Marco Addresses the Community


They’ve had an entire summer to get it ready, and in just a few short days, Assetto Corsa will finally launch simultaneously on both Microsoft’s Xbox One, as well as Sony’s PlayStation 4. It’s been quite a bumpy ride for the staff at Kunos Simulazioni, embarking on a console porting process full of hiccups and other miscellaneous troubles – some of which required an entire graphics engine re-write – but nevertheless, hardcore auto racing fans stuck with one of the two most prominent next generation gaming consoles will finally have an alternative to the shoddy Project CARS, underwhelming DriveClub, or casual-oriented Forza Motorsport. Assetto Corsa will be unleashed into the wild on August 26th or August 30th depending on the hemisphere of the globe you currently reside in.

With a little downtime on his hands after the product recently entered Gold status, Marco Massarutto of Kunos Simulazioni has chosen to directly confront arguably the biggest concern some Assetto Corsa fans have had with the direction of the title, as the Italian racing simulator has quickly evolved from a humble driving simulator on Steam to a multi-platform cult phenomenon. And this is kind of a big deal that a Kunos employee is speaking on the matter in such a detailed fashion. When it was first announced that Kunos Simulazioni had struck a deal with publisher 505 Games to bring Assetto Corsa to an entirely new audience, many believed that the title would be Forzafied in an effort to accommodate a set of gamers who weren’t quite ready for a hardcore racing simulator. Some were concerned that the handling model or individual car physics would be subtly simplified as a precaution to prevent new drivers from quickly growing frustrated with the experience, and we personally received info around this time last year that the team had been making concessions with certain historical cars (such as the Lamborghini Muira and RUF CTR Yellowbird) to improve their overall stability.

Marco has officially put those concerns to rest in a lengthy Facebook post, which you can view HERE, though we’ll also throw it up below for those who actively refuse to partake in the festivities of modern social media platforms. As English isn’t his primary language, I’ll do my best to clean up the grammar.


I’d just like to post some thoughts of mine, and answer a few of the theories I’ve read on various message boards about the launch of Assetto Corsa on consoles, the future of Assetto Corsa, and the never-ending questions of if we’re going to simplify the handling model to appeal to a larger audience that comes with a console release

Usually I’m not bored enough to read the hundreds of threads asking the exact same questions about our game, as I understand that a lot of people are hearing about Assetto Corsa for the first time each and every day. But when the same people are asking the same questions, or they continue to bring up the same topics of discussion, sometimes it can be boring. Especially because no one needs to take our word for it, the game will be out soon enough, and you will see we haven’t changed anything when you’re physically playing the console version.

Will the Console Version of Assetto Corsa be simplified?

Since the beginning of this year, a lot of  YouTube users have been uploading footage of the console version, and they’ve always played it using a steering wheel. We demonstrated our game during the European gaming convention tour, as well as during the Vallelunga event last May, and it’s always been the same response from both players and journalists: “it feels like the PC version”.

What is the most talked about and appreciated characteristic of Assetto Corsa? It’s car handling, and the raw feeling of driving. What’s the primary reason as to why console gamers may decide to play Assetto Corsa, rather than Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo? The number of cars? The graphics? Nope. I would say the fidelity of the simulation, the unique handling, the laser-scanned tracks, and the depth of which a PC simulation can perform. If we subtract these elements, Assetto Corsa can’t compete with the other titles, because it couldn’t offer something more in terms of game modes and features.

So with that out of the way, I’d like to confront a rather annoying question we sometimes receive: Now that Assetto Corsa is ready for release on consoles, is going Kunos to simplify the PC version?

The console version of Assetto Corsa was officially announced in mid 2015, but our team started to work on it in late 2014. Since then, the PC version has been constantly improved, updated, expanded with 7 major builds, several new tire models (now we are at version 10 – TEN) adding features asked from SIM racers, and now we are going to release the Version 1.8 on August 26th to coincide with the console release. The popularity of AC on PC is the highest it’s ever been, it’s often in the top charts on Steam. People love the game and enjoy it everyday, and they support us each time we release new features and content. Please give me a logical reason why we should change this, after over a year of HUGE development on the PC version after the initial 1.0 release. Simply put, there is no reason why we should do this. So, ask yourself: In the last 18 months, strictly talking about the PC version, did we convert Assetto Corsa into a simcade driving game, or did we give it even more depth?

We decided to bring Assetto Corsa out on consoles to answer our own question: Is there any room the on console market for a simulation like Assetto Corsa?

Asa company in the business of developing racing simulators, we have to know the answer to this question. And we’ll know it soon. The only way to answer this question, is to bring on console the same experience people appreciate so much on PC, to the best of our ability. Period. So keep calm, don’t worry. The only way we can change the soul of our most successful creation is to make it even stronger. And you know why Assetto Corsa will feature officially licensed Porsche cars before any other racing simulator out there? Because Porsche has chosen Assetto Corsa for its applications, due to the quality of the overall package: graphics-physics-care of details-handling -track accuracy. So, there’s no way for us to change our DNA.


Again, I edited Marco’s grammar a bit to ensure the writing sounded a bit more natural.

I’m sure a lot of people will expect me to launch into full-on attack mode as I traditionally do with a lot of Reader Submission-like entries, but in this case I don’t really feel the need to. We know that concessions have been made with Assetto Corsa behind the scenes, however they are primarily tied to specific cars of the historic variety. I might have to go back and look at some of my old posts from last fall when we began talking about this on a regular basis, but it’s really small and specific stuff – an increase in braking efficiency here, a bit more grip there, and individual car physics choices that remained on the side of caution to minimize end user frustration. If a car didn’t handle all that well with the data supplied by the manufacturer, or an older car was beyond the capabilities of most moderate sim racers, minor adjustments were made to that specific car – not the entire handling model. However, I will say that a title approaching ten different tire models and almost treating it as an accomplishment, isn’t exactly something to be proud of.

Unless that’s done specifically to expand the dongs of hardcore sim junkies who have fully bought into the iRacing style of New ____ Model buzzwords. If so, kudos to Kunos for that strategy. It seems to have worked.

So the ultimate hardcore racing simulator it most certainly isn’t, but compared to something like Gran Turismo 6, where entire groups of cars have been half-assed by Polyphony Digitial, Assetto Corsa sits somewhere in the middle. I will let you explore your own personal needs from a simulator to determine how you feel about this while moving to an entirely different topic.


I personally believe Assetto Corsa fans have every right to question how the console release could impact the Steam version of the title, and the above image is a pretty solid tangible example as to why. Vehicles introduced to the PC version of Assetto Corsa as free updates given to all owners of the game have now been locked away into a separate pre-order bonus pack for console users. This right here is pretty shitty, and had the same situation occurred with a rival game like Project CARSPC owners forced to pay extra for cars found in the vanilla console version – message boards would be set ablaze by angry customers. It’s not like Assetto Corsa has been in Early Access for the past three years, and the entire userbase knew full well that Kunos would take out some content seen in WIP builds, only to release it later as part of a Season Pass program. Nope, Steam-based Assetto Corsa owners can fire up their retail game right now and rip around in the 2015 Ford Mustang or Audi R8 V10 Plus at no extra charge, but those who plan on purchasing the game for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One will have to shell out a little bit more.

If stuff as basic as the immediate availability of certain cars has changed from platform to platform, it’s really not a stretch to question what else has been tweaked that we aren’t aware of.


So on that note, let’s talk about the new and improved user interface that PC owners won’t receive – and this has been confirmed by Kunos=. While the PC version of Assetto Corsa features a basic, rudimentary in-game heads up display, along with a laggy front end which has seen much better days, the console version of the title will ship with an exclusive, totally re-designed interface. The whole thing looks beautiful and truly captures the kind of atmosphere Kunos are trying to present with their selection of exotic cars and world-class locations, yet PC users will never receive this. After three years of helping grow Assetto Corsa into a sim racing powerhouse, they have been told the unfinished placeholder graphics are the most they’re ever gonna get, and the fancy stuff has been reserved for the console masses.


Again, if something as rudimentary as the heads up display varies wildly from one platform to the next, it’s not exactly a wild conspiracy theory to speculate how much has changed under the hood as well. And now that our boy Los Santos Sheriff has uploaded a video detailing six elements of Assetto Corsa that have been improved in the console version compared to the Steam release, we can conclude that the console version really isn’t the identical product Kunos would like us to believe.

For those strapped for time, you’ll want to skip ahead to the 2:35 mark in the video I’ve linked. Sheriff mentions that the multiplayer component has been totally rebuilt from the ground up, specifically for the console versions of Assetto Corsa. Now, in most racing simulators, this wouldn’t be an issue that would warrant much discussion – the console audience is obviously much different than the hardcore PC sim crowd, and they have an entirely separate set of needs required to be me. However, the Steam version of Assetto Corsa has routinely been roasted by both leagues and casual players for it’\s lack of user friendliness. The booking system simply did not catch on in the way Kunos intended, the server browser was polluted with inactive rooms, creating a session just to run laps with your friends had to be done through an external program that didn’t always work, an abundance of DLC strategically splitting cars from popular classes across multiple packs segregated the community, you could be locked out of picking the car you truly wanted to drive, and you couldn’t even select your livery. Sheriff notes the console version has abandoned the awful online component of the PC version altogether in favor of a traditional peer-to-peer gaming experience, though obviously this will ruffle some feathers.

After years spent complaining about Assetto Corsa’s online component in the Steam version of the title, PC sim racers will still be complaining; their suggestions on how to improve certain online elements will be implemented into a version of the game other than the one they currently own. Please explain to me how this makes any fucking sense and isn’t a giant middle finger to the community, and for a third time, if an entire half of the game has been re-built from the ground up, is it really a stretch to speculate in regards to changes that may have been made under the hood as well?


It’s now the point in the article where I’m supposed to summarize my feelings, and in this case, it’s pretty easy to do so. For the most part, I believe Marco when he says that Assetto Corsa as it appears on next-generation consoles is fundamentally the same game as the one many of you have been playing since the final portion of 2013. It would indeed be a pain in the ass for them to have a console-specific tire model just to appeal to a casual audience who will probably put the game down in a week anyway. The changes we’ve been told about under the hood have nothing to do with appealing to the new audience, but rather increasing the overall stability of some cars in general whom either desperately needed it, or have been altered at the request of a manufacturer due to their lackluster performance with real-world data. As I’ve said earlier, how you feel about that kind of subtle tampering is up to your own personal expectations of Assetto Corsa. In my eyes, “McLaren bitched at us to make the MP4-12C less of a shitbox, so we did” isn’t fully living up to the simulator tagline, but others will cut them some slack given how difficult these licenses are to obtain in the first place.

However, in some aspects, Assetto Corsa on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 clearly isn’t the same game as the PC version you’ve got installed on your hard drive. The new graphics engine probably won’t be noticeable, but the rebuilt online component, restructuring of the car roster, and brand new interface are much more than just simple cosmetic changes. I personally believe the discrepancy between the numerous versions is kind of a dick move to the longtime fans of Assetto Corsa who have stuck through the growing pains of the title dating all the way back to 2013. These guys, for lack of a better word, built the game into what it is today.

They were the ones spending hundreds of hours driving the shit out of all 90+ cars, creating third party mods that were eventually implemented as official DLC, talking about the game online and spreading the word to areas which would usually pass over it in favor of another franchise, writing fuckhuge guides fueled by their sheer love of the game, and coding applications to help improve the shoddy online component… and they’re rewarded with the developers building a definitive version of Assetto Corsa for an entirely different group of people that will bitch, moan, and drop the sim in a week because you can’t buy cars, the career mode is basically that of a mobile game, and there’s no livery editor.

That’s kind of shitty.


150 thoughts on “Marco Addresses the Community

            1. As I suspected this issue is already rectified in the PC version, the console press version is running an old build!

              Tried the same combo with the PC version 1.7.5, no one pitted during the last lap!


            2. As I suspected this issue is already rectified in the PC version, the console press version is running an old build!

              Tried the same combo with the PC version 1.7.5, no one pitted during the last lap!



              1. You ever hear the Chris Rock sketch on niggers taking credit for shit they’re supposed to do?

                Same applies here. The AI are SUPPOSED to stay out of the pits pn the final lap. Congrats on celebrating a basic part of the game functioning as intended.


                1. Congrats on reporting an issue and then not caring when its fixed, as if the fix or improvement never happened. You only like to point fingers at everything but afterwards you don’t have the face to acknowledge when things work or became better.


                2. James do you have to attack African American people or dark skinned people by calling them the N WORD, just disgusting, you and Hash are no doubt in the Canadian chapter of the KKK, you are probably a grand wizard James you bigot.




                3. James brother why would you say that?
                  I’m Black and I’m American and proud, y’all should be ashamed of yourselves, we are people too.


                4. Lol and that will be the straw that broke the camels back. Watch as everyone from now on will call you a racist and misconstrue the reality and denounce you over this bs….

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        1. Exactly, last two times was with not really understanding tire pressure and that ideal pressure is just a number and not a trick or cheat. And thinking a guy is shilling because he mentioned the codename of pcars2 in the pcars subreddit, where James had to ask Ian Bell what it means. That guy was totally shilling for project cars 2 by using a codename in public no one knows about but he pcars2 testers. kek


    1. >it’s a James doesn’t understand game development episode
      >it’s a presenting manufacturer-enforced physics changes as true with zero evidence episode
      >it’s a “what else has changed under the hood that we don’t know about hmmm?” episode

      There’s your tl;dr, not a single new thought in all 2640 words. I wonder if James has already started using Automated Insights.


        1. Looks like the best SIM I’ve ever seen, most will buy it day 1,and its physics are the best of any modern simulation, the most advanced and best graphics, this is the closest we have to a proper race simulation in 2016, and thats the opinion of most of the hardcore sim crowd that i speak to.


  1. I hope you’re not comparing the Miura and Ruf CRT to the tyre models 5-6 where basically all cars had heating problems for their tyres, so they remained cold and without good grip. And equally, I hope you’re not trying the Yellowbird on Semislicks and say it feels grippy and planted therefore ‘dumbed down’.. even though not a piece of cake. For the Miura, not a bad handling car and is a joy on Nordschleife.

    And if this is a sim racing blog, then we expect sim racing technical discussion, not this feels simcade, someone said they made concessions, they are making it easier here and there… because sim racing doesn’t grow with speculation, accusations, and subjective comments passed as evidence of something.

    If you don’t want people to argue and make dumb comments in your blog, then when you’re talking about cars or sim in a more technical way, present something technical in your article associated to your premise, otherwise we better just be reading the Sun newspaper.


    1. Well put. James admits he knows little about the actual physics, and then goes out and writes stuff as if he does. Concentrate on what you are good at James….starting shitfights.


    2. Nothing to do with tires.

      The McLaren MP4-12c drove like dogshit through several builds. It was magically fixed. We were told it was because a manufacturer requested it. Take a guess who told us.

      The Ferrari 458 understeered like a pig until a magic update. We were told it was because Ferrari requested it. Take a guess who told us.

      The Lamborghini Muira… Or possibly the Countach, drove like dogshit prior to the car being released. Something to do with the brakes being horrendous (as they were, Lambos were shit cars in the 80’s relying primarily on status to make sales). We were told Kunos basically made up a few braking-related numbers so the car wasn’t a complete wreck to drive. Take a guess who told us.

      The Ruf, from what I remember, was crazy. TOO crazy. Kunos toned it down a little. Barely noticeable unless you’d had a real yellowbird parked in your driveway and had taken it to the track. Again, take a guess who told us.

      Did you guess “The guy whom Kunos made a comment about ‘shooting one of those little birdies’ towards after he consistently leaked info on the official forums with cryptic comments?”

      You were right.


      1. About the McLaren MP4-12c ,it drove like shit the time where was released (att least with my limitated skill, without using stability control off course)

        But if you looked any top gear video (where someone drive that car) dont look so hard to drive moderate fast,specially the one where the team drive in imola

        I know the team use some level of stability control,abs and such .


      2. When the MP4-12C was added to the game, the front suspension was just plain wrong, which made it have terrible driving feel (literally every suspension component was moved inward the same amount, probably just confusion on how track + wheel offset were defined by the game). Basically an addition of 15cm of scrub radius. Eventually they noticed and fixed it, no more problem.


  2. Another thing that should be a major concern is that AC will feature cars that have been ripped from Forza 4, and has been ported over to AC by modders. This is what happens when Kunos is too lazy to make their own cars.


      1. That Ruf in rF2 is a mod. Has always been a mod. ISI didn’t pay for it.

        Part of the DLC content for AC is made of FM4 rips that nobody at Ks noticed. They paid money for rips and included them in their own game without even knowing the source of the models. And they’re doing it again with the Porsche DLC.


    1. with how many times you posted this message I thought it was time to show evidence. Then you’d have some credibility, rfactor2 shill.


      1. I don’t have FM4 or AC to look at the data of the car models, and I don’t plan on buying those trash games anytime soon.


          1. If it happens a little bit in RF2, which is not very popular, it must happen a ton in AC, which is very popular. Inductive reasoning brahh.


        1. All rf2, ams, iracing content is ripped from forza 4 to forza 6. Good luck trying to disprove what I said. *rfactor2 shill* logic.


      2. If you take away the higher res textures that AC can support while rF1 can’t, the 3D is 97% exactly the same. There is no way in hell the AC mod (That is most likely going to end up in the Porsche DLC as an outsourced model) is that accurate. Nobody is that good without using data coming directly from either a laser scanning of the car or using CAD data provided directly by Porsche. I don’t care how good that guy is. It’s impossible to be that precise without following a template.


        1. Wow, blind fool talks about 3d model similarities.

          You are really reaching here. The ‘similarities’ appear to be non-existant. In fact, this is excellent evidence that the forza model wasn’t even referenced when the AC version was made.

          Forget about textures (and no, it’s not due to normal maps either), every single feature of the geometry is different. Different sizes, curves, placement…. I don’t see a single aspect that matches up.


          1. Too bad you’re too stupid to use Google and notice that the “amazing” AC model has the wrong cockpit.
            This is what a real 962 and 962 C cockpits really look like.

            If it’s so amazing, how did he manage to screw this up so badly? What he “created from scratch” is not what the cars used in reality. It’s a dashboard only 4-5 “C”s and “CK”s have equipped after being restored.


            1. Too bad you’re too stupid to realize that no one called it ‘amazing’ or implied that it was technically more accurate.

              Stupid little shill cocksucker, learn how to expose a the mesh so you can do an actual comparison.

              You’re the one making the claims here with obviously non-existent supporting evidence.

              Since you are focused on the dashboard now… Not a single button, light, dial or curve is the same. The placement of the completely different modeled elements isn’t the same. The floorpan isn’t the same, the relative angle of the steering isn’t the same, the basic cockpit shape isn’t the same.

              It would be complete waste of time to start with the Forza model and modify it completely.

              You have zero knowledge of 3d modeling. Unlike you, I can do a proper analysis of the mesh and put up a direct comparison here.

              Keep lying and I’ll make sure I find the time.


  3. As soon as I saw the comment section on Racedepartment I should have gone to Las Vegas and put money down on guessing the content of the next PRC article. I could have gotten myself another Jaeger LeCoultre.


    1. Perhaps a Reverso Duo?

      In any case, has Kunos offered an explanation regarding the console exclusive menus and multiplayer features?


      1. wrt UI: they will only support one menu system on PC, they think this (mouse-enabled) is the one more people want.
        wrt multiplayer: I haven’t heard that it’s going to be different from PC outside of PRC so my current assumption is that it jintegrates the server configuration into the UI, and is running the server software on the host’s xbox. So it’s not so much ‘exclusive’ as ‘one of the ways you can run it on PC anyway’ but with the standard console methods for getting through firewalls (which is really the only hard part of running your own AC server)


      1. Yeah but aside from the reasonable complaints, I really don’t think we want to see p2p networking on the PC version unless it’s just an option.

        My personal experience has resulted in a pretty negative impression of p2p and seems to only exist for games with half-assed hosting options and console versions.

        But, this is opinion based on some assumptions and I could have easily been impressed with p2p networking before while simply assuming it was not p2p-based.

        Did you have a specific title in mind that showcases decent p2p netcode on PC?

        Also, yes, 10 released tire model revisions is too many. Perhaps I misunderstand the iterative process of tyre model dev, but it certainly seems like it would have been better to simply not release half (or more) of the versions.


        1. Most of those new tyre models are adding more features on how it works. Is not like they rebuilt everything from scratch on each version. For example adding flatspots, blistering, graining makes a new tyre model. Adding load sensitivity and something more maybe makes a new tyre model. Having separate longi and lat forces and centrifugal growth makes a new tyre model. Having a different heating model with surface+core and not just core temps makes a new tyre model.

          This new tyre model thing is for devs to identify what version the tyres are and how to separate cars until they are all updated. For the player is also an indication of the same but nothing very important for us.


          1. Copy-paste from another comment I just made:

            “Though now that I’m thinking more clearly… they aren’t just tweaking values, new aspects of simulation have also been added. I suppose it does make some sense to add what can be added as soon as possible instead of waiting to release more at once and then have significantly more complicated debugging.

            After all, no beta testing team has ever been able to catch every bug.”

            So yeah, I agree with what you said, I was being dense this morning.


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    Come find me at my address : 2583 DZ Den Haag. That’s where I’m anally fucking my buddies at when not with my Philippine slut and licking Marco’s ass as he drowns me in gay brownies.


  5. So basically your whole point about “console players get a totally new multiplayer architecture which is totally unfair to PC players and thus Kunos is awful” is that the console version of the game has MP set up how every other console game is currently set up for MP, and the PC version is set up how every other PC version game is set up. You are basically saying that Kunos is turning their backs on the PC community because PS4 multiplayer doesn’t require (or even allow) users to have private dedicated servers to run multiplayer. Well then I guess every Call of Duty console release is total bullshit as well for the same reason.


  6. . I personally believe the discrepancy between the numerous versions is kind of a dick move to the longtime fans of Assetto Corsa who have stuck through the growing pains of the title dating all the way back to 2013. These guys, for lack of a better word, built the game into what it is today.

    Looking at the above statement wouldn’t you think that the pc version will get a update on the day of console release to bring everything into alignment ? I do !

    As for console players putting it down a week later , that’s a pretty crappy statement …. We who enjoy sims and have a console look forward to the challenge as much as someone with a pc ……I really don’t get that statement .

    Anyway I’m looking forward this game and hopefully I can place project cars on the shelf for ever !

    Assetto corsa , dirt rally and F1 2016 things aren’t looking to bad on my shitty ps4 🙂


  7. If the changes are a step forward in terms of the experience, the PC version also should get it. But if it’s just an update, than i don’t care.

    BTW, oh, it’s AC, so I don’t care.


  8. It sounds like James wants to buy AC on consoles in detriment of the PC version. Is no surprise as he praises GT6 over any pc (sim) racing game.
    And Assetto Corsa will have the most streamlined experience on the ps4 and xb1 platform compared to PC, which you described after Sheriff’s video. This to me sounds like an insta buy for James. He got enough skrilla from SMS and race2play advertisements. Also don’t forget about the direct drive wheel for GTSport from Thrustmaster, now that you’re getting a PS4.


  9. Let’s see…

    >Completely new graphics engine
    >Completely new menu
    >Completely new HUD
    >Completely new multiplayer component that isn’t a giant clusterfuck
    >Radically different DLC packages

    And AC drones will still sit there and say this is the exact same game as the PC version.


    1. Sounds like shilling to suggest that any of these are “completely new”. They’re modified in ways that suit the new platform.
      graphics engine – running without dx11, still no signs of multiple light sources or rain
      menu – modified to work without mouse (more traditional series of screens with ‘A to go forward, B to go back’ instead of letting you jump to any step in the process with a mouse click)
      hud – modified to work without mouse or custom apps
      multiplayer – modified to work without having to run the server yourself (probably taking advantage of xbl/psn to find connections instead of Kunos hosting the central list)
      dlc – no idea why this matters


      1. I’m sure the engine is just modified, but the menu and HUD system that AC has now is complete dogshit, and wanting people to pay for free cars is atrocious. I’m also upset that I have to pay more on Steam to get the extra DLC content they get for free.
        Also, a HUD doesn’t need to have mouse interaction, and it’s not even hard to have mouse interaction on consoles. The internet services do it, and at least GTA 5 does it. I could easily make the current moveable hud system work with a controller. It’s not even the functionality that’s different, it’s having a hud that looks nice, not like a piece of shit text readout. That’s why there’s so many HUD mods, because AC’s sucks fuck.
        And the menu system is slow, looks awful, and frankly doesn’t really work very well. Dirt Rally’s menu system works perfectly with both controllers and mice, as well as, well, every other fucking game.


        1. Dirt rally’s menu is far from perfect with mouse and you cant get ac and dlc packs for 55€ in steam which is less than 60€ the console version will cost.


        2. There are some street cars we got for free on pc that are pre order bonus or something like that, for consoles. So there are some minor differences in terms of consoles.


        3. I’m just going to say that Dirt:rally is far from fully functional with regards to complete controller/mouse/keyboard menu support.

          Not exactly sure how you’re so confused about something that’s pretty hard to miss.


        4. All I hear when you say “AC’s menu is the slowest/looks worst” is “I’ve never played GSCE or any other rfactor based sim”


          1. Yeah, that’s true, but why would I want to? I’ll admit I’m new to the sim racing scene, but it doesn’t really matter if everyone’s still playing games from 2003. Never found a reason to buy into rFactors weird pricing scheme full of mods or GSCE’s essentially entirety which is a mod, and or ripped. AC was/is supposed to be the new kid on the block with better graphics and all the bells and whistles, and I think they just recently added the feature to stall your car…


    2. “Kunos removes functionality from Assetto Corsa”

      With the 1.8 update to coincide with the release of Assetto Corsa on console, Kunos Simulazioni have released an “update” that degrades and removes functionality from the PC version. Just one day ago players of Assetto Corsa could develop their owns apps, launchers, and run their own servers, but these features have been removed to bring the release to parity with the console version, which features its own HUD, interface, and peer-to-peer multiplayer specific to the needs of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


  10. So you are just trolling? New HUD because it’s a console game – it has to work on a big screen without a mouse. You know you fucked up when this is a bullet point. It has a high res background image and shiny buttons so I guess I’m impressed. Multiplayer is p2p on console, pretty sure it has to work the way it does to get certified by ms/sony. Don’t know what you’re on about with DLC, the preorder bonuses I guess? Welcome to 2016, good luck finding a publishing deal as an indie studio without something like that.


  11. Honestly, I think the HUD is one of AC’s best features. Being able to set up the OSD however you want (including the ability to create your own apps) is great and I wish every other racing sim had a similar feature.


  12. You seem to want and need only a fancy Grafical oriented menu, i find also that the AC menu has kind of terrible looks, speed and handling but when you got used to it (know where to click) its really OK in its purpose, if i wanted another kind of menu i would shit on the graphical aspect, for me its about the usability of the menu and not the fancy looks, so i rather would keep the crappy menu than get this PS, XBOX version which only seem to have nice graphics but we obviously dont give zero fucks about that, we need a better functional menu instead and a session hosting ingame menu, rather than an external server app (you got this right). Also i got the impression that its impossible for you to be satisfied with something, take the tyre model, you complain about the tyre model being bullshit but also complain that it evolved and was changed over time for the total of 6 version (1,2,3,4,5,7). You do recon that we are all spoiled children with nothing better to do than solely complain, surely the right way is to criticise and point out problems no question but could you just start to fucking enjoy something, look down a bit at your selfish kid-drama writing style, poiting out stuff you do not even fully understand in a programming or mathematical manner, how can you spread that shit out as absolute truth with the very little you do know about it at the end, is that really the kind of kid you are?. Yesterday i´ve read a bit about the stuff happened around No Mans Sky and boy that is really tricky sneaky stuff the developer has done with they´re fans, dont seeing anything like it in the sim world, not to this extent. So the articles are entertaining for sure but are not making anyone smarter, you got developers reading your stuff because of the followers of this site, maybe if there would be more funded valid criticism this site would even serve a good purpose.


  13. Pc master race and hardcore simmers laughing about consoles and now they wan console UIs and menus? LLLOOOOOLLLLL

    And ten iterations of tire model doesn’t mean ten unique tire models, you know?

    As always an article about speculations and claims by twisting someone’s word to fit the author’s needs.


    1. Be honest though, there was no real benefit for racers to have so many iterations actually released.

      I understand the data collection aspect. However, beta-testers should have been sufficiently capable of highlighting issues and negating the necessity of releasing at least some of the revisions.


      1. I guess, iterations wasn´t the best word for it. While it isn´t entirely wrong, but “your” revision is a much better fitting term.


        1. Oh, I didn’t really realize I switched to revision at the end. I think iteration is a perfectly suitable word.

          All I really meant is that I don’t think the release branch really needed to experience every iteration. Though now that I’m thinking more clearly… they aren’t just tweaking values, new aspects of simulation have also been added. I suppose it does make some sense to add what can be added as soon as possible instead of waiting to release more at once and then have significantly more complicated debugging.

          After all, no beta testing team has ever been able to catch every bug.


      2. The benefit for racers is they get whatever new feature is added with each version number – flatspotting/graining/blistering (this is early, like v2-v4), changes in load sensitivity (v5), better heating models (v6/7), pressure changing contact patch shape (v10)

        If they’d just gone straight from v1 to v10, all of those things would have happened (well, for 4 specific cars) with 1.7. The last 3 years would have had none of the above available on any car.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That’s funny, I read BeTheOne’s second comment and realized I was being a bit simple about this.

          Then I read your comment and it’s pointing out exactly what I wasn’t taking into consideration…

          +1, you are absolutely right.


      3. “I understand the data collection aspect. However, beta-testers should have been sufficiently capable of highlighting issues and negating the necessity of releasing at least some of the

        ACs main issue (and possibly gaming in general now” is its a bunch of fucking morons that are more int rested in approval from perceived authority figures, and are often absolutely clueless as to how to beta test anyway, times the issue by ten when you supposed to be beta testing technical sims, you better know your shit, which most AC “beta” testers ive seen adn heard off dont know shit other than crawling around a track with their mates.

        Kunos and others need to start outsourcing beta testing to proper setups and people that know what the fuck they are doing and looking for, and not ppl looking for friends and free shit.


        1. I agree that they probably have a good number of people ‘testing’ that shouldn’t be, similar to WMD.

          People just testing for free DLC, bragging or authority figure approval that also aren’t going to point out bugs does nothing to improve the end product.


  14. I still don’t think this game will fare well on consoles. And all of us should be pissed about hiding cars away as pre-order bonuses for the console people and the fact that PC won’t get that vastly superior UI.


    1. KeyboardWarrior by day, KeyboardRacer by night.

      “rf2 has the best ffb, I tested myself on the keyboard.”
      “Don’t forget about the thermonuclear hadron collider tyre model I personally test with keyboard with steering assist.”
      “Assetto Corsa is simcade because it doesn’t simulate each individual atom and is hard to drive with keyboard.”



  15. ” Especially because no one needs to take our word for it, the game will be out soon enough, and you will see we haven’t changed anything when you’re physically playing the console version.”

    lol Nice sales tactic. No need to ask questions, just but the game and you’ll see.


    1. What’s the point in saying and then repeating something through words when you still don’t believe them. So the best tactic is to actually try the game for yourself, to inform yourself, if you don’t care what they say through text.


  16. – Kunos hate the PC community
    – Kunos want to steal all of the console gamers’ money (Japanese & Red Pack resales)
    – Stefano Casillo is watching South Park all day and too lazy to fix the AI
    – Marco Massarutto is actually the reincarnation of the Duce killing every gamer playing this simcade game
    – Some guy from Canada isn’t dead because in fact he never played the game


  17. I was told this was the new gay porn hotspot on the interwebs. Dissapointed to find its just a bunch of shitty posts about cars


  18. James, how about getting a blog on F1 2016? It was released yesterday to mostly critic score of 80 and above which is as rare as hens teeth for a codies F1 game, does it live up to the reviews or has codemasters wasted too much time on career modes and colourful helmets and not put enough time into the cars?


  19. The internet AC console hype is real.
    So many people already have a copy on ps4. they are all amazed.

    Pcars players are changing their leagues to AC

    Good job kunos


  20. Judging by the comments on here, Radu didn’t have much sleep lately. Should be a biggie for someone without a job, though.
    Next to cocky Kunos even Ian Bell is starting to look likeable, classy how they praise their own crappy physics, funny how those who know shit about cars clap loudest (and Radu, obviously).

    Not so funny how that playschool theater is making all simracers look like manchildren.


    1. Do you really believe those comments you’re judging were me? You’d be surprised if James showed the comments I did in this article and I bet weren’t the ones you think they were.

      But whatever, think what you want to think and be happy in your bubble.


    1. AC Purrari,Lambos,Porsche with realistic data,telemetry and physics on a laser scanned Nordschleife.. it never happened in console history yet.Italian sets a new standard in racing game on console…waiting for Murican rf2 on console..hahahaha.


  21. When I heard the cars already in PC version were made DLC for console version, the Street Fighter X Tekken on-disc DLC controversy comes to mind.

    Or is there a better analogy?


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