How Long Until This Account is Banned?

Away from the carefully crafted live broadcasts featuring only the best sim racers competing in the $10,000 iRacing Peak Anti-Freeze Series virtual stock car championship, one YouTube account has been meticulously documenting the other, lesser-known side of the iRacing service; one which gives the public lobby crashfests of Forza Motorsport 6 a run for their money. Operating under the name of Leila R. Wilson is a YouTube channel featuring an abundance of embarrassing ranked and unranked iRacing events, where what appears to be a group of close Discord friends take advantage of the simulator’s spectating feature to drop in on random races that have the potential to descend into absolute chaos.

What follows is a truly pathetic display of hardcore sim racers paying top dollar to compete in online races that are supposedly leaps and bounds cleaner than the console offerings they claim to be above, yet in reality the races manifest themselves into something akin to Burnout: Revenge. It’s definitely strange to see such a serious piece of software presented in a manner that makes it look no better or worse than a generic racer on Xbox Live, but it also serves to shatter the perceived notion that merely signing up for iRacing means you’re somehow establishing yourself as an elite sim racer.

There are a lot of videos to dig through, and most of them do a good job of highlighting a side of iRacing both the staff and developers would like to keep on the down-low. Sure, iRacing is designed to offer an allegedly clean and respectful online racing environment, but Wilson’s videos simply do not portray that. Instead, the stereotypical iRacing rednecks that are casually mentioned in forum conversations almost as an inside joke are now front and center – giving those on the outside a decidedly different sample of a simulator the user base work ever so diligently to protect the reputation of. While the iRacing subreddit cucks like to pretend there is no place for foul language or aggressive driving on the service – which has now increased in price to $110 for a base one-year subscription – Wilson’s videos clearly display the exact opposite. It’s kind of a mess.

Now given how sensitive iRacing can be over any type of social media posts that make their game out to be anything less than perfect, my question surrounding all of this is how long Leila’s account will last on the service before being permanently disabled? Last summer, a 2,500 word essay detailing the poor physics and overall lackluster experience that is the Rookie oval series on iRacing warranted a lifetime ban from the service for both myself and Sev – a ban which has still been upheld to this day. The articles we published last year merely described an experience exactly like you see in the above videos, so is it a stretch to imagine Wilson will also be met with a swift swing of the ban hammer?

Absolutely not. It is simply the price you pay for daring to show what iRacing is like away from the waves of fanboys heavily affected by post-purchase rationalization.


55 thoughts on “How Long Until This Account is Banned?

  1. Comedy gold. I love how that Virgil guy can be such a troll and still say pretty accurate shit the other guy just refuses to understand.

    Damn, this game, when it fires on all cilinders can be really something else, but then again, when stuff like rF2, AMS, R3E, AC and the likes fire on all cilinders, they completely blow iRacing out of the water


  2. Get this through your thick fucking skull ,Cocsucker Austin: WE DON’T GIVE 2 SHITS FOR ICERACING AND YOUR HOMO OBSESSION WITH NASCAR.


  3. You should see the shit storm on the forums because they have only offered 25% off existing membership resubs for black Friday.
    The usual fanboys are throwing everything at people who say they won’t resub because of the 68% price hike.
    I no longer see iracing as an investment,and who ever does is just a dumb Fuck,they haven’t cover costs in ten years,10 fucking years,and yet they still can’t see their business plan is stupid.


    1. Yeah, $6.75 per month with 25% discount, who has that kind of money just laying around? 110$ yearly for premium service like iRacing is an absolute bargain.


    2. All praise the capitalists, America the great. Fanboys = communists. Iracing best bargain. You’d be a fool not to spend your money on Iracing. It’s veterans day, mattress sale!


  4. I think it took me about 4 races to move out of rookie class. Since then the majority of my races have been clean.

    A compilation video of rookies crashing is not a true representation of the service.

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      1. blas·phe·my .. i still c some obsolete gt cars in the vid..why dont u iRenters komplen for an update ver of the cars..U paid for the service!


      2. And your point is…? I said the majority of my races have been clean. You post a video of a corner notorious for wrecks in sim racing and real life.

        In my experience the standard of racing is much higher in iRacing than any of the other sims. You can see plenty of YouTube videos of people having clean races.

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  5. Dared to expose the dark side of IRenting: Banned

    Wrecking to win: Don’t take an action, letting him race forever, as long as he has money.

    I give my hope up to what formerly called Papyrus. Don’t take action to the one who wreck the shit outta everyone, banning those who criticize and showing negative response, and boom!:

    Everyone is a redneck. After all, it will never change.

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  6. Ungrateful people fail to realize that $110 yearly for a premium service like iRacing is an absolute bargain. iRacing is the most authentic online racing experience. They always utilize the latest technologies to recreate ever expanding lineup of famed race cars and tracks. Their robust lineup of cars and tracks are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing – giving sim racers unmatched immersion.


      1. I’d almost agree with it not being a terrible subscription deal, but it’s $110, plus the $5-600 in bullshit cars and tracks you have to buy, otherwise I’d probably buy into it.


  7. As an iRacer who probably will extend my membership eventhough they have raised the price I will say that I didnt know that the behaviour on the oval side was/is so bad.
    But at least I can say that the quality and behaviour on the road side is slightly better.
    Not so much revenge.
    And at least in B and A level races you will often see that people at least is trying to behave as adults. Hehe trying to:-)

    As a sidenote I agree it sucks to have to pay so much for iRacings 24/7 servise when the fundamental tiremodel is so bad as it is.
    Gimme the rF2 TM any time – but I also want an iRacing comparabel 24/7 service – so…


    1. Every year. For the rest of your life. Maybe if you give iracing $550 you’re subscribed for the next 5 years. Unless they raise it again and in year 2 you receive warning that your payment wasn’t sufficient.


    2. Would be a good price, if the cars and tracks are as affordable as in AC or Raceroom for example, but it´s about 5 times more. People arguing that they only have 50k subscribers and the costs for tracks and cars are the same, but they should better ask why they have only 50k subscribers. For this price it´s just a Sim for pure fanboys doing 80+% iRacing instead of a Sim for people who wants occasionally launch the game.


      1. “For this price it´s just a Sim for pure fanboys doing 80+% iRacing instead of a Sim for people who wants occasionally launch the game”.

        Good example of binary thinking 🙂 🙂
        Either you are a fanboy or an occasional gamer.
        Entertaining perspective but difficult to take serious.

        I guess that most serious racing sim users is something in between.


        1. You need at least 200 $ for running a full season with one car, but under 500 bucks it´s not a full game plus the 75 $ a year at least now with Black Friday reduction. And yes, being a fanboy or occasional gamer is probably 95% of all users. People tend to stick to one sim and play the others far less and iRacing and needs a lot of practice for being competitive. People like AC or iRacing, but rarely they like both the same way or play it as much as the other one. iRacers mostly play iRacing and stick to it like with Super-glue. 9,17 $ a month is to much if you just launch it two times in a month or less. And paying one or two years in advance is different than paying 9 bucks a month. Who would still buy iphones if people hat do pay the full price at once? Paying evers month doesn´t seem to hurt so much.


          1. “You need at least 200 $ for running a full season with one car, but under 500 bucks it´s not a full game plus the 75 $ a year at least now with Black Friday reduction.”

            “9,17 $ a month is to much if you just launch it two times in a month or less.”

            This is again an example that such kind of binary thinking leads to stubborn either/or conclusions.
            Entertaining yes but also hilarious.
            If an iRacing member is just a casual gamer he will ofcourse have no problems owning/renting only some of the tracks that is included in his prefered car series – because he only wants to join 1-2 times a month as you say. 🙂

            And your short circuit “argumentation” saying that “You need at least 200 $ for running a full season with one car” is even more hilarious.
            If we take my own example then in my 4+ years membership I have only “rented” about 5-7 tracks that wasnt included in iRacings starting pack.
            No problemo because that means that in the series I drive I have 9 of the 11 tracks that is used.
            These 2 weeks I just use to practice the next track in the schedule.
            And Im not even one of your casual gamers. I use some time almost every day on iRacing.

            ByTheWay: Though its obvious I havent even “rented” ½ of iRacings cars and tracks then this year my only payment in excess of the anual fee has been 1 car($11.95) – so compared to your clever calculating of mandatory payments there must be something wrong.
            Either with your calculator – or somewhere else 🙂


            1. What a bullshit. People want to drive at least all popular tracks and this is already a little fortune to buy. I bought into half of the Skippy-Season for 120$ with a reduction not including the car. For the hole season with car it´s 200 bucks for sure. And who just want´s to race one car in a Sim?

              Anyway, competition is coming soon: “Major Multiplayer Updates coming. Scheduled Racing. Online Championships. Player Ranking. Safety Rating. Licenses. Official Series.”
              From the Raceroom-Dev-Stream and you can buy the hole content soon for 65 $ or € if you are smart enough to buy a vRP-pack in the main store.


  8. Leilas Channel has been around for years. You cant get banned for recording races and putting them on youtube.
    Guess what happens when a bunch of bad rookies who cant drive get on track together, lots of crashing happens. This is bottom split rookies. The worst of the worst and overall a pretty small % of the service.
    Keep trying with your funny lies that this is representational of the whole service.

    I guess it had been too long until you wrote some useless article about iRacing so you had to vomit this out.



      1. You act like accidents dont happen in the real world with the top drivers. 1 freeze frame doesnt represent the other 166 laps of the race.

        Keep trying.


          1. You can look up ” Crash Compilation” and find thousands of videos.

            Your really bad at making points. You act like iRacing is the only place on earth where accidents happen.

            Put a little more effort in for your next comment.


    1. Yeah. This one was a head scratcher. But I imagine daily fresh content is tough in sim land.
      I bet if the simbin story had dropped first. This article never gets published.
      Still 46 comments here, so couldn’t have been a complete miss.
      Still not even sure what I watched or why.
      Or how someone would get banned for YouTube stuff. Not like he plastered this in an iracings thread accompanied with a 1000 word rant and complaint.




  10. As someone who joined the service earlier the year, this is a pretty accurate picture as to the cleanliness of the I racing user base. Running the f renault last season, every race I ran had a pile up of some form on lap 1, regardless of the split I was in. I guess the clean argument can only be applied to the top splits?

    Granted, it’s cleaner than your average AC pub lobby, but does that justify the sub and content prices? For a lot of people yes, but only because there isn’t much of an alternative outside of league racing.

    I dont know how you fix this and making it cheaper ain’t gonna help. Fuck up in an fps and you respawn, but slight mistakes in simracing can end your and other peopes races instantly.

    Simracing is hard.


  11. I don’t know — I’ve never been contacted by iRacing or anything like that, so I guess I’ll just keep making videos unless they ask me to quit doing it. It’s fun for me.
    That said, I’ve gotten some pretty mean comments from angry people on my channel before (never from iRacing staff though.) It’ll probably happen someday, and I’ll have to quit, but to be honest I don’t really dislike the sim or anything. I like all racing sims. I like cars. I like racing.

    I pretty much just make the videos for fun because it gives me something to do (helps take my mind off of taking care of my family, work, etc.) I suck hardcore at driving in any sim. I’m a mid-packer at best, so… I had to do -something- productive. I’m able to do a lot more when I’m not working (I work on contract, so some months I’m too busy to get drunk on discord and watch rookies smash into various objects with their feet plastered to the floor.)

    I like to show that everything isn’t all serious gloom-and-doom on iRacing, and that one doesn’t have to treat it like real life. I honestly love the sim despite its flaws, and spend almost every day on it, but I kind of got sick of how serious everyone was on there. It seemed like nobody on the service knew how to laugh. There’s a general attitude on there — and I sure anyone who’s played it has seen this attitude — of hostility towards drivers who step slightly out of line. This whole series started back when I made a stupid mistake and got yelled at for it while trying to apologize. I then realized how common this was, and one thing lead to another, and now I have a retarded youtube channel. :V

    So, I guess that’s where me and my discord friends come in… We just want to laugh and have a good time, and the rookies pretty much provide endless entertainment. Most my CIRTW videos aren’t as funny/fun, but the rookie stuff, I just freaking love. I can’t explain why I keep doing it, and I have no idea how long I’m going to keep doing it, but … heck, if the channel’s fun, I’ll keep it up. 😀
    ‘least ’til I’m told to stop, I guess? I don’t know. Hope you liked the videos! Sorry my editing is shit.



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