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rfactor2-2016-12-01-22-01-05-14Their website may be slick, and their credentials may include assisting in the development of a modern racing simulator which recently surpassed the milestone of two million units sold, but MAK-Corp’s rendition of the 2004 Williams FW26 is easily the worst piece of content ever to be released for Studio 397’s rFactor 2. Despite their claims of using real world data to aide in the vehicle’s construction, MAK-Corp have bundled a set of outright preposterous physics underneath the objectively beautiful 3D model, which in no way represent how this car performed during the 2004 Formula One campaign.

Juan Pablo Montoya was an absolute beast of a pilot during the prime years of his career – such an extraordinary race car driver he managed to win America’s most dangerous open wheel racing championship in his rookie season – but what MAK-Corp have built for the rFactor 2 community simply isn’t a car he once drove.  Producing a combination of nonsensical acceleration figures, bogus top speeds with the standard aerodynamics package, and insane lateral grip characteristics which literally try to separate the tire from the rim, MAK-Corp’s Williams FW26 is so horrendously inaccurate, it actually calls into question the authenticity of their other rFactor 2 releases.

mod-infoI first first learned of this abhorrent mod via obscure sim racing YouTube personality Joe Nathan, who recently uploaded a review of the FW26 in which he aggressively questioned MAK-Corp’s claims about the mod’s overall simulation value. Nathan stated MAK-Corp had outright lied about the use of real data to create their Williams F1 mod, given the virtual cars’ substantial leap in performance compared to the real thing, which although a tad sensationalist on the outset, spoke volumes about the quality of the mod – not many people traditionally channel their inner PRC autist when trying to establish themselves as some sort of sim racing cynic.

Several diehard rFactor 2 players consider MAK-Corp to be one of the last major dedicated mod teams continuing to plug away at supporting rFactor 2’s post-release lifespan with additional high quality content free of charge, so Nathan publishing a review where he essentially put the team on blast for creating such a poor rendition of a Formula One car took me by surprise, and I ended up downloading the thing for myself as a way to learn what all the fuss was about.

rfactor2-2016-12-01-22-04-19-56I’ll start by saying the car responded quite well to the setup changes I threw at it. Listen, I don’t want to mislead people and make them believe I’m an alien when it comes to top level open wheel cars – I’m definitely out of my comfort zone here – but during initial shakedown laps, I was quite pleased at how extremely basic techniques I’ve picked up in my travels, such as stiffening the shit out of the front while softening the rear, dropping the tire pressures to the absolute minimum values, and playing with the sway bars a tad, all did what they were supposed to. Though Joe Nathan ripped this car apart, I was pleasantly surprised that I couldn’t find any bullshit in the garage menu and could instead immediately get to work on making this thing fast. As a sim racer who’s prided himself on finding little exploits in RaceRoom Racing Experience and out-engineered his fellow Teamspeak combatants in Brick Rigs, it was nice that I could avoid the faux-engineering garbage for a change.

But then I started really attacking the track, and dear God was it a disaster.

rfactor2-2016-12-01-21-51-22-79Formula One cars from 2004 simply did not accelerate this quickly, nor were they hitting upwards of 365 km/h going into turn one at Interlagos – those are the kinds of speeds you’d see earlier in the season at Monza, where all teams ran a specialty low-downforce configuration that you most definitely wouldn’t be bringing to the year end race in Brazil. I’m accustomed to the speed of Formula One cars thanks to games like Automobilista and F1 2016, but the MAK-Corp FW26 was more akin to a neutered version of Gran Turismo’s Red Bull X1 fantasy car awarded to those who progress through the single player campaign mode. I could monster truck over some of the most treacherous kerbs with relative ease, and unless I really screwed the pooch and entered a corner with wheel inputs that would intentionally upset the car, it was if I couldn’t spin the damn thing out.

It’s important to note that Williams didn’t win the championship in 2004 – notching a single victory conveniently at the circuit I was testing at within rFactor 2 – but if this was how the car really drove back in the day (or somewhere in the ballpark), Juan Pablo must have been the worst driver in the paddock; MAK-Corp have built something that basic lap times and speed charts show could have run circles around the competition both literally and figuratively. That just doesn’t seem right.

The more I pushed for a quicker time to feed my own ego, the more flaws I discovered, sometimes accidentally. I could rapid-fire downshift in a way that has since been patched in other modern simulators, abusing the technique to slow down the car in such a severe fashion that the engine sound would actually cut out entirely – the underlying isiMotor audio calculations unable to produce an RPM range that high thanks to me ripping through the entire gearbox in half a second. And as you can see in the screenshot above, the car had such enormous lateral grip, replays demonstrated the physical rubber flexing in ways that appeared the tire itself would separate from the rim. Brief Google searches have not brought up anything close to the sidewall flex exhibited by what MAK-Corp’s car does, and on-board footage from both Juan Montoya and Ralf Schumacher did not convey the feeling of playing an outdated PS2 game which grossly exaggerated the performance of an F1 car from 2004 as MAK-Corp’s FW26 did.

I mean, as much as I’m trying to be objective here, it was as if I loaded up one of the very first EA Sports F1 games from right when Sony’s PlayStation 2 first hit the market, except I clearly wasn’t. I was playing one of the most advanced racing simulators of our time, using a car created by a team that rFactor 2 owners parade around as one of the last great mod groups – sometimes relentlessly spamming their praise of the rFactor 2 physics engine on message boards far and wide.

tire-tism2At this point you’re probably wondering what kind of lap times I pulled at Interlagos with this ridiculous beast of a car, considering I have a very real habit of waving my dick around during these kinds of articles and posting my leaderboard times to brag to the rest of the sim community in a not-so-subtle fashion. In this instance, the leaderboard times will still be posted, but they serve a very different purpose – they highlight just how poor of a job MAK-Corp have done on the Williams FW26. Juan Montoya set the Interlagos track record during the 2004 Brazilian Grand Prix with a 71.4 second lap time in his real world FW26, but during my offline session in rFactor 2, with barely any rubber on the track and a general sense of unfamiliarity with where the limit of grip is in a modern era Formula One entry, I clocked in at a blistering 62.9, exactly eight and a half seconds faster than what was actually achieved in this race car, and seven seconds faster than Rubens Barrichello’s Ferrari in qualifying trim.

I understand there’s usually a second or two difference between a hardcore racing simulator and reality thanks to being parked comfortably in front of your PC monitor rather than screaming around inches away from concrete barriers, but to clock in at eight and a half seconds faster than what the real thing was capable of is simply not realistic in the slightest – especially if you make the preposterous claims – as MAK-Corp have – that your car has been built with real data and is intending to accurately reproduce the performance of a 2004 Williams FW26 for the most hardcore racing simulator available on the market.

rfactor2-2016-12-01-21-59-07-76Not only were the lap times and trap speeds horribly awry when compared to Juan Montoya’s victory in the 2004 Brazilian Grand Prix, the G-Force meter told an absolutely hilarious story; had the FW26 existed in real life with the performance figures of MAK-Corp’s rendition, Juan Montoya would be unable to complete his outlap before pulling into the garage area complaining of fatigue. Formula One cars of the 2004 season could pull as much as 4 G’s under heavy braking or high speed corners, but the MAK-Corp fairy-tale version could reach as much as 7 G’s on multiple sections of the circuit. You do not need to be Ralf Schumacher, Juan Montoya, or a Williams F1 engineer to know that this is clearly not how a 2004 Williams FW26 handled at competition speeds.

The MAK-Corp FW26 exhibits insanely low drag and less than half of the downforce typically produced by a 2004 Formula One entry, with the aerodynamic balance placed firmly at the rear wing complex as opposed to the 40:60 ratio seen in real life. To compensate for these nonsensical aerodynamic values, which clearly aren’t based on real data as MAK-Corp have publicly claimed when advertising the car, the team have given the front tires extremely high friction coefficient values, and a center of gravity far lower than any genuine data would indicate, resulting in a car that literally drives as if it were intended to be a shitty Russian mod for the PC version of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 – albeit with a gorgeous 3D model.

So in conclusion, Joe Nathan had every right – and then some – to call MAK-Corp a bunch of liars for claiming their 2004 Williams FW26 accurately represented the Formula One entry campaigned by Juan Montoya & Ralf Schumacher, and was based on genuine real-world data. With limited Formula One sim racing experience, I jumped in and went over eight seconds faster than what the real car was physically capable of, all while pulling G-Forces that would have made poor Juan Pablo sick to his stomach on the out lap. MAK-Corp blatantly misled people about the quality of their product – this isn’t accurate in the slightest, it’s easily the absolute worst mod ever conceived by a proper modding team for any modern racing sim.

But we aren’t done yet.

retarded-commentsIn uploading his video review of the FW26 to the Sim Racing section of Reddit, Joe Nathan received a monumental backlash from the community – a tidal wave of borderline-autistic comments that basically attacked him for daring to question the authenticity of a MAK-Corp creation. The highest rated comment on the original post literally implied Joe was not mentally sane for giving the mod a negative review and accusing the team behind it of lying, even though Joe’s analysis was in this instance 110% justified considering, how objectively poor and inaccurate the mod was compared to what MAK-Corp had claimed about their creation in public.

It’s pretty disgusting to see grown men questioning the mental capacity of a teenager on Reddit for giving some random Formula One mod a negative review despite clearly displaying why it wasn’t worth the time to download, but even more perplexing were the discussions that followed. Sim racers who traditionally go around belittling others for playing “simcade” titles such as Codemasters’ F1 2016, Forza Motorsport 6, and Gran Turismo 6, were now defending a totally inaccurate Formula One mod for rFactor 2, claiming they suddenly didn’t care how realistic any particular car in a racing simulator is, and that individuals like Joe Nathan should simply stop questioning the authenticity of content released for popular hardcore racing simulators. Again, I have to stress that these are the exact same people who refuse to touch anything aside from their hardcore sim of choice, and will shit on you for playing Forza because “it’s not a serious racing game”, but here they can be seen defending an rFactor 2 mod that can break the real life track record by eight seconds, and take kerbs like a Trophy Truck – driving in a manner so removed from reality – the entire purpose of sim racing in the first place, realistic race cars – you have to go back to the dawn of the PlayStation 2 era to find a comparable set of F1 physics.

realismThe entire thread is the ultimate display in cognitive dissonance, and I encourage anyone with a few minutes of spare time to dig through the thread and see what other nuggets you can discover – you might see a certain developer pop up. It really feels as if we’ve reached a point in the evolution of sim racing where the average sim racer is so cucked by the concept of fake internet points and playing nice with moderators to amass the largest group of online comrades, anything aside from mindlessly praising any new piece of content that arrives on the scene is met with immense hostility from people who will contradict their own beliefs just to push you away from the community, and label you as an outcast who should be ignored at all costs.

We here at would like to extend a genuine round of applause to Joe Nathan for daring to give MAK-Corp’s 2004 Williams FW26 an honest shakedown and make his thoughts on the mod public, even in the face of a community who was quick to call him insane and attempt to chase him away from the scene altogether.



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  1. The support I received makes me feel like my voice is being heard. And while it sucks to have to deal with people who are quick to question my sanity, it’s worth it.

    Honestly, a mod as fantasy as this one is worthy of harsh criticism, and for that reason I felt the approach and tone was correct overall. Anyone who spent time with the car would probably be fairly upset if they had the same expectations as me. And I will concede my expectations are fairly high.

    Anyways, pretty stoked to have my own personal PRC article, lol.

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    1. They should be happy someone cares enough about sim racing content to cover it like this. I deleted the Enduracers mod about 10 minutes after downloading it and I would probably have done the same with this had I known about it. Thanks to you and PRC, I didn’t have to waste my time.

      Gotta lol at that delusional little clique, though. They’ll make up anything in their fragile little minds to think they are tarmac superheroes.

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    2. I gotta say your wording was a bit aggressive for my tastes, but everything you said about the way the car behaves is absolutely spot on. Thanks for speaking your mind!

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    3. Calling them liars is a little harsh (perhaps their physics guy is dyslexic lol), but the bulk of the review wasn’t nearly as venomous as the comments led me to expect.


    4. Playing pretend race car games.

      Buying high end DD wheel.

      Jerking off on r/simracing because “meh likey simulators”.

      Hating on person who actually takes time to review a pretend race car mod to see if it is anything like it’s real life counterpart because “enjoy life bitch, they try and should be worshipped like queens”

      Just r/simracing autism at it’s best.

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  2. There was nothing wrong with that video. The mod is clearly a disaster and the team lied about it. The guy is right to criticize this. The negative reactions to the video are simply another example of how toxic and delusional this community is. Bunch of overgrown children.

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  3. And fuck Stefano for his comments in that Reddit thread. Rude, petty, and uncalled for. Can’t take criticism and acts like a complete bitch to the people who buy his game but don’t kiss his ass. He’s no different than Ian Bell. Unbelievable.


    1. You’re full of shit. People who take all criticism act like complete bitches. If you want to act like a complete bitch, then be slave to others constant criticism, which most of the time is a reflection of the critics personalities in their life unsuccess, so they want others to constantly do everything and do it perfectly.

      He doesn’t have to take anything he doesn’t agree with. He has his own personality and opinion about the world and about his game like anyone else. It just means sometimes he doesn’t agree with what people have to say the way the game is or how he runs the game.

      Now about that post, he did take criticism about the game when he said he’s aware that the game could have many other things people want, but he also asks “try to keep your feet well planted into reality and what is reasonable to expect from a product with the kind of audience sim racing has”.
      Which means, you want every and all features and content. But just come back down to reality and understand that sim racing games are still made in the “garage” and people/money are limited to the kind of things you can implement and can then maintain through the years.

      The fact that no sim racing game has everything and of the highest quality is enough proof that developers are right in calling people back to reality and to stop being worse demanding than 5yo.


  4. The devs know it’s enough to claim they use real world data to go along with some pretty skins and graphics and just make it look like the real thing. The majority of their audience doesn’t care about the physics, it’s more important to have official licenses so they can make themselves look like a proper race car driver in their youtube video rocking a DD-wheel, triple screens, a button box, racing gloves, multiple cameras and racing the AI on 80%.


  5. As someone who used to “work” for MAK-Corp back in the rF1 days (as MMG) as a glorified screenshot artist for their 2007 and 2008 F1 mods (basically editing shots for promotion) I’m genuinely surprised they’re still around considering how empty their private forums were. I still remember using their 94 F1 mod which went unworked on for months because they couldn’t convince anyone to work with them long enough to stay. Petros even once promised me a copy of Photoshop to keep working for him which obviously never arrived. Typical Melbournians.


  6. MAK F1 Classics = dogshit
    MAK Group C = dogshit
    Apex GT3 = dogshit
    F1 1988 = dogshit
    2015 BTCC = literally the official Honda’s physics slapped together with some unrelated ripped Brazilian car models
    Enduracers = dogshit

    Funny how all these mods praised by the rFactor 2 community are actually incredibly awful in terms of physics. Associat0r, hexagramme, Hash, DurgeDriven… you couldn’t ask for a worse community for a supposed “modding platform”.

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    1. btw, Apex GT3 = dogshit with ZERO real data. Every car drives like a brick, and every car is praised by those fanatics.
      They praise anything made for rFactor 2 while waging war against every other platform. I can’t think of anybody who shills so extensively for any other sim. Even Bakkster and Horncuckle play other sims regularly and give praise where it’s due. ISI/S397 endorse the worst of their community by making them the out and out face of it.


      1. I guess any nutcase dev will have his own brigade of shills. I’m just treating him as he would treat others, and in that Reddit thread, he was being a huge prick as usual.


        1. In fact he wasn’t. He was being very down to earth about the reality of the sim racing industry. Some people like to think that their word is gold and if followed by devs everything will be alright.
          With such wise words and “excellent” criticism I would wonder those guys would have their own sim racing game, with a very rich company, since they know all the right things and all the secrets to have the most complete and successful game.
          Therefore, just come back to reality. Things take time to evolve and you don’t get everything right now. Only with work done in the present you get to reach a future. And every sim racing game has a company behind working in the present always in attempt to do more and better. And sometimes less is more.
          Even if Assetto Corsa has less things than other sims, it does and represents more for the players and customers than all those sims with a huge ass list of stuff everyone likes to put it in your face but in the end they don’t do more than looking nice on paper. That’s the actual reality that people don’t like to recognize, they only like to point the finger at everything AC and their devs do or say, but they aren’t worried to understand why ‘their’ games are unsuccessful and they prefer to point fingers to Assetto Corsa instead of working on ‘their’ game’s defects.

          And if you’d actually pay attention to what kunos wrote on that post, he said he isn’t against criticism of products. He doesn’t need anyone to defend him, he can take care of any troll just fine. Then they usually end up on Racedepartment and Pretendracecars.


          1. He says he isn’t against criticism, yet it seems like he can’t handle it himself. He gets hyper-defensive about anyone who points out a flaw or criticizes Assetto Corsa. Joe Nathan was being pretty civil in the Reddit thread, yet Stefano acts like the typical sim racing troll when he responds to him. The devs can continue to act like retarded manchildren if they want to, but they should understand that not everyone will willingly kiss their asses, and pretend that there’s nothing wrong with their products.

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          2. “Even if Assetto Corsa has less things than other sims, it does and represents more for the players and customers than all those sims with a huge ass list of stuff everyone likes to put it in your face but in the end they don’t do more than looking nice on paper. ”

            This drives me fucking nuts. I like buying games that have features and work.

            Fuck me I guess


  7. Backlash or not, this is a bravely attempt by Joe to show that every sim racer, but PRC Team, some people, and me, the old sim and arcade racer, is the manchildren.

    So how many people will realize that not listen to the one teenager, then posting shit at him equals demostrating to the people that they are IDIOTS. I-D-I-O-T-S, FUCKED!

    Last year, we had to deal with SRD manchildren (Fun Fact: I wasn’t involved with them, nor joining either side as I haven’t heard NR2003 at that time). This year, we have a very rough year in SIM RACING in general.

    Its common belief about PRCdotnet killing sim racing, while seem to correct, proved everyone that SIMRACING commuity has a dark side, preparing for the worst as we know it: killing their own commuity.

    Now, with the simcade racer said “Joe, you shouldn’t review this, it’s a waste of oil well of the money. I don’t care what did you said. This review are bullshit. Joe has a mental issue, and he is a manchild.”, how about sending me a picture of you driving in Formula 1 car, and see if it’s easy as YOU playing simcade.

    It takes time to drive a Formula 1, and you will used to it.

    Now how many people finishes the race with some training from video game aside GT Academy?

    Probably none.

    If you saw THAT negative video again, here’s my advice: CAN YOU PLAY?!!?!!

    If you, and yes, you again, decide to skip that entirely and drop an F-BOMB on negative video, next time when you are on the F1 car or in any motor racing series, YOU WILL NOT SCORE A POINT IN FIA SACTIONED EVENT OR IN THE BACKMARKER TEAM OR CRASHING EVERY SINGLE DRIVER YOU HAVE SAW IN EVERY SINGLE RACE, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AND SO ON! PERIOD!



    Joe Nathan, very good, son. Cookies were awarded: 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

    AND WHERE’S MY SHOEY?! Those *EXPLETIVE* Aussie guy seems to spam the comment about his *EXPLETIVE*.

    And holy cow! I wrote the longest comment that is not AC thing.


    1. “Its common belief about PRCdotnet killing sim racing, while seem to correct, proved everyone that SIMRACING commuity has a dark side, preparing for the worst as we know it: killing their own commuity.”

      The destructive side of sim racing has one thing in common, they all come from rfactor. Associat0r, hexagramme, Hash, DurgeDriven… and others that remain hidden.

      They buried their game deep down that it got sold to studio 369 or whatever that number is.


      1. ISI/Studio369 or whatever it’s called should thank Associat0r for putting rF2 on the map. He’s the only reason that people know about its features and that people are still talking about it.
        Without him rF2 would have been long forgotten and we would all be playing pretend sim AC still thinking it’s the hottest shit.


      2. Normally, I don’t look at the replies because I’m lazy.

        But thanks for your info.

        Still not sure where the hell is Associat0r guy is.


    2. Listen here you imbecilic Russian fool, learn some English you vodka drinking twit, ivan you need to be hospitalised in a padded cell, and you can’t drive for shit.
      Petty the Germans didn’t catch your ancestors


    3. The things killing sim racing are:

      A)unfinished products and the hardcore(but not fanboy level)guys are tired of waiting for fixes

      B)can’t attract new customers for long because of A . They think it’s fucking ridiculous to buy a video game that has doesn’t work or has no features


  8. dospaquetes went full retard in that thread, talking about how he doesn’t care if a car in a sim handles anything like the real car it’s modeled after as long as the car is internally consistent in its physics. da fuk. fucking mario kart is internally consistent with its physics.

    and then all the other retards going on about how it doesn’t matter if the physics are accurate or realistic as long as the car is fun to drive. da fuk #2. Go play Forza Horizon or Trackmania then.


    1. That thread was literally the most insane gaming related thing I’ve ever read

      Judging by his username I wonder if there was some kind of translation error or something

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      1. It’s on par with how I perceive the sim racing manchildren population, but it was just so concentrated in that thread, even with baby Kunos chiming in. Glorious.

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    1. Another Joe Nathan vid.

      Joe or not. If you are not Joe, link this article to him and see if he will come.


      1. Yikes.

        Bet I didn’t see you while I was commenting. 😂

        Anyway, as James said, thanks for being bravely man who dare to review this masterpieces. So I give “cookies” for you (virual one, didn’t have the real one -_-):🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

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        1. And by “masterpieces”, I mean it’s the mod in the question, you did really good job at wrecking the last rFactor mod group.

          Adding another information seem to be the pain in my ass, as I can’t edit the comment in WordPress, AFAIK.

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    1. Well, Assoc is right that they’re an experienced and respected modding team with Formula E series as their clients, but he still didn’t praise their mods.


    2. Way to go taking that quote out of context from more than a year ago, which was about rF2 vs AC physics and had nothing to do with Mak Corp mod quality.

      Mak Corp also frequently outsource physics and models, so not all their mods are up to the same standards.


    3. I will never understand why he edits every post he makes. Here’s something you should definitely edit away, Cleon Waterburg: Holy shit nigger V8 Supercars are nothing like DTM what the fuck is wrong with you

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  9. Hey associat0r, remember when you constantly spammed that makcorp shit. They were saying AC is like forza 5, but apparently his mods are worse than forza 5. :)))

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    1. So what? Associat0r doesn’t praise Mak Corp’s mods, he only praised his quote which is still true.

      AC physics is like Forza 5 and has no simulation value, regardless of how shit Mak Corp’s mods are.


      1. Yea sure, I don’t know how to make quality physics for a mod but I definitely know this sim is simcade.. do you even listen to yourself.


  10. Hi all,

    1. uhm… I’d like to suggest the use of moderation in the comment section, I mean admin-moderation, since self-moderation is definitely not here; and wading… reading through all the stuff is actually scary…

    2. when one writes “in all /it’s/ powerful glory” in a press-release/banner, it loses next to all credibility, IMHO

    3. I like your pieces about how close to RL are certain cars in a given DLC (e.g. your pieces on Japanese or Porsche #1 AC packs).
    See, I have no experience in motorsport and the only cars I’ll ever drive are everyday’s consumer cars, so I’d like a PC sim to “teach” me something new… the issue here is that not everything is as realistic as one would expect (and I appreciated the “Real Life is a Frankensim” article just because of that).

    Best regards

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  11. Good article James.

    – V10 F1s could hit around 320 km/h in Interlagos main straight.
    – The max deceleration and lateral Gs around that that were in the low 5Gs (not 4, they went slightly over 5).
    – You got everything right about the laptimes in the article.

    I would like to argue against that “1 or 2 seconds” you give for free to a sim racing car though. If the car is properly done, it should be tenths away from the real thing, and only down to our ability to lap ad infinitum, while the real drivers have to nail it right there, right then. That is enough to offset their SoP advantage.

    A professional racing driver, that has been doing it since 10YO (especially in modern motorsport) doesn´t have any sort of fear in his head and isn´t going to stay away from the absolut limit because “I might crash and get hurt”. That people doesn´t make it out of karting.

    Teammates lap within a tenth or two most times as they both take 99´95% out of the car. You don´t get 2 seconds just because you´re not scared.

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        1. ok he blindly praises the thermonuclear tyres. His famous copypasta. Made of atoms in vacuum with speed of light precision.

          And at this point he gave up with his arguments and evidence, he goes straight to AC no simulation value, AC simcade. Repeat 5 times a day and by the end of year 2143 it will be true.


          1. The thermonuclear tyres are worth praising and if you can’t see the difference between posers and the real Ass on here then you have some serious problems.


            1. Stop with this disinformation campaign. “Majorly Simulation Expert” poster is associat0r.

              Only associat0r is to blame if he doesn’t turn SIMULATION_VALUE=0 very high in Assetto Corsa. Some days I turn the value to over 100 because I wanna play an ultra realistic racing game. But some days I just wanna have some fun with the cars and driving around, and I put it back to 0. Easy peasy.


  12. rFactor 2 is a dedicated modding platform with Dev Mode, packaging system, MP
    with auto-downloading of mods, Workshop support, among other things. rFactor 2 has a superiour tire model (thermomechanical physically based, instead of empirical), chassis flex, improved, improved wheel to wheel collisions, a truly dynamic realroad system including rain, resume from replay savegames, much more improved AI behaviour and race rule support and much more. Its graphics renderer is also highly. advanced (physically correct renderer).


    1. It’s not fun when the ai screws you up in the middle of a 60 lap race, or causes a full course yellow every five laps, though.

      Will I ever get muh truly great ai in a racing game?


    2. rFactor 2 is a dedicated platform with Ass Mode, hexxing system, MP
      with auto-hashling of mods, Woodshop support, among other flavours. rFactor 2 has a brown tire model (thermoplastic physically based, instead of icecream), chassis paint, improved, improved wheel to doughnut collisions, a truly dynamic realcandy system including white sugar, resume from replay sextapes, much more tasty AI behaviour and race rule support and much more much more spicy. Its graphics photoshop is also highly. advanced (physically correct photoshop).


      1. 2 RFactor He devoted a lot of ass? Mode, hexxing system, MP
        And automatically hashling support drew a vote for Carpenter. 2 RFactor caused the brown paper (after the ice cream thermoplastic body), HW chassis progress was improved? Improved wheel confetti really encourage the realcandy system, replay sextapes progress to a good taste, wand to work more and more dramatic, operate and the nation. His graphic Photoshop is also strong. Advanced (physically correct photoshop).


  13. Meanwhile, Assetto Corsa’s latest Porsche 962 is some 6 seconds slower at Spa than it was in real life (2:12 xxx current world record vs 2:05 xxx in 1986 WEC qualifying) Not sure how the modern track stacks up to the old one except the bus stop chicane, but based on watch?v=3P1QmCswql0 it seems quite similar (even more narrow?)

    PS I think rf2 kind of sucks too in places, so no shilling accusations


    1. Like you said, can’t really compare given the changes to circuit since 86. Lap was slightly shorter in that config. Couldn’t tell you if it was a 7 second difference though.


    2. Did they use stickier tyres (even than soft compound) and more powerful engines for qualifying those days? So, would the car be the same in qualifying and race? What are some of the best lap times in race at Spa for the Porsche 962?


    3. There are so many Porsche 962 chassis that of course AC can’t simulate them all… 90+ built by Porsche, a dozen by Kramer, and a handful of one-offs or small batches. 4 different engines, 3-4 different series BoPs…


    4. First off, the 1986 Spa 1000km pole was a 2:06.870. The fastest of the Rothmans Porsches only did a 2:07.5.
      Secondly, the 962C in AC is the 1987 Le Mans winning #17 car in Le Mans configuration. At Spa that year in high downforce sprint configuration it once again qualified at a 2:07.5.

      Given this is 80s Le Mans with a 6km straight we’re talking about, Le Mans configuration isn’t just high efficiency but rather outright super low downforce akin to an IndyCar speedway setup. For the Jaguars the sprint race car had 5058lbs of downforce at 200mph while the LM only had 2244. Losing around 5 seconds a lap for that much of a downforce deficit is entirely reasonable, if not too little. (the track is probably a little faster now not just from chicane changes but all the motherfucking paved runoff, but since there’s been multiple major changes over the years it’s hard to prove it)

      Liked by 1 person

    5. The 962 is a bit to slow in AC and in my theory the tyres have not enough grip and should carry this lightweight cars better through corners. Kunos flagged it as an issue, but stated “physics are fine”, so it´s the tyres. GT3-cars also to slow especially since tyre-model 10 and seems a grip-issue as well. But it´s more like optimal grip feels to green or cold and not like some bogus car-physics behind.

      Semislicks are more accurate now and lap times around VIR west and Nordschleife are pretty close with my skills. I think the car-physics are top notch in AC and very likely the best in reproducing the character of cars, but tyre-physics more a two step forward, one step back thing and slicks IMO have more accurate grip in AMS and Raceroom in case of perfect conditions.


    6. It doesn’t. The tracks are completely different, it’s not “just the bus stop chicane”. Even the sections that are similar went under heavy reworks during the decades. For example, now it’s as smooth as baby skin, but back in the ’80s the Kemmel Straight was a rollercoaster ride with all its bumps and endless elevation changes.

      AC is shit, but at least this time you have to cut them some slack because you can’t compare laptimes with two tracks which only shares the name.

      If you really want to make such comparisons, download mods with historic tracks (Spa 1988 and 1991 are available) and try again.


  14. So I thought this was some kind of slow-day-prc-article, but 1.02.9 on Interlagos, come on that’s silly!! Wonder where they foound that “real life data”… One little gaffe though, F1 cars produce somewhere between 5 and 6 Gs.


  15. Congratulations James on doing articles about what others say or find. And then writing 2000 words to make it seem you did all this investigation.

    Don’t forget next time an update drops for any sim to wait some days until people find bugs and errors and then make an article of “I told you so, devs never listen to criticism”.

    Also some guys keep calling devs as “baby”, and James likes their posts, how are devs baby when these users are constantly crying the game isn’t how they want. A grown person would say a few times what they think isn’t right, if they found a bug or has some suggestion to improve the game, in an educated manner without being judgemental, and then mind his own business. But the babies must cry at every opportunity.


  16. Maybe many people didn’t use this mod because they tried once and found out to be unrealistic. I guess who speaks first is the enlightened.

    Just like when this blog accuses AC players of being fanboys and shills but they are the first at reporting bugs and saying what they think isn’t so good and could be improved. Then he makes an article saying AC has this many errors and fanboys are the fault. kek


    1. This mod isn’t even 1.0 and nobody drives or raves about it so it wasn’t even worth wasting an article about.

      Enduracers on the other hand is a much more serious problem that people rave about and many leagues are using that turd of a mod.


  17. The Group C mod from MAK with my Accuforce has very likely the most crazy shaking FFB of them all. Immersive and total workout even with 50% reduction, but never could take this serious in cars build for 24h races and stints reaching 2,5 hours. Or just watch this with even more torque. You can´t do h-shifting with this FFB:


    1. PS: Thanks to the alternative telemetry-FFB in Sim Commander i could tune the shaking down to a more reasonable level without getting Logitech-forces in corners. I could even tune down the FFB to GT3-cars, but than with some information-loss i guess.


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