Reader Submission #118 – You’ll Want to Avoid Forza Horizon 3

forza-horizon-3-preview-boat-raceWe now live in a particularly special kind of hell. Barack Obama is pushing for a one-world government, citizens are being told to censor alleged “hate-speech” en mass on YouTube, and Google’s search results have been re-wired to avoid any link containing information that could offend only the most fragile of individuals found in society. If you use modern video games as your escape from the daily grind, and have been looking forward to blasting around the eastern coast of Australia in Forza Horizon 3 – a mammoth automotive sandbox that represents the pinnacle of open world driving games – you’re shit out of luck. Basically everyone who received early access to the game, whether it be by press credentials or those who pre-ordered the special edition, are reporting a vast array of crippling issues. That’s right, if you’ve suffered through abominations like Project CARS, Assetto Corsa, F1 2015, Need for Speed, MX vs. ATV Supercross, and NASCAR Heat, the third edition of Forza Horizon is just another game to add to that list.

Our boy Simon I. has come through with the full recap for’s 118th Reader Submission.

c5660291-5e39-4d8e-9655-fb25a9d7abf1Hi guys. As you may know, Forza Horizon 3 is coming to PC, and is actually out now for Ultimate Edition users, but the number of issues with the game on PC, as well as with the Microsoft Store, is just mind-blowing.

First of all, you have to pray to God that the download doesn’t freeze and restart itself from the beginning. Yep, it’s fun to download 50GB worth of data all over again. And there are multiple errors on the Microsoft Store; some people don’t have the download option at all, some have already re-downloaded the game upwards of five times… It’s ugly. Personally, I’ve hit the 37GB mark, and now it’s started all over again.

fagza-forumsFor those who did manage to complete the download, they’ve encountered numerous issues such as:

The list goes on and on; the worst part being Microsoft and Turn 10 are totally avoiding addressing any of this – no comment at all, and people who talked to a live support member were told to just re-install the game. I personally spent $123 on this garbage and will probably miss the early access phase because it will take another 72 hours to download, and when it’s finally completed I’ll be subjected to a million more issues. Please cover this, people need to know about and avoid any game coming from the Microsoft Store!

c318e709-c051-4eb9-aae4-581d5884df63I guess this is the future of sim racing. Companies make a game that barely works and skirts around various national & international consumer protection laws, customers buy into these products based on carefully crafted trailers, and when shit hits the fan, the weaponized fanboys attack anyone who’s critical of the game and paint them out to be entitled basement-dwelling monsters who can’t appreciate a company’s “hard work.”

I won’t be picking up Horizon 3 because I’m one of those losers who believes there’s something sinister going on with Windows 10, so unless Sev gets his hands on a functional copy, don’t expect any sort of lengthy review in the near future. Apparently, we aren’t missing much if these threads are anything to go by, but I loved the original Horizon and played the ever-loving shit out of it. It’s disappointing to see a series like this, one which initially stood for quality and was used as a benchmark in the world of racing games, fall flat on its face in such a spectacular way.


68 thoughts on “Reader Submission #118 – You’ll Want to Avoid Forza Horizon 3

  1. Still debating whether to upgrade to W10 or not. I can get it for free from my universitie’s MSDNAA/Dreamspark program, so at that’s one hurdle gone. I might wait a couple of days/weeks until most bugs are sorted out though (and if I can find a cheap key). From what I’ve seen of the console versions the game looks like it’ll be fun™


    1. You can get it for free through the accessibility feature loophole. Can’t say I’m particularly concerned with Ms data collection when isps are already sniffing packets.

      Pick your battles, james. The people you’re supporting through process of elimination are in favor of allowing isps to do anything they want. But no, we are worried about ms?


      1. You can disable all of win10s data collection easily.

        The while point of it is so all your social media, mail etc is automatically in one place. If you choose not to use those features then there isnt any data being collected.

        When data is collected is anonymous and tied to a random string that changes and is just used to facilitate a connection between win10 and a service like Facebook. If you view all the packet data in Wireshark no personal information goes to Microsoft.

        Essentially the OS is acting like a web browser but only if you tell it to.


      2. Yeah I know, I think I’m going to do it. I’ve just been studying for my final exam tomorrow, didn’t want to risk bricking my PC before that as I’ve read that it could happen when using the upgrade thingy.


  2. Barack Hussein Obama’s plan to “fundamentally transform” America is in full swing, as he continues to carry out his plan to import as many ‘refugees’ as he can from Muslim countries that are hostile to America, the West, and our way of life and Crooked Hillary is only going to continue his plan.


  3. If you’re suffering from stuttering and have an NVIDIA card can you try enabling “prefer maximum performance” in the 3D tab in Nvidia control panel. This seems to have fixed the issue for some people


    1. shouldn’t happen in the first place , broken store, broken game no excuse for that.
      also the store doesn’t know what version of the game you have, its showing in my library just as forza horizon 3 and not ultimate. if i go search on the store forza , sometimes it say i own ultimate and sometimes the buy button will appear, same with the season pass and vip .

      also no basic features in the store such as how much time remaining for download, throttle download so you can use your internet while downloading and see what speed you downloading at.

      and i didn’t pay 123$ i payed 132usd , in some countries you pay more , which is also bullshit.


      1. You seriously paid 132USD in advance of a game you have never even played and hasn’t gotten any thrustful reviews yet? Wow man, I really don’t get this pre-order shit.


        1. Never played horizon , really wanted the game , videos and on forza live streams game looked fine so I preorder it.
          First and last time will be doing it that’s for sure, learned my lesson.


              1. That’s not calling names. That’s describing what you are. Preorders are one of the cancers of the game industry and you fueled it even more than it needed to in order to spread its sickness.


      2. Agreed, it shouldn’t happen. Seems like nearly every big game released these days are broken upon arrival. DriveClub, Project Cars, Assetto, and hundreds of non-racers.

        But no matter how much we bitch and moan, developers are still going to keep doing it and doing it. Sucks.

        Oh well, looking forward to playing the game next week when it is available on Xbox One.


        1. ya , i actually wouldn’t mind if the game was delayed a couple more months to get things working properly.
          forza twitted that they also working on the ultimate edition not working , hope this gets fixed by sunday , if not i will call and make a refund.


      3. So you have an issue with a game that needs a patch? Name a single modern game that hasn’t needed a patch.

        The game isn’t officially out until Tuesday. Guess what the current players are…they are testers. They are giving Microsoft a small jump to work out issues on the infinite combinations of pc hardware and peripherals.

        If this concept bothers you how do you manage to play a single pc game?

        You think Microsoft isnt going to fix any issues? They fixed all of them in gears, tomb raider and quantum break.

        As for the store…I downloaded the game in 17 min. The windows store runs off the same azure platform as Xbox live. Speeds are dependent on the user not the service. I average 45Mbps from an xbl download. By comparison on steam I’ve never seen higher than 22Mbps and on PSN I’ve never seen higher than 7.

        As for the g27 issue there is already a fix. The issue was caused by an update weeks ago and has nothing to do with the game. As for the driving force pro…support for a 12+ year old $75 wheel? Buy a new wheel.


      4. I believe it’s more on the Microsoft store. Every game coming out of the MS store has had these same issues, along with no fullscreen, sli, triple screen, etc… the list goes on. It’s part of MS’s stupid UWP apps or whatever, but the problem is My PC is clearly more powerful and technical than my phone.
        I was however hoping MS would get their shit together and fix the store and have H3 get a good response before I “upgrade” to Win10. If FH3 was a standalone it’d be fine, but the faults on MS for making yet another shitty game service.

        Also, according to Digital Foundry, they had to manually reinstall Win10 with the anniversary update to get it to download, but then it worked fine.


  4. Is the full version worse than the demo on any of these points? Demo was like 20GB so I didn’t try it, but if I was thinking about buying the game I definitely would.


  5. How about this: wait until the game has been fully released, patched, and don’t go into it dead set on using a wheel instead of a controller as this is a forza game, aka wheels never feel like the racing sims we know so well.


  6. so when you’re haunted by the dark spectre of Where We’re At And Where We’re Going To, the 3 things that dominate your thoughts are obama, youtube & the state of racing games today.

    it’s probably bc i just woke up, but i have no response.


  7. 5 hours split over a week in trying to get this thing called Rfactor2 to actually work..Loading screen time takes apprx 5 minutes and then its a case of, is it going to work??? of course not but the creators arent interested in refunds..they are only interested in one way funds, their way!


  8. Alright, since the demo was promising, I decided to buy rFactor 2.
    Of the 74 minutes I’ve been fiddling with it, 10 minutes were of driving and 64 of ****ING BUGFIXING.

    Who, WHO, I ask, would even DARE to release a software so ******* buggyy, poorly written, ****-poor optimized, headache-inducing, prone to be a memory hog worse than Firefox with 10 Youtube tabs, and ask with a straight face TO GET PAID FOR THAT ****?

    ISI, this isn’t worth 5 bucks, let alone 30 for a Core License or 70 for a Lifetime!

    It’s refund time


      1. The saddest thing is that you believe anything Trump says. He’s a huge coward who does anything to protect himself at the expense of others.


  9. It sucks big time that the game isn’t working well on pc. At the risk of being called a fanboy, I’ve got to call you out on this ‘all-inclusive preorder’ claim. This comes up every time a new car pack comes out (after the first six) and someone complains that it wasn’t included in the car pass. The fucking car pass, the ultimate edition and all the preorder offers as super clear in what you get with them. The car pass is the first six car packs. That’s it. Not all the expansions. Not VIP. Not anything else. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it! I don’t understand how people can fail to get this after so many games now and it being literally written on the tin.


  10. I have played FH3 demo on Xbox and it holds little interest for me.The simulation value is truly terrible.Lamborghinis driving across dirt and jungle and barely slowing down.GTA5 has more accurate off road vehicle physics.The game looks good but falls somewhere between Forza 6 and GTA5 which has no appeal for me.

    People pre ordering day 1 release should have a word with themselves.Expect problems.


    1. majorly newsflash! It doesn`t try to bring any simulation value to the table you dumb piece of shit. It`s a game to have some fun with, remember what fun is you retarded old fart ?


  11. “That’s right, if you’ve suffered through boring bashing shit articles about Project CARS, Assetto Corsa, F1 2015, Need for Speed, MX vs. ATV Supercross, and NASCAR Heat, the next shitty clickbait article of Forza Horizon is just around the corner.”

    There i fixed it..


    1. You’re butthurt over your garbage sim racing games getting bashed? PCARS and AC are failures on console, F1 2015 is arguably the worst F1 game of the series, NFS relaunch was a catastrophic failure, MX vs ATV Supercross is shovelware, and NASCAR Heat is just as bad as the previous NASCAR games.


  12. >Horizon 3
    good kek

    But yeah, the engine itself is equal to the one in the original Apex release, so maybe at some point an update will come fixing these issues. It’s a real shame because the game itself is pretty solid for an arcade racer.

    Also nice Rift james


  13. Fuck the writer of the article, need for speed was one of the best racing games to come out, its nobodys fault if your a shit driver or have no imagination with which to customize your cars. I was honestly on board with hating forza but that ticked me off


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