“Soon” Isn’t Soon Enough…

assetto-corsa-console-4-1280x720The console version of Assetto Corsa is really turning into a bit of a dumpster fire, and the latest announcement from Kunos Simulazioni only confirms what we’ve been saying for a while now – the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 renditions of the popular PC racing simulator have been half-assed to the extreme. While many hardcore virtual auto racing enthusiasts felt Assetto Corsa filled a much needed gap left by the original rFactor in terms of providing a relatively open-ended modding sandbox, the same can’t be said about the product you may see lining the shelves at Wal-Mart or Best Buy for home entertainment systems. It’s overpriced, buggy as hell, and lacks several basic features the more demanding console crowd believed to be standard options from a video game in 2016. Sure, Chrysler’s original Viper didn’t ship with power windows, but Assetto Corsa is no high performance track day roadster; it sputters, pops, and eventually rolls over like an Ecotec Cavalier – though not before you’ve had it sideways a few times and seen the joy it can bring at its best.

The PC version of Assetto Corsa was recently graced with the first of three Porsche-specific downloadable content packs; cars we here at PRC.net were left relatively disappointed by, but many others seemed to like judging by the response to the article. The PC edition also allows you to configure your own private online server, and use the several pieces of official Kunos add-on content wherever the hell you’d like – including online servers setup by Kunos themselves.

On the contrary, console owners have not received any of the above features and content the PC crowd have been blessed with – which means Marco Massarutto awkwardly attacking fans for daring to question if the different versions of Assetto Corsa would warrant different experiences displays that Kunos knew people would find out the truth eventually, and it wouldn’t be pretty. PC sim racers have basically thrown a party and celebrated the return of Porsche to the sim racing world, but there is still no announced release date for the Porsche pack on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The console userbase are still unable to construct their own private lobbies to ensure clean online racing without the presence of trolls or backmarkers, and the official servers that are available for online racing, still don’t include any of the downloadable content that is aggressively pushed on owners of the game – these cars still appearing in the vehicle roster despite the player not owning them.

In a community update published two days ago, Kunos Simulazioni confirmed that they’re aware Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners are curious about the Porsche packs, custom lobbies, and the implementation of downloadable in online races, but there is no firm date as to when players will actually see it in the game.

dumpster-fireThis is absolutely disgraceful, for a couple of reasons.

First, and something I’ve already partially addressed, is that those interested in Assetto Corsa – as Marco Massarutto adamantly stated above – were told there would be no differences between the original PC release, and the product published by 505 Games for modern home consoles. This has now been proven to be an outright lie, and we’re at the point where it’s logical to start asking questions about what else Kunos have lied about since the world has been made aware of Assetto Corsa. Content and features found in the PC version simply don’t exist in the console version, and Kunos can’t even give a proper time frame as to when the console game will be brought up to speed.

Second, owners of Assetto Corsa on console aren’t going to wait around any longer for updates with no firm release date. It’s one of those things where the old adage “shit or get off the pot” comes into play. The game came out near the end of this summer and has lived in a state of purgatory for almost three months; it’s not horrible enough to completely dismiss and forget about, but each passing day is another twenty four hours the game sits on the shelf, completely ignored and establishing itself as a candidate to be traded in for store credit. Kunos are at a point where it’s 100% necessary to come out and say “these updates are coming on this day” – as black Friday is on the horizon and they could reel in those who once abandoned the game thanks to previous owners re-purchasing at a discounted price.

Instead, they do the opposite.

It’s unacceptable for a developer, after something like sixty plus days of getting absolutely blown out by disgruntled customers wondering what the fuck they just bought, to put out a press release that does not include a single piece of relevant information on potentially game-changing updates. “It’s coming in the future” is not what console racers want to hear. This crowd doesn’t take kindly to eternal science projects, and the hyper vigilance from angry customers is only set to increase after the debacle that was No Man’s Sky. In niche PC sim communities, you can get away with half-finished games by counteracting the anger with establishing some sort of personality cult within your official message boards, but console gamers don’t care about coding live streams. They want a game that works correctly out of the box, and a game that’s fun to play with their friends. Kunos simply haven’t produced that for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4; telling their few remaining supporters that “it’s coming in a future update” won’t suffice – those few supporters will turn into no supporters fairly quickly.


56 thoughts on ““Soon” Isn’t Soon Enough…




  1. No way to spin this for AC defenders. Kunos pretty much lied about the differences between AC on consoles and PC, just like they lied about why they had to get rid of the modding section on their forum. I definitely won’t purchase AC on consoles.




  2. They’ll release a patch or two for the console, a few more DLC’s for the PC and they’ll move on to a new game. They can’t sustain 3 versions of the same game, especially when it didn’t sell enough to justify new programmers. Don’t expect any major new features on the PC from this point on.

    I was pretty invested in Assetto Corsa, I thought it was going to be a long term project and I hoped the console release would bring them revenue and give them a boost. Well, that obviously didn’t happen.


    1. It was a long term project, but it’s been three years now and three years is long term enough for most people. After the last Porsche DLC it’s time to move on and make a successor game with all the cool features that are still missing from AC.


      1. It’s a copyright for the name and trademark for the logo. Kunos have the rights to exclusively use that name and logo for at least up to 2020. That doesn’t mean they will continue to work on AC until 2020, you fucking imbecile retard.

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      2. You should definitely sue them! That right there is as good as it gets for outright confirmation of continual support for a videogame.


  3. When I realized AC on Xbox One was unplayable, I went to Kunos’ site and was told that I should log a ticket with 505 Games. I did just that and got a reply a few days later informing me that the stuttering issue “was being looked at”. Oh wow. Looking at the announcement above, I wonder if these guys actually think they can make bad things go away by thinking happy thoughts.


    1. If it’s being looked at then it means they’re investigating the problem and trying to solve it. Now you just gotta wait for the next console update.
      What you think as obvious problem is not so obvious in terms of game development and programming.

      “was being looked at” tells you everything really. It means you weren’t the first one to report this problem and they were already acknowledging the problem even before you submitted a ticket to customer support.


      1. I do understand what it means, but it simply is not enough for a game that was broken at launch and had its graphic issues supposedly fixed with patch 1.2. I expected information and assistance, not a vague statement that, in practice, means “we are aware you bought a damaged product and we may fix it sometime in the future.”

        In any other business, a company that, deliberately or not, sold a badly flawed product (see the recent case with Samsung) would suffer the consequences. Apparently we gamers are much more forgiving.


          1. Anytime you go wide and lift a cloud of dirt the game looks like a Powerpoint presentation. FPS goes all over the place on replays too, even with one car. The lighting is so bad that you can´t see the track with the weather set to overcast, as the sky is white and the track is pitch dark.


  4. I don’t give a fuck about their superior physics. The fucking game is boring as bat shit. Much rather play project cars anyway.

    Oh yay it’s so much fun driving around in an old rx7 on a race track which is over 7km long. pffffff (but the physics bro, think of the physics) so what, it can have the physics of an angel, but if the game is no fun then what’s the point.


    1. Driving that RX-7 is fun, but you are right. AC does not do a good job at being your main sim. I boot it up about once every two weeks, hoon around a car that I feel like driving and then go back to league racing in other sims.


    2. If it really had any good physics and FFB, that would make it enough of a game for me. Yet they opted for an obscure understeer fest. And that’s why it feels boring as bat shit.


  5. Project Cars was a disaster on day 1 on the XBox but to be fair they did work on it and it became a pretty good game after 6 months,I bought the DLC.Kunos seem to have had terrible sales for a half assed effort.and probably have no money to support the console development.


  6. Unlike the dirty console peasants, members of the glorious PC gaming master race have the freedom to upgrade their hardware, modify their game files, and play games at a level of quality unobtainable on consoles. Why do console peasants even exist? Do they not know about Steam?


  7. Kunos should never have touched consoles. This was a bad move which causes delays on pc dev. Allthough, I wonder if they would get licenses so easy if they were not represented on consoles.


  8. Dirt 3 complete edition best sim, most played sim, good job codemasters. 38k online. iracing what, pcars what, forza what, assetto what. Dirt 3.

    No, it isn’t because there was a dirt 3 complete edition giveaway :p

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  9. Black Friday is a dumb tradition for dumb americans. We don’t have stupid things like that here in Italy, therefore we don’t care about it.


  10. So the console-version of AC is still not as good as the PC-edition. I´m fucking HAPPY about it and many people thought, the PC-version will be no more supported as well as before. This prophecy was wrong.


  11. @ Queequeg: making a successor game at this point would be the same bullshit Project Cars is doing, i´ll say stick to the engine improve the flaws, give us weather simulation. Another game version would be an effective way to make more money, but i´ll say for games like these the platform should be used at least 5 years (from the point its released). Still hoping they get out KartKraft from closed beta stage, there is really not much else i am looking up at the moment


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