Not the Right Way to Evolve…

14047299_593566650816977_469688396720046812_oChalk it up to a change in staff members at Monster Games, a shift in the overall landscape of gaming, or just downright shitty decisions made without the customer in mind, but I’m not as excited for NASCAR Heat as I should be. Sure, the twelve year old trapped somewhere inside me is giddy at the fact that all of our wildest fantasies over the past decade came true – the team behind Dirt to Daytona really did wrestle the license away from the laughable efforts of Eutechnyx and EA Sports – but maybe those blissful memories of slugging away at NASCAR titles on the GameCube will remain just that – memories.

NASCAR Heat is set to release in just over a week for the PC, Xbox One, as well as Sony’s PlayStation 4, and while we’ve applied for a review copy of the PC version, I’ve got a few concerns I feel should be vocalized to kick off the weekend here on Yes, NASCAR is an acquired taste, and this won’t be of much interest to our European readers, but there was once a time when NASCAR console titles were simply phenomenal and truly something to look forward to. After falling off the map with five shovelware releases in a row from 2010 to 2015, the release of NASCAR Heat 2016 is an important milestone; these games are hopefully about to get back on track. Imagine, for a moment, if the Formula One license was given to the guys behind M&M’s Kart Racing for a few years before Codemasters picked it up in 2010. It was kinda like that.

13963000_592947057545603_379234381914428065_oWithout the PRC cap on, I’ve combed through as much preview footage of this game that I can find, as well as the reactions of YouTube community members who still subject themselves to the torture that is NASCAR 15. Truth be told, there are more concerns about Heat Evolution than there are reasons to get excited about it. I don’t have a nice way to say this: as someone who spent many hours playing the original PC version of Heat, as well as Dirt to Daytona on both the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2, the footage of Heat 2016 is worrying.

Judging merely by the speeds each individual tasked with demonstrating the game have been able to reach at a variety of tracks, I personally don’t have a reason to believe the team at Monster Games even bothered to change the physics of the cars to reflect the 2016 rules package. Of course, I could be wrong, and the guys at Monster might be currently throwing shit at the computer monitor after their first thrashing on PRC, but there are significant problems with certain tracks demonstrated to the public over the previous weeks. Atlanta Motor Speedway is a circuit notorious for tire degradation and an overall lack of grip thanks to the track’s ancient asphalt, yet this has not been reflected in any gameplay footage of Heat 2016 – the cars are close to wide open along the bottom of the track, something that doesn’t happen in real life. And while I’m hoping the lack of speed at Las Vegas was due to merely being stuck in traffic, the Generation 6 cars featured in Heat 2016 are something like 10 to 15 miles per hour slower with likeable sim racer Jeff Favignano at the wheel than what could be seen during this year’s Kobalt Tools 400. Again, it leads me to believe the team haven’t even adjusted the performance of the cars, but instead swapped new 3D models on what are actually 2002-spec Winston Cup rides when consulting the internal configuration files.

This wouldn’t be a big deal if Monster Games hadn’t gone out and tracked down no less than three real world NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers, parading them around as if they were playing an integral role in the development of the game in the quest for realism and authenticity. I’m not expecting Automobilista levels of simulation value from generic marketing babble, but we’re talking a situation akin to a major Formula One game allowing you to pull off really absurd lap times because the developers weren’t quite acquainted with the source material. Even if the rest of the game was fairly acceptable, it would be one of those things that video games were supposed to outgrow as technology improved.

cockpitAesthetically, my complaints are all over the place. The menus are just not doing it for me, the HUD falls into basic bitch territory, and the cockpit view won’t really appeal to anybody. I get that it’s a novelty to show the driver’s hands and the steering wheel, but you’re taking away a huge portion of the screen to display the internals of a cockpit that are of no use to you, while taking away the sense of speed helping you to drive the car in the process. There definitely needs to be a sim-like dash cam with the wheel and hands removed, placed closer to the windshield, because what you see above is absolute junk. I don’t need a third of the TV screen to be occupied by the window net; I can’t even see it when I’m strapped into my real car.
1472745778-mediaBut let’s talk about an issue more important than any bullshit camera view that doesn’t adhere to my exact standards: Downloadable Content. Look, we all knew that there would be a few extra post-release goodies to come along with NASCAR Heat, as there were for the Eutechnyx line of games, but what Monster Games are planning once this title hits the shelves is something I can’t condone under any circumstances, even with my NASCAR fanboyism unleashed to the fullest extent. According to a recent article on RaceDepartment regarding the situation, we’re looking at somewhere over $20 in additional content for what’s already a $60 game, amounting to little other than alternate liveries and alternate crew chief voice overs. The partial list of DLC for a new NASCAR game should never be this long – and this only includes the content they’re able to announce at this time.

And since the team can’t offer a full Season Pass for whatever reason, you’ll instead be sold four mini season passes that bundle multiple pieces of content together. Price one of these at what appears to be an easy-to-afford $14.99 – reasonable given the cost listed for a simple livery pack – and you’re looking at turning a $60 NASCAR game into a $120 investment.

DLCAs a veteran NASCAR gamer, this is upsetting. All of this extra shit used to be hidden away as neat little rewards for playing the ever-loving piss out of the game, not monetized to capitalize on little asswipe kids begging mommy for her credit card.


And I can actually shit on Monster Games even more for this decision. Sure, a savvy businessman can make the argument for a steady stream of post-release DLC, but NASCAR Heat Evolution appears to include some kind of XP system that hands out experience points for doing well within the game. By monetizing all of these little goodies you see listed above, such as bonus liveries and alternate audio for the game’s spotter, you’ve effectively rendered this XP bar sitting at the top of the screen completely useless. What’s the point of even implementing experience points into the game in the first place if you’re going to take out level-up rewards and sell them as DLC instead?

spAway from my little meltdown, the final element I’d like to address in this post is something Paul Jeffrey from RaceDepartment touched on in a reply to one of his articles. Despite NASCAR Heat Evolution originally being announced for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, the PC version of the game is strangely absent from recent promotional material. I mean, maybe they know the console versions of the title will greatly outsell the Steam version, which will really only be purchased by curious iRacers, but this is… Interesting…
14053905_596035207236788_8506858886923311974_oAnd while I can confirm that I was indeed able to apply for a PC review copy of NASCAR Heat Evolution when the application link was emailed to me a few weeks ago (I could also apply for an alternate copy on a different platform), Steam doesn’t even list the game. Instead, there is a suspicious 2016 Season Update for NASCAR 15 that absolutely zero people were interested in to begin with considering NASCAR 15 was a steaming pile of shit. Why is there a need to update a redundant game with new liveries, when the new game everyone will flock to is set to come out in less than two weeks? What’s going on here?

Steam ListI’m sure I’ll enjoy my time with NASCAR Heat 2016 to some extent once I get my hands on it, but aspects like the ones I’ve covered above are starting to deter my metaphorical hype train in the direction of modest expectations mountain. Hopefully Monster Games will be able to prove me wrong, but they’re not exactly starting off on the right foot.


66 thoughts on “Not the Right Way to Evolve…

  1. Where have all the good games gone? The sales figures will not improve until the product improves, it is hard attracting investment in a dying market. RIP quality titles.


    1. I’m having security problems again.

      Come find me at my address : 2583 DZ Den Haag. That’s where I’m anally fucking my buddies at when not with my Philippine whore or making shit simcade titles to fund my prolapsed state to infinity. My cock and ego will only improve with James’s feminine complaining sperm up my anushole of doom.


  2. Now I think it is clear why there is no paint booth in game: so that people have to shell out for DLC paint packs to get more paints instead of going to a community site and downloading good quality paints from talented painters for free. Maybe someone will figure out a workaround way to put custom paints in the game. I have also heard that as of right now multiplayer is severely lacking in ways that would prevent any sort of proper league racing including lack of replays and results files, and no switching between cars with your camera effectively ruling out manual cautions.


  3. The game isn’t even out yet and they already got a giant list of dlc and exclusive preorder shit ready to go. If that doesn’t scream “cash grab” I don’t know what does. Theres a sucker born every minute though, so the sheep will waste their money on it and eventually whine and complain about it later. Publishers and devs won’t give a shit though cause they got enough money to repeat the cycle; what a racket!

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  4. You sound like one of the entitled children on the Forza forums who thinks they have to own every single car,option or paint scheme.
    DLC paint schemes are not mandatory.Don’t like the way the developer sells them,then don’t buy them.That is the way capitalism works.
    Also game developers need to generate additional income.More income hopefully = more simulation value or possibly a Ferrari for the Head of Studio.


  5. ripFactor the godfather of ripping and guesswork stuff has done it again.Simtek GT3 World Series mod released today. They say physics are based on real data from teams. What team? MY ASS!


    1. Are you having insecurity problems because AC’s console release was a fucking disaster and your small ego brain can’t handle that lord Kunos is not actually a god?


          1. Well i tried the mod anyway and i say its a shit guesswork mod..ISI 2012 Camaro way more faster then the ripped Simtek 650s..No matter what it will be consigned to oblivion soon.


            1. A proper engine with guesswork data is still better than a shit engine where you have to enter wrong data because the engine will bug out otherwise.


              1. Tried the 488 and it has more body roll than a 1972 Cadillac…plz rf2 modders stop guessing and get a proper license data not from the stinky wtf 3rd party!


                1. Lol you just wholesaled ripped that of hornbuckle you stupid cunt, unless you are him which would be even funnier, yeah being conditioned by the ultra stable AC will make you think that about proper sims.

                  I mean AC would totally not be biased to Ferrari right lol, those Italians are totally not known to behave like that, whats that IGN italia, 95/100, seems legit.


                  1. He’s just mad that his favourite game can’t even handle realistic springs.

                    Or rain
                    Or night
                    Or a safety car
                    Or engine temp
                    Or proper AI
                    Or a truly dynamic track
                    Or proper tyre wear


                  2. Yep, busted, it totally has to be me, using words such as ‘stinky’ to describe something I don’t like is so my style.

                    Anyways, I really didn’t want to get involved in a prc fucktard sim war, but whatever.
                    At the end of the day we all have our own perception and/or idea of just how much grip the real world does/doesn’t have along with just what happens when a racing slick gets near and crosses over ‘the limit’.

                    Some people feel that life is almost arcade in how much grip it actually has, and others think that John the Dentist and Jerry the Attorney (you know, the guys that fill out half the grid and are there because they can pay for the majority of the other half) are driving gods that just so happen to also be wealthy.

                    Play whatever the fuck game immerses you into believing that you are driving a fucking car instead of sitting in your fucking underwear with a toy wheel in your hands and a crusty jack-sock by your side. Find a game that you fucking enjoy enough that you can spend your time ‘getting good’ and quit giving so much of a fuck about what others are enjoying. And take that two day old plate of your Mom’s meatloaf to the kitchen and tell that bitch I said hi while you are there.

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                    1. The fact that Danica Patrick is deemed safe enough to strap into a race car every weekend is a testament to how much grip real life has


        1. PRC is nothing more than a couple guys hanging out on Teamspeak who happen to have a sim racing blog lots of people read. And you can screenshot this comment if y’all want since I CBA to make an article on it.

          At one point Horncuck was on the TS server nightly. Personally I didn’t mind him, just a friendly old guy who liked racing sims. Fairly quick in street cars to his credit.

          He got into the AC beta, so he’d be on Skype with Stefano during the day, then come on TS with our group in the evening. He would stream footage of him testing upcoming DLC for us. Sometimes he would create a server for us to hotlap.

          We got bored of this in a month, and it was actually a guy named Sal who pointed out that the four of us in a private practice session wasn’t enjoyable. I would be up front, Sal second, Chris third, Mike fourth. It got pointless, and with AC’s online being shit for public lobbies, Chris and Sal went back to iRacing. At the same time, I was exposing AC on PRC for being really broken because it was.

          I wasn’t even on TS for this next part, but everyone gave the same story.

          Dream Pack 2 came out (barcelona/ford gt40). Chris, Ethan,and Sal were on iRacing for the night running Kentucky because they personally liked the new surface model. Horncuck jumps on TS, asks if anyone bought dreampack 2. They all say no and that theyve lost interest in AC.

          Horncuck freaks and goes on a rant telling them to go fuck themselves for wanting to compare ePeens on iRacing. He then starts buying them extra copies of Dream Pack 2 on Steam as they’re turning laps in iRacing. They continue to ignore Mike, he blows up again, and leaves.

          Chris & Sal had known the guy for several years via xbox live. Turns out he did time for motorcycle theft, extorted money from ’em (Sal could sue if he pursued it), and currently can’t be employed so he forces his wife to work overtime in order to afford overpriced fanatec shit.

          Also had to get rid of the firebird in his picture on RD to afford food/rent.

          These are the kinds of people Kunos have chasing you around online to attack you when you post something implying you dont like AC.


          1. Wow, that explains all the time he has to try beat any AC dissidents over their virtual heads, at least he has a little follower here, PRC spammer has a soft spot for him, copys his posts,and repeats them here,possibly same person, we know now he has the time to stalk PRC, has he got a penchant for gay porn too?


    1. Gen6 are disguised bricks with technology from the stockcars of the ’70s. Just look what happened when that horse face Kaselowski drove straight into a wall at the Glen, the car disintegrated. Or that moron in DPs that didn’t see a car stuck in the middle of the road in the middle of the day and the entire front end section was gone.

      You don’t see shit like that happen on real race cars worldwide. Only ‘murican ones.


        1. Thats the appeal ya jack arse’s, you can tell you soft skins aint been in a real v8, just some over built euro cars, where changing oil you need 6 special tools,2 manuals and a European sanctioned garage to work on that make of car,with more wiring than your average house,no wonder average euro male is clueless under the hood, Nascars are old school 8’s built with modern materials, just wish they raced more circuits.


  6. DLC is optional. Why is everybody getting upset over this? Don’t want to pay, don’t buy. It has no effect on game play. It means as much as buying an avatar for your PSN tag.

    Multiplayer issues, among others, is far more troubling.

    These are the issues I have, and quite frankly, are all options that have existed in other games over a decade old. What I’ve learned is through scouring the net, there sure isn’t a FAQ so it’s possible these have been answered:

    a. (Confirmed Lack of cautions in Multiplayer. Nobody plays with 40 car fields online and this is the reason they say that they couldn’t enable cautions, because it would tax the servers too much. I doubt seriously that this will ever happen (40 car fields). So, who cares if the performance online takes a hit if cautions are enabled? What was the limit with cautions enabled? Why can’t this be turned on/off based on who creates the race and let them face the responsibility for this setting? If there’s a league involved, this is crap. Especially if the league has 20 members at best. Why isn’t this a setting for the race creator?

    b. Car control under cautions. Haven’t seen a video yet of how that will work. Does the computer take over? Is it free driving? Has anything been confirmed here one way or the other?

    c. Pitting under yellow. Haven’t seen a video yet of how that will work. Does the computer take over or do you drive the car down the pit lane and have to hit your stall? Do you have to request a stop from the crew or can you just show up? Has anything been confirmed here one way or the other?

    d. Pitting under green. Haven’t seen a video yet of how that will work. Does the computer take over or do you drive the car down the pit lane? Do you have to request a stop from the crew? Has anything been confirmed here one way or the other?

    e. (Confirmed by Sean Wilson Lack of custom setups in multiplayer. Fixed setup only. Seriously? No custom setup in multiplayer? What world are we in where this is considered acceptable? Again, why can’t this be a setting?

    f. Have yet to see anything that says that you can force all racers into the cockpit. Real-life drivers sit in the seat, relying on a spotter to help out in tight situations. They don’t sit and drive from a kite or a hang-glider. I saw people whining and crying on twitter when they thought this might not be available, and saying they wouldn’t buy the game if it didn’t have kite-mode, even at the expense of the issues above. If nothing else, these users have a distinct advantage in traffic when driving from outside the car, if they practice and are good enough that is. Has anything been confirmed here one way or the other?

    g. Rumor (source youtube): No in race trackbar adjustmens, in-car or in the pits. You’re stuck with the setting you make in the garage before the race.

    h. Console version maxed at 30 fps, PC 60fps. Took ’em two years to get here and that’s the max for the graphics engine (

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  7. It’s been far too long since we’ve had a decent NASCAR game. I don’t care about paint schemes (won’t buy em), don’t care about new spotter audio, or any other DLC they put out. If the AI is better than the eutechnyx stuff, then it will already be better than anything that’s come out in years. Just like Austin, I’m worried about the physics and speed stuff as well. I hope it sells well and we get the xFinity series and the Camping Word Truck series eventually as I’d love to run those series around Road America, Mid Ohio, and MoSport. The only races I care about in NASCAR are the short track races and the road course races. If I can have a decent experience running single player at Watkins Glen, Sonoma, Bristol, and Martinsville, then it’s good for me.

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  8. James come find me at my address : 2583 DZ Den Haag. That’s where I’m anally fucking my buddies at when not with my Philippine whore or making shit simcade titles to fund my prolapsed state to infinity. My cock and ego will only improve with James’s feminine complaining sperm up my anushole of doom.


  9. Hornbuckle is a menace to society that should be locked up in prison for life, and get buttfucked daily in his cell. Motorcycles thieves shouldn’t have a place in society, and I hope Sal will sue Hornbuckle out of his 737490902 copies of Assetto Corsa.


  10. They are only concerned about the console players or casual gamers. They figure if you want a real nascar simulation you’ll use Iracing. Im pretty sure Nascar 2003 wil be last good nascar game.


  11. “I don’t need a third of the TV screen to be occupied by the window net; I can’t even see it when I’m strapped into my real car.”

    Yeah, for sure. Not sure in what fucked car you are sitting. But sitting in my car lets me see a part of the side window. My head isn´t sitting on the dashboard before the steering wheel and right behind the windshield. And I can see my steering wheel and hands, much more even than in the screenshot. So this sentense is bullshit.

    The problem is, that a standard single PC-monitor isn´t the right device to imitate real world view as a human can see it. Games just want to give the impression of how it is to sit in a race car cockpit and not how it feels to stream the part of real life that fits on a 24″ monitor.


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