The Money Mart Express *UPDATE*


Story Update: A full-length video detailing JJacoby88’s sim racing history has been inserted at the bottom of the article.

An impressive piece of engineering, or the definitive example displaying sim racers have lost touch with reality? That’s the question we’ve been left contemplating here at, as sim racing Twitch personality JJacoby88 has crammed a life-size stock car chassis into his room; a sim rig unlike any other. Sporting a certified containment seat from Hendrick Motorsports, and a legitimate chassis built by late model team Kirk May Racing, what you’re looking at above is a comprehensive hardcore sim racing setup that simply won’t be eclipsed by anyone else for quite some time – if ever. Though the outlandish configuration is far beyond what any sane person would require to enjoy a modern racing simulator from the comfort of their own home, credit must be given where credit is due; the rig is a sheer work of art; and every square inch of the faux cockpit has been hand-crafted to perfectly replicate what you might see within the roll cage of a 2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series participant.

This is not just a SEGA arcade cabinet from the 1990’s, but a professionally sculpted race car interior created by those who work within the auto racing industry on a full-time basis. Every last insignificant detail – from the overall sheet metal fabrication, to the aftermarket control surfaces – have been fine-tuned to enhance the illusion of sitting in a real life professional race car cockpit and cooperate with the Microsoft Windows operating system, a truly magnificent display of craftsmanship. 

Sadly, the one-off project which could have been celebrated by the community as a milestone in sim racing immersion, is instead tainted by the story behind it.

Sporting a custom Domino’s Pizza fire suit, the full array of appropriate safety gear, multiple on-board cameras, an Oculus Rift, and a slew of Domino’s Pizza advertisements plastered over the broadcast, JJacoby88 takes the role-playing element of his Twitch streams to the absolute limit, regularly pausing his on-track monologue to discuss Domino’s Pizza menu items and other random facts about the popular Pizza chain during live Twitch broadcasts. Now while it’s not exactly uncommon by any means for Twitch personalities to receive some form of sponsorship, upon a brief investigation into the matter, JJacoby88 is merely employed by Domino’s as a delivery driver. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my first full-time job as well, but ordering a $400 custom fire suit to wear while playing iRacing and telling others in the room about the flat screen televisions on sale at our store that week is a thought that never once entered my mind.

twitch-shotAt this point, you’re most likely wondering how in the hell a random young adult from Georgia was able to afford such an elaborate sim racing setup, and the answer is quite simple: He couldn’t. A few weeks back I actually had the pleasure of jumping into one of JJacoby88’s Twitch broadcasts, and I was able to ask Jason himself how he managed to secure funding for what was obviously a colossal undertaking on many levels. To every viewer’s surprise, we learned no less than three credit cards and an undisclosed number of cash advances were used in the making of his custom, one of a kind, sim racing cockpit.

Yes, you read that right. Someone on this planet put themselves in an advanced state of financial ruin, just to play iRacing.

Combined with the act of pretending to be some sort of real life race car driver that he can’t seem to drop, what we’re looking at here is honestly quite frightening. We often joke around here at about iRacing users who take the online racing simulator a bit too seriously at times, but rarely do we expect our attempts to provoke the iRacing members among us to actually manifest into something so profoundly asinine. We thought we couldn’t descend any lower than iRacing Peak Anti-Freeze Series drivers passing out hero cards of their virtual race cars in an attempt to land an ARCA Re/Max Series ride, but we’ve clearly been shown someone can always come along and set the bar infinitely higher than we ever thought was previously possible.

As a human though, what bothers me about this story is just how many fellow sim racers had the very real chance to stop JJacoby88 from impending financial ruin, yet instead chose to enable and encourage him to pursue this venture, even supporting the cringe-worthy NASCAR driver act. Payday loans and Credit Cards are not to be fucked around with – we learn this in high school from mandatory life management courses – yet the reception to this project so far has been unanimous praise; not one person appears to have bothered to ask the tough questions concerning how this all came to be. How no lone adult within the sim racing community jumped on Teamspeak one night and said “bro, don’t fuck around with Master Card or Money Mart” is extremely concerning, and speaks volumes about the overall sim racing community’s collective mentality. Sure, it’s an admittedly cool setup which will win a lot of sim rig dick waving contests on various message boards until basically the end of time, but knowing what went into it certainly casts a dark shadow over the whole thing.

Many sim racing outlets will eventually catch wind of JJacoby88’s setup and proceed to publish a string of showcase pieces demonstrating the rig in action, but as a sim racer, I’d prefer they didn’t. Unfortunately, to an outsider we have already established ourselves as a group of uber-obsessed man-children living out their inner race car driver fantasies to embarrassing lengths, and it takes a great deal of work to distance ourselves from that stereotype. Running the name of a local sim racing cafe on my personal race car’s windshield throughout the 2016 racing season, it took a lot of genuine work to slowly introduce what sim racing as a hobby is to our local auto racing scene, and I found via personal experience that sim racing is still largely seen as an activity for computer nerds. For every individual like myself, Xfinity Series driver Josh Berry, Monster Jam pilot Coty Saucier, Texas late model phenom Ryan Luza, and 2016 NHRA Funny Car champion Ron Capps, who go out and educate people on what sim racing is, a guy on Twitch nearly ruining his financial future to play iRacing in a cockpit beyond what’s necessary to use the software in its intended format serves to undo all the positive impressions we’ve made as a collective unit.

Like it or not, we’re not at the milestone Flight Simulator aficionados have achieved, where basically every real airline pilot – including the man behind the missing Malaysian Airlines 370 – goes hard on Prepar3D, Flight Simulator X, or X-Plane in their spare time.We’re still in a transitional period where away from the iRacing forums, hardcore sim racers role-playing the act of a real race car driver are mocked by their real-world counterparts as mere computer nerds lost in their own delusions. Having stuff like this come out – a hardcore iRacer who I can personally attest to being a competent driver financing a rig with a trio of maxed credit cards and an undisclosed number of payday loans – merely confirms that the mockery of our hobby from outsiders is one hundred percent justified.

And that’s not cool.

Update #1: A full-length video discussing the backstory of the build has been uploaded, discussing JJacoby88’s sim racing career, and his intentions to use his iRacing accomplishments as a way to enter the real world of motorsports.


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  2. 1. Build a hyper realistic NASCAR cockpit
    2. Use an Oculus Rift so you never see it while playing the game

    This leaves us with the prospect of a) he’s retarded, or b) he built all of this just for twitch, which leads back to a)

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    1. I doubt he built it after buying the VR headset.

      Anyway, VR is no substitute for the physical presence of the cockpit… he can reach out and feel the same things he’s seeing ingame (assuming he drives the same class)

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    2. No no, it’s even better than that. Not only can he not see the interior…He can’t even move his head around freely because of that idiotic goddamn seat.

      All of that silly shit is just wasting time and making sim racing more difficult/uncomfortable than it needs to be.


  3. People like this almost make me ashamed to be involved with this hobby. I don’t have anything against fancy gear, hell I think this rig is awesome. But it’s his general demeanor, the fucking Domino’s firesuit and pizza boxes nailed to the ceiling (???), as well as acting like they’re a sponsor when he’s just an employee. It’s cringeworthy.

    The rig is beautiful and truly awesome, but the circumstances of how it came to be are anything but. This sort of thing will only be cool if it’s owned by an actual race team for legitimate training purposes, or a neat toy in the basement of an actual race driver. When it’s some kid blowing out three credit cards for it (instead of actually going racing, too) and acts like he does, then it’s just really fuckin’ weird and embarrassing.

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    1. The framed Taylor Swift photo was pretty dope, though I prefer her Red tour outfits. A shame she’s not all there behind the scenes and will probably mirror Princess Diana’s rise & subsequent fall from grace.

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      1. Oh yes because it’s totally normal for some guy in his 20s to have a framed Taylor Swift picture on his wall. Not strange at all. I will say, it isn’t as weird as the freaking pizza boxes on the ceiling but come on. This guy clearly is not all there.


          1. I guess I’m not one to talk now that I think about it, I had a Scarlett Johansson poster for a while. But not in my parents’ house, and not with a bunch of pizza boxes all over the walls and ceiling.

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          2. I enjoy your guys’ site, but I’d pump the brakes on bragging about your Enduro wins at an obscure Canadian track. Austin is worse tho, he likes to really talk himself up, which is funny.


            1. +1 ^^^^^^^^^^
              Truth. Different levels of nerd culture, but this guy is likely harmless And a little off.
              Guarantee he doesn’t take himself as seriously as James. I’m guessing this is the story you mentioned was too sad to publish a while back?
              It’s not the story that’s sad. It’sthe serious tone of your article about it that’s sad.
              Nothing to see here except one nerd claiming another is too nerdy. This guy’s probably more grounded in reality than you James. He is living his fantasy’s on twitch. Not some obscure Canadian race series that he borrowed a winning car for, then pretending he’s a racing chamlion with trophies to brag about.
              No one is ever graduating from sim to real racing unless it’s a Gran Turismo winner who gets a ride with Nissan.
              Get over yourself. You tKd this hobby say too seriously.


              1. A couple of guys actually did. There was someone named Greg Huttu, or something like that, that “graduated” from iRacing, got a chance with a real car and smashed himself into a wall at his first test. Needless to say his career ended right there and then.

                There is another guy from Asia that recently found enough sponsorships to fund himself a drive in the Macau GP (which is underway during this weekend) in one of the support series.

                But yes, he loves to brag about himself everytime he gets the chance to because he has to make sure that everybody knows he’s the best simracer ever.

                It’s called overcompensating for a small penis.


  4. God damn,he probably spend upwards of $10k into this thing.That’s not a good way to use money,lads,especially money you have been loaned to.


    1. Wil Tosado built the 996 GT3 rig, and apparently it’s pretty special.

      Not on this level, or cost.

      Then again, Tosado either owns or manages (probably the latter) a BMW dealership, so he doesn’t owe a kidney to various creditors.


  5. Are you sure he’s used payday loans (and by the way, credit cards and payday are not proper nouns) to finance this?

    Financing a rig like that with credit cards, especially given his income as a delivery guy, certainly seems like a bad idea, but without knowing the specifics of his financial situation, I don’t think you can assume anything.

    Payday loans, of course, are only used in absolute desperation, as the interest can easily hit 500% within like two weeks. They tend to max out at $500, though, so unless he’s taking them out in bulk (the stupidity of which would be even more mindblowing than the whole firesuit thing), I’m not sure how much they’d help.

    The Dominoes infatuation is definitely a headscratcher.


  6. What the fuck did I just watch? And honestly, as someone said above, why the fuck would you spend so much money on an insane rig, then just use VR? Makes no sense whatsoever.


  7. Just noticed the seat is carbon fiber, and since it’s an actual Cup car seat, it must have cost him a couple grand.

    Or 50k with compounded interest if he bought it with payday loans. And pays by the end of the month.

    Then again, can you really put a price on immersion?/s


  8. James this article is another demonstration of how mentally unstable you are, you really are a nasty person.
    You bag the shit out of a guy doing what he likes and then you thinly veil it pretending you care about him getting into debt.
    This guy has done something original, he’s gone all out for some fun but you have to attack him, you are so predictable James.
    This is why i never feel sorry for your site and the comments section here.
    I recon you are so destructive all the time because you have a inferiority complex and a tiny Canadian cock.


    1. Well, I think he cared for him like a little baby jesus since I would’ve just wrote “Stupid redneck delivery driver max out three credit cards buying a redneck coffin to play Rental Simulator ROFL #MURICA”

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  9. Unfortunately most, and I mean most, of the USA educational systems nationwide do not feature anything remotely resembling “mandatory life management courses”.

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    1. American commentary aside. I think hes pretty obviously born into a little comfort as far as the financials go. Immediately mentioning the parents. Always thin ice when discussing how someone should spend their own green. So whatevers. But then on a technical note; Don’t you kinda not see all that physical “immersion” with a VR headset strapped over your eyes? I mean a 65″ monitor to replace the windshield would be another step up in crazy, but wouldn’t that be the point of making a physical theater set piece around you? To you know, see it. I dunno!


    2. This is true. The public schooling system in the US does not have/require life management courses. They do it to keep us as idiot consumers and life debtors. Ask any recent high school graduate how to balance a checkbook and they will be like, watt?


      1. It was the same for me in Canada, but I’m older than Austin. The number of times I was embarrassed because I didn’t understand super basic finance stuff…


        1. Found the exact curriculum:

          Lots of kids ditched the workbook on their friends and paid ’em to copy answers, but people who did it the legitimate way like myself actually learned a thing or two. And when it comes to loans/interest rates, that’s covered in Math class. If not part of the curriculum, teachers certainly used basic examples to show how out of hand credit card debt and payday loans can get.


          1. CALM. Cute.

            I guess a more conservative province is more likely to care about competence instead of esoteric bullshit.

            It’s super sad to be 20 years old and have no clue about economy, credit, rates, interest, etc. Ideally, everyone would have parents, but is it so hard to teach the basics of modern life to every child? Hopefully things have progressed a bit since the 90s.


              1. So his parents are keeping in check overall so he doesn’t ruin his life, and this must be something to keep him occupied safely. Maybe they know they can bail him out if he can’t pay? If they get tired of taking care of him, he’s going to have a hard time out there. :/


  10. IM back once a mother Fin again…. For the love of Dog, someone show this kid what money can actual get you. Buy a motion station and use that, buy a race car and race. By hookers and cocaine. But wasting money on this setup was dumb….. This is like putting 15k spinners on a rusted out ford ranger….

    Your playing iRacing, a game that was a “sim” but now arcade game. Maybe if having a realistic setup actual improved your times it would be worth it…. why go and build all this stuff and then put on a headset and not be able to see any of it????? Did you really buy a race used seat????? I really hope some 2nd rate driver used that and pissed in it…. Be the last time it will ever smell good… after all the years of being stuck in some kids bedroom its going to smell like a lot of other things and used for non racing things “yes you know what i mean”

    Help me understand where his family went wrong with his up bringing????

    Does he know what interest on credit cards does???


        1. Hookers are for losers who cant get a girl on merit and have to pay for it instead lol.. If it makes you feel your life is awesome, good for you lol!


    1. Could you really call those lies?

      The CFL thing was EA sports saying they could make a CFL game, before retracting that statement later the same week (and the site that reported the news doing a piss-poor correction) with EA then adding CFL content to the Madden mobile game.

      Also, odds are your school didn’t teach money managment, sucks to be you in that scenario, but most countries that aren’t America teach it in school.

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  11. If you are going to spend this much money isn’t better to buy a motion seat? I also think these motion seats are waste of money but way less stupid than what this guy did


  12. Dude I’m sorry, that rig is awesome and you can easily tell there was a lot of work put into it, but… it’s pretty bad to buy that kind of stuff when you can’t afford it. I know I’ve made my share of bad financial decisions, but they were never related to video games and I’m pretty sure they weren’t this bad.

    How the hell did we get from some innocent fun with friends to fucking up our lives in the name of passion for videogames? And this is coming from a guy who can’t let the wheel go once he starts because “one more try, I know I can find another 0.2 seconds and suck less at this… oh look it’s 3 AM!”

    Get your shit together people! 🙂


  13. Full disclosure here. I’m actually a board-certified psychiatrist and I’ve listened to the guy a fair bit now. What I’m about to say is unethical in that I’ve never met or examined this individual. Then again, this is PRC and I doubt anyone is coming here for my professional advice or opinions.

    I think he probably has Asperger’s or some variant thereof (it’s a spectrum disorder and Hell, I’ve probably got a bit myself). This project seems to make him really happy. And he lives with his parents, so probably they’ll handle the credit card bills if he can’t. Likely a fairly affluent family, trying to ensure their kid with a couple of issues is enjoying life. (Good) parents often have a lot of guilt about the condition.

    Also, this is probably the last time in a person’s life where they can do this sort of thing. Bottom Line: I don’t think the overall situation is quite as pathological as it seems, especially if you look at it through the lens of all the other, less desirable outcomes.

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    1. I’m certainly no psychiatrist, but your assessment makes an awful lot of sense.

      On one hand, if the kid is happy…I guess knock yourself out.

      On the other hand, I do hope that he has people in his life who realize that this sort of lifestyle is:

      (1) Not financially sustainable (for most, at least) and
      (2) Not the path to true happiness and fulfillment in life.


    2. Sorry mate, a psychiatrist does not begin sentences with And. I understand the education/intelligence level on this blog may not be that high, but an actual professional will spot your lies.

      At best I would imagine you are some sort of a first or second year bachelor of arts in psychology student. Trying to impress the inbreds here with words such as Aspergers or Pathological (I’m cringing).

      Have you even read the DSM V?


      1. Go look up 301.0 in your precious DSM-V (or DSM-IV-TR, the one people still actually still *use*). It describes your “logic” nicely.

        No one “reads DSM V”, any more than we ever “read DSM-IV-TR”. They just started testing for DSM-V on the board exam in any case. If you had the slightest idea what you were talking about, you’d know that DSM is basically an insurance coding document that’s primarily used for 1) Billing and 2) Communicating diagnoses in shorthand to other specialties. No one fucking “reads it”. We study the diagnoses contained therein while in Residency. And yes they test it on the Boards. But “read it”? No.

        So thanks for playing. Why would I make this up? Believe me – you will never know my real name, license number or ABPN board certification number. What’s the point? Even if I got a million Likes, it wouldn’t matter to me personally.

        Also, it’s “Asperger Syndrome”. That’s what’s known in medicine as an “eponymous disease”, as in it’s named after someone.

        You know, what’s really interesting is that you didn’t take me to task for my diagnosis, but rather based your entire argument on my grammatical use of the word “And”. That’s deriving a lot of conclusion from a smidgen of data. Again, check out 301.0. Might sound kinda familiar to ya.

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      1. I get embarrassed with what you do here.

        But if is embarrassing we’re playing as adults with toy wheels, why does this blog say you don’t need to buy high grade sim racing equipment. Then means we can and cannot use toy wheels? Which means we should all play sim racing with keyboard to avoid being mocked on for using toy wheels. -.- And at the same time this blog and some users mock people for playing sim racing and at the same time say sim racing has low amount of users. Oh wait, we should be playing sim racing according to this blog’s standards and to the sims they approve, otherwise we all get mocked.


    1. Maybe because it gives good grip and you don’t drive for more than 10min competitively to know if is needed or not. And then if you drive low powered wheels you may not need, but for high torque wheels? And I bet your hands aren’t always holding the steering wheel and you move/slide them across the rim.
      Nothing you’ve said so far proves that racing gloves aren’t needed or good to have in sim racing. Maybe next you will tell us you don’t need a table for the wheel, you can just put it in your lap, after all its just a toy…


      1. @Anonymous
        If you are not strong enough to hold a toy wheel and need gloves to handle it (most of them are even made of leather), you should better put on cleaning gloves to clean up the kitchen.

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        1. What is a toy wheel in sim racing and what isn’t? Answer that so we start from some ground.

          And have you tried driving competitively with racing gloves in sim racing to understand the difference? If you haven’t, how come you’re throwing it off so quickly. I guess you consider highly your assumption that racing gloves don’t make a difference for the better in sim racing, but you haven’t tried…


      2. Racing gloves are for when shit’s on fire yo not grip strength, what the fuck is wrong with you? Gloves are only sort of relevant if you want to protect the material of the rim or your wheel is made out of wood or something, and you don’t need cocksucking nomex Alpinestars for that.


  14. “merely confirms that the mockery of our hobby from outsiders is one hundred percent justified.”

    Show me one example from outsiders mocking our hobby? All I see is this blog mocking our hobby.


    1. ^^^^^^^^^^^ +1. Much truth
      But more Bout James mocking this one kid he knows likely has a mental condition.
      Putting himself in the cross hairs. This kid has a condition James. WhaTs your excuse for taking your hobby too seriously?


  15. Who the fuck are you to start calling out other people for what they spend their money on Austin? A fat canadian with a neckbeard who posts under different names on his blog to make it seem like he has real friends?


    1. Problem is exactly that. Turns out its not HIS money that he spent. He spent a truck ton of CREDIT and CASH LOAN money. That kind of behavior shouldn’t be condoned.


  16. Throwing shit at sim devs is one thing, but shitting on some poor aspergic kid publicly like this is shameful this post could have real world consequences to the poor guy


    1. Guy is old enough to apply for credit cards, cash advances, upload a room tour vid for his 930+ Facebook friends, and broadcast his races on a public Twitch stream. He willingly put all of this information out in the open, and I’m by no means obligated to say nice things about someone trying to establish themselves as a public figure.

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      1. > I’m by no means obligated to say nice things about someone trying to establish themselves as a public figure.

        No you aren’t but the fact that you saw him as a valid target for a public shaming speaks volumes about your own character.


          1. You deserve it, based on that inane comment alone. Ridicule is an important tool to shape behavior in groups. But you must be a rather delicate Millennial Snowflake that doesn’t believe in such brutish behavior.

            Back! Back! Back to your Safe Place!


            1. Nope, definitely not a delicate millennial snowflake (far from it) as you said and certainly i don’t have a safe space. and i stand by my previous comment, that no one “deserves” to be ridiculed.

              But please do go on.


    2. I guess you’re the kind of millenial that is against CCTV in the cities because of “mah privacy” but post all your naked pics and when-you-shit-schedule on social media? If the kid doesn’t like criticism then stay away from the world wide web.

      Also, just because one guy in the comments thinks this kid has asbergers he 100% now has it or what? Then I would like to add to this Dr Phil session that all you simracers getting your panties in a bunch because of this blog are some real delicate flowers in need of some personal development. If you want to circlejerk over iRent and AC then r/simracing is just a click away. Or you can max out your credit cards and be a real hero.

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      1. I sure hope my comment on PRC isn’t a “diagnosis”. But, FWIW, it fits. I guess you’d have to talk to dozens of people with the condition to get a feel for it. Hopefully I’m wrong.


  17. if you got such an accurate habitat, you dont need a rift, you´ll need 4 Monitor for all the windows so you can actually see the interior playing, otherwise he could have used the wheel and the seat with the oculus rift it would have been enough….crazy thingy though


    1. Correct.

      However, the seat alone is a particularly idiotic choice, as it blocks the HMD from both tracking and free movement.

      …I like being able to stick my head out out of the window or look directly behind if I want. In AC, you can simply stand up and walk around your car whenever you like.

      It just doesn’t make any goddamn sense to physically limit yourself like this in VR unless you have to.


    1. Boom Goes the dynamite. Should have left this one alone James which you on some level knew. Since you chose not to run it a little While back.
      What changed your mind? Or did you just recently become a miserable enough jerk to say Aaggghh , Fuck it , I’m gonna tear this kid up in my blog and mKe him out to be the scourge of sim racing?
      The problem with sim racing is NERDS having dick waving contests And taking themselves way too seriously.


      1. He now put himself out there as some kind of sim racing personality akin to Pablo Lopez or Ray Alfalla. Prior to that, it was just a private project.

        Sim racing personality goes out and represents the hobby in a cringe-inducing way? Congrats bud, welcome to the front page of PRC.


  18. This guy pretty clearly has a mental problem. I’m not just talking about this setup. Domino’s is utter shit and anyone that obsessed with it has issues. It’s diarrhea in a box.

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  19. So… “Real” racers don’t acknowledge the fact that top teams use COMPUTER BASED SUMULATORS to train. “Real” racers don’t acknowledge the fact either that simracing can be a cost effective mean to race almost everyday and EVEN to someday drive a real racecar being sponsored…. And there are people that feel ashamed of this hobby because on top of that some idiot spent too much on things that are not going to improve his driving skills (It actually makes me laugh that he is using VR and all these gadgets that create the “atmosphere” lose their purpose)? WHAT THE FUCK?

    What should a man be dedicating his life to? You should feel ashamed instead that you are sooo susceptible to other people’s opinions. You are the types of guys that when asked what do you enjoy doing (by women specially) you just say something else. That to me is fucking pathetic.

    If some random bitch tries to shame me because she thinks what I enjoy is nerdy I just tell her to fuck off or shame her that she will eventually have to settle down with someone who has so little spine that he puts aside his hobbies and passions to put her in a fucking pedestal and to ease things for her.


    1. Dude you sound pretty insecure yourself, with all that nonsense about “random bitches” calling you a nerd. I’m sure you haven’t been with a woman in a long time with that attitude, so settle down. And are you seriously suggesting that it’s ok for this kid to run up significant debt to build this rig? The fact is, he is not a pro racer and this isn’t a professional simulator. He’s just playing iRacing. This guy is an extreme example, but his attitude is representative of a lot of people who are into sim racing but take it far too seriously.

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      1. This is what has blown my mind since the story went live. You have a guy who basically destroyed his long-term financial stability for a sim rig, and yet there are people seriously sitting her being like “well it’s a sweet rig, who are YOU to judge?” Unless his parents were made of money and could part with anywhere from $20k to $70k, the amount of debt he racked up to play iRacing in a rig he couldn’t see (lel) could have landed him in jail. That’s jaw-dropping for a hobby where none of this is even required to begin with.

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        1. I think he probably lacks the mental faculty to understand the long-term consequences of his actions here. And if that’s the case, I really hope his family and friends at least made an attempt to put a stop to this. If not, shame on them.

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        2. In ‘murica, they can’t put you in jail for running up credit car or payday loan debt. They can take you to court, but it’s a civil matter.

          And like I said, his parents will probably pick up the tab if he can’t swing it.

          They’re probably just happy his obsession wasn’t, say, collecting assault rifles or Nazi memorabilia. Maybe the kid’s had a hard time in high school and this made him really happy. Maybe he’s been suicidal in the past. Anyway, by any rational standard you are 100% correct that this is way overboard.

          What I’m saying is that maybe the entire situation wasn’t rational to begin with.

          I can’t explain why, but my instinct as a clinician is to give this kid a pass. He needs this, and maybe it’s worth it in the grand scheme. Now, if this were a grown adult with a family and he spent his kids’ college fund on this nonsense? That would be patently egregious.

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        3. Dude. Did you not notice the thousands of dollars in memorabilia his parents obviously helped him buy from eBay? He’s from Athens Georgia, likely has a Dad as into NASCAR as he is into Dominoes. And this makes the family happy. Here his mom laughing and enjoying?
          This is some of the most disgusting trolling I have ever seen. It’s obvious the parents likely bought all this stuff before and asked him to help pay for the enormous cost of his rig with credit cards possibly. You know rich people or even mildly affluent ones with A+ credit get zero percent interest and can transfer those balances as many times as they like right?
          Or are you too busy making fun of the kid to consider the role his parents are obviously playing in his life.
          Kids loving his life because he gets to drive a car for a job.
          And he’s indinitely more happy than miserable chump that you are.
          Go head , bang on him though.
          Shows what a miserable pile of human waste writes this kind of crap and joins his other loser friends on the internet to talk about it. Because. Yay, we’ve got someone to make fun of.
          Get back to your sandbox man child.


          1. You realize we have him on video admitting his parents don’t want him talking about how he bought this rig before mentioning several credit cards and cash advances were involved – a situation that would effectively cripple the financial stability of anyone working at Domino’s Pizza as a delivery driver?

            Because that’s not something to be envious of.


            1. Dude your speculating dumbass. As well as bullying a poor kid.
              You’ve inspired the other troll and meme frog boy to troll his YouTube. Grow up man childs.
              As if trapping g him on videos and mocking him isn’t childish behavior.
              You know people give away free stuff or possibly discounted to kids with autism or whatever. Maybe his dad’s an I sider who gets free or cheap stuff. You have no idea what the actual situation is.
              He’s just someone to pick on
              What part of you is proud of outing this kid? Like some kind of win?
              The autistic man child part.


              1. I’m not speculating anything.

                According to his Facebook profile, the guy you are referring to as a “kid” that PRC is supposedly “bullying” is actually a fully grown 26 year old man – two years older than myself. He semi-confirms this in his newest video. Blessed with a baby face and maintaining his appearance by abstaining from drugs & alcohol? Judging by his demeanor, most likely.

                I merely asked him a question in his Twitch stream about how he paid for the rig. It was his choice to make that information public in the first place, and proceed to archive it on YouTube buried within a much longer video. Y’all want solid investigative journalism? There you go; finding an obscure 20 second soundbite integral to the story deep inside two hours of mundane footage.

                The sim racing community is full of interesting characters who can occasionally portray our hobby in an incredibly negative light by presenting what can otherwise be an enjoyable sub-genre of video games as a bizarre world populated by delusional auto racing fanatics. In the past, we have penned articles on viral marketers, convicted rapists, and even guys who admitted to pushing aside university courses in favor of collecting rFactor mods nobody asked for nor wanted in the first place. This acts as a form of social moderation no different than a school teacher lecturing you about how your behavior represents the school and to not do anything stupid before you depart on an important field trip.

                As a sim racer I’m embarrassed that someone not familiar with our hobby may possibly stumble upon one of these videos and – without being able to understand how incredibly preposterous this entire thing is – believe a guy in his mid-20’s destroying himself financially for a fake race car cockpit in his bedroom to be representative of the overall scene.


                1. The more you fucktards attempt to justify this posting, the more I want to see you burn. What business is it of yours how someone else spends their money? Do you think you’re fucking running a legitimate information source? You run a fucking sim racing blog. I like it when you open people’s eyes to developer’s bullshit, but this is the sort of shit only the lowest, most desperate pieces of shit with no human decency write.

                  You were correct to originally NOT run this piece, changing your mind was a bad choice. You fucked up. Put on your big boy pants and admit it, or else any semblance of respect for this joke of a site will be lost. You fucking give Canadians a bad name.


      2. Oh, I AM with a woman thanks for the interest. She is NOT a bitch and she KNOWS she comes after my hobbies and priorities. You know why? Because we only use each other to fuck.

        I called the guy an idiot for doing what he did (putting at risk his financial stability by spending on something he IS NOT EVEN USING FOR THE INTENDED PURPOSE because he is using VR). Guess you missed that part.

        I am not debating that iRacing (or any other commercial sim for that matter) is a professional simulator. I said COMPUTER BASED SIMULATORS. And you have to accept that there are people that made a career in iRacing and have driven a real racecar as part of the consequences.


        1. I totally believe that you ARE with a woman.

          OK, I admit it: No I fucking don’t lol. Only geeks online need to make this sort of pronouncement. Next you’ll be telling us about your 12″ dick and your new Ferrari.

          “Because we only use each other to fuck.” That is awesome, dude. TRUE STORY FOR REAL.


            1. OK, shit. I hadn’t though of that. But – Yes! Now it makes sense. Of *course* it’s only about the sex.

              And who else but Mom would be willing to take a “back seat” to his simracing?!


  20. Yeah, the guy ranting about “random bitches” sounds like an angry, frustrated misogynist who gets real defensive when his lack of a sex life is tied to his masturbatory obsession with driving race cars around in his head.

    Why the fuck do I need a WordPress account (and they make me sign up for a domain??) just so I can “like” a comment. Is there some other way, cause, you know – Fuck That.


  21. What is more embarrassing to sim racing is this blog and their comments. An outsider will faster take more seriously sim racing after seeing people’s rigs than reading here.

    And if you think this is so embarrassing for sim racing, why would you “expose” so that more people see, thus increase the mocking? Aren’t embarrassing things supposed to be seen by no one or as few persons as possible? The brainwash of this blog is incredible. “Oh devs cant trick us, we are rebels – here prc, take my mind and do as you wish”.


    1. We don´t need outsiders to “take sim racing seriously”. That´s stupid and leads to situations like this one. We need outsiders to percieve sim racing as fun and worthy of the time and effort.


      1. “We need outsiders to percieve sim racing as fun and worthy of the time and effort.”

        I agree. And that’s what this blog has been trying to mold people, the sim games, the devs to be. For people to think we are serious and doing serious business. When every game is nothing more than an entertainment product. And everyone gives the use he wants. Does some am/pro driver want to practice here for a while, then he can, does some guy want to drive around with realistic physics and a wheel, then he can. Does some people want only competition racing, then they can.
        But apparently the people, the sims, the devs, have to meet some standards of approval for this blog and an elite group of 20 guys, otherwise you’re gonna get mocked and told you’re worthless or you spent too much, or your game isn’t worthy. The hell with that, each one decides what’s good for himself, even if he’s the only person playing that game or buying that rig.


          1. I didn’t say that.

            You always assume that if people don’t point flaws or suggest improvements in almost every post they make then you think everyone is happy with how things are or are just fanboys.

            We may not be fully fully happy, but we aren’t also insanely angry that we need to say bad in every post and threaten that we’re gonna uninstall and never play or buy anything more.

            Apparently for you people can’t discuss anything unless we explicitly always point the flaws of games, then we get your seal of approval.

            And in what part of my post I said or gave the idea that people can’t want more from the products they buy?


        1. I don´t think we agree at all. If someone happens to have this guy as a first contact to sim racing he´s not going to get the “this looks like something I could get into” vibe. I wouldn´t.


      1. The more I see of this kid, the more nervous I get. :\

        Even for those with “normal” brain function (whether or not such a thing actually exists is up for debate, but you know what I’m getting at), the line between fantasy and reality can be incredibly blurry. For someone who is perhaps dealing with other challenges, that line can quickly become almost non-existent.

        I’ll not lie – I’m not a very nice person and so I’ve gotten a good chuckle out of laughing at this kid, but deep down I’m hoping there is an influence in his life that will help keep him tethered to reality.

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  22. Meanwhile James tether to reality is a handful of other D bags on team speak who think they are above this kid and it’s appropriate to make fun of him because you know. Were. Erred than him. and he makes sim racing look like man children.
    Nothing more man child than adults acting like kids on a playground who are jealous of what the kids parents enable him to have.
    You are the man child James. How can you not see bullying this poor kid makes you the largest man child any of us have ever seen.
    Full retard if you can’t see the logic.
    Go back to banging developers for their choices and leave this kid alone. Or keep it to your self on teamGeek


    1. Wanna explain to me how a “kid” can apply for three credit cards and God knows how many cash advances?

      Save your assmad for later in the year. We promise you’ll need it.


      1. Doesn’t matter how he can afford it… He did it and you didn’t. And hopefully, just hopefully… He gets enough views and likes to pay the fucking thing off… Quit being a dick and help out with some promotion.

        Because without people doing stuff like this for other peoples entertainment. The whole sim racing industry would be full of dull boring whinging cocks who wished they could do stuff like this


        1. I for one don’t wish to go into thousands of dollars of debt to put half of a race car shell in my bedroom in my parents’ house so I can play video games in it.

          And no, this kind of financial irresponsibility should not be encouraged so let’s not “help out with promotion.” Encouraging this kid is doing more harm than good, don’t you get that?

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        2. This proves the point I was discussing in the article itself; sim racers are literally encouraging someone who’s just gaining their financial independence to ruin themselves on a hobby where it’s neither required nor necessary.


      2. You don’t know if his parents cosigned for him or not.
        And if they didn’t? Well. You can’t extend that much credit intil you build credit. Sooo
        Anyway. I’m not arguing the point that he may or may not have made a poor financial decision. I’m more inclined to argue the point that it’s none of your business. And video taping and entrapping him and mocking him makes YOU a serious loser.
        Nobody is here judging you for cherry picking a car series to enter and borrowing a winning car from a previous winner to play out your race hero fantasies.
        It’s not like you competed in anything that anyone thinks is legit. Or are some kind of hero.
        Nobody smacked you around for it. It’s your business if you want to waste cash on track time to play NASCAR wannabe celebrity against no one in an unheard of series that only a handful of people participate in. Congrats. You beat some other nobodies. Good for you.
        The average Finnish 16 year old driver who pays to race on ice in cheap cars would mop the floor with you if you entered their domain.
        You ain’t anybody, except a birgoening somewhat notorious troll. And your opinion of this kid is as worthless as your racing credentials, sim or otherwise.
        What a tool.


    2. This poor kid wasn’t really “poor” until he decided to buy stuff he can’t afford.
      Using multiple credit cards and cash advances with the support of his “caring” parents.
      I’m starting to think this is common practice in murica, to buy things without having the actual money to pay for it. But hey, why worry now if you can worry later…


  23. I love how he’s got his mom filming this and even she’s laughing at him. This guy sounds like he’s an 8 year old stuck in a 20 year old’s body.


    1. Exactly.
      And anyone who thinks it’s appropriate to target him is a bigger child and loser.
      The worst kind of loser.
      Insecure little bitches.


      1. Are you talking about his mother? Maybe she can’t take it any more or she’s happy he’s not into hard drugs or throttling prostitutes yet.


  24. You don’t build this for practicality. You build it because you can. VR renders everyone’s rig pointless. So you can’t rag on that. Which leaves only jelousy and haters. Its a frickin impressive build and should be commended on the effort and money put into an amazing project .


    1. he didn’t have the money to do the project, he should not be commended for getting into debt to do this completely insane thing. what the fuck is wrong with you?

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    1. See, I *knew* you were a Trump guy. You make the rest of us (sorta intelligent) Trump supporters look like shit with your repetitive “Nerd” comments and LIKING YOUR OWN POSTS. What’s next, a rebel flag and a snap of your trailer park meth lab?


      (And No, I ain’t talking the People’s Republic of China)

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  25. I was somewhat on board with it, until he put the be headset on.

    Surely that eliminates the point of this? The funding doesn’t help things either.

    It’d be interesting to know what huttu and the other aliens are running though


    1. the last time I saw, Huttu was using triple screens on a desk, with a Fanatec CSW2 desk-mounted (that Fanatec gave to him) and stock G27 pedals. You don’t need fancy equipment to be an alien.

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  26. Officially done with this site. It was fine when you try to hold companies to a level of quality from their titles. But lately you’ve picked fights with developers, sim racers and even picking out single people to bully.

    For what? … Cheap views? I think PRC need to take a break. Close the laptop lid. Go see your family, get outside and take a breather.

    Enjoy life a little.

    Sim racing and internet is not for you at this time. At this point your not contributing to the hobby.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess you missed the part where he tried to establish himself as a public personality, therefore subjecting himself to criticism? Had this

      We’ve shit on Alfalla and his team for handing out hero cards in the hopes of landing an ARCA ride. Then we wrote another article documenting his team owner’s awkward efforts to establish herself as a minority figure in a hobby where that stuff doesn’t actually matter.

      We haven’t shit on Pablo Lopez because he’s a genuinely nice guy with a goofy personality who doesn’t take the hobby too seriously while still kicking people’s asses on-track. I like that & respect that. Pablo is someone who I feel does a good job of representing sim racing to outsiders, and I wish him the best of luck in his 2017 endeavors.

      Orr has been subjected to criticism because his gushing review of the EnduRacers Porsche Cup mod was straight up incorrect. That car is in no way realistic, and I felt his glowing review was misleading.

      DeejayKnight and Jeff Favignano were both singled out for how they handled representing NASCAR Heat Evolution; Deejay couldn’t drive and made a 50 minute twitch stream reveal pointless, while Favignano called out anyone who didn’t like NHE as “haters” who were “trying to ruin other people’s fun.” Objectively, NHE is the worst NASCAR game released in the past decade, and I’ve been pretty vocal about how Favignano handled that relationship.

      Associat0r and Hexagramme received an article for their pro-rF2/anti-AC shilling that was insufferable. SJ received an article as an example of what happens when you are too nice to boot someone with obvious mental issues from your rFactor series. We exposed former iRacing commentator Daryl Morley was exposed as a convicted rapist. The girl he abused actually came and thanked us. We also found Jessica Lopez, the former host of Inside Sim Racing, on a Sugar Daddy website. This was actually one of our first articles on We’ve busted Gangi shit-talking us via merely consulting the administration controls, and even leaked ISR’s sponsorship deal with Thrustmaster.

      What I’m getting at is profiling the individuals showcasing questionable behavior within the sim community on is nothing new.

      A 26 year old MAN building a sim rig of epic proportions with nothing but cash advances and credit cards – money he didn’t actually have – before gluing pizza boxes to his roof and pretending like his minimum wage job is his legitimate sponsor, all while truly believing this journey will land him a real life sprint cup ride, is something that 125% deserves to be highlighted on


  27. You know James, they’re right, this is a pretty badass rig

    That is, if you ignore the fact that this guy could’ve went racing for real in a spec Miata (or hell, even bought a used Radical) for the price of that thing and still had enough money left over to build a sufficient sim racing rig

    To each his own I guess


  28. Let’s put it this way since no one is playing online but instead sits on this blog crying their balls out.

    If a person max out all of his and his family members credit cards and buy shoes you people would say he is downright stupid for going knee deep in debt for some god damn shoes.

    If a person max out all of his and his family members credit cards and buy hockey gear you people would say he is downright stupid for going knee deep in debt for some god damn hockey gear.

    But if a person build a Twitch-orgasmic simulator by maxing out multiple credit cards and post a video about it and you dare to call him out on it, since it’s bullshit and he might not know where he might be heading with interest rates and so on, you sim racing people instead turn on the guy who called him out and instead make him out to be worse than cancer!?

    Just simracing things, right?…

    If it’s crazy stupid or not is easily identified with this test:

    1. Your children and family sits with big eyes on christmas day. You then proceed to tell them that there will be no christmas for some years since daddy maxed out a couple credit cards to buy Pokemon items. And the house will probably be foreclosed since you don’t have any real money left. Christmas dinner? Nah ah – daddy bought a lifetime 400$ subscription on Ash Ketchum underwear.

    Your family will kill you = crazy bullshit decision, fuck that.
    Simracing community: “We agree, what a fucking moron! He is stupid, fuck him!”

    2. Your children and family sits with big eyes on Christmas day. You then proceed to tell them that there will be no Christmas for some years since daddy bought himself a turn left machine to play iRent. And the house will probably be foreclosed since you don’t have any real money left. Food? Nah ah – daddy installed a carbon fiber cup holder too. But hey family, daddy gets to play iRent!

    Your family will kill you = crazy bullshit decision, fuck that.
    Simracing community: “Now wait a minute, how dare you call this guy crazy!? How else will he enjoy the second coming to air that is iRent? James is stoopid. He must have Asperger. Oh guys, one more thing! Did he just call a kid with possible Asperger dumb – how dare he! PRC is ruining simracing durp durp”

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, this comment was promptly deleted and ignored. I left another, but it doesn’t show so I think I was blocked.

        If he’s going to stick his head in the sand and ignore what he doesn’t want to hear, then this is the future he chose. Can’t say I didn’t warn him.


  29. That update video… fffffffffffffuu, couldn’t finish it.

    Looks like the iRacing forums are full of ‘tards who encourage him so they’ll have someone to point to. “Look, I’m not as bad as this crazy kid!”

    Humans can truly be garbage sometimes.

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    1. I can name at least three other iRacers off the top of my head with the same mindset as Jacoby. It’s a serious problem on the oval side of the community, lots of delusional NASCAR fanatics thinking they can get a ride via iRacing. This just all sort of proved our point.


  30. For some reason it makes me happy to see how happy he is. But on the other hand much of this happiness seems to have been bought by a credit card but who are we to judge? If the guy is mentally challenged somehow (and this was probably something James thought about both one and two times before he published the article), call him out like this isnt really nice.


    1. Once again, it’s important to actually read the article before you comment. I placed most of the blame not on the guy, but on the people around him who never once questioned what he was doing – instead choosing to enable and encourage him. This proves what we’ve been saying for quite some time about the iRacing community; a whole bunch of delusional sim racers. Now I know for a fact that there are many iRacers like this, but having tangible proof of it manifesting into a predicament such as this one goes a long way to back up our claims.


  31. Dude clearly stated he had some mental issues around the time he got kicked from the league a bunch of kind hearted real NASCAR drivers let him into. Wonder why they let him in? Cause that’s what good people do with someone suffering some kind of mental infirmity.
    Not what you did James.
    Ever self examine yourself and why the “state of Sim racing” and people like this showing the sport in a “negative light” is such a big deal?
    Because your as mentally unstable as this cat, trying to act like the moral compass of sim racing, its just games, youre equally as delusional thinking what anyone thinks of the sim racing community matters. Or that this could be negative for the community.
    Who made you the ambassador for sim racing? And why would it need one? Unless your an idiot that takes himself and his hobby. Way too seriously.
    Complete tool
    And of course it’s possible to see this man and yourself as kids. When you grew up in a time where people were individuals, not this millinial we live in a village BS you use as some kind of reasoning to step into some other kids business and use “social moderation” to change his behavior.
    What kind of soft tossing milinnial crap is that?
    Us old school adults don’t need a sandbox with a handful of other like minded children to pontificate other people’s places within our society.
    You’re a childish, immature ass and I am scared for a future where idiots like you and the leftist protesting an incumbent president think it’s their job to moderate/protest the rest of society’s behavior.
    You seriously remind me of the rainbow brigade tools in America
    But you’re even worse cause you chose a mentally challenged kid to go after. Over sim racing purchases. As if it’s some kind of danger to your Hobby?
    How fucking delusional and bat shit crazy are you dude?
    Fucking millennials and their causes.
    What the fuck have we done by putting the internet in the hands of children.
    Ruined them man. Completely fucking ruined them.
    All that matters in the world is me and my online social network.
    And everyone else outside it is wrong.
    I seriously weep for our future.


    1. Very well said mate, the reality is theres only one person with a serious mental health issue and thats the author of this blog, sad thing is for him he seriously can’t see what he’s like, this sort of narcism is rarely seen online.
      I fact i think James shows many psychopath tendencies, a very destructive and nasty person.


  32. It’s clear he’s enthusiastic about sim racing, which is great. But it’s unfortunate he really thinks he can use iRacing as a means of getting a real drive. I think it’s pretty clear he is mentally disabled listening to his juvenile speech patterns and childlike reasoning. I think it’s a real shame he’s ruined himself financially to make all this happen and I hope his parents do a better job looking out for him in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What a turd. ^^^^^^^^
      You clearly don’t have kids. Certainly not any with any diminished capacity.
      How are they not taking good care of him?
      26 and lives at home and is as happy as could be. Happy enough to have haters like you losers showing up here to judge him and his family. The only thing I can think of is you children are all jealous of his toys and don’t have the mental capacity To know what empathy is. It should tell you to leave the kid alone.
      Or you are all just shitty people raised by the internet instead of effective parents.
      Your parents would be ashamed to see you here posting this garbage. I know that. Unless they are douche bags too.
      You have no clue and should keep your childish thoughts inside that empathy lacking dome of yours you ass hat.
      Clearly his mentality is not that of a 26 year old.
      Get a clue


      1. I’m not sure where all this hostility is coming from. I haven’t said anything bad about him other than I think it’s a shame that his parents allowed him to go to extreme and irresponsible financial lengths to do that. I think more negatively of the parents here than I do this kid. And I am entitled to that opinion. I am not jealous of him or his setup. I am fortunate to not suffer from mental problems and am able to live as an independent adult, unlike this young man. And for the record, your petty and inaccurate personal attacks make you look no better than the people you claim are being bullies.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I think you missed the segment in the article where I pointed the finger at the greater iRacing community, who enabled and encouraged him to ruin his finances over a sim rig. If it’s such common knowledge that the guy is supposedly not all there mentally, why is this only now a talking point?

        Why did nobody, while he was in the process of planning the build, say “listen, Jason, don’t take John’s advice and use cash advances to fund your rig. It’ll royally fuck you to the point where your parents won’t be able to bail you out. Why are you even considering this?” Boom, endeavor stopped, maybe he settles for a pair of triple screens, easily doable on a Domino’s paycheck.

        When he needed help to spontaneously apply for at least two extra credit cards, why did nobody say “yo, why in the fuck are you applying for these alternate credit cards all of a sudden? Don’t you have one already?” Entire financial predicament stopped right there.

        When he started talking – as I’m sure he most likely did – about getting a real life ride via iRacing, why did nobody take the twenty seconds to tell him Berry didn’t win some American Idol contest on NASCAR 03, but instead was close personal friends with Dale Jr and paid his own way from the money he earned working at JRM, and you sort of need an actual motorsports background to do what Josh Berry did? We’ll have to explain this in detail a bit later this year.

        When he was in the process of some of the other… stuff… such as the firesuit… why did nobody on Teamspeak go “uh, why do you need a custom firesuit for iRacing? That’s kinda dumb…”

        There are about thirty eight “roadblocks” where someone NOT retarded should have recognized what was going on and intervened to some extent. Instead it’s essentially proven the majority of iCucks simply don’t live in reality, and I can name at least three others like Jason off the top of my head.

        But of course, pointing this all out, it’s suddenly my fault and I’m jealous or some shit. Just giving y’all heads up that you’re in for a ride over the next month.


  33. Ok, let’s be real here…

    Was that a comment section or a Fox News-like shitstorm of comments?

    Either way, it’s totally ridiculous to create maybe over 100K setup with car body, livery, fire suit, for a sim racing.

    I understand that he want to be a racing driver, by the use of sim racing, as seen the examples of Denny Hamlin and Brad Keselowski, but how will he become the great racing driver? If he prove me wrong and can drive to win the race, then down with him. If he don’t, like a dude that drive a Formula E car, then I’m feeling sorry for him.

    And before you ask, no, I’m not his fan. I’m just saying.


    1. There’s a number of people on iRacing who believe that because the YouTube trailers say real drivers use the software on occasion, they will be “scouted” like an amateur football or hockey player, and given a chance to race professionally by a top level team. I wish I was joking, but I’m not.

      And since nobody like Dale Jr has shown up in the forums to say this isn’t how it works in the slightest and stop being ludicrous, you have teens and adults alike perpetuating this myth through hearsay and quarter-truth stories. Said it once and I’ll say it again, there are MANY people like this on iRacing; Jason is unfortunately the guy who took it too far and put it on display for the world to see.


  34. These are American problems. But this blog likes to put all of sim racing in the same bag. Like I just did with all the Americans.

    First of all, this is not a new thing for american fans or professionals of nascar. Some tracks or individuals own full nascar vehicle simulator, and not made in present day, they already exist for years.

    We have to excuse this guy because this is Nascar. He isn’t the first and won’t be the last to do a full size recreation of a nascar race car. Europeans do it with F1 car bodies, but are more typically seen in simulation rig companies not home stuff, but again nascar race car rig in american isn’t a new thing, either pro or home rigs. Suddenly everyone is freaking out. We all know Americans love to go big or go home. And it doesn’t matter where the money comes from, what matters to these people is the passion they have for it. You should know this James, you guys are neighbors.

    Just google image nascar race car simulator and you’ll see several full body rigs. This one in the article is just the cockpit.


  35. Is there something that prevents you from screen shotting the Iracing forums and including the alleged support for this guys financial ruin.
    Doubt it and the narrative completely.
    “There are at least three guys on the forums like that”

    Oh no 3 guys might ruin the image of sim racing.
    Save it James.
    This was just a bully piece.

    RCringe like you said is a thing.
    A thing for losers that even the creator isn’t proud of.

    THere’s an article on RCringe where the reddit creator admits to being ashamed of it He’s since moved in to a much less disgusting corner of Reddit.
    I’ll link it here in another comment.
    And everyone’s right James. You don’t give a shit about this guy. Other than to make fun of him.
    Your RCringe comment Says so.


    1. Three guys can and most certainly WILL ruin the image of sim racing if it’s iRacing’s three-time champion – who is heavily promoted as some eCelebrity – going to the ARCA series pit area and awkwardly implying he should get a ride thanks to his sim racing experience. Unless you’re also one of the delusional iCucks who have ventured over here in defense of their equally delusional friends, it’s not hard to figure out why this might be a bad thing.

      Is there something preventing myself from taking screenshots of the iRacing forums? Good one, I haven’t been able to get on the service for eighteen months because iRacing can’t take criticism, but I assume you’ve been told by your delusional friends that I was booted for being a disruptive member. Go on, have some more of their Kool-Aid.


      1. Dude. Get a grip man. I’m not on their forums. I’m not exactly a model forum member and have seen a handful of bans speaking the truth about the level of brokenness in my sim of choice.
        But you are using the forum content as the basis for your argument. Your clearly clued in by someone WHO COULD Easily screen grab it for you.
        But I guess journalistic integrity only gets a nod if it works to your advantage. And when it doesn’t. You let it slide or make an excuse.

        Like I said. The more I expose myself to this site, the more I notice it’s just a trolling platform for an unreasonable individual who will do whatever he can to stir the shit up and get clicks.
        Truthful or not.

        Or maybe your Iracing butt hurt is just on a Herculean scale. And you will do whatever it takes to shit on the whole scene based on some nonsense 3 guys allegedly said. Since you heard it from someone else and can’t be bothered to verify it happened.
        3 dudes does not ruin a whole scene you crazy autist. And what you do won’t hurt it either.

        Sim Racing ain’t growing because it’s straight up hard.
        And your skill level at it is easily identifiable
        People will stick to their shooters and whatever else where the metrics you are measured by can’t be as easily quantified. So everyone can feel like a winner. People want to pick up and dominate something quickly.
        Sim Racing takes practice.
        That ain’t in the millennial script.


        1. PRC is the natural response to the communities censorship. Just look at the screenshot of the very sensible YouTube comment that James posted. It was promptly deleted. Seemingly just like everything else that doesn’t follow the pushed narrative.

          I’ll take the trolls that comes with free speech over censorship. Guess we know what you prefer.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. >Like most things on the Internet, the phenomenon can be traced back to social news site Reddit
      Was I supposed to take this article seriously


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