Throwing Money At The Problem

1I feel like we’re reaching a point here on where it’s almost time to split the iRacing tag into two specific sub-categories. On one end of the spectrum, even though I currently don’t have an active iRacing account, many of our readers do, and it’s important to cover both software updates and content releases to keep people informed without the generic PR babble found on other publications. Yet what ends up happening is that the complete absurdity of the iRacing community often manages to steal the spotlight away from the more traditional set of articles breaking down changes in the software, and we end up using the iRacing tag to discuss a diverse group of delusional man-children using the simulator to live out their failed auto racing dreams.

Each and every time I venture into the iRacing Subreddit, I’m genuinely impressed by how backwards this particular set of sim racers can be. Readers who have stuck around for the long haul are familiar with my intense hatred towards the average iRacing member for being far too emotionally invested in a simple video game, yet now it feels as if meme magic is guiding the world of sim racing, and iRacers are making a subconscious effort to live up to their stereotype against their will. Now before I get started on today’s discoveries, I’d like to briefly outline the four elements I feel most iRacers exhibit which cause them to have such a poor reputation outside of their own member forums.

  • iRacers are eager to throw money away when it isn’t even necessary. They defend the enormous cost of the simulator compared to other video games in the same genre by pretending iRacing is somehow in a league of its own when it comes to computer software, and it supposedly isn’t fair to hold the game to the same general set of standards you would for another driving simulator like rFactor 2, Project CARS, or Assetto Corsa. These people also constantly take steps to make pricey improvements to their sim setup in the quest for both immersion and pace, yet these efforts are always futile; no matter how fancy your sim rig is, you will always be sitting in a basement playing a video game, and equipment does not determine your on-track performance.
  • iRacers invest more than is necessary into their virtual driving career. It’s cool to take a few screenshots of your custom livery and plaster it on Facebook. It’s fine to celebrate a couple of big wins every now and then; I mean, if you win a My Little Pony fan art competition, you still won something, and that’s neat to be good at something you do in your spare time. It’s not cool to pass out hero cards for your iRacing team inside the garage area of a real NASCAR venue; it’s actually really awkward. And you don’t need to thank all your sponsors during a carefully rehearsed speech in your post-race interview on some YouTube Stream with 30 viewers. There are no NASCAR scouts watching the 6:30pm Class C Fixed race, nor will Tony Stewart throw you in his Sprint Car if you decimate the field during some Mobil 1 virtual showdown gimmick. The higher up the iRacing ladder you progress, the more you’ll run into folks who have unfortunately forgotten that they’re playing a video game.
  • iRacers are hyper-sensitive to aggression. The game’s userbase is big enough to house several different sub-communities that all gravitate towards one series or discipline, yet small enough where everybody knows everybody else in some fashion. Drivers who are deemed by the rest of the pack to be “too aggressive” on the track, “too crude” over the chat functionality, or “too abrasive” on the member forums are forced to deal with their contemporaries ganging up on them and basically chasing them away from the iRacing servers. The irony in this situation is that real-life auto racing is aggressive as hell; middle-fingers flying out the window are a daily occurrence, shady moves and occasional contact are merely part of driving a race car, physical fights in the pits routinely land on the front page of many motorsports news outlets, controlled substances are more common than you’d think (and you’re naive if you believe otherwise), and the dialect used among peers and on the radio is anything but G-rated. The sim racing community which populates iRacing effectively tries to enforce a chess club-like code of conduct in a competitive environment that resembles the aggression of professional hockey.
  • iRacers feel their sim of choice places them on a platform above other sim racers. You’ll see this across many message boards where users are allowed to openly discuss a variety of racing simulators under one roof; those that dare to imply iRacing isn’t the gold standard in virtual auto racing are promptly bullied by a flurry of iRacing members whose entire post history consist of pro-iRacing comments – most of which immediately resort to accusing the user of not being able to afford iRacing, or that they have an irrational vendetta against the developers.

throw-moneySo we now get to the topic at hand today, which starts us with brockman44’s rather innocent question to the iRacing community on Reddit. Quite simply, he runs a low field of view setting that was undoubtedly the result of fiddling with a field of view calculator, and has now realized driving with binocular vision is not very effective when racing in a pack on an oval circuit. He wants to know the best way to visually monitor the competition beside him, and inquires about either a triple monitor setup, or a virtual reality headset.

Had a friend posed this question to me while we were bullshitting on Teamspeak, the short answer I’d give is “neither.” You can map a Look Left/Look Right button to your steering wheel, and use INI configuration files to adjust the head swivel time to be instantaneous; just long enough to check on the status of the car beside you. Aside from cranking up the spotter frequency to max – so he continues to repeat “Car Outside” every second or so – field of view calculators aren’t entirely reliable (sometimes producing completely unusable results), and there is no harm in jacking up the FOV value and moving the seat position around so the extreme edges of the monitor display just a sliver of your side window – and thus letting you see where your competitors are sitting if they get beside you on-track. What I’m getting at, is brockman44 can solve his lateral visibility problems in about fifteen seconds.

The highest rated comment, posted by Melbeachmoose20, encourages him to drop $400 on two additional PC monitors. This is insane. Don’t do this. Rather than use any one of the twenty-second suggestions I mentioned above – some of which can be done simply by visiting the options menu in-game – brockman44 is told by a fellow iRacer to bust out the credit card. This is buffoonish advice, and only goes to show some iRacers have no fucking idea what they’re talking about. Changing the field of view setting is free. Mapping two buttons for Look Left and Look Right is free. Moving the seat around is free. As a sim racer who runs a single monitor setup quite successfully, you simply do not need to drop $400 just to see the cars beside you. If you want some sort of man-cave setup with a proper racing seat and three monitors because of the cool factor, then yes, I understand. But the problem in the original post is purely down to not being able to see your competitors, and omitting several twenty-second fixes to push this kind of purchase on someone is just plain fucking crazy.

hurt-feelingsWe now arrive at a different Reddit post from a couple of weeks ago, posted by a user operating under the tag of iracer46. While not hardware-related like the last example, this one really drills home how fragile the average iRacer can be. A lengthy introduction (by reddit standards) gives way to the story of an obviously talented sim racer running circles around the field and being a lippy asshole through the game’s voice chat system – as if nobody has ever done this in the history of online gaming anywhere. It’s important to note that by the author’s own admission, the iRacer being slammed for his behavior wasn’t actually wrecking anyone or being a nuisance on track; he was merely shit-talking the rest of the pack, which has been par for the course in virtually every online computer game dating back to the late 1990’s. iracer46 goes on to describe this user as “the most despicable iRacing member” he has ever encountered, and claims this guy has severe psychological issues.

Again, I have to reiterate that it’s October 5th, 2016, and basically everyone whose even partially invested into online gaming in this day and age will list “shit-talking little kids and other random gamers on Xbox Live” as a fond memory of their teenage years. If you are so fragile that merely being in iRacing’s version of a public lobby with a guy being a goof through the voice chat system inspires you to write a blog post ripping on his “despicable” behavior, all you’re doing is proving my point that the average iRacer is a hyper-sensitive man-child who shouldn’t be anywhere near a real race car.

Because this sort of thing is common-place not just on the voice chat servers in competitive online gaming, but in real life auto racing as well – you know, the environment iRacing is trying to accurately simulate? This brings up a comment I mentioned earlier in this entry; iRacers are genuinely trying to turn a high-energy, dog-eat-dog competition into a High School Chess Club on wheels to prevent from hurting anybody’s feelings. This is just embarrassing.

I think maybe we should make this the next big thing on; along with our standard Reader Submissions, you guys are welcome to send in anything retarded you come across on the iRacing forums, and we’ll bundle them up in a couple compilation articles to display how ridiculous some of this stuff can get. Are you guys down? We sure are.


68 thoughts on “Throwing Money At The Problem

  1. isnt reddit just a place to give stupid people the delusion that the stupid things they say about literally any subject on earth have a valid place in the world? ive never understood its appeal. the actual iracing message board is always chock full of bitching, why heatseek the same morons? i truly dont understand painting an entire userbase the same color as their lowest element.

    ofc (as a single screen user w/ severe brain damage that prevents me from remembering where any apex i’m blind to is) i think trips would absolutely be worth $400 to any hardcore simracer, & im happy the guy was able to mute the troll & carry on enjoying his races, so…idk, guess ima check out reddit now


    1. So you enjoy three screens. That’s cool. They just aren’t required for spatial awareness and consistency.

      Easier than pressing a “look left” button?Sure. Requisite to be “hardcore?” No.

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      1. i dont, but im very confident i would.

        what is this about requirements & requisites? im not imposing a standard of any kind, nor was the guy who prompted this discussion. theres no reason to assume the OP was tied to a “correct” FOV; in fact he said he preferred a low one (probably for the same reason those FOV calculators exist in the first place) & was trying to find the balance. id hazard a guess hes figured out he can look left & right as well.

        and good spatial awareness doesn’t come with an iracing subscription.


  2. iRenters are eager to throw money for a popular series with full of obsolete gt cars which also come with a fake posh gt and then these cars race against the new faster agile AMG and the Audi. iRenting also cant even update their Vette c6r to the recent Callaway Corvette C7 GT3-R .


            1. To be fair, you failed to meet any of the minimum requirements:

              – must be 4’11 to 5’3
              – must have abandonment issues
              – must be going through a scene/emo phase

              Every girl I’ve slept with or gone out with 1-on-1 fits this template.


  3. Pretty ignorant article james, seems like you are just desperate to bash iracing with any old excuse. Dissing someone for recommending triple monitors? really? Sure you can run massively unrealistic and warped FOV to see more on the sides or map buttons to look left and right, but the fact is triple monitors enhance the driving experience GREATLY and offer a more realistic solution than your crummy short cut solutions.

    Sure it costs more but quality does tend to cost more with anything in life. There is nothing wrong with some people having higher sim racing standards and are happy to pay for a higher quality product like iracing rather than mere ‘computer games’ which most of the other sims are. No need to be envious if you can’t afford it mate.


    1. iRacing was good when it was called NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. Downhill from there. It has become an overpriced turd for pussies who are afraid of contact for fear of their car taking off like a corn kernel in a popcorn machine.

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    2. There you go James,point proven by an iracer in 4 comments.
      I’m sure be filling your inbox with the pathetic delusional bullshit I see on a daily basis.
      Iracing forums are the worst I’ve known,genuine advice is scarce,it’s all from years ago,now the only topics to make it past 2 pages are complaints or issues,and that only because the usual idiots fill those pages up with cat memes or memes slagging th op off.
      The best one I’ve seen tho is when they try to justify racing’s cost by comparing it to buying and running a real race car,and saying you can’t compare it to other Sims.

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      1. You maybe I should just let you guys post the pathetic delusional BS, like bashing someone for recommending to use triple monitors which gives a wider more realistic driving experience…lolz.

        I have been an iracing since 2008 and have also been one of the more vocal critics of its physics over the years so I am no fan boy, but in the last year iracing has really improved a lot and is currently in a great state and well worth the money just for the fact you can find consistent clean quality racing which is basically IMPOSSIBLE in the other sims, and without that any sim is close to worthless imo. Its all about online competition.


        1. Not to mention that getting two more screens or a VR set generally greatly benefits every sim you happen to enjoy. The problem with James is that he’s a gamer. I don’t know how the hell he ended up in sim racing, but he is trying to force his immature outlook down every other person’s throat.

          @James, if you are happy racing with your crappy DFGT and the overly warped FOV, that’s fine. Just keep it to yourself, will you? It’s not like everybody gives a damn about racing something for real so much, they’d waste $2500 a year to just be able to throw around some local track full of aggressive idiots a rusty bucket full of holes and be happy with it. You like that? Do it. Just keep it to yourself.


            1. You should do something more productive than pure trolling. Maybe sign up to iracing and do some serious racing, you might enjoy it instead of having such an inferiority complex like the rest of the mob around here.


                  1. Lets see…

                    2012 Mid Ohio 100 Winner
                    2012 K&N Series Season 3 Champion
                    2012 Short Track AllStar Series Invite
                    2013 K&N Series Season 1 Champion
                    2013 2.4 Hours of Daytona Winner
                    2013 Coke 600 Winner

                    iRacing permanently banned me for exposing how Rookie class races are full of idiot rednecks, and the camaro street stock is highly unrealistic.


                    1. If you find the reddit thread mentioned above, I used the approach you suggested and uploaded a few pics of iRacing champ certificates to back up my comments.

                      People whined that the championships meant nothing, even though this was during a time DWC drivers used the K&N car to farm iRating and fields were routinely stacked. Think the nascar busch series in 2004.

                      So I threw up a couple shots of me battling ray alfalla to show I wasnt just a bum in the K&N, and they basically said I was too abrasive for iRacing anyway & were glad I was gone.

                      Hyper sensitive man children.


                    2. I see, good on ya. Sucks that you got banned, but it seems to be the reason for your iracing vendetta. Why don’t you try and get back on, I’m sure they would let you. The game has improved MASSIVELY since 2012. It was crap back then.


            2. > I see I have gotten the act of provoking iRacers down to a science.
              iRacers? Where do you see iRacers here? I could care less about racing in general, let alone wasting my time and money on iR.
              You just fail to understand one simple thing, Ogonoski. There are racers, yes. Also there are people who enjoy interacting with a sim: flying a plane, driving a car, you name it. They might be also racers, but that doesn’t matter. What does is that some people have higher standards when it comes to their hobbies and entertainment in general.

              I hope you won’t start denying the fact that, say, headphones for $100 and upwards as a rule sound much better than the ones with a price of just around $15? If you like music, yet you don’t have a lot of cash to spend on it, it would still benefit you greatly to at least buy yourself something from the $100 – $200 price range.
              A wheel is a device that is in many ways similar to headphones. You don’t really need a good wheel for better lap times. Theoretically, you might even achieve better lap times with a joypad. It’s just there are those who drive sims because the process itself is fun and addictive. Just like listening to some good music. But to enjoy the simulated driving better you HAVE to use a proper wheel and a wider physical field of view. Not the highly distorted apparent FOV that makes the road ahead look like being some two inches wide, no. It’s best to see everything the size you’d see it in real life. Also two additional monitors (or a single 21:9 one) might really help with your everyday tasks if you do any work on your PC.

              Going back to the controller wheels, I personally have a G27 and I’m on a tight budget. The G27 is kinda ok-ish, but its choppy FFB with little to no fidelity and about as much feel in the center really make it a borderline choice. I just constantly feel like maybe switching to the Thrustmaster side of things. Well, as I said, I’m on a tight budget: hardly ever going to happen. Still, I would really like to get rid of the choppiness. And it doesn’t feel like Thrustmasters will be a departure enough. There will be enough play, I’m sure, enough lag… not enough torque and the 1080 degrees lock. With a directly driven wheel all that would change though. I would enjoy the simulated driving much more. Probably even on a higher order than the price difference between my G27 and a DD wheel is. But I won’t buy one. Because they need to come cheaper than $1000. Even $1000 is a big stretch.

              Real life cars are a more costly solution though. A solution that could also cost you a limb or your life. Of course it can’t get more immersive than that, but is it really worth it — that’s a question everyone decides for themselves. Just like the question of getting or not a DD wheel and a triple-screen setup.

              You don’t like simulators. I get it. You prefer racing real cars. Excellent. What are you doing here though? Instead of lashing out at iRacing, at Kunos, at SMS, at people who buy DD wheels, at people who could care less about online racing and even at someone who drives around with an overcomplicated HUD layout, you could just go and race. And record some videos while at that. And write a book on RL setups. Why do you stick to simulators if you simply have no idea on how to enjoy any of them?

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  4. A man should only be judged on his on track performance and he should only be listened to after verification of said accomplishments. Shit poster are usually shit drivers.


  5. The iRenting community might be one of the most toxic communities in sim racing. They are just a bunch of manchildren who always believe they should be entitled to something, and if things don’t go their way, they will throw temper tantrums like they’re 5 years old.


    1. They are just a bunch of sim racers who take their racing more seriously than the folks who race aimlessly in random pick up races in the other sims who spend more time crashing out in the first corner wreck fests than actually racing, so its understandable you guys don’t get it.


        1. With a phrase like ‘you guys don’t get it’ I’d say he’s definitely being elitist. I just laugh at serious iRenters now though. Let them spend all their money on a crappy sim.


      1. Your right I don’t get it.
        Are you one of the “serious” $Racer’s who wears gloves? Maybe racing shoes? Why not go full out with fire suit and helmet?

        People are laughing at you.


  6. The ONLY reason I still play this game is the jump in whenever I want multiplayer.

    If it didn’t have this, its a very poor representation of ‘simulation’ and I wouldn’t play it. Having been blessed to have driven one of the vehicles IRL, and on here. Its nothing like it. Not even close, whereas other sim come a lot closer.

    Paying through the nose for a ‘sim’ with no weather, a bodged rubber lay down, and the OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG you did a skid so I’m going to make the tires impossible to drive for 20 seconds to punish you physics. Bah.

    As with anything that costs money, people will defend it. But do people like Tony Stewart and Shane Van Gisbergen REALLY think this is an accurate reprentation of what they do? Do they bollocks. I’m sure the $$$$ in their pocket for saying so probably helps what comes out of their mouths. In the same way that Joe Hart thinks Head and Shoulders is the premier anti-dandruff shampoo.

    I just wish all the skilled people from each sim, got together and made one product that was amazing, rather than different ones excelling in different areas. SIm Racing is niche enough without this extra divide.

    Fair play to iRacing’s marketing department though. They have everyone over a barrel.


    1. iracing has weather, just not rain. The live track is not bodged, its the best in sim racing, it models dynamic dirt, rubber particles and track heating, pretty amazing really. physics are very good for most cars, not perfect but no sims are.


  7. IR is worth it for the MP. It is by far the best place to find clean MP racing 24/7. Other than that, it is an avg sim. Why no other sim understands that you must have some sort of organised / clean MP racing is the question.
    Your points why you hate it, can be said about any sim.


  8. Very entertaining article. Writers who use broad brush strokes, in this case it’s more analogous to dumping a paint can, always appeal to a wide audience. As a current subscriber to iRacing, I am none of the things listed in your bullet points. I just a hack of a driver who enjoys the 24/7 service iRacing offers. The cost issue has been beaten to death so I’ll mostly leave it alone other than to say that value and price are separate issues. Spending $100 a year (or whatever it is) barely registers on my budget. It’s less than my trash pickup service. But that’s just me. Other people have tighter budget constraints. I understand that. I suppose that is just one more category that I don’t fit into, along with all the others you mentioned. I AM a unique flower! Dammit!


  9. Seeing other people in here who use iRacing acting like retards is fucking embarrassing. The community is cancer, no doubt. I personally use it just because it is the easiest way for me to get some decent racing without joining a league. But maybe I haven’t been looking hard enough in other games. Overpriced as fuck but I still bought three tracks recently. I don’t spend a lot on iRacing but that still doesn’t justify the cost. There is much dumber shit to waste money on than race tracks in a videogame anyways. But as long as you are enjoying it, who gives a shit?

    In all seriousness, is there another game out there where I can just race whenever I want with a decent field of other drivers? All games seem to have a minimal amount of people outside of league racing. Which is a bummer.


  10. It’s funny how one of the drivers in the video says he’s “going to fucking kill” Danica. If that was some random comment from someone shit talking online there would be article after article on how she fears for her life, had to go to the police and is sleeping at a hotel. The internet should make people more uninhibited, not the opposite; this hugbox culture is utterly backwards and bizarre.


  11. I think this website struggles to know its purpose. While it talks directly about whats wrong and needs to be fixed in sims, it doesn’t seem to know if it wants change, or just be angry about everything and place everyone in boxes.

    You write about iRacing not really being interested in getting professional advice about their dirt track tire model, and then your gonna post this? I assume you have friends that iRace, and this helps?

    Just like I have NO right to tell you how to run this website, or define HOW you should enjoy it. In the same way, others have the right to spend to much money, and take it all way to seriously. Its part of life…. suck it up buttercup.

    At the end of the day, this website seems to try so hard to talk about what is wrong, and needs to be fixed… yet perhaps i give PRC to much credit and it just about being upset and outraged all the time.

    IF so…That’s fine, just kinda think you should temper your high and might tone about how the industry is so screwed up, if your just here to get your kicks of berating it and the people enjoying it. After all, If it weren’t all screwed up, what would you DO?


    1. There would be more positive articles if the genre was in a better state. Writing, regardles of the tone, is a hobby of mine. If developers want to push out unfinished garbage, out comes the negativity.

      But when good titles such as Dirt Rally or F1 2016 come along, we praise them.


      1. So the games (the ones you typically make articles of) are both unfinished and garbage? Then why do you even have a sim racing blog? You hate all games, all communities except 4chan (maybe..), all hardware than isn’t a dfgt and a cheap table.
        Seriously, what is the point of this blog? Is just a circlejerk space for angry and shit talking and spammy people?!

        Why don’t you write a blog about a gaming genre where most of the titles aren’t unfinished and not garbage? Partly you do, because all the positive articles written so far are about original console games.

        I think you secretly like all the games you constantly say you despise and which did everything wrong. But you can’t break out of that persona.


      2. Dirt Rally or F1 2016? Thank goodness you are not running the industry, James. If I’d be forced to use these two crappy titles, I’d start a blog of my own.


  12. I only do multiclass racing and I have found triples to be invaluable while passing though the slower classes in the HPD. I used to use the look left/right button when I had one monitor but it was jarring and would often make you drift your line a little bit. You can check out all my races here:


  13. if ANYONE want to give be a better sim option, please do so.
    Keep in mind what makes a good racing sim, is you know, racing? So I need a sim that will offer relatively clean organized MP racing around the clock, with good sized grids 15+
    anyone know of ANY OTHER sim out there that can give me that?


  14. No James. No one is down for the take down of Iracing man children. the only thing worse than a man child is someone hung up on them.
    Let it go already.
    Nothing you say about Iracing ever hits the mark.
    Your prejudice and butt hurt are showing. I can see why you can’t go back after losing all your content. Principles and all.
    But trivial forum drama is pretty lame. Let it go. Or be just as childish.
    But railing against it is just participating in the man child Olympic’s.

    But we all know Iracing is the best, and only dedicated server option around.
    Let’s see how many times you were wrong or contradict yourself here.
    Iracing is a cut above. Period. Because dedicated and expensive servers. Not just better software.
    I believe you said. “, and equipment does not determine your on-track performance.”
    Not exactly. But the combination of equipment and the way it’s setup definitely does affect your performance.

    Calling them conceited or whatever for bragging about wins or Iracing accolades is just as common YOU POSTING YOUR ACCOLADES CONSTANTLY

    Just let it go man.
    You lost your content and right to play it.
    It’s over.
    Doesn’t mean Iracing isn’t head and shoulders above the other games.
    Iracing is a service. Not just a game.
    Got it? Or does clear and rational thought escape you when it comes to Iracing? Never mind


    1. Imagine you take a trip to your local grocery store and drop $800 on snacks. Aside from a couple sarcastic Tweets and pictures showcasing the dirty floor in aisle 13 and generally disorganized shelves, you joke around with other customers in line and successfully complete your purchase. Hell, you even bust out a bag of Doritos to celebrate your brand new kingdom of junk food.

      At the exit door, a few men stop you, confiscate your $800 in groceries, and tell you “we can remove you from the store for any reason, or for no reason” when you ask what in the fuck is going on. Security then escorts you off the property and tells you not to come back. They also place a full-time guard at the front door for good measure.

      When you try to bring this to the attention of anyone who will listen, 7% of the audience believes you, while the other 93% claim you’re a lost schizophrenic who has an irrational vendetta against the grocery store. When you actually sit down and point out why what happened to you was most certainly illegal – and even upload your wife’s cellphone footage of the altercation to YouTube – customers who frequent the store, as well as friends of the staff members, say you need to shut up about it and let it go because you’re just being butthurt.

      This is literally the stance you’re taking, but given you’re one of the iRacing losers described above, I’ll never get through to any of you.


      1. I love how bi-polar you are about your iRacing ban, literally in another comments up you wrote that you were banned for being too abusive. Now your saying you were banned for no reason. which is it bucko? You seem to have a different story every time someone points out your irrational hatred.

        Also if anyone else is wondering, Austin posts mostly in 2 different sub-reddit’s, sim racing & Bi-Polar disorder. Digest that any way you please, because thats how Austin digests all information; any way he pleases.


  15. I get your outrage at the service. it’s justified and the analogy is on point. But Iracing ain’t a grocery store. And you just can’t win. Even though I would love to see you get even. This ain’t it. It’s silly.
    I’m not a current member, only used a cheap trial for a couple months years ago. I’d go back for another discounted rate though.
    I’m just a dude who despises “League” ahem cough. I mean “clique” racing
    Iracing is the only legit racing platform/service for the serious sim racer.
    End of story
    I would love if GT Sport or anyone else copied the format, but I am not holding my breath.
    Seriously though. Not an apologist or shill here
    I’m as neutral as Switzerland.
    The whining is just old.
    Should only really be talking about it if you rejoin via stealth or have an update on a lawsuit or some means of retrieving your purchases or money. It shouldn’t be legal, what happened to you.
    That’s as messed up a thing as I have ever heard of in gaming. And it sucks. I agree.
    It’s just old news.
    And it taints your credibility when you write un objective rants about Iracing based on one forum members attitude.
    Were talking about one entitled rich or oblivious forum user who wants to throw money at an issue. Want to know why no photos of thread or links? Because I guarentee if you took a screen shot of the thread, other members jumped in and said the same thing as you about his other options.
    This ones just silly bro.
    Go get em though I guess.
    Rage on.
    Or use some of that writing talent to write about new gear or league racing. I really would like to see you join a league of someone else’s on the down low. Then report on what a shit show most of them are. Most are full of dudes just looking to dictate their own format to beat others at. Not fair and bAlanced community racing
    I’m guessing you have been run out of a few leagues where you knew no one just cause you came in and beat them handily.


  16. For the record james. A class action lawsuit is the only way to beat Iracing on this one. But they would have to ban a lot more dissenters to generate any interest,
    I mean money for a lawyer to go after.
    Iracing just has you over the barrel on this one. Good luck getting back at them.


  17. The funnies thing I find is this: . While I DO definitely aggree that framerate IS very important, I think that article is taking it all a bit too far. Sure, you can calculate how much you travel during a single frame, but how quickly can you react to it to make it matter? Getting good lap times for me is more about finding a rythm and keeping it there; you do it without thinking, without reacting quickly to your brake markers, but by KNOWING when it will be time to slam the brakes. No you don’t need an expensive monitor, just a decent one for crying out loud.

    As for wheels & stuff… When RaceRoom 2 (not R3E, mind you) was released I realised I needed a wheel because the keyboard wouldn’t cut driving an F1-like car. So I got one. A cheap one. With vibration feedback and squeaky pedals 🙂 . That wheel was with me in countless hours of fun and I had to change it because it wouldn’t clamp to the desk correctly anymore and it would always take a bit of work to get it to function correctly because it was very inaccurate and the potentiometers were fucked (I even changed one). But I did this:!AlhZDUwfXmwzlFtwX3_TP73IFBbg . It was wonderful for me, because out of some 2000 people I was in the first 400, with my shit skills, my messed up wheel with vigration feedback ( and a computer that could barely run the game and got upgraded later on because the CPU would shit itself when two cars so much as touched eachother.

    So I got another wheel and upgraded the PC. I’m not quicker, but I can focus on having fun rather than on the tech problems, so it’s easier for me to jump into a race.


    1. My main problem with this argument is that the physics systems are never tied to the frame-rate like that. They are providing a reasonably seamless feed of information that confirms what you see on screen. More important than outright frame rate is the delta between averaged maximum and minimum frame rate, it’s easier to not notice or compensate for a relatively even amount of input latency.

      This rhythm you speak of is important for smooth, consistent laps. Things like this are critically important to your on-track performance and simply cannot be bought directly with monitors or input devices (input range is important, really even 150-180 degree is sufficient though) People like that slaptrain fool are apparently incapable of understanding this concept.


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