Do You Mind? I’m Broadcasting!

14711213_10154599298776085_50800504688889767_oIt’s a big day for both the staff and users over at After adding the prestigious Circuit de la Sarthe temporary street circuit to the popular online-only motor racing simulator only a few short weeks ago, the team have reserved the official celebration festivities until today – hosting a virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans event as the real World Endurance Championship schedule comes to a close. Sure, the real life rendition of the grueling test of man and machine may reside on the polar opposite side of the calendar as today’s simulated event, but the festivities are a way to bring iRacers from all portions of the community together for one absolutely fucking massive race.

And of course, the highest split of the event is being streamed through RaceSpot TV, the third party crew who typically cover large scale iRacing competitions, such as the World Championship Grand Prix Series. They’re effectively iRacing’s top broadcasting crew, though today’s coverage of the iRacing 24 Hours of Le Mans proves that no matter how flashy your website looks, how much money a developer has thrown at you for an official partnership, and how fancy your overlays are, sometimes you still accidentally manage to prove to be correct when it comes to the behavior of hardcore iRacers – a whole bunch of ’em are still manchildren at heart.

This little outburst drills home the point that whether you’re on Teamspeak with your bros, or commentating a prestigious race for an internationally-known video game developer, always assign a mute key.


31 thoughts on “Do You Mind? I’m Broadcasting!

    1. No idea either.

      And why is the driver’s mic even audible in that situation?

      I can understand replaying communication with pit crews, as they do in F1, but not random outbursts.

      Honestly, not a fan of that particular commentator either.


  1. Fking broken game for manchildrens…The iRenting VLN Endurance Championship ,From 24 GT3 man childs only 3 use the bmw and the rest either the new faster Merz or Audi…AC 21 Posh da best!


  2. Haha, i had to play a couple time to ear what he was saying! Remind me when i was a teenager and i would play doom 2 over the phone line. Whenever we would start the communication, the phone would ring and i yelled: Don’t answer the phone!

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  3. Wow, straight up screaming about it too…

    And still, the announcer has quite poor enunciation. Decipherable…but often only in context. Maybe he has a genuine speech impediment. Maybe he’s just lazy.

    do they still not understand one of the most critical elements to a quality broadcast? Everyone has their personal strengths and weaknesses. Pretending otherwise results in shit like this.


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