A New Batch of Project CARS 2 Leaks Have Arrived!

30142396954_54f01d9e8d_oIt appears someone over at SimRace.pl is about to have their WMD credentials revoked. High resolution screenshots of Project CARS 2, a game that the public isn’t supposed to know about as of yet, have made it out into the wild on an obscure Polish sim racing message board, showing off the new RallyCross  discipline turning laps in Hell, Norway, as well as a potential partnership with the Coca-Cola company and Monster Energy. While the screenshots don’t exactly reveal much about the game itself, or any features that would traditionally captivate the dedicated sim racers among us, circumstantial evidence obviously points to Slightly Mad Studios acquiring many new licenses for the follow-up to 2015’s most commercially successful hardcore racing simulator.

30142400474_56e465b4a4_oTo the untrained eye, it’s little more than the unscheduled announcement of RallyCross and ice racing making their way to the franchise in time for the next game, but for those who still boot up Project CARS on a daily basis and are actively anticipating the next entry, it’s a glimpse into the future. The fact that the RallyCross-spec Mini Countryman is present indicates there’s actually a chance Slightly Mad Studios have landed the Monster Energy World Rally Cross license as a whole, but that’s one of those things we’ll obviously have to wait until the official announcement of the game to see if our predictions were correct.



64 thoughts on “A New Batch of Project CARS 2 Leaks Have Arrived!

  1. Someone had to leak something eventually .

    Even after all the crap I have given project cars I do hope 2 is special as we need something that stands head and shoulders above the mundane titles everyone is rolling out.

    I just hope its not a broken mess , working flag rules would be nice 🙂 working title would be better.

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  2. PCARS 2 will have no simulation value as SMS doesn’t know how to utilize the greatest sim engine in history. rFactor rally mods will provide a much more enjoyable and realistic rally experience than PCARS 2, including the Baja 500 mod.


        1. It’s a stickied post in the Steam forum under general discussions, I believe. There’s a link to a download and a few settings. Makes all the cars drivable right away without fucking around.


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  4. The viral marketing begins, this was leaked for this exact purpose. To get people the schill for them at no charge. What the fuck are you doing james? Did you and Bell cozy up? I now question this site’s motives.


    1. The chances of myself reading some obscure polish sim racing message board just for pCars 2 info are basically nonexistent. Legitimate leak we learned of through a reader hitting us up.


      1. Puppet shilling going on here, I suspect. lets not forget how the first ProjectCarshit viral marketing campaign started. This is not news worthy, it is only shilling disguised as news, let the hype begin. Ian Bell is a master manipulator, that is the only reason his shitty franchises have been successful.


          1. Lol what the fuck is that shit. Wake up James dont fall victim to giving that asshole free publicity for his upcoming shit terd excuse of a quality product.


            1. 😀 You’re so funny
              The dude is banned now. I’m rather certain he did this as a publicity stunt for THE FORUM HE ADMINS AT, as he was the op of the thread ” Please delete the YouTube videos” on the wmd forums -_-


              1. James should recognize these marketing tactics, he practically did a case study on it last year. This just leaked projectshit is gearing up for their three year pre-prerelease marketing campaign. They will not hit there target date for release, they will leak that date soon also. This company’s past performance is all that needs to be analyzed to know what’s going on behind the curtain.


    1. James hasn’t fallen for it, he’s in cahoots with Ian, this is more shilling from james for PRC2, note how he stated PCs was ‘the biggest commercial hardcore sim of last year’, only an idiot could not see james is inked with ian, its a cum fest.

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  5. Poor old SMS mods Konan the Spermbarian, Roger Anal Payne, Juzzi the anime loving cum guzzler, Remco van bakukke boy, etc, will all be having serious anal leakage over these leaks.
    Project cars forum is the gayest sperm fest in history, all fighting to gobble Ians cock.


  6. Now, I wonder if they really leak the picture of pCars2 or it’s just an WRC 6 picture, which probably not the latter.

    Just go ask Ian. He know everything in SMS. But don’t ask why my name is change. Because you won’t know why I did this, unless you watch F1 and NASCAR finale.


  7. More ProjectCars shilling from PRC

    How much did Ian pay you for this constant publicity you give his worthless “games”. This is a sim racing blog so why are you constantly posting about this arcade shit that none of your readers will ever play.


  8. Looks incredible, i just hope they’ve fixed the physics and ffb. Wouldn’t be surprised if these were intentionally leaked by the studio but hopefully that means we should be seeing more stuff soon.


  9. these aren’t leaks, or at least we could say these are intentional leaks by someone in charge of the game.

    These are promotional shots, taken at best angle and scenario. Idk if this guy writing for this blog is made with sms, or is just that naive to be played by sms so well.

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          1. Today you learned a lot of things apparently, but honest articles instead of shilling isn’t one of them.

            Even kim jong un would spot this “leak” and the constant shilling for project cars. Not even virtualr is so biased towards project cars.
            But I guess you gotta sustain this new partnership with Ian Bell.

            SMS has been buying news websites, youtubers, and now this blog.

            Now I wanna hear the excuses from sev, kmanitou, mapple, chris.


  10. Well the first shot is clearly from the photo mode, including the fake wide aperture filter.

    Probably the only part of the game that works correctly right now…The last shot is the only one I would call a potential leak. The others are clearly shots chosen for looks/promotional purposes.


    1. They aren’t promotional shots… they are standard ingame shots from one of the members. The promotional shots will be different and more specific.

      I’m pretty sure the guy just got a bit peer pressured and decided to post a couple of shots.


      1. this isn’t a standard shot, is an artistic shot to showcase the cars and environment, to catch the attention and create appeal.

        Check for yourself the link at the top of the article and look at the bottom of page 2 the 5 screenshots.

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        1. That would be a good explanation except for the fact that these screenshots were posted in the normal screenshots thread on the private forum and not the promotional thread.

          Source: I’m looking at the forum post now


  11. The only people that care about Project Cars are the brainwashed WMD crazies and the PS4 users filling time until GTSport arrives. The game is irrelevant.

    Unless they’ve built PC2 from scratch, I would expect to see some of the same issues that PC1 has. The coding for PC1 was an absolute mess.

    This “leak” is definitely what SMS call “marketing”.


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