Reader Submission #122 – iRacing Tire Woes Continue

2It’s impossible to publish one lone definitive review of the iRacing software, partially because the four major updates the game receives each year can turn it from a barely passable racing simulator riding on the coattails of NASCAR Racing 2003 Season into something extremely authentic – and then back again – all within a span of six months. As a result, it’s necessary for us to continue updating our readers on the status of both the tire model and the surface model found within the simulator, given that the version of iRacing you drove in August and probably really enjoyed no longer exists; replaced with an entirely different set of handling physics you’ll be forced to adapt to all over again.

Today’s Reader Submission here on comes from an extremely prominent driver on the iRacing service who wishes to use this outlet to voice his concerns with the current build of the game, as he feels iRacing has once again gone backwards and virtually undone all of the major improvements made when the new surface model was first released during the fall of last year.

3Hey guys. Obviously you can see who I am from my email address, but I’d really appreciate if when you publish this, you can keep my name out of it. I’ve seen the iTards in the comments go nuts and say you’re lying and making things up when you talk about how Shannon and Nim can have it out for certain people, but we all know for a fact what you post is the truth, and iRacing usually goes to the extremes over something that makes them look bad on PRC. You have to eschew my identity somehow, otherwise they can fuck me, and I’d prefer not to lose everything I’ve worked for over merely talking about problems with iRacing’s physics.

So let me lay it out to you. Here’s what’s wrong with iRacing’s tire model at the moment, and this primarily affects the oval cars because those are my specialty. In the last build, tires were actually putting some heat into the track, so over the course of a session the track was getting hotter. The cycle continues with ahigher track temperature providing an increase in tire heat, which made our cars slide around more. That allowed us to move to the high side of the race track in a quest for grip. But in the current build, they made the tires not heat up as much, so the track doesn’t heat up as quickly either, and once again we’re stuck to the bottom of the race track – as we had been before the introduction of the new surface model.

iRacing introduced all of these improvements to the simulation engine a year ago, only for the values to be tweaked and the new surface model to be rendered completely useless because the current set of values produce the kind of racing we saw without the new surface model. Oops. Imagine how we feel about the time we’ve spent on our car setups and all the tricks we’ve learned about multi-groove racing, suddenly taken away from us thanks to an update.

What we need from iRacing is for the tires to have more grip initially, more overall speed from the tire, and a greater falloff, which would allow us to move around in the manner we’d been able to during the introduction phase of the new surface model. Because currently we’re just fucking stuck to the bottom of the track in those embarrassing conga lines where nobody passes anyone else unless you physically hit them. We’re essentially running a tire compound that is much harder than anything a real life stock car would run. We need iRacing to soften the compound. It’s that simple.

Further elaborating, all of iRacing’s grip comes from the aerodynamic element, which is why when you barely nudge the wall, you inexplicably lose 2mph down the longest straight. Now this was confirmed by many of my fellow drivers because when we were first given the new low downforce configuration on the Sprint Cup cars, the effects of any minuscule cosmetic damage were less severe than they had been in the past, because there was less of an aerodynamic value for the damage model to manipulate to begin with, if that makes sense.

To summarize, we had multi-groove oval racing on iRacing for about six months. Then they took it away, even though they said they learned new information about track surfaces through their dirt project that had supposedly been implemented in the current build. Yet in reality they’ve now gone backwards and nonsensically undone all of their genuine progress.

jarrettThis is basically what happens if you invest any serious time into iRacing. As you continue to stick around for update after update, you’ll notice cars drastically change from one season to another with no rhyme or reason behind the changes. I was lucky enough to witness the end of the Old Tire Model saga with the K&N Series car, and it was pretty hilarious that for a simulator who charged an arm and a leg, and who claimed to be above and beyond the offerings of rival sim racing developers, it was bizarre to see how the car changed from one week to another. There was a season, I want to say the second season of 2012, where the K&N car was still on the old tire model, and it was literally like driving on ice. Coming to the green flag, 35% of the field would spin while accelerating towards the start/finish line. It was fucking insane. The next week, suddenly the New Tire Model was introduced on the K&N car, and people could actually survive the first lap, but if you didn’t hug the bottom, you were almost a full second off pace on a track that didn’t require any lifting.

And then there’s this guy, who tried to spend time learning IndyCar setups, only to get royally fucked by the updates and lose any progress he had made.

untitled-2What I find truly unbelievable is that iRacing somehow managed to negate the effects of the new surface model – objectively the best new addition to the sim in years – by manually adjusting numbers until the on-track product resembled that of the pre-NSM days. How do you even fuck this up? I hope to God this was a genuine accident, because the years spent working on a dynamic surface have literally been all for nothing if this was even the least bit intentional. Or it just shows that iRacing have no idea what they’re doing, charging enormous prices and pushing bullshit testimonials alongside a hyperbolic ad campaign to reel in fanatical sim racers who themselves are practically clueless. Maybe they’ll announce another car to distract the masses or something.



42 thoughts on “Reader Submission #122 – iRacing Tire Woes Continue

  1. You nailed it again James they have announced a Ferrari partnership,this alongside dirt is their distractions to that they don’t actually know how to make the tyre not act like it’s in an oven.

    I spend 10 plus hrs each week making 3 sets for different weather settings,but it’s renedered obsolete when your actually racing,I’ve raced in the exact same weather settings as my testing weather but the car feels completely the opposite,even when the race weather should favour faster times and more grip,it doesn’t.

    I’ve just foolishly resubbed,don’t ask me why,I’m getting a bashing by the usual suspects for even daring to say that iracing is as fudged as it’s competitors,even tho they seem to think that the lack of real world data seems to enable iracing to model without fudging.


  2. If you ask me, the iRacing brainwashing is actually kind of impressive. I sometimes think these fanboys would be willing to take a bullet in order to defend the honor of the game and its devs. Ridiculous, of course, given the whole thing is a mess of physics errors.


  3. iRacing really is proof that a large portion of sim-racers are deluded, ignorant, or just plain dumb fucks.

    Kudos to iRacing developers though, they seems to be the biggest con-men in the whole industry, and the iTards are blind, deluded, and too arrogant to notice.

    I think I’ll go and spend the money I saved, by not renting a piece of bullshit software, on something more worthwhile.

    And to iTards bankrupting yourself – I’m sure your $2000 rig will look good in your studio apartment.


    1. That’s the iRacing core audience. 45 year old men living in basements and cramped apartments, spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on computers, plastic steering wheels, and video games and then thinking it makes them just as good as a real racing driver. Pitiful.


      1. Who is saying sim racers want to compete with real racing drivers, or at least the ones you’re targeting?
        Haven’t you heard of serious hobbies? Or you think the 45 year old men spending hundreds or more in amateur golfing is to compete in top tier championships against pro golfers?


        1. A more appropriate analogy would be an amateur golfer to an amateur racing driver. The equivalent to a sim racer would be a guy playing a golf game on his Xbox. There are a lot of people steering pixels around on screen, in iRacing and other sims, who take it way too seriously. This is pathetic – see the whole “hero card” nonsense.


          1. But is still inside the sim racing scene, they want to take themselves seriously inside sim racing, by trying to be the best.

            First person shooter games that have professionals take themselves seriously, even highly skilled amateurs or even those that don’t play so well but still buy expensive mouse, pad, pc, monitor. So what? Suddenly is a sin spending money on sim racing gear and we are trying to become real racers… the fps pros aren’t trying to become real military. But from sim racing to racing a real car is a shorter step than from fps to real combat. And is also a shorter step than from video game golfing (unless you practice in golf simulators with real gear) to real golfing.

            So please don’t underestimate sim racing. Is most likely the only genre in video games where skills can more directly be applied on a real racing car, although you also need the physical preparation with the car since at home is not the same thing. But is a much shorter step sim racing and real car than first person shooter game with a real gun. Although fps games in this case would be compared to non-sim racing games.


            1. I rather be a old twat racing pretend cars or planes, then these stupid young cunts that spend their lives on stupid shit like CSGO and LOL or insert any lame “survival” game,I dont know how you could call out iracers when stupid young cunts devote their entire life to stuff like CSGO and LOL en masse, thats one of the saddest things Ive seen in gaming last 5 odd years, its so bad that on porn hub (that I never EVER visit….swear) one of the most watched porn is fuckwits getting BJ’s while playing LOL, thats one sad fucking fantasy.

              And the best bit is you silly cunts havnt out grown it, and appear never will, in 20 years time, instead of 45 year olds playing “race cars” (which it least has some basis in reality), youll have 40 year old dweebs playing league of legends, collecting and jacking off to anime and spending thousands of dollars on the latest CSGO knife, fucking plebs, give me a sweaty ol iracer anyday over those miserable weirdos.


                    1. How is that relevant? Oh wait, you disagree with my opinion so now you’re going to attempt to make an ad hominem attack, assuming that I have some “uncool” or low paying job instead of presenting an actual argument.


                    2. Where is your argument in this? “I don’t care how much money they make they still look like a bunch of assholes”
                      Therefore asking what’s your profession is relevant enough to see where that comes from.

                      How does one look like an asshole for his profession being competing in video games? It makes no logical nor moral sense for that to be.


            2. Has it occurred to you that eSports wannabes that fall for marketing and buy all that PRO GAYMEN crap and get their ass kicked by some slav with a toaster and a $20 desktop setup look fucking retarded to everyone else too?


              1. no they don’t, and you bet that slav would want a good/high gaming gear. He just can’t afford it but why you’re assuming he wants to play csgo on a crap pc with crap fps?


          2. Mate its a lot easier to be a good race car driver than a golfer, I’ve done both at a competitive level and driving well is very attainable for most, playing golf well is not.


    2. “[Insert Anything] really is proof that a large portion of [Any Human Demographic] are deluded, ignorant, or just plain dumb fucks.”

      Fixed that for ya.


  4. I have to say I’m not a big oval racer on iRacing, but yeah this does suck for them. I’d be really pissed too. Luckily, the road side of things isn’t actually too bad. The tires do not fall of as fast as last season but the debris (dirt and marbles) on track keep it interesting.


    1. Same here. I don’t mind it being flawed as you know it is flawed for everyone. I’d rather race that with humans than a perfect simulation against AI.


    2. It would really be cool to have both best MP and physics in a driving game… But sadly, if i have to pick between good enough representation of driving with people, or the best physics in the world, alone, i would play with others.


  5. iRacing has a lot of problems and I’m definitely no fan boy, but I disagree with this post almost entirely. I know something about physics and how some aspects of car setups should work. I’m an oval racer on iRacing, and I can tell you that the latest build is, without a doubt, much closer to reality than anything they have done since season 2 or 3 of 2015. They still have a lot of work to do, but the took a step in the right direction with this build.


  6. The incompetent fuckers at iRacing strikes again, by releasing another broken and poor tire model. It’s clear that the iRacing devs only care about profit, rather than providing a realistic racing sim, and yet many continue to empty their wallets for them.


  7. No surprise considering that iRacing prioritizes multiplayer over simulation value, meanwhile rF2 completely outclasses iRacing in tire physics.


  8. did they fix the thing with tires only cooking down when in contact with the track yet?
    I mean how the fuck do you mess that up that badly.
    basically confirms that iracing has never had simulation value in any of its your models.


  9. For all the BS on Fanboys for this sim or that. I’d like somebody to explain to me the scientific method behind the tire model creation. Oh, ya… i think i remember. Its best guess science + real driver feedback. oh wait… that doesn’t sound scientific at all? As i understand it (maybe im wrong) tired models are just MODELS. They have fewer years of research behind tham than say…. areodynamics. So essentially… everybody seem to be bragging about owning the first flying machine, and telling everybody else their are NOT REALLY FLYING. BS. At the end of the day, science does its best, then websites like this tells iRacing they need to take advice from real drivers. I agree. BUT… if its the real drivers OPINION…. well then its not exactly science is it? At the end of the day, the science and all that other math could be complete crap, just as long as a pro driveer tells you…”this feels real.” Somboy here has an itchy hole i think. ON the upside, perhaps you could reverse engineer your anus and patent a new kind of fuel injector.


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