Credit Card Factor

credit-card-factorCD key warehouses can be a solid way to save a few dollars on your new PC gaming purchase, but unfortunately Studio 397 have discovered the dark side of this sketchy grey market. Almost 100 copies of rFactor 2’s non-Steam version were acquired by one of these outlets via stolen credit cards before being converted into the Steam edition and sold to users through their respective websites. Once it had been confirmed that the relatively large amount of rFactor 2 keys were originally obtained with a stolen credit card, Studio 397 were forced to deactivate 97 rFactor 2 keys on the users who had purchased them from said CD key outlets.

Traditionally, this wouldn’t be much of a big deal – these CD key sites routinely get busted for shady tactics, and it’s why you’ll see many PC gamers across all sorts of different message boards caution new users about the dangers of shopping for games on one of these websites. However, with rFactor 2’s extremely minuscule player base posing a legitimate threat to the game’s long-term lifespan, seeing nearly one hundred users have rFactor 2 taken away from them is like metaphorically kicking the racing sim when it’s already withering away on the ground. The sim’s all-time player count is an underwhelming 464, with a peak of 331 in the past 24 hours. It’s really not going anywhere in terms of popularity, and with how little there is to do within rFactor 2 from a “game” aspect, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where even a fraction of those 97 affected by this CD key issue would be interested enough to purchase the game again.

It’s not a good start for Studio 397, but it’s really not their fault – they can’t help it if someone uses a stolen credit card to purchase a whopping amount of rFactor 2 keys and proceeds to sell them online.


33 thoughts on “Credit Card Factor

    1. This posted on rf2 official FB too the same place also that posted screenshots and hotlap link using other sims ripped content..KARMA!


      1. Karma? but the ppl who are buying these keys have yet to enjoy “ripped” content, so hows the “karma” thing work?

        I call this a logic fail on your part, also terrible shilling for me, come on, if you gonna shill for me do it, or are you just a wannabe hash shill?


  1. 97 keys.. idk at what price they bought them, but if the single player at 29.99 that’s 2909€ or if the life time game at 79.99 then is 7759€ in illicit game keys.


  2. Glad to see justice being brought to these thieves. Studio 397 will make rFactor 2 the greatest sim racing game of all time. Yes, of all time. rFactor 2 already has the best physics of all time, and Studio 397 will add a significant amount of content to rF2.


  3. There he goes again on and on about the multiplayer numbers. Look, if you don’t enjoy offline racing, just move along, ok? EmptyBox is like that too… Make the online accessible, make complete series… Both of you. You know what? Screw you. I personally enjoy offline with particularly interesting cars rather than having a full grid of modern GT3 crap and not much else. Looks like ISI would agree with me… Of course, probably not 397, they should be more in line with your type of thinking and sharing your preferences, but at least I’m not going to bitch and moan all over the place if they’ll make rF2 into something closer to what you prefer. Just try to realize already that different people have different things they are attracted to. Even among simracers.


    1. AMS has better off line game with proper particularly interesting cars,proper championship also with proper S Merika tracks..but u know rf2 is CLOSING THE GAP with?


      1. These both sims are top notch. Too bad they often end up in hands of people like James who is hellbent on “racing others” without really caring about the underlying physics and FFB.


          1. They are driving simulators, ok? The racing fad is in the decline anyway 🙂 At least the online racing one.

            I hope iRacing people will take you back soon, James, or you are going to bore to death many a people with your whining about how you don’t have anyone to play with. Maybe it’s just that the other kids don’t like your overly positive and supportive personality? 😉 Most possibly they just forget to pay their respects to The Rookie of the Year.

            If you are that full of it while not being particularly anyone, I can hardly imagine what will become of you after, say, hitting the top of GT3, for example.


    2. I’m going to judge that you haven’t really thought your argument out by how you seem to have completely misrepresented what Empty Box said in his videos. I mean… this is a guy who almost exclusively is driving offline AI races whenever he uploads a video from rF2 or AMS.

      Saying “fix the online” isn’t saying “fuck offline racing, its pointless”.

      I also don’t see what your complaint about full series licensing is, or the hope that the game can present a more coherent experience. GTR2 is a perfect example of a game that was all about a full licensed series experience that was great to play offline (I think Mr. Box even has a video of it in his archives, played offline).


  4. I got my invite-only bittorrent tracker account hacked once and they sold all my invites over a matter of maybe 24 hours, I was honestly impressed how many shitheads will buy from hackers. They all got banned once I recovered my pwd and logged back in.


  5. I gave away my non-steam rF2 access code to an acquaintance of mine for free because I could no longer look at this crap and now I cannot stop wondering whoever would want to buy it, even with a stolen credit card…
    If in the second half of 2016 there are still such individuals, then it means they’d gladly buy a can of yesteryear’s puke too.


  6. That company is run by morons.

    They should have considered those keys as promotional material. Even if 1/3 of the people got a friend into the game and they bought it on steam thats more paying customers paying than you had before. Then those friends might tell friends.

    Locking those keys out only ensures those people will never play another game by tje company again.


    1. “Locking those keys out only ensures those people will never play another game by tje company again.”

      Or they won’t risk to buy these sort of keys anymore. So it helps to reduce ripped keys in other games too.


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