SimRaceway Returns!

hondahsv_frontthreequarter_logoOnly a few short months ago, the guys over at VirtualR reported the highly controversial online free to play racing game SimRaceway had gone belly up, with the official webpage displaying a practically blank slate, along with the social media accounts tied to the brand coming to a virtual halt. After a tumultuous time in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, many hardcore sim racers who were privy to the inner workings of this random company showing up out of the blue and rubbing a whole lot of people the wrong way were glad to see it go, though it appears their decline has been short-lived. SimRaceway is back, but we’re not quite sure how this all came to be.

SimRaceway was simply not making money during it’s initial period of existence. Nobody cared about it compared to the other offerings on the market, and most avid sim racers merely ripped the various pieces of content that did seem to be worth a damn for use other isiMotor-based simulators. There were rumors of Ignite Game Technologies, the team behind SimRaceway, paying random rFactor modders for car models they themselves didn’t actually own, as those with a keen eye discovered rogue car models from Shift 2 Unleashed were appearing on the SimRaceway marketplace as finished cars for customers to purchase.

Is it possible the game has been resurrected thanks to an anonymous donor? Possibly. I highly doubt SimRaceway was randomly shut down for a few months to let funds from their racing school counterpart formerly operating under the Jim Russell name accumulate, because that’s just nonsensical. There is most certainly a story to be told regarding what caused this sudden shift in operational status from totally inactive to back on the market, yet due largely in part to how tight-lipped Ignite staff members are when it comes to SimRaceway – they’re certainly not transparent like the developers we’re accustomed to discussing here at on a regular basis – we most likely won’t get to hear about it any time soon.


16 thoughts on “SimRaceway Returns!

  1. It has the online system and ridiculous pricing of Iracing, the shady “free to play” business model of R3E and rF1 physics. How come this was not a hit?


  2. There’s a long running thread where you can see a bit of what’s going on (or not) behind the scenes. It might even just be one person alone running it now:

    There’s issues with SSL certification and downloader at the moment, it seems. It’s not really “back” but you can still race about (many/most of the cars are unlocked including McLaren F1 cars the last time I checked).


  3. SRW is a R3E that didn’t believe hard enough. Similar business model (microtransactions+f2p grind), but little more than rF1 on steroids.


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