Are Kunos Capable of Telling the Truth?

assetto-corsa-porsche-v2-5The short answer is no.

I feel as if we’ve reached a point where I have to simply wait around for the team at Kunos Simulazioni to do something stupid, and my patience will be rewarded by yet another public display of absurdity, one which contradicts what many believe the beliefs and values this simulator stands for. Once considered to be one of the best racing games on the market regardless of sub-genre due to it’s authentic handling model and sublime force feedback effects, the past year of Assetto Corsa’s lifespan has been nothing but disarray. A botched console version launch and the sudden closure of the game’s official modding community were merely highlights in a long list of developer meltdowns, delays, and an emphasis on pushing out several downloadable content packs over integrating essential features that are traditionally seen as standard options in other racing games. Everything sim racers hated about the rest of the video game industry – heaps of post release downloadable content, missing features, unstable performance, and angry developers – were present in Assetto Corsa.

Basically, this is a game where you can pay extra for modern Le Mans entries such as the Porsche 919 Hybrid, but can’t score the race by time – as you would in an endurance race featuring the Porsche 919 – or compete in anything other than dry, daylight conditions. And if you happen to fancy the Sauber C9, there are no online rooms in which you can race the car against your friends – not can you create your own.

Now past the generic introduction, it’s time to examine the actual topic of this article. A large portion of the reason why Assetto Corsa was allowed to fall to the wayside and become an entirely forgettable racing simulator is the overall community’s inability to hold Kunos accountable for their actions; and by actions, I’m talking about the outright lies sim racers were told about the game. For every person like myself who were daring to ask legitimate questions about both the direction and the quality of the product, there were twenty additional cocksuckers convinced Kunos could do no wrong, and that anyone else was just a hater – or my personal favorite, mentally ill.

I could introduce y’all to the concept of Anakastic Personality Disorder, and imply that the public persona of at least one individual on the Kunos Simulazioni development team fit all requirements as listed by the ICD-10 database, but I feel that path would bore most readers and stray too far into a territory that doesn’t have a lot to do with racing simulators. So I won’t.

Regardless, in some cases, Kunos Simulazioni were outright lying to the consumers who had purchased their game, and these mindless drones were so cucked by the $40 they had spent on Assetto Corsa, they were unwilling to consider the fact that maybe Kunos Simulazioni weren’t the saviors of sim racing, but merely another Milestone-like developer who simply went about establishing a relationship with their customers in a different manner. What blows me away is how absolutely nobody in the sim racing community caught onto these lies or has even bothered to discuss them in the first place, instead enabling Kunos to continue giving a giant middle finger to the exact audience which aided their rise in the first place.

Let me show you what I mean.

ai-cheatingIn January of 2015, Steam user NefariousFox wrote a short piece in the Steam forums on what he believed to be dishonest artificial intelligence behavior, as if the AI cars were running under a different set of physics compared to the player, and were basically cheating their way around the race track. His claims are immediately contested by notorious fanboys such as SeriousSpy, who parrot what Stefano Casillo had said earlier on the official forums, claiming the AI cars use the exact same physics as the player and do not “cheat” in any manner whatsoever. Yet only a few short weeks ago, another user by the name of HellsWind discovered a key combination which enables this very set of alternative physics that Kunos developer Stefano Casillo claimed in a Red Bull Gaming interview didn’t exist.

untitled-2If the AI cars really do use the same physics as the player, why is there a simple key combination in the game (which has since been patched) that toggles an alternate set of physics you’re not supposed to know about? I mean, this is a straight-up lie. Why, as a developer. would you go out in public and make such a bold statement knowing full well it could be dis-proven instantly by one of your customers hitting CTRL+C twice during normal gameplay? This is just fucking lunacy, and this is before we start posting videos of the AI cars glitching the fuck out under an obviously different set of physics. Better yet, why would any customer willingly defend these action,s and still label Kunos as the “good guys” in sim racing? What retarded developer goes on record and states an obvious lie?

We all know that most modern racing simulators manipulate the behavior of AI cars to ensure a clean race – this is standard practice within the genre, so it’s nothing to get your panties in a twist about. Even when we play old shit like NASCAR Racing 2003 Season or Grand Prix Legends, you can bust into the track.ini file and manually alter AI slip angle behavior and other oddities to get the kind of offline racing experience you want. But what isn’t standard practice, is telling your customers you’ve moved on from that “old way” of doing things, when it takes less than a second to be proven you’re talking absolute bullshit.

version-physicsMore recently, prior to the launch of Assetto Corsa on consoles, Kunos staff member Marco Massarutto randomly launched into a tirade against sim racers who were claiming the set of physics in both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Assetto Corsa would somehow differ from the PC version. The tone of Massarutto’s post indicated he was extremely frustrated with these assumptions from uninformed sim racers, and he went through great lengths to explain how it would be a gigantic waste of time to work on two unique versions of the game simultaneously; stating that it wouldn’t be logical from a development standpoint, and my favorite line: “there is no reason why we should do this.”

And yet, examining the patch notes released today for the PlayStation 4 copy of Assetto Corsa, that’s exactly what they did.

Are Kunos Simulazioni even capable of telling the truth? This stuff now draws into question almost everything they’ve said about Assetto Corsa in a public forum, because so many of their claims can be easily proven to be false, sometimes by their own goddamn patch notes!.

What’s next on the horizon? And at what point in time does the sim community put their collective foot down and no longer tolerate this kind of garbage treatment from a developer? All Kunos have really done over the past two years is wave their Porsche license around and write blog posts about how great their community is, but in the long run, how does that actually improve their game or bring it into a half-playable state? It’s admittedly nice to see videos like Joe Nathan’s pop up calling this game for what it really is…:

…as well as posts akin to simshim’s rhetoric on Reddit…:

untitled-3…but for how much shit the sim community have given developers like Slightly Mad Studios or Codemasters over the years, why does the sim crowd suddenly hold back when it comes to Kunos? These guys simply cannot tell the truth when they speak about their game on a public platform, and while that kind of behavior is a recipe for a quick thrashing elsewhere, Kunos for whatever reason are instead immune to it, protected by a growing guild of rabid apologists.


127 thoughts on “Are Kunos Capable of Telling the Truth?

    1. James is just jumping the gun because rabid kunos hate/retardation. All the patch notes are saying is that version 1.09 for consoles has been given the specific physics and network updates from PC patch 1.9 as PC gets updates first. Or does Austin seriously think that v1 through v1.08 of the console version had different physics, then Kunos randomly decided that patch 1.09 was the correct point to copy and paste the PC physics?


        1. Are you clinically retarded or just pretending? They have the same base physics, updates just get to the PC version first. Only way to deploy patches at the same time across all platforms would be to intentionally hold back the PC one, and I don’t think you can really blame Kunos for the patching policies of Steam, Microsoft and Sony.

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            1. James, I really have to part ways with you on this one. All they’re saying is:

              1) The PC version got updated a while back.
              2) Now we’re updating the console versions.

              They’re a small company and their 1st priority is the core PC audience. Would you rather they instead *delay* the PC patch until said patch is ready to deploy at the same time to all platforms?

              Let’s do a reductio ad absurdum:

              What if the PC patch came out *1 hour* prior to the console updates? Would you still make the same claim that “the physics are different”? Sure you would, and your argument would still be just as lame.

              The fact that, for some brief period of time (easily explainable because it’s a small dev team), the physics are slightly different between the 3 platforms – proves precisely Nothing.

              Wait, it does prove one thing. It’s starting to seem like some of your criticism isn’t based on logic, but on some kind of anger or maybe a need for attention. Please, don’t do this. I like this blog.

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              1. Would I rather they delay the PC patch until said patch is ready to deploy at the same time on all platforms? Absolutely. Parity between versions is what they are striving for, is it not?


                  1. That’s funny, because it’s the same scenario the biggest racing game franchise of the modern era operates upon.


                    You don’t see Playground Games coming out saying “Forza Horizon 3 Blizzard Mountain Expansion coming Dec 13th to Xbox One, no release date confirmed for PC, but we’re working hard on it because we love our community and have listened to your feedback!”

                    Nope. Nothing like that, because it’s absolute bullshit. If you’re gonna come out and say it’s a uniform experience, MAKE IT a uniform experience.

                    Just sad to watch y’all defend this sort of practice.


                1. Never mind. You’re only interested in winning some sort of childish point of debate, rather than having a serious discussion about the “honesty” of these devs.

                  So, you’re taking them to task for not being sufficiently specific re: exactly when patches deploy on the 3 platforms they’re supporting?

                  Well gosh, Oh my Fucking God. They are *such* liars indeed. You should become a lawyer, because your focus is on parsing (and inferring giant conspiracies from) the tiniest whiff of sentiment expressed in a single forum post. Either that or you’re doing a shitload of meth up there (and see conspiracies everywhere).

                  Anyway. God Forbid they should fall short of absolute perfection and consonance between their plans and what the fuck really happens.

                  You know, when you get out of school I think you’ll find that you will also be just this sort of “liar” all the damn time. The alternative is to never say anything until you’ve already done it.

                  Good luck with that.


                2. Where’s your article on PCars parity then? I’ll expect it or you’re a shill
                  In Ian Bells bitch brigade
                  But seriously. If your going to nitpick this based on timing of updates as lacking parity.
                  What about the features like replays with telemetry and leaderboards missing in console versions of PCars. A much more agregious and unfair scenario than patches a few weeks late. Which happens on PCars too.
                  I knew you were full of shit and mostly trolling.
                  You’re bordering in shilling at this point. If not full blown guilty of it.
                  I agree with those who posted above. Your bordering on ruining any credibility you might have had with these ridiculous shit posts. But you’re likely just reaching trying to stir the pot so you can get as many clicks as you used to when this was fresh and semi informative.
                  I find myself skimming the articles and checking the comments more and more. Used to enjoy your reads. Not so much anymore.


                3. >Would I rather they delay the PC patch until said patch is ready to deploy at the same time on all platforms? Absolutely.

                  Lmao dude you would be writing a blog post to insult them so fast if this actually happened, you already spewed mountains of shit at them just for releasing the game on console.


            2. How then? Make pc players wait after version is finished and not release on the day when is finished, so that they make the blog writer happy for him to write happy articles. How will you get your views then?

              But don’t stop please, this site is entertaining xdd


            3. “Kunos was blatantly lying when they said console and PC version would use same physics, because there is a gap between console and PC updates due to MS and Sony certification process.”


              1. LOL. Ridiculous. This is an argument that only Bill “It depends on what your definition of Is, is” Clinton could love.

                Not great company to be in.


            4. You’re full of shit and miss informed, of course pc version updates at a much faster rate than console, and a general “physics upgrade” on the console log could just mean they updated the tire model, there were some issues fixed on pc regarding some calculations or whatever, so now are (or should be) on the same level of fixes as on pc.
              But again, this is your game, so enjoy it.


        2. C´mon James, I told you that you can do it better. There are things wrong with AC, but not these ones you mentioned on this “article???” .

          You just need to do your homework better. Talking shit about the sim racing community, and then, this shit???

          Come on James, I encourage you to do it better. Please don’t dissapoint us!!

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  1. READER WARNING (in case you skipped directly to comments)

    This is an article about AC on consoles. And then “just babbling and rambling about things I don’t understand”.


    To James, you should use a tag before the title to indicate whether [PC] or [Console]/[XB1]/[PS4][NINTENDO]

    There are other tags that could come in handy before the title, [DRAMA][LEAKS][SHILLING][IAN BELL][PROJECT CARS SPONSORED ARTICLE]



    1. quote :

      > READER WARNING (in case you skipped directly to comments)
      > This is an article about AC on consoles. And then “just babbling and rambling about things I don’t
      > understand”.


      true this.
      Just because you have been brought up in a a world with game-consoles being the primary means of interactive electronic entertainment does not mean the accustomed “publish once and move-on” ethics of that environment, sculpted by the desire of it’s gate-keepers to appear as fault-less — and “premium” in a sense — as possible, has to be retained just for the sake of it’s continued uniform public image.

      Everyone familiar with the topic knew that if Assetto Corsa was going to be marketed on console, the devil would hide in the detail – meaning entirely new problems would crop up along the way – and that those would test certain aspects of it’s users’ patience.

      Regarding this article’s take on things…

      It is perfectly fine to criticize Kunos of rushing things along with too tight a release schedule in the first place. They absolutely did release a product that was simply not close to being done upon initial console-release. True fact this.

      What is not true is you calling the people involved liers even after they have already acknowledged all those facts months ago as well as openly admitted that synchronizing console-code with the PC-version was proving to be an uphill-battle. And one that they would have to concentrate on in order to make continued development an all platforms viable from an economic as well as probability standpoint.

      Of course the console-vendors would be pissed about one of their business partners falling out of line and not deliver a 110% robust and ready for immediate consumption title on their holy infrastructure that they are trying to sell to people as a turn-key, “no-worries” premium experience when compared to the PC. That is why games on console – to this day – typically dare to demand a significantly higher purchase-price. It is a promise to the paying consumer that he or she won’t have to tinker with hardware & software for hours on end, just pop in the disc and GO!

      Which is exactly why many more complex, independently developed projects never made it to “the console”. Thinking about e.g. Flight Simulator here. Would absolutely not fit into the idea of a coherently perfect walled garden that is the cultivated space of whatever console currently on the market. Allowing for these kind of experiences on console would be like experiencing Disney World where all costumed personal were missing their costumes waist-down and most of the rides – while being totally awesome and fun – would only allow for half the loop to be used, the other half remaining a construction-site on open display.

      Thing is, without this kind of vista, the perfected elements of any world would always face the chance to remain stale and boring. Some creative works do benefit from the direct contact to the critical consumer. If you believe you can do without that in any and all cases, then I believe you will end up with an inferior product alltogether.


  2. we know for a long time (from Stefano) that even if AI uses same physics there is added artificial force applying to AI cars to make them able to handle those physics (magical funny oversteer save by AI is caused by that) .. so technically they don`t …

    About that different physics set that has beed found .. who knows what it is .. could be just left over, or something for testing purposes … perhaps you are as usuall jumping to conclusions too fast for sake of writing article ….

    Anyway I`ll wait till AC is finnished and perhaps get back to it, now I don`t like FFB and handeling that much … could be just me ..


    1. The “alternate physics” is AI’s stability control. Same as the regular stability control, it’s a non-realistic assist that makes the car harder to spin by limiting its rotation. The only difference is you could turn it on with a keyboard shortcut, whereas player stability control was only available in the menu.


        1. Like all non-realism assists (auto-clutch, auto-blip, etc.) player stability control is tuned to make the car drive slower than you can do manually. The AI version is not limited this way, because the AI needs to be able to keep up with players who aren’t using the assist.


  3. Again you don’t understand things, James.

    They couldn’t release 1.10+porsche2 for consoles because 1.10 and the porsches were released for PC way after 1.9 and porsche1 were submitted to Microsoft and Sony. When they submitted this, PC version was still 1.9. So it is in line, just the schedule of approval for consoles creates a drift. Console devs actually have to wait for pc version to be released before they convert it to consoles, and 1.10 wasn’t ready before they had to submit to consoles, so instead of making console players wait even more, they sent 1.9 and porsche pack1.

    They announced that porsche pack 1 would be released in November for consoles, if they had to wait for pc version 1.10, the conversion to console and approval waiting time would send them to late December.

    Is amazing how you inform yourself and interpret things so badly before writing articles. 1.9 version was still public on PC when they sent for approval to sony and microsoft, so it was actually in line between console and pc. But in the mean time they finished 1.10 for pc… you know they can’t update on the hour on consoles like when they finish on pc, with Steam.


      1. What’s more preferable, to finish 1.10 for pc and make pc players wait a month until it gets converted to console and approved by sony/microsoft, or try to get both as close as possible, given the barriers on console.

        They are actually meeting their own claims, when they sent for approval the porsche pack1+v1.9, PC was on the same version. Just the approval takes a lot of time that in the mean time they managed to finish and release 1.10 and pack 2 for PC. How are you not understanding something so basic..? You’re better than this (or not).


        1. I’m pretty sure if they waited with ready PC patch that guy would just complain about that fact 🙂 I love watchig how that miserable buthurt dude James is struggling to find another negative subject to writh about AC.


        1. I know. James gets most things right IMHO, but he’s way off base on this one.

          Here’s a different way of looking at it: They deploy every patch as soon as possible and don’t make PC gamers wait because of the console certification process (which is quite onerous and time-consuming by all accounts, and is not something they have any control over).


      2. James, do you even understand what the certification process is? When you submit an update to Sony, you have *zero* control over how long they take to approve it. They might *never* approve it.

        So your solution is, for no other reason than “feature parity at every nanosecond”, to purposefully delay the PC version (THE PC VERSION!) until, at some unknown later date, Sony gets around to finishing their testing on your really-niche-and-we-don’t-give-a-fuck-unless-it’s-Gran-Turismo little racing game?

        I guess we can all thank God KS isn’t taking your advice on this one.


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  5. Assetto corsa is a purists dream come true, but its not a game.
    Simple as that.
    People coming from Forza, Pcars, even iRacing, have different expectations
    AC is sublime when it comes to driving, it excels there, and is on a different level all together
    But there is very little when it comes to making a game complete.


      1. rf2 USFighter 2000 is okish cuz it has aero but the Skip Barber with proper setup way more fun and Endu mod is rubbish.! The actual rf2 software is still rough and hard dick edge like beta school project.


  6. I enjoy reading this blog as it can be pretty entertaining at times, but could at least SOME articles have a more balanced/positive tone? A negative review of something is fine, but it often appears like you’re just trying to cause a shit storm/illicit some kind of reaction from the community, rather than put together a solid opinion piece.


      1. Yea.. about obscure games and mods nobody cares about. Put all the negativism in the popular games so that you can get a lot of views and at the end of the year say to everyone how much my blog is visited.

        And the most suspect positive articles are the ones about race2play, his ebook, and some other stuff. Well guess what, things he’s been paid for.

        Or he’s actually delusional. Tell me how can someone who constantly point flaws in all sim racing games doesn’t find flaws in race2play and claims is the best but players are in the wrong for not using it. Then short time after, r2p closes… It really makes you think, AC is the worst but is used by many people, race2play is the best, but is used by few people. This blog greatly underestimates customers and players. When a product isn’t good, the product is at fault not the people. You don’t get to turn things around by blaming people.


  7. People defending Kunos remind me of people blindly defending their religion.

    That being said, the changelog part of this article doesn’t make sense and also rectal grotto 🙂


  8. Oh wow, going by the reactions this one hurt badly, didn´t it fanboys? Anyway, going by that video, being a month behind PC in terms of physics is the least of console players concerns LOL

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  9. The ai in the recent ver of R3E is also cheating,retarded and has unbelievable physic..At RBRing using the DTM 2014 content the race with the ai was fun but when change the car to the Saleen Gt1 and the ai turn to bipolar retard ai!


  10. In every AC article, the AC shilling fanboy army come out with their pitchforks to aggressively defend their sim. You people cry “but…but consoles receive patches later due to the certification process”, yet it still doesn’t change the fact that AC on consoles is still a broken compared to the PC version, which isn’t much better. On top of that, Kunos openly lied about their reasoning for getting rid of the modding community on their forums, but you fanboys like to pretend that never happened. And also on top that, AC still lacks basic features that the first rFactor had 10 years ago, and is simcade. That last part really makes you fanboys furious because no matter how much you try to protect it, AC has too many glaring issues to make it a legitimate sim. So I’ll leave the AC fanboy/shill army with this message:

    Assetto Corsa is SIMCADE and has NO SIMULATION VALUE.

    Now dance, fanboys!


    1. Hey associat0r, you’re thermonuclearly delusional. Lay of the hash, Cleon.

      You’re more worried about the “fanboys” than actually about rfactor2… it got sold to studio 369. Next they will be selling you DLC, and next you’ll buy a new game from ISI. Have fun preparing new infomercials and copypasta for your shilling adventures.


    1. Hahaha James always likes the anti-AC posts.

      I conclude people have more fun hating on AC than playing any other sim racing game, hehehe. If hating on AC is the most fun you’re having, that says a ton about your boring sims that you pretend to play.


      1. I’d love to play it…if they fixed the existing issues and then actually finished the game. I don’t want to dislike these games and developers, but if they screw up like this someone has to hold them accountable.


        1. Oh so you wanna play finished games. You’re a liar or actually fooling yourself. It doesn’t matter to play a game when is finished if everyone else has moved on. At that time, you’ll dump the game. What matters is to play a game throughout its life, not at the end. If you’re not playing the game at the beginning or during its mid life, you won’t play it at the end when is finished. And I bet it will never meet your standards of finished, so what matters is to be good for the most players.


          1. Actually I’d consider the game finished if they added the features many people have noted are missing and fixed the bugs. This is not unreasonable. I’ve had AC since early access in late 2013 and while it had potential I’m disappointed that Kunos have really screwed up its development.


            1. They add the features they can and want for the game. Many of the updates were things people wanted and people reported as bugs.
              You must live in a fairy tale world instead of reality if you think they can add everything and fix everything when and what users demand.

              I’m actually disappointed at you for not making your own game with everything included, with a lot of content and features, and at 20 bucks. This is not unreasonable. And it better be done on Q2 2017, or I’m gonna be really disappointed. So go study books and start programming your game and making business deals.


  11. Still waiting on Porsche dlc pack
    still waiting on ability to see tyre temps
    still waiting on my Ikea meatballs that my friend stole and put in his freezer.


  12. Kunos release PC patches when they are finished = lying about console parity

    Kunos delay PC patches until console certification = lying about console release not affecting PC development

    What dirty fucking liars, you’ve really got them this time James! Delaying the PC updates for no reason at all aside from lengthy console certification is obviously the way to go. Then you could write an article about how the console release is crippling the PC version! Journalism!


  13. EB n JB both upload 8 videos about AC Posh in 2 days and both almost luv the same cars..both use the console version that show how good the console is.! AC da best!


  14. You need to know that we’re the driver

    Tonight we set the Kunos on fire

    All I need is a gas and a lighter

    And we’ll have one of the hell guy down…

    (Now, I think, I have to use a hook from Night Rider song, modified so to reflect the AC commuity right now.)


  15. Hi James and the Team, I read every article you guys right, and love reading your articles, but this is clutching at straws, we all know the game isn’t what it should or could be and hopefully will be at some point in the future. I hope this is a blip in your case and not a sign of whats to come regarding the content on your site as you are the only one out daring to give honest opinions whether they are right or wrong is a matter of opinion for readers. releasing updates separate for different platforms isn’t unusual at all, we all know AI on every game has alterations to make game play as good as possible, I personally don’t care how they do it behind the scenes as long as I get to race half decent AI, keep up the good work, p.s I have never commented before and never once questioned any content on here as it always seems on my research outside this website and away from the outlets that suck developers ass and you always make valid arguments/points, but I felt compelled to comment today as I fear for the credibility of my favorite sim news/stories outlet. PEACE


  16. Goddamit James! I can understand your hate and bashing on many levels but calling update schedule differences watered down physics for the consoles… is just kindergarten level of thick headedness for the sake of just proving ONE very moot point.
    Very disappointed you still cling to semantics and little nuances like your life depended on it when so much of AC is genuinly still shit as a “racing simulator” in the grand scheme of things. But console updates happening later than PC… really low.

    No, they did not lie on this aspect, no matter how you put it. It’s the same physics set, unless you can prove to me that the same versions of the game have different parameters running on different platforms, which I can’t confirm sadly but so far nobody has proven. Show me actual proof of different physics not some shit electronics mogul taking it’s sweet time approving a fucking update. If you can’t, man up to the fact that you are just nitpicking on this aspect like an autistic schoolboy for clickbait.

    Really wish your bashing had real substance, man, you did much better than this on many occasions.


    1. He’s an autist that writes articles to deliberately trigger other autists

      Angry comments like yours are good for his traffic stop reading this shit if you can’t help but take the bait.

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      1. Maybe because the game version on console was the equivalent of 1.4 on pc or something. Now they brought it to 1.9, the pc version was still in 1.9 when they submitted to sony and microsoft, just in the mean time they finished 1.10 for pc. You being the console love boy you are, you’d have preferred they’d hold up the pc version, and then complain again “cry cry why are the devs harming the pc updates releases cry cry”. Guess what, they told to console users they were gonna release 1.9 and porsche pack 1 in November and instead of making them wait another month for 1.10, they released 1.9 in November. For ps4 though, xbox one is delayed cause of problems.


        1. So it’s the typical “shitty dev messed up” sob story like what happened with NASCAR The Game, where the 360 version received timely updates whereas the PS3 version was left almost completely in the dark.


  17. Man, I thought there wasn’t a fanboy army worse than SMShills… I might have to re-evaluate that.

    At least these guys were spewing shit trying to protect their peanut investment, but Assetto fanboys do it for free.

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    1. Im still shocked people are defending a lack of parity between versions. Imagine if EA came out and said “Madden gets a roster update on the ps4 today, but xbox owners will have it in January.” Riots.


      1. A lack of parity between versions is a different case from, updates happening a few weeks before or after each platform, which happens all the time, but I don’t agree with all this SMS shill nonsense, the only honest assessment of Pcars I have read is from this site, it’s flawed game but still really good fun when it works, which is most of time to fair, I can’t comment much on PC games, limited to playing rift in my mates from time to time,and any time i have played pcars I have enjoyed it and thought it well better than anything on consoles for immersion, I haven’t played any console racer where AI was great, they all have little flaws. the issue here is if they have different physics or not even that,just tweaks on platform would be enough to justify your argument, but updates on different dates doesn’t justify it, p,s i have only played A/C twice, so I can’t say if you are right or wrong, its an awesome game in as lot of ways and really schoolboy programmer style in a lot of other ways. Im not saying your wrong in what you say, but just not the best way to try prove it,


      2. I’m surprised you’re willing to delay any and all updates to the game on the PC for months, just to preserve some idiotic fantasy about “the game is the same” meaning something other than “we haven’t written special physics code to make the game easier for consoleros”


              1. Is your perspective. Having sex before wedding is a sin for religion, is their perspective. It isn’t a religious standard. Therefore burn the witches.

                That about sums up your view and conservative mentality about the gaming industry.

                Every time someone talks about standard this standard that, is all piss talk because they can’t do it and wanna force someone to do it, otherwise I’m gonna be very angry and disappointed and I’m gonna write not-happy articles.


                  1. You’re not doing any critique piece here. You’re just being judgemental about every little thing Kunos does. You’re speculating and twisting everything to sell yourself and this blog for views and popularity.
                    You’re no more than those youtube videos of Exposed and Gone Wrong.

                    You’re twisting everything and then draw conclusions from it as ‘facts’. Sometimes you even use your past articles as source and reference, quoting yourself :)))) That is even worse than using wikipedia as source.

                    Learn to criticize with true evidence and not with bias evidence.

                    You just spout whatever negative someone says on steam discussions, reddit, or troubleshooting section in AC forums. You don’t even bother to confirm for yourself, to investigate in the game, to search different opinions on the forums. You just straight use that as evidence and begin speculating from there. And you call that being a critic?

                    The only truthful and honest thing is right at the top of your blog: The worst site you could possibly visit for Sim Racing news.
                    Keep being endorsed and continue the shilling, you’re doing an excellent job in that respect.


      1. you’re making fun, but on my page the ads are each manually blocked with adblock, just in case. Because you’re actually profiting with our views after saying shit of every sim racing game, and weekly, so that we keep returning kek.
        But your ads actually run deeper, disguised as text in the article. SMS is happy that you shill for them without running ads, just by naming their products in the article and talking about them.

        Above there was a guy saying SMS shills are the worst and using that to say the same of players that like AC, but the major shill of SMS and their games is actually Austin/James.


  18. I’d like to hear more on this apparent cheat outlined in one of the screen shots where it seems you can or could switch your car to arcade mode during multiplayer races?


    1. Anytime I tried ctrl+c (which is something available for two years or so), the AI drove the car for me but I lost all controls, even when toggled back, so I needed to restart acs.exe

      It can’t be used in multiplayer because AI function isn’t available for the server.

      This is a function for devs and modders, but is true, doesn’t prevent anyone else from using it offline. But what’s the point anyway, the AI does lap times for you, but I think is inferior to 100% AI, not sure though. You’re only cheating yourself, fam.


  19. come on, who should listen to your so said “truths”? You are on a rant, fine for you i have fun playing this game even if the menu has no fancy animation, looks crappy and doesnt resemble the DIRT menu you probably want to see instead. Also nice comments you found there on steam, i will also start searching for the truth in negative steam comments


  20. It’s official. James is a shill. Taking Kunos to task for the exact same things PCars does.
    Where’s the parity in PCars.
    Huge difference in the PC and console editions. But James is silent.
    Today is the day
    PracticallyRetardedCuck died for me.
    James responds to everyone and everything, except being called out on PCars Shilling. Because it’s true. And the PracticallyRetardedCuck can’t argue.
    Fan boy or Shill. Who cares.
    Place wreaks of click bait anyway


    1. Were you here for the launch of pCars?

      If not, I’d suggest going through the Slightly Mad Studios tag. Every single post dating back to 2015. We utterly destroyed them.


      1. Not since The Cuckgate article with Ian’s interview. Have essentially labeled it your sim of choice since. Especially on console.
        There has definitely been an imbalance of AC vs PCars coverage since. It’s not like the bugs list from PCars isn’t still 2 pages long and completely Unfixed.
        I agree that PCars is the far better game, as AC is just a hot lapping sim
        But don’t get it all twisted trying to destroy Kunos. I’d hate to think what other kind of garbage PCars would try without competition.
        Oh wait. Never mind. GTSport is going to make us all forget the abortion’s that are PCars and AC hopefully. In console land anyway,where the money is for developers that don’t burn us.


  21. If they held back the PC version for no reason then people would say that they were bowing to the pressure of the console audience and that they were “sell outs”. So they really can’t win.


  22. If you want legit reasons to go after Kunos and potential lies.
    Look at the lack of a release for the Porsche DLC Content on consoles. No doubt they are trying to sell as many copies without it and keeping the DLC content separate as long as possible before bundling it together at a bargain price.
    Yesterday when I checked the PSStore for value. It still wasn’t there yet on AC. Game + DLC still $60 on sale. Which is $30-$40 higher than I expected and need it to be before I pull trigger and buy it.

    Anybody know what AC is going for used from Gamefly?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And btw, you know that people on PS4 have been playing 1.9 and porsche pack 1 since today, so what do you actually mean with “Look at the lack of a release for the Porsche DLC Content on consoles.” ? We found James new best buddy.


      1. Bad news is 1.9 is still shit. It didn’t fix the most blatant problems like lack of ability to assign buttons or the option to spawn at the pits mid race or private games.

        I doubt there are many people dumb enough to buy DLC for a game that will do everything to stop you from having good races


        1. Of course there are people that stupid. Plenty are content whores with more disposable income than sense. It’s why the genre is in such sad shape. People are bored and desperate to play something. They Gobble up content and new anything for even a few hours of that new toy feeling.


      2. No. I don’t know anything about AC and I don’t care.
        Unless it’s dirt cheap with all the content.
        When it hits $20 or less for all content. That’s when I’ll check start learning and forming an opinion on its physics and FFB.
        I already know it’s a crappy game with nothing to do.


        1. And we need to know this because? I guess you’re expecting us to convince you of something or you’re trying to make us feel bad… Is up to you what games you play and when you buy them, but I already understood that you’re insecure about what games you should play and you let others make your mind instead of finding for yourself at the beginning.


            1. Buyers remorse? I sometimes have buyers remorse when I don’t use a game I bought, but I have been playing AC since 2014, so you can’t really qualify that as buyers remorse.


  23. In other news:

    > According to one of the latest statements from Kunos, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners of Assetto Corsa won’t be seeing some of the unique features found in the PC version. Responding to GTPlanet member Donnced on the official forum, Stefano directly ruled out the possibility of using Photomode, Showroom or viewing larger replay files on consoles:

    Those sound like features that a competent racing game should have, features that are present in Driveclub, Forza, Gran Turismo and probably a few others as well…

    No wonder the game was dead on arrival on console.


    1. full length replays are limited because of RAM. People can already record ~50min replay with one car on track, but the more cars more memory is used, therefore less replay length. On PC you also have limitations about this.

      Maybe they didn’t put photomode on consoles because on PC it isn’t that extraordinary as well.

      About showrooms I don’t know the reason, but hopefully in the future if they find a way/time, then put it.

      “Those sound like features that a competent racing game should have, features that are present in Driveclub, Forza, Gran Turismo and probably a few others as well…”

      Then buy and play those games for those features.. but you aren’t.


  24. Yeah, I’m not with you with the ‘different physics’ argument. There’s an entire world between being a patch behind for a bit and running completely reconfigured physics.

    You can’t in good conscience claim that someone lives in a new house because they changed the front door.


  25. You’re wrong about SimRacers not holding Kunos to account, but what most don’t realise is that they are posting on forums like RaceDepartment who for whatever reason are quietly removing any posts from their forums questioning or criticising Assetto Corsa’s physics.
    Check it out. Delete after delete.
    Either there’s some kind of partnership going on here, advertising deals or what have you, or one of the rabid fanboys has made it onto the staff there and is doing their best to slowly remove any criticism of their golden calf.
    Shameful BS.

    Liked by 1 person

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