Dear Sim Racers: Your Legal Threats are Silly. Stop.

2I think a handful of people won’t be happy that this is the subject I’ve chosen to write about today, but occasionally I enjoy breaking down the fourth wall and showing our readers what it’s like to be “the main guy” behind on a daily basis. Yes, this is a drama post under the Internet Safety category, and I’m giving you guys fair warning so those who can’t be assed with this stuff can click away in time, but for the rest who want to bust out a bag of microwave popcorn and indulge in the absurdity that is the sim racing community, I don’t think this one will be topped for a while.

Earlier this week, I penned an article regarding how sim racers have a very real tendency to scare off outsiders and fellow virtual motorsports enthusiasts alike with an array unacceptable behavior rivaling that of the My Little Pony fandomin particular the weird, creepy, delusional side. As much as I will be crucified by the language police for my rather harsh choice of words, the amount of unrestricted autism that is allowed to blossom has lead to situations where real drivers using these games as relaxing off-season diversions are instead made to feel extremely uncomfortable, indivudals who don’t pretend all is well within the genre are subjected to aggressive brigading, and guys in their mid-to-late twenties genuinely believe there are top-tier NASCAR scouts monitoring the performance and reputation of their internet racing team.

As the most popular modern racing simulators highly emphasize the competitive online element, you basically can’t avoid these people even if you try, and as a result, sim racing has began to descend a very dark and disturbing path. Like our boy Chris pointed out in the comments section, select incidents have seen iRacing members locate where their virtual on-track rivals were currently employed, and left messages with their respective Human Resource departments to try and get them fired.


screenshot_ks_porsche_911_carrera_rsr_riverside_23-12-116-17-17-53I suggested the best way to combat this wave of unacceptable behavior was with good old-fashioned social moderation – essentially calling these people out in public and shaming them into not being so fucking retarded – as currently the sim racing community as a whole are too willing to accept grown adults acting like teenagers obsessed with children’s cartoons. Don’t get me wrong, I like sim racing, but it’s certainly not at the point where I’m willing to help introduce my real life friends into the scene. Unless you’re already desensitized to it, the average person curious about what iRacing or Assetto Corsa has to offer is going to instantly pull a 180 upon seeing shit like this.

15585029_10206512429249987_8232145810832266113_oIn the aforementioned article, one of the examples I included as proof that the sim racing community has gone astray, was a Facebook conversation between John Hammer and other members of his iRacing team – one where he admitted to calling up iRacing’s headquarters and discussing some article he had read on PRC. I commented that it was strange for someone to get so upset over a blog post about a video game they actually went out of their way to phone the developers themselves to notify them of it – and I’m sure most of you will agree my assessment of that scenario was fairly accurate. It’s pretty weird that if you write something negative about a video game you own, grown men sitting on the forums will tattle on you as if this is the kindergarten playground. I understand from his explanation above that it was part of a larger conversation, but still, I could only go off of what I saw written in his original Facebook post.

Yet as you see above, Hammer took to the iRacing forums and proceeded to construct a highly delusional three paragraph essay in a tone akin to professional press releases for a real-life auto racing team, claiming his privacy had been violated, his fictional online NASCAR team was actually a legitimate registered business, and heavily implied he would pursue legal action against us – all while making sure to dance around iRacing’s complicated sporting code and apologizing to the iRacing community, most of whom had no idea what the fuck he was talking about to begin with. Knowing I’m not an iRacing member and wouldn’t be able to read his forum post, he regurgitated a smaller version of his overall message in our comments section, but I think we can all agree nobody is going to top this in the foreseeable future.

untitled-3I have many things to say, and many questions.

I would like to understand how on earth iRacing has convinced random sim racers who aren’t anywhere close to participating in the $10,000 PEAK Anti-Freeze Series championship, that their pretend online racing team – which is really just a bunch of guys bullshitting on Teamspeak and working on setups together – needs to be taken so seriously it ends up turning into a registered business, and some guy taking screenshots of your comments on Facebook suddenly requires you to begin throwing around professionally-worded legal threats in an online gaming forum.

I mean, when I created my pretend rally team in Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo, I sure as hell don’t recall the game instructing me to input my social insurance number, nor did it advise me to hire an accountant for when the Canadian government tries to collect taxes on my Career Mode prize money, so I’m a bit lost here.

c0zvys5uoaackja-jpg-largeBut my initial confusion did not seem to deter the entity known as NoXqses Racing, which doesn’t actually appear to be a registered business as the ramblings suggest considering I can’t find the appropriate online documentation to confirm, but instead one of many shitty iRacing teams that don’t have a hope in hell of advancing to any of the respected premiere series – though you can check out their 29-page souvenir book HERE if you’re bored.

To my bewilderment, these guys went out and proved the exact point I was trying to make in Tuesday’s article about some sim racers needing a reality check; no less than twenty four hours after the entry went live, a group of delusional sim racers have set out to prove that driving in circles on the computer is serious business not intended for mere gamers, tracked down my actual address (which honestly isn’t difficult to find, and I embrace all packages of adult toys now destined for my doorstep), and for a third time had heavily implied they were looking at embarking on potential legal action – while also claiming the guy who’d supplied us with the screenshot they were so asshurt about, had actually breached his contract with the team.

wutBecause making your online friends sign very real legal documents just to play NASCAR online with you is a totally normal thing to do as a grown adult male.

untitled-2I really hope this guy is like, not all there mentally, because I can’t comprehend the concept of forcing someone to sign an actual contract just to drive for your iRacing team. The majority of participants within the Peak Anti-Freeze Series are merely gamers who happen to specialize in one very specific genre, hanging out on a semi-public chat server within the company of their online friends, and relying on half-eaten bags of Doritos to fuel their lengthy testing sessions. There is simply no need to register your team as a business and demand other sim racers to sign a legally binding contract to drive for your pretend racing team – especially if you aren’t even in the Peak Anti-Freeze Series, but instead some random no-name scrub on iRacing like 99% of the members.

15682871_10155578949589951_441509264_nIt’s fine to make a custom team logo, or even a tongue-in-cheek Facebook page to keep your bros or fellow sim racers up-to-date on your results or accomplishments. It’s fine to create a very specific team livery that all of your different cars run, it’s basically the norm to have one of your people pay for a Teamspeak or Discord server, and it’s also fairly common to have the name of your buddy’s small business on the side of your virtual race cars. I’m not saying don’t run a sim racing team and intentionally prohibit your inner child from playing pretend for a bit within the confines of a highly realistic virtual environment. We’re all sim racers here, we understand that there’s a light role-playing element to all of this organized online league stuff, and it can be a lot of fun under the right circumstances.

gsc-2016-05-15-15-31-35-94But if you’re the head of some online racing team, and you’re pestering message boards and Email inboxes with legal threats which include discussing things that should never pop up in the world of sim racing, such as contracts for individual drivers, and talking as if your pretend racing team is a registered business in your state, you’ve fucking lost it. This isn’t what sim racing is about, and this is the kind of shit that will scare off newcomers from even buying a wheel.

Immersion is being able to sit in front of your computer after a shitty day at work, and for a few short moments convince yourself that the images displayed on the monitor in front of you are placing you behind the wheel of a professional category race car in a highly competitive environment. Delusion is when you’re under the belief that a pack of virtual race cars requires a business license and actual contracts to operate, all while your competitors are sitting behind the plastic wheel attached to their desk in their boxers sipping on a glass of Mountain Dew Baja Blast.

screenshot_dallara_f312_ks_nurburgring_21-12-116-19-13-24There is no need to register your iRacing team as an actual business. There is no need to send legal threats to a sim racing website after they put your absurd behavior on display. And there is no need to force your online friends – who in reality just want to hang out and play NASCAR online with you – to sign a legally binding contract just to drive for your fantasy online NASCAR team. It’s absolutely, one hundred percent silly. Stop.

I get that some people love the role-playing element of heading over to and publishing write-ups of their Madden franchise. That’s cool. I also understand that some people love uploading fake Monster Jam events on YouTube, recreated with the help of Monster Truck Madness 2. That’s fine. This, however, is not. This is fucked up. Don’t do this. I really hope iRacing contracts are restricted to just this one specific group of delusional sim racers, and not an actual thing at the Peak Anti-Freeze Series level.

Then again, Leicester City won the Premier League championship, the Edmonton Oilers are finally a competent hockey team again, iRacing have smoothed things over with us, and Codemasters managed to put out a decent Formula One game this year, so anything is possible at this point.



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  1. I can’t wait to buy one of these champions used cars. What an honor it would be to drive around in the exact car they drove in a championship. Plus it would be cool to look at their hero card and know I am driving the exact car depicted on the card.

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  2. Sim racing online and Eve Online are unique in that I’d rather read about them than play them.

    I’m just one guy, but the concept is true for me. In my year of owning a wheel and ‘sim racing’ I have never once felt compelled to race with other humans. And it is indeed exactly for the reasons documented here regularly and more. It is no great loss to the prestigious niche as I’m slow and awful. Like awful, awful. But I can’t even download a mod for a game without running into high school cheerleader drama. I can’t read an update blog/changelist without whining. I can’t read a constructive criticism of one game without another being brought up for some reason. And then the absolute madness I read on here while pooping… I mean, I was hardened in the dark world of early FPS games. I’m by no means a sissy, if anything I should be jaded. And I’d argue that most of this delusion/bitter/silly stuff PRC points out weekly is just as prevalent in other online communities. probably has spent millions, with an s, on trying to deal with children and the things they say. That’s the kicker though. I know sim racer’s average age must be among the highest in gaming, if not thee highest. So I guess I just expect more, or rather less. I dunno. Maybe I’m the one that is too ‘old’ now, but I can really get exhausted just reading about this stuff. I just can’t imagine investing hundreds to willingly be a participant. That’s just me though, not insulting people who can and do enjoy it. I know there’s tons and tons of good guys and fun leagues. But hot laps and bad AI is it for me. Bad apples spoiled my bunch before I ever got to ’em.


  3. Really bizarre behavior. These guys actually think they are the equivalent to a real life racing team. How can they not understand the difference? I mean they’re adult men who clearly cannot give up on the “I want to be a racing driver” delusion they had as children, and are attempting to live that out on a fucking computer game. Makes me wonder what these jackasses do with the rest of their lives.


    1. Better yet I am trying to figure out what kind of damages a virtual race car can cause that someone would be concerned enough to make their racing team an LLC.

      Also- wouldn’t that email be blackmail

      Not gonna lie, a few times this week I thought that selling my sim rig and getting a high price escort would be a better use of that money than dealing with man children who make up this “””””””””””””””community”””””””””””””””””.

      That thread seems to be gone from the iRacing forums too. I tried to find it to see the comments. I have to imagine that their “”””””””””””””””Legal Counsel”””””””””””””””””” spoke to the iRacing moderators to take it down.

      Lucky for James according to the NY State official website, and NH State website I couldn’t find any LLC’s or corporations with the name Noxqses. (based on the hurrdurr yearbook and his iracing club)

      Now I think James should look into finding a lawyer that will figure out precisely which way to sue Noxqses for threatening him.


      1. Yes, that also struck me as being very strange. I just can’t fathom what liability issues could arise from organizing an iRacing team. Not to mention I seriously doubt they are seeking to avoid the corporate double tax issue, given that there’s no way they are actually making money through this…

        And of course they aren’t actually listed. You really think these guys would cough up the fee to file with a state? Then again, maybe they would if they were the type to drop thousands on equipment to play these games.

        I’m not going to look it up but I think these posts possibly amount to extortion or blackmail, depending on what state’s law applies.


        1. There isn’t any reason to create a team like that, and plenty of self-evident reasons not to.

          They’re just taking themselves way too seriously.

          That said, James is either trolling us, or taking this nonsense way too seriously.

          Every web community has its nutjobs, and age is pretty much just a number. Especially when you’re anonymous.

          If fledgling sim racers are selling their wheels over this, I hope the proceeds are going to therapy.


  4. These guys are part of the reason why the iRacing community is shit. Taking shit way too seriously threatening people with legal action, and making contracts to race with them are just acts of pure delusion. They won’t do shit with their legal threats, and only them use them to bully others.

    I bet I’ll receive some legal threats from them after they see this comment. Oh no, I’m scared!


    1. “These guys are part of the reason why the iRacing community is shit. Taking shit way too seriously threatening people with legal action, and making contracts to race with them are just acts of pure delusion. They won’t do shit with their legal threats, and only them use them to bully others.”

      Welcome to American custom. They are doing only what their society thought them to do. Americans like to sue everyone or threat/bully to sue. They even have a practice of bullying with patents.


  5. For my next trick, I will combine every comment that posted on PRC and bend to the pieces to this ASCII Art:


    One Question: What are you playing, iRacers? Legal challenge or Ping Pong?


  6. Funny how you have a Formula 3 picture focusing on a virtual Chelsea Angelo, pretty much the best Aussie female driver who also uses iRacing to help her prepare for V8 Supercars events. I wonder if she plays online with these people….

    Anyways, to quote Sebastian Vettel, “Honestly, this is ridiculous”. How does a virtual sim racing team qualify as a source of income if it isn’t in a cash prize league, let alone as an operating business? Do they claim tax for their sim team business? Do they have a premises to do basic operation and preparation on their sim cars before the next sim race? How do they operate as a business?

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    1. Avidan,
      Thanks for the questions. It is a licensed business, the author simply didn’t find the business, we do have a tax i.d. There are many other actual business associated with sim-racing and I don’t think we’re the first team registered as a business, but probably one of the earlier ones, there’s no database so it’s hard to say, but I certainly associate with others taking similar paths. We think there’s a lot of potential for E-Sport, business opportunities, and other opportunities probably further into the future.

      Regarding the litigation, I”m not so concerned about defamation and whatnot, people can make their own judgements. There’s is a difference between threatening someone and giving someone an opportunity to have a reasonable conversation because they believe some infringement may have taken place, given courtesy that we’d being speaking with counsel to see if any infringement took place… sure I could’ve phrased that more eloquently. I think the screenshot of my email demonstrates the intent to get accurate information instead of hearsay. The author is simply taking a reasonable conversation and making sensationalism out of it, in my opinion but thats my opinion.

      The brand is not trademark protected, because essentially I’d be paying out of pocket up to $325 for registering the trademark. Trademark law gives protection to the original established business in so much that we would co-exist with another entity if they chose to use the exact same name in the exact same market but who’s to say we’re going to keep that brand/logo for eternity, but for now it’s fine. Technically, because we are a business and established ourselves as the first to have the logo etc,, we are unlikely to be ordered to cease and desist.

      I hope that people will take the opportunity to consider thousands of people are members to a lot of simulations and there are business opportunities there.

      I hope the author has a great holiday and has success with his blog. Providing press for our business is appreciated, because we think that people who read what I’m writing and what the author is writing represents 2 perspectives and there is a possibility some one might come away from this with some idea to create their own blog or their own business for sim racing.

      Again, happy holidays to everyone.


      1. It’s been six years and the top level of iRacing only gets around 300 live viewers on average.

        Rocket League has been around for a few months over a year, yet its first Championship Series live event sold out the Avalon Hollywood and recieved over one million live viewers on Twitch.

        iRacing is past it at this point, and that won’t change unless shit like this stops.


        1. Is still business serious, meaning is not worth to spend that money on a trademark since their entry is the original one and there’s no significant risk of being damaged, even if someone copies it, they can pay later if needed. They also don’t know if they’ll keep the same name and logo forever, especially if they aren’t a highly profitable entity, otherwise they would have paid for trademark.


            1. Obviously you cant read very well or have a comprehension issue. Since they had the logo and name 1st you couldnt sue. You could waste alot of money trying but would not succeed.


      2. John you aren’t a very intelligent person if you think what you’ve done with this team is anything but a waste of time and money. It’s a video game my man, and compared to other genres, it’s a niche within a niche. There is no money to be made in what you are doing. As I’m sure you’ve discovered though, there’s plenty of money to be lost.

        Then again it sounds like you’ve completely lost your mind if you think making your group of video game buddies an LLC so I don’t know why I’m wasting my time typing this. If you haven’t figured it out by now, there’s no point.


        1. How do you know what they have made or not made as far as profits? I just took a look at their FB page and website and they have quite a few companies as sponsors.


      3. No, I think you’re really just being silly. These are just video games. As for the e-sports argument, no one is watching real racing these days, much less sim racing. My own youtube channel, which is just me playing guitar in my bedroom, gets more hits than the iracing broadcasts.


      4. John. Have you ever owned a real business? If you wanted to really do E-Sports, why would you choose something as incredibly esoteric as iRacing? You do realize that almost no human being outside of that clannish, insular community has ever heard of iRacing, right?

        No, what you’re really doing is living out a childhood fantasy, and inventing this so-called business is a way to make it seem more real to you and your rather sad, deluded “employees” who have signed “contracts” that are likely worth about as much as the “contract” I signed when I got “hired” by Williams in F1 2016.

        “Seeming” and “Being” are quite different. The ability to distinguish between the two is what makes people sane. You seem to have misplaced this skill somewhere along the way. Your “business” doesn’t even manage to *seem* real to anyone but you.

        TLDR: Go get laid.


  7. What a bunch of manchildren. I’m so embarassed for them. I came from a 3rd world country where grown up men act like grownups. Delusional antics like these only happen during high school english writing classes.


  8. At least iRacing finally realized the mistake that they made.

    And to whoever thought that PRC is delusional that deserved to get deleted by a team who work like it’s a business when they are not work like that, then how about this?:

    “SimRacing has one of the most toxic communities in gaming. MOBAs outshine it, but SimRacing is pretty bad.” -MapleHamwich

    “…Our sport is dying and it is our fault. Stop arguing on which sim is best and just accept them all and get new people to want to play ANY of them.” -ZeosPantera, Mod.

    “You’re the one saying you’re just stating your opinion and you say it’s not cool when people comment with their opinion of your vid? Look in the mirror man, you call people liars, others call you insane, it’s an eye for an eye. If you didn’t insult anyone to begin with you wouldn’t have gotten insults back. If you can’t understand why people call you names when you make a video calling people names, I have one piece of advice for you: Grow the fuck up.” -dospaquetes, manchild

    “This community sucks. And it’s hard to care for it when there’s people like you, all on your high horse telling me to grow the fuck up. Why? Why would I have to grow up at all?… ” -speedism (Sorry, if this post triggered you, Joe.)

    So, I have to ask you, delusional iRacers: how many time I have to repost my comment until you understand?



    1. Dude, what world do you live in? They’re NASCAR fans. Every one of them has Trump and NRA stickers plastered all over their pickup trucks. Probably have Confederate flag bed sheets, too.


  9. This John Hammer guy sounds like a massive bitch. Adults who go around threatening legal action for any little thing that displeases them should be dragged out in public and spanked, like their parents should have done a long time ago.


  10. Guess what, Ogonoski? It’s not some virtual racers taking themselves too seriously. Think beyond virtual. Real sports participants consider their occupation as being something more than it really is. The virtual representation is simply mirroring that. But you are here berating your fellow simmers, trying to accrue some points with the real guys. “Look, I’m not with this bunch of sorry morons, I just play vidya on my pad for the lulz, and I’m a totally sensible sports fan”.

    Newsflash: taking real sports seriously by no means makes you any more reasonable.


    1. Keep dreaming, Annie. Next year iRacing and PRC relationship will be rebuild. You will be getting laugh by James. And those who hate the MANCHILDREN community and switch to PRC will laugh at you, too.

      Nos Vemos!


      1. I would suggest you to have some counseling. And I’m not being offensive here, just stating the fact. You make random postings nobody actually reads, mostly talking to yourself. That’s not a good sign. And it is destructive for your own self if you keep it like that. Seek help. It might be not too late.


        1. One thing: I’m totally fine! Remember that! Only just wrting a crap post that feels like I’m not well.

          Also that make me feel sick is both the article and the comment.

          Hope that my explaination will understand you. If you don’t then….


          1. Either that or you need to get a better grip on English. Why do you think it’s other people’s job to decipher what you are trying to say?


            1. Expecting a reply to me, a guy who speak the first language that is not English. Forgot to include that.


              I’m done.


              1. See, now I have to decipher your writing again. I perfectly understand your first language is not English. What I don’t understand is why you insist on having conversations here if you can barely make your answers readable? If you feel like you don’t need to learn the language, don’t expect others to read what you write, since pretty often it looks like random words that been strewn about.


                1. TAPAMG’s posts are always readable, and his spelling is actually better than expected.

                  Understanding them is another matter, and I’m not convinced it’s entirely the language barrier.


  11. On what level is this going to end well for iRacing? Maybe they need to get off their ass and put a stop to this ignorant shit before they get drug into something they don’t want to be a part of…
    Please grow the fuck up and stop pretending. Either put up the money and do it for real or stop your bullshit.

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    1. Here’s the thing, although not to the extent of f2p games deluded people with a broken grasp on reality and sanity are among iRacing’s most profitable users so even if you think they’re fucking nuts you have to humor them considerably.


  12. They should take legal action, james you have a habit of using your position to please private details about people, you do it all the time, as I’ve said before anybody who sponsors you, or has anything to do with you needs to watch out, because its not a matter of if you will share it or even sell it, its just a question of when.


  13. Eventhough Im an iRacing member I consider this Hammer guy as an retardet idiot.
    And just because he has somewhat registered this laughtable virtual team “as a business” his lil “bussiness” is unable to pay the $325 to protect its own trademark.
    What a joke.
    And the joke is even enlarged because he is unable to se that he is embracing himself with his lack of humour and self reflexion.


  14. Put 100 random people in a room, there will be assholes, idiots and psychopaths. That´s just human nature and “James” is more on the dark and destructive side of Sim Racing and just pretend to want to fix things.

    A system like the US government is totally corrupted spending 54% of their budget for the military and just 6% each for education and health care. Really hope a Trump is changing things, but remember why Obama got elected (“change”). He won the Nobel peace price and increased the military budget by over 50% the next year fucking up Libya and Syria at least, throwing weapons to radical islamic groups and Saudi Arabia and so much more crimes. That´s what i call a totally corrupt system and Trump will certainly not change it. This system blew up WTC1, 2, and 7 and killed 3k US-citizens just to get a new enemy. The USA killed at least 15 million people since the 2nd WW, probably way more and is the full step cancer in the world.


  15. I don’t understand these articles of complaining about these guys, saying they hurt sim racing, etc. in fact more people know these guys and what they do now more than before. But of course James isn’t wise to think about that, he thinks on his ego.

    Is like going to “that part of youtube” and say this is youtube and what will newcomers think… Just doesn’t make any sense. Because there are plenty of steps until you arrive to that part, and plenty of steps until new and old sim racers arrive to the “cringe” side of sim racing. I bet many people in sim racering didn’t know about those iracing dudes, about hero cards, about peak anti freeze whatever (I cringe every time I read that in articles).. I mean wtf are these things and why is this blog constantly trying to make everyone learn about it.
    In fact I’m more worried for new/old sim racers finding this blog than about someone making hero cards or taking their iracing teams very seriously.

    I don’t know what’s worse, the Spanish Inquisition or this blog. The Spanish Inquisition for sure, but this blog is on its tail.

    A quote from wiki: “The Spanish Inquisition is often stated in popular literature and history as an example of Catholic intolerance and repression.”

    No person, dev, company, game, is safe from this blog. Unless you fit into James standards of high moral, ethics, conduct, knowledge, and skill standards. Only when you meet his standards you are worth of being in sim racing. I think we need a disclosure page to find the standards of sim racing by James in detail.


    1. The Spanish Inquisition is reviled in the popular literature of *Protestant countries*. What a shock. Why don’t you paste the whole thing?: “Modern historians have tended to question earlier accounts concerning the severity of the Inquisition. Henry Kamen asserts that the ‘myth’ of the all-powerful, torture-mad inquisition is largely an invention of nineteenth century Protestant authors with an agenda to discredit the Papacy.[2] Although records are incomplete, about 150,000 persons were charged with crimes by the Inquisition and about 3,000 were executed.”

      More people were killed over a period of a few weeks in France -the estimated numbers for the St. Bartholomew’s day massacre go up to 30.000 people dead- than by the Spanish Inquisition in 350+ years. It existed to prevent such a situation from ever happening, as well as to stop superstitious yokels from making a sport out of killing random women and retards: the majority of Spanish inquisitors didn’t believe in witchcraft, and people had to really try to get executed for it (basically wanting to die as martyrs for their pagan cults or heresies). The biggest witch hunt by far in Spanish history involved the investigation of literally thousands of reports about cults operating in the Northern regions of the country (look up Zugarramurdi). Of those thousands of accused, only 11 people were burned and, of those, only 6 were burned alive. Had it been left to the populace it would have turned into a massacre.

      Consider these words from one of the inquisitors who studied the case, saying that *even if people confessed to being witches, they couldn’t be, because witches are not real*:

      “The real question is: are we to believe that witchcraft occurred in a given situation simply because of what the witches claim? No: it is clear that the witches are not to be believed, and the judges should not pass sentence on anyone, unless the case can be proven with external and objective evidence sufficient to convince everyone who hears it. And who can accept the following: that a person can frequently fly through the air and travel a hundred leagues in an hour; that a woman can get through a space not big enough for a fly; that a person can make himself invisible; that he can be in a river or the open sea and not get wet; or that he can be in bed at the sabbath at the same time… and that a witch can turn herself into any shape she fancies, be it housefly or raven? Indeed, these claims go beyond all human reason and may even pass the limits permitted by the Devil.”

      Now compare this with the bloodbaths and crazed lynching mobs the anglos and germanic savages were so fond of at the time, and you can imagine the countless lives that were saved by the Spanish Inquisition and how they outweigh its victims by orders of magnitude. How many lives have been saved by PRC? Saving people from sub-par simulation value experiences isn’t quite the same.


      1. You may well be right about all that you wrote and also quoted, and the Spanish Inquisition isn’t the boogeyman we thought it was, but my post above was mostly directed about “intolerance and repression” from this blog about people in sim racing, players, devs, companies, sims/games, choices, preferences.


  16. Part of a comment made someone named Jon just recently in the -rest in peace for rfactor2 december blog post- article.

    “This place is a Troll-bloid. If you read back some, this guy has negative comments for every auto sim out, then asks why new people are afraid of the hobby? The site is so self absorbed there is a group of racers that purposely lure them into believing the most inane shit.”

    Couldn’t have it said more accurately.


  17. You’re wrong O. Again. It’s called pretend race cars for a reason. If people want to pretend to sign real contracts etc. Let em. The rest of us can sit back and laugh and out drive them. But if simulating the environment is ad important as driving fast Laps. Who cares?

    Oh Yeah. Turds like you that take the hobby way too seriously.
    The more you talk, the more you sound like the wannabe cop trying to police(ahem, socially moderate) others behavior.
    Get off your high horse you clown

    No one cares, except even bigger losers than those displaying the behavior.


  18. Austin, im an outsider in all this but ive been on iracing long enough to know alot of these guys on noxqses and alot of other racers on many different teams. Im wondering if your just a punk kid with no life or just a plain old idiot. You obviously dont understand business or legal situations. I do know noxqses is a legal llc company and with that comes rights. I also know that they do in fact have paying sponsors and sponsors who offer merchandise instead of monetary involvements. Without their permission you have no right posting anything from the FB page or their website without written permission. I also know iracing probably wouldnt be to happy with you copying a forum post from the iracing forums without permission.

    Onto another topic, the original post you displayed from their FB page i have come to find out you used completely out of context to suit your need for attention. Then its quite funny how when you clipped the iracing post you presenty have up you conveniently left off all the posts from other major teams and ray alfallas post calling you and your site out as complete morons.

    And lastly, i think your readers which looks like not alot by the way, but i wonder of they would like to know why you wrote about a site like iracing and the people on it when you have been banned from it? Did you ever tell your readers about your crying and whining to iracing in order to get all your money back you spent on content and i think membership? How or why they did that i cant understand. You were the jackass that got yourself banned. I highly doubt iracing did it to you. Im sure as the mental midget that you are you have made yourself believe it was someone elses fault you got the boot.

    Why dont you step up and be a man and take down the couple posts you have regarding this? Are you that small a person that this makes you feel important? You really should be embarrassed for yourself and the things you post. I for 1 would really love to see them come afyer you legally since at the least it would make you squirm wondering how much or what it would cost you. And as a business owner myself who has gone thru petty legal matters i can say i think you would lose having put up things you have without written permission.


    1. So letting others pressurise PRC into taking posts down pointing these issues out means that they’re a man? So you expect men to be beaten constantly then? Great logic there.


  19. Isn’t it a bit like starting a business in a hope to give your grievances, eh hem , sorry opinions more weight. Doesn’t seem to serve much else in practical terms. As for the legal speak, we have an expression in this part of the world, “better to stay quiet and appear a fool, than speak and remove all doubt” it’s all a bit nonsensical


  20. This NoXqes (or whatever the fuck stupid name they have…Jesus, you kidding?) crew is really sad.

    That’s *not* a real business and if anyone’s really paying them for ads on their cars, I’ve got some great investment opportunities in the Everglades that will be similarly remunerative.

    I looked briefly at their yearbook. It’s like something I would’ve done in my early teens for my sci-fi Traveller High Guard fleet. These guys need serious counseling or maybe just a good woman to provide a little perspective. Again, you have to wonder about Asperger’s, but those people generally don’t join teams of any sort.

    This isn’t just role-playing: It’s mental masturbation.

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