Introducing The Disclosure Page

nr2003-2016-11-01-20-37-19-36While browsing through Instagram at work yesterday, I happened to come across a post regarding Race2Play’s upcoming Baja 500 special event, and promptly posted an article about the one-off marathon later in the evening once my shift had ended for you guys to discuss. I grew up on off-road titles like Monster Truck Madness 2, and given how some sim racers are growing tired with the admittedly stale offering of online GT3 endurance events, I thought it would be a unique event to talk about, serving to drastically offset iRacing’s recent virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans and their inevitable 24 Hours of Daytona to follow in February. Four wheel drive trucks in the desert are an entirely different ballgame compared to sleek European sports cars, I think we can all agree on that.

Instead, we were met with an onslaught of angry readers – a mix of trolls and readers with legitimate complaints – who were upset that the post seemed to be a forced viral marketing endeavor for Race2Play rather than genuine excitement for a really interesting online race where no one driver was guaranteed to even cross the finish line. I’m still a bit bewildered by the overwhelming negativity – especially as this is literally just some website holding an endurance race without a flock of McLaren or Audi sports cars on the grid – but I also believe some valid points were made among the hostility. We have a reputation for being a damn-near impossible site to deal with, but on the business end of things, we do make deals from time to time. No, the Baja 500 post was not part of a grand conspiracy to force people to migrate to Race2Play, but I at least understand why people would come to that conclusion.

To set an example within the genre, and maybe the industry as a whole, we’ve created The Disclosure Page; a simple list of all developers and entities who have provided with either specialized access to their product(s), or miscellaneous advertisement partnerships which directly benefit us financially. This allows readers who question our sudden praise towards a certain developer, title, or external entity to immediately check whether we are somehow affiliated, biased, or unable to comment on the monetary value of a product from a genuine consumer standpoint. While admittedly not the perfect way to implement disclosure on, as there’s no external way to fact check what we’ve written as the absolute truth, I’d rather have some sort of mention regarding our various affiliations up front, instead of having our readers question why there’s a whole bunch of Thrustmaster wheels showing up in the background of our YouTube videos.

With each new free copy of a game we receive, or sponsorship deal we come to terms with, we’ll let you guys know with a Disclosure Page Update; and while these posts will often be short and fairly boring, it at least lets our readers know what articles to expect from in the future. For example, if Kunos Simulazioni provide us with a free key to the second Porsche DLC pack, we can let people know that we’re working on a review if they’re on the fence in regards to the purchase. A bad example? Of course, but the raw data displays there are an impressive number of viewers coming here on a daily basis, so it’s important we cater to the people who have made PRC what it is today.

We hope our contemporaries follow suit.


48 thoughts on “Introducing The Disclosure Page

  1. While at that, make a disclosure page of sorts about the companies you are targeting:
    * Reiza
    * KS
    * iRacing

    Or more likely just Reiza, because you seem to be hell bent on sinking this one regardless of what they do and will always pick “facts” out of thin air that could potentially damage them.


    1. >says the overall package is the best of the genre
      >says the AI aren’t good


  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This is like Hitler saying he’s going to give you a run down of where his concentration camps were hidden and the daily activities that went on inside them.
    James do you seriously think that just because you say its one way that everybody will believe you?
    This shows the narcissist in you james.
    So you should be disclosing who sponsors your site, sounds like you want a medal just for pretending to be honest, its not ground breaking stuff James.


      1. James its great to see you being honest from this point on, has somebody got a skippy badge or some sort of a little medal for james?, he deserves one.


    1. Well, it’s a good thing then that the concentration camps were not hidden. Do you even know your own propaganda?

      A shitty trolling attempt that makes you look both ignorant and witless. Well played, my friend.


      1. Many were hidden you fool, there was over 1000 labour camps, many hidden, im German and proud, would you like a debate on concentration and labour camps?


    1. ‘reap what you sew’ is a good ANALogy, every single word in the comment section here are all product of James, he has created a monster.


    1. If I need AI, I turn to rF2. As for the graphics, if you care about graphics that much, you probably ended up in a wrong part of “internetz”.


      1. If the point of a “sim” is to be as realistic as possible, why should immersive, realistic visuals not be as important as immersive, realistic physics?


        1. There are genres where “realistic, immersive visuals” is given enough attention. As it is now, you can’t have both. If people preferred simulators to need-for-speeds and would buy them in comparable quantities, then sure, simulators developers could afford putting more effort into making some nice visuals, or alternatively, if sim users would be ready to spend hundreds of dollars/euros on a single title sans DLC/mods.

          Choosing between a title with great physics/crappy visuals over one with great graphics/crappy physics is a no-brainer for me. Of course I would love to have both great physics and the visuals, but there is no such a sim out there yet.

          If you prefer the visuals, you know where to look for it. Just keep in mind that the car won’t behave as it should, therefore it’s not a sim.


    1. There should be disclosure photos of james playing bukkuke boy with Ian and his other financial providers.

      The funny thing is that they don’t realise that James has the ability to help people really hate everything he talks about even if he is being positive, who would want to advertise on here?

      I suppose desperation does funny things to people.

      Id be betting they arnt paying you to say much at all, they are paying for you to lay off their product, thats the reality.

      You’d want to keep that sponsorship up forever and do what ever james says, sponsors, because if you don’t and you pull your money or have any type of falling out, James will make it a personal agenda to go after you for ever, thats the reality.

      You people are complete idiots.


      1. No. your an idiot. People like Ian bell are super proud of their 2 million units sold. PCars is a verifiable financial success, arguably a hit in the Sim market. He doesn’t need PRC.
        This coming from a true SMS hater who understands the extent of the brokenness of that game. He’s still on top of the Sim racing sales figures. And that’s all that matters.
        To think he needs to trick us by some weird PRC connection is lame. Not unimaginable, but highly unlikely due to his over confident and proud nature.
        If you knew or paid attention to the guy. You would know he likely only engaged with PRC to attempt to disarm it. Not cave to it. And hand it money.
        You don’t get it man.
        The simm Community needs the truth PRC Dispenses.


  3. ?? What is this about? Anyone reading this for long enough already would know about these. I only discovered the Racecraft stuff…

    It´s a good idea but it sure wasn´t needed. All these lunatics in the Baja article didn´t warrant this, but still kudos on you for going so far off your way to please them.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I beg to differ.
        In quali only FRO cracked the top 8; meanwhile almost all 8 of them other than WIC are “vip drivers” according to R3E

        For fuck’s sakes some guy was using swingman cam view.

        I can understand you’re in the same predicament where a guy gets a funded ride (not quite yet a paid driver, but racing for free) can’t exactly slag the team off for saying the car’s shit, but that bullshit line has to be drawn somewhere.


  4. a commendable move towards a bit more upfront credibility (if these my wods make any sense).

    No really, long overdue. Regardless of what made you do it.


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