Fragile Sim Racers Can’t Handle Entry-Level Trash Talking

headerI never thought I’d have to dedicate an entire article on to defending sim racing YouTube personality Empty Box, but this appears to be one of those years where a surprise is hidden around every corner. Like clockwork, a portion of the sim racing community have allowed their emotional hemophilia to surface, and demonstrated their absolute inability to handle even the most basic of banter on social media – lashing out at anyone who dares to deviate from the private golf club atmosphere of modern sim racing communities. Yet instead of directing their nonsensical tirades at a controversial figure such as myself – who routinely ask for this type of reception, sometimes welcoming it with open arms – they’re now chasing after all-around good guy Matt Orr for no justifiable reason, and it’s sort of giving my long-ass rants about how toxic the sim racing community can be some much-needed credibility. Y’all shouldn’t be doing that.

The backstory of why we’re discussing this isn’t all that difficult to explain, so I’ll give you guys a brief rundown of what led to this mess in the first place. Matt Orr recorded himself participating in a random GT3 event at Brands Hatch in iRacing a few days ago, injecting the footage with live commentary as he’s done for the better part of three or four years. The race ended up being an absolute clusterfuck of a mock Blancpain Sprint Series race, with Orr being forced to dodge wreck after wreck before a driver several laps down – whom Matt had no prior history with – intentionally crashed into him and ended his race. It’s not the greatest video to watch if you’re looking for intense side-by-side action, but Matt willingly uploading these races to YouTube demonstrates that there are indeed events on iRacing that do not live up to the quality of racing advertised by the service, and I respect him for shining an occasional light on just how nutty these races can be – playfully dubbing the end-of-video crash montage as the carnage report.

intentional-wreckThroughout the video, Matt slowly becomes aware that the majority of on-track incidents he’s been forced to navigate through are the result of several Brazilian sim racers making extremely poor decisions behind the wheel, as iRacing lists the nationality of each driver within the in-game standings display. He eventually goes on to discuss the stereotype of Brazilian sim racers regularly racing far too aggressive for what the situation calls for, and once they begin arguing themselves in Portuguese within iRacing’s built-in chat feature, Matt openly states he mutes all non-English speaking drivers because he deems their chatter to be a distraction. I watched the whole thing just to see what the firestorm in the comments section was about, and there is absolutely nothing that warranted such an adverse reaction.

I have to stress that Matt doesn’t go on an angry tirade or bust out his bag of racist one-liners, he simply puts two and two together, figuring out for himself that a bunch of Brazilians wrecked the field over the course of forty minutes,  and ruined an otherwise decent race, with one of the drivers who was several laps down eventually taking aim at Matt for no legitimate reason and launching his Mercedes sky-high with only a few laps remaining. The forty minutes or so Matt spends subjecting himself to this perpetual carnage obviously frustrated him, and he touches a bit on how it seems sim racers from Brazil can occasionally be a nuisance; no different than saying the gentlemen from Club Finland are a bunch of emotionless sim racing aliens. The kind of comments Matt made during his video would go in one ear, and out the other for any normal person viewing the footage. A literal non-issue.

And I can at least stand by Matt in his assessment of South American sim racers on iRacing. Thanks to a combination of sub-par internet connections, a local culture which encourages tomfoolery in online gaming, and a national auto racing hero known for his aggressive driving tactics during the golden age of Formula One, it’s really not a stretch to say running with the Brazilians on iRacing is an exercise in patience. Keep in mind, we’re not calling them rapists, criminals, thugs, or slumlords, Matt’s just bringing up the very real fact that it can be a genuine shit-show if a bunch of them are placed on an iRacing grid together.

The sim racing community didn’t care, branding sim racing’s most popular YouTube personality an xenophobic racist for merely commenting on what he’s seen out his virtual windshield, time and time again.

waycistThe situation gets so out of hand, other Brazilians actually come to the comments section of Matt’s video and apologize for the behavior for their fellow countrymen, in the process admitting Brazilians have indeed established a nasty reputation when it comes to online gaming behavior, and that it shouldn’t be tolerated.

But this doesn’t change the fact that grown adults were emotionally triggered by a sim racing YouTube personality merely stating the obvious in regards to what was occurring out his front windshield. I can at least understand that when we here at really rip on a game, there will for sure be an army of fanboys in our comments section lashing out at us, because they’re really invested into their favorite game and want others to share in the joy of their favorite hobby, not watch as some Canadian asshole convinces their buddies not to buy a half-finished mess with an article that takes them ten minutes to read. Yet I find the individuals losing their minds at Matt and calling him all sorts of names for his commentary in his Brand Hatch GT3 video to be absolutely absurd.

The guy didn’t bust out a collection of racist one-liners, didn’t attack anyone over voice chat, and didn’t even join in on the carnage himself – opting to steer clear and refuse to retaliate even when someone intentionally took him out – so there is no justifiable reason for this to have been an issue in the first place. None of this matters to the sim racing man children more focused on micromanaging the behavior of others; a portion of the sim racing community have now branded Matt Orr an xenophobic racist who hates Brazilians.

All of this, from a generation whom grew up on Call of Duty. These people attacking Matt Orr for relatively tame and inoffensive comments must have developed symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from the number of teenagers who claimed to have slept with their respective mothers over Xbox Live. If you’re one of the people calling Matt Orr an xenophobic racist, I’ve got a message for you – you’re a complete and utter loser whom should seek professional help if someone saying “I got wrecked buy a bunch of Brazilians in an iRacing online race” offends you. If you cannot handle comments that barely register as trash talking to any normal individual, I suggest unsubscribing from iRacing later this evening, and instead picking up an adult coloring book. You are the kinds of people turning others away from this hobby, because some of us are literally forced to walk on egg-shells just to avoid a witch hunt from occurring.


47 thoughts on “Fragile Sim Racers Can’t Handle Entry-Level Trash Talking

  1. the video was originally subtitled “lap down brazilians should be ghosted”, hence the controversy. prob doesnt seem like much now, mostly bc he was wise enough to change it


  2. James, one correction. The guys which whose discussion was muted during the video were talking in Spanish, so they are wreckers from another part of the world. I don’t believe the Brazilians which were the “stars” of the show have any relation to that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, go watch the top split fixed indy car and it’s always the same group of people ironically from the same south american nation that shit the show up.


  3. Considering the price of sim racing hardware in Brazil, as well as the living standard that I’d assume isn’t exactly the greatest, I would expect iRacing is a very expensive sport down there. With that in mind, I find it baffling that someone who shelled out so much cash on pretend racecars and is accomplished enough to afford it would then make such an idiot out of themselves and even resort to intentional crashing.


    1. Well, I’m brazilian and the iRacing subscription is actually not that bad. The sim racing hardwares are pretty fucking expensive though.


    2. Brazillian here. You’re totally right. Additionally, both guys are from one of the most prestigious simracing teams in Brazil, which just make things worse for us.

      Just doesn’t agree with PRC when he says that this behaviour is motivated by sub-par internet and Senna. Is just a sick culture, plain and simple.


  4. EmptyBox is a entertainer and entertainers are using and making up stereotypes the entire time. This just shows how sensitive a part of the sim racing community is.


  5. And out of these CoD manchildren, only few know about motorsports.

    This continue the fact all of sim racing community is total manchild. But if they are all from Cod generation, then, like I said, how the few totally know about motorsports?

    Not the very good article, but I agree with you, Austin/James. It seems that manchildren are very sensitive, that only non-offensive comment will trigger them.

    Well, time to get a Logitech G920 and Remington 700 for manchild defensive, then.

    “Two of my favorite things are my steering wheel and my Remington rifle.” -Dale Earnhardt, Sr.


  6. That’s circuits racing for you. Yet another activity for the immature ones (regardless of their biological age).
    Either deal with it, or grow up and move on to something more meaningful.


  7. Funny that over aggressive drivers ALWAYS quote Senna’s line “If you no longer go for a gap which exists you are no longer a racing driver”. When actually he said after he deliberately wrecked Prost and later admitted it was retaliation.


    1. He was cut in by Prost who didn’t like to be overtake and unfairly disqualified, then Senna just gave his revenge


  8. I am Brazilian and I would say the behavior of Brazilian simracers reflects our reckless driving behavior in general. Brazilians as a rule are amiable people, but drive like maniacs. Being overtaken, even by a faster car, is a personal insult. Brazil is 4th in the world in number of traffic casualties (behind India, China and Nigeria). But hell, we will get that 1st place no matter what it takes.


    1. Thanks for the info.

      Shame that Brazilian call EmptyBox xenophobe for not understanding the driving behavior. Maybe, if they apologize, tell a reason why they drive like that and respect him, PRC will not have a time write this.

      And it’s even more sad to see this happened than Felipe Massa’s crash in his final home race this year.


  9. “You are the kinds of people turning others away from this hobby, because some of us are literally forced to walk on egg-shells just to avoid a witch hunt from occurring.”

    This applies to this blog and to the usual circlejerk. A person can’t express their opinion or preference for a game or support towards a sim racing company that they are deemed and labeled fanboys or shills. When will you learn that giving support and liking a game doesn’t make one blind towards the flaws of the game or stuff that could be added to improve.


  10. I remember a brazilian girl in raceroom multiplayer. very aggressive and reckless driving (bumped others off the track without hesitation). when mentioning her driving style in the chat you got answers like “fuck you” or “i’ll crash you!!” etc. beyond my understanding.


    1. Yet, she somehow name the video title that predict Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” slogan.

      Well, then.


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