Studio 397 Enters the Ring…

6203776800_1468592959The big reveal was supposed to be saved for this weekends Simracing Expo 2016 at the Nurburgring Grand Prix circuit, but it appears the two entities just couldn’t keep it under wraps for much longer. Both the official Twitter account for Image Space Incorporated, as well as software developer Luminiswho previously assisted Reiza Studios with Automobilistahave announced a partnership that will ideally speed up the development process of rFactor 2. Operating under the name of Studio 397, support for virtual reality headsets and DirectX 11 graphical enhancements are planned for the immediate future, with the full list of upgrades sure to be unveiled throughout the weekend. It’s a safe bet to say you can expect many more pieces of content, a revitalized user interface, and improved simulator functionality that in theory should turn rFactor 2 into a worthwhile modern racing simulator.

Many will be ecstatic over this announcement – in particular the core staff at Image Space Incorporated – as their long-term science project has essentially received a much needed boost of adrenaline. Personally, I’m on the complete opposite of the spectrum; I feel this is a new low for sim racing. Reading between the lines, this is fairly embarrassing. And I don’t mean that as a personal attack to anyone involved in this project; as a consumer, I feel this is the most ludicrous thing to celebrate, but let me explain why.

You were first able to purchase rFactor 2 on January 10th, 2012 according to the article regarding the topic over at Yes, I understand it was the “open beta” build, but let’s be real here – what more did ISI add to the rFactor 2 package aside from more content and slight graphics optimizations? rFactor 2 has been “on store shelves” for almost five years in its current state, and at this point I’d like the readers of to take inventory of how much you’ve gone through over the past five years as a person. If you bought rFactor 2 as a high school freshman, you’ve graduated by now. Some of you have been through multiple managers at work, Christmas party shenanigans, and probably even relationships since this game came out. Maybe you’ve lived in no less than three different locations, upgraded your PC at least five different times, and been through two generations of consoles. Other video games you purchased in close proximity to rFactor 2, such as the remake of SSX, or the abhorrent DiRT Showdown, are either collecting dust somewhere in a cabinet, or were sold back to Gamestop prior to Obama’s re-election that fall.

After over 1,800 days spent on the market, and minuscule support from the sim racing community whatsoever – both the modding side and the driving side alike – Image Space Incorporated and Luminis are announcing that rFactor 2 is being developed. No seriously, that’s the announcement. We are supposed to be excited over a game that was released five years ago, receiving updates that should have been pushed out three years ago. Call me a cynical piece of shit who only wants to see the bad in everything, but this is preposterous on levels most won’t even be able to comprehend.

Sim racers lost patience with Assetto Corsa at the twelve month mark, when it became apparent the anakastic development process was leaving out essential features in favor of endlessly focusing on driving physics. Hardcore iRacers still reminisce about the glory days of the September 2011 tire model beta, frustrated at how the acronym NTM has turned into an all-encompassing buzzword within the iRacing forums to make excuses for car physics that still don’t feel right. And let’s not forget about the casual guys playing American Truck Simulator, who were ultimately let-down when they discovered the sequel to Euro Truck Simulator 2 had been heavily watered down and divided into numerous upcoming expansion packs. To see a company announce that they’re merely speeding up development of a game that’s already been dead for a number of years, and sim racers pretend like this is a good thing, is absurd.

Imagine if Codemasters came out and said they were on a mission to completely revitalize Grid 2. News outlets far and wide would be dumbfounded. Don’t like that example? How about RaceRoom Racing Experience; the game is in an infinitely superior state compared to the product we were first introduced to during the spring of 2013, but even a complete revitalization hasn’t saved the product from being a niche alternative for those with money to burn on sim racing. And lastly, take a look at Project CARS; this game came out a year ago after utterly mammoth hype, and a steady stream of patches and enhancements still failed to help retain the userbase desperate to make something out of it.

Oh, but what about Automobilista, you say? Please tell me how refining and re-releasing Stock Car Extreme under a different name did wonders for Reiza Studios.

What ISI and Luminis are doing with rFactor 2 has simply never worked in this genre, and to play up the partnership as if it’s a big deal only makes a mockery of sim racing. They’re taking a dead game that most people have already chosen to move on from, and are attempting to inject some life into it by announcing upgrades that quite frankly should have came three years ago. It feels as if I’m reading about the struggles of Lotus entering IndyCar back in 2012, where their top driver barely managed to reach 205 MPH while other cars were consistently in the 230’s. Sad!



76 thoughts on “Studio 397 Enters the Ring…

  1. Main reason to do it instead of releasing a new game is that you don’t lose licenses by doing that and ISI has too many good ones to throw all in the trash
    But of course this site can’t lose the chance to troll.
    “don’t mean that as a personal attack” yeah sure…

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    1. If your N.1. priority was to get the ultimate realism, you had to use LF…umm rFactor2. 🙂

      I’m glad that I don’t have to wait 15 years for a comptetitor to catch up physics-wise. And I don’t have to wait 15 years with a bloody a 3 display setup.


  2. “If you bought rFactor 2 as a high school freshman, you’ve graduated by now”

    I gotta laugh how you made that seem like a long time, Haha. I got food older than that.


  3. your glass is half empty.

    let’s wait – some more – and see about these improvements and new content if they manage to bring the sim up or not.


      1. James while I can see your point of view,you have to remember that the budget and dev team of isi is miniscule compared to other titles,I still believe rf2 to be the best base package to work from,and that this colab can only be good.
        But the fact is,unless they are going to copy what iracing do online wise then they will never compete numbers wise.
        Rf2 has all the features it needs but will never succeed because people just wanna click a play,not organise and wait,plus you do know irating and sarty rating are the 2 most important things in life,even tho they don’t serve any purpose,or if they do they don’t achieve that purpose.

        I’m hoping this will be good as I’m sick of the iracing community who make up reality to justify racing’s failings.
        Just the other day someone said you should keep expectations low and gratitude high,that’s a sure fire way of breeding mediocrity as is proof in iracing.

        Just a heads up,the new dtm 2.0 model is a complete fail in iracing,the dirt in tracks is now way overdone to where it looks like your on a beach,and the tracks heat exchange has made racing worse than the last model,it only took a week to blow this out.

        I love your site and look on life,and I respect your opinion.

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      2. Your idea of “not sucking” belongs with the console crowd, James. rFactor 2 stopped sucking circa 2015 when ISI made some positive improvements on the title’s physics. I know you don’t care about physics, but that makes PRC really one of the worst places regarding SIM racing. You might want to just stick to Forza after all.

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  4. “Sim racers lost patience with Assetto Corsa at the twelve month mark, when it became apparent the anakastic development process was leaving out essential features in favor of endlessly focusing on driving physics.”

    You’re really outside the gaming reality… people lose patience with perfect and complete games after a couple months, or even sooner. It happens on consoles, it happens on pc. Were you hoping AC to retain 100% of their customers at all times forever?


  5. You are so full of shit James. ISI do what the community have been asking for and you have to be negative and attack them, because that is all you know. I think it is time for you to give up your “journalistic” dream and go work for someone like Fox news, you would fit right in


    1. Exactly, James made that article “You Have Selected “No.”” after ISI interview on RD, and was complaining that they don’t care and don’t want to do anything about the game, to evolve it. Now that they are doing it, still the same rant.

      – “The worst site you could possibly visit for Sim Racing news.”

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        1. Improving their product with outdated and soon to be retired graphics apis? That’s stupid. Using dx12 or vulkan would allow them to massively boost the fps of the physics engine as well as add more things to simulate.

          Instead they are optimizing for dx11? That’s a joke and its a massive waste of money.


          1. The implementation of DX11 is quite cheap+fast compared to the new APIs, which are so new, that deployable field experts are non-existant.

            Also, the main features of the new APIs don’t solve any limitations of the current engine, and using GPU compute makes no sense in a highly linear engine.

            DX12 and Vulkan works OK-ish in games, where you can throw every task over the GPU. rFactor2 is the complete opposite of that from an architectural viewpoint.

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            1. You’re right on many aspects but you’re also misunderstanding the nature of a rendering engine. The physics are currently a serial operation. Although many relevant functions can and have been accelerated with GPGPU before, low-latency synchronization remains a tricky problem for a complex implementation like rf2, especially since certain vendors still lack the necessary hardware logic to eliminate context switches with concurrent execution. Funnily enough, you’re more likely to see proper GPGPU physics from something like BeamNG, simply because accelerating large amounts of harmonic oscillators through GPGPU is a far less daunting concept than trying to accelerate a huge mish-mash of solving methodology in rf2.

              “DX12 and Vulkan works OK-ish in games, where you can throw every task over the GPU. rFactor2 is the complete opposite of that from an architectural viewpoint.”

              This is simply not true. Both APIs alleviate costly overhead and much better control over data culling, allowing for 1) better performance for a serial operation and 2) fundamental changes in what multi-thread CPU or GPGPU tasks can be synchronized with acceptable latency.

              “Also, the main features of the new APIs don’t solve any limitations of the current engine.”

              Yes, ISI is indeed the reason why rf2 hasn’t kept up with modern hardware and their supporting software platforms, no one else.

              Additionally, there’s absolutely no reason why ISI can’t offload post-processing (including AA), particle effects and shading, certain aspects of shadow mapping/filtering and numerous other things with a modern rendering API. There is not a single special aspect to the way that rf2 functions on a basic level that would make this impossible. It’s still goddamn software created within the realms of reality.

              dx11 is a necessary stepping-stone, it will likely be hard enough and also give them some more flexibility for getting some of the unnecessarily serial and also several unnecessarily CPU-based workloads done in less overall time (dx9 has similar comparative disadvantages to dx11 as dx11 does to vulkan and dx12). ISI (more like luminis probably) definitely should not be trying to jump from dx9 directly to vulkan or dx12.


      1. I love that James is always so encouraging and positive in the community, James is to sim racing what Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist church is to christians, thats the closest comparison you will ever find or hear.


      1. people bought the game to play on win7,8, 10. If they just make dx12 then only win10 users can play. And there are older dx11 cards but maybe still good for the game that don’t support dx12.


      2. The very least they could do is just allow everyone to upgrade their version of RF2 to the online version.

        When I picked up RF2 I bought the lifetime. Ersion and I felt like a dick when all my buddies only picked up the limited one so 12 months in we moved on from the title


      3. So what you’re saying James is that there is nothing that can be done, no gesture, no decision, absolutely nothing going forward is sufficient because what happened in the past is too damning. rF2 is dead and it should stay dead is what you’re saying? Well then I assume if ISI announced a permanent end to all rF2 support and development you’d be crying foul that they didn’t try to fulfill some promises.

        You’re so full of shit. The interview on RD is practically a mea culpa about the failures of ISI to bring the project forward with any energy. This is probably the best that could be expected for the product and since sim racing products are not like annual console release products there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be encouraged by the decision to renew the development process for this sim going forward. There’s no prospect of an rF3 so what else is there to look forward to?

        You have a habit of finding a way to criticize everything and not just mildly but like some sort of tabloid yet you offer no actual avenue for a positive solution most of the time. Fail to fulfill the expectation and its damning, but if you actually make a move to do better its still damning.

        You’re a cynical piece of shit.


        1. that’s how he makes his views he will stamp on everyone’s face each year. No shit… pewdiepie also has a lot of views in each video, but pewdiepie is an angel compared to everyone writing articles here and sometimes the user submissions as well.

          p*funk, wait for it, he will come here answering back and will make some sort of analogy on my pewdiepie analogy or snarky comment, and completely shift the focus of what you well described in your post.

          Everything that is wrong in sim racing, with people, with sims, devs, all that gets 100x amplified and made worse than the reality.

          Don’t fool yourself thinking this blog is pro-simracing.


          1. But the interview already indicates that ISI have no interest in doing rF3. The next project is already called repeatedly ‘not rF3’. This means that whatever it is its not going to fulfill the broken promises of rF2.

            But lets say they are doing something like some special Indycar sim that’ll come out in god knows when, probably 2020 or something. Whats the issue with farming out rF2 development to a new studio that’s willing to take on all the existing employees, ensuring presumably nobody gets a pink slip where ending development likely could, and lets people who have enthusiasm for the project continue it for the people who’ve already bought in? Whats wrong with them giving it to people who will actually upgrade the prospects for the sim rather than the downgraded ones ISI set for themselves? Why is this bad for us? How is this bad for simmers and especially people who already own rF2?

            Where’s the logic in your statement? How is binning the whole thing the right call when there’s an opportunity to actually make rF2 better? Did you even read the interview? Why would you think its better for ISI to come along with a new project and sell it after abandoning the last one? Why would anyone buy rF3 or an Indycar game given this track record? This way there is at least a chance for rF2 to become what it should have been and ISI might just be able to sell a new product to people in the future.

            Abandon rF2 as you insist they should and you know what happens? They debut an rF3 preview (one that they will never make but just for kicks lets say they do) or an Indycar game and you’ll be the first person to lambaste them for daring to try and sell something to the community they fucked over by canceling rF2.

            You’re full of shit and I wonder if you even realize it.


    1. people bought the game to play on win7,8, 10. If they just make dx12 then only win10 users can play. And there are older dx11 cards but maybe still good for the game that don’t support dx12.

      They won’t take years to update it to dx11, and dx11 games still remain relevant for a couple more years.
      There are some people when they see some new tech… wow everyone must jump on it, right now, or you’ll lose… the gaming market is still pretty healthy for dx11 games.


    2. DirectX 12 is only supported by Windows 10 and Xbox One. From an economic point of view it does not make a whole lot of sense to leave out the users who have not made the switch to Windows 10. I do not know of any current racing game with DirectX 12 support.


  6. It’s a sad reflection on how badly this game has flopped that it’s news that they are continuing development. What a fucking joke. I guarantee the game still won’t offer anything worthwhile. Could you imagine the mockery and outrage this would inspire in the gaming community if this was a more popular genre?


    1. “Could you imagine the mockery and outrage this would inspire in the gaming community if this was a more popular genre?”

      If this was a more popular genre then there’d be no shortage of money for development and ISI probably wouldn’t have been so keen to move onto another project. Sim racing is not much of a cash cow and most of the best developers right now are former modders doing it more as passion than purely for profit.

      More popularity would mean an altogether and totally unrecognizable development landscape.


  7. 397 is a long-term science project , not so easily extendable racing simulation that offers the latest guesswork in vehicle,circuit and race customization, ghost town pickup multiplayer and the height of ripping other sims content just to boost their numbers on steamdb. It features no license road racing cars with ultra guesswork dynamics,guesswork inaccurate circuits.retard oval ai,raindrop like bird shit,Nickelodeon ui and fonts, no proper series and career, a parrot non dynamic spotter, an immersive mono sound environment leading to mixes with hollowed‑out sounds and poor surround compatibility,claustrophobia induce cockpit cam, cleithrophobia induce onboard settings, No QC mods and finally DX11 graphics.


  8. Call me a cynical piece of shit. Sorry,

    I’m fine with it. More free updates and free/paid content. Better then no updates and the NO for everything from the interview on RD.


  9. Essentially they are celebrating handing over rFactor2 to a European team to work On. I suspect to ISI rFactor2 is just a small bit of income, but not their focus, as they work with clients and on other projects, so by handing it over for development, they can focus on other things and get less flak for leaving it looking abandoned.


    1. ISI owns it, these dutch guys will help carrying on the development. It’s like AC or pCARS stealing (Ahem, outsourcing) content from 3rd parties and then still profiting from it.


      1. Nope , ISI own rF (1) and all that is related to that game/sim

        Marcel Offermans :

        ”Just to clarify some details on the partnership: Studio 397 owns the full IP (sourcecode) and brand for rFactor 2. Studio 397 is fully owned by by Luminis. The content team from ISI moved to Studio 397. ISI still owns (and sublicenses) rFactor 1. The ISI developers in Ann Arbor are working on their next project, dubbed as “not rF3″. Rogue System is also still part of ISI”

        LINK :


        1. That’s just a technicality. If half the ISI team moved to Studio 397, it’s still as if it was ISI working on it, just with a different name. And rest assured that whatever deal they made that involves a change of license holding, ISI will keep on receiving a cut of the profits rF2,5 will eventually (And hopefully for them) make.

          What I find ironic though, is that just the other day a new crack was released for rF2 that makes it fully unlocked and playable both offline and online for free, just like rF1 could be played online for free with a cracked .exe


  10. IMO a FUBAR parthership or a very slow one in development ..ISI should had sold it to an Amerikan Donald Trump so finally we can have a proper Merikan car series and tracks,or an Australian for a proper v8 series, or a Japonese for a proper Super gt series..Luminis is a Dutch what can they offer except Zandvoort or more again euro tracks?


      1. STFU you stupid hippy, everyone knows good cheese is orange and pre-sliced. Your shitty rotten cheese is for dirty socialist masturbs, too uncivilized to ride their golf carts and hoverrounds to the fridge and open a safe and sanitary packet of golden cheese from the country most favored by baby jesus.

        You’re going to burn in hell!1


  11. yeah the best tyre model in AC was in 2014 and after 12 months the simracers lost patience, so so.
    Blaming the guys for updating RF2 too late,lol still nice that you keep on finding the positive things in sims. By the way the biggest problem is the pricetag of 79€ and the complex modding


  12. “who previously assisted Reiza Studios with Automobilista”

    I completely forgot about that announcement, mainly because there’s zero evidence of any significant contribution from a partnered studio. The fuck they been doing, tweaking the SweetFX shader?

    Hopefully their contributions are more focused on backend renderer updates and the like for the next title. Otherwise, they appear to be mostly dead weight.


  13. At such a tender age, a cynic. You need to wait until your an old fucker, like me.

    I don’t disagree with you, but in your heart of hearts, you want a better sim to play. Even marginally better is better.


  14. I wonder… Is it possible that in between the lines we may read rF2 going console? Some of the signs are there… Specialized devs, DX11 render stack, happens after success for AC on consoles.


  15. On the difference between AMS, GSC and rFactor: youtube: aoN8AdaOtK8

    Also, what’s with the negativity towards positive changes? ISI are pretty late to make any indeed, but we are not exactly spoiled with complete and polished simulations here, are we now? Can you name a single sim (regardless of whatever medium it represents) that isn’t an “eternal science project”? Games and sims are not the same. It takes a lot more time and constant research to make a sim. You can hardly expect it to be any more “playable” than a typical military simulator. You either deal with a sim because it’s the realism what you want the most or just move along. Yes, ISI could have used more development in case of rF2, no doubt about that. Is it really their priority? They might make the most of their money developing military and sims for racing teams. Pretty much like Steel Beasts Pro PE (also slow in development) is a side product for eSim Games. Not to mention the usual size of the sim developers teams. The serious simulations market dictates its own laws. Of course, we shouldn’t encourage developers to just cash grab on us, but we can’t demand the same from the sims we expect of games. It’s just vastly different categories.


  16. The phrase “Imagine if Codemasters came out and said” shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the differences between these two organisations. No sleight against Codemasters they are doing a great job but with completely different aims and needs to meet far more generic gaming industry requirements.

    ISI have publicly stated “We create the type of environment that we and a small community of sim racers find compelling. Our goal has never been to strictly grow the company or only increase revenue. As a result, what other products are doing doesn’t play a role in our planning”. Also the consumer version is something of a sideline, commercial projects pay the bills and allow the development of the consumer version as and when time permits. The latter issue is why the small community is excited about more resource going into the consumer version.

    In summary ISI don’t really care what the non fan or self proclaimed sim racing expert thinks, their interest is doing cool projects which may include consumer products for a niche who appreciate it. Which on reflection doesn’t seem such a bad job!


  17. Tim Wheatley: “Marcel has even proposed to accept the rf1 tyre model in rFactor 2 because, let’s face it, the tire model is the barrier for a lot of modders.”

    AMS got this area covered already. Please focus on RF2 it’s strengths, CPM being one of it.


    1. I thought the true barrier was the lack of support for what the modders were doing… Now that it’s going to be addressed, the more the reason to improve on the model, not to take a step back to rF1. Indeed, Reiza already have got us covered on that front nicely.


  18. Look, I have almost 200 hours on the Steam version of rF2, and if I had to guess, about 3 or 4 times that on the nom-Steam version. That is the most time I ever spent in any sim or game. For the 80€ I paid that is a lot of entertainment for the money. The reason I enjoy it so much is because the AI, realroad, dynamic weather, day/night transitions and accurate tyrenwear make the offline and league races so dynamic and fun.

    It’s hard for me to enjoy other sims because it just feels like hotlapping for 2 hours straight. It’s why I keep coming back to this sim despite its shortcomings like bad optimization, lack of series content and 2002 graphics.
    I already got more than my moneys worth of this game, and now they have found a pile of money to address the issues it has. Is it weird that i’m excited about that?

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  19. RFactor 2 is dead. Mainly because ISI killed it. It’s a shame because the physics are excellent, most closely matching my real-world track experience. However, RF2 never gives you a reason to race. F1 2016 gives you a reason to race, you’re completing a season against the same group of competitors and there’s a real feeling of being a part of a real F1 season. IRacing gives you online competition (it has plenty of flaws but it does give you a reason to race). RF2 didn’t put enough effort into offline to be viable there (not enough first party content that would work as a full series with consistent AI quality, and no real notion of a series or career progression), and didn’t put any work into making online viable either (why not copy iRacing’s structured racing? They’re taking a sub for maintaining an online service after all).

    Now this company coming and taking over.. for me that’s ISI giving up, and that’s fair. They’ve obviously realised they don’t have the means to do this right, though it took them a really fucking long time to figure it out. However, there’s a problem. I’m not entirely convinced that the new guys will be any kind of saviour either.

    Old farts such as myself might remember the golden 16-bit days of the Atari ST and the Amiga. You probably all remember when Commodore went bust and new owners were splashed across the cover of Amiga Format and proclaimed to be the saviours of the Amiga, making bold claims about finally moving to the 040 processor and various other promises they could never keep. They then buggered up, and the next bunch of suckers came along, who also buggered it up. It eventually ended up in the hands of Cloanto, the guys who now make amiga emulators. Basically it died. Sad to say I predict the exact same future for RFactor 2, as the new owners won’t have the resources to really kick RF2 on and it has a piss-poor reputation that can’t be salvaged easily (see the ongoing failure of Raceroom Racing Experience to see how a poor brand can hold you back even as the product improves).

    IRacing needs competition badly, to wake them from their complacent slumber. I fear this won’t be it.


    1. You should be speaking for yourself, really. In my book it’s pretty much a success that people still play Amiga games. Using an emulator is just a much more convenient way of doing it. And if you mean Amiga died in the sense that it hadn’t evolved hardware-wise, well, even if it would survive till this day, you could hardly call it an Amiga anyway.

      As for the need for a reason to race, you are just being lazy. Who really wants to race online badly, goes online and finds people to race with.


  20. James, you are complaining about a sim taking years to develop? ANY current sim on PC is developing over years, not one of the most popular is finished. All of them are continuing projects. If there’s one of a finished sim, it’s either an old one or a bad one.

    So, your trolling again makes no sense. While I don’t own rF2, I know that ISI is a developer with a micro-amount of staff. And they have a different focus than other developers where rF is just a side project while studies, research and commercial racing team-simulators are the main focus.

    Your whining gamer attitude is out of place. You are a gaming kid who lost any skill to perceive more than the covers in a game shelf.


  21. Well I finally got decent frame rates with a triple screen setup but it took a water cooled overclocked Titan X Pascal to do it. Sli has never worked without massive frame rate drops and stuttering, the “heat haze” from the back of the cars looks more a floating fresnel lens that has never been fixed since it’s first appearance in 2012 and most of the features like “real road” are being incorporated into other titles. Did I mention that the game still stutters with the Titan X or that the reflections on the road look like glass? The physics model isn’t head and shoulders above Assetto Corsa for the PC either. I hope the new partnership manages to address some of these long standing items minor though they may sound since they ruin the immersion.


  22. Man ur flatout stupid. rf 2 is dead. and isi gives the game to a new company who has the chance to make a better sim than isi did. How in the fucking hell can this be bad ? Who cares how much time isi waste with rf2 if the game will be complete by a other publisher ? ur whole statement based on useless comments and rong infos. studio 397 is a new publisher which is allways good for simracing.


  23. This site is a joke! Some valid points made but a lot of stuff that was done in rF2 was left out of the article. I am just glad to see it be developed further to make it a complete product. Remember this is not a console game you throw away after a year it is an actual simulation that can be modded. None of the other have come close to the physics of ISI period!


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