forza due to the lobby system that almost acts as having an own server. Sim racing games need to get their shit together and actually spend time developing a multiplayer system instead of half-assing it like in AC and PCars.


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