You Can Get a Refund for NASCAR Heat on the XBOX One

maxresdefaultLast Monday, our review of NASCAR Heat Evolution for the PC went live, as DMR Games released the highly-anticipated oval racing title on Steam 24 hours earlier than we expected. It didn’t take long to plow through everything the game had to offer and discover why many of the hardcore sim racing news outlets – including traditionally positive publications such as Inside Sim Racing – were not provided with a review copy; Heat needed another year in development, and was simply not ready to be placed in the hands of the general public. Framerate problems and laughably dated audio highlighted a laundry list of complaints, which combined to form a video game barely worth twenty dollars, let alone the sixty dollar asking price. It drives sort of okay with a controller – much better than the previous Eutechnyx offerings – but there’s just too many technical issues and strange design choices for this title to overcome. Unfortunately, I’m one of those poor souls who couldn’t get a refund from Steam, and I’m left to pray my $60 will go towards a much better outing next year, but everyone else should really steer clear of NASCAR Heat Evolution.

csevv1musaaolid-jpg-largeWhile I was fucking around with the PC release, eventually discovering that online sprint races could be pretty entertaining with a competent group of users, my buddy bought the game off the Microsoft Store for his Xbox One. Throughout the week we’d been shooting each other texts about our initial impressions, and it wasn’t long before his complaints echoed many owners of the console version of the title. I knew the game wasn’t very good from my own experience, but I was still able to have a bit of fun with – just not sixty dollars worth of fun. Dan, who usually is quite accepting of video games regardless of their quality, told me the game was “still in beta”, and that he dropped it after a night of play; trying to forget that he ever purchased it.

I got to try the Xbox One version of NASCAR Heat Evolution for myself at his place this morning, and it immediately became apparent why he had yet to complete a single race; NASCAR Heat Evolution for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is dangerously close to being a scam. The only reason there is not some sort of class action lawsuit occurring, is because consumer product laws haven’t caught up to how people play and enjoy video games.

Brad Keselowski may be my favorite NASCAR driver, but I’m extremely disappointed with how he has handled the promotional aspect of NASCAR Heat Evolution. DMR Games have shipped an unfinished product which does not respect the customers who have paid full price for it, and it’s pathetic to see someone in his position blatantly mislead customers with carefully worded social media posts dancing around the fact that NASCAR Heat is awful. The game’s performance on the Xbox One is downright unacceptable; the only reason you’re not hearing more about it due to the fact that it’s not a Batman game. Now Monster Games claimed NASCAR Heat Evolution would be capped at 30 FPS on consoles, but the reality is that frequent framerate drops and miscellaneous stuttering fits call this value into question – a big deal when you consider how much precision is required for any kind of realistic racing game.

On the PC, these performance woes can easily be rectified by a trip to Memory Express, but Xbox One owners can’t currently do that because… well… it’s a console. A lot of aspects about modern video games are 100% subjective, but application performance is objective. Project CARS on the Wii U was cancelled entirely because it couldn’t achieve a steady 30 frames per second; NASCAR Heat Evolution performs about the same on far superior hardware, but yet it’s on the shelves for sixty dollars.

darlingtonVisually, I think DMR Games are extremely lucky no consumer laws have been put into place that establish an acceptable base level of quality for any modern video game. All preview pictures you see of NASCAR Heat Evolution have been taken from the Steam release, as the Xbox One version of the title does not resemble any images of the game you see posted online. There is no anti-aliasing to speak of, and as someone who still puts time into PlayStation 2 games on a regular basis, the visual fidelity of Heat falls somewhere between EA’s NASCAR 09 for the PS2, and 2005’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted for the Xbox 360. If the gameplay is good, I can overlook certain visual elements that aren’t up to par with other products, but Heat is almost eleven years behind the curve, while replicating the performance instability of an original PlayStation offering. It is genuinely surprising just how bad this game performs on consoles from a technical standpoint, and that’s before we address the issues found in the 4,000 word review published last Monday.

But on a positive note, Microsoft will let you get a refund for this game.

4myxboxWith fifteen minutes to kill before NFL Sunday began, and our illegal stream of NFL Redzone running in the background, I figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to just ring up Microsoft and ask for a refund – he was just a tad too stoned to articulate himself correctly. There had been rumors… of sorts… that Microsoft allows one full refund per year of a digital purchase, and even if we couldn’t get one, at least we’d receive some kind of definite answer by talking to a live customer service rep. Again, Dan’s complaints of this game weren’t petty; NASCAR Heat Evolution on consoles is something I have no problem saying is dangerously close to a scam after trying it myself. This game is in such a despicable state, it should not have been allowed to reach store shelves.

originalWhile I didn’t catch the name of the guy that helped us out on this one, the Microsoft Support rep that took the call for Xbox Live user FeebleBarbecue today deserves a solid pat on the back. We were connected to a customer service rep in less than ninety seconds, and I gave an incredibly basic rundown of the situation:

“My buddy bought NASCAR Heat from the Microsoft Store, the game’s framerate is all over the place, and it’s several years behind visually. We looked online for a fix or news on potential updates, and messages boards are full of awful reviews saying they’ve taken the physical copy back to the store because it’s so bad. Is there any chance my buddy can get a full refund on his Microsoft Store purchase?”

The call lasted less than five minutes, and our anonymous Microsoft rep asked some extremely basic account info questions just to confirm the situation and enter it into their database. There was no fighting with some Indian guy whose name clearly wasn’t “Mike”, or an older woman who was moonlighting as an escort; our boy instead compared it to the issues seen in the Battlefield 1 beta, and immediately sympathized with the numerous technical gremlins when he saw the game’s release date was last Tuesday.

“It sounds almost the game’s still in beta, cause some of the guys around here are Twitch streamers and they ran into the same things with Battlefield 1 a few weeks back. Now your options are to try and contact the developers directly and alert them of all the bugs you’ve found, or I can just refund the purchase to the credit card…”

Boom, done. It’s obviously not something you can do with just any game that you aren’t fond of, but if you dial 1-800-469-9269 after purchasing an especially monumental pile of shit from the Microsoft Store with a growing list of negative feedback online, the five minutes out of your day to physically call up the Microsoft support line is a surefire way to receive a refund for an unsatisfactory product.




57 thoughts on “You Can Get a Refund for NASCAR Heat on the XBOX One

  1. James can u do me a favor and kindly ask ISI for a refund for my 3 years old rf2? i dont want to wait another 3 years more with 397!


    1. I know I should no longer reply to LFS truher’s bait posts, but I decided to put the LFS refund policy just in case:

      2.5 Credit card and PayPal payments can only be refunded whole, within 30 days after purchase and as long as no copy of S1, S2 or S3 has been unlocked with the purchased license. Payments other than credit card or PayPal cannot be refunded.

      What does anyone think of that?


      1. you can play the demo-content without unlocking it. And it is not limited to 2 hours either.
        Works offline (sort-of) and online alike.
        So when you get around to seriously consider getting a license, you already know (in theory) what there is to expect and crucially: how it all works on the users’ end.

        To summarize: playable demos are so yesteryear, you don’t even remember they are still a (niche) thing.


  2. You should just do like all the non-retards and pirate the game first, try it to see if it works as it’s advertised and then, and only then, once you’re satisfied with either its performances or its offerings in terms of features and general gameplay, decide whether or not to buy it or stick with the pirated version. As those douchebags don’t do demos anymore nowadays because they know it’s harder to scam people that way, piracy is the only way to try a game.

    Anybody who throws $60 at developers on day one without even trying a game they’re interests in, is a fucking moron and should be beaten to death.

    It’s because of sheeps like you that the industry is in such a sorry state. Because they know that whatever turd they throw your way, you’ll buy it on day one at full retail price.


  3. And people wonder why I hate digital sales so much. Why the hell would I want to refund a game that sucks?
    People come back with “You shouldn’t pre-order and wait for other people to waste their money.”
    No. I should be able to buy a product, determine if I like it, then return it if I don’t. Hell I can return shoes to JCPenneys up to 90 days without a receipt. I honestly can’t think of any other medium where I can pay for a product without any opportunity to get my money back.


    1. Updated : 02/09/2016
      Guarantees and returns

      Under EU rules, a trader must repair, replace, reduce the price or give you a refund if goods you bought turn out to be faulty or do not look or work as advertised.

      If you bought a good or a service online or outside of a shop (by telephone, mail order, from a door-to-door salesperson), you also have the right to cancel and return your order within 14 days, for any reason and with no justification.


      1. soon to be over-ruled by some infamous trade- and customs agreements that were negotiated behind closed doors, the contents of which won’t be disclosed to the general public who at the same time will end up to be bound by.

        Great stuff 😀


  4. Honestly, that lens flare speaks for itself.

    I’m glad ms followed through on the refund but also wonder why things like batman qte 5 and Nascar lens flare simulator are allowed to be sold on the platform in an unfinished state. The barrier for porting basic functionality is lower than it was before but far too often these guys have no idea how to optimize anything, do they just turn stuff off, talk about 30 fps target and call it done.


  5. MPH and gear added to cockpit dash.
    RPM display fixed for non-restrictor plate tracks.
    Fixed Chase Bonus Point calculation issue.
    Display penalty message when the player has earned a penalty.
    Martinsville wall riding no longer beneficial.

    WTF, these are issues that made it to public release?

    It needs to be called NASCAR Heat Disillusion.

    I hope people wise up, get a refund and punish developers for doing this crap.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. You can lay this problem at the feet of NASCAR. For many years they have taken money from publishers and let the quality of their licensed sim games go to hell.

    Old man France must be rolling in his grave. If NASCAR would make an effort with a developer they would own sim racing. With their influence (usual strong arm tactics) they could have teams feeding data and drivers to shill. $Racing would be out of business (unless they were the developer).

    On the other hand, maybe more money can be made by only licensing. NASCAR seems to care about money above all else. Even if their brand is tarnished with this shit.


      1. France is also the last name of that clown of Brian (France), who’s the chairman of the series. Pretty much the Nascrap version of Bernie Ecclestone in F1. Both are clowns actually.

        This moron is the guy responsible for the Chase system, the Caution Clock and all those stupid rules that ruined a sport that was already bad to begin with.

        Oh, and he openly endorsed Donald Trump, bringing Bill and Chase Elliot and few other drivers along with him, ashaming an entire sport even more than he already did since he became CEO.


        1. He can’t be all that bad if he’s a Trump supporter. Better than sucking Arab circumcised dicks all day like the F1 cretins. Don’t forget to fly Emirates, kaffir!


  7. Forza 6 apex and Nascar heat, two games James has hyped in his blog in past articles when these games were announced. Oh they’re gonna be so great, I’ma play just this and dump all the sims. But the constant shitting on the already established sims goes contrary to what a good portion of the players like and consider good to spend time with. This blog constantly tries to dictate opinion and preferences but underestimates a lot these customers and the players, thinking they’re incapable of picking sims on their own and which companies to support according to what they like in a sim racing game.


  8. “these performance woes can easily be rectified by a trip to Memory Express”

    Jesus fucking Christ James, you don’t even shop at the right Canadian computer parts store either.

    Do you do ANYTHING without fucking it up? 😀


  9. I am enjoying this game on PC with G27 wheel. The trick is to modify the settings on both the wheel and the game. On the wheel increase ffb to 120%, rotation at 360degrees. On the game wheel, throttle and brake sensitivity to zero, rotation at 360. enjoy


        1. – Riverside
          – Sears Point
          – Watkins Geln
          – Mid Ohio
          – Road America
          – Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez
          – Montreal
          – Mosport

          That’s a lot of ROAD COURSES run by an oval racing series, hey?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. That’s not entirely fair as you’re counting tracks that only the lower series race on. The Sprint Cup only runs 2 road courses. Which is pitiful.


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