So Gran Turismo Sport Was Delayed…

gt_sport_gran_turismo_sport_release_date_1I’m admittedly a bit late on this one, but given the recent announcement from Kazunori Yamauchi himself, it’s time to shift our focus on discussing the delay of Gran Turismo Sport. What should come as no surprise to fans of the Gran Turismo franchise, yet another modern entry in the once-historic series of console-based racing simulations has been pushed back from the original intended release date, indicating the game Polyphony Digital have been hard at work on might not live up to Yamauchi’s initial vision of the project.

We were supposed to be receiving Gran Turismo Sport for Sony’s PlayStation 4 sometime this fall, and on paper the title aimed to distance itself from the linear campaign of previous entries in the series, instead focusing on an iRacing-like experience with a heavy emphasis centered around online competitions. However, plans have changed, deadlines weren’t able to be met in time, and Kaz now lists the tentative date as sometime in 2017. This could mean anything from blowing off your date on Valentines Day to turn some extra laps in Gran Turismo as a last ditch effort to improve your safety rating, or the team at Polyphony need almost an entire year to flesh out the game.

A safe bet is the latter scenario. While we know that Gran Turismo Sport will basically resemble iRacing for the PlayStation 4, and we’ve seen a fair bit of both the vehicle and location roster, what we don’t know is basically anything to do with the physical gameplay elements. We’ve been left in the dark on what the completely re-built career mode will look like, we’re not sure how safe driving points will be awarded, and there isn’t even any sort of outline as to how competitions are going to be conducted on a weekly basis. We don’t know the average race length, how difficult it will be to progress through the online rankings, or what level of simulation value Polyphony plan to replicate. The more you dig about this game, the less there is to discover – GT Sport will have an abundance of GT3-spec race cars, Prototypes featuring a mix of real-world participants and Vision GT concepts, as well as many of the same locations featured in Gran Turismo 6… But that’s about it. Sure, there’s the weird FIA Virtual License… thing… Yet we’re still at the point where nobody’s really sat down and said “here’s how it will work, and what you can expect from the experience.”

GT-Sport-Screenshots-70We’re definitely sitting at an odd spot in which the vision of Gran Turismo Sport we’ve got in our collective conscious – a valiant attempt at taking the iRacing format and unleashing it on a much bigger audience with the help of an enormous budget – might actually look better in our fantasies than the final product when thrown into our PlayStation 4 consoles. As much as I almost enjoy ripping on iRacing for the endless bullshit that seems to surround the simulator, sitting down and determining the logistics of a competitive virtual online racing world isn’t an easy task, especially when someone like Kazunori Yamauchi is in charge of the project, and has zero experience with this side of auto racing simulators. It’s not like Gran Turismo 6 featured an obscure “Ranked Leagues” mode that could be expanded upon in full for GT Sport; we’re looking at a guy who’s admitted in interviews that he hasn’t even played the products of his competitors, and whose last two titles were blasted by the community who once adored his PlayStation 2 releases.

I’ve heard, from those who have tried the beta builds available at the various conventions, that there’s at least a bit of potential with the game. But a delay such as this one, especially after GT5 and GT6 really shitting the bed in the eyes of longtime fans, is not the way you want to start the project. There’s always a reason games in this genre get delayed – we’ve seen it with Project CARS, Assetto Corsa, and DriveClub – so you know things aren’t going as planned behind the scenes.

I like the concept of Gran Turismo Sport, and I think it’s right for someone to try and do what iRacing does, but better, yet as the asshole who runs PRC, it’s disappointing to see this delay. I started the week writing about how Assetto Corsa on consoles was a buggy-ass game, ventured into the topic of a developer literally re-selling a game they refuse to finish on two new platforms, and now we have one game with at least some potential pushed back by an enormous amount. This genre isn’t dying, but it’s definitely getting driven to the hospital for long-term care.


57 thoughts on “So Gran Turismo Sport Was Delayed…

  1. Doesnt matter if GTS release this year or 2017 , still no one will play rf2 a great platform with guesswork contents.


    1. I see rF2 players in the same light as Mazda MX5 owners – people may laugh at them, but what does it matter when they are enjoying themselves so much? I pity you and your closed mind. I hope you’re enjoying Project Cars with it’s thousands of players. I just hope you’re not surprised when you’re old enough to drive a real car, and then realise how shit the Project Cars physics actually are.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I was looking forward to the release this year prior to Xmas 😦 Was keen to see what it was like.

    I have enjoyed a little bit of gt5 and 6 in recent years , Project Cars actually gave me more enjoyment at the end of the day .

    If they keep on the current format of the physics engine it isn’t going to compete with what’s out there at the moment , seems as if they put soooo much effort into this photo mode that the rest of the game got left behind, the videos of the so called 50% stage really are awfully dull looking affairs with the cars bouncing of each other like every other iteration of Gran turismo..

    I just cant see it being that much different than there previous titles when it comes to physics and damage. ( I know they have said its all being redone)

    Ohhh does this mean the Thrustmaster Direct Drive wheel will be delayed seeing it is labelled with GT symbols 😦
    I guess it will but I Hope not.


  3. Seeing as it is a Japanese team trying to complete a AAA project for the current generation of consoles, it would be a small miracle if they actually managed to get close to their original release date. Japanese directors and designers are also the only ones, barring some hipster indie devs, who wouldn’t think of thoroughly studying what their competitors are doing, something that would be unthinkable in pretty much every other industry.


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    Seriously out of control, who are these people and whats going on?


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  5. Let’s hope Forza saves the day somewhere in the future. They’ve shown they don’t care at all about rammers, idiots and corner cutting but at least they can release a working game on time without reusing original xbox assets.


    1. I hope so too but it’s unlikely. It’s in the Xbox trinity with Halo and Gears, they’re not fixing what’s not broken in their eyes, it’s going to continue being what Forza has become and it’s a racer with events giving solid serious real life prizes away for in-game performance that rewards only those who can break broken boundaries best.

      Really appreciating the serious business of the competitions of the twice a decade Gran Turismo and what the winners get outta that though.

      At least it’s not DriveClub.


  6. As someone who follows Gran Turismo as a series, no one should be surprised by this. Every Gran Turismo game past the original on PS1 has had delays, they’ve just grown longer and more numerous over time. Heck, Gran Turismo PSP was only released because Gran Turismo 5 was a development nightmare.


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