The Console Crowd Doesn’t Care for Blog Posts

blog-postIt’s always interesting to discover what kind of observations you can make when temporarily distancing yourself from an environment you’re familiar with. Ever since hardcore PC racing sims first gained traction with the release of Sierra’s Grand Prix Legends in 1998, the entire group of gamers who list virtual race cars as their ideal pastime have been split directly down the middle when it comes to just how they prefer to tear up the pixelated tarmac. PC sim racers love to fiddle and tinker in a sandbox-like environment, merely happy with a game that lets them drive around a prestigious race track with only the most precise of physics engines powering their experience, while console owners typically want some sort of a meaningful game built around the on-track product – and if that means plastering the world with auction houses, livery editors, and cars to collect for their virtual garages, that’s what they get. Assetto Corsa on the PC just barely skirts what constitutes a “racing simulator” but offers an insanely open-ended modding platform, while Forza Horizon 3 allows casual gamers a bite-sized version of Australia’s Gold Coast to explore – but very little in the way of authenticity. Different strokes for different folks.

And the marketing campaigns plastering each title across social media are vastly different beasts as well. Forza Horizon 3 attacked potential customers with an in-your-face attitude and promised an endless supercar party; loud trailers, rocking music, and neon colors enticing you to either take part in the third fictional Horizon festival with thousands of others across the globe, or simply upgrade to Windows 10 and discover what all the fuss is about. On the contrary, Assetto Corsa took aim at a more mature and reserved crowd. Kunos Simulazioni staff members opted to directly engage dedicated PC sim racers by corresponding with them on the game’s official message boards, building a loyal fanbase through seemingly one-on-one producer/consumer relationships that could occasionally be weaponized for their own benefit. It may not be the most exciting approach – especially from an outsider’s point of view – but it allowed those who had spent the $40 on Assetto Corsa, plus extra for the numerous DLC packs, to genuinely feel as if they were a part of the game’s on-going development. In some instances, this kind of connection with Kunos Simulazioni would allow users to feel less frustrated with a botched patch or unsatisfactory update, as they knew full well that their complaints would be heard not by a generic public relations manager, but by the men who were directly in charge of fixing the game.

These two styles of marketing lead to a scenario where the younger crowd waiting for the next scoop on Horizon 3 would be counting down the days until the next batch of trailers or gameplay footage from popular gaming outlets, whereas the older PC sim crowd would be eagerly anticipating a mere blog post or lengthy forum confession from a Kunos staff member. It’s all part of knowing your target audience. PC sim racers eat up mundane blog entries; the Forza crowd loves a more traditional approach. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Unless you try to use marketing approach A, with target audience B. Then it just makes you look like retards.

commentsI shouldn’t have to remind you of this by now, but the console launch of Assetto Corsa last month didn’t go anywhere near as planned. Massive technical issues and an outright lack of basic features found in other racing simulators release over the past decade frustrated console owners, especially after a truckload of dishonest reviews and weaponized fanboys claiming Assetto Corsa would revolutionize the console racing scene. Owners of Assetto Corsa on the PS4 and Xbox One have been begging for something – anything – that would indicate the numerous problems with the game would be rectified, turning Assetto Corsa into a title that was truly worth their $60. And I’m not just talking about ironing out the technical issues, either – these people were choked that basic time trial leaderboards and custom lobby functionality were nowhere to be found.

Kunos rewarded their persistence in asking about these problems with a pair of self-masturbatory blog posts. In a rather hilarious reply to Dave L. inquiring about the upcoming (now released) updates for the console versions of the game, the Assetto Corsa customer relations guy replies with:

“As soon as we have an update to share regarding the update, we will let you know!”

Console gamers don’t want blog posts; they want a solid product. And as you can tell by the responses captured above, a PC sim marketing approach on people who just want to plug and play obviously falls flat on the majority of console owners. They don’t buy into the process of waiting around on message boards and reading pointless diary entries to feel like they’re internet friends with the developers of a game they just bought. These guys simply want a working game that’s enjoyable to play.

Quite frankly, it’s embarrassing as a sim racer to see the Assetto Corsa guys genuinely try to woo frustrated console customers with a style of marketing that already is a bit iffy in terms of effectiveness on the original target audience. I get that some people really buy into the whole “oh my God the holiest of developers took thirty seconds out of their day to talk to the peasants on the forums” thing, but in the end all it does is create a cult of personality surrounding the developers – one where the weaponized fanboys feel inclined to defend the game to the death, even in the face of impending issues. The problem, as you can see above, is that there isn’t a cult of personality surrounding Kunos within the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 user base, and that only further serves to aggravate an already disappointed set of customers.

Let the angry responses be a lesson to Kunos that even if your apologists think you can do no wrong within the official echo chamber, people on Facebook will call you on your shit for pushing diary entries about a game that currently sits at 6.4 user rating on Metacritic.


55 thoughts on “The Console Crowd Doesn’t Care for Blog Posts

  1. James this is absolute bullshit and you know it, AC has been a huge success and should be applauded, all the console racers i know haven’t been able to put it down, it has a few very minor glitches but as a whole its a stunning piece of work, without a doubt the most accomplished sim on the market.
    As shown here theres a huge amount of jealousy in this industry, PRC is very jealous of Kunos.


    1. Shilling hypocrites.

      Come find me at my address:25 83DZthe Hague. That’s where I’m abusing Hash Brown while stick shifting upon Michael Hornycuckold’s prolapsed anushole in certain cavity positions with lots of ballsack camber doing your mother’s toe. Marco will substitute our fucking physics by inserting shill semen all over our prolapsed cavitys.


    2. BREAKING NEWS – My Anal cavity has a little match box car in it, its been there for days……

      Please help me hash brown, you’re my only hope.


      1. Anyone who uses the term ‘anal cavity’ is obviously some slightly autistic kid who thinks he’s being funny. You know the one, probably about 15, spotty, glasses, likes minecraft, collecting stamps, and going to the shops with his mum. His mum incidentally is the only one besides him that laughs at his jokes. I kind of feel sorry for you. Using a phrase like ‘anal cavity’ and thinking it’s funny is only going to have one outcome… You’re destined to be a virgin for the rest of your life. Enjoy your hand dude, it’s the only action you’ll see, unless you insert something into your ‘anal cavity’ ahahahaa soo funny! 😐


      2. Far out cant even come up with ya own jokes,ripped that straight off “jackass”, like that other dude says, autistic fucking 15 year old, you need to stick to pokemon and minecraft.


    3. >James this is absolute bullshit and you know it
      So was no mans sky

      >AC has been a huge success and should be applauded, all the console racers i know haven’t been able to put it down
      Its a new game, it will be forgotten within two months

      > its a stunning piece of work, without a doubt the most accomplished sim on the market.

      >PRC is very jealous of Kunos.
      No just critical…they started out good then shilled to the console industry and turned the game into a simcade.


      1. >No just critical…they started out good then shilled to the console industry and turned the game into a simcade.

        “I talk about things I don’t know and have no expertise”


  2. This is the best racer on console, theres no doubt about it, the lack of interest in blogs is because nobody has time to read them, everybody is playing Assetto Corsa.


    1. Totally agree, its an outstanding experience, actually best racing experience I’ve ever had, its very close to the real thing, actually a friend of mine is a real race driver and he often forgets he’s playing a game, most of the time he feels like he’s actually there.


  3. Just jealous people being jealous that a sim he doesn’t approve is doing way better than sims he approves. So he doesn’t comprehend what’s going on.. it doesn’t compute for him. It defies all logic doesn’t it?
    You’ve got all those “great sims” with all the features and all the race cars a simmer could ever want, and then you have Assetto Corsa with “nothing”. Kunos never does anything right, all they create are problems, bugs, bad things, nothing that should be present in any standard sim, with all the wrong content, all the wrong features. And no one plays this cause all the bugs and all the wrong things.


  4. Jesus those Italians on the KUNOS payroll have been busy here this morning… I think I’ll join in…

    Assetto Corsa is the best game on console! So good! It even got me a really stunning girlfriend, and made me a millions of dollars overnight. Also, after you’ve bought this game, all the cars actually appear outside your house once you’ve driven them in game.

    So thanks KUNOS for getting me a hot girlfriend, being able to quit my job, and having real versions of my dream cars in real life.

    PS I don’t actually own the game, or a console, but I’ve just received a small deposit in my bank account for being a fucking disgraceful example of a human being.


  5. Outrageous comments that are clearly personally motivated.
    You see when a company like Kunos does things they do them so well that it creates a lot of jealousy in the community, this jealousy is reflected here on PRC.
    AC has actually been a big success and it heads and shoulders above anything else on the market.


    1. No its not you piece of cancerous shit, stop this LFS bullshit and go and actually promote them properly on Facebook or something


  6. The game isn’t even able to save things. Saved setups keep vanishing, FOV choice keeps resetting, best baptisms are lost from day to day.

    It might drive good but it’s an embarrassing product. It’s a fraud, simply doesn’t work.


    1. I want to add that im not against pointing out things that are bad. But when you are a racing fan and like simulators, why not bring up some of the positive things every now and then?


      1. because you can’t. negative people gonna be negative. I guess some people got disappointed so many times in life that they all are left without any hope, so they have a muddy mentality of everything.


  7. Stop playing Simulations on consoles,man up and buy a proper pc enjoy mods and lobbies. Throw away xbox and ps4. Or alternatively as always put all into your anus


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