Rest in Peace, rFactor 2: The December Blog Post

17221765808_89fb3eb949_oYou know your game is on life support when your few remaining fans are forced to get excited over a mere blog post, rather than an actual update to the software. Studio 397 have recently published their long awaited December roadmap for rFactor 2, though what they’ve unveiled to the public still interested in seeing this game polished up to its full potential is nothing short of pathetic, especially given the simulator’s current status as a frail senior citizen permanently holed up in a local hospital’s intensive care unit. The new team, which took over the reigns of rFactor 2 from original developer Image Space Incorporated only a few short months ago, appear to have no long-term plans to rejuvenate the package into anything worthwhile, instead opting for more of the same – fucking nothing.

I’m obviously not happy with Studio 397’s latest blog post, and the tone of this short entry will reflect my complete lack of patience, though I feel at this point it’s completely justified. If you haven’t read the announcement in full, I highly suggest giving them some clicks and popping over to the official Studio 397 headquarters, but in short, this is the exact opposite of what rFactor 2 owners both wanted and needed. They desperately needed their simulator to be pulled from the depths of 2012 and injected with many new features and pieces of content to give sim racers an incentive to boot up rFactor 2, yet instead Studio 397 will provide utterly meaningless additions to the game.

ui-conceptThe user interface is being completely re-built for the second time in the game’s existence, and what you see above is listed as a concept piece, not what will eventually land in the consumer version of the software. I get that rFactor 2’s main menu isn’t the greatest, but it’s not entirely clunky or disastrous either – just aesthetically, other games do it a bit better. Apparently, this somehow justifies a portion of the team at Studio 397 wiping the interface completely clean and building something brand new. I mean, hey, it’s great that they want to put their on stylistic touch on the whole package, but there are other places that deserve the team’s attention – such as the massive differences in Force Feedback quality from car to car when it comes to the stock ISI content included with rFactor.

rFactor 2’s controversial Online Pass system will now be completely abolished, meaning those who spent $80 on a lifetime subscription to the online server browser back when the game first came out, have now seen their investment vanish into thin air. While it’s definitely a smart move on Studio 397’s part to kill the subscription concept entirely, there are now a host of sim racers among the community who are about to learn they spent $80 on absolutely nothing in the long run – because it’s not like there was a use for the subscription during the online pass days, as barely anybody jumped online to race rFactor 2. Personally, I think it would be dope if Studio 397 allowed lifetime subscription holders the ability to use their key in some online store to redeem a sweet rFactor 2 shirt and or maybe even a plush toy of that ugly grey temp car as a sort of goofy compensation for dealing with ISI’s inability to make logical decisions, but I know our boy Dustin has joked about waiting for the day his rFactor 2 lifetime subscription would finally be worth it, and that day simply isn’t coming. He wasted $80 on absolutely nothing, as did a lot of other sim racers.

But we haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet.

c7rThe next car Studio 397 plan to work on, is the 2016 Chevrolet Corvette C7.R. No, this isn’t a joke. Even though the guys at UnitedRacingDesign have already pushed out their own version of the Corvette C7.R for rFactor 2 almost two years ago (as you can see from the shot above), and it’s a free download outside of their Endurance GT payware mod that everyone masturbates over, Studio 397 are sitting down and building their own version of the car for reasons only God understands.

This is absolutely nonsensical. There is nothing inherently wrong with URD’s version of the C7.R, everyone can go and download it for free off the Steam Workshop – meaning most rFactor 2 owners have already turned several laps in this car, and some VEC drivers have ran entire seasons in it – and yet here Studio 397 are following up yet another generic open wheel ride nobody asked for with a duplicate of a car already available for the game which people are perfectly happy with. Good fucking job Studio 397, thanks for confirming you literally haven’t even examined what mods are available for your game on the Steam workshop. This is definitely a competent developer who will surely put the eternal science project known as rFactor 2 on the right track.

16430412697_e7691ccffb_oAll this, while the Chevrolet Corvette Daytona Prototype, as well as the Super GT-spec Nissan GT-R – two cars people have been interested in as far back as 2013 when they were first announced as official content for rFactor 2 – sit unfinished on somebody’s hard drive.

nolaThe next track on the release schedule has been confirmed by Studio 397 to be NOLA Motorsports Park, a circuit which lasted exactly one year on the IndyCar schedule before being dropped due to several factors directly related to the quality of the facility, backroom financial matters, and the racing it produced. This is literally a circuit in the middle of a field, with no elevation changes or even scenery to speak of, making it a very hard sell for all but the local sportsman drivers who are obviously jacked to see their nearest track appear in a video game. Nobody in their right mind would willingly want to drive here, as aside from the facility’s lone IndyCar date – which turned into a shitshow thanks to excessive rain and flooding on portions of the circuit – this track has nothing to offer sim racers.

11_04_nola_modifications_underway_stdIn fact, as the New Orleans Advocate writes, NOLA as a facility was actually sued by multiple entities following the conclusion of the 2015 Grand Prix due to how horrible the entire weekend went, which is almost unheard of in professional auto racing. Yet Studio 397 believe a facility as pathetic as this is the perfect track to entice sim racers into re-installing rFactor 2 at the start of 2017.

nola2And that’s it. Seriously, that’s all their blog post announces. rFactor 2 owners are getting a car they already have, a track so horrendous it was actually sued by IndyCar, a reversal of the online pass system that should have been enacted years ago, and yet another interface redesign – because apparently the first one wasn’t good enough. Also, none of these are ready to go anytime soon save for the online pass reversal; you’ll be waiting a few months for the atrocious new content, and the menu redesign hasn’t even been finalized – they’re still on the concept art stage.

Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars, and put this game in the trash where it belongs. rFactor 2 has passed away, and Studio 397’s December update was merely the funeral service.


96 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, rFactor 2: The December Blog Post

  1. After the Studio 397 take over, I’m willing to look at rFactor 2 as if it’s a “new” game. I’m giving S397 the benefit of that doubt that they are just starting to find their feet and looking for what the community does and doesn’t want, taking what cars and tracks they can get the licenses for, and running with them.
    If in 6 months time, the steam workshop is full of paid mods, official content is coming out no faster than ISI managed, and the content that does get released is shite, I’ll happily drop rFactor 2.


  2. For the next update I’m sure u will still get that yellow/black flag on a practice day with the classic cars cuz in rf2 100kmh fell like 30kmh…


  3. They are developing a little bit faster than they did before.
    They are communicating in a straight manner.
    And the current situation is far-far better than the “Sorry guys, no DX11 and no VR support.” version.

    So please, give S397 at least 1/5th of the time that ISI had to actually make something.

    3 months. Just 3 months. Believe.



    1. Pretty crazy PRC expects things to be changed in 2 months. I bet he thinks building/updating software works like magic, you say “do it” and it happens


      1. >announce a car we already have
        >announce a track nobody cares about
        >new menus for the second time
        >finally kill the online pass

        This is supposed to make me excited about rFactor 2 after sitting around for five years?

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        1. This blog itself transformed into comment sections of other crappy blogs buddy. Knowledge 0/10, relevance 10/10. XD Shame as it started out quite good..


        2. >Announce they are ahead of the DX11 schedule implementation (something everyone has been always complaining, yourself included)
          >Announce physics of the whole game should see improvements due to the C7 official license

          But yea… as always you keep key info out of the article if it will prove you wrong. I really wonder why you do this


        3. >announce a car we already have

          Well you have a point there. But maybe it will be more accurate?

          >announce a track nobody cares about

          So? Don’t download it and download someone else’s mod.

          >new menus for the second time

          Why are you complaining about an improvement? You piss and moan for years about the game needing updates and when it finally happens, you piss and moan about that too. Fucking ,”Oi cunt this menu sucks they should fix it. Oi cunt this second menu sucks they should fix it. Oi fuck lookey here they fixed it again but fucking properly this time. Why would they make it good how dare they?”

          Do you have a mental disorder?

          >finally kill the online pass

          Again, complaining about an improvement, and a good one. I’m all for shit-posting my dude but this is just autistic.


          1. yeh I have to say I was shaking my head in disbelief reading this article. James has been on many rants about the online pass thing being a really shit thing. Now they’re doing away with it and he somehow manages to moan about it even though it’s what he’s been campaigning for. I really don’t understand you James.


            1. There are some sim racers who spent $60-$80 on a lifetime pass for rF2, never entering a single online race in the past three years. 397 have now told them this money went towards nothing.


              1. Thats selfish!
                Now other people develop and make the decisions! We all need more people participating in the online racing to succeed. The new studio cannot make mistakes from the past make appear as never happened. Give them some time and feel happy for all of them who can access online and have fun with you now. Sometimes you make a decision which seems right but its not if you watch it later.


        4. This is the new C7R with the updated 2016 GTE regulations. The newer cars are much quicker than the old GTEs that the URD mod is supposed to represent. It will also have real data behind it and not a random russians guess at what the car drives like.

          I agree that nothing earth shattering has been announced (other than the online pass thing), but we went from No DX11, No VR to having those features in a few months and previously completely MIA pieces of content like the GT500 being AT LEAST shown in motion.

          So I’m willing to give them some more time.


        5. >bitches all the time about no devlopment
          >gets development

          WAH WAH!!

          Mommy needs to change your nappy. They are re-designing the menus for VR you knuckle dragging cretin. DX11 should give good VR performance as well.


        6. >announce a car we already have

          One of the reasons they are “releasing a car they already have” is because it is with a technical partnership with General Motors. In essence, because of them creating this car (likely for official use with GM simulators/events as well), they will get some technical data that could help improve the physics engine of the simulator further.

          >new menus for the second time

          One of the things with the “First Time” new menus, was that the UI/Menu Interface, was that it was running on software/code that had been existing ever since SCGT. One of the things that Studio 397 is looking to do is actually bring new code into the sim, and be able to work out the kinks that were afflicting the sim for so long.

          At one point, I had an issue where it took me 30+ seconds to load up the car select screen! That is because there was a lot of poor/redundant code in the sim’s menus, that caused more problems than helped.

          Studio 397 is looking to overhaul the title, and bring it to 2016(7) standards. I’m willing to give them a chance. Are you?


        7. The content team has stuff in the pipeline. You cannot stop it and delete it just because others released a mod. Give the new car a chance to be a better or at least same quality addition. Have you read that the new studio is planning a new strategy and focus more on full fields and series instead of single cars? Do you?

          Same with the track: decisions were made, the whole product moved along with the content team. New heads, new developers, new structure. All this needs some time to have smartet decisions for the future.

          A new menu is very important to have an online experience we all want to see. A lobby, communication, rankings, scalable and sharper responsive on all screens. That is exactly what they are doing right now. This has nothing to do with the stopped work from the previous studio with their experiment using old flash technics. Wait and see! They will succeed!

          Killing the online pass was a good decision to get people back. More people means more fun, more racing, more content for all of us. So just dont be selfish, maybe they decide to give credit to it in another way. Who knows?


  4. “Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars, and put this game in the trash where it belongs.”

    Umm… no. The sim with objectively the best physics/tire model and dynamic weather (i.e the only actual real simulator currently available), is getting more content, performance improvements, VR and will be free online. I think you’ll find that the average sim racer is happy that studio 397 is breathing new life into rf2, yet you focus on the negatives and degrade other peoples work purely to try and get a reaction from the community.

    I think the exact opposite of what you suggest will happen, and if the steam charts are anything to go by, people are already reinstalling rfactor 2.

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    1. James is still pissed he didn’t get a prerelease version of the car that was released recently, while every other 2 bit reviewer did.
      But he’s a gobshite, so what else could he expect.


    2. With this article James basically admitted he is hardly anything more than a mere troll. And the “try and get a reaction from the community” part of your post describes the situation spot on.

      Rest in peace, PRC. You were a funny blog, but you have overstayed your welcome.


        1. I can hardly remember the year I stopped following F1. If anything, I’d watch myself some WRC instead. Except, there are better ways of wasting your time than watching other people wasting theirs.


            1. I don’t “imply”. It’s moronic to go in circles for hours while knowing the track to the point you could drive with your eyes shut, however space age your car is. Rallying at least has a lot of real life application. And the cars are street legal. And it’s easy enough to get into rallying. Ok, not into WRC, but it grows similar to F1, as does any top tier motorsports, so you better get yourself into something less high strung if you are more about driving, not medals, cups and the media.

              I do watch WRC from time to time when I feel like watching some automotive action, but I sure as hell don’t watch circuits. Don’t want my brain to rot just yet.


              1. You watch what you like and I watch what I like. You say is moronic to go for hours on a circuit which they know every corner of it… but in rallying you have a copilot telling the corners ahead. So I guess that evens it out. And is not like rally drivers don’t return next year to the same place…


                1. Do you realize the difference between a circuit and a rally stage? Even if you have no idea on the layout of the circuit, you should be really trying to kill yourself. And lately they are doing their best to prevent that from happening even if you really want to try.

                  F1 nowadays is like chess: very exciting to a few geeks with special interests, and utterly boring and dull to everybody else. It’s more about employing strategies and tactics (and about money) than it is about driving fast and enjoying every bit of it.

                  Of course there are people who enjoy watching that kind of activity. No wonder, when there are even those enjoying watching NASCAR and golf… It’s just that the importance of F1 is grossly exaggerated.


          1. Which help Massa to continue F1 Career for another year.

            It’s not official yet, but with Motorsports dot com learned that Massa will continue racing with Williams, Valtteri Bottas might join Mercedes. And rather than ROS, it will be him to get his ass kicked by Hamilton.

            Otherwise, it’s not confirmed yet. We have to wait until 3JAN2017 at the earliest, and see if Bottas join the Mercedes. But we know that he will.

            (Man, a Sim Racing News for disgrunted sim racers’s comment section were turned into a motorsport comment section since I comment that Rosberg’s retirement.)


  5. iRacing…

    😥 [Note: Work for me if install Emojione and Chromoji on Chrome]

    Get everyone a rose, friends. This is it. We will be missed (for real).


    2013-Before Q12017

    Cause of Death: Ran out of idea budget

    (And yea, forget about emoji ad thingy here. Didn’t mean to advertise it but still…)



    1. Actually, scratch that.

      This post just trigger most rF2 players who know this news.

      Let’s wait and see if S397 proved him wrong.


  6. big difference between a 2014 car and a 2016 car.
    But since you drive a shitbucket worthy only of a junkyard parking spot, you wouldn’t really know the difference.


    1. They are the same car except for a new aero package and some new safety modifications. Corvette didn’t change shit and in rFactor terms the difference is literally changing a handful of .ini values for downforce, drag, and maybe ride height sensitivity. The really heavy stuff like suspension geometry and torque curve hasn’t changed at all.


  7. This author knows little about development. An operating DX11 build in just a few months is a significant feat. And, oh yes, there are surprises on the way. This author sounds like one of life’s drains. Let it go.

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  8. Meanwhile, rF1 is still the king.

    Download it for free, apply a crack and go racing online for free with a cracked version. There are still hundreds of players racing in private leagues (that are free to join aswell).

    Oh, and with all the pathetic modders wannabe switching to AC, our modding community is back at being the best one.


    1. Except there is no reason to choose rF1 over AMS. Reiza have fixed some inherent rF1 physics bugs, added new features and a very tasty FFB that can rival that of rF2. I had removed rF1 long time ago…


      1. Except nobody plays that piece of trash. Online is almost dead and there are only few leagues using it.

        Meanwhile, on rF1 I can open the online lobby and find hundreds of servers with tenths of them active. Though most are locked behind passwords, signing up for the related leagues is free.

        I don’t need an overpriced plugins pack which is free for rF1.


        1. Let’s see a mod that has comparable to AMS physics and FFB. I personally was interested in finding one, since rF1 has so far the only advantage over AMS: the sheer amount of available tracks including special stages. Yet however James would want you to believe AMS is an rF1 re-skin plus a collection of freeware plugins, it’s simply not the case.

          If you insist on there being negligible difference between how rF1 mods drive and comparable AMS ones, you are either out of your mind… or your name is Austin.

          Online is almost dead? I could care less. It’s for immature brats like James who are obsessed with proving the world they are worth something. And as a rule, they are usually as pathetic as they get.
          Learn to enjoy the sim itself. Massive popularity generally speaks against a simulator, as the likes of AC have demonstrated.


            1. Let me shorten that for you: only a moron would waste his time racing…
              I don’t race, I drive… fast. And having fun while at that. Preferably on the rally stages.


  9. While I agree on the irrelevant track and the redundant car points, James, yet you somehow managed to skip on the part where they said DX11 is pretty much done already and they are testing it right now. Also they are promising to release a new version on the 20th… which could theoretically have DirectX 11 under the hood..

    On the new menus… Well, the current one is certainly better than what we can see in rF1 for sure – and that’s why all other isiMotor adopters felt like making their own version of it in the long run – it still is quite unwieldy and dated. And if they decided on re-logoing the whole title, it would be illogical to not follow the suit with the UI.
    At least ISI didn’t rename themselves as “S3S” did. And how many interface changes R3E went through? You sure have a bad memory where it counts…

    You seem to be not happy with the coming abolishment of the online racing paywall. I remember you whining in pretty much every article about rF2 on the subject, though. So, which is it? Do you want the separate licensing to be removed or not? If you really think this should have been done years ago, at the time the sim wasn’t managed by S397, remember? Let’s just wait and see if they are going to offer something to those of us (myself included) who bought the lifetime license right from the start. They said it themselves they are still working on a solution that would benefit everyone. After all, both iR and R3E are still much bigger rip offs.
    So far the only thing that bothers me is the uncertainty about the new content we are going to get.

    We should give the guys at least some time, maybe even a year, before starting to expect something solid from them. It’s not a game. It’s a sim. You can’t expect it to be developed at the same pace as major gaming titles backed up by substantial financing and thousands of people working on them. And if you want examples of really slow developments, you better look Scawen’s or Piboso’s way. On the other hand, those guys mostly work alone, so…

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      1. Then what can we expect from the next build at all? The new UI? Sounded like it’s in an even earlier stage of development at the moment.


        1. They said a few times this next build is more bug fix build, big oval rules update and I guess a “change of ownership” build, DX11 is for Q1 2017 still


          1. Well, unlike somebody named Austin I can wait. More like I’m happy they are taking their time. Would prefer a more polished product in the end (which also seems to be the James’ preference, yet he’s trying to rush S397), and also I have too much stuff on my hands to deal with anyway. Being devoted to a single sim/game is a major disadvantage. So, while they are working on rF2, I’ll shift my focus to something else.


  10. OPclearly can’t read into 397 blog.
    “As we’ve announced last month, we are completely revamping the user interface of rFactor 2 to make it easier to use, nicer to look at and ready for VR.”
    Clearly new interface is required for VR support.

    Ditched online subscription and DX11 (with VR support) alone can breathe new life in rF2 more than some new content. Content gets boring (or not important if there are reasons why you don’t want to play that sim in the first place) where as MP keeps people in and VR will attract new or make previous users return.

    I am sure many people didn’t see justifiable reason to keep subscribing for rF2 MP after these years and this causes continuous loop of thinking “I wont subscribe anymore because servers are empty”, where as not subscribing in the first place is the reason why servers are empty.
    Now people will jump to MP now and then to run some laps, which is how MP community can grow.


  11. Just put this quote here before going offline, as James/Austin’s mistake were made, for some reason.

    “I wish I had known that education is the key. That knowledge is power. Now I pick up books and watch educational shows with my husband. I’m seeing how knowledge can elevate you.” -Mary J. Blige


        1. People who look up to others will never reach any goals. If you are dreaming of becoming the second Vettel, you’ll be just that… always second.


          1. Talking about dreams, how about iRacer who just got a chance to drive with a racing team or Jann Mardenborough who play Gran Turismo a lot that he able to secure a future in GT Academy 2011.

            That Vettel one was a sarcasm, but let me tell you: not everyone start a racing career after passing a racing school. Playing a video game might be addiction but if you train a lot with racing game, your career will be secure if you drive not very erratic.

            And can we end this here? We got a iRacer victim who got burned for a simple reason: misunderstanding.


            1. You seem to have misunderstood me. I, for one, am all for the idea that simulators are a great learning aid. Especially the ones like rFactor 2. It just makes me cringe when people aspire for becoming “the second Schumacher”. If they don’t want to be “the first themselves”, there’s a little chance of them getting out of the shadow of the figure they are after.

              As for the rest of your post, you probably mistook me for someone else.


              1. Ok, I get it.

                Now let’s stop this argument here. I choose a wrong quote at wrong age.

                And no, I didn’t mistook you. It just a stupid way to choose quote and totally bad reply that bring us here.

                So please, we can just leave here and focus on sim racing life now.

                (In the ironic side, the more we replies, chance that news will still here is high.)


  12. Surprising there is no post on their forums and so little interest in rd. The removal of the pass was good but when kind put ac on sale during early access there was a big commotion and fan boy activity. Maybe they want to not have to trigger the fan boy defense squad.


  13. “A detailed changelog will be posted alongside the actual release, but some of the highlights of this build include a huge update to our Stock Car rules, better support for running Steam in offline mode – which can be very useful in LAN situations and a fix for the nVidia driver bug that has been plaguing some users of certain series of nVidia cards.

    Good news! We’re ahead of our DX11 development schedule and are internally testing the first builds now. There is still a lot to do in terms of adding new features such as depth of field and motion blur effects on external cameras as well as overall improvements such as the shadow system. Needless to say, the results so far are looking good. We are really excited about the capability we have already and where it’s going. Our goal to keep the engine backward compatible seems achievable, and in the upcoming months we will start engaging the modding community providing information on the improved engine and how best to utilise it.

    As we’ve announced last month, we are completely revamping the user interface of rFactor 2 to make it easier to use, nicer to look at and ready for VR. We’re leveraging modern web technology and are currently in the middle of the design phase. To give you a first impression, we’ve added a screenshot of a WIP car selection screen.

    Concerning content, we are very excited with the direction we are headed, certainly in the way plan to match cars and tracks. We will start to develop this approach over the next few months.

    We have a number of car developments underway. With our current focus on the Radical, we are adding the finishing touches to the 3D model right now while we wait for some additional data to complete the physics model.

    More great news! We have just signed a license with General Motors for the 2016 model of the Corvette C7.R. Development of the model and physics will start early next year. The 2016 model has significant aerodynamic improvements with a new, larger splitter and a large diffuser to generate more downforce. The car is the weapon of choice for Corvette Racing in their 2017 IMSA campaign as well as their effort to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans. As an added bonus, this car will also contribute to improving car physics overall.”

    Sounds quite different from PRC blog…


  14. Too little, too late. They needed to make substantial and enticing changes to the game to attract more users. Doesn’t look like that will happen. If I were 397, I’d be looking at ending development of rF2, and moving on to a clean slate with a new game, keeping the physics engine but overhauling everything else.

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    1. Also you would do all that in the course of couple of months, singlehandedly.

      I’m not really sure how your plan is different from what S397 are doing though, apart from sacking the logo. rFactor 2 basically is the physics. And they are pretty much overhauling everything else. What’s your point? Give them some time, look at the result. Then start complaining.
      It did take a lot of time already, but that was ISI. Now the thing is in the S397 hands, and they were barely given any time to do anything with it, yet people are starting a funeral already. It’s just ridiculous.


    2. Thats exactly what they are doing!
      New ui gives tones of new abilities to communicate and race in the community.
      New VR support and polished dx11 engine also means state of the art graphics with the comming content. Backwards compatibility means that your existing content will run out of the box. They are overhauling all thinks you ever dreamed of. Its not ISI anymore! Give them some time and watch the progress over the next builds to come.


  15. I noticed that rFactor 2 launch paid mod support on steam, at a rate of 25% to the modder!! No mod creator is going to support paid mods at that rate.


    1. Marcell said on Discord this isn’t what is going to happen and would remove it from rF2 workshop page to avoid confusion, you can’t sell items directly on the workshop


  16. Good to see URD mentioned at least. I will now proceed to shill like a mofo for all their stuff on AC. The PX, EGT and T5 mods are all fucking awesome, 1st-party-quality work. Their version of the 919 laps Imola within 0.03s of the official Kunos one. Their version of the Nissan GTR LMP is unique (its only been in FM6 so far is horrible there), fun and challenging to drive (though it seems they decided to implement the KERS that the real car never managed to get working). Just get the PX pack for AC and see what I mean.

    Anyway, this has nothing to do with poor old RF2, which I think is probably a goner by now. They should license out RealRoad and maybe the tire model to AC (although I like the tire model in R3E even better) and call it a day.


      1. but rfactor2 has it all, have’t you read associat0r? So there’s nothing more to want, everything is already there. Current year has everything possible in sim racing 2005-2016.


      1. Fucking thank you for caring about us caring readers 🙂 Forever in debt to your priceless opinion forcing. Actually, I think there was a price. Was it free R3E content? Money?


  17. James you are retarded. You deserve to be gassed for being such a dumb nigger. RF2 is going to be made great again.

    >every sim is SHIT LELE

    Maybe time to schedule another blowjob session with your love/hate stefano


  18. To be fair, whoever works on the UI most likely wouldn’t work at improving the FFB, lol.

    But yeah, not the greatest announcement. Thank fuck for the online becoming free tho.


  19. Okay, I’m going to try to clear some things up about Nola Motorspots Park. Please hear me out.

    I’m a Nola local. The Indycar race was doomed due to the usually shitty April-Louisiana weather. The track is being sued because track renovations used up more money than expected. Andretti Sports Marketing looks like it does a shitty job promoting events. I’m excited to maybe drive the track in RFactor2?

    1) Litigation.
    I’ve talked to some of the staff about all the legal stuff going on. The reason the track is being sued isn’t because the indy race sucked point blank. It’s a lot more complicated than that. **Also, Please take everything I write with a grain of salt; my only sources were Nola track officials, plus my memory is a bit fuzzy about the specifics of the actual legal proceedings.
    For Nola to host the Indycar race, it needed to be fully FIA certified. To be FIA certified, the track – which was already designed to be pretty safe – needed to have some extra safety renovations. Those renovations costed money, which was funded by some kind of Louisiana local-business tax program. This money was put into an entity related to Nola Motorsports Park created specifically to hold this money.
    **The problem occurred when something happened with the renovations. I’m not exactly sure, but either the requirements for FIA certification changed in the middle of the construction, or it went plain over budget. The track had to pay the contractors that did the renovations, because they could put a hold on the track. The track suddenly didn’t have enough money to pay the contractors that built the grandstands, and (I believe it was) Andretti Sports Marketing. Litigation ensued.
    Now, from what I’ve heard, Andretti Sports Marketing did a notoriously shitty job with promoting the event, and the track sued Andretti Sports Marketing. Then, Andretti counter-sued the track related entity created to hold the state money. As a side note, apparently Andretti Marketing was being sued by other organizations at the same time as all this went down as a result of the shitty job they were doing. I’m pretty sure the contractors that built the grandstands sued as well, and took down the stands that the track couldn’t pay for. My memory is hazy for this legal clusterfuck.

    2) The Terrible Indycar race.
    Every local enthusiast I know thinks the decision to hold the race in the middle of April was stupid because of the likelihood of rain. So the race was an absolute shitshow. Fucking terrible. But the race did raise the profile of the track, show it off as a FIA certified track (which was the whole point of the Indycar event in the first place). Since then, the track has hosted some small, more lucrative events to apparent success.

    3) To Drive?
    I don’t know how good the track is to drive; I have not yet driven on it enough to really get a good feel for the track, but it does have some nice technical corners. That’s why I was excited to see this stupid RFactor 2 post. I personally want to know how good/bad the track really is. Make sure it’s not as bland as the scenery surrounding it. After all, it is the the track I will be going to most.

    -Also, sorry for my crappy writing; I don’t usually do this commenting thing.


    1. This place is a Troll-bloid. If you read back some, this guy has negative comments for every auto sim out, then asks why new people are afraid of the hobby? The site is so self absorbed there is a group of racers that purposely lure them into believing the most inane shit.
      I do appreciate your explanation and had the author done quick google search on Nola he would have come to the same conclusions. As for rFactor2 being dead gimmie a break, in the last 30 days 7 quality cars, 2 official and 9 decent tracks have been released. I guess by zombie Modders. I actually have been playing rF2 more and more these days. Racing features are still yet to be topped for single player. Hope S397 give the love it deserves.


    1. RD: That makes me wonder if you would be interested in replicating an iRacing type environment in future. Things like ranked events and safety rating type features?

      MO: Yeah I think some kind of rating would make sense for rFactor as well. If you look at how leagues work nowadays, they mostly work on the basis of reputation and knowing drivers, teams and some of them are invite only where you first need to prove yourself before you can race somewhere. I think things like having a rating would help people make those choices which would be good for leagues. Steam offers so capability that may allow us to offer that. Do we want to take it as far as iRacing as to say that we have almost only official competitions and nothing else, probably not because we want to stay more open, more community focused and also have leagues figure out how they want to run things. We are going to keep it a little bit more open but at the same time trying to consolidate all different things out there, so people have a better overall feel of what’s happening in the world of rFactor.


  20. RD: That makes me wonder if you would be interested in replicating an iRacing type environment in future. Things like ranked events and safety rating type features?

    MO: Yeah I think some kind of rating would make sense for rFactor as well. If you look at how leagues work nowadays, they mostly work on the basis of reputation and knowing drivers, teams and some of them are invite only where you first need to prove yourself before you can race somewhere. I think things like having a rating would help people make those choices which would be good for leagues. Steam offers so capability that may allow us to offer that. Do we want to take it as far as iRacing as to say that we have almost only official competitions and nothing else, probably not because we want to stay more open, more community focused and also have leagues figure out how they want to run things. We are going to keep it a little bit more open but at the same time trying to consolidate all different things out there, so people have a better overall feel of what’s happening in the world of rFactor.


  21. It’s sad that half a year later we are still here in the dark.

    We know about Zandvoort and a new radical car. DX11 still not finished. New UI is still nowhere.


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