Another Tire Model, Another Batch of Issues

screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_gt3_ks_nordschleife_20-12-116-19-45-20How many roads must a man walk down, before he admits he’s lost? That’s the question I’m left asking today, as Kunos Simulazioni’s highly anticipated Version 1.11 update for Assetto Corsa isn’t receiving much praise from those who are actually talented enough to push the physics engine to its limits. While the brand new patch comes packed with an array of features that are objectively nice additions to an otherwise barren simulator, and brings with it the third entry in a series of downloadable content packs centering around Porsche sports cars – which until recently were restricted to games created by Electronic Arts and Turn 10 Studios – the raw driving experience has suffered.

Once again, the legion of Kunos disciples have already gone and loaded every relevant sim racing message board with songs of praise for the Italian developer, claiming the cars are more alive than ever, yet before I start ripping them apart in the manner you all expect me to, I’d actually like to take a moment and thank Kunos.

screenshot_urd_egt_darche_spa_21-12-116-17-49-27For the tenth time since the game’s release on the Steam Early Access Platform in the fall of 2013, a large part of this recent update revolves around how Kunos have drastically adjusted Assetto Corsa’s underlying tire model – no surprise given the eternal science project status of the game. However, in an article I published a few months back, I revealed that the tire pressures used by real GT3 teams – in particular the guys working on the Gainesco McLaren 650s – were far lower than what was hard-coded to be an ideal hot tire pressure in Assetto Corsa’s GT3 cars, despite Kunos’ claims of using “real data” to build the numerous GT3-spec machinery in their simulator. Kunos have actually gone out and rectified exactly what was addressed in that article for the Version 1.11 patch. Good job guys!

tiresBut there’s a catch. Though some of the numbers are now correct, driver feedback is not looking good. Now obviously there will be guys on every message board who are five seconds off pace and still give it the thumbs up regardless, but reception to the Version 1.11 update from my own personal connections tell a drastically different story. My buddy Brian first hit me up claiming to have cooked the tires at Monza, and I mean, I figured he just got the setup wrong. After all, Aris himself noted that you’ll be doing a bit more tweaking in the garage to refine your vehicle’s balance, so a bit of a learning curve was something to be expected.

brian2And then my boy Ethan began complaining about the exact same thing. Now unlike Brian, who falls firmly into the Gentlemen driver category, Ethan is currently slugging it out with the one and only Tim O’Glock for bragging rights on several Automobilista time trial leaderboards – and a few years back he was actually my primary competition during a period when the only online element to Assetto Corsa was the RSR Live Timing app. It’s safe to say he knows what he’s doing not only behind the wheel, but setup-wise as well.

screenshot_urd_egt_darche_spa_21-12-116-17-47-0Along with his rants – which closely aligned with everything Brian said above – he ended up firing me a short video to display just how bizarre this new tire model was performing under duress. Despite running with traction control set to the maximum level, and the track grip operating under the “fast” configuration, his Mercedes GT3 entry is literally skating around as if he’s messing with an early build of iRacing prior to the New Tire Model revolution – and that’s with the soft compound tires brought up to optimal operating temperature.

GT3 cars simply don’t handle like this. Numerous teams often invite random automotive journalists to take a few laps with their respective babies at speed, and none of them report an experience synonymous with sliding around on a knife’s edge, barely managing to keep the car in check. Hell, Mercedes themselves offer random scrubs the opportunity to pilot one of their older GT3 combatants in a private track day setting, and there’s even a solid story on of a fellow sim racer putting down the money to participate in Mercedes’ AMG driving academy at EuroSpeedway Lausitz. These cars clearly aren’t trying to kill people, so with an abundance of real-world data powering Assetto Corsa, why is what’s happening within the simulator vastly different than the on-board GoPro footage?

Better yet, how are we at this point after ten different tire model iterations? Even if I do my best to accept that Assetto Corsa is a heavily work-in-progress simulator that’s subject to change on a monthly basis, I’m a bit lost at how a developer claiming to have all this real data and support from several manufacturers is managing to endlessly refine a tire model which produces a number of unique driving experiences on totally opposite ends of the spectrum. One build, the cars are fairly enjoyable to drive and closely align with in-car YouTube footage, as early versions of Assetto Corsa in Early Access very well did. A few months later, the cars are too planted and almost monotonous to drive – nearly impossible to spin despite a heavy right foot and intentionally poor steering inputs. Now, we’re at a point where the numbers are correct in regards to heating, cooling, and overall pressure behavior, but the GT3 cars are nonsensical death traps on par with initial builds of iRacing prior to 2011.

And this is before we factor in all of that other stuff. This is what Kunos Simulazioni are choosing to spend time on – refining a tire model for the umpteenth time and still failing to get it right – while console owners are growing increasingly agitated at their inability to create private online races for their friends, as they’ve been able to do in basically every other console racing game on the market not named Assetto Corsa since 2001.

244210_20161220202623_1For everyone’s sanity, let’s hope this strange GT3 behavior is the result of a misplaced number or two deep within each car’s individual tire.ini file, and not the beginning of many sim racers discovering Kunos Simulazioni don’t actually know what they hell they’re doing, buying time with pointless revisions and buzzwords to keep the army of fanboys blissfully unaware of internal struggles.


99 thoughts on “Another Tire Model, Another Batch of Issues

  1. I should point out that I was allowing the oversteer to happen to demonstrate this weird skating behaviour; the car continues to rotate with full TC and a straight wheel.

    I’m not saying that it’s impossible to get the car around the track – in fact I notched several max-attack laps of the Norschleife in testing multiple GT3 models – but it’s way out of line with how a GT3 should behave judging by onboards.


    1. Throttle input displayed; numerous times we see full throttle on exit, often with the wheel still turned in, and the back end doesn’t appear to complain at all.


      1. Well for starters, last I checked a 2016 BMW M6 GT3 β‰  2015 Merc AMG GT3. You’d have to find a decent onboard video of the right car, of the correct competition-year, at the same track, under the same conditions first-off, then we can start objectively making a worthwhile comparison of vehicle behavior. Until then this whole ‘concern’ is worthless.

        inb4 “lol its GT3 they’re all the same” – if that’s the case why does the BOP exist?

        Also, wtf is with that second-long jump in the video?


          1. As someone who “knows what they’re doing” according to Austin, I’d hope you’d be aware of the reality that a AMG GT3 doesn’t drive like a 12C-GT3, and neither of those like a 488 GT3, thus invalidating your comparison.

            But hey, apparently busting your balls with logic is straw-grasping these days, who knew?


            1. 500 hp, ~2800lbs, huge ass wings on the car. Shouldn’t matter where the engine is located, common sense says these cars should not be skating around like deathtraps.


              1. In one instance, Ethan says they’re manageable, here you say they’re deathtraps. Consistency man, does it exist for PRC?

                Have you tested this?, gone fast enough to break the physics and find the issue?. Again, you want things to improve?, help them improve rather than butch & moan in your corner of the net.

                Curb weight doesn’t tell us things like cross-weight or anything that I imagine would make a difference in terms of inertia and other factors that affect the tire model, and how that would affect a vehicles behavior.

                Perhaps there is a value deep in the code that needs tweaking, I’m not saying you can’t suspect that. But for god’s sake, or at least the sake of yourself, make sure your buddies aren’t dumb enough to think they can validate their concern by comparing real apples to virtual oranges.


      2. Bullshit. Look at 1:08. You aren’t seeing how, on accel, he is making very fast, small corrections to keep the rear end in line. Unlike mere mortals (or sim racing), he can *feel* what’s happening and corrects *way* before it becomes visually evident.

        This is a skill sim racing can never give you, though it can be learned later. Start with karting at a young age if you want to succeed in something beyond GT3 (a Pro Am series with dumbed down underpowered cars, traction control and ABS).


        1. To be fair though, your example is only one corner. The subsequent ones appear a fair bit calmer. He is still making small corrections, but it doesn’t appear to be oversteer like the corner you pointed out at 1:08. Then again, he can feel it, I can only watch, and I respect your real-world experience very much.

          I’m not trying to say that GT3s should never ever break traction, and be lifeless and planted like slot cars. They get loose for sure, it’s just that I feel the latest needless tire update takes it too far. You shouldn’t get as loose as this with full TC in what you quite rightly say is an underpowered Pro-Am tintop with TC and ABS.

          Honestly, they had it pretty spot on an update or two ago. But of course, this is sim racing, so “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is eschewed in favour of update-log dickwaving about how you’re smart enough to have tweaked the rotational inertia of the tire lettering by 0.05% resulting in more even temp spreads on the tire carcass or what the fuck ever.

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    2. You didn’t notice, but since 1.11 the default TC and ABS start at weaker values, such as 2,3,4. So default TC and ABS isn’t at setting 1 any more, which is the strongest. You can change it in the car setup.


        1. You are the Brian in this article from that private message James screenshot?

          Ok, regardless of TC value, because traction control is to prevent wheel spin and not lateral-rear slide, since 1.11 all vehicles with the new physics (tyre, inertia, and idk what other points changed or were added) present this trait of less planted rear. So some corners and bends will require a careful approach with the speed, steering, and throttle. Even the braking can unsettle more.

          But this I don’t understand, months ago james&sev saying GT3 cars don’t spin, don’t get sideways, don’t unsettle, and now this article…


          1. AC back in Early Access got GT3 behavior right, hence why we were all addicted to it. It was like, you could push to 90%, and then getting the final 10% out of the car was what separated shit drivers from good drivers.

            Then Kunos gave everything more grip overall and it was to the point where it was almost boring to drive.

            Now they’ve gone the complete other direction and taken away basically all grip.


            1. What a fucking bullshit. GT3-tyres are way better and more lively today than with previous tyre models. Get a better steering wheel, you idiot, but seems to be your brain.


              1. we already know from previous posts that you can’t drive for shit anindo, let’s leave the feedback to guys with actual pace


                1. IΒ΄m happy with my lap times, because they are as fast as the real drivers and not accomplished with setup- and driving-tricks that donΒ΄t work in RL and donΒ΄t seems to work anymore in AC i guess.


          2. My name is Ethan.

            As for James and Sev’s previous assertions, it was because back then the grip and stability was so strong that you didn’t even need TCS. Now it’s gone too far the other way, to where it’s so slippery that not even maximum TCS stops the tail kicking out. There’s a distinct middle-ground that they need to find.


            1. ItΒ΄s not about TC, itΒ΄s about aero. With enough downforce the GT3-cars are just fine and even Monza needs more than 1 or a high-skill driver. WasnΒ΄t testing the “older” GT3-cars since the update, just Porsche GT3-R and Cup, but they to have even more grip and good lap times as well. With low downforce they need another core-setup. IΒ΄ve to admit, iΒ΄m not good enough with dampers to build a low-downforce-setup which is stable enough for me, but some guys can do it and destroying the competition.


              1. My first reaction to this article was “you guys realize you can’t run the aero balance 10% in front of the CoG anymore, right?” I dunno if they changed the default setups, but I always found it kind of silly that you could run the aero balance at 50% or higher towards the front in cars that have a 40:60 or 45:55 weight distribution like the MP4-12C GT3 when you’d never do that in a real car.


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  2. Behind the wheel, this is as close as it gets in terms of feel for the car and track. Highly recommended.

    Not for the faint hearted, and not for the “console simcade car collector”, because the game is a bit raw at times.
    But as far as simulation goes… This is the one to get.


  3. Best racing sim ever.

    – Fantastic GFX, reflections, smoke etc etc
    – Cars look amazing
    – Engine sounds that actually get under your skin
    – Superb G27 support
    – Native tripple screen support and track IR
    – All cars FEEL like actual cars
    – Great tracks
    – Well optimised (apart from the smoke ;))
    – Decent multiplayer track days and events

    I’ve been playing AC for a while and it has been my go-to game for that racing buzz on the G27. No other game comes close in terms of making you feel that you are part of the car and giving you that racing buzz.

    My favorite racer for some time was GTR2, but it was getting a little old and tired in the looks department and it’s feel. I’ve got a ton of racing games on various platforms and it is safe to say that AC has the best feel hands down of any.

    Step into the legendary 98T lotus as an example, up the boost, watch the engine strain, hear the tyres screeth and feel your car squirm as the boost comes in and you fight to keep the car facing forwards on the track, whilst meanwhile that beast of an engine sound is giving you a rush. Limit the boost to save the engine, fly into a corner too hot, try to take someone on the outside and up the boost again trying to outdrag them as you fly past and look to the left screen seeing the engine flashing red and them dropping back in your mirrors – you know you are pushing it hard and the engine won’t last like that forever!

    Honest this game is a credit to the developers, and for anyone who thinks it doesn’t have enough cars or tracks, this game is all about quality and not quantity.

    Now they have added the Yellowbird it is a fantastic addition. Such a tailhappy fun beast of a car to drive and drift around in.

    You’ve got your sporty production cars, tail-happy beasts such as the mighty Cobra, and limited production cars / race cars. All of the sounds are unique and the charteristics of each car make it a different game with each car you step into.

    Absolutely spot on, and worth it for anyone who is into their racing sims.

    It’s worth noting that if you want to push the visuals on multi screen setups you do need a fairly hefty system though. I am running an I7 4770k.


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  5. Works on my machine.β„’

    Bring it up on the support forums?, actually do more than just ‘wah 10 models too many’ at racedepartment?


  6. I thought I remember reading quite a while ago that the gt3 softs are almost never used IRL, because they’re for cold weather or something.

    I could never get more than a lap out of them circa 2 years ago.


    1. You are right, IRL GT3 softs are only used for qualifying, and only if you don’t have to start that set of tires. They last for about 1 whole lap on the Nordschleife (look up Kevin Estre in the Mclaren on the Nordschleife).


  7. I didn’t have issues in the GT3R until I got rekt by the car catapulting in the last chicane on Nurb GT layout (it was quite strange), after that the tyres were DED and I spun in the last corner barely leaning on them, even worse than iR’s behavior with temp sensitivity. The car itself kinda drive like shit too IMO, like it’s always fighting itself.

    The 911 Cup was quite nice to drive tho, if also a bit bouncy. Apparently it’s far too soft springs-wise and over damped as a result vs the real thing, but I cant confirm that. But at least it was nice.

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    1. Harsher things would happen to the tyres in real life than just great overheating… like shredded or punctured rubber. In AC it grains, blisters, and wears down, but for temperatures you just need to wait or drive calmly until they return to racing conditions.


  8. I thought the v10 tyres worked quite well on the gt3 cup. There’s a bit of lateral sliding which is progressive and manageable. It makes the car fun to drive. Which is the point, isn’t it?



    Also, Deja Vu? (iRacing new tire model that’s maybe still a issue. Didn’t read a changelog so I might be wrong.)


      1. Oh dear.

        Isn’t Chirstmas Day already and we got this spam post.

        Cue Hallelujah sound effect! (a.k.a new spam spotted):


  10. my fav thing about AC shills is if I asked them what the physics were like 3 months ago they’d say “they’re amazing, really accurate and everything just FEELS right.”

    If I asked them again today, when the cars now handle completely differently, essentially the absolute polar opposite to what they were a few months back, they say “they’re amazing, really accurate and everything just FEELS right.”

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  11. I’m far from a AC apologist, but I always thought real GT3 cars were less planted than in the game. This is a lap record and the thing needs plenty of corrections mid corner.


    1. Im not denying at maximum attack it should be sketchy. The issue is that guys like Ethan are cranking the TC up, making lazy laps, and it’s still skating around.


      1. It’s racing TC, not drive-safe TC, its purpose is to stop you wearing through the tires too quickly, not prevent oversteer.

        It is a fairly major change to the tires though so idk which version is more true to life.


          1. So his miracle-setup isnΒ΄t working anymore:)
            Tried the AMG and 488 GT3 and what i can tell: stay away from some corner curbs and itΒ΄s pretty much the same. Second thing is, lowering aero and replacing it with high camber and toe setup seems not the trick anymore. WhatΒ΄s more accurate i just can guess, but watching onboards it seems, the real drivers donΒ΄t push the cars that much as you can in AC. They are very careful with the driving line and avoid curbs and this green stuff as well. And AC got to easy in the GT3. You really had to push so hard to get a spin and you could throw cars around the corner and push the throttle, you donΒ΄t see this in onboards. Now it is a bit more in the rF2-sector which i like, because the dose was right.


      2. If it would be on rails it would be simcade. You can’t win in this blog. Return to brick rigs fam.

        Skating around? The ethan dude did a 16sec video where he oversteered in a corner going at not lazy speed.


          1. You are the authority of sim racing. Kunos, you know what to do, return to AC early access 0.4.

            Maybe you could record some laps in current version and then download early access 0.4 and do the same, with the same car and track. Don’t forget to rename your current assetto folder in documents before launching the 0.4 game version.

            I mean, if you want to have a tiny bit of credibility, you’d make a proper analysis and not a 16sec video where an ethan dude exaggerates with the car.

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    1. Yes, and then they fucked with the tires on top of it.

      Hilarious how AC shills defended the game back then, meanwhile Kunos went and did everything we asked while still managing to botch the tires.

      Take 0.4 tires, apply across everything, call it a day.

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  13. Interesting, but new tyre model result in a more involving driving experience and more realistic values and behaviour:

    Real life GT3 pole time is usually 2:18-2:18.5 in Spa!!!

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      1. With ABS you should push the break full at the breaking point and be in the coasting area as soon as possible. ThatΒ΄s why iΒ΄m bad with ABS-cars. Really like more the old cars and difficult to switch to the modern cars if you are used to modulate the breaking pressure, which just isnΒ΄t efficient in ABS-cars.

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  14. Honestly, I donΒ΄t see any problem with EthanΒ΄s clip.

    HeΒ΄s being as rough as he can on the power, jumping from 0 to full throttle while still turning, and all he gets is a gentle slide that pretty much corrects by itself without the driver having to lift and counter.

    He even lets it build up for a while and is still able to save it with very lazy actions that arrive soooo late. ItΒ΄s almost as if he tried as hard as he could to spin and he still canΒ΄t do it.


      1. Of course it is James. People builds up on it. You go from 0 to a given percentage (letΒ΄s say 50%, higher percentage the higher speed you do) straight away, the weight builds up at the rear, then you progressively add up to 100% as it gets loaded.

        The more high performance the car the faster that build up is, but itΒ΄s not instant even in F1 or LMP1. Stabbing from 0 to 100% is not normal driving out of a corner.

        (Ear rape alert, turn volume down)


        1. It’s really too bad when people are so sure they know what they’re talking about and don’t. Throttle inputs are not based solely around wheelspin, F1 cars don’t have traction control, and weight transfer doesn’t work that way.

          Even with 100% rear grip you still have to apply the throttle in a way that doesn’t unload the front end too much and make the car understeer off the road.


          1. It’s you who doesn’t know what you talk about. If you lift at 130R or Copse you stab back to full power if you’re not traction limited. Unless you want to gift a tenth to charity.

            Weight matters at low speed. In a car at speed producing its own weight several times in downfoce the front won’t give a shit if you unload it suddenly. There’s a much bigger force pushing down than the car’s own weight.


    1. Accurate assertion, but bear in mind this is an exaggerated demonstration. In regular driving, with proper pedal/wheel inputs, the issue is not quite as bad as I show in the video, but it’s still there and it’s enough to bug me. If I just recorded that you would barely see it because I can catch it quickly, so I just exaggerated the shit out of it and deliberately let it go.

      Didn’t even intend the clip to be in an article, just a quick shitty “look a dis” to James on Teamspeak at like 4am.


      1. If you have a problem with the physics, just make a thread in the forum if it donΒ΄t exist.

        The Porsche 962 was my problem, because it just had not enough grip especially in fast corners and even alien-laptimes far to slow. I proved my issue with lap times, old videos and logic thinking and got some heat from idiot-fanboys telling me, iΒ΄m just to slow. I told them iΒ΄m right and Kunos is always fixing the problem if iΒ΄m right. Since friday iΒ΄m 6 seconds faster around Spa than before πŸ˜€

        And thatΒ΄s what i love about AC and hate about James. If you can prove your are right in their forum without being troll-offensive, you get a lot of neigh-sayers, but the problem gets a fix as well. Sims are always a work in progress and AC canΒ΄t shine with rain and night so far. But Kunos is a shining light regarding bugfixes so far.

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        1. The 962C short tail peaked around 2500lbs of downforce in 1.18, which is way below even the original IMSA spec that was using the high-downforce undertray with the long tail. In 1.19 they added some drag and bumped the downforce up to around 4000lbs at 2000mph which is closer to reality, although I’m seeing aero efficiency over 5 which seems questionable.


  15. The guy that “runs” this blog thinks he is this do-gooder that is opening the worlds eyes and pointing out the flaws that sims have and acting like some gross injustice has been done.

    It’s a videogame ffs. It will never be the same as real life. Enjoy it instead of bitching like a baby. It seems like the guys who have been in to simracing for a long time do nothing but bitch about current sims. Assetto, Rf2, R3E, ams and iracing are all good games. Just enjoy them for what they are… a videogame. Its ok to mention things that could use fixing, but what YOU are doing is just being a loser. It seriously seems like you dont even like simracing.


    1. A video game is a video game. A sim is a sim. And if a video game tries to sell itself as a sim, it should prove itself being worthy of the title.

      Real world cars and planes are basically being developed in the “older cousins” of sims, the computer aided engineering suites. Still “just a video game”?


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