DLC for a Demo? Yep, We’re At That Point…

headerTurn 10 Studios have had a pretty difficult time with the Forza Motorsport franchise finally arriving on the Windows 10 operating platform, but things are set to get even more incomprehensibly stupefying. Originally treading water in the strange, new world of purpose-built PC simulators with a light version of Forza Motorsport 6 dubbed Forza 6: Apexwhich was intended to be little more than a fleshed-out tech demoTurn 10 have followed the abysmal release of Forza Horizon 3 for the PC with additional paid downloadable content for Forza 6: Apex.

That’s right, the glorified tech demo that generally disappointed those who took the time to try it out, featuring barely any content whatsoever compared to its Xbox One counterpart, now boasts two individual car packs alongside the inclusion of Germany’s Nurburgring Nordschleife – all of which pieces of add-on content you’ll have to pay for.

It’s a bit of a questionable practice for a franchise that fell flat on its face not once, but twice. Forza Motorsport 6: Apex did not even feature dedicated steering wheel support at launch, and by the time hardcore sim racers were finally blessed with a product they could merely use their plastic wheels with – albeit poorly, Forza Horizon 3 landed on store shelves as a buggy and unplayable mess, where users were banned from online elements for running third party performance tweaks in the background just to get a stable framerate, and intrusive downloadable content plans reached even further into the wallets of seasoned Forza players. Both Turn 10 and Playground Games are still yet to rectify the problems plaguing each of their respective current entries in the Forza franchise, but it’s still full steam ahead for more downloadable content.

app48416-13510798887936226-1152921504712673259-6e2105b6-b98b-4f11-a0af-2aae17a69b6bA slap to the face for consumers? I’d say so. Here you have a franchise that many were eagerly looking forward to arriving on the PC platform, and every other week it seems there’s a new way to display how the entire endeavor has been mismanaged from the start. Forza Motorsport 6: Apex was meant to be an elaborate tech demo, and there’s absolutely nothing compelling about the game to warrant users to spend upwards of $20 for an extra thirty minutes of playtime. Again, Apex was not a proper Forza release with a massive Career to progress through, nor does it come loaded with all of the fun customization elements or even an online segment that have really come to define the full-featured releases on the Xbox family of gaming consoles. Microsoft and Turn 10 are literally selling paid DLC for a singleplayer demo of Forza on the PC.

This stupidity is further enhanced by some of the special editions of Forza Horizon 3 that are offered at select retailers – in some instances asking upwards of $120 for the complete set of upcoming downloadable content and additional expansions. Consumers, quite frankly, are Forza’d-out; they don’t want to spend any more money on Forza games for a while, and yet here comes Microsoft trying to nickel and dime their audience by offering paid DLC for a demo. Are you obligated to buy it? No, of course not. But the mere statement Microsoft and Turn 10 have made with these premium packages indicates these guys aren’t bringing Forza to the PC in an effort to go toe to toe with the established names that have dominated the sim racing landscape; they’re here to make a quick buck, and really don’t give a shit as to how they do it.


51 thoughts on “DLC for a Demo? Yep, We’re At That Point…

  1. ‘member when james said he was gonna leave sim racing for forza on pc. Hueuhue. Then he recommended it to all of us. Huheuehe

    Think next time he doesn’t recommend a sim racing and says is the worst, he will recommend forza, some obscure mods and games no one cares and plays, raceroom, and race2play, a once good enough but now obscure racing platform. Sign here and here. Oh don’t forget to buy my ebook guys.


      1. Eh, that’s true. But I expected it to not be perfect, hence why I didn’t buy it. After all, this is from a group of guys making the game solely for a single platform for over 10 years. At the end of the day, MS is probably pushing T10 to release DLC. And based on the price of some sim racing expansions… it’s not that bad. They do need to work on stability issues though.


  2. This criticism does fall into the entitled generation snowflake category.The reality is If a developer like Turn10/Playground with massive resources cannot get everything right then at some stage you have to acknowledge that developing racing games today is very complicated.When was the last time a racing game was perfect on release?Dirt Rally was pretty good but the content was lacking and there has been no DLC.
    People need to ignore the hype,wait a few months after release and buy when the game has been reviewed.


  3. Luv the photo though.all Muricans in there except the iconic track is German..No thanks..Italian AC with proper Psoh is da best..


  4. James is moderating the shit out of this forum, how hypocritical, all of my posts go through to moderation before going up and being deleted, oh well, james, you’ve got no credit, as weak as piss.
    Heres a bloke who has spent along time bagging everybody under the san, but when he gets bagged or people post what he doesn’t agree with he deletes their comments
    Pathetic, can give it but precious can’t take it.


  5. When they announced that the Forza franchise would come to PC I was naive enough to think that this would be a well polished simcade (god I hate that word) racer that would make for a fun distraction from the super serious racing sims with 1990’s graphics.

    I should have known better… They are just after a quick buck with help of the name.
    And to be fair, I am even a bit disappointed.


  6. Yo I signed up for the Baja event and I’ve been testing the mod offline, but how does it work server wise? Where are the server informations? Or when are they provided?


    1. As unrealistic as that question is, I understand what you’re asking – Would we ever cut out hair, write shitty blues metal, and sell out PRC for a substantial payday? Yes, 100%.

      However, it would be on OUR terms, and serve to benefit us in the long run. For example, Kunos flying us out to Italy so we can rip around in supercars for a weekend in exchange for easing off coverage of AC is not beneficial to us in the long run.


      1. Hey, as long as you read the fine print, and make sure there’s no clause saying you can’t ever shit on them, I’d say go for it.


      2. I think that comment was mocking you for your political views, not asking a serious question. Hillary’s going to win, by the way.


        1. not gonna lie that was indeed a troll / bait question deliberately without context, I wanted to see if James would answer “yes, I wanna see my name next to Milo Yiannopoulos” or something along these lines, which he didn’t, but the answer he gave was interesting.


      3. James your a complete sell out, its a fate of complete that you will sell out on yourself and your readers, in fact i think your ultimate goal is money, you are a slut james, theres no denying that.


      4. Yeah, If you actually retain true control for the purpose of objectivity… I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Keep it real and I will view it as a positive.

        I can’t deny that this election is going to have serious impacts on the established media. We’ll see if it’s a net positive or not for the US as an entity.

        Either way, it’s probably a good idea to start contemplating larger negotiations.

        I doubt that you and I agree about the implications of the results as a whole, or even in part.

        That said, you still have an appreciable level of integrity and multiple correct controversial calls in your favor. I would say you absolutely deserve wider positive recognition.


  7. The DLC thing is just completely out of control. However, these companies wouldn’t charge for additional content if people didn’t buy it. The bottom line is that people who play video games, across the board, are not intelligent consumers.


  8. Regardless what will you think about James, or who are you, lover, hater, troller, SRDer, whatever you are, this is what happened to me when Donald Trump wins:

    Well, then.


    1. To some degree, I believe justice has been served.

      It doesn’t change the fact that the vast majority of the people I care (particularly in the case of females) about and genuinely respect are very scared. I’m concerned that the cost of this lesson will be too high for those that do not have a reasonable way of distancing themselves from whatever might happen.

      Maybe trump is right and the policies are just an artifact of long-standing agreements and very little hard-edge negotiation…

      The real problem is how many voted red down the entire ballot (in what I consider a emotionally charged act of retribution against obama and everything he did, good or bad).
      There are effectively zero checks and balances left. Anyone who understands democracy has to got to be concerned unless they have some sort of deep insight into Trump and his cabinet’s actual motivations.

      I have options. People I care about don’t. Someone just broke my fucking heart today expressing their genuine and unfiltered concerns. Actually, make that two people.

      Anyone having a ‘good day’ today really needs to take a long look at themselves.


      1. BWAHAHAHAHA Cry me a river you cock gargling queen, you should be proud you limp wristed PC loving feminist, suck it up, you’ll have 8 years of it.
        Hillary is a maggot


        1. The homoerotic fantasies from you people aren’t even surprising any more.

          And for the record… I play the bull, you little boys play the cuck. Confident women do not respect you. Forgive me if I’m not particularly impressed by the stupid bitches that take you for a ride.



          1. Hahahaha how you feeling today champ?

            I don’t listen to guys who let women fuck them in the ass, enjoy the next 8 years, men are made superior and you’ll just have to go cry in some feminists arms sweetheart.



            1. Think a little. Male and female are needed to create another person. Your DNA is made from your dad and your mom. You are a hybrid but with male predominance. Others are born with female predominance. And some with both.

              So depending on your DNA, each person has particular superiority and inferiority compared to another person. Not all males/females are equally superior or inferior to one another. Each one has differences and depending how you use them, you can become socially superior or become inferior to others. These others are both male and female. In case we are talking about physical superiority, then there are both men and women superior to you, that can beat your ass. And in the same logic there are both men and women you can beat their ass. If we are talking about intelligence, there are men and women superior to you. So everything is relative, depends what we are comparing and who among whom we’re talking about.


      2. It is indeed difficult to feel any sense of optimism about what the next four years hold for us. I don’t think the sky is falling, at least not yet. The best we can hope for is that Trump surrounds himself with people who are capable of making reasonable, informed decisions. We must also hope that he tempers some of the outrageous rhetoric we heard on the campaign trail. He may have won the election but he must now live up to the prestige and dignity that the office demands.

        More than anything, I’m sad because I feel that we have failed each other as a nation. I can’t escape the thought that the reason we’ve gotten to this point is a failure to listen. I’m as guilty of it as anyone. I think a lot of people on the left took this election for granted because oh, every Trump supporter is just a dumb redneck. We should have taken the opportunity to listen, to discover where this anger is coming from and offer an alternative instead of dismissing these people.

        This is a fractured nation. We distrust each other and prefer to hurl insults and shout each other down rather than try to listen and understand. I hope that we can emerge stronger as a people, regardless of what happens under the Trump administration.


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