Italian Instability – The Assetto Corsa Console Preview

It’s nowhere near the celebration some were hoping for; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. YouTube personality Los Santos Sheriff has recently uploaded a detailed preview of Kunos Simulazioni’s Assetto Corsa for the PlayStation 4, and as we’ve predicted here on several months in advance, sim racers will most likely be subjected to an utterly disappointing experience that does not reflect the incessant hype surrounding the title. Like the tendency for cars of the prancing horse variety to spontaneously burst into flames – events routinely captured by high definition cameras and spread around the globe faster than the Ferrari FXX can hit 60 miles per hour from a standing start, Assetto Corsa on the PlayStation 4 apparently suffers from numerous mechanical issues under the hood that will simply not be tolerated by even the most hardcore of Kunos Simulazioni apologists.

The piece by Los Santos Sheriff comes in at just over five minutes in length, but is filled to the brim with discoveries of problems that are a genuine cause for concern mere weeks before release. Given how short this video is, I urge everyone to at least skim through what our resident Eastern European counterpart has to say about the simulator before we dig through his revelations, as there’s going to be a lot of damage control in the coming weeks, and it’s safe to say the shills will be working overtime for their complimentary DLC codes.

Let’s start with his first bit of praise – the completely revitalized main menu and heads up display. There is no sugar coating this one, the default interface found within the PC version of Assetto Corsa straight up sucks, and looks as if it would be more at home in a fancy technical demo like BeamNG Drive, or an early WMD build of Project CARS. Los Santos Sheriff praises the fact that the game finally has a menu and general overlay that isn’t completely preposterous, and it’s really in this moment that I realized how far off the map the sim racing genre has fallen. We’re halfway through 2016, Codemasters’ F1 2016 will allow you to customize your own driver’s helmet, and across the genre in the land of hardcore sim racing, you have someone praising the mere existence of a finished menu. Label me a terrible person all you want for this extremely offensive analogy, but it’s as if he’s the parent of a special needs child and celebrating his son’s ability to memorize all twenty six letters of the alphabet, while the rest of the children his age are beginning to experiment with girls and try out for sports teams. We should be past this.

Next, I’d like to dig into what Los Santos Sheriff has to say about the visual fidelity of Assetto Corsa on the PlayStation 4. As someone who owns this game on the PC, I can attest to the fact that Assetto Corsa isn’t exactly a great looking game. At times, with everything cranked up, a certain ATI application working its magic in the background, and the post-processing filters tweaked to be subtle yet effective, Assetto Corsa can look good, but most of the times, it simply doesn’t. Our boy notes that there have been obvious visual downgrades to an already average looking game, and certain elements such as the anti-aliasing and reflections are of extremely poor quality and an instant eyesore – or “pretty crappy” as Sheriff puts it. He does mention that if you’re not interested in the visual fidelity of racing simulators in general, you’ll be able to look past the obvious decline in quality compared to the PC version, though this sort of defeats the point of buying a next-generation console in the first place – you’re paying to have an across-the-board improvement in your gaming experience, and graphics are a large part of that.

Lastly, and probably the biggest takeaway from this video, is the sheer abundance of bugs and system crashes Sheriff experienced while trying to film footage for his preview. Considering the game has already gone gold and with launch day just a few weeks away, for this random YouTube personality to run into crippling performance issues so close to release is a major cause for concern. Sheriff spends the last portion of the video explaining how the game crashed on him no less than five or six times both in menus and while trying to run solo laps at Monza, indicating there are major instability issues with the software at its core.

Had this video been uploaded back in the early portion of 2016, it would be understandable for a product deep in development to exhibit routine crashes or other miscellaneous problems because that’s what happens when a game simply isn’t done yet, but with the game hitting store shelves less than a month from now, this is a giant red flag. We haven’t even began discussing the lack of modes or functionality in the title, nor have we talked about how console racers will react to a game this bland after years of incredibly detailed offline experiences found in monolithic entities like Need for Speed, Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo; we’re instead at a situation were after enormous hype, random YouTube personalities can barely play the game at a preview event without it suffering from colossal lock-ups requiring a complete system reboot.

From these impressions alone, the decision by Kunos Simulazioni to make Assetto Corsa into a multi-platform racing experience seems to have been a grossly negligent call. Originally billed as a hardcore PC racing simulator intended to be the spiritual successor to many different offerings that didn’t quite make it, the new shift in focus has not warranted any sort of satisfactory results. Owners of the PC version have been forced to deal with remedial improvements and a torrent of hastily slapped-together downloadable content packages rather than worthwhile additions to the game, and the time spent on creating a console version counterpart has already failed to materialize into positive feedback before it’s been officially released out into the wild. If the observations by Sheriff are even partially authentic, we’re looking at a scenario where the disastrous release of last year’s Project CARS was just the pregame warmup.


69 thoughts on “Italian Instability – The Assetto Corsa Console Preview

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  1. So you’re complaining now about a mouse only usable menu that was made 3-4 years ago? Top kek m8.
    What’s with this uni-dimensional review? Just because the menu isn’t exceptional, it sucks? Look… that guy from gtplanet plays console titles all day. So he is used to something different to what a normal pc menu is, especially if that menu is made just for mouse interaction.
    That’s like having someone that drives daily expensive super cars and then complaining that good cars priced at 50k suck…


      1. The menu system on PC does suck. And they’ve said that they’re not porting over the new menu system, which I can tell already still has problems, but is way nicer. How hard is it to group different track layouts under one location? They do it for cars, why can’t they do it for tracks? Just do Nurburg as a location, then have the sub menu show all the tracks. But maybe that would make the track selection look smaller. Also the new multi tool in the corner is way nicer, and also not being ported.


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  3. “though this sort of defeats the point of buying a next-generation console in the first place – you’re paying to have an across-the-board improvement in your gaming experience, and graphics are a large part of that.”

    Yes.. if you want to sim race at 30fps. But either way, the consoles have an older patch in them. Probably the look and performance can get better once the improvements for 1.8 version is released for pc, as that should also be patched to the console game, with an update right after release.


    1. DLC cars, Menu system, “Tuning” setup system, controller support, multiplayer that potentially doesn’t suck dick, and literal Playstation trophies. You’re expectations for a game are pretty fucking low if that’s what excites you.


  4. And James didn’t mention anything about physics… all the time saying they will be downgraded, along with the flock of the anti-AC fan club from some people using racedepartment.

    “No mention is made of any physics downgrades, so it seems Kunos have stuck to their word and kept the game the way it was originally made to be played.”


  5. I genuinely like AC’s UI better than the more usual ‘bunch of different fonts and textures with fancy effects and no coherent design’, but whatever, I guess I’m a shill for having different tastes.


  6. Me and my friends have already pre-ordered AC for PS4 and we can’t wait! I will personally spend next couple of weeks viral marketing AC on various gaming sites.


  7. Another click bait Bullshit article. Stefano said weeks ago, that there are stability issues on the consoles but this isn’t the final version with day one patch, so maybe solved by than and the PC-version gets a graphics update for better performance as well. Running AC in 4k high/ultra settings looking awesome and I’m not using AA at all because it´s more of a performance hit than a visible difference.

    So you can pick different helmets in F1 2016, but when it comes to cars, there is only one with different brands and little physics differences which I all hate to drive. So you prefer the choice of helmets over the choice of cars and proper physics? I prefer the F138 in AC over every car in F1 2015.

    The AC menu seems to have been made for very tiny displays and could be better. But should this be a first priority in a 1.x title? Isn´t it more tradition to update a menu with a successor? This console version is just a nicer way of having to many clicks to pick the options you want. I want one tab for all race options and two tabs for all car setups like in AMS. But the controller-setup is horrible in AMS and mixing all kinds of unnecessary functions with very important one is just confusing and the first WTF-moment for every new starters (like in rF2). All menus have flaws.

    It´s just very pointless Bullshit to criticize missing features from other titles in AC with ignoring what this title does so much better than the rest like the many useful mods console users will never get in touch with. You want better career options in AC? Just download a career-mod or make one with the Career Generator mod and so on…


      1. Kunos is not SMS. AC is the most stable and bug-free sim on PC, not pCars. Will there be issues? Likely like with nearly all titles. Waiting another three, four months is the better and cheaper option.


        1. riiiiiiiiight, and no mans sky is a perfect game on every vector
          “other games have bugs too” is a shitty excuse for shoveling out broken shit.


            1. Day1 patches, season passes, broken ports. These are some of the cancers of videogames. I miss the ’90s and the early ’00s when developers knew how to fucking do their job and didn’t release a broken game that required “day1 patches” or cut in so many pieces so that you had the full experience and not the “season pass” experience.

              Oh, and you’re a donkey and an apologist and if you support these scumbags tactics you should be beaten to death.


          1. Yea sure, because you know what are the actual problems technically and if they already patched it for the day 1 update. He even talked about it in last week’s stream.


  8. Hoping 1 day Kunos will change their mind about ovals and go to Murica scanning some oval tracks like Taladega,Daytona, a gen 7 car and finally put rf2 to rest.


    1. YEah sure thing,they barely have enough tracks as it is, have yet to get tyre dynamics right, Aero is lacking, and AI has taken years just to get to a point of being able to go around track in any kind of sense,I can totally see Kunos tackling Ovals.

      keep dreaming.


  9. Unless they saw a build date it’s insane to assume this is the version that’s most up to date – it could be the E3 build for all you know – I doubt Kunos is pushing updates every 3 weeks for various press events like they’re EA. Anyway this guy seems about as credible as PRC; had he expressed a positive opinion in any way I guarantee this site would be thrilled to do an extensive take-down on this “braindead shill”.


      1. Yes, because is just meta discussing. Once people stop degrading this environment so much then there won’t be a need to point this fact.


  10. If and when you will at least remove hardcore porn from your comments section, I will be back, until then it just feels like 4 am 2 blocks off bourbon steet on a tuesday. icky.


      1. That and the spammer is looking for a reaction. If James starts moderating posts with certain types of content, more of the same will be spammed in response.

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  11. Lol at all of this “Day 1 Patch” bullshit. What ever happened to developers releasing a fully functional game at release without any major bugs? AC on consoles will probably be just as broken as PCARS on consoles.


  12. Stopped reading at the analogy. It doesn’t prove you are terrible, it just proves you are a fuckwit wanting to spread your message. That you think you are the true unbiased source of info in sim-racing yet do what all media does and tries to sell your ideology. I would rather praise the special needs child for learning the alphabet(which would be a big thing for a family in that position) than praise a guy that takes big dumps on the community for his own personal amusement.


  13. Why do people have to treat every other message board / comments section like 4chan.
    There are some good comments here with valid points you can read once you look past the same old 4chan style recycled unoriginal garbage. hurr durrr anonymoose leejun m8.

    fuck off.


  14. AC console versions will be constantly crashing and will have lots of bugs, and you AC fanboys still think this is ok? When the main thing that is getting praised about console versions is the menu, then you know the game is shit.

    Also, someone should investigate on Kunos using ripped car mods from Forza 4 as part of their Porsche DLC because that would be the end of them once the evidence is found.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This posts reads like it was written by James. And no wonder it was liked by him.

      Here we have two people who don’t understand that the older build in console preview isn’t optimized yet and the day one patch has that functionality. Because they had to send the game for printing earlier.

      I don’t doubt James will investigate if Kunos uses ripped cars from forza 4… it will be his pleasure. But I hope you make an article saying there wasn’t any ripping. But when someones shares download links for ripped content on PRC articles… we can expect everything from this “unbiased” writer/source.


      1. The PCARS fanboys said the same thing before release and we all know how that turned out. Kunos needed to delay the game twice and they still can’t release a fully working game without a day 1 patch? Continue to blindly defend AC you fanboy, especially when Kunos steals car models from another game because they are too lazy to create their own.


  15. Wtf, where can we see that kunos car models were stolen from another game? Can you show one example? That would give you some credibility, rfactor2 shill.


    1. “Also, someone should investigate on Kunos using ripped car mods from Forza 4 as part of their Porsche DLC because that would be the end of them once the evidence is found.”

      He’s apparently too stupid to compare the meshes. If he wasn’t then I’m sure we would already be seeing screenshots with any slightly similar vertices highlighted and he also wouldn’t be asking someone else to do it.


  16. AC was a big disappointment and still is.

    All I can say is, AC is better than what it was a year ago, but it is still far from being ok to me, I have dropped purchasing their DLCs since DP3 and this decision is good if I looked back.

    If you decide to purchase this game for PS4 or XBO, I would suggest you try pirate version first and see if it is okay to you, otherwise, you would like what I am, the money I spent is wasted.


  17. We will know how good or bad it is in 10 days , fingers crossed for a better game than Project cars ..ps4…

    Cant be that hard 🙂

    Cmon James remove the porn , its fucked up . Definitely putting me off every time I go to read a article .


  18. Not sure why James calls consoles still next-gen. They are on the market for three years now. So they are current-gen and not next-gen. And for sure, the locked hardware isn´t on par with current PC-performances. But let´s see how AC performs on the coming console-versions.


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