The Audi 90 Quattro IMSA GTO is coming to iRacing!

qlzztcgFor a couple of weeks now, iRacing has hinted at an extremely secretive September 13th, 2016 surprise – one which many longtime iRacing members believed would be the early introduction of dirt oval racing to the world’s most popular racing simulator. Unfortunately, the dirt guys may have to wait just a bit longer for their favorite discipline of auto racing to arrive in their racing sim of choice, as the surprise iRacing had in store for its members is instead a classic touring car from the glory days of IMSA GTO competition – the four wheel drive Audi 90 Quattro.

rkqskmxAudi burst onto the scene of the Trans-Am Series in 1988 with the Audi 200 Quattro, netting eight wins in thirteen starts and capturing the series championship before officials stepped in and banned four wheel drive race cars for the following season. In response, the German manufacturer simply migrated to another series that hadn’t banned their revolutionary four wheel drive technology, and developed the Audi 90 Quattro for use in the 1989 IMSA GTO championship. Despite the car’s utter dominance once the early technical issues were ironed out, capturing seven victories throughout the 1989 season, the consistency displayed on-track by Pete Halsmer allowed Mercury’s XR7 to grab the title. Yes, for as awesome of a car the 90 Quattro is on paper compared to the competition, it never actually won the championship, and Audi pulled out of IMSA for the 1990 season to focus their resources on a series we now know as DTM over in Germany.

1cel3utThe addition of this car to the iRacing service comes at a very peculiar time. There have been no major physics updates since Eric Hudec left the development team during the spring of 2016 – replaced by a fellow named Steve Reis, and while veteran iRacers are generally reacting positively to surface model changes, Facebook is still ripe with discussion regarding the shortcomings of the simulator. For the diehards who were initially encouraged to try iRacing thanks to the alleged realism described in advertising campaigns, karting champions such as Dan Roeper and Legends Car drivers like Josh Indig are left dumbfounded by how the specialized software fails to faithfully reproduce a realistic auto racing environment. And that was sort of the point of iRacing.

irIt will be interesting to see how iRacing members react to the Audi 90 Quattro, as it has already been featured in other racing simulators such as Project CARS and RaceRoom Racing Experience to rather limited fanfare. On a more positive note, a release like this displays iRacing’s commitment to continuing to add more content to the simulator, though additions like these could potential saturate what’s already a very niche userbase. Sure, iRacing’s car roster features unique entities such as the beastly Holden Commodore V8 Supercar, as well as the insane Lotus 79, but very rarely do these cars draw any sort of following outside of very specific hours.

Realistically, the Audi 90 Quattro could turn into one of those cars where it’s popular for the first week, but is completely ignored after the initial surprise dies down.


45 thoughts on “The Audi 90 Quattro IMSA GTO is coming to iRacing!

  1. James come find me at my address:25 83DZthe Hague. That’s where I’m abusing Ian Bell with substitute work arounds in certain cavity physics collapsing under collision. My cock and ego will only improve with James’s feminine complaining sperm up my anushole of doom.

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  2. Could you post a link the that Facebook conversation your added in the article pls,that’s solid proof there that real drivers think what we have now is far from the most realistic an accurate experience,sick and tired of the bs the usual 5 or 7 fanboys keep spewing to defend iracing.

    Oh and thanks for doing this article,I knew it was nothing to be excited about and that it would be a very weird redundant addition to the SIM.

    Iracing have clearly realised what they are trying to accomplish can’t be done,their principles of modelling are holding the SIM back,dk can’t fix the tyre model and that’s why dirt and obscure things like the Audi are being worked on,to distract from the glaring issues the SIM has had for years,I really wish I could have iracing back the way it was in 2011.


  3. How much you got paid to bury quickly the F1 2016 story..

    Is strange how you kept talking about reviews of AC consoles about performance and screen tearing, but then avoid the subject when reviews say the same for f1 2016.


      1. “barebones”… sure. You can hotlap (practice or just enjoy the driving, or do special events, career), race against AI, race online in multiplayer.
        How many more bones you want? Maybe an in game championship creator.

        Despite F1 2016 having many details regarding the emulation of a modern formula 1 race, along with seasons and championships, at the core your practicing the car, racing against AI, or racing online.

        And you’re mistaken in not identifying replayability in AC. You can play AC over and over. Just like most of the (sim) racing games out there. And you do the same in F1 2016. But if you said F1 2016 has better progression playability, then yes it has more than any sim out there. Because you progress through an F1 season, while in any other sim (except for older ones) you just grab a track, a car(s) and play, and play, and play. Replayability.


        1. Just because those modes are present does not mean they function well or provide any depth. AC feels lifeless in many ways and its replayability is not very high because I find myself easily bored with the game. Aside from the rudimentary AI, it’s still basically a hotlapping title. I prefer the SF15-T in Assetto Corsa, as opposed Codemasters’ handling model, but F1 2016, as a game, is a far superior product.


          1. I find myself getting bored with the other racing games, specially these f1, forza series. So I guess they are boring games because I’m bored with them?

            If your kink for racing games are f1 2016, then so be it. You don’t speak for the other people who enjoy AC or any other sim racing game, only because you don’t like or don’t think it works as it should for you.


          2. Yet i have 800 hours in AC, mostly offline driving. And am still enjoying it the same as day 1. Your opinion is not a fact, deal with it.


  4. I knew something was off in the tyre model of Iracing, but didn’t know that it was this bad.
    The only slightly realistic simulator is rF2 then? But that tyre model is so sophisticated that ISI can’t even build the cars they have licenses for.


  5. Thank you for posting this – the iracing forums have been a trainwreck of disinformation and bannings since this was accidentally leaked – I knew you’d have the scoop here!


    1. Ease off mate, it’s a video game.

      No one will die just because PRC revealed a bunch of polygons ressembling an Audi is coming to Iracing.


  6. “Realistically, the Audi 90 Quattro could turn into one of those cars where it’s popular for the first week, but is completely ignored after the initial surprise dies down.”

    Adding a historic car that literally no one asked for ever? It won’t even be popular the first week. Just crapping it out because it was package dealed with the R8 LMS and is less effort than all the other cars they’ve licensed and not released.


    1. Wow only a few buthurt fanboys so far,was expecting more,but I guess you can’t critise the truth,there’s only 1 car on road that’s worth driving,I’m into my 4ths season and struggling to want to ‘re sub,it’s just lame,all the pr bumpf and it feels behind rf2 by miles,the tyres are just shit,the fancy weather is still pointless,the dynamic track on makes a visual impact,and not a very good one,the excuses from the devs is what gets me most,but lately David Tucker admitted that the physics and ffb were designed to compete with what the consoles were running at I’m 2006,yet the fanboys still pathetically claim you need a dd wheel and a motion platform and to imagine wha t the car is actually doing.

      One fan boy,I swear he’s a right fanny,says only real racers can imagine what the car is doing,and then in the same sentence claims iracing is the most accurate and correct,yeah right.


      1. As far as I know IR FFB has the lowest HZ refresh rate out of all the sims, by a bit too, Ive always wondered why IR FFB was “numb” and lacked info or late info, it would be down to this low HZ rate for FFB, which coupled with a really hit or miss tyre model just adds up to a ton of frustration.


        1. This is true. However, if you have the chance, try a DD wheel with iRacing. I don’t know how or why but you can feel so much more, and sooner. I’ve only tried a DD wheel once (a friends) coming from my Fanatec V2 wheel but the difference was night and day. No idea why.


  7. One thing I’ve realized is that iracing claims to be a racing simulator but doesn’t really simulate anything. NASCAR races don’t have enough cars, Road series either don’t have the right cars or tracks or are totally made up series. Basic features are missing and other than the laser scanned tracks, the attention to little details are almost non existent.


    1. Huh? Do you actually race or are you just assuming all of this? Most NASCAR races split several times over, and the official series like BSS/BES have correct cars. It may not have EVERY car that races in 2016, but it has the Audi and AMG and several older GT3 cars. That’s as good as it gets in multiplayer sim racing presently. Unless you know of another sim that has larger online fields with “real” series.


      1. Lel..New faster AMG and Audi against obsolete Mp4,Z4,ruf(gt3)! HowTF iRenting balance the Gt3 Series? Do U n iRenters never watch the Blancpain GT and Adac GT 2016 race results? U pay 4 the service every month, bought the car so worthy 4 the car update version, U pay 4 the service every month, bought the car so worthy 4 the car update version, U pay 4 the service every month, bought the car so worthy 4 the car update version. iRenting business model is FUBAR.


        1. Ahh, the iRenting guy. Was wondering where you went. You’re an idiot. Just because you don’t have the funds to pay for the only online competition that exists on a regular basis, doesn’t make you right. Yeah iRacing isn’t amazing but it literally has the only real competition, and without cheaters. If someone is paying per month, they are retarded. They have half off sales twice a year. So you get 12 months for $50. That’s 4 bucks a month. If you can’t afford that, move out of your mom’s basement and find a job because the paper route isn’t cutting it anymore.


          1. 1)4 bucks a month..ahh i got it no wonder u have obsolete cars in iRenting.
            2) Without cheaters? BS..the only way iR balance the gt3 series with the new faster AMG n Audi is CHEATING. Idiot


  8. I probably wont drive the car at all, not disappointed or anything, never got hyped enough for me.

    One thing I would LOVE to see is iRacing switch from a web browser application to an actual program application that does NOT require a web browser to run. I think this could save on all the issues we have with servers etc. I don’t like the game being launched from a browser, and its time they get with the times and release a full application for iRacing


  9. Well, James, you were right on this. They said they are going to have a new surprise next week. It would be nice if you “leak” what that surprise is (no, i’m not being sarcastic).


  10. “Realistically, the Audi 90 Quattro could turn into one of those cars where it’s popular for the first week, but is completely ignored after the initial surprise dies down.”

    ^^^^^ THIS


    1. Without the other major entrants (Cougar XR-7, 300ZX, Camaro and maybe the 3-rotor RX7) in that season of GTO racing the Audi is an utterly pointless novelty.


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