A Predictable Disaster

IntroI really wasn’t looking forward to writing this article, because there’s just so much to cover in an effective and concise format. Many of us knew full well dating back to the initial announcement last spring that the release of Assetto Corsa on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One would be a legendary embarrassment for Italian developer Kunos Simulazioni thanks to a slew of technical issues and design choices plaguing the PC version, but watching the disaster unfold in real-time among online communities far and wide has almost surpassed our expectations when it came to just what kind of product would land on the shelves of your local electronics retailer. It was a safe guess that console owners would be upset at the lack of features, and on paper you can clearly see both systems would struggle to run the software without crippling hiccups, but it seems as if an entirely new set of issues have been discovered by those simply wanting a hardcore driving experience beyond what the competitors currently offer. Assetto Corsa is a complete mess, and many are unhappy with the product they’ve received.

Now I don’t explicitly want specific racing games to fail. As a hardcore sim racer, any developer attempting to eschew a casual-oriented experience in favor of something like BAJA: Edge of Control or Saturday Night Speedway earn major points in my book just for daring to create an interactive environment not focused around generic car collecting objectives. However, if a developer establishes a negative reputation among even a portion of the community who can present tangible evidence that the men working behind the scenes are giant assholes, it’s difficult to cheer them on as the release date nears and problems pop up. Assetto Corsa had astounding potential when it was introduced into Steam’s Early Access platform during the fall of 2013, yet over the years this potential has completely evaporated, and the console release is simply the exclamation point on an already disappointing lifespan for the franchise.

Let’s start from the beginning, before moving on to how we got to this point.

Intro 2During a time when iRacing ruled the sim racing landscape, a little Italian company by the name of Kunos Simulazioni burst onto the scene with a surprisingly competent tech demo featuring a little-known European track bundled alongside a modern Lotus sports car. Dubbed Assetto Corsa, hardcore sim racers were blown away by the fidelity of the physics engine and overall driving model once the Early Access version of the game was unleashed to the wild in late 2013, with Kunos promising to flesh out the racing simulator and bring it up to par with other, more established racing simulators over the next year or so. It was a fantastic time to be a sim racing enthusiast, as most agreed that if there was one game that could sort of dethrone iRacing, the new king would most certainly be Assetto Corsa. Light on modes, features, and functionality, people still flocked to this game, perfectly content with running laps on an isolated track. The driving experience was sublime – magnified by an era where iRacing had forced sim racers to merely tolerate absurd tire characteristics.

And then development just sort of stopped. Rather than flesh out the game with weather changes, pace cars, night racing, or even the ability to pick the color of your car for online races, Kunos Simulazioni began to obsess over insignificant physics engine changes that only a fraction of the already small community could notice. This really served to split the Assetto Corsa fanbase in a way that was detrimental to the game’s overall success. The first group believed Kunos could do no wrong, eagerly ate up these minuscule updates, spent long hours on the game’s official message board competing for brownie points from staff members, and aggressively attacked anyone who questioned the sandbox-like direction development of the game had taken. The second group promptly lost interest and grew frustrated with how Assetto Corsa had almost turned into another iteration of BeamNG’s Drive – a lifeless, unfinished race car sandbox with phenomenal physics. There wasn’t much of anything to do in Assetto Corsa, and some began referring to the game as a Chris Harris Hotlap Simulator because it’s not like the AI worked, and online racing functionality paled in comparison to other simulators.

acs-2015-11-01-14-06-34-701These complaints continued as the downloadable content packs piled up, and despite an increasing level of displeasure over what this title had turned into, both Kunos Simulazioni and their fans were convinced that this valid criticism was simply the result of a few mentally ill individuals embarking upon an endless smear campaign. To some extent, they were right. We’ve profiled a few sim racers here on PRC.net who indeed spent every waking moment roaming the internet to spread an anti-AC sentiment to anyone who would lend them an ear. However, their complaints would often be echoed by much more stable personnel as the months wore on, and a collective gasp from the entire sim racing scene was heard when Kunos Simulazioni announced that rather than polishing the PC version in order to win over the sim racing crowd who were disappointed with the current state of the game, the Italian developer revealed that Assetto Corsa would be released for next-generation consoles with the help of 505 Games.

Yes, you heard that right. With only a portion of the sim racing community supporting this game in the first place, and a lot of people either losing interest in the title or being frustrated with how it didn’t quite live up to their rather basic expectations aside from the driving physics, Kunos believed it would be a wise decision to push this unfinished driving sandbox on the mainstream console audience – who were almost spoiled with massive, engrossing simulators in Forza Motorsport, Gran Turismo, and even DiRT Rally. Even if, by some miracle, Kunos managed to weld Assetto Corsa into a state where the majority of sim racers were happy with it, there was simply no incentive to buy this game over what was already available for a discounted price at GameStop. It was totally unnecessary and almost foolish to port this game over to the console market in the first place.

But don’t take my word for it. Stefano Casillo of Kunos Simulazioni feels the same way – so already there’s evidence of the developers themselves not being entirely on-board with this project. Why on earth would you not care about how two thirds of your customers feel about your game? That’s a bit of an interesting stance for a developer to take on a game that’s about to get infinitely more exposure than a PC game sold only through Steam.

stef1I knew things were going to be bad when Sprint Car driver Billy Strange of Inside Sim Racing started uploading preview footage of the console version, albeit alongside some fairly robotic & awkward commentary. You see, Strange mentioned at the beginning of each video that he was under what’s called a review embargo, where usually the editor of a website signs some kind of agreement not to publish any critical writings about the product until launch day – and this is done primarily to ensure that bad reviews don’t put a substantial dent in sales numbers.

As a result, Strange introduced the video by saying he was only allowed to show “certain cars on certain tracks”, and forced to choose his words carefully as AI cars in the console version of Assetto Corsa filed into the pits on the final lap of the race – signifying a major issue in the PC version of the game still hadn’t been fixed almost a year later, and after several alleged AI updates that were supposed to eradicate this altogether. Yet despite Strange obviously making up a few spots in the running order thanks to this hilarious problem, the running order still scored him as eighth in the final race standings – completely omitting the fact that he’d passed four or five cars within the last kilometer of the circuit.

This set the tone for what was to come.

t3_4ygwmdWe now jump to August 26th, 2016. Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Assetto Corsa have been released across Europe, with the North American release date scheduled for the industry standard of Tuesday, August 30th. I’ve done my fair share of reading, mixed with a bit of watching and even a bit of listening, and I’ll do my best to give readers a summary of how this title has been received by those who purchased it.

Assetto Corsa is a game you will want to avoid until there is a unanimous consensus from a large portion of consumers that indicates the several show-stopping technical issues have been fixed, and certain basic features most would deem as standard inclusions have been added. To my surprise, most people went into the game quite educated about what they had purchased, and were fully aware that the focus would be on the driving physics first and foremost, not the bells and whistles typically displayed in a more expansive title such as Forza Motorsport. However, these individuals were greeted with crippling framerate problems, screen-tearing glitches, poor audio optimization, and dated graphics that forced many to completely abandon the title altogether mere hours after opening the package. Those who were able to extract an acceptable level of performance from the software via the use of certain camera views and car/track combinations soon discovered an underwhelming experience featuring poor artificial intelligence, lackluster gamepad support, and an utterly pointless single player campaign mode.

And as they poked around for things to do, a lack of time trial rankings or even support for creating your own personal online sessions to avoid the numerous trolls were simply non-existent. It’s not that people went in expecting Forza Motorsport and were upset that they couldn’t draw dicks on their cars – the game had crippling performance issues, looked visually inferior to last-generation software, and wouldn’t even let you race with your friends.

It was an abomination of a racing game, and if there’s one positive aspect about the mess of the console release, it gave those critical of how the game had evolved some much-needed justification in the face of fanboys everywhere who were convinced Kunos could do no wrong.

In my opinion, there are four main factors which contributed to the reason why Assetto Corsa on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is not just an underwhelming racing simulator that will be forgotten in a month, but a failure unlike any other in this particular genre. It’s one thing for a game to be released in a state that’s a bit bland and boring – Simbin’s Race Pro just sort of stumbled onto the Xbox 360 without much of a peep from the community altogether – but the sequence of events leading up to this launch, as well as those after the game arrived in the hands of the public, have created a situation that is just downright embarrassing for both Kunos Simulazioni, as well as their fans. While some could argue that Project CARS was an objectively bigger train wreck,  Assetto Corsa was supposed to be the game that relieved people from Project CARS, not subject them to the same bullshit, all over again.

hfogoElement #1 – Hostile Developers and Empty Promises

The whole debacle really started during the holiday season of 2015. Complaints about Assetto Corsa were skyrocketing, and the PC version was in an eternal science project-like state. The tire model continued to receive meticulous updates, but the game itself had been stuck in a limbo that relegated it to the status of the aforementioned Chris Harris Hotlap Simulator. Sure, Assetto Corsa had received numerous downloadable content packs, but the experience you received upon starting the game could be accurately described as an expansive tech demo – a fair bit of European cars, an okay-ish list of tracks, but no real purpose to the game aside from driving by yourself. As you can see above, Kunos responded to an increase in criticism by telling their own customers to “have fun or get out.”

As if this wasn’t enough, they began tracking people down who had made critical comments about the game outside of the official forums, and banning them as well.


But they weren’t done yet. After allowing the third party modding community to flourish within the official forums for several years, really helping to turn Assetto Corsa into the cult phenomenon you see today, Stefano randomly closed the huge community hub and told people to find somewhere else to go, effectively splitting up what was once a mammoth group of users dedicated to helping inject some life into the game. And rather than treat their customers with at least some resemblance of respect when making basic press releases that indicated maybe the game wouldn’t come out when they said it would, Kunos then used the Red Bull Gaming media outlet to announce that the console version of Assetto Corsa would be delayed due tofootball.


Anyone who owned the PC version of the game could go to the official message boards and discover that this was complete bullshit – the vast array of bugs found by random users of the PC version indicated the title was nowhere near ready for a mainstream console launch, but this didn’t deter Kunos from establishing themselves as a rather hostile developer, and they confirmed this would be the approach taken during PR pieces shortly before the launch of the console version. Not only were they incapable of taking criticism, going through great lengths to ban people from their official forums, and unable to admit that maybe there were a few problems behind the scenes by blaming delays on fucking soccer games, the team thought it would be a great idea to attack the community directly, and out of left field claimed that anyone who thought there would be differences between the two versions of Assetto Corsa was simply a conspiracy theorist.

marcoTechnically, Marco was right – the underlying physics engine powering both versions of the game would remain the same. However, the list of content between the two games would receive drastic changes. Cars found in the PC version of Assetto Corsa, implemented throughout the game’s lifespan as free updates, were suddenly removed from the title and offered as exclusive pre-order downloadable content. Two major DLC releases that have already been available on the PC for several months, dubbed The Red Pack and The Japanese Pack, were yanked from the game even after Kunos stated that the console rendition Assetto Corsa would ship with all previous PC DLC packs as vanilla content. Even more confusing, PC owners learned the would have to pay extra for the Ferrari FXX-K, the cover athlete for the console version, which is found on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Blu-Ray disc by default.

Assetto_Corsa_9car_bonusLGAssetto Corsa fans did not learn the game would ship without the inclusion of custom lobby support until 24 hours before the European release date, meaning a hell of a lot of individuals intending to use Assetto Corsa as their new online league platform to get away from the mess that was Project CARS were shit out of luck. The recent kerfuffle between Sony and Fanatec parting ways was not explicitly stated by Kunos Simulazioni, and Fanatec steering wheel owners purchased Assetto Corsa only to discover that a day-one patch disabled support for their expensive toy steering wheel – meaning a lot of people were intentionally rolling back their system or frantically disconnecting from the internet just to play their new game in an enjoyable fashion.

Combined with the review embargo, which prevented news outlets from letting consumers know what they’d be receiving with Assetto Corsa on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it made Kunos Simulazioni look less like the heroes of sim racing, and more along the lines of a developer trying desperately to make a quick buck off a poor man’s Gran Turismo.

Element #2 – Severe Technical Issues

Before Assetto Corsa had made it out into the wild, an anonymous video game journalist had taken to Reddit in a desperate cry for help with the game, hoping to be aided by Assetto Corsa experts after a less than satisfactory experience. During the review process for Assetto Corsa, he simply could not understand why the PC version of the game had received such glowing support from the sim racing community, as the console edition suffered from embarrassing technical issues making the game virtually unplayable to the point where he thought he’d actually done something wrong himself. The guy’s complaints had nothing to do with the overall purpose of Assetto Corsa as a hardcore racing simulator; he essentially described a Chinese knock-off version of Forza Motorsport that could barely maintain a playable framerate, featured the worst instances of screen tearing he’d ever seen, and visually could fit in with most PlayStation 2 games.

All of his posts and comments were promptly down-voted by a mass of Assetto Corsa fanboys, who were convinced he just didn’t understand the point of the simulator, but his impressions were soon supported by hundreds of individuals also wondering what in the world they just bought.

complaintsContrary to what a lot of people expected – myself included – complaints about Assetto Corsa from the normal folks populating Facebook have nothing to do with the lack of content. This was a big concern some of the more rabid fanboys had over Assetto Corsa being unleashed to the console masses – that the normies would grow bored with the game’s focus on the raw driving aspect, rather than giving them hundreds of cars to collect or liveries to design. Most customers appeared to have genuinely researched what kind of product Assetto Corsa was trying to be, knew exactly what they were getting into, and were instead presented with show-stopping performance issues that outright ruined the game. They were not disappointed by the fact that Assetto Corsa had around ninety cars and twenty tracks (well, some were), or lacked a massive career mode complete with narrative bits from Jeremy Clarkson – the content that was on the disc, didn’t even work. All of this, after they’d been told from several news outlets that the PC version of the game was basically the best racing simulator money could buy, and that Kunos could do no wrong.

And then the masses found out about the lack of private lobbies, the last-minute incompatibility with Fanatec gear, and the intrusive downloadable content plan aiming to re-sell content already available on the PC version, and it just sort of snowballed into a mess beyond control. Their PR guy eventually gave up, pasting one of the same five responses to any negative feedback.

rabidElement #3 – Bizarre Fanboy Defense

So it’s pretty clear that Assetto Corsa shipped in a less than satisfactory state. Between framerate trouble, screen tearing, a decline in visual fidelity, and the lack of an ability to create your own online session for your buddies, the masses who picked this title up absolutely slaughtered it for completely justifiable reasons. The game was virtually unplayable thanks to performance issues that should have been ironed out after numerous delays, and when it came to extremely preliminary features – such as being able to host a session or compare fastest laps with your friends – all of these had been left on the cutting room floor in favor of… well… nothing. It’s important to note that a whole host of people were in unanimous agreement that the physics engine lived up to every last portion of the hype, but the product around it was so broken and almost non-existent, it was hard for anyone to justify dropping Forza Motorsport or Project CARS for a title of Assetto Corsa’s caliber. Again, it had nothing to do with the lack of a livery editor, massive campaign mode, car collecting meta-game, or fancy progression features. Assetto Corsa couldn’t even get the basics right.

And yet, the fanboys are acting in a way that almost follows a script. You can go check out the various message boards and Facebook comments section to see it in action for yourself, but it’s like a cohesive group of people are currently racing around the internet to dismiss any legitimate criticisms of Assetto Corsa as console idiots who don’t understand what a simulator is – and I’ve taken a screenshot of some of my favorites above to display just how absurd this can get. Let me make this as clear as I possibly can – Assetto Corsa is not being roasted for not being the next Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport. Many actually knew what to expect going in, a sign that modern gaming news outlets are doing wonders for keeping people informed. People are instead pissed because this game doesn’t fucking work.

But you have these obsessed basement dwellers totally convinced that people are just butthurt over Assetto Corsa not being the second coming Gran Turismo, and they’re attacking disgruntled customers for complaints they haven’t even made. Are there some people upset that the track count is a bit heavy on the European side, and that Career Mode is uninspiring? Yes. Is that why most are trashing the game and are asking for refunds? No. Assetto Corsa barely works in the first place, nor does it accommodate the needs of modern racing game fans when at its best.

ItElement #4 – Dishonest Reviews

Let’s cause some problems here. If you want to check out something beyond hilarious, take a journey over to the Metacritic page for the PlayStation 4 version of Assetto Corsa page. Almost every review of the title that gives the game a score of 80 or above is from a strictly Italian website, the same nationality of the game’s developer, Kunos Simulazioni. The rest of the reviews written primarily from English-speaking outlets, score the game somewhere between a 50 and a 70 – about right for a hardcore racing simulator suffering from numerous technical problems. I mean, because of libel lawsuits and such, I can’t come out and say that I believe there’s some shady business going on, but a truckload of highly positive reviews from Italian and Spanish websites glossing over major issues which are currently causing people to return this game en mass are extremely questionable.

Untitled-4As we dive deeper into the English-spoken reviews, some of the writings don’t even align with each other. PlayStationLifeStyle.net writes that Assetto Corsa features a bare-bones career mode, while USGamer describes Career mode as “fairly comprehensive.”  Digitally Downloaded writes that online racing worked as advertised (and completely omitted the lack of private lobbies, which has pissed a lot of people off), while the anonymous reviewer asking Reddit for help stated there wasn’t anybody else online to actually test the game with. You can do these little comparisons with practically every positive and negative review of Assetto Corsa; it’s like anybody who scored the game above an 80 was either Italian or didn’t play the game at all, but merely regurgitated the list of features and slapped a score on at the end.


So this is the console version of Assetto Corsa, the product in which Kunos Simulazioni have slaved over since the endeavor was announced early last year. If you’re in the market for a new racing game, and for whatever reason aren’t entertained my the numerous offerings currently available on the market, I’d advise you to wait this one out until it drops in price and Kunos are able to iron out the bugs. Given their work ethic, Stefano’s tendency to stop what he’s doing to fight with forum trolls or play guitar, as well as the snail-like pace of the PC version’s development progress, early adopters of this game might be waiting a long fucking time for the product to evolve in a way that meets people’s expectations of what they hoped to receive on launch day. Between the empty promises, numerous technical issues, rabid fanboys who are convinced none of these game-breaking problems actually exist and people were just expecting too much, along with the totally dishonest reviews of the product, it’s becoming increasingly clear that you aren’t missing much if you skip out on Assetto Corsa for the current crop of home consoles.


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  1. Inb4 a huge army of AC fanboys come here to defend AC. Just face it ac fanboys, AC being released on consoles is a bigger failure than the original game on PC, so you fucking shills can stop pretending that Kunos are the most perfect devs ever, and that their game is a masterpiece because AC is a pile of shit, and the game reviewers who aren’t paid to shill for this trash are able to see that.


    1. AC will be just fine
      24h peak

      24h peak

      rFactor 2 is a PLATFORM, easily extendable racing simulation that offers the latest GUESSWORK in vehicle,track and race customization, SOSO graphics in med Setting, outstanding GHOST TOWN multiplayer and the height of FAKING racing realism. It features NO QC mixed class road racing with ULTRA(lel) realistic dynamics, an immersive with horrible MONO mastered sound environment, TERRIBLE ui, CHROSTOPHOBIC onboard settings, a ROBOT spotter, RETARD oval ai and MEDIOCRE graphics.

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      1. You seem to miss the whole point of this article. AC is basically unplayable on a console. It’s not a competition against rFactor or whatever.


    2. Outrageous comments that are clearly personally motivated.
      You see when a company like Kunos does things they do them so well that it creates a lot of jealousy in the community, this jealousy is reflected here on PRC.
      AC has actually been a big success and it heads and shoulders above anything else on the market, nobody can deny its a polished game.


        1. He’s in a hurricane you idiot and thats pretty damn good simulation for a hurricane, have you seen better and in what game?


  2. b4 a huge army of AC fanboys come here to defend AC. Just face it ac fanboys, AC being released on consoles is a bigger failure than the original game on PC, so you fucking shills can stop pretending that Kunos are the most perfect devs ever, and that their game is a masterpiece because AC is a pile of shit, and the game reviewers who aren’t paid to shill for this trash are able to see that.


    1. Defend AC? you mean spam a ton of shit including porn and racist shit, thats about the extent of their defense, if a stupid cunt like me can run circles around the dweebs they dont stand a chance in a legit discussion.


  3. Thanks to the fanatec debacle, I can put fifty towards a PC. funny how shit works, broken games are fine but a peripheral for broken game is not. I’ll quote the great neilly HAY MUST BE FOR THE MONEY.


    1. Please post those figures again, when the first Porsche DLC has been released.

      Then again, anybody still playing rF2, might not be too good with numbers, so it might be pointless


  4. The console launch never made sense to me, except perhaps to offeset the cost of the big licenses they’ve managed to negotiate. I’m not surprised there have been technical issues and the reaction to the lack of content in the game was expected as well. I will say it doesn’t seem to be as bad of a launch as Project CARS, however.

    I disagree with the statement that development of the game has stopped. I think clearly development and tweaks have continued, but the problem is there have been no substantial new features added and the game remains an extremely slim offering.

    You can make the best game in the world from a technical standpoint but if it’s presented badly and doesn’t offer much to do, people will get bored and pissed off. I understand Kunos are a very small team but they lack a cohesive vision of what AC is supposed to be and this is a problem.


      1. Codemasters has been doing consoles games since playstation1… I played their toca touring cars on ps1. And they never stopped making console (and pc) games throughout the last and this decade. Kunos first offline/multiplayer game for the general public, netkar and Ferrari academy were too specific and limited audience access.


  5. My favorite part is blaming the consoles for being underpowered due to their shitty optimizations. The game doesn’t run smooth on PC, and in a world where Forza 6 runs at 1080p60, and the Horizon series at 30, as well as Driveclub, and with vastly superior games like Battlefront, NFS, and, well, anything else Dice/frostbite at 1080p60, their single light sourced, basic gradient mapped environment lighting should be a cinch.


      1. Not that it matters, but I’m running a 960 and I’ll be upgrading to a 1070 soon. Getting high FPS on my triples isn’t a problem, I can run PCars at 60 and it feels smoother than AC at 144 with all of its microstutters. Games just shit optimized. Get over it. And yes, I also have triples.
        And, you’re still a jackass for ignoring the fucking point. Consoles run significantly more graphically detailed games at a higher consistent framerate.


    1. It has been hysterical reading master race idiots/Kunos’ shills trying to paint the situation as inevitable, because “what do you expect when you try to bring PC graphics to a console? Heh”. I can’t even tell if they are being retarded fanboys or if they just live in a bubble where AC is an incredible achievement because they are comparing it to Richard Burns Rally, GTR2 and Automobilista. Some racing sim players are completely out of touch with modern video games outside of their niche, so they don’t even realize that console exclusives and multiplatform games are the ones pushing graphics the most these days, because PC exclusives can’t justify the budget.


  6. Assetto Corsa was supposed to be the game that relieved people from Project CARS, not subject them to the same bullshit, all over again.

    Because of the above

    I have held off for the first time on a purchase (ps4) for a racing game I am or was interested in very much , having never played the game on pc I was pretty excited it was coming .

    After reading review after review ( not that most reviewers even know how to play driving games – or so it seems sometimes ” non sim site related game reviewers” ) I decided to put the whole thing on hold as I am not going through another project cars abortion – hoping for a fix here and their that never comes .

    It’s not worth the fucking frustration.

    I know there are minimal console owners here but can someone convince me otherwise ? of my decision.

    On a whole for the ps4 it doesn’t look great for racing games on it .

    Project cars fucked up mess
    Assetto Corsa fucked up mess ( or so it seems )
    The crew just fucked

    dirt rally great !
    F1 2016 great !
    Drive club I had some fun with it! crazy I know 🙂


  7. I remember that early rf2 GT2 demo unrealistic ice racing physics because less grip and harder to drive means it’s more realistic. I also remember an imbecile maybe it was James posted the car setup to make it proper drivable. Now the car is easy to drive not fun anymore.I told u rf2 is GUESSWORK!


  8. MFW you take screenshots of PC users slamming the “this game is too hard” reviews as console children, and pretend they’re screenshots of PC users slamming the “I found a bug in the game” bug reports.


        1. Ironically, there’s a term for that: Bug chasing.

          Oh man. All the hype dug the grave for this game. The only question that remains is who is going to kill it. Disgruntled optimists? The church and its templars? The filthy haters?


          1. Bag chasing sounds like an extreme form of fanboyism, thats for sure. The one thing that will surely kill this game is the developers, themselves. If you’re not going to listen to your customers and fix the bugs, then at least keep quiet about it, instead of jumping on the forums and crying like little bitches and banning people for wrong speak.


  9. My main problem with AC as it stands is that there’s no benchmark at all for improvement within the game. Your lap times do not get saved. Am I quicker this week on Monza 1966 than I was last week? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? The world may never know. I’m having to resort to looking at RSR lap times for the PC to see if what I’m doing is even competitive.

    In a game that is entirely about hot laps, you need to be able to track your progression SOMEHOW in regards to this. What’s the point of coming back over and over to this game if your best is never saved or recorded?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So you never checked in game menu-profile for your best lap times for all combos you’ve done so far? This exists in the PC version since a long time ago. And when you select a car and a track, in the same page overview it tell you your personal best, next or below the track picture after is selected.


      1. Talking about the console version as that is what this article is about. The console version of AC doesn’t save anything session to session, which is why it’s a bit listless right now even as a hot lap simulator.


    2. This has to be a joke. The game saves your best lap time and shows it to you along with your best lap of that particular session. It also has a delta bar to know how you are doing in each part of the track, and if you don’t like how they look you can go to RD and download different apps. You can also go to your profile in the menu and look at the best times for every combination in the game.


  10. I must admit even though im normally hot lapping, when i tried a few quick races the other day (same class), opponents drew away really fast. Like too fast. The game was on easy as well. I do honestly think that the game needs slight tweeking of each difficulty range (easy medium hard alien). Its all well and good the fanboys just saying “hey, spend 60 hours a week on it like i do” but your misunderstanding the definition of the word “easy”. Its easy. As long as you dont do anything silly then you should be WINNING! Thats what easy is. Then you go UP from that difficulty.
    I keep hearing this “its a sim” rubbish from people. Well, it just came out on ps4 and xbox which are GAMING consoles and not simming consoles. If the devs want the big money of the commercial gaming world then it needs be more accessible for those individuals who dont play as often as most of us and who dont have wheel setups.


    1. It was hilarious watching the latest Inside Sim Racing video (novice series 2 I think) and seeing the AI cars leaving him in the dust, with the difficulty jumping wildly between events and of course that nice little game feature when the opponents sometimes go into the pits at the last moment to let him take the gold.

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  11. Console version is clearly inferior compared to PC version, worse performance, worse graphics, lack of private servers, lack of mods etc. PC Master Race wins again.


  12. AC is miles in front of its competitors on console, theres a lot of sour grapes because its been such a success, its got very personal and that has taken attention from what an outstanding simulation it really is.
    Its in a class of its own and thats the opinion of most true sim experts.


    1. Yes, just let the devs patch out the remaining issues, which they will, and console player will come to realize how fantastic a sim AC is. While I do agree that low framerate and no private lobbies are issues, and need to be addressed quickly, the arcade orientated folks among the PC users also had to learn at first what AC is and what it does not want to be.
      With the console the same process is happening again. Give it few months, until the issues have been ironed out, the Porsche DLC has been released, and the console people will also love AC.
      He who daubts, shall look up the daily player count on steamspy, and watch it rising…


  13. “Rather than flesh out the game with weather changes, pace cars, night racing, or even the ability to pick the color of your car for online races,”

    Why rather than? What you’re writing is how you wanted the game to be, but they didn’t say the game will be that way, never announced or promised such game design for the current AC.

    “Kunos Simulazioni began to obsess over insignificant physics engine changes that only a fraction of the already small community could notice.”

    So now they are insignificant changes? They why you had to write several articles in the past surrounded by :major: drama about physics, aero, and tyres? Articles typically ordered by associat0r, hexagramme, jzstudios, and other people.


  14. Nice rant, you are getting the stalker fanboys closer to your home. You will then be kidnapped and forced to play AC on acid without food and water in a cold basement for years until you´ll start to like it


  15. James my boy ..What happen to AMS v1 news?Are u using W7? lel! I know u hate Kunos and AC so much but cmon go out there n give us some Rieza news!


    1. Had never raced in AC and never will. Switched from iRacing to AMS and don’t regret it one single bit.

      Is AMS v1 doing so good that there’s nothing to shit on?


        1. AMS:
          Peak concurrent players yesterday: 208
          rFactor 2:
          Peak concurrent players yesterday: 284

          Wow, that’s worse than I thought. That’s what happens when you stop the hit pieces on Reiza, people immediately forget that they exist. Maybe that’s a good thing for them though, this way it won’t be a problem when they sweep that Reiza17 game under the rug to keep selling AMS DLC packs.


  16. Good and quite fair article.

    About the career mode: did you know that it wasn’t updated for ages? It doesn’t even use content like Zandvoort published for free more than one year ago. And of course Kunos didn’t even change something for the console users. Because especially for these guys the game provides despite missing activities like testing mods or SRS online racing or leagues a lot of variety.


  17. Where is the next AC shill blog?

    Porsche Porsches. Ferdinand goes Assetto Corsa.

    RIP rfactor/AMS soon


  18. When a company like Kunos does things that do them so well, it creates a lot of jealousy in the community, this jealousy is clearly being reflected here on PRC with an endless amount of articles about Assetto Corsa.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. With AC being the most played and talked about racing game, the author has choosen this sim to pay for his bills. Sadly, my modified hosts file does not allow for any ads to be displayed,…pity

      Liked by 1 person

  19. I tried Xbox One version yesterday at my friend’s house, physics were great, but the AI was definitely way too fast, even on easy difficulty on GT3 class. With Expert difficulty on Forza Motorsport 6 it’s much easier to win races than easy difficulty on Assetto Corsa.


  20. James… Something with a nail and a head.

    It’s funny that you show the crazy fanboyism that is characteristic of AC, and some of those still have the guts to defend a fucking broken game on here.


  21. ‘Broken’???

    The games a very polished simulation that i can see you are very jealous about, Kunos can’t help it if they make a game thats so good it upsets people.


  22. So much win in this article. Thanks Austin, what a nice read! That was a lot of work to summarize all the shit done by KS. Thank you so much


    1. I remember when Kunos announced the Nords to be laser scan, Imbeciles like Hexx,Assoc and other ISIs nazis said that rf2 ver of Nords is the most accurate.Ab·surd!


          1. I can confirm that there are at least a few AC fans who are completely out of their minds.

            Not much of an exciting story, really. They found out the source of a negative Reader Submission about AC, and sent him a bunch of death threats.


  23. JAMES IS A SINNER, he will pay the ultimate penalty of eternal destruction, being banished from the presence of the Lord Kunos and from His glorious majesty.


  24. Other than some physics improvement Assetto Corsa is unchanged 2 years after I bought it and was told that it’s a work in progress. It’s a business, nothing more and they don’t get mine anymore.


  25. How about assignable buttons, brake pressure, steering lock, picking a skin in multiplayer, just a bunch of stupid little things that are in every other sim.


  26. I see that you tiny dicks still spread your sick hatred on this shitty website huh…
    It must be nice to be jobless and have so much free time on your hands.
    What are your plans this week, besides fucking your own mothers?
    Yep, motherS, cos you have several… lol


    1. besides the last two videos being old, it works as intended because is the fake stability control doing super human forces on the AI cars in certain situations. It doesn’t behave that way when devs turn that parameter off, but it brings problems in other areas. So hopefully they can tackle those and disable stability control for AI cars, so that is as unforgiving for the players as for the AI.


  27. AC has always been broken and lacking features. It’s the worst sim I have ever owned. I bought it in 2014. Of course the console versions are bad. Propably shockingly bad for console gamers. I feel sorry for them.


  28. Ainoa vakavasti otettava ajosimulaattori, jossa on tämän päivän grafiikat. rFactorissa ja iRacingissa kun ei ole. 

    Vaatii valitettavasti FFB-ratin että tätä on oikeastaan mitään järkeä hankkia. Gamepadillakin kuulemma pystyy vetämään nopeita aikoja jos treenaa, mutta paras osa pelistä menee hukkaan, kun ei tunne FFB:ta joka on hämmästyttävän aidon tuntuinen kaikissa ajotilanteissa.

    AI voisi olla parempi vähän konemaisesti vetävät vaikka todella lujaa, ja uramoodi on tosi erikoinen… peliä kuitenkin kehitetään koko ajan, jatkuvien ilmaisten päivitysten muodossa + halpoja DLC paketteja.


    1. Fucking Finnish thought that he could write with his primitive language.
      We’re civilized advanced people here, we speak ENGLISH, mkay?
      We don’t want that retarded European bullshit.
      GTFO, fucking aryan viking, you racist piece of shit! I bet you’re so proud of Breivik huh, you fucking nazi cunt!


  29. Smörebröd Smörebred römtamtäm tam Smöre bred smöre breäes
    ASSETTO CORSA Number one in SimValue.

    Waiting for PORSCHEs now


  30. I just wish I would’ve never bought the game back in 2014 summer, wouldn’t be involved in the shitty simracing community with a bunch of retarded cuck fanboys.


    1. You’re the retarded one with your racist name.
      Aren’t you ashamed of using the name Jesus, who is responsible for the death of millions of black people since 2000 years now?
      I hope you choke in your sleep.


    1. LOL if I really did this, I wouldn’t attack Kunos.
      Instead, I would go to Israel to kill as many jews as possible.
      They’re #1 terrorist state in the world.


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