“Been Trying to Get Beta Access For a While…”

14500317_10154538904941085_4714524617106418717_oPart of what makes iRacing so special to the sim racing community is the testimonials page proudly displayed on the game’s official website. Boasting a lengthy list of world-renowned race car drivers from multiple disciplines of professional auto racing, names such as Dale Earnhardt Jr., Garth Tander, and Simon Pagenaud all claim to be iRacing connoisseurs during their few select weekends away from the race track, using the software as a way to keep their skills behind the wheel in sharp form. The alleged unparalleled authenticity on display in the software for your average sim racer to immerse themselves in is implied to be the result of many of these drivers (and their teams) assisting the development team with the ongoing development of the sim – and who better to troubleshoot handling inconsistencies than someone who pilots the car in real life, right?

Unfortunately, the most basic of digging reveals these testimonials are purely a marketing gimmick.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the iRacing side of things as of late, a major new addition to the simulator is set to be released later this year. While not everyone’s cup of tea, dirt oval racing will be making its way to the iRacing software in the form of Sprint Cars and Late Models; the first time this discipline will be available in any sort of video game since the budget-priced officially licensed World of Outlaws title in 2010. Obviously, there’s been a lot of fanfare from the oval racing crowd in regards to this project; many North American iRacers are amateur dirt track drivers themselves, and the ones who aren’t most likely have one or two tracks they frequent as a spectator within driving distance. It’s a big deal to have a studio as experienced as iRacing trying to replicate this form of motorsports, especially since the dirt oval sim racing community has largely relied on guesswork rFactor mods for the better part of a decade.

However, some iRacers have already questioned just how accurate the depiction of dirt oval competition will be, and these comments have ignited a firestorm of sorts that perfectly displays the contrast between real race car drivers attempting to understand the popularity of iRacing, and the computer nerds desperate to use the software as a way to live out their failed racing dreams.

armchairSportsman dirt driver William Dahl gets the ball rolling by merely suggesting iRacing should find real world dirt track drivers to help fine-tune the new discipline before it’s released to iRacers around the world. Dahl also notes that he had tried his friend’s real life Super Late Model setup – which won at South Boston Speedway a few weeks prior – and the real world numbers used in his buddy’s car did not translate to the iRacing garage area at all . This was the whole point of iRacing, and is part of the reason Dahl is eager to at least give some input on the dirt track experience before paying customers are used as guinea pigs.

iRacing fanboys show up to call Dahl an “armchair expert”, one claims “just because you are a good real driver doesn’t mean you are a good sim driver” – as if sim racing is somehow more hardcore than strapping your ass into the real thing – and lastly, a final user states “how can someone who drives real cars explain the physics present in a simulation?” Dahl, completely blown away by the absurd replies he is receiving, promptly uploads a picture of his car, and leaves the discussion. Actually, he might still be shit talking with them. Who knows.

My mind is absolutely blown by what I’ve read. iRacing literally parades around a massive page of testimonials featuring drivers from all four corners of the earth talking about how great their simulator is – sometimes allegedly enlisting their help to build a car (Shane Van Gisbergen was brought on-board to tweak the Ford Falcon V8 Supercar) and yet iRacing fanboys are genuinely ganging up on a real driver willing to provide feedback for the simulation by saying he’s not qualified to talk about race car computer games. You’ve heard it here first, folks! Simon Pagenaud may have won the 2016 Verizon IndyCar Series championship for Penske Racing, but according to your resident iRacing cucks shown above, he has no right to talk about how the Dallara DW12 drives in a video game. This isn’t just one guy who’s had a bit too much to drink, either – multiple people are echoing the same sentiment. There is literally a real life dirt driver in the comments section of an iRacing post on Facebook saying “hey, I’ll help test this dirt stuff for you because I race dirt ovals in real life”, and is being shot down by a host of iRacing losers for supposedly not knowing what he’s talking about.

So I guess iRacing can just delete the whole testimonials page – apparently the main premise of their simulator – real drivers both contributed to the development of the game and use it as a training tool – doesn’t matter anymore. And I’d stop there and end the article on that note, but I can actually go further.

2015-pics-11Elliott Skeer, let’s talk about him for a bit. According to his official website, Skeer is currently a driver in the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge Series, won the 2015 Porsche Carrera Cup USA championship, and was a successful Mazda MX-5 cup driver from 2011 to 2014 – setting a track record at Laguna Seca in the process. In the shot above, that’s him leading the field at Sebring. iRacing loves to talk about this guy, and for good reason – he’s an incredibly accomplished driver who’s also young enough to seamlessly transfer his skills from the computer to the real thing and back again. Of course, there’s the complimentary massive article on him that can be found on the official iRacing website, and it’s what you could expect from a fairly standard marketing spiel – iRacing made me a better driver, I knew the tracks from iRacing… That sort of thing.

skeer-1Now, when the 2015 Mazda MX-5 Cup car was released for the iRacing software during March of 2016, you’re probably right to assume Skeer or someone close to him had a hand in the development of the car, correct? I mean, it basically says they do this on the official website, and Skeer was somebody they had a great relationship with.

ir-notesIt’s a no-brainer to bring this kid on board so he can help iron out the kinks in the virtual car – he’s basically the best Mazda Miata driver in North America, and he’s also a dedicated sim racer. There is no reason notto let Skeer try the car beforehand and give the last bit of feedback needed to make it a truly phenomenal experience.

es-quoteApparently to the iRacing development team, it’s not a no-brainer. Skeer can be seen in the same comments section as William Dahl, frustrated with iRacing that they refused to listen to his input or even give him beta tester status. The stories of real drivers helping iRacing to build an upcoming car or two? Yeah, this sort of calls all that into question. If one of the best race car drivers in North America under the age of 25 – someone the developer team has already struck up a relationship with – isn’t giving the cars he has driven out on the real track a final virtual shakedown, who is?  Could this be the reason behind why so many iRacing cars are unleashed upon the public with hilariously broken driving dynamics? Remember how the McLaren 12c GT3 couldn’t take kerbs upon release? Or how the Lotus 49 was a complete deathtrap despite then-newcomer Alex Rossi wheeling the car around Circuit of the Americas without much difficulty? Should we talk about the asphalt sprint car driving like it’s on dirt, or the K&N Stock Car having hidden traction control?

This is an especially strange situation to talk about given iRacing’s status in the sim racing community. They’ve got all sorts of drivers from all kinds of different racing disciplines ready and willing to test out the software – and some of these drivers have some serious credentials. If iRacing is supposedly being built with the help of real world race teams, and being used as a training tool by such a diverse array of accomplished race car drivers, why are they instead making the comments we’ve documented above? Why are drivers they’ve paraded around as sim racing ambassadors openly questioning on Facebook why they’re not even allowed to test upcoming iRacing projects? What’s going on here?




74 thoughts on ““Been Trying to Get Beta Access For a While…”

  1. “Or how the Lotus 49 was a complete deathtrap despite then-newcomer Alex Rossi wheeling the car around Circuit of the Americas without much difficulty?”

    If this was for Assetto Corsa, Alex Rossi would be completely disregarded and AC called simcade.

    And what does it tell you that iracing didn’t get feedback from dirt racers that are present at the dirt track they’re simulating? I get that is fucked up iracing players so mindlessly disregarding real drivers of these cars, but iracing doesn’t have to recruit people from social media, they can get closer collaboration at the track where this type of racing happens.


  2. Iracing is the biggest jerk off going,all the sales stuff is made up bullshit,yeah they probably paid some one some money just to say he helped desighn stuff but that’s probably as far as it goes.
    Any self respecting racer will know in short time just how off the physics are and the cars feel so under tyred,especially the fronts.

    When they openly admit in court to lieing about their code because they thought folks wouldn’t buy it,how can a word out of their mouths be trusted.
    It’s such a frustrating situation,iracing is the only game that offers pick up and play multiplayer,and they know that,so they have cut corners to concentrate on content.

    This dirt bs will be funny to watch,you just know it’s gunna be broken for 10years after release.


  3. In before ol Giller is a beta tester for the dirt side. How many of the Dwc/pro guys race on dirt? How many of them know what a 7/15 socket is? The kids of iRacing have to real world experience that iRacers once had. Yea they have Timmy Hill and some other back markers in the DWC but thats it. iRacing is just a game now. No more of what they wanted it to be at the start. You most likely get bitched at if you call it a game in a race with all the fan boys. If you walked into walmart, iRacing would be right next to Mario Kart.


  4. One girl, I drove through three states wearing her head as a hat.



  5. So iRacing should drop everything and let an 1100 iR guy who claims he’s a dirt racer make sure they’re on the right track?

    Are you fucking kidding me, James?

    If iRacing screws up dirt, it won’t be because William Dahl (whoever he is) wasn’t a beta tester.

    And by the way, not that it matters, Sai Andra is a race engineer.

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  6. Ah the good old iRacing community. Feels embarrassing to say that I play it but it is the easiest one for me to just jump in a race without joining a league or some shit. Not the most hardcore sim racing sperg so league racing isn’t really an option for me, but god damn the community is legit retarded.

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  7. I’ve shared some opinions on here before and again I am a former NASCAR team member and I know first hand that a large number of Drivers use IRACING both for fun and for practice. Tony Stewart for example used it not to long ago to get some laps in in a F1 car so he could get a feel for it before driving the real thing. Lots of drivers moving up through the sport use iracing to practice on tracks they have yet to race on. And a number of teams have simulators in house for the drivers to train on. They are all using IRACING, not some other driving sim. That in itself should tell you something. Most of the young drivers out there today are also gamers on their free time and have driven cars in the other Sims, but when it comes to actual practice, they always go to IRACING. Every one of them will tell you it is the closest thing out there to the real thing. And the majority of them are not getting paid for their opinion of iracing . I have personally driven real race cars and I have used a number of Sims, and iracing is so far the best I have found . Is it perfect ? No, and it never will be, after all its a sim and not the real deal. But as of this moment right now it is the one that comes closest to actually being behind the wheel of a real race car. We will see how the dirt works out for iracing but if they can get it as close as they have the pavement, then I for one will be really happy !


    1. iRacing’s the only sim with laserscanned ovals, and has the majority of laserscanned American circuits… if you want to practice for the real thing, there’s no substitute for a real scan.


    2. You know there is a whole Promo video/Race where Tony Fields questions about iRacing and says the Class A Chey SS drives nothing like real life right?

      It was literally from July.


      1. Yep and like with anything else ,they don’t always hit the market, hence why they never stop working on it. As i said, none of the cars will ever be the real thing ! By the way , Tony probably complains about the real race car more than any other driver out there !! Listen to his radio on any given weekend. Lmao !!


      2. My entire point is that if your going to complain about something or criticize it for something , then be able to offer up something that is better. It may change in the future but for now iracing offers the closest experience to real racing in real race cars. And in fact at the upper levels the racing is very real, with real drivers, real teams and real competition for very real trophies and money !!


      3. Tony Stewart wasn’t complaining, he was pointing out that the real life Sprint Cup car’s can hammer down wide open throttle from center off these days because of the tapered spacers they have on the intake. The iRacing A car does tank slappers everywhere.

        That’s not to say iRacing doesn’t do good things. I quite like the Audi, but they have arguably been 1 step forward 3 backwards in too many cases


        1. yup true 1 step forward 3 backwards..i mean howtf iR balanced the gt3 series obsolete gt cars with fake posh gt race against faster AMG and the Audi.?


        2. At which track ? Lol There are only a few tracks that any of the drivers can put her to the mat from center off . And even at those tracks it’s still only the teams that hit the setup that can do it. Picking up on the throttle is completely different from hammering down. I’m assuming your referring to the mile and a half tracks as I can promise your not going to hammer down on the shorter tracks. And with most of the mile and a half tracks you have to roll on the throttle coming out .


          1. Listen to Tony moron, he says they set the cars up everywhere to wide open when you get back to the gas.

            Why do you think Danica Patrick hasn’t died yet due to her lack of skill


            1. Ya I’m the moron. Lmao. Well here are some of my credentials if you want to argue who knows more about how cup cars are setup. I’ve been a Team member of RedBull, Robby Gordon Motorsports, Michael Waltrip Racing. I’ve worked on test cars for Penske and Evernhahm. I helped build Kyle Busch’s very first winning Craftsman truck and the list goes on and on. Every driver would love to run wide open from the center off, but the fact is at most tracks they cannot. Every team would love to set the car up to do that, but again at most tracks they cannot ! And at the tracks they are able to do that , only about half of the field actually achieves it ! If Tony’s cars are so damn good , why is it his team mates are kicking his ass every weekend. He is barely driving better than Danica. Maybe you should do your homework before you go stating things that are not true ? At some tracks the guys can’t get to full throttle until they are almost at exit .
              I don’t know why I bother honestly, apparently you’ve picked up more knowledge on YouTube than I have in my 30 years of Stock car racing ??


              1. Quote from Tony Stewart:

                “The difference between how our cars drive here (at Pocono) and the sim car is quite a bit different in some areas. Especially getting back in the gas. That’s an area where once we’re able to get it pointed with the amount of horsepower NASCAR has taken away, we can pretty much get in the gas and not have to worry about it. It seemed like (in the sim) entry to center everybody was pretty good, it’s just that the exit could sneak up on you and bite you. That’s where I struggled the most (in the sim).”

                Still wanna pretend these cars are difficult to drive?


                1. Again , a comment from a professional who has driven race cars all of his life ! Ask him how many years it took him to get to a place where it felt something was easy ? And one thing Tony knows is how much a driver uses feel ! In a sim you don’t have that. So having a corner sneak up on him in a sim is not a suprise, because he can’t feel the car. Like I said, if it was easy driving a race car, everybody would do it. Everybody would be competing for championships. Only the guys that have the talent, put in the work, and have years of experience are the ones who are winning races. Maybe you should look up how many drivers that can be quoted as saying ” if it was easy driving these race cars everyone would do it” . The last one I recall saying that was Brad Keselowski. But I’ve heard it from Jimmy Johnson, Joey lagano , Kyle Busch, just to name a few .

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                  1. Milka Duno had an Indy Car ride.

                    Cristen Powell won an NHRA top fuel event.

                    Madusa won a Monster Jam championship.

                    Pastor Maldonaldo had an F1 ride.

                    John Wes Townley & Jennifer Jo Cobb had truck series rides.

                    Driving a race car is easy.


                2. Again if you think they are easy to drive, go get in one at one of the pro driving schools, not some Richard Petty Experience . I’ll bet you can’t get to 170 at a mile and a half track , not because your scared, but because these cars are not as easy to drive as you apparently think. But hell according to you, you should be able to put that car anywhere on the track you want at any time. I mean it’s easy right ? Lmao
                  I’m done with you , good luck in your racing career !!


  8. It’s almost like having cars drive like real cars won’t sell, and iRacing cares way more about having cars drive what people -think- they should drive like (hint: a Lotus in GPL, a 17-year old game with completely unrealistic setups) .

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  9. 🤔 its better to have right data (which will eventually be good when model is good enough) and “wrong” feeling now than to compensate current models with fake data according to some drivers feelings and then have to do it all over again every single time you broke it with updates to model.

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    1. Holy fuck I love paying $100 a year for a 25 year early access beta that drives like dogshit.

      You retard fuck the data doesn’t exist and they are faking 10,000 things on every car.


  10. You know what I would like to see ? Everyone out there who thinks the iracing cars drive bad should go out and drive the real thing and then come back and tell me your opinion ! Most people have know idea what a 400 hp car is like to drive let alone one that is pushing 1000 hp. Now let’s talk suspension , oh that’s right , in a nascar cup car at speed there is no suspension. Your either in coil bind or on the bump stops, essentially a go-kart. Now while your passing your pants coming into a corner at 185 MPH you have to brake. Oh shit no anti lock brakes , oops! Start praying now that your car has a good setup in it ! I’m sorry but if the iracing cars where 100% correct in realism , most people wouldn’t make it 2 laps over 160 MPH at a mile and a half tracks, forget even trying a road course. I’ve been in this sport for 30 years and there is a reason you see the same few guys on top all of the time, they are just that good. If a race car was easy to drive we wouldn’t have a sport. So I guess my final question would be , how the hell can you say the iracing cars drive bad if you’ve never drivin the real thing in order to compare it to ? How many of the haters out there have actually driven a nascar cup car at speed, not some driving school where you rarely get past 150 ? I’ve drivin these cars and I bet money that most people couldn’t get one out of the pits without stalling out !! If you don’t like iracing, quit !! Find something else. Don’t bitch about the money you spend if you keep spending it on something you apparently don’t like.


        1. I went out and drove real race cars, and I can tell you they real race cars are not hard to drive (if you have a little bit of talent). Sure, squeezing the last second or so out of the car decides whether you drive on pro or amateur level, but it’s not hard to go reasonably fast in them. Most sims get it completely wrong in that regard, where just going 2 or 3sec slower than someone who’s very fast is quite difficult already.

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          1. I dont know what race car you believe is “easy” to drive but I can promise you that every driver in the top three series of nascar will tell you they are not!When one of those drivers makes a comment about a race car being easy to drive, their comment is in comparison to other race cars they have driven. And show me one driver that is winning races that says race cars are easy to drive ? What most people don’t understand is that these guys have been wheeling cars since about the age of three years old ! They have years of experience under their belt . You take some guy , give him a lesson or two and put him in the car, he won’t find it easy . Jimmy Johnson, Dale Jr, Tony, Kyle, all of them will tell you that driving their race cars is hard. It’s their years of experience that allows one car to feel easier to drive from another. Most these guys who race on iracing have little to know experience behind the wheel, and the ones that do understand what I’m saying .


            1. “I dont know what race car you believe is “easy” to drive”

              Like, all of them? Well maybe not, but generally the cars that are hard to drive are badly-constructed cars. Even an F1 car is “easy” to drive. As I said, squeezing that last second or so out of the car that seperates a pro from an amateur, that’s the hard part. But eve going 95% in iRacing is ridiculously hard compared to real life. Again, it all depends on the talent you have. Someone with literally zero talent will obviously find anything hard to drive, even if you aren’t close to the limit (I’ve met those people too, and they didn’t drive racecars for a long time).


              1. My god people are retarded, James you’re car was easy because it’s a fucking hornet. Real race cars are hard as fuck to drive, I’ve been in a 425 hp 2950 lb late model, and I was pretty bad. That being said throwawayhusband is straight retarded. The bigger tracks are easier homie, I know people who have done it on some bigger tracks, they all say the same thing. Sensation of speed comes from acceleration not from speed. At Daytona you run 198 mph but it feels like a Sunday drive (Untell you wreck) why do you think jr could drive with no wheel? Martinsville and the wheel comes off? You’re fucked. But I’m sure the post about trucks you brought up James is spot on, some race cars on some tracks aren’t that hard. I was otl in a late model, my cousin dominated a year in a bomer, moved up to lates and was quick instantly. Why? He’s fuckin good. Most drives probably will say iracing is the closest. Why? Because they race FOR REAL they don’t don’t give a shit about waisting time comparing sims. If you follow up the question “which sim is best” with the question “how close is it?” Most drivers will say not that close. 425 hp may not seem like a lot but on a 1/4 mile with no experience it’s fucking insane. I question a lot of those who claim to have “strapped in” because as James now knows when you’ve felt it under you’re ass nothing is the same. Forget even about what a sim could never do, even tire models aren’t even close. The most powerful computer can’t compute the infinite deformations a tire makes irl.


                1. Real life is a mix of RaceRoom Racing Experience’s understeer/oversteer feeling, Stock Car Extreme’s tire wear, and Live for Speed’s weight transfer/inertia behavior.

                  If there’s one game that made me a better driver, it was RaceRoom. Catching slides is the exact same. The precision required on pedal inputs when cornering is the exact same. The way a car in R3E plows if you blow the entry of a corner is the exact same.

                  I’d say NASCAR 2003 Season has the braking “feel” right; how the car kinda gets nervous if you’re pushing.

                  So you’re wrong. It IS roughly the same.


                2. I agree with what you said apart from “real race cars are hard as fuck to drive”. They are not. I’ve driven actually relevent race cars (open-wheelers, sports cars) and they are _EASY_ to drive. 425hp is nothing, if you can’t handle that no wonder you think race cars are hard to drive.


                  1. lol I love how brutal everyone is here, need more of that in today’s overly politically correct participation ribbon world. Insightful comment James, never tried raceroom so wouldn’t have known that. Agree 100% about nr2003 by the way. And I think you misinterpreted me James though I probably worded it shitty. What I meant by “nothing’s the same” is a sim just can’t compare to the feeling of actually going fast and how badass it is, I mean duh you’re stationary in a sim. I’m not saying some sims don’t have the feel damn close, a lot do. I think suspension physics are very often well done and some tire models are too but a real tire is deforming in real life constantly. It’s difficult to do that, but that being said I think it comes down to the “sim value” crap you’ve talked about before, it might not be 100% technically correct but if it feels right who cares? And sev, I was as green as possible, I drove a late model with little regular car experience, no racing experience, and for that matter had only even played nr2003 on a shit 90$ bungee wheel. Sims can totally be a helpful training tool, I just think it’s kinda like jumping a bmx bike doing a trick into a foam pit. If you do it a lot it will definitely help you learn the trick but untell you do it for real you don’t know if you’ll stick the landing. And by the way when I say “hard as fuck to drive” I mean hard as fuck to GO FAST. You said you’re self it’s that last second or so that’s hard to get, that’s about how far off I was, which is a lot on a 1/4 mile but with no idea what the fuck i was doing and 180 lap tires (no money) I think I managed.

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    1. Why would you engineer a car that is hard to drive? There is no point in doing that because the driver wouldn’t be able to extract that performance out of it lap after lap.

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      1. Exactly. I know it’s not automobile racing, but take last year’s Honda MotoGP machine. It was ridiculously quick on one lap, but on longrun pace it was so unpredictable and hard to drive that even the most talented rider of all time, Marc Marquez, crashed out of something like 5 or 6 races because even he couldn’t extract the bike’s potential at the limit. It’s better to build a car or bike that’s maybe a tenth or two per lap slower, but that pace will be available for a whole race without having to risk crashing every corner.


      2. “Why would you engineer a car that is hard to drive? There is no point in doing that because the driver wouldn’t be able to extract that performance out of it lap after lap.”

        This is actually the most concise and well thought out way this point has ever been made.


      3. Sometimes cars simply turn out to be a bitch to drive bc the conept sucks or things were not cosidered which cause shitty balance. And sometimes you do it to gain something, mostly performance related. Surprise surprise. Sometimes the conditions are a bitch and sometimes the competition forces you to have trouble going as fast as they do.

        Cars in generall are easy to drive as 95% of ultra realistic sims and simracers claim nowadays but only for those 5% who know what they are doing, For the other rest of the 5% which also claim to know what they are doing cars are something they will never be able to figure out fully. Yet they will be easy to drive but the usually gingle around 2-5 sec of pace.

        You will never ever hear from a real driver form a racing team or a manufacturer that a car sucks. Talk to them in private and youd wonder shit. If cars would be so great they would barely ever get updated etc. OF course they would for selling reasons but otherwise nope.

        Loojk how many simple out of stupidity accidents you have on streets, One could assime flying a boing would be easier right. That is bc heros like simracers think they are heros like simracers.

        Cars are neither easy nor hard to drive. They are easy and hard to drive.


  11. iRacing’s simulation value is laughable at its current state, yet people are still getting suckered in by their bullshit. iRacing is the biggest scam in sim racing right now and they are profiting off of the poor state of sim racing right now.


  12. James, I agree that it’s not because someone is fast in real life that he will be in the sim, nor that he will be able to judge it properly. He’s gonna need time to adapt. He may most likely get there, but not right away, since the feel is way different.

    And about that amateur dirt racer guy… lol. I wouldn’t lend him my 130hp track car, let’s just say it that way. It’s not because you race IRL that you’re a god, 99% of these guys are shit. On top of that, he’s shit in the sim as well.

    Do wonder why Elliot wasn’t consider in the beta team tho. There aren’t that many good drivers there unfortunately… I was on there when they tested driver swaps. It just takes time to test shit, it’s not that fun really.


    1. I would take an actual driver’s word on physics over tryhard sim racers, especially when sim racing is largely irrelevant compared to real life racing. Most sim racers don’t know anything about real life physics, and will just accept whatever is thrown at them if it is marketed well.


      1. The thing is, these guys don’t even know how to set-up their own car properly, in top of being bad at driving fast. So how could they judge anything properly ?

        Drivers who know what they’re talking about are rare. Even rarer those who can wheel it in the virtual word. Cletus from Trailer Park, Kentucky is not really a good prospect.


  13. iRacing is not nearly as accurate a simulation as the company and many of the users would have you believe. Not to mention the community surrounding it is a cesspool that often ruin any enjoyment that could be had in the game. The only reason, in my opinion, that a small group of professional American oval racers play the game is because there aren’t really any other options for online racing with those cars and tracks. Make no mistake, it certainly isn’t because the physics are accurate or the community is a good group of people. Frankly, I’d rather deal with a bunch of screaming 13 year olds playing COD than the delusional, defensive, and overly serious 30 and 40 somethings on iRacing who think that being good at the game basically means they could be competent racers in the real world, and think that the game is the pinnacle of simulation and never gets anything wrong.


  14. While iRacing isn’t amazing, it is all we have. Think iRacing is a joke? Then the others have zero chance. The ones that are accurate/good have no one driving them! Sorry but, this is the best we have ATM so just hush.

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  15. i am glad most readers of PRC are not member of Iracing. Might be why the racing is the very best on the market. Keep the idiots off the track, and fun is to be had!


  16. Nice article James. I always read your stuff. Real life Drivers!!!! Guys you got REAL LIFE DRIVERS trying to help. Who else can tell you if software you are making actually resembles REAL CAR beside REAL LIFE DRIVER??? Whole point is to create something on PC that drives like a real car. And here, even existence of this question is blasphemy. Real Life Driver is the one AND ONLY person who can say – YES it drives real or NO it drives like shit. NOBODY ELSE CAN BEAT REAL LIFE DRIVER IN TERMS OF FEEDBACK ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!! They are the only once who know how it feels to minor details. Thanks James, you are a voice of common sense in this world of fake advertisement.


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