Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo is Finally Worth Buying

slrx64-2016-10-21-23-35-58-63All the way back in January of this year, I had the misfortune of wasting $100 CDN on Milestone’s Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo for the PC. While on paper the game looked to be a phenomenal alternative to the already brilliant DiRT Rally, I noted that the game suffered from an abundance of technical issues – as well as a bewildering lack of support for multiple USB inputs – that held it back from being a serious contender in the fight for the right to call itself the best rally simulator since 2004’s Richard Burns Rally. Now even though it was a Milestone product, and most people believed it should have been discarded after an hour of gameplay, at the time I forced myself to dive deep into career mode armed with little more than an Xbox 360 pad, and was delighted to discover that this had the potential to be a really fucking good game once all the bugs were ironed out. It’s got more cars than DiRT Rally, ridiculously difficult stages, and two separate single player campaign modes – both of which are unique in their own right.

It was destined to eat up a lot of my time if Milestone ever released a patch for the damned thing.

Michael Wieczorek of PC Master Race Reality Check begins the above video by stating that “Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo is a pain in the ass on PC”, but over the course of four minutes discovers that there are indeed certain settings you can select via the external launcher which can iron out most of the performance problems before you even boot the application. Milestone finally got off their asses and released a patch to rectify many of the PC performance issues plauging a whole host of users, and I’m happy to report that my game stays locked at a buttery smooth 60 FPS aside from inclement weather stages, though I’ll chalk that up to my own hardware. In short, yes, Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo is no longer a stuttering pile of shit, and if you own the game on Steam yet haven’t touched it in months for this very reason, it’s now safe to do so.

safeAnother element which prevented many PC sim racers from fully diving into what Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo had to offer was the lack of multiple input support. Now I dislike treading over concepts I’ve already explained a thousand times over, but in case you haven’t noticed, a whole bunch of us hardcore guys love to mix and match wheels and pedals for their sim racing setups, meaning it’s more than one USB cable we’re plugging into our PC’s. Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo doesn’t natively support that, and it still doesn’t – ToCA Edit released an easy-to-use plugin for SLRE as a work around that allows multiple input sim racers to bypass the limitations of the application. This release flew well under the radar during Easter Weekend 2016 due to Rally Evo’s horrible initial reception, but given the performance issues found in the retail version have been ironed out, it’s definitely time for us to let you know about this.

slre-fixI’ve dedicated my Friday afternoon to playing through the Loeb Experience portion of the game, and I’m extremely pleased to report that Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo lives up to the initial review I posted back in January. If you’ve played the ever-loving shit out of DiRT Rally, yet shelved the title because you’re tired of running the same eight stages over and over again, Rally Evo should certainly be your next stop. I don’t want to mislead anybody and claim it features a stunning physics engine or a comprehensive mechanical damage system, but as a complete package I have no problem saying it certainly gives DiRT Rally a run for its money, and finally provides a satisfactory experience without the presence of ominous technical issues.


27 thoughts on “Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo is Finally Worth Buying

  1. Austin, James or any other retard who’s in charge for this cesspool, if you don’t start moderating this place soon and i’m talking within a year from now this site would be a wasteland for shittposting, meems, Porn ads. spam for sex toys, penis enlargement pills, drug scams. Stormfront swastikas, Nigerian scams and basically all these wonderful things that make out life more interesting but are totally unrelated to sim racing news rumours gossip.

    Get my drift?


  2. It is possible to remove games completely. It’s been done before. First thing that pops to mind is Too Human, don’t remember why, but they had to stop production and perform a recall, so it’s actually kind of a rare game now.


  3. Milestone. There.

    But seriously, shitty console ports with only a few options, that damn game launcher and weird performance and stuttering aside, they are clearly on the right track. Their games are just a pain in the ass to diagnose and semi-fix.

    You want a good one, check out MXGP2, preferable the compact edition. It looks nice, runs better than the others (maybe because of the lower speed of the bikes) and it’s fun as heck. There’s even a demo. It’s to Milestone what DiRT Rally is to Codemasters.


    1. I think there’s only 1.0 right now, probably won’t take too long before it’s on a tracker.

      Since I’m a Reiza shill now, I will tell you to go buy it. I’ll give you a link if I find one too though, I want more people racing in multiplayer ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. As a whole, I definitely prefer SLR’s physics. It’s kinda sad when something like a suzuki swift is more enjoyable and dynamic to drive than a lancia…

    AMS 1.1 is out, would be cool if you re-visit the AI if you have some time.

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  5. Assetto Corsa, has many more flaws than most people dare to admit and is a majorly big step backwards from the 10 year old rFactor.
    Flawed AI that’s not worth racing against. Multi-class AI will most probably never happen in AC, so forget about proper endurance racing.
    Physics instabilities with stiff, high ride frequency cars, something that rFactor does properly for more than a decade.
    Flawed underbody collisions.
    Flawed aerodynamics that doesn’t take sideslip/alpha properly into account (no blowovers), even Crammond’s GP games from more than a decade ago did better here.
    Bogus SAT values from the tires.
    Flawed Force Feedback, see also above.
    Flawed tire pressure gain with temperature
    Simplistic discrete grip level gain
    Simplistic inaccurate linear tire load sensitivity, especially problematic in high downforce cars. Lack of grip at the shoulder of the tires.

    Fudged physics and setup parameters needed to get something satisfactory. Again not much real simulation value.
    Fudging of tire physics has been confirmed by Kunos multiple times, See also Here. Opposite of what rF2 does.
    Flawed damage and collisions
    Flawed engine damage by design.
    Poor netcode, and lack of proper league features.
    Lack of a package system with auto-syncing/downloading of mods during multiplayer, so it’s mismatch hell all over again and servers are discouraged from running mods as opposed to rF2.
    Mods that break after almost every update, because of the lack of backwards compatibility
    Lack of brake temperature.
    Lack of oil/water/engine temperature.

    Assetto Corsa is also missing so many essential features that pre-rF1/rF1/rF2 had for many years, if not more than a decade:

    AI during multiplayer

    Adjustable brake pressure

    Adjustable steering lock per car

    Brake wear

    Brake temperature

    Oil temperature

    Water temperature

    Dynamic day/night cycles

    Drivers swaps during multiplayer and singleplayer

    Dynamic weather with rain, also during multiplayer

    Proper race/flag rules

    False starts

    Rolling starts

    Garage starts

    Engine stalls

    Safety car

    Selecting gear before the start

    Manual pitlane speed control
    Proper damage

    Pitstops in singleplayer
    Chassis flex

    Dynamic realroad rubber built-up based on driving lines

    Resume from replay savegame system for long races.

    Steering assist and adjustable speed sensitivity for keyboard users.

    Steering assist for gamepad users

    And this is only the tip of the iceberg. So it’s not for nothing that rFactors are the top choice by real-life racing teams for not only driver training, but also real race car development, because of physics accuracy


  6. Yeah. I have it for xbone and really enjoy it. I would really like to find some good setups. It seems like there should be a place to share them. But I haven’t been able to find such a place. Any help in this regard would be great.


  7. Did someone managed to have this work with a G27 (or any Logitech / Thrustmaster wheel) AND a Fanatec SQ 1.5 shifter with USB adaptor (making a total of 2 USB devices)? In the COG plugin there does not seem to be a mapping for H pattern gears, or am I missing something?


  8. I picked this up on black Friday sale, the game an all the DLC for under $20. Couldn’t get it to work at all and had to return for a refund. First off I had to install the app for multiple controllers and the game twice before that worked. Once that was finally working I had no FFB in the game like some others were complaining. While the game ran smoothly there was crazy lag between turning my wheel and the in game reaction. Made it unplayable. So of course I uninstall everything including the game, and do a clean install leaving the 3rd party mod out. Go into the game and couldn’t get the game to assign throttle. I was just stuck there in the menu, no matter what I pressed it wouldn’t do anything. Couldn’t ESC out of the menu or anything, Had to go into the Task Manager and shut down the game from there. And no the game wasn’t frozen, it just kept rejecting any keys, pedals or buttons I pressed. There were other weird things, like it was best to use the keyboard to navigate, but for whatever reason the up arrow wouldn’t responds so anytime I wanted to go up in a menu I had to use the wheel’s d-pad, but could only confirm my selection by hitting Enter on the keyboard. Again, across several installs with and without the mod, so I’m blaming the game here. At this point Steam said I had spend just over an hour “playing” it, but in reality I don’t think I’d actually driven more than 3 or 4 minutes. I requested and was granted a refund. I’m particularity sad, because I was really looking forward to this working, really wanted to get to play this game. End result it seems that it is not save for everybody yet.

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