Reader Submission #115 – The Tripl3 Pack

tripl3 pack 1It’s not all doom and gloom for PC owners of Assetto Corsa. While sim racing aficionados on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are gearing up for one of the most popular modern racing simulators to appear on next-generation consoles after numerous delays, The Tripl3 Pack is set to appear on Steam’s DLC marketplace. Featuring the Praga R1 Prototype, Ferrari 488, and Ferrari FXX-K, these three elusive cars will serve as a drastic departure from previous iterations of DLC packages for Assetto Corsa, and some aren’t okay with that. Today’s Reader Submission here at comes in from longtime visitor and previous contributor Dane R., drawing attention to the fact that customers aren’t exactly getting much bang for their buck.

488Good evening, PRC.

All the console players who pre-ordered Assetto Corsa are waiting for Friday when the game gets released. But also for us PC users, this date is quite important. Next to an update, we’re going to get a new DLC release, the Tripl3 Pack. I want to use this submission to show you what is wrong with this package.

First the most important data: The pack includes three cars, the Ferrari FXX-K, the Ferrari 488 GTB, and the Praga R1. For three cars, it all costs 2.99€ in Europe (I don’t know prices for other currencies). At first glance, one Euro per car looks like a quite fair deal but I’ll show you that this DLC is the new low in Assetto Corsa’s additional content history.

Let’s take a closer look at the cars. The Praga R1 is the stranger in this package. Have you heard of Praga before? No? I haven’t either. Some time ago, Marco told that the small car manufacturer from the Czech Republic and Kunos met at a car convention last year. Praga wanted Kunos to bring their car into game to raise awareness of the company. This doesn’t sound like Kunos had to pay a lot of money for the R1. So why do we have to pay for it?

Talking about the Ferrari’s. this price is more reasonable. We all know how exclusive this brand is, so here it seems that paying for the cars is justified. But do PC players really want to spend money for the FXX-K that is the cover car of the console version? Just think what would happen if Microsoft would do the same with the Forza Horizon 3 PC community, and made them pay for the Lamborghini Centenario on the box of the game.

I mentioned the console version and that paying for one specific car on PC doesn’t mean that it costs on consoles as well. And sadly this applies to the all new cars – in different ways. The already mentioned FXX-K and the Praga are vanilla content for all console users, yet part of the Tripl3 Pack on PC. The 488 GTB is also a DLC car, but part of an entirely different pack. The Audi A1 S1 Quattro that is also part of the pre-order bonus pack on consoles is coming for free with the next update on PC. That mess makes absolutely no sense. And yet here you have Marco genuinely confused as to why people think that the PC and the console version are two different games. Hello! The DLC isn’t even the same!

Independently from what I think about the Tripl3 Pack, I see a movement regarding Kunos Simulazioni’s DLC policy. Eighteen months ago they started with a (huge) track and ten cars. The next two packs included each one track and seven cars, which would be the Japanese Pack and the Red Pack. It seems like Kunos step-by-step reduces the size of their DLC. Maybe for some people this isn’t important as long as they don’t have to pay more money per car, but I’m not happy with this decision. One year ago, we got five cars and Zandvoort for free.

28293157544_7b73b1dd66_hI agree that this is a strange bundle of DLC. To be honest, the Praga R1 looks kind of cool and is akin to the Assetto Corsa version of that god-awful pseudo-prototype found in Automobilista (the name escapes me at the moment) – albeit with much improved aesthetics. But you’re absolutely correct in your assessment of the FXX-K, and to a lesser extent the 488 GTB. How do you make the car on the cover of the game, DLC? I mean, everyone who’s been around since the Xbox 360 generation of games knows that DLC can be shady, but it’s pretty hilarious that a PC version owner can walk up to a row of games in Wal-Mart or Best Buy, look at the car on the cover of Assetto Corsa for the PlayStation 4, and think to themselves “we don’t even have that in our game unless you pay extra.” That whole scenario is really dumb, and as you mentioned, it reinforces the argument that the separate versions aren’t the same game – contrary to the long rant Marco posted a few days ago.

The 488 GTB… I mean, you could make the argument that they’re both DLC cars regardless of your preferred platform, but now it’s just confusing to keep track of. PC owners can get the car just by firing up Steam on Friday and parting with a couple of dollars, but console owners were required to jump through a few extra hoops to acquire it.

It’s weird, and better yet, there wasn’t actually a need for any of this. Everyone unanimously hates pre-order bonuses, and as a company making their maiden voyage into the unknown and unforgiving land of console gaming, why not do everything in your power to keep your customers happy? You already know there will be backlash from the reduced graphical fidelity and lack of private lobbies, why in the world would you give people any extra reasons to knock the game? Why was there a need to split both the car roster and DLC lineup rather than keep a uniform experience. Sure, you could make the argument that 505 Games had their hand in the marketing of this game, and maybe it was a requirement that Kunos had some kind of pre-order DLC, but that concept alone is a slippery slope. If 505 Games were able to make these kinds of absurd and pointless changes, what else got changed that we don’t know about? Because making people pay for cars that the owners of another version of Assetto Corsa already received for free is really fucking random and does absolutely nothing for the game – I think your analogy of the Forza Horizon 3 cover car is spot on.

Maybe there’s another surprise waiting for us inside the console game, like 505 Games asking Kunos to disable roll-over physics or something similar at the eleventh hour; a throwback the older Gran Turismo games thanks to the crazy requests of certain manufacturers. Wouldn’t it be funny if that was actually the case?


67 thoughts on “Reader Submission #115 – The Tripl3 Pack

  1. Hmmmmm How much is the PC version and how much is the console version ?

    nuff said ! Go and pay your $1 I’m sure you will still be well in front of the console version price.


    1. Maybe the most imbecilic blog ever on PRC, I’m not sure who is stupider, Dane for writing it of PRC for publishing it.

      Dane sounds like he should be posting letters on American Grizzly forums.


      1. That A. Doesn’t make sense, and
        B. Stupider is not a word. Seriously if you’re going to try and insult a man do it correctly you fucking windowlicking cretin.
        AC with the dream packs is $60, which, fine sure. Pretty sure it was more than that when I originally bought it, but fuck it, whatever. Japanese pack and red pack are an additional $5 and $10 respectively. And another $3 for this tiny pack.


    2. At retail price the PC version is about $7 cheaper for the same content.
      On Steam sale you save like $35 though so if you’re starting from 0, $42 cheaper.


  2. if you are adult in europe (at least central part of EU) there is a good chance you know Praga .. probably not R1 if you are not following that part of auto industry but Praga is well known


  3. “If 505 Games were able to make these kinds of absurd and pointless changes, what else got changed that we don’t know about?”

    Ahh… There it is. Had to make me read most of the article before you brought it out this time. Smart.


  4. I know children play these games but why would anyone complain about paying less than 3 Euros for some DLC?It is less than a beer or hamburger and the content has to be created.Why should the creators of the content not profit from DLC which can be used to improve the game?

    The other option is that the entitled gamers simply don’t but the DLC.I suppose that would be to difficult for the “fear of missing out” types.


  5. Couldn’t be bothered to keep reading the incessant Whining.
    That was no ones best effort.especially when you sit back and realise console owners Are paying a premium of $60 on a pre order for that bonus content compared to PC players paying $40 or less on steam sales.
    Get over it.
    Need a tissue. Sniffle sniffle.
    Did no one proof read this and think about how much more console versions cost? Of course they threw in what seems like a freebie. It’s a $20 premium on console discs at launch.
    But by all means, whine on.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I hadn’t realised console owners were being robbed for more money. That’s fine then, will get my wallet. Couldn’t work out why you sounded hurt. I see now.


  6. The Metakmoro in AMS is fine, James. Only the default setup is shite, way too twitchy.
    Also this DLC is way too thin on content, I agree.
    The only reason why anyone would buy it is the 488 GTB. I’m not particular about that car, so I won’t.


  7. what sucks even more is than the console player will have no modded tracks or car or whatsoever, and SONY its the devil itself, so have fun with your proprietary crap at least for another 3 years until the next generation shit is invented

    Liked by 1 person

  8. You guys are running really low on shit to whine about to run this piece. You’re the Fox News of “Fair and Balanced” reporting. Not even divisive, just pathetic.


    1. This is just another clear shill from James for AC, read the start of the article, look at James praising AC, its right there for all to see.


  9. Dane (very gay name FYI) sounds like he’s a whinging PC limp wristed pussy, fancy having to pay $1 for a car, whaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa give yourself a good fisting Dane


  10. James are you down to some threesome in celebration of tripl3 pack? You, me, Stefano and maybe even invite your boyfriend Ian into the mix, if you insist.


      1. Another hurt shill or fanboy lashing out. Unfortunately as you point out they don’t seem to have any credible lies to attack you with. Big failure rate.

        Liked by 1 person

  11. Or do like any normal person and just pirate with 2 hours after it’s released so that you can have all the free cars you want.


  12. “This doesn’t sound like Kunos had to pay a lot of money for the R1. So why do we have to pay for it?”

    Two reasons:
    1. They don’t have some magic camera that automatically creates a simulation model from a real car
    2. That’s what businesses do, they charge money for their product. It’s kind of the main reason they exist.


    1. ^^ This, I stopped reading the article when I got to this part, I mean wow, just fucking wow! James you really don’t do yourself any favours by publishing this kind of drivel. ‘Why do we have to pay for it?’ I mean seriously what planet are you on that you don’t know why???


    1. The only good way of not having complaints about DLC is not making DLC…
      But even then people will be asking for new content.

      What’s the problem of releasing 3 cars DLC? Project Cars has plenty of those.
      But for AC is nicer to have bigger packs, I think this was just an exception to bring the same cars to console and PC, even if under different ways. Next dlcs will be bigger, with Porsche.


      1. >The only good way of not having complaints about DLC is not making DLC…
        But even then people will be asking for new content.

        So you’re saying, let’s go back to the old physical “expansion pack” system?


  13. Of course 505 made Kunos not roll cars… Because you could do it in early access right? Check your facts James before speculating.


  14. akin to the Assetto Corsa version of that god-awful pseudo-prototype found in Automobilista (the name escapes me at the moment)

    Could elaborate on this? Is the AC Version bad or the AMS version of the MR18? What exactly is bad about it?


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