WRC 6 Scrubbed from the Marketplace?

20161126093554It may not be a big enough title to warrant any sort of justified outrage, but some people did pay full price for it, and obviously there are decision-makers from above who felt the quality of the product did not live up to what’s expected from a PlayStation 4 game. While browsing the PlayStation Store for some Black Friday deals yesterday, I noticed something particularly odd; Kylotonn’s recently-released World Rally Championship title – WRC 6 – is nowhere to be found. This game simply does not exist on the PlayStation store, nor can it be found on the online hub traditionally accessed from a desktop computer. If you are planning to purchase WRC 6 for your wife’s son as punishment for failing his mid-terms, you won’t be able to do so.

wrc6There is still some sort of game overview page held on Sony’s official domain – indicating they’re aware the title exists – but actually busting out the credit card and trying to purchase the digital version of WRC 6 as a North American region consumer isn’t possible. This is not a game I was interested in buying for my PS4; I was merely confused as to why only WRC 5 appeared on the marketplace under the racing game category, when the title is over a year old, and was unanimously trashed by virtually everybody who touched it. I also have yet to see a physical copy of WRC 6 out in the wild; during my own black Friday adventures, boxes of WRC 5 still line the shelves at places like Best Buy and Wal-Mart, clearly left untouched for a period of several months.

I’m basically left under the impression that WRC 6 has been scrubbed from the PlayStation store, at least for North American users. Though some outlets, such as sim racing news hub TeamVVV and YouTube personality FailRace, have praised the title as a serious alternative to DiRT Rally, upon merely examining raw gameplay video of WRC 6 on YouTube, it’s hard to understand where this praise is coming from. WRC 6 is a PlayStation 4 game in name and compatibility, easily surpassed by the officially licensed WRC offerings released by Evolution Studios over a decade ago.

Oh, you thought I was kidding?

We have reached out to Kylotonn for further info, because $60 games traditionally don’t disappear into thin air in this manner.


16 thoughts on “WRC 6 Scrubbed from the Marketplace?

  1. If it’s gone it means the company lost the license to sell WRC products at least in NA. If you own the game first I wanna say sorry and second you can still download it just nobody new can buy it unless they renew the license.

    That or its a mistake and it will be back Monday or Tues when everyone starts coming back to work


  2. I can highly recommend both WRC4 and WRC Rally Evolved on the PS2. That’s how you make fun games which can be played by both experienced users and new fans of the genre without taking away the core essence that is the WRC:

    – Nice real looking stages (there’s no putting-green-grass in Finland for example)
    – Good amount of SS km’s
    – Somewhat realistic feeling cars
    – A co-driver that isn’t mentally retarded

    I agree with PRC.net with their views on DiRT3 when it comes to sim-cade titles and how that game plays. But if you are tasked with releasing an official licensed game you damn well need to make sure it looks and feels like the real word that it’s replicating AND maybe, in the year of 2016, let people with multi input devices be able to play it. If games a decade ago were able to do this then why can’t some French yoga simulator company not fix it? Maybe they went along with their ancestry and surrendered immediately when tasked with the challenge.

    Maybe WRC owners saw that a VR-porn company is looking for new business ventures and wants to give them a shot?…


  3. mmmm that footage looks wrong and in ways that have nothing to do with the driver.

    While you can’t always tell much from an external camera, the weird movements and behavior are clearly present and the route is ridiculously wide.

    I simply do not understand how WRC moves to a different developer and inherits the ‘classic’ WRC weird shit with physics, even after two versions. I can’t forget that only after losing the WRC license did milestone release SLR:evo, which finally mostly addresses my main problems with the WRC physics but is still very rough around the edges in terms of functionality and design choices. SImple things like don’t simulate a drivers arms as an input/output filter and add latency…

    I’m hoping to see another Loeb title backed up by a decently functional base of software, it seems his involvement was more than just PR. I can’t think of another reason for why milestone would finally start to present reasonable physics.

    WRC rally evo is a great comparative example of just how wasteful modern devs can be. Even with a mere fraction of the hardware resources, the older game looks better and more authentic in many ways.


  4. “and obviously there are decision-makers from above who felt the quality of the product did not live up to what’s expected from a PlayStation 4 game”

    Sorry, but that is unprofessional assertion, at all because we all know games of any sort that are waaaaayyyyy worse than WRC 6 and still available in the store. In most circumstances, it´s a technical issue that let´s games disappear from the lists. But in just a very rare circumstances it is because of quality assurance. WRC 6 isn´t perfect, but still way too well done to delete it because of bad quality.

    Unbelievable, how this block claims to be unbiased and critical while just being unprofessional.


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