Why I Removed rFactor 2 from my Hard Drive

rfactor2-2016-08-02-16-43-13-49Time for us to discuss a more serious simulator? Sounds about right.

I found myself deleting rFactor 2 for good over the weekend. While it’s one thing for a developer to ask their customers to exhibit some patience when it comes to updating their product and keeping it up to par with what else is available on the market, there comes a time where I simply can’t sit around and wait any longer for a game I purchased in 2013 to magically improve upon what’s an admittedly lackluster base. Yes, rFactor 2 does exhibit the most simulation value out of all modern racing simulators available for the PC, but it’s wrapped up in such a bland afterthought of a product, the few standout aspects – such as the refined tire model and introduction of real road technology – are basically meaningless when there are no genuinely compelling aspects which would make you want to boot up the game in the first place.

I’ve owned rFactor 2 since it was first put on the marketplace in what I recall to be the spring of 2013, though it most likely showed up a few months earlier. In something like four years of shelf life, the game still feels like an elaborate beta program with no true sense of self. I still struggle to name a single captivating car or location in rFactor 2 that can’t be found in a rival racing simulator, the core group of modding teams still trying to support the game have recently been exposed as amateurs who are merely winging it – unsure of exactly what the physics engine wants from them, online racing is non-existent aside from private leagues who do little to advertise themselves to the general public, and some of the basic gameplay fundamentals you’re exposed to outside of single car test sessions have in some cases gone backwards from the alternatives available for less on the Steam Marketplace. It’s just not a very good package, and despite Studio 397 attempting to woo customers with yet another amateur level open wheel car, I think it’s time to wave goodbye to rFactor 2. Go back to the drawing board guys, it’s not worth trying to save.

bgdxieuFirst, let’s talk about the visuals. I don’t want to mislead people here, rFactor 2 can look quite beautiful in an extremely specific set of weather conditions, but most of the time what you end up observing are instances like the shot above, where a combination of the game’s art style and lighting engine takes on a washed-out pastel look with this weird silver haze surrounding everything. While Automobilista and RaceRoom Racing Experience both receive their fair share of criticism for cartoonish graphics, rFactor 2 travels to the complete opposite end of the spectrum and produces a very depressing, lifeless atmosphere.

1488420000_1458229318Sure, I’ll praise Image Space Incorporated for going to town when it comes to trackside detail, as even the obscure shit like porta-potties (no pun intended) have been given high-poly models and play an integral role in adding to the vibrancy of the event, but the entire thing is coated in this very drab and dull color palette that the game can’t seem to shake. And those who try and force the game to run a specific HDR filter to counteract this awful atmosphere are taken back to the days of early Xbox 360 titles, where every racing game basically turned into a neon disco party, as demonstrated in the above on-board shot yanked from the game’s official forums.

In short, you can never get rFactor 2 looking anywhere close to pleasing on the eyes, even if it holds a steady 60 FPS. You’ll always be stuck in one of two very specific dimensions of hell; everything is either a gloomy day in England with an unnatural haze hanging over the landscape, or an Xbox 360 racing game whose sole purpose was to smear bright colors over your television. There is no happy medium.

grab_074mThe artificial intelligence is where this game starts to lose serious points. I’m aware the various rFactor 2 shills often run around to tons of different message boards boasting about the rigidity of the offline racing experience, but the reality is that rFactor 2 simply isn’t popular enough for the abundance of complaints to gain any sort of traction within the community as they did with mainstream releases such as Assetto Corsa and Project CARS.

I’m lucky enough, in a city primarily dominated by their love of Hockey and god-awful country music, that someone still started a sim racing cafe featuring the commercial variant of the rFactor 2 software, and both myself and fellow short track drivers are able to frequent the place on a weekly basis. Not only does the owner consistently notify us of other customers running into AI issues, the few private leagues which call Impulse Sim Racing home have disabled AI cars altogether, as on their best days they are downright unpredictable. I’ve actually been asked to serve as a steward for one of these private leagues, and in their rules Email they specifically state they race without AI cars because the entire event becomes an exercise in frustration when bots are placed on the grid alongside human opponents. These are people who are more or less paying to race rFactor 2 on a per-week basis, so for them to completely eradicate AI cars from the event in favor of an eight or nine car field speaks volumes about the kind of experience they were receiving in the past.

rules-capI used to take the elitist stance and chalk this up to a set of poor drivers just getting their feet wet in the world of sim racing, unsure how to conduct themselves in a pack, until I experienced these issues myself. For a developer who made a serious push to include Stock Car Racing within rFactor 2’s vanilla content – multiple car configurations, and a host of ovals inspired by real world NASCAR locations – the offline experience against the AI is downright brutal. They ignore the player’s position, run nonsensical lines even at the highest of difficulties (slower lines, at that), cause track-blocking wrecks the other AI cars are unable to maneuver around (in a similar fashion to Project CARS), and sometimes lose all composure entirely during a caution flag period. Last night we ended up backing out of a race prematurely because the AI cars merged out of pit road and sat stationary on the race track in turn one at California Speedway. Sure, some will bitch that the NASCAR content is a relatively new addition to rFactor 2, but if you’re going to put this stuff into your own game, at least make sure it sort of works.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Offline racing against bots is just not satisfactory in the slightest. Aside from a generic boost in aggression and a willingness to pass each other, the rFactor 2 computer opponents still disregard your existence and will fuck you over for no justifiable reason whatsoever. Again, those who frequent a sim cafe powered by rFactor 2 consistently request for them to be turned off entirely because they’re just too goddamn unpredictable and half-baked. That’s not a good sign by any means.

7622242200_1459181280The vanilla content is a weird mix of stuff that doesn’t go well together. When I jump into RaceRoom Racing Experience, I’m given entire DTM and ADAC GT Masters seasons to mess around with, and when I fire up Automobilista, I’m allowed to make laps in every major South American auto racing series, with a partial array of historical and modern Formula One seasons offered on the side as an added bonus. This is a fantastic way of doing things from a design standpoint, as it allows the average sim racer to become familiar with an entire discipline of motor racing, and gain confidence in one class of car while still exploring a sizable amount of the game’s content and remaining within their comfort zone.

rFactor 2 does the exact opposite, essentially taking single race cars from random parts of the world, and pairing them with one or two individual circuits that just barely suit that particular car. You’re given the Skip Barber Formula 2000 – a car many of you are familiar with from its status as a beginner car in iRacing – but running it anywhere outside of Lime Rock or Palm Beach is an exercise in boredom. The 60’s Grand Prix cars are a nice throwback to Grand Prix Legends, but rFactor 2 offers just Spa, Monaco, and Monza as dedicated 60’s stomping grounds – ripping around Sepang or Estoril in these beasts just doesn’t work in the slightest. There’s a GT3 car in the Chevrolet Camaro, the class-killing GT1-spec Sumo Powered Nissan GT-R, a touring car in the NGTC Honda Civic, and a Chevrolet Corvette from the ALMS GT2 class, but you’ll soon find that you end up racing every professional class category machine at either Silverstone, Bathurst, or Interlagos.

Oh, and there’s an experimental ATV thrown in as an off road physics test, but again, there’s just one track for the quad.

18563067519_0385425b81_oThere are tons of amateur open wheel rides that are quite frankly hard to tell the difference between, yet interesting announcements such as the Corvette Daytona Prototype or Super GT-spec Nissan GT-R are still yet to surface. NASCAR receives a lot of love thanks to an unlicensed knock-off series, but the pitiful AI turns oval races into a chore and invalidates a large segment of the game fairly quickly. IndyCar is represented with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway… but that’s as far as it goes.

Because ISI have attempted to pair each vehicle with one or two tracks, a lot of the location roster becomes redundant depending on the car you select. As a result, most of the time when booting up rFactor 2, you’re rotating between a core circuit group consisting of the following locations:

  • Bathurst
  • Estoril
  • Interlagos
  • Lime Rock
  • Palm Beach
  • Sepang
  • Silverstone

It all produces a scenario where despite what on the surface appears to be a very diverse array of content spanning the entire world of auto racing, all too often you find yourself turning laps at Silverstone or Interlagos because a large portion of the game either doesn’t interest you, or isn’t compatible with the car you’ve selected. As a sim racer, this is extremely boring.

24961084243_2d47fa5718_oHorrible third party mods have done the opposite of extending rFactor 2’s lifespan. The original rFactor spawned one of the biggest third party modding communities ever seen in modern PC gaming, as basically everyone who could use a 3D modeling program to spit out something half decent were able to pair with a self-proclaimed race car physics expert and shit out something that was within the ballpark of their virtual rendition’s real-world counterpart. For many reasons we’ve discussed previously here on PRC.net, such as ISI’s unwillingness (until recently) to provide extensive documentation regarding the modding component, most modders who could inject rFactor 2 with fantastic third party content, instead jumped ship for Assetto Corsa. And that’s fine, they had every right to do so.

But this left rFactor 2 fans with EnduRacers, MAK-Corp, and UnitedRacingDesign as the three teams tasked with providing rFactor 2 owners with a set of compelling content for rFactor 2 beyond the vanilla list of cars and tracks. And of the three teams mentioned, only UnitedRacingDesign pushed out pieces of content that were worth the download, providing sim racers with five modern GTE entries and three DTM cars from 2013 before fucking off to other simulators.

rfactor2-2016-12-01-22-04-19-56The other two teams, MAK-Corp and EnduRacers, proceeded to create mods that were in no way realistic – thus invalidating the purpose of the software they had been created for. As we’ve discussed earlier in the week, MAK-Corp’s rendition of a 2004 Williams FW26 broke the real life Interlagos track record by eight seconds and could pull upwards of seven G’s under heavy braking thanks to the ability to abuse rapid-fire downshifting techniques, while the Porsche Carrera Cup mod put out by EnduRacers at the start of 2016 came with a set of tires that literally didn’t wear out, and could be driven sideways as if you’d purchased a copy of Driver: San Francisco. This behavior was also present in their highly-anticipated Endurance Series release from only a few weeks back, a mod featuring many GT and Prototype machinery from the late 2000’s.

endrSo in the four years of rFactor 2’s existence, we’ve got only eight cars in total worth downloading, and this same predicament is present when it comes to additional tracks. Because we’re at a point where a lot of work is needed to create a circuit from scratch, many people are opting to just rip content from other games where the locations have been created by a team of professionals. Which is fine, I don’t have a problem with ripped content because I’m an asshole.

However, there’s a catch.

While the laser-scanned versions of Brands Hatch and the Nurburgring Nordschleife originally found in Assetto Corsa are available for rFactor 2, nobody has actually sat down and optimized them for use in rFactor 2, meaning there are a whole bunch of cool tracks floating around for this game that actually drive like shit and cause heavy performance hits to your CPU. And though the temporary street circuits of Adelaide and Lester are exceptions to the rule, some of the stuff available for rFactor 2 on the Steam Workshop is just fucking sad.

672312691_preview_grab_003For a series that once thrived on third party content, we’re at a point where none of the remaining rFactor 2 mod teams have a fucking clue as to what they’re doing, either quickly converting ancient tracks to the new platform just for something different to race on, or churning out mods with tire compounds that physically impossible for Pirelli or Falken to create in real life, all while pretending rFactor 2 is the ultimate simulation platform and that the new mod releases use an abundance of real-world data.

rfactor2-2016-01-16-17-32-31-55Lastly, we have the online component. The consumer version of rFactor 2 requires you to purchase a separate online pass just to merely access the server browser you’re accustomed to seeing in a variety of rival racing simulators – a really boneheaded move when you examine why online passes were created in the first place.

rFactor 2 initially launched in early 2013, during a time where EA Sports was bundling these little pieces of paper called Online Passes within new copies of Madden, FIFA, NHL, and other miscellaneous sports games they were releasing. When you booted up FIFA for the first time, you were asked to enter the code written on the piece of paper, and this allowed you to access the numerous online portions of the title – which if you’re not aware, has been the main draw of sports games for several years

What the online pass did for EA Sports financially, is if some kid returned Madden to EB Games, and a savvy customer picked up that same used copy for half price, they could still make money off of this transaction at some point, which was when the kid eventually wanted to play against his friends online. Game developers don’t make money off of used video game sales, but to their credit, EA Sports found a loophole where they could. It was absolutely genius, and made sense for them as a business at the time – though they eventually scrapped the concept due to widespread complaints.

Despite all of this guaranteed to never occur with the rFactor 2 software – a kid in a Tom Brady jersey is never going to return a boxed copy of rFactor 2 to GameStop – ISI adopted the online pass system regardless. And because of how little fanfare the game received to begin with due to the above four elements I’ve already mentioned, those who bought the $14 CDN online pass quickly discovered the server browser was just as empty as all other server browsers for rival racing simulators, immediately told their friends not to purchase the online pass, and online racing for rFactor 2 died almost immediately after the servers went live.

Sure, there are still private leagues here and there, operating for a dedicated group of individuals whom still call rFactor 2 home, but compared to the followings enjoyed by iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Project CARS, RaceRoom Racing Experience, or even one of the Reiza titles, you’re basically forced to sign up for one of three different endurance racing leagues if you want to play rFactor 2 online at all. We’re talking hole-in-the-wall communities with extensive background checks and shit tests to prove you’re not a random asshole going to ruin their fun, rather than a lighthearted open league for people to sign up at their leisure, regardless of skill, and race on a specific day.

In conclusion, I’ve put rFactor 2 in the trash bin and don’t expect to be taking it out anytime soon.

Visually, the game is an abomination, only producing satisfactory visuals in very specific lighting and weather conditions that almost never happen during traditional gameplay. When racing offline, the AI opponents simply do not live up to the hype in the slightest that’s been endlessly regurgitated by resident trolls and shills hell-bent on spreading the gospel of rFactor 2. The default roster of content isn’t captivating in any sense of the imagination, and of the few modding teams left trying to breathe life into the simulator, even less actually know what the fuck they’re doing to begin with. Online racing is placed behind an unnecessary paywall, and the handful of leagues worth joining who do use rFactor 2 as their platform of choice all center around ultra-hardcore endurance racing events where driver swaps are mandatory. The real-road stuff, twenty four hour day/night cycle, and dynamic weather effects are all quite nice, but there are exactly zero reasons to sit down and play rFactor 2.

It’s a piece of software whose main achievement over the past few years is merely winning arguments against Assetto Corsa fanboys, and adding yet another random amateur open wheel car to the simulator simply won’t save it from its inevitable demise.



108 thoughts on “Why I Removed rFactor 2 from my Hard Drive

  1. As I have already proved before, rFactor 2 is the simracing benchmark, so people who say otherwise are simply spreading major disinformation.

    rFactor 2 is the first consumer simulation with a thermomechanical tire model that simulates proper tire heat transfer and truly dynamic track conditions which most simracers aren’t familiar with. You have to adapt your driving to real-life situations.

    rF2 has one of the best UIs in simracing and the package system allows for auto syncing/downloading of mods during multiplayer, so there are no mismatches.

    No one is competing on the AI and physics front with rF2. Remember that rF2 has had many improvements in all those 7 years, among those an advanced package system for auto-syncing of mods during multiplayer, resume from replay, totally revamped AI and race rules, chassis flex and many more. rF2 is a long term project, which won’t be replaced anytime soon.

    Have a majorly nice day.


    1. “No one is competing on the AI and physics front with rF2.”

      Meanwhile in the article there’s a screenshot of a rules package where the admin is like “yeah, the AI is awful, we’re not using them.”


      1. “admin” does not say much, however on the oval side they need improvements yes but you can hardly complain about the road AI that is for sure. Probably down to the track (I guess some fancy laser scan tag used) or simply not enough crap given to set it up propperly.


  2. “Why I Removed rFactor 2 from my Hard Drive”

    No one cares. Skipped reading this and straight to comments. Just the usual bla bla bla look at me, give me attention, care for my facts.


    1. Haha. Ditto. ^^^^^^
      I gave it a chance though. Then skimmed. Then skipped.

      Gotta love the league racing BS.
      Genres dying a slow painful death because online sucks when leagues are the only option.

      Why the hell anyone thinks that any admin deserves to be trusted and isn’t prepping himself or sharing that track info with any of his buddies is beyond me. Everyone knows that’s BS and it’s just a small clique trying to gain an advantage.

      League racing sucks.

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    2. Exactly. “Why I removed…” So what? You can remove every sim from your HDD and happily play your Brick Rigs, Racecraft or whatever else has a better palette in your opinion, James. It’s your decision. You care more about vibrant graphics, fun gameplay and huge crowds in the online lobbies? Nothing’s wrong with that. Just do us a favor and keep that to yourself. AMS and rF2 are still two sims nothing can come close to in terms of the underlying physics. Can’t appreciate just the physics? Move along then. The community that can doesn’t give a damn about what you have on your HDD or haven’t. It’s even better this way. Possibly less whining about how bad rF2 is in the days to come.

      “In conclusion, I’ve put rFactor 2 in the trash bin and don’t expect to be taking it out anytime soon.”
      Seriously, how childish can you be?


  3. By contrast, I actually quite like rFactor 2, more so than most PC racing games. Sadly my laptop still runs it terribly, so I don’t actually drive much in it. Rather, I like the fact I can sit back and watch stuff being driven. That’s the kind of guy I am. If there’s a problem with it it’s the fact it’s taking up quite so much space on my hard drive, so maybe it’ll be gone from mine as well at some point.

    If I actually want to drive the cars myself though, I’ll whip out what is basically rFactor 0, or as it’s actually known, F1 Challenge 99-02. The mod with every F1 car ever made and every track is all I need in that respect, really. And I have a Group C mod of it, too. So it’s still the best for me.


    1. The only problems with AI I found was their inability to not wreck at Bathurst, minor racing line problems, and slamming my butt when I ]would start braking a bit too early. The wheel to wheel racing seemed very fair, though I didn’t play the game that much, too lazy to get put my wheel. I did hear that the oval AI genuinely sucks (never tried it, not my thing)


  4. I agree entirely with the article. I really want to like rf2 and I’ve really tried but as a game it’s just hopeless and not fun at all.

    The physics may be amazing but the overall package has almost nothing going for it

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    1. Speak for yourself. Just read the comments here and on Steam and you’ll see there’s enough people who like rF2 for what it is.


  5. Physics are great. That’s about where the praise ends as far as I’m concerned. The game runs as bad as it looks, which is an issue. If you aren’t giving us decent visuals, at least optimize the damn thing. I agree completely about content, and this is the real problem in my opinion. There is just nothing compelling about the cars and tracks on offer, and there aren’t enough of either. None of these cars or tracks is going to draw in new users. I think that rFactor 2 has pretty much been dead for a while now and I agree that it’s time to move on. The fact that many more people still play either the original rFactor or its Automobilista derivative shows how bad of a state rF2 is in. Studio 397 should be looking at an opportunity to leave this debacle behind and start something new.

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    1. “The fact that many more people still play either the original rFactor or its Automobilista derivative shows how bad of a state rF2 is in.”

      Bzz! Check steamcharts and you’ll see that AMS has half the players of rF2.


    1. If you play with reflections off, them yes.

      Get a better pc and then turn this option on.

      I used to think the same but was limited using a GTX980m, now have a i5 6700k and GTX1070 and the difference is night a day


      1. Wow. You are recommending someone to spend several hundred dollars on high-end on PC parts that weren’t even on the drawing board when rF2 was released. That truly shows what kind of crap rF2 is. Plus the fact that Automobilista looks five times better though it is based on an older version of the engine. And there is R3E, which looks ten times better without relying on PC resources so heavily.

        I used to play rF2 with everything on and it still looked like shit. When it started to rain you couldn’t see much because the whole world around you turned into greyish drab shitty environment where it was hard to distinguish between the track’s asphalt and the sky. Plus you could see sod all in the mirrors.

        No matter what kind of cutting edge graphics devices you throw at rF2, it will still look like shit and run like shit because it is fundamentally flawed by the negligent attitude to work by its creators, ISI, who did not even have the guts to openly admit they had screwed up, but even they got fed up with it finally nonetheless and gave/sold it to a bunch of naive idealists or just morons who still dream about turning shit into gold.

        Physics-wise, it is not that good, either. I guess the bug where your tires reached 200 C while going on wet grass still hasn’t been fixed, right? And how about that another bug, when your laptimes on drying but still wet track were 1-2 second better than on bone dry, rubbered surface?

        If they haven’t bothered fixing such obvious errors for years, how many other bugs still reside in the game’s physics files?

        I gave rf2 away to someone a year or so ago and have never regretted.


  6. I’m not one to nitpick about graphics usually, and maybe this is only me, but the sub par graphics in this game actually make it very hard for me to see corners approaching, thus making it hard for me to hit my braking marks. I have never had this issue in iRacing or Assetto Corsa. Even with the texture filtering at max quality and playing in 1080p, everything in the distance just seems kind of fuzzy and melded. Am I the only one with this issue? Is there a way I can significantly sharpen the graphics?

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    1. The game looks so much better when 4x sparse grid supersampling in Nvidia Nspector is applied.
      Default AA sucks in Rf2.

      But untill a new drive train model is introduced I’m not even bothering anymore.


      1. Even better, use 2×2 SSAA at nivida driver level, applied with nvidia profile inspector. It’s a bigger performance hit than sparse grid, but it’s better quality


  7. The last option of varied, packaged content delivering a consistent experience and quality game is GTR2. It’s a very dated title to keep going back to but pretty much all modern games feel underwhelming bar specific purposes, and the obvious deviants from the standard curve.

    URD takes a long time to finish a mod. The best mod is the 1986 Toyota Celica by 32_pixels, which needed final fixes but 32_pixels disappeared like it appeared, but it still can’t be saved when there is not a variety of adequate (and good) tracks. Then we have APEX, which is a bit overloaded with (free) work. When work is too much for modders, developers must pick up the slack. That didn’t happen.


  8. ” I still struggle to name a single captivating car or location in rFactor 2″

    Misinformation! rFactor 2 has a highly varied GT field for example! One front-engined GT1 car, one front-engined GT2 car, one front-engined GT3 car, and one front-engined GT4 car! Three of the four are already obsolete and no longer raced, so rFactor 2 is truly on the cutting edge here!

    And on the location front, the developers weren’t restrained by $50,000+ licensing costs, so they could choose to model any circuit that has ever existed. Don’t be fooled by the fictional names, they are indeed the legendary circuits… Sepang! And Estoril!


  9. The last option of varied, packaged content delivering a consistent experience and quality game is GTR2. It’s a very dated title to keep going back to but pretty much all modern games feel underwhelming bar specific purposes, and the obvious deviants from the standard curve.

    URD takes a long time to finish a mod. The best mod is the 1986 Toyota Celica by 32_pixels, which needed final fixes but 32_pixels disappeared like it appeared, but it still can’t be saved when there is not a variety of adequate (and good) tracks. Then we have APEX, which is a bit overloaded with (free) work. When work is too much for modders, developers must pick up the slack. That didn’t happen. MAK has never been a serious developer as proven by their (lack of) track record starting in 2008. Enduracers struggled with tires in rF1 and continued in rF2, and have another area to fix. Surprised that a couple of things were not picked apart and given the feedback from the game’s testing team either.


  10. Get informed. We’re in the rFactor 2 glory days, and there is plenty of modding community around rFactor 2. and with serious modding teams such as:

    Virtual LM doing tracks and IMSA GTP cars.
    Apex doing LMP and GT.
    ASR with multiple early 90s F1 seasons.
    Others doing multiple 00s and 10s F1 stuff.
    Mak Corp doing Group C and V8SC and more stuff.
    FVR doing V8SC stuff.
    Stock Car Evolution guys doing Nascar tracks and stuff.
    Carrera bringing his F1-1988 mod to rF2 including tracks.
    iDT doing their Indycar and VW cup stuff.
    Enduracers doing LMP and GT.
    URD doing LMP and GT.
    Simtek doing GT.
    We have some BTCC mods.
    We have an IMSA GTO mod.

    We got plenty of tracks and more in the works.
    And there is plenty of other interesting rF2 stuff in the pipeline like VR support and Directx 11 graphics renderer.

    If people stopped spreading disinformation here about rFactor 2, I would have been gone a majorly long time ago.


    1. U just show a list of rf2 weakness..Every devs modding almost the same type of cars..My Lmp/Gt is better than yours parade..good luck rf2


    2. It’s sad how associat0r is burying rfactor 2. If I were ISI, the first change I was gonna in my new game is forbid associat0r&co (you know who they are) to buy it or join any discussion forums related to my game. Stefano was a visionary when he did this.
      Ass0 is pretending to help the game he’s pretending to shill for, all he does is bury it.


    3. The only decent mods listed are the IMSA GTO (Celica) and the always-excellent URD paymods (though they’re even better in AC). The NSX is also a great car that isn’t listed.

      The rest are complete shit compared to what’s available on AC and R3E.


  11. Does anyone know what happened to that WSGT2 mod? I remember seeing previews of it for like 3 years or so, before RF2 even existed (3 years of what looked like completely finished models) Its creator was waiting for RF2 with the release, I haven’t seen any news for a very long time.

    It was a mix of late 90s GT1/GTP machinery and modern SUPER GT cars. That mod looked incredible, I remember being quite hyped for it.

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  12. rf2 was cutting edge 4 years ago, sims have simply moved on. Ac has a better feeling car through the wheel AMS has better physics and ffb thru the wheel. Rf2 has realroad give it that. I feel the same were sitting here waiting for some sort of miracle from s397.. cmon the new car is good, but what happens assoc when rf2 is running rf1 tyre again, still cutting edge.. nah sorry

    Rfactor2 had its window and it dropped it in the shitter…


  13. just to add this is the best most truthful piece of information this blog has released. Rf2 has been on deathsbed for sometime.. A few fanboy wont be able to pull it from the ashes, or some openwheeler that feels just as good as one of AMS old f3 cars…

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      1. You always like and thank someone who praises your work but when someone likes and thanks the work of a dev in a sim racing game they are fanboys. Talk about double standards.


  14. Funny how you keep praising other titles in this rF2 article. Titles that were sold to have working physics, AI, netcode and mods that don’t keep breaking with every update more than 2 years go, yet they still don’t have it. Is there any rain at all in AC, AMS, R3E and iRacing?

    Let me know when those other titles have physics, AI, netcode, race rules, weather and other essential simracing features worth using. I hope it’s going to be in my life time.


    1. 50% of the titles you mentioned have better physics handling and MOST importantly CAR FEEL – than rf2. You can pump all the numbers you want into rf2, most not even from real car manufacturers, and you will still get “odd” feeling cars – bar one or two okayish feeling cars and the exceptional usf2000.

      But it is nothing that reiza have been doing for a long time… just better. even kunos.


      seriously, theyre mostly shite!


      Doesn’t work with AI or you tyres really..

      Sorry you were saying..

      Oh real road ill give rf2 that.,.


    2. ‘And mods that keep breaking’

      The only reason why mods don’t break in rFactor 2 is because ISI opted to continue using the old dated ‘Miles Sound Engine’ which was created in 1991 by John Miles http://www.radgametools.com/miles.htm

      Everything about the ISI motor engine is dated and old, they are not a modern progressive software developer, they are a bunch of old school developers stuck in a endless loop revealing in a time when they was the only one’s creating a simracing game engine, while other developers have moved on with the times and opted to use modern software technology.
      Sector 3 studio as seen the negative in using the ISI old dated technology and are moving onto something more modern, just like slightly mad studio as done, and if reiza continues to use the old dated ISI technology they too will be next to follow in line with ISI and die.


  15. This article appeared at a rather strange time, if it was a few months ago would make sense. Now under new ownsership? Strange, but then seems like people expect Studio 397 to turn rF2 into a complete new game in 2 weeks, crazy


  16. why am I harsh with rf2? you ask..

    Its a pile of frustration and a mess – it COuLD of been so much better if ISI didn’t hang on to it for good part of eternity not knowing what the f to do with their science experiment (see gamermuscles recent vid about this)!!

    S397 its a bit of too little to late


  17. Rf2 has the potential for soooooo much more.. But it was wasted and left to die or left to modders!

    My rf2 disappointment is reflected here in my posts no need to go on further.



  18. Am I the only one that kind of likes rf2 visuals? I guess it’s just my personal preference, as I like photos/movies with a flatter color profile (i.e more realistic). Pcars and AC look too video gamey/Hollywood movie to me, too much lens flare and effects etc. Looks good, but not realistic. AMS as mentioned before looks too cartoonish for my taste. I don’t mind iracings graphics.

    For me personally, nothing looks and feels as dynamic as rf2 does. It definitely isn’t as pretty, but it feels the most alive. Eg. you’re driving on an overcast track, then the sun shines through the clouds and lights everything up, the look of the track changes throughout the session as more rubber gets laid down, different stages of rain (i.e lightly raining or heavy storm), and when the rain stops a dry racing line begins to appear. And obviously the track looks different at different times of the day and at night.

    It’s the only sim I’ve played were I’ve set up a realistic FOV and done a session with changing weather conditions and truly felt like I was driving a real car on a real track. There is certainly much room for improvement though like an animated lollipop man, better shadows etc.

    Changing weather conditions, the most advanced physics and tire model, and (for me anyway) best driving feel, sees me struggling to get any joy from other sims (bar iracing due to great multiplayer). They seem lifeless in both physics and environment compared with rf2.


      1. And it still looks like poisonous crap. So much for the DX11 support… I’d rather deal with the rF2 graphics than I would with the AC’s.

        To answer the poster of the question: no, you aren’t. rF2 looks quite nicely to me as well. I can handle AMS’ cartoonish-ness for its driving feel, but nothing can save AC: it drives awful, it looks awful and it sounds so-so.


  19. You guys need to try the Formula Ford and BMW M5 that were recently released. They are brilliant.

    rF2 + RWD + no downforce is what the game is all about.


  20. ceecee2k5 has rFactor 2 1 Dec @ 12:48am

    2 copies of rFactor 2 and cannot play on 2 computers

    I have Steam keys for 2 copies of rFactor 2 but when I try open the 2nd copy, I get a message stating that it is already open. I have reinstalled both using the individual codes but same problem.
    I need one to run a server and the other one to join.
    I tried Steam Support but only get a blank page.

    No wonder people play ARMA!


  21. James is about 101% correct on this.

    Every time I try to play rF2, all I can think about is how much more fun I’d be having with Raceroom or AC. I’m really happy that the DRM mod is coming out for AC rather than rF2.



    The only thing that matters in sim racing is pure simulation value and physics, and rFactor 2 is the only sim to offer 100% simulation value with the most advanced physics system ever made! You sim always cry about wanting more realism, when that’s already available with rFactor 2. Keep playing your inferior sims you fucking cucks because you will never get the chance to experience FULL simulation value, unless you play rFactor 2.


  23. Easily the most inconsistent car feel in all of sim racing. Your car of choice still behaves like it’s on ice? Fuck you, drive something else.


  24. Why don’t they just take the exceptional parts of rF2 (RealRoad, dynamic weather) and chuck the rest of the shit out the window? Or maybe just license those features to other sims?

    In every other respect, RF2 is decidedly inferior to its competitors: Graphics, sound, AI, mod quality, car and track variety/selection. The FFB is good but no better than AMS, R3E or AC.

    By the way, the dynamic weather is a great thing, but it still *looks* like total shit.


  25. Yep, rF2 is a joke as a game.

    Furthermore, the newly released USF2000 seems to have been made to please the average shitty simracer by having it’s handling toned down. Good stuff.


  26. James you have always been a straight arrow about most sim racing games. In your honest opinion what games similate what you experienced in your time racing shitbox cars would you consider a best buy for your buck? At this point i look to simracing as an outlet like most for my racing fix im a bit hardhead but love the challenge of racing in sims but at this point (outside of rFactor 1 and GTR 2) im almost ready to take a Joe Nathan approach and get back to the war sims i made my rig for….


    1. Get yourself some good DCS modules plus the Nevada, man. It’s useless trying to get an advice from James. He just discarded rFactor 2, for crying out loud. Or maybe you want to be offered to play some Brick Rigs? Either way, simracing is pretty much dead for now. The best time to get back to the military stuff, if you ask me.


  27. The Offical Reaction to this article comment: Totally pointness to argue. No time to save rFactor2. Game over, man, game over.



  28. I’m guessing James is butthurt he didn’t receive the new car for free like the rest of the sim racing personalities/journalists. Oh well, another one scratched off the PRC Buyers’ Guide…


  29. I like serious league endurance & open wheel racing so rf2 works perfectly for me. the graphics aren’t good but I don’t really care since the handling and ffb feels so much better than any other sim.

    can’t comment on the AI, I’ve never raced them – only interested in racing real humans


  30. rF2 should have been so much better. Most of the features are half finished, graphics look bland, weather looks poor and doesn’t work for AI, no offline championship mode, it’s a pain to edit the simplest of things compared to rF1, The AI is very good sometimes, then it’s very bad 5 minutes later, most settings that should be included in the games clunky menus are hidden away in random .JSON files, most of the cars that were due to come out, haven’t.

    It has got real road and wobbly tires though, so that’s something I guess.


    1. Big problem was when modders abandoned it early in the rf1 to rf2 transition period, for a variety of reasons with a couple big overlapping ones (in their eyes).


  31. I’m not saying it will work miracles but I’m curious to see if, let’s say, big if, 397 cleans it up, better optimizes the code, hopefully better utilizing multi-core processors and gets some better visual and graphic performance with DX11, how many people might come running back.

    It would be a shame to see this game go since it the physics are significantly better than the other options. Since it shares DNA with rfPro, it would be nice see this game salvaged.

    FYI Ogonoski, rF2 went open beta in 2011. I know I owned it by 2012. As much as I like the driving and I live with the lack of looks, ISI didn’t do much in nearly 5 years. At least it’s more finished than AC. I think you’ll end up back on rF2.


    1. Hey blue anonymous, can you answer me these questions about rf2?

      It’s going on 5 years and so many things just are entirely not there or are not working correctly.

      What is so outrageous about expecting a completed game for the money I paid? Particularly after nearly 5 years? We generally do not, nor would we accept or expect that from most any other product. Why then is it suddenly okay with this?


      1. I don’t disagree and you have every right to ask those questions and want an answer. I am not without criticism of rF2. It’s is somewhat of a disappointment for me too.

        All I said, wishfully, is maybe 397 can turn the shit show around and it would be a shame to lose the game from the landscape. That could be something that brings you back.

        As for my same question of AC, at least this offering is more complete. There are the base features that qualify as some facsimile of full simulation albeit with bugs. You yourself have trumpeted the horns of AC missing flags, pitstops, 24hr clocks, headlights. rF2 at least has enough that leagues can effectively use it while the same has not been true of the other.

        All said, considering I acquired both within months of each other, AC is the bigger disappointment on more levels and more critical levels at that.

        Is that fair and acceptable? 🙂


  32. As someone who has recently entered in an rFactor 2 league (SImracing Club SRCA; the very same shit test for VEC James was writing about), I can understand the frustration although I don’t share it.

    I can’t really comment on the oval content, but on the road side of things my impression after basically not playing this were the following:
    – Holy shit, that Megane Trophy has amazing good physics
    – This game is really hardware hungry and doesn’t look good on minimum setting (laptop joys)
    – It seems every second time I join a populated server the game shits itself completely putting me on an empty track with the wrong daytime on track, the other half of the time it shits itself a little bit, porting around cars and not responding to input for half a minute

    All in all it’s got its ups and downs. Slowly starting to get my money’s worth out of this lifetime BS subscription.


    1. I purchased the lifetime right from the get go. For $80 or whatever why not. Most people piss away that on weed and beer on any given wknd or whatever stupid crap.

      Other than some frame rate issues on older hardware I no longer use, I’ve never really had any probs but I run a lean lean system. Many really don’t know how to clean up windows so i’m not surprised. I see people have probs with steam, rf2, raceroom, other games and I just have never had anything major that I read other’s having. I’m convinced it’s cheap hardware, bad config of the os or both.

      The Megane is fun. Most of the stock content is livable imo but most mods.. yeccch.


        1. What the fuck is wrong with you? You realize you sound like the product of incest?

          I did not say that rF2’s issues were ALL a windows problem. I simply said that poorly configured windows combined with cheap hardware causes problems for many. Pennywise pound foolish as they say. I used good hardware and have a well optimized system and do not encounter many problems other often have.

          That’s it! Again… what the fuck is wrong with you?

          Eat a bullet. geez… the low intelligence is draining.


  33. I checked the list, there was no neon Xbox 360 racing game era especially not its first year so why should I believe anything you say? A joke was it? Oh well I’ll tell you rule #1 here at prc, no jokes. So **** off


  34. I try not to forget im just playing video games so i dont take the little things as serious as some. With that said i own pretty much all the current race games out there and feel each have pros and cons. With rfactor2 I agree the graphics are hardly ground breaking and it always puzzles me as to why AMS looks 10 times better with half the engine features. The only reason i keep rf2 installed is for the single player experience and the AI. Ive run my own personal SP series once a week or so for 3 years now, ive been able to recreate and complete historical series from IMSA’s Tudor GT3 series and Mazda’s Mx5 to F1’s historical seasons. Earlier this year i did the full 1992 F1 season with 90 minute races all against the AI and had pretty much 0 problems. Ive also raced hour long races with 3 other humans and 20 AI drivers and we always have a blast. Im not sure what sort of issues you have but i would be more than happy to share my settings with you. Dont get me wrong, little things come up but nothing thats game stopping. Also Im in no way stuck in my rf2 ways, if anyone has SP-AI that is better please let me know.


  35. About time too!!
    Sheesh! You waited until end of 2016 to realize it was a piece of garbage?
    What did I always tell you since the first day this shit came out?
    I switched to Assetto Corsa and Automobilista (GSCE) years ago.


  36. Lens Flares are for cameras, not eyeballs. Your “give us better ‘visuals'” argument is highly flawed. If you want to make a cool youtube vid, fine – if you want to chase down the car in front of you, you dont want BS bubbles of light slowly strafing across your screen while youre doing it. Its completely unrealistic (as in, not simulator!) Someone misses their racing “Games” – like mario kart and gran turismo 1.


  37. why respond to him guys

    I just had to remove rF2 ! lol

    Big whoop does anyone give a flying frak

    If you comment directly to him you just give him credence

    Dropkick you ask me loves hearing his own bs on utube


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