Reader Submission #121 – Forza Mass Bans Backfire

29956641605_dbe2c5ee78_hThis is starting to become embarrassing for Microsoft, Turn 10 Studios, and Playground Games. After the launch of Forza Horizon 3 for the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system went anything but smoothly – with widespread performance issues affecting gameplay thanks to the title being little more than a quick and dirty Xbox One port – a new chapter to the saga of Forza Horizon 3’s post-release crisis has been added. The October update for the PC rendition of the popular open world racer has introduced a form of anti-cheat detection into the application in an effort to combat the numerous third party exploits which have been made available to the general public, and on paper this isn’t exactly a bad thing. However, the anti-cheat detection implemented by Playground Games has been written in such a way, that legitimate users who haven’t actually done anything wrong and are merely running traditional PC performance tweaks are being banned from the online portions of Forza Horizon 3. Our Reader Submission today here at comes from longtime contributor Plush Labs, who’s own brother has been affected by this hilarious chain of events.

urlGood morning, PRC.

My brother paid $140 CAD to play Horizon 3 with all the fixings, and just today was banned for thirty years with absolutely no reason provided. Many other people are complaining about the same issue on the r/Forza Subreddit. This problem comes shortly after an update to Horizon 3 that automatically bans anyone who might have used a trainer while playing Horizon 3.

ledditIt’s possible that their scanner picks up false-positives on harmless software that aims to help Horizon 3 perform better on PC, causing multitudes of innocent players to get caught in the crossfire without even a hint at what caused their ban. 

Some people are speculating whether or not this mass ban has something to do with the Drift Tap bug, which would be ridiculously unfair since said glitch was available to everyone without any outside interference like a trainer or injector. If this is the case, Turn 10 and Playground Games are gonna be in some hot water for banning people who’ve sunk big cash into a game, only to get banned from said game for taking advantage of a bug the developers forgot to iron out. It’d be fucking crazy; a developer releases an $80+ game riddled with bugs and glitches without much in the way of Quality Assurance, then blames their own customers for exploiting the faults they couldn’t catch, and using alternative measures to help the game perform in the state it should have out of the box. Pathetic.

29925396861_8debabf9b3_hIt’s truly impressive how Turn 10 and Playground Games have managed to botch the launch of Forza Horizon 3 for the PC. While I can’t fault them for implementing an anti-cheat device, especially considering the ability to manipulate your progression and turn your bank account into a mere suggestion can severely impact online play, you’d think more care would be taken – especially under the Microsoft banner – to ensure false positives weren’t detected. In other games this really wouldn’t be a big deal, but considering just how many people are requiring the use of third party injections to stabilize the nagging performance issues, this is having the opposite effect as intended because now people are actually punished for wanting to simply enjoy the game without technical problems that most certainly should not have been packaged with the retail product to begin with.

Sev will have his Forza Horizon 3 review up at some point during the week, so it won’t be long before we’ll learn whether waiting on a fix for all of these grievances will be justified.


23 thoughts on “Reader Submission #121 – Forza Mass Bans Backfire

  1. at this point the lack of any activity is much better than developers unloading entire magazines of full metal jacket ammunition into their feet.


    1. my comment was in reply to someone saying LFS had the best sim racing developers in the genre but they either deleted their comment in shame or got squashed for posting a pointless, sad little meme that got old the day it emerged. regardless, my point stands: had Forza not been updated with the shitty anti-cheat implementation, my brother and hundreds of other users would still be playing the full game right now with their friends having a grand old time. as it stands, i doubt my brother is ever going to buy a Forza game for PC as long as he lives after this trainwreck. I know I sure won’t.


      1. This shit really sucks. I was excited to buy the game, but waited for a port report. I was even willing to upgrade from win7 to 10. Always be skeptical of a long time console designer making a transfer over to PC. MGSV seems to be the best console port, and it was a little rough at launch too, and not even initially planned.
        Wish Turn 10 and Playground could cut ties from MS and skip the windows store.


  2. _______████████__██████

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  3. Oh but I thought Forza on PC was supposed to be some amazing thing that would show up all the sim developers? What happened to that? It seems to me like being a video game developer is the only job on the planet where incompetence is a prerequisite.


  4. Even after the latest patch, the game is totally unplayable using a wheel on the PC. I haven’t bothered to look at the X1 version (got both automatically) yet. Unbelievable bullshit, because FH2 actually had decent FFB (and I’m picky).

    The good news? After blowing $100 on this turkey, I ended up rediscovering R3E and how their FFB is now fan-fucking-tastic.

    So, uh, Thanks Forza.


  5. Forza 3 runs pretty well in the Xbox One, given the number of things that are going on at any time on screen. However, FFB is ridiculous – which is inexplicable, as Forza 6 actually has reasonable FFB. I imagined Turn10 would simply port FFB from one title to the other, since many cars are similar, but that certainly is not the case. They watered it down so much that FFB almost disappeared even with all wheel parameters maxed out. On top of that, the game can import tunings from Forza 6, but that is practically useless, because the same tunings produce different final values and almost invariably get you out of the current class. It is almost as if the two games were developed by different teams that did not talk to each other. As to the PC version, after the Forza Apex disaster, I didn’t even bother to try.


  6. I’m totally lucky because I have Win7 and I’m don’t have much money to buy this.

    Also, I might think that if anything is not change, Forza on PC might need life support real quick than I expected.


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