This Isn’t the Wheel Support You’re Looking For…

forza6apex_announce_07_wmIf you haven’t given Forza Motorsport 6: Apex a shot yet, I don’t blame you. Intended to be a strange mashup between an elaborate tech demo and a genuine trial run for Turn 10 in bringing the critically acclaimed Forza Motorsport franchise to Windows-based operating systems, Apex is light on modes, features, and content – a game that won’t win any favors among the hardcore sim racing community. However, for those who have otherwise missed out on what has traditionally been quite an enjoyable line of games for Xbox owners dating back to 2005, many are obviously curious as to how the physics engine stacks up compared to well-established PC simulators powered by the isiMotor engine. Unfortunately, their efforts were initially hindered by a complete lack of toy steering wheel support when the game launched on Windows 10 a few short months ago, causing tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists such as myself to loudly proclaim the game was little more than a pathetic attempt to con users into installing an operating system that was both intrusive and configured to monitor your online behavior by default.

Turn 10 eventually threw the hardcore guys a bone; the latest update for Forza Motorsport 6: Apex patches in plastic wheel compatibility for a wide variety of Logitech and Thrustmaster products. Needless to say, many sim racers who once scoffed at the title are now at least giving it a genuine shot, as despite the lack of gameplay modes, progression elements, and content, they can finally experience Forza Motorsport from the comfort of their own unique sim racing setup.

And of course, they aren’t happy, because Turn 10 didn’t really try.

f6-wheelOn the Forza Motorsport section of Reddit, sim racers are furious. To them, the wheel support feels like a last-minute addition tacked on to check a box on the list of planned upgrades for the game, rather than a genuine effort to get it right the first time. I’ve attached some of the most prominent posts in the picture above, but you can check out the full thread here if you’re one of those guys on the fence when it comes to upgrading to Windows 10. In short, wheel compatibility in Apex feels like you’re trying to play NASCAR 99 on a Nintendo 64 Emulator by mapping your wheel axis to the control stick – nowhere close to satisfactory by any means. Some even report that the game is flat out uncontrollable with a wheel, and while I’m usually against using iRacing as a base to judge the physics of another racing simulator, even I can wheel a car in the Xbox One version of Forza Motorsport 6 without much trouble.

c318e709-c051-4eb9-aae4-581d5884df63Now a lot of people are probably wondering why this topic is being discussed at, as many consider Forza to be beneath the status of superior PC-based simulators. The answer is actually quite simple; Forza is now a multi-platform franchise, and Apex was used basically as an open beta for future titles. While the series obviously has its roots on the original Xbox console, Turn 10 will be bringing Forza Horizon 3, and the inevitable Forza Motorsport 7, to the Windows 10 operating system very, very soon. Forza Horizon 3 launches in a mere twenty days, and given how good the previous two games have been in this newer, more radical spin-off series, there are a whole bunch of PC gamers who not only can’t wait to rip around the eastern coast of Australia in a huge number of exotic cars, they want their shit to work out of the box. Currently, wheel support in Apex doesn’t work. If Turn 10 can’t get it right during what was intended to be the testing phase with Apex, why should sim racers have any faith that they’ll figure it out in less than a month?

It’s worrying, to say the least.

car_543_1_56d63346c910fMany will be quick to argue that Forza’s underlying driving physics are the root cause of the problem, and I think it’s important to state that I heavily disagree on the matter. Honestly, if we drop the dickwaving contest between PC simulators and console pseudo-simulators for just a minute of our time, Forza Motorsport 6 isn’t the complete piece of garbage you’ve been led to believe. A few weeks ago I was at my buddy’s house spending the night after a race, and early in the morning I fired up Forza 6 to dick around before he woke up. I stumbled into the showcase section and ended up running an Endurance race at Road Atlanta with the GT3-spec Audi R8. Aside from the mammoth input lag resulting from his admittedly crappy HDTV, I really struggled to see why many are so quick to talk down about this series. The AI put up a good fight on the difficulty level one notch below Unbeatable, tire wear seemed reasonable, and the little driving tricks you learn from PC sims still applied. So when I see people write on Reddit that Apex is unplayable with a wheel, I can definitely see a situation where Turn 10 simply fucked up wheel support, rather than having a poor base to begin with.

photo8Horizon 3 comes out in a few weeks, and I personally loved the original, so maybe it’s time to let the NSA poke around my browsing history in exchange for a fairly enjoyable recreation of Australia. However, if wheel support in Apex is truly as broken as some are saying it to be, y’all are in for a hell of a ride when Horizon 3 drops.


47 thoughts on “This Isn’t the Wheel Support You’re Looking For…

  1. At least they’re getting force feedback! I have none, zero, nada, and no sound either other than the intro screens. I’m sure I could dig through some long list of configuration files and registry entries to fix it, but if I wanted to do that I could just play a gMotor game instead. Not a good showing for the Windows Store.


  2. Standardize the Fucking code to make all wheels compatible, no wheel list needed. Am I a stupid fuck to think this is possible? May the best wheel win the market.

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    1. Yeah, you are a bit.

      Joking aside, it is not entirely possible unless the control assignment interface is very well thought out (and then ‘too complex’). Proper plug and play support requires at least some per manufacturer attention.

      You can’t even add universal joystick support that easily. For example, if you set up the ffb-axis mapping for Logitech devices, then the force generation will be on the wrong axis for Microsoft ffb2 joysticks. Allso, the input sensitivity will be way too high for msffb2.

      They just need to dig in and deal with it correctly. Manufacturer profiles for the young cunts and old wankers to get started plus full exposure of input device configuration.

      Based on the quotes in the article, this does sound like a test release that is still running a game pad input filter. My thinking is that the consoles have explicit definitions for inputs, including wheels. This would contrast with x-input or direct input on pc platforms, which really don’t set standards for how specific devices appear to be configured. On console, I think that’s handled by the device drivers to meet standardization.


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  3. Horizon needs multiple peripheral support, otherwise RIP.

    As for the clutch thingy, these Reddit twats are clearly retarded… You can adjust the deadzone in game, so if you lower the upper one for the clutch that effectively means max clutch pressure at a lower point on your pedal. Kinda like he wants.



  4. I have tried both Apex and Forza 6 XB1 version with wheel and they are identical in terms of wheel support. Broken countersteer, limited animation of steering rotation, poor ffb in general and other things mentioned in that reddit post aren’t PC specific issues.


    1. I saw Billy Strange do a video on ISRTV and he said the wheel FFB feels different on PC. It’s also got a few more sliders. Maybe fiddle with those?


  5. Not a sim value expert but I didn’t have any of the issues these boys are talking about. Straight up plug and play with a G27. FFB was okay, if a bit weak with road cars because I think they’re trying to simulate power steering but it falls short when scaled down to a plastic wheel.

    Weirdest thing is that the wheel shakes when the front wheels are loose, like if you lock up without ABS. It feels like they tried to port the trigger rumble effect and it’s odd. And some physics oddities I also noticed with a pad when the car slides around, like it won’t totally drift and will just awkwardly slide in a non satisfying manner. Feels like some sort of hidden assist you can’t turn off, which is shit.

    Overall it was fun.


  6. Playing Forza on wheel is like playing DCS with keyboard.
    Forza is made for controller and has best support of all games I’ve tried.


  7. Why doesn’t this blog give two perspectives of what’s happening, to its readers. Is like they don’t want people to think two things, only what the writer wants.

    Is strange how you missed this thread in /r/simracing and went straight to forza sub.
    See the 2nd post in the thread, from dospaquetes.

    This isn’t an excuse for forza physics and ffb, but gives people another side of this story and how is related to the current possibilities of the Windows Store rather than straight up blame the dev studio for everything.


    1. Thanks for the link, good reading.

      At the risk of defending poor fucking James, the supported devices is not the issue. The lousy ffb the devs coded is the issue.


  8. I can’t speak to Forza 5 or 6 because I never made the move to One, but the complaint about counter steering and catching, or not catching a slide or spin rings very true to Forza 4. Overall a very good game, enjoyable etc. but some weird quirks, like that, exactly like they said, that it seemed as if the cars actual wheels only moved so fast no matter what the controller input was. The other quirk I noticed was that you were able to add quite a lot brake pressure / input as the car slowed down which is basically the opposite to how that is supposed to work. Was it weird, sure. Was it not exactly accurate, sure. Could you learn to drive around it, the same as any other quirk any game (or car for that matter,) had, absolutely. Then again, I remember when Race Pro came out and one of the best things about it was how you almost couldn’t brake too hard initially and had to dial back your input as speed reduced. That made the game much more enjoyable as far as I was concerned.


  9. Wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for T10 to fix wheel support on anything. There’s a 46 page thread bitching about Forza 6 wheel support on the official forum, if anything wheels have been made worse with what few updates there’s been.


  10. I watched Heikki’s and Billy Strange’s videos and they both had good things to say about the FFB. Don’t really care much to be honest, they have years to fix whatever is wrong with it before I finally have to change to Windows 10.


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      1. lol ive really had a impact with him (her?) haven’t I,its good to know im hitting the nerves of the most demented of our fellow PRC posters.


  11. Never played any Forza title, so I installed Forza 6 Apex to see what’s about it. Graphics and performance are very, very good, but force feedback on my G27 is a total fail.

    I don’t know if it’s a physics problem, or a very poor FFB implementation. It’s not unplayable, but it’s as if T10 had only mapped controller algorithms to wheel axis, very weird. Gran Turismo 5 on the older PS3 had a much better feeling than Forza 6 Apex on PC, and GT6, miles better.

    It’s sad because graphics are gorgeous and AI seems to be good, but no proper wheel and FFB support it’s a no go for me in a racing title, being arcade or sim.


  12. “Aside from the mammoth input lag resulting from his admittedly crappy HDTV, I really struggled to see why many are so quick to talk down about this series.”

    Bullshit, the input lag is clearly a Forza issue. I´m using the same TV-displays for XBox and PC and there is no input-lag issue on PC, just fucking Forza has this enormous lag. And SLRE, but this lag is horrible on PC as well due to the very poor wheel-implementation. But both shitty titles with unplayable input lag got some good reviews here.


  13. By the way: Forza and SLRE have both no real wheel-support and the wheel is just acting like a gamepad with FFB instead of vibrations. When you turn the wheel, the tires don´t turn with the wheel, the tires are just following in a different speed. This is a typical game-pad “feature” to compensate the little travel of the sticks.


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