Let’s Conduct Q/A Testing AFTER the Release Date!

getphoto-ashxThe launch of Forza Horizon 3 was anything but smooth. What was supposed to be a celebration of Microsoft’s flagship racing series arriving on the PC after years spent as an Xbox exclusive was overshadowed by embarrassing technical issues, problems we originally attributed to an intrusive digital rights management package that forced the game to decrypt large files on the fly. Weeks of investigation on behalf of Turn 10 Studios, Playground Games, and Forza Horizon 3 owners alike have discovered that no, anti-piracy measures are the least of Horizon’s worries, but things are much worse than they originally appeared to be, and Forza Horizon 3 for the Windows 10 operating system should have actually been delayed.

oops-1A detailed investigation into the widespread performance issues by Forza Motorsport community member Rockstonicko discovered Horizon 3 for Windows 10 was basically the laziest Xbox One port ever conceived. The underlying software, which was originally designed to work within the constraints of the Xbox One’s lackluster hardware, was simply not optimized or even modified at all to function with modern PC’s. As Reddit user imGlitch so eloquently summarized the underlying problem, “Having a single gigabyte of dynamic memory is something that doesn’t happen unless you’re running an integrated graphics card… Or this generation’s gaming consoles.”  As a result, Forza Horizon 3 is merely an Xbox One game that boots up and runs on the PC – while still thinking it’s being played in an Xbox One – rather than a multi-platform game that has been carefully fine-tuned to maximize performance from the unique hardware configurations of each respective platform.

liwsqdxThe trademark sky is falling segment that you’re used to reading in most PRC.net articles comes next. Both Turn 10 Studios, as well as Playground Games, had no idea this would be an issue despite being a first party developer working closely with Microsoft, and supposedly knowing exactly how to take an Xbox One application and port it to the Windows 10 platform without fucking anything up. In fact, another first party developer, The Coalition, managed to take what they had learned from their own stuttering mess of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, and apply it to Gears of War 4receiving unanimous praise for how well their new product runs on consumer PC’s. Yet in a post made on Reddit a little over a week ago, a Turn 10 staff member can be seen openly asking the community for help in determining the causes of the framerate pandemonium.

staffTurn 10 Studios and Playground Games are not even trying to hide the fact that they’re attempting to conduct Quality Assurance Testing after their product has hit store shelves, retailing anywhere from $60 to $120 depending on where you live and whatever fancy Collector’s Edition you decided to purchase. This is disgusting. And now that the precise root cause of the performance issues has been determined, this isn’t something that Playground can fix in a patch or two; serious fundamental work under the hood needs to be done, all while the marketing department happily begs people to spend even more money on monthly DLC packs for a game that admittedly doesn’t function as it should.

What an absolute joke. Forza Horizon 3 for the PC should most certainly have been delayed if the developers themselves can’t even figure out why the game has massive memory leaks, only for a random customer to discover the game was a hastily made port with no effort made whatsoever to optimize the application for a different platform.




26 thoughts on “Let’s Conduct Q/A Testing AFTER the Release Date!

  1. If Microsoft got rid of its QA department in the software/OS side and using Windows Insiders to test Windows 10, why would they care about an Xbone being ported to PC?

    As an Ubisoft donkey once said: “Buy a bigger GPU.”


    1. It’s a shame really because I think I really would’ve enjoyed the game otherwise. But I am not prepared to shell out 60 euros for something that doesn’t work with my wheel, is buggy and is unoptimised as hell.

      And then they have the balls to bring out a paid DLC after all this crap…

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  2. AMD released a new driver just for fking FH3 but the driver fubar games like AMS,rf2(lel isi engine games) so i roll back to the previous one…fking arcade FH3


  3. At the end of the day none of these issues really matter to the millions of brainless herds of hyped Console/PC consumers who only care for flashy gfx, weather systems and all the other irrelevant shallow fluff..If you call yourself a serious sim racer then there’s no excuse for you if you buy a Microsoft/Turn 10/Playground game, and you deserve every bug, technical issues and sub par port your miserably life can get.


  4. What a fucking joke. Now, don’t laugh but the FFB was actually pretty great in FH2. So, like an idiot, I dropped $100 on this FH3 turdfest because I thought “Hey, now I’ll have this fun FH shit on my PC running at 60fps, using my fancy hardware instead of my shitty little Xbone.”

    But, not only did they completely screw up the PC port, EVEN THE XBONE VERSION SUCKS AS WELL NOW, but for the entirely different reason that the FFB is – bar none – the WORST I have ever fucking seen.

    For some reason, they took it upon themselves to discard the basically good FFB in FH2 (yeah, I know – it’s simcade – whatever, it was fun as shit) and replace it with “FFB” that feels like a late 90’s bungie-cord wheel.

    Well, there’s another $100 I’ll never see again. How much is a blowjob these days, anyway? I want to really quantify what I’ve lost in terms that my lizard brain can understand.

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  5. Don’t fool yourself, it is not possible for a PC game to support every hardware combination flawlessly out of the box. Even triple A devs don’t have the huge variety of combinations that exist in the general public.


    1. How is it that you have such abysmally low standards in 2016? I’ve got a GTX 1070 (before that a GTX 970) and an Intel i7-6700k. If they can’t make that very common-by-now combo (Intel + nVidia) work, then what can they do? We’re not talking fringe weird shit like an old Opteron and a brand new RX 480. People with the NUMBER ONE hardware combo (Intel + nVidia) have a stuttering POS. If they didn’t test this combo, what the F *did* they test?


    2. Weird, before games became this multi-billion dollar industry where publishers could overrule developers about what to do with their game, this didn’t happen as often. I see games coming out that look worse than Crysis1 did in 2007 but also run worse on MODERN hardware. Developers just got fucking lazy

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  6. This is pretty embarrassing for Microsoft’s flagship developer to not understand the difference between Xbox One and PC hardware.


  7. More like gamers are too desperate for new content and experiences to care. Ignorance is rampant.
    Otherwise this blog wouldn’t hit the mark for most of us.


  8. It takes ignorant consumers to enable lazy developers.
    Both are rampant.
    Gamers are desperate for more content and new experiences. And developers are scamming a bunch of content addicts. Period.
    It’s gross.
    Soon enough the prevailing attitude of this blog will reign in gamers

    Fuck you lazy developers.


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