It’s (not) in the Game…

pcars-pit-1While a lot of sim racers love to label as me this disgruntled figure who absolutely despises every application on his desktop, the reality is that I’m unfortunately a bit like Hillary Clinton when it comes to racing simulators; there’s a public stance, and a private stance. While wearing the metaphorical cap, I have no problem digging into the problems which befall many modern racing games, sometimes to the point where our readers accuse me of harboring an irrational vendetta towards one title or another. However, behind the scenes I’m pretty open to playing anything that can make use of my plastic steering wheel, and yes, that includes titles I’ve routinely harbored negative feelings towards, such as Assetto Corsa and Project CARS.

Make no mistake, this site basically got off the ground thanks to the several articles dissecting the launch and subsequent reception of Slightly Mad Studios’ newest racing simulator, but I can’t lie to our audience – I was playing it the other evening. The Ford Falcon V8 Supercar available as a piece of DLC was the perfect tool to conquer the international layout of Oulton Park, and I invested enough time in my session to grab the world record by a tenth or so.

But sometimes, the public persona of ruthlessly tearing apart any racing simulator that comes near my general location, and the private persona of just wanting to sit down and play something to kill the evening, tend to overlap and feed off one another. By chance, I found myself sitting through the otherwise nicely-crafted intro movie for Project CARS while finishing my dinner, and noticed that there’s a shot of the Ford Mustang Trans Am entry from the mid-1990’s being serviced by a fully animated pit crew. You can see a still frame of this at the top of the article.

pcars64-2016-10-19-16-07-34-27There are no animated pit stops in Project CARS; from what I’m able recall, they were removed at the eleventh hour, and I believe this was due in part to the possibility of being able to accidentally run over opposing crew members, as well as some sort of technical or logistics limitations. There was no way to make one pit stop animation work for every car, especially with different gas can locations and tire changing procedures – an F1 car and an American Stock Car do not share the same pit stop routine in the slightest. I can’t say it really matters why they were removed, the key thing is that they were removed, and the actual in-game pit stop sequence is literally just one guy standing in front of your car until the service is completed.

Sure, there was a bit of a stir about it on the official forums – so the dedicated sim racers reading the message board knew what to expect ahead of time – but if you were an average teenager looking to get into more serious racing games and picked up Project CARS with the bare minimum of prior knowledge about the title, an element of the game depicted in the intro movie at no point surfaced during actual gameplay. This isn’t right, especially with the recent hubbub in regards to No Man’s Sky and elements shown in preview trailers not surfacing in the final game.

So I began to question what else appeared in the intro movie that didn’t make it into the final game, and to my surprise the boys at Slightly Mad Studios did a fairly decent job of relying on relevant footage to introduce the simulator. Sure, there’s a clip of the GT3 field at Spa simultaneously crashing while a rogue BMW blatantly cuts through Eau Rouge, but aside from the incidental inclusion of the pit stop sequence, on the surface what I saw from the introduction wasn’t much to warrant any kind of quick article.

dlc-collageI slowly plugged through the introduction on YouTube, shot by shot to see if I missed anything significant, and realized there was one clip in particular which featured the Sauber C9 Group C Prototype. This car wasn’t available in the vanilla game that you could go out and buy from store shelves en mass, but rather as a bonus piece of content for owners of the Limited Edition release. Further into the game’s lifespan, this car became available through the Limited Edition upgrade, or the Game of the Year Edition, which bundled all major DLC packs into the base install.

Upon looking up what else came in the Limited Edition pack, I discovered that four out of the five cars found in the Limited Edition are prominently featured in the introduction video. Aside from the Mercedes-Benz DTM entry, the McLaren F1, BMW M1 ProCar, as well as the Ford GT40 Mk IV, all see ample camera time during the game’s two minute introduction. They are very prestigious pieces of automotive history, so it’s understandable Slightly Mad Studios would want them to be front and center.

project-cars-limited-edition-beauty-shot_finalrating_en_resizedNow I myself may have the Game of the Year Edition, and most hardcore sim racers bought this game at launch – along with several DLC packs in the hopes that Project CARS would be received by the overall community as the spiritual successor to GTR 3 – so seeing these cars on display in the intro video really doesn’t matter to any of us. However, the majority of console players purchased the base level version of Project CARS. They will undoubtedly be confused as to why the McLaren F1 isn’t in the roster of vehicles when they go hit the track for the first time, and they’ll be choked to find out it can only be obtained as a piece of additional downloadable content. It’s just one of those foresight things.

As are the pit stop animations. It would be one thing if there was footage of AI cars racing at Suzuka during the introduction, and you could only tell it was a track cut from the game based on a unique rumble strip or corner radius that gave it away, but it’s right out in the open for a few seconds that your team will supposedly come out and fully service the car when parked in the pit stall. For the intro movie to display this, yet the gameplay itself exhibit something drastically different – and objectively far less complete – it doesn’t look very good.

Personally, I don’t think I would have even noticed these had my buddy not owned the vanilla edition of Project CARS for his Xbox One. But when I head over there and we dick around for a few hours on the simulator, I have to remind myself that he’s only got the base product, without all of the fancy add-on content such as the Dallara DW 12, McLaren F1, and Sauber C9, and my selection of rides is severely hindered. For the intro movie to outright show you features or pieces of content that either aren’t in the game, or can only be obtained by additional purchases, it’s all a bit questionable.


52 thoughts on “It’s (not) in the Game…

  1. Can you say Gran Turismo 2? The second GT game’s front cover featured what is clearly the dashboard of the F1 You can even see “F1” written on it. However the car isn’t present at all in the game, although there are funny rumous .

    The intro for Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed is the same for both PC and PS version. Now while NFS3 and 4 had the same tracks and roughly the same cars in both versions, while gameplay was similar but still different, with Porsche this difference was huge. But to get to the point, the PC intro too shows a 550 Spyder Panamericana being driven on a public road and stuff (see 0:29 if the link doesn’t work properly: So highschool me saw it and was left wondering what car it is. It looked like the 550 A in the game, but not really. The car is only featured in the PS version.

    Makes you wonder what else is shown in intros and not present in other games.

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  2. There was more things left out of the game than what was put into it , in saying that I do look forward to what they can produce with project cars 2 …

    Should be interesting to see with the new consoles coming ” ps4 pro and the scorpio ” with a little more power gain .


  3. PC2 will be the benchmark for SIMS, lets be fair and realistic, we all know it will be.
    And isn’t it ironic, James spending his free time playing PC’s like he does every day because he knows its the best.
    James i like how you always try and make excuses for playing games you’ve bagged, reality is PC’s is your most played game and loved game.


    1. PC1 as it stands is the best simulation available, everybody knows this, theres a lot of jealous people around who like to bag Ian and his great team, SMS is at the forefront of tech and simulation.


  4. I think you’d enjoy Forza Horizon 3 on xbone. I can understand why youre shitty with the windows version though. They have recently released a big patch of fixes. Driving around the outback in a supercharger HQ holden ute never gets old for an australian.


  5. Aliens Colonial Marines and No Man’s Sky have been advertising stuff that doesn’t even exist to this day, and they’ve had minimal troubles.

    To be more on topic, AC was advertising the Monza 10K way before it was available as if it were in the game. They also specified that the game wouldn’t be discounted while in early access (posted until release on the official website) so people would buy it early, and guess what, it was indeed discounted during early access.

    Bullshots aren’t much better, like those HUDless pics of Enemy Front, a game in which you had to fumble through ini files to disable most of the crud, and the objective marker would still remain on the screen, forever in your line of fire like a champ.

    Buy shit on sale, always.


    1. Hey dude, make a sim racing game. I want to play your perfect game and perfect all around product with the perfect community you will raise. Maybe it will be the only game your buddy James will praise, giving it a score of 11/10 PRC.


        1. Is not actually, only a player that isn’t insensible to others work and decisions.

          Maybe some should come of the pedestal thinking devs/companies must follow and do what they say.

          And think that what is said or even promised at a point in time can change later due to various factors. Because the decision or promise you took a year ago doesn’t need to be fulfilled or continued.

          Some think that devs and game companies operate in a utopia reality.


        2. Hi Robert, come find me at my address:25 83DZthe Hague. That’s where I’m anally fucking my buddies at when not with my Philippine whore or making shit simcade titles to fund my prolapsed state to infinity. My cock and ego will only improve with your cock up my anushole of doom.


        3. “Because the decision or promise you took a year ago doesn’t need to be fulfilled or continued.”

          To explain a bit better this point, as things change, different things happen, you’re better if you take a different path. So gamers should never hold on promises or what was said two years ago, because that’s just fooling yourself by thinking that we live in a static world with static people.


  6. Just when you thought nothing could be more disastrous than Project CARS launch, a year later Assetto Corsa release for consoles surprised us all again and set a new low.

    These two games had the great opportunity of presenting sim racing to a huge new audience and make the genre grow in numbers. They both did a horrible job at representing it.


      1. Not really. The PC players were already sim racers, and the new console players now think a sim is a racing game with less cars, that crashes all the time and has incompetent AI.

        Project CARS needed one more year to become a playable product and AC is nowhere near ready for release yet in its console form.


        1. The console game crashes? Never seen reports about that. And the AI isn’t incompetent, it races you, only not the best in dealing with certain race craft situations.


          1. AI is totally incompetent. Doesn’t cover the inside when you pass, can’t handle traffic and forms conga lines even with a clear chance to pass, constantly taps the player from behind in the center of corners, goes off the track in numbers in the same corner every lap. It has no value.


    1. I agree 100%. I thought nothing could possibly be worse than PCars on the Xbox One, but Assetto Corsa went a step further: it is literally unplayable. This sort of thing can even be justifiable to some extent in PCs, given the diversity of hardware, but not on console. If we can see it, they obviously saw it, but chose to launch the game anyway.

      I also own AC for the PC and I definitely enjoy it, but the Xbox version if ridiculous. I’ve seen people arguing that console hardware just cannot handle it. But then how do you explain Forza 6, arguably the best-looking car simulator in the market (regardless of opinions about it being or not a simcade)? Using the same car and track, Forza 6 in a race with a full field looks and drives much better (and yes, with more definite FFB) than AC in practice mode without AI cars.


  7. Another shit post, surprise surprise. I don’t know if your numbers are down James or if you’re desperately trying to awaken the PCars shills, but another dated and lame post. The same old types of posts just aren’t going to keep people interested for much longer I know I’m losing interest in this blog
    Haven’t read anything worthwhile on here since the post about you racing for real
    I’m telling you man, you got to take it in a new direction or try out new hardware and comment on that. Maybe some of the other suggestions, but this shit is just getting old

    And for the PCars shills calling this the best Sim out there. You’re just wrong and stupid. PCars is a good sim but a shit game and partially broken in major areas that can’t be overlooked. First and foremost being the save system being broken, also must mention the invisible wall bug. I could go on and on but the bug fix list on your forum is as good as information as anybody would ever need to see just how tragically broken this game is in so many areas

    A- you can’t hold a candle to
    I racing
    No one can.
    B- R factor &n automobileista are probably better choices on PC
    You are the best on console, but that’s not saying much
    There is potential there if you can iron out all the bullshit for pCars 2 though

    And James reaching with these shit posts is probably going to kill your site over time. I bet that this shit is desperately just reaching to where your roots started since interest is likely waning
    I know my patience is

    Put something out that is new content for crying out loud
    You sound like a whiny forum bitch right now.


    1. You’re not wrong (aside from numbers being down, they’re actually climbing), but now that No Man’s Sky made people really pay attention to what’s in alleged in-game footage, it was finally time to take a look at the intro movie.


      1. For simplicity sake, you don’t even have to launch steam to have a look. Since links are disabled, there’s a leaderboard website: Project CARS Leaderboards

        Not taking a jab or anything. Have you used pCars FFB as is or did you played with it? You obviously play many different sims and i was wondering about that.



  8. I guess putting out the daily content most of us are looking for in such a small niche is going to lead to some repeated and underwhelming content sometimes.
    But I shouldn’t find the comments section more interesting and relevant than the articles themselves. Or erm. umm. I mean I don’t want to. I’m enjoying this blog the most when it’s fresh and new. And existing outside the world of forum drama.

    Seriously though man. Try some new angles. I got lots of good ideas that would be a hoot to read about.
    Here’s one. Not sure how a likely misogynistic dude like you would handle this. But it would be interesting to read about how you’re experience playing as a women on Iracing or any other game would be. From a recent experience knowing someone who had to use his mothers name at Iracing. I know girls get harassed online. But Racing douches can be some serious pricks when it comes to being out driven by a girl.
    Try it on and report back.
    I guarentee some epic shit talk and trolling from the South Americans who apparently have a lot in common with Donald Trump.
    Now don’t mistake this for Hilllary support, all politicians are tramps and she’s as bad as they get.

    Step outside the box man and really entertain us though.
    And tell me more about this Emma Sulkowitz character.
    There’s gold and good there man. I’m telling you.

    Flame on


    1. There have been a few stories I’ve wanted to run over the past little bit, but I’ve been talked out of them because there’s simply no way for me to address the subject matter without being accused of bullying.

      We’ve been made aware of a guy who took out two payday loans and maxed out three credit cards to build a sim rig; admitting to this on his Twitch channel (while pretending like his pizza delivery job is his primary sponsor). It’s straight up the worst example of iRacing fanaticism you could possibly imagine, but it crosses over from the “funny” spectrum into the “sad” spectrum. I don’t mind profiling nutters who try and play Assetto Corsa in 640×480 with a decade-old video card & then whine that the game doesn’t work, but a lot would accuse me of stooping too low if I ran an article on this guy.

      In regards to your earlier point, I’ve discovered the social media accounts of SimRacingGirl, and that too I’ve had to restrain myself from covering. I’m of the belief that women aren’t held back from anything in the west, so loudly proclaiming you have a vagina while running hot laps that are a couple seconds off pace is little more than attention seeking behavior. Without going full neckbeard on y’all, the way women sometimes awkwardly insert themselves into a competitive community by drawing attention to their gender rather than their personality, skills, or accomplishments, is extremely off-putting. Not saying I condone harassment against some random chick who shows up in an iRacing server, but you’re not doing yourself any favors if that’s how you advertise yourself to the community. Monica Clara Brand was the best example of how to do it right when it came to sim racing. She just sort of showed up, beat the shit out of everybody, and didn’t say a word until it came out that iRacing’s best IndyCar driver was some middle-aged woman from Romania. SimRacingGirl? Not so much.


  9. There was a girl named pink something or other? on GT5-6 that used to have her own following of racers that kept dudes off her in her lobbies. She was legit fast though. And I can see why dudes would have wanted to be around her. I can also see why she probably needed them. She used to run her mouth a bit on mic if I remember right.
    It was the only legit female I have ever seen.
    I wish there were more, but they are more rare than unicorns it seems.
    Perhaps an article on driver aggression by nationality? Might stir some stuff.
    Seems like the French, Italians and South Americans, Brazil to be exact, are almost always dirty to me.
    But maybe they just hate Americans
    Peace out


  10. And chicks inserting themselves is to be expected when plenty of them are making coin on twitch simply for being female, sporting cleavage and playing games. We created that weird phenomenon. Well not me. But the rest of the nerds desperate for a females attention.
    Can’t blame them for trying I guess. Nerds can be pretty lame and gullible with the way they will buy them stuff and all.


  11. I found this site while looking for info on SBLRE and really liked the review. I am a xboxone racer, so I picked the game up and really enjoyed it. A lot of the problems James had with the game are not present in the console version, other then dated graphics. I still play it even though I own Dirt rally.


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