Reader Submission #123 – Poor Post-Release Support for WRC 6

wrc-6-screenshotIt’s a rally themed weekend here at, and while our post on Saturday celebrated the overwhelming spontaneous spike in DiRT 3’s Steam activity thanks to a fantastic deal over at Humble Bundle, we’re shifting gears for Sunday morning to talk about a rally title on the other end of the quality spectrum – Kylotonn’s WRC 6. Though the boys at Team VVV have praised WRC 6 as the best officially licensed piece of rally racing software in a long time, in reality those who have actually purchased the title and not been invited on a tour of the studio are more vocal than ever before about the title’s shortcomings. Today’s Reader Submission comes from Oliver T., who is frustrated with the way Kylotonn have handled the launch of WRC 6 – basically ignoring the legitimate complaints customers have made about the game.

wrc-6-screen-ps4-5-1024x576Hey PRC. I just want to point out the fact that WRC 6 still has no proper wheel support, and there has been complete radio silence from Kylotonn since the 18th of October – shortly after the game came out. I have a Logitech G27 with a TH8A shifter, yet because I don’t use the stock G27 side piece, I can’t use my wheel with WRC 6. It’s supposedly required to make the game register my G27 as a supported wheel. Take a look at the Steam forums, there are many people complaining about the various controller issues – eighteen pages worth!

One of the more comical problems people have found are scoring loop issues in the Super Special stages; you know, the ones where it’s a head-to-head crossover duel like the Race of Champions events? Even if you intentionally lose to the AI driver you’re pitted against, you can actually still win in the overall times at the end of the event, and I’ve created a video to demonstrate this.

There’s also a bug where French voice clips are inserted into the English co-driver pack, so as you’re driving your co-driver will randomly spout French phrases.

drunk-copilotWRC 6 isn’t that bad of a game, in fact I’d say it’s actually improved a lot compared to the trash we received last year, it’s just that some of the issues above – including lack of support for all but the most basic of steering wheel setups – serve to really ruin the experience.

9694_wrc6-yaris-2016_001_896x504Not surprised by any of this, to be honest. I remember back when I bought WRC 5, I noticed that the AI seemed to be heavily scripted, and regardless of how fast I thought I was going, I always ended up being a few tenths ahead of the field provided I ran a clean stage. I believe Kylotonn have structured the AI in a way where your finishing position is directly related to how many off-track excursions or incidents you have over the course of a single stage, and nothing else. For example, if you bounce off five barriers, the game detects you’re having a shitty run, and predetermines your finishing position to be third before you’ve actually crossed the finish line. Shady? Yes, but when you’re a company operating on a shoestring budget like Kylotonn, you don’t have the option of coding proper AI behavior.

I’d honestly like to see someone test this by sitting stationary at the starting gate for a good five minutes before going on an absolute tear, and seeing how the game scores their finishing position. If it still awards you with the win, it’s clear that WRC 6 doesn’t feature any actual artificial intelligence to speak of; just random times generated by the player’s performance.

As for the other issues, welcome to shovelware. That’s really what we’re dealing with here, and I’m still genuinely curious as to how these guys landed the World Rally Championship license in the first place.


9 thoughts on “Reader Submission #123 – Poor Post-Release Support for WRC 6

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