For Luis

luis_santosAbsolutely devastating news has come out of the F1 Brasil Clube online league this morning, as it has been confirmed that avid sim racer Luis Fernando Santos (36) of Sao Paulo, passed away Thursday while participating in the third round of their online DTM series at Barber Motorsports Park. After qualifying third for the event, the talented sim racer was piloting his virtual Audi for Z3 Team when he began to suffer from a sudden onset of symptoms consistent with those of a stroke, requiring fellow teammates, competitors, race officials, and even broadcast crew members to assemble the necessary information on Luis and quickly dispatch medical assistance to the Santos home via the use of TeamSpeak. Sadly, Luis did not survive the medical episode despite the best efforts of Sao Paulo’s emergency medical services team, and passed away in a local hospital’s intensive care unit.

Luis was not a new face to the confines of the F1BC online sanctioning body, but rather a seasoned competitor looking for yet another championship. Luis had recently taken the overall championship in the F1BC International Pro Series earlier in the year, and was statistically one of the most competent and consistent virtual pilots under the F1BC banner, posting four wins, eight podium finishes, and three poles in only twenty five starts.

2016-10-13-1The passing of Santos reminds us that our friends and foes which populate the virtual race track alongside us can be much more than just faceless entities to block, pinch, and battle with. In a time of need, both the allies and rivals of Luis Santos on the virtual race track made it their goal to push aside their own priorities and assist a fellow human, as something much greater than a victory at Barber Motorsports Park was on the line. Their efforts in ensuring Santos had been provided with the appropriate medical attention required during his final moments is the kind of character we all should strive to display in the face of grave circumstances.

Luis leaves behind his wife, two children, his multiple coworkers, his fellow competitors at F1BC, and the entire sim racing community.


28 thoughts on “For Luis

    1. Same goes for you, there is something seriously wrong with you. Even in a thread like this you can`t control yourself? Pathetic, truly pathetic…


  1. A nicely worded tribute. The actions of the others on the server are a reminder that, even as hostile and petty as things can get in this neck of the woods, there are good people out there who will help others in need. Thoughts to Luis’ family and friends.

    I implore the more lowbrow among you to show a little humanity and refrain from your moronic comments on this article.

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  2. I previously thought that driver’s fatalities can happen on track.

    I was wrong.

    R.I.P Luis Fernado Santos

    1980 – 2016


  3. Nice tribute, RIP Luis.

    He was exactly my age – that gives it a little extra oomph for me. You never know when your time is up, so have fun and drive fast (preferably on the track – be it real or virtual).


  4. I don’t know Luis, but blessings to him and his family, terrible news.
    As a sign of respect i will leave all cavity talk out of this thread and any other silly posts.
    Blessings to Louis and his family and friends.
    At least he went out doing something he loved.

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  5. He died doing something he loved though i just cant get over that everything and anyone has an end, its kind of innacceptable something we just cant understand. Life is short and very precious, stop the hate dont be mean to anyone enjoy life and the simulations, they are not soo bad like i read in here, i always (mostly) had a wonderful time playing, we’ll keep on playing for you, race in peace Luis.

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