Reader Submission #127 – Black Friday Ruined R3E

cywssvkw8aawy_lFor the dedicated fans of Sector 3’s free-to-play simulator RaceRoom Racing Experience, late November traditionally marks a frenzy of increased activity within the game’s online servers. Thanks to the Swedish development team adopting the practice of heavily discounting every piece of content available for the title, keeping in line with Black Friday festivities celebrated by North American-based developers, those on the fence when it comes to diving head first into the spiritual successor to GTR 3 are able to indulge without any sort of substantial hit to their wallets.

The cost to add the complete collection of RaceRoom Racing Experience content to your library is temporarily reduced from a couple hundred dollars, to around the cost of a standard PlayStation 4 disc – a much easier pill to swallow for those of us who still remember the days when you could find GTR 2 on the shelves of Best Buy. Now it’s not all sunshine and lollipops – there are still obviously some major flaws with the game, such as the outright inability to set tire pressures – but the point I’m trying to make is that a whole bunch of sim racers pull the trigger on RaceRoom Racing Experience if they haven’t already when November rolls around.

That is, however, until the wave of new customers wreak havoc on the game’s online servers. Today’s Reader Submission comes from an anonymous subscriber of Reddit’s simracing community, outlining the complete disaster that has been R3E’s 2016 Black Friday sale. Despite the fact that we receive press access to the game and have effectively been given every piece of content R3E has to offer, free of charge, it’s our duty to cover this story.

rrre-2016-11-29-15-22-16-85Good afternoon, Just wanted to start things off by saying you’ve got a great thing going, and I love how it makes some people go batshit crazy over simple facts about their beloved games, like some religious cult. Now I can sort of understand how Jim Jones could get his followers to follow him in death back in 1978.

I just wanted to report that RaceRoom Racing Experience is absolutely unplayable online right now after the latest patch. Many people, myself included, went all in on their Black Friday sale and bought content like crazy. I actually went out and bought their PRO PACK bundle, which gives you 100% content ownership for a fixed rate. But guess what? We can’t play with our new toys online, because the servers won’t work.

rrre-2016-11-29-15-23-12-63I have played RaceRoom for a good two years without major problems and lately it is the only sim I’m playing. Great force feedback, nice feeling cars, good amount of content and decently populated servers online. So I know how good this game can be when it’s firing on all cylinders. But I had a race with you a couple of days ago, and I think you could see the problems for yourself: massive ping rates, disappearing cars, intrusive stuttering, and framerate drops to the point where the game isn’t playable.

What bugs me and others is the complete silence from the developers at Sector3 Studios. Are they working on a fix, or have they gone completely underground?

rrre-2016-11-29-15-27-14-78Thanks for pushing me to cover this story and get away from the madness that’s occurred in our comments section over the past few days. I personally enjoy RaceRoom Racing Experience, and hopefully Jean-Francois won’t crucify me for mentioning to our readers that we occasionally shoot the shit over Facebook, but you’re absolutely goddamn right – R3E is a bloody mess right now, and I’ve included a few screenshots of the races you’ve alluded to throughout the article as proof that shit is going seriously haywire.

rrre-2016-11-29-16-16-26-28This game is utterly solid online when it works as it should, but I tried to enter a couple of servers over the weekend at my own leisure, only to leave prematurely in outright disgust. As you mentioned, cars were warping everywhere, framerate issues popped up when this has usually been the most stable application on my PC, and collision detection woes were off the charts – some guy in a Corvette was the victim of a lag shunt from me even though on my screen, I was nowhere near him. It was so brutal I actually retired from the GT3 event at Spa despite nursing a hefty lead after lap one, as the heads up display reported me to be residing in fourth place, trailing an alleged doppelganger of myself that was said to be 0.000 seconds ahead, with last three drivers incorrectly reported as first, second, and third.

Jean-Francois immediately asked to look at my log files once I notified him of my experience, indicating they’re more than aware of the situation unfolding on their servers, but I can’t answer anything on behalf of the team considering I don’t actually work for Sector 3, regardless of what the inevitable trolls in the comments section claim. I assume they’re not happy that a slight increase in server traffic warranted such disastrous results, but that’s unfortunately the price they have paid for relying on R3E’s bizarre free-to-play model, as opposed to a classic offline format.

Even though our relationship with Sector 3 is quite good, I have to warn our readers that it’s probably best to stay away from RaceRoom Racing Experience until these problems are completely eradicated, so do your best to stay informed and keep monitoring the official message boards until you see a unanimous consensus from active users that everything has been taken care of. Make no mistake, I was genuinely mad at what I saw out my virtual windshield over the past weekend, especially since I’ve enjoyed many exciting online races within R3E prior to the Black Friday update and subsequent influx of new users that their servers obviously can’t handle. Here’s to hoping the next major Sector 3 release will put this ludicrous always-online bullshit six feet under, because I really don’t want to deal with online servers that chaotic ever again.


94 thoughts on “Reader Submission #127 – Black Friday Ruined R3E

  1. It has nothing to do with more players or black Friday. The problems exist since the November patch. I for myself had some really good online races without any flaws. (Btw I never had framerate drops after the patch). Most of my races online are fine, in some others there is always someone jumping around, last race DTM 2016 hungaroring an hour ago it seemed that I was the invisible guy. I got totally crushed and watching the replay no one seemed to notice that I was driving right in front of them. It was like a pinball game for me. But then I had a comeback in the race and the problems seemed to be gone.
    S3 is addressing this problem right now and is busy with finding a solution, so don’t freak out when it still doesn’t work from one day to another.

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      1. I hope you get a huge an@l tear that causes a fisher and a big group of plum sized hemeroids that pop when you shit and the chilli and curry from your shit makes them very painful.


  2. “Here’s to hoping the next major Sector 3 release will put this ludicrous always-online bullshit six feet under…”

    Been saying that for 3 years and that has kept me from spending more in their store.


  3. I picked up a few things over the sale (DTM 2016 BMW, a couple of liveries and one of the last few tracks I don’t own). Times like these make me kind of relieved I don’t have much time for online races and stick with the AI. R3E is still one of my go to offline sims at the moment, had a great race in the DTM 2016 cars at Red Bull ring before I binned it in the wall from second place after closing a 5 second gap.


  4. Do you ever stop whinging like a bitch, James?

    If you were fucking Hashley theres absolutely no fucking doubt you’d be whinging at least 98% of the time.

    ‘Hash push it deeper ifs’
    Hash you’re pushing it to deep ifs’
    Hash you’re missing my mouth again ifs’
    ‘Hash put both hands in ifs’

    You’re a massive winger and a slut.


  5. I get the impression from the article that you really dont like to bash R3E because you have a good relationship with the guys behind it. :/


    1. Truth. ^^^^^^^^
      This is an online only game with crap net code.
      How anyone can say they play this game and cry about Iracing being I renting. It’s beyond me.
      Free to play structure is garbage.
      You think the guys that spend coin on this are having as many issues staying connected?
      Doubt it.
      The game is garbage regardless.
      Tried it awhile back and put it down almost immediately.
      It was really bad between the poor netcode and the awful graphics and physics.

      This is another one that proves James isn’t always honest with his critiques.
      First comments in are people saying they play and enjoy it.
      Just more shilling. It’s kind of what this site is now. A shilling platform for the stuff James has ties to.

      A Shill and afraid of girls?
      Haha. Who gets a restraining order over an ex girlfriend?
      Did she hurt you James.?
      What a puss


      1. They don’t ban you but have they never ban anyone else? Maybe there are angry people as well for being banned, but since it isn’t you, those people don’t exist. And I doubt people say the shit on raceroom forums people say or used to say on assetto corsa forums.


      2. I love how butthurt you still are about being banned from iRacing. Guess you didn’t realise they would use hardware id’s to stop you making another account. I would help you with that, but you’re a total cunt so have fun playing R3E and lego games on your own instead.


        1. There are no rules against second accounts that are actively enforced. Most DWC drivers have a spare so they can race at their leisure without tarnishing their iR or SR.

          Shows how much you know.


              1. “Raceroom doesn’t work but the devs are really nice, they gave me free stuff. Wait until they fix it before you spend money on it. The content will be overpriced again by then but you should pay it because the devs have made me feel special.

                Not like those nasty Iracing devs. I’d probably be still using their service if they had just let me use my shitty paint job but now I just post shit about it at every opportunity because they made me massively butthurt.”



      3. Exactly
        Just the rantings of a Butt hurt guy trolling the stuff he isn’t connected to anymore.

        Misses Iracing so much he did this.

        It used to be less transparent. But the more you see. The more it becomes obvious.


  6. Black Friday or Server Issue before Black Friday.

    Either way, unless Sector 3 own more server/has the latest server available,they shouldn’t just wait until problem arouse.

    Let’s hope that the next Black Friday sale won’t have the same issue, again.


  7. another shill article from PRC nice attempt to casually mention there’s a sale on R3E but your guerilla marketing wont work sector 3 are wasting their money


      1. Congrats on telling people to not use a game they literally can’t use because the servers are down. Wow look at me guys, I’m not a shill, I told people not to use a game they know they can’t use momentarily.

        That is the definition of game breaking issue, not the shit you say about iracing, automobilista, assetto corsa, rfactor2. But since this is about raceroom “people, keep monitoring the forums every day until this gets fixed, then you can go back to playing and buying more stuff from them”.


        1. It’s funny how nobody seemed to care about ISR receiving several thousand dollars from Thrustmaster to merely have a box of wheels in the background of their set, but a dev tossing us press access to a game so we can rip it apart to find shit like the 1/1 aero exploit leads you to create nonsensical terms like “inverse shilling.”

          Now if your theories regarding inverse shilling are true, I guess it’s time to praise me for being the smartest motherfucker in sim racing for monetizing a blog where I sit at my PC each day and unleash an autistic tirade on whatever developer I feel didn’t include enough vowels in their recent Twitter posts.

          Or there is no such thing as inverse shilling and the devs just tossed us a free copy of their game cause they laughed at one of my articles while on the shitter.


          1. > your theories regarding inverse shilling are true

            > sit at my PC each day and unleash an autistic tirade on whatever developer I feel didn’t include enough vowels in their recent Twitter posts.

            This is the most accurate thing I’ve ever read on PRC


          2. I dunno, man, whenever people tell me “hey this product doesn’t work,” I’m like, “ooh, that means I should throw money at it right this second!”

            Honestly, though, I dunno what the heck’s going on in these comments sections half the time; I’m just glad you keep posting and don’t let it get to you that much. I could definitely stand to learn a bit in that regard.


          3. Lol my daily routine… Taking a shit in works time. I don’t work for a developer but would chuck you a free copy just for the shill factor.

            You’re a funny guy


          1. but nobody played race2play no matter how much and hard you shilled for it.

            Nobody has to shill for Assetto Corsa that people play it. All the products you advertise for nobody cares about and nobody plays them. All the products you despise and say they are bad, more and more people play them. You’re greatly underestimating players and customers. No matter how much you shill for obscure games and services, they will remain bad.

            At least you make some dough. There’s an industry for being provocative, fact twister, harshly judgemental, polemical, bad critic. And you’re trying to strive in it. Congratulations, you’re already inside.


            1. Well just because a large amount of people play a game doesn’t mean it’s good and doesn’t have flaws. Most players go to those games because they don’t explore the options or they are so narrow minded they can take a shit in to a straw.

              If you take five min from wanking over the amount of people playing iRent and AC and read what James is writing you’ll see that he lists good things about iRacing and AC but he questions some other things which are reasonable to question.

              I can honestly say that GTR2 has given me the most joy in 2016 and how many are playing that? Also, you can use whatever cars, whatever mods on whatever tracks and time of day you like. I bet that 90% haven’t tried any other games than the offerings from Kunos, SMS and iRacing.


              1. And you’re putting everybody in the same sack. Where do you think James gets his material? Mostly from people who like AC and keep playing it weekly, and they report bugs and make suggestions for improvement.

                Many improvements to the game and bugs found are because of people who give feedback on the forums, the devs notice and work on it. So I don’t really understand what the role of this blog is exactly.

                And the bad material James gets is from steam discussions and similar with non fundament and often wrong assumptions about the game. This just tells this guy has no criteria about the bad things he posts of AC and other sims in his blog. Anything that can shit on AC is posted here. Not ever he posts the other side, because he thinks the other side is just fanboys and shills. Well, wtf journalism is that? Just trying to convince people of one side of the story.


      2. All I heard and likely was intended to be heard was.
        I play this game.

        Im gonna have to find a twitch channel for R3E and see if it looks like any fun
        Wonder if I can find a twitch channel broadcasting it.
        Probably not.


    1. “nice attempt to casually mention there’s a sale on R3E”

      You realize black Friday was…last Friday right? As in, ‘the sale isn’t on anymore’ last Friday?


  8. Dude didn’t get the name of the pack right, it’s the PREMIUM pack that gets you everything. I waited 4 months for this, now I got the whole game for 50$. The KTM’s are nice.

    Is Jean-Francois supposed to be the ANONYMOUS poster?


  9. MY Rosey red tulip it getting twitchy, i can feel the pressure building again im sorry to say gents, i think i might need a little help old chaps


  10. Man did the trolls come out in force today. Haven’t mommy come home yet to buy, no excuse me – rent, some content on iRacing for you guys?

    Have Sector3 banned James for this info? Have they come out in force on the official forum to shut people down? Have they ever regressed in to the mind of an out of control 15 year old fat teenager down on sugar having a rage fit? – No. This is how you deal with problems and conduct yourself when you run a business. It’s a fucking game but also something people pay

    However, the main problem is their lack of info regarding the problem. It would calm people down just to hear some updates on the problem from Sector3.

    I always thought this blog existed to cover the truth and why should he then need to bash on Sector3 when they are one of the few developers who make things the right way? It’s not shilling, it’s normal.


      1. How dare you! have you ever read something bad on r/simracing? It’s a place of compassion and joy, where people are open minded and really go the extra mile to help out. When others are promoting the benefits of using a 2000$ wheel setup r/simracing keeps their feet firmly planted and instead advice new racers to go ahead with an old wheel mouse and a nacho-cum-stained keyboard.

        mmm, happiness…


  11. Edit: Its a fucking game but also something people pay much of their hard earned cash for to have a good time. The least a company can do is to meet the players with respect and listen to what they have to say and thisisn’t a problem for Sector3 but seems to be for Kunos, iRacing and SMS.


  12. S3S is working on an iRacing-like service which should start in December according to their dev-stream. They are running like ranking-servers in the background monitoring collisions and all the stuff we know from iRacing. So I assume, it´s in an early stage and people going online are the guinea pigs.

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      1. Oh you can confirm?

        No, people never read other websites or see sector3’s stream.

        I thought what the devs said was a lie, but James confirms that will happen.

        Jeez, I better consult with you after reading sim racing news, I need to confirm it.


          1. more people knew from summary in sim racing news, not watching the entire stream. I guess only raceroom dedicated players also watch the streams.


    1. mmmm…nah

      iRacing still has frame drops in vr (meaning average rendering fidelity must be reduced more than necessary) and ovals benefit least from the potential increase in spatial awareness. The scaling is also kinda jacked up, something isn’t right.

      It’s not a bad experience (quite fun at first, though for some reason immersion is comparatively lacking to some degree, maybe partly because the scale isn’t right) but i honestly find it tiresome for longer oval races.

      The spotter and rear-view mirrors make single monitors just as effective for ovals in iracing. Unless you’re on a particularly tricky oval, the sense of speed is largely irrelevant and you usually aren’t going to be testing out anything particularly different in terms of line.

      You do have a more natural feeling for where people are, but when the success of going 3 wide into a corner is entirely reliant on the opponents not being idiots, does it actually matter?

      Not really, your best bet is still to lift and get a clean run on exit, because odds are in favor of at least one of those drivers losing it.


  13. I feel like some of the information in this article was far more important than anything you had to say with regards to AC. Particularly when you’re still using particularly talking points that have been thoroughly debunked.

    That said, the potential for the new system in RE3 gives some room for error in my book and an understandable reason for why you wouldn’t discuss some temporary network/code issues ASAP. If this works out, now is the best time to get the content.


    1. So. Is E123 getting free Content too? or does he Shill for rights to James content?

      It’s free to play because it’s junk. When they go out of business. Your content is likely gone.
      Good luck with that.


  14. What a joke. Imagine that occurring with AC, or PCars, or Automobilista. It would be the end of the world.

    Sector3 provides a crappy simcade, an awful experience. There is absolutely nothing there. Full of excuses… small team, the poor german internet providers and blah,blah, blah. Pffff. Just pathetic. Four years and they can’t even stay online….

    But don’t worry…a bunch of new content is coming! After all, the people working in the new content have nothing to do with the physics (pffff), or features (what features after all??).

    A 4GB patch for what? To change the game layout?? lololololololololol


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