A Surprise Announcement

iracing-dirt-updateIt’s no secret that the articles regarding iRacing here at PRC.net frequently cover a side of the service other outlets aren’t willing to touch with a ten foot pole. From the time the new surface model produced an unexpected performance advantage to those who joined the session at a particular moment, all the way to the awkward attempts of an accomplished iRacer to land a genuine stock car ride based on his virtual success alone, we’ve painted a picture of the service that’s drastically different than the one presented to sim racers via carefully crafted promotional material and other miscellaneous sim racing social media content.

Though I do my best to cover each iRacing-related story in a way that fits the general atmosphere of PRC.net, which generally seeks to uncover some of the bizarre sim racing stories others have tried to suppress, many iRacing members have accused me of taking things too far and instead using the website to harbor a personal vendetta against the company. I think that’s a fair assessment to make, even if it’s not an accurate one. In June of 2015, I was suspended indefinitely from the online racing simulator, and based on what I could deduce from the circumstantial evidence available, I was under the impression my suspension was due largely in part to a highly critical piece published less than twenty four hours earlier. This lead several of our readers to believe each future piece on iRacing was merely a petty act of revenge to try and damage the company’s reputation any way I could. I can assure the readers of PRC that I never opened up Firefox with the explicit intent to destroy a major player in the sim racing industry, but I can indeed say I was unwilling to pull punches with some of the pieces on the table. 

Part of the reason I enlisted the help of both Dustin Lengert and Ryan Luzaas well as the other anonymous iRacers willing to supply us with information – was to combat claims from our readers that there was a concrete effort on my part to outright attack the service. I felt bringing in additional individuals with much more real world racing experience than I could ever dream of would help PRC.net gain an extra level of credibility when discussing sensitive sim racing topics, yet regardless of how well their work was received by our readers, I still felt as if something was missing.

iracing-dirt-screenshot-usa-speedway-dirtToday I’m here to announce that Hell has frozen over, the Edmonton Oilers are finally exhibiting basic traits of a professional hockey team after ten years of mediocrity, and I was able to share a phone conversation with Tony Gardner of iRacing.com earlier this morning. Unfortunately, there aren’t any juicy details to report, and maybe withholding exact details of what we did discuss from the public creates a fun little mystique about the whole thing, but what I can say is that we merely came to understand the roles we both play in the world of sim racing, and smoothed over some of the animosity between the two brands. I’m pretty satisfied with how things were handled, as it serves to directly contradict some of our own stances on iRacing, and gives hope to our readers that things on their end of the community aren’t as bad as we sometimes make them appear to be. If Tony can take the ten minutes out of his day to talk to the biggest asshole in sim racing, and the phone call ends up being one of the better parts of my morning, that’s some major cool points they’ve earned back as a company.

That being said, we do not have any plans to alter the tone or content of our iRacing coverage, as our readers deserve to be made aware of stories the other outlets and message boards refuse to discuss. This private conversation with Tony merely established the fact that while some sim racers run around on Reddit claiming we’re on a virtual crusade against iRacing, behind the scenes they’ve actually met us halfway. Not only does this show that iRacing are learning from past mistakes, they’re actively monitoring alternative outlets such as this one, and taking your comments or submissions seriously. 

We haven’t been given fancy press accounts or special access to otherwise off-limits areas of the simulator – as is customary with most publications – but given the content we publish on a daily basis, a line of communication is much more than we could have ever asked for. It’s very rewarding to know that prominent of a developer is taking some of the content posted here seriously, and actively looking into making changes to their product for the better based on articles we have published. With this, I can confirm that PRC.net is no longer that little sim racing outcast blog meant for a very specific type of disgruntled sim racer, but a genuine resource bringing up valid issues within the genre.


75 thoughts on “A Surprise Announcement

  1. Hope this means youll talk about real iRacing issues (slow servers, long load times, questionable physics in certain circumstances, slow development cycles instead of pointless drivel about hero cards and marketing as fluff pieces because you don’t have actual content to write.

    Heres something for ya thats right up your alley in terms of content quality. The latest build broke the start/finish line texture stamps so you cant see the lines anymore. I look forward to your 5000 word piece about how a small graphics bug this is the downfall of sim racing.


    1. What..iR still has that (slow servers, long load times ) thingy?..Thats the reason i stop renting iR 2 years ago also with so many obsolete cars in there..


  2. I had an issue on iRacing in which I was banned “indefinitely” (which I take to mean permanently) from using a part of the iRacing service based on a false claim by another member. There was no evidence. After going round and round with the iRacing “stewards” for at least a week, I just gave up on it. After a couple of months I emailed Tony Gardner. Within 15 minutes the ban was lifted. Either he saw that there was no evidence or he decided I had been banned long enough.

    My point is, Gardner appears to be a shining light at iRacing. He is always open to answering questions and helping iRacers when there is a questionable issue. He’s very active and helpful in the iRacing forums. I’m not really surprised to hear that you had a positive conversation with him. I think he’s a genuinely good guy and he’s one of the reasons I decided not to cancel my subscription after 3 years on the service.

    PRC.net may have been an outcast or a “black sheep” if you will, but the site has always, since its inception, been a genuine, valid resource that has pointed out the flaws in racing simulations, and all of them seem to have some problems. I think many of the developers have gotten a little bit sloppy. I think iRacing is the best simulation out there despite its shortcomings. But then I’m an oval guy so it’s really the only game in town now.

    I think this is a very positive article, indicating that iRacing, or Tony Gardner at least, wants to hear about these problems so they can work out a solution.

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  3. Don’t sell out is all I ask. When are they going to fix their ridiculous tire model? Maybe they could cross-license the one from R3E – it feels pretty much perfect.


  4. Huh. Hells frozen over again. This’ll probably bring them back, but it seems like the bullshit sprayers aren’t here anymore. Keep it up and this might almost seem legitimate.


          1. Can we agree that neither the alt right basement dwellers nor the liberals who scream “hate crime” at any possible opportunity are adding constructive political dialogue? However, I will say the shit the alt right people say is the worse of those two.


              1. You do realize people have a constitutional right to protest right? And you do realize that the right would have also protested if Hillary was elected don’t you?

                Look, I understand the economic concerns that drive a lot of people to support Trump and the right. I grew up in a factory town that’s been devastated by the loss of those jobs. I get it. However, I cannot understand the racism, sexism, and xenophobia. That’s inexcusable.

                The alt right just look like a bunch of frighteningly angry people who think memes count as political discourse. There’s something very juvenile about it.


                1. You cannot be against both xenophobia and sexism.

                  If you support tolerance and understanding of other cultures, cool. But in doing so, you’re saying it’s okay for muslims to treat women the way they do – poorly.

                  Which essentially enables sexist behavior.

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                  1. Sure you can.

                    Just because I think we should increase the number of visas available to Somali immigrants, doesn’t mean I support female genital mutilation.

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                  2. James, you are so full of shit. I don´t argue against total nonsense and just look upon the the secretaries dump Trump announced. Pure elite, Wallstreet, War- and Israel-lovers


                  3. It’s not an all or nothing thing, Austin. I am not religious myself, but I can say that I support free exercise of religion. I can also think that a lot of what a given religion says is unacceptable and needs to be reformed. However, I don’t think that punitive state action against a religious or ethnic group, as has been suggested by some on the right, is constitutional (I know you’re not American so you probably have little understanding of the 14th Amendment and equal protection, so I’ll excuse your ignorance on that one), nor is it a wise decision


                    1. What if a central tenant of said relgion is the violent overthrow of a democratic government, to be replaced with a theocracy? How is this fundamentally different from the Nazi’s? The modern German constitution quite rightly bans any group that advocates the destruction of the very system that allows the group to disseminate its hateful rhetoric.


                    2. Alt right is Right leaning thinkers that have dropped conservatism,that is the literal meaning Alt right isnt even a unified thought but a collection of right leaning people with all kinds of ideas, has nothing to do with “nazism” that just enougher powerless buzzword made up by people who still think they are in highschool,its like me calling anyone with slight left leanings fucking Stalinists, and is nothing but a censor tactic to shut up logic, with out having you own illogical beliefs challenged, no different form religious nutters shouting DEVIL when talking evolution, you fucking idiots.

                      keep it up, already the average man doenst give a fuck being called nazi by a bunch of beta male idiots that swallow everything their fave youtuber states, whatever you think of trump, or the alt right, its clear now to the thinking man the US Neo left have exposed themselves as easily lead pro censorship war mongering utter morons.

                      Calling for war with Russia and civil war, while calling trump a war monger is but one huge irony, how about “boohoo trump filling white house full of elitists” when Clinton the cunt entire campaign was backed by a whos who of the worst elitists in the world, including money from those cunts Saudi Arabia, or the how bout its a fact Clintons campaign colluded with mainstream media to spew pro Clinton and anti/bernie/ trump narrative, and then come out if favour to censor the internet becasue of fake news, YOU CANT MAKE THIS SHIT UP.

                      Left is a bunch of confused little girls and Beta males, has nothing to do anymore with people like me, working class people, its essentially become the neo liberals in all but name.


        1. Reading James/Austin talk about politics is a bit like when you´re a kid and you discover your Wrestling hero is an imbecile out of the ring and beats his wife. So disappointing to find out the guy who is doing such a great job here is a nutcase when it comes to real life stuff…


          1. Wanting to protect women and gay people is being an imbecile? Jesus, the left is really stooping to new lows with every day to further their agenda.


            1. Because protecting women and minorities is what right wing is about LOL

              Anyway you don’t even know what left wing is over there. You can’t expect anything of a place where the Democrats are perceived as left wing.


              1. I’m from Germany and on last year’s NYE we had 1000 immigrants gathering up with the sole purpose of sexuall assaulting women. If you don’t think a tough stance on immigration is also to protect women, then you are a delusional idiot.

                The Democrats are, even for European standards, conceived as very left-wing, especially with all the SJW-bullshit and supression of free speech surround the main voterbase of the Democrats.


                1. There’s quite a bit more to the story than that, but immigration issues in Europe and America are very different, and frankly, European xenophobia is a more rational than the latter.

                  That said, if you think the European anti-immigration movement is primarily about protecting women…

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                1. IMO, the most effective way to reject to Islam is allow its adherents, especially refugees, to taste the freedoms available in the West.


                  1. How many immigrants are you housing at yours Michael Henke so they can taste the sweet west? if you have none then how dare you push for it, unlock your front door, and post on facebook you have plenty of room and some excess wealth you was gonna spend on rubbish anyway,its easy to have a bleeding heart when you dont deal with the consequence isnt it? get yourself some hero points free of charge eh?

                    Love your respect for working class people too, whos wages have practicality stagnated last 15 years through mass unchecked immigration, and teh poor and working class is really paying for it.

                    Why not mass immigration of Indian and Chinese college educated middle class that suffer in poor working factory’s? because they’d take stupid lazy college western kids jobs and you need those dweebs to vote in labour immigration to keep the corporations skilled and unskilled labour costs down, middle class immigrants are smarter and will demand similar wages eventually, therefore undesirable to industry barons you seem to be keen on supporting.


    1. I think it would be enough to just unban him. To satisfy his online racing addiction he simply has nowhere else to go. Let him back in and he’s a happy Christmas bunny.

      Reiza, 367 (or whatever combination of numbers it was), brace yourselves for the impending shitstorm. You don’t have anything to bribe Ogonoski with… Ian Bell and Stefano will somehow flirt their way out of the situation, I bet, so you’re the only ones having it coming at full swing. At least make a more or less pretty graphics or something, that should work with him. He’s praising Dirt Rally quite regularly after all.


      1. Please, they would unban him and he would just write yet another article about 90% of the code still being from NR2003 and the physics still being way behind his favourite lego games. I’m sure he’ll have a write up about how broken their dirt support is when they add it, because they incorrectly modelled the colour of the stitching on a particular cars interior or some shit.


        1. Is he not allowed to be critical about things in a video game that he have bought/rented? if Valve used the same logic a good amount of players would be banned in their games.


          1. Where did I say he wasn’t allowed to do it?

            Reading Austin’s uninformed autistic rants about realism and lack of simulation value in games is the whole reason I come to this place.


  5. What the fuck. Brick Rigs just released a huge UI update patch and you’re writing about fucking iRacing? What the fuck is this shit? This is a simracing blog, kindly get back to talking about the real simulation games.


  6. iRacing just failed to stop James; it allows MOAR stories based around iRacing to appeared and they were known, as described by him, for having the Manchildren commuity, but some are smart enough that “I HAD ENOUGH!” was shouted and join PRC for good.

    And here the quote from SIMRACING sub-Reddit Members that will remind about how manchild the sim-racing commuity is:

    “Yeah, SimRacing has one of the most toxic communities in gaming. MOBAs outshine it, but SimRacing is pretty bad.” -MapleHamwich

    “This one has the most BS reporting of any. Every other post is threatening or harassing. The Video spam is rampant and nobody seems like they want to help someone out that is trying to get INTO sim racing… …Our sport is dying and it is our fault. Stop arguing on which sim is best and just accept them all and get new people to want to play ANY of them.” -ZeosPantera, Mod.

    “You’re the one saying you’re just stating your opinion and you say it’s not cool when people comment with their opinion of your vid? Look in the mirror man, you call people liars, others call you insane, it’s an eye for an eye. If you didn’t insult anyone to begin with you wouldn’t have gotten insults back. If you can’t understand why people call you names when you make a video calling people names, I have one piece of advice for you: Grow the fuck up.” -dospaquetes, manchild

    “And even if they were lying, you shouldn’t say it. That’s ad hominem. Say their car is unrealistic, explainwhy, then move on. If you insult people, no matter how true, you’re the one at fault.” -dospaquetes, manchild

    “This community sucks. And it’s hard to care for it when there’s people like you, all on your high horse telling me to grow the fuck up. Why? Why would I have to grow up at all?… …It can’t possibly be realistic in the slightest. I don’t care what your opinion is if you sit there and try and repeat the same nonsense over and over and over again. “Realistic style” when it’s objectively not at all realistic.

    That gets old. I want realism in my sim racing, that’s the whole point.” -speedism

    All of these quote, is posted in the aftermath of MAK-Corps scandal.

    I apologize for the name whose got mentioned, but I have to do it for some reason, especially dospaquetes.


  7. Well well, an olive brach between iR and PRC, and Orbx more or less confirms they’re working on stuff for X-Plane. I know Rod Serling has to be around here somewhere to confirm that this is the twilight zone, and not reality. 😉


    1. And what’s wrong with Orbx working on sceneries for X-Plane? MSFS is useless as a sim, so it’s only natural for them to finally come to understanding that this is the future.


  8. An Iracing staff member has given Austin a cuddle. Now the wounds from Ray Alfalla’s “bullying” can start to heal.

    LMAO. You may not have a direct drive wheel Austin but you’re still the ultimate manchild.


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