EnduRacers Enthusiasm

rdlms-introI’ve been around this scene long enough to remember the launch of the first comprehensive Endurance Series mod for the original rFactor. If only I knew back then what I now know today…

After a brief hiatus in favor of other prestigious online championships hosted the popular sim racing hub, season number seven of the RaceDepartment Le Mans Series is set to commence in February of 2017, bringing the top virtual drivers from around the community to the rFactor 2 platform for several full-length endurance racing events that are sure to test the bladders and patience of everybody involved in the production. With the complete 24 Hours of Daytona highlighting a schedule that also includes half-marathon stops at Fuji Speedway, Imola, Interlagos, Silverstone, and Road America spread from February to October, RaceDepartment simply aren’t fucking around here. This is the real deal – an online racing league where you won’t be frowned upon for keeping a stash of piss jugs next to your sim rig, because it’s worth every inch of the track position you’ll save from not making an unscheduled pit stop.

Unfortunately, there’s a bit of a catch.

RaceDepartment have announced the seventh season of their Le Mans Series championship will make use of the recently-released Endurance Series mod for rFactor 2. While the benefits of the mod include an asking price of absolutely nothing compared to a similar payware offering put out by UnitedRacingDesign, and an extremely comprehensive car roster spanning four distinct classes of machinery from a multitude of late-2000’s sports car championships, there’s a very good reason why the release of this mod hasn’t generated an increase in rFactor 2’s popularity – it doesn’t drive very well.

As the organizers of a premium online racing league, in which participants are required to pay a legitimate entry fee and have every right to expect something a bit more compared to the traditional online league experience, it’s the duty of RaceDepartment to ensure the on-track product is worth the asking price. That can’t be guaranteed with what EnduRacers have put out on the Steam workshop.

enduracers-endurance-series-9While many sim racers initially flock to the Endurance Series mod due to its diverse array of sports cars and prototypes, the most common complaint people have reported across what’s now multiple racing simulators, relates to how EnduRacers have chosen to model overall tire wear and behavior. Simply put, the modern sports cars featured in the mod – which generate downforce figures in the thousands of pounds – can be driven sideways to such an extent, it’s as if you’re tearing up the back roads of Hazzard County in a bright orange Dodge Charger. Based on my own experience with EnduRacers mods, I don’t believe the car setups required to post competitive lap times are outside the realm of realism by any means, but once you’re out on the track, regardless of the class, the absurd slip angles and tire heating patterns simply do not match on-board footage of the real cars in the slightest.

As a result, a bunch of people end up being turned off by the mod; initially reeled in by the enormous list of cars, only to discover everything drives like a hovercraft that’s got a bunch of excess weight in the rear end, and no amount of setup work can dial it out. This isn’t one of those mods where you’re required to be a physics expert to spot discrepancies; when you look up in-car footage on YouTube and compare it to your own personal wheel inputs inside rFactor 2, you’re turning right while the real drivers are turning left. It’s silly, and sim racing YouTube personality Joe Nathan has put together an alright explanation on the matter here:

Now as I mentioned above, I’ve run two online seasons with EnduRacers third party content across two entirely different games, and despite winning both championships, I can’t say I was satisfied with the car physics I was forced to put up with. These stories are not to wave my dick around on PRC, but to establish the fact that I’ve pushed these cars to the absolute limit in some sort of competitive setting over a period of several months, and by the end of my time with them was simply not happy with what I drove – it never once warranted the praise these mods receive on other sim racing discussion outlets.

1200px-4wmfr6tIn early 2015, the boys over at 4Chan hosted a mixed GT2/P2 endurance racing series, consisting of eighty minute sessions at many class-appropriate racing facilities, such as Spa, Interlagos, Barcelona, Watkins Glen, and I think for the season finale we went to Shanghai of all places. From what I recall, one of the main problems the series organizer ran into (prior to falling in love with a transvestite over voice chat, because this is 4Chan after all), was that none of the cars were balanced. While we used a Simtek add-on pack to inject the field with a more relevant roster of cars, it seemed like throughout the entire season we were chasing a dragon when it came to ensuring a level playing field.

Not only were the Simtek add-on cars not balanced with the default EnduRacers content, the EnduRacers cars that came with the vanilla mod weren’t balanced with each other, and it turned into a bit of a nightmare for series organizers – there wasn’t exactly a base level of performance to start with. There was a lot of testing and pre-season updates, and it was the subject of great debate for a large chunk of the calendar. I piloted the default Corvette C6R to a championship, and most of my victories came down to great pit strategy, or the leader simply choking away the lead – as the round at Okyama played out. The car fucking sucked on fuel mileage, and most races I ran in economy mode for the complete duration because turning the fuel mix up even one digit would put me at a massive disadvantage to other drivers.

And of course, this is before we talk about the floaty handling – which made no sense for cars that generate this much downforce.

Now for a free league where you just sort of show up every Saturday afternoon and race, this is an issue that eventually you’re just going to have to deal with because it’s organized by a couple of guys on 4Chan in their spare time. With a massive live stream production, and a premium entry fee, this isn’t the kind of thing hardcore sim racers are going to want to deal with. They’ll want a level playing field.

rfactor2-2016-02-06-17-48-24-14Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of competing in an online series using EnduRacers content yet again, this time making use of the Flat6 mod for rFactor 2, which if you can’t figure out from the above screenshot, is supposed to be based on the Porsche Carrera Cup Series that competes in a whole bunch of different countries. Hosted on the Race2Play platform, the championship started up almost immediately after the mod came out, capitalizing on the post-release announcement buzz and subsequent video by EmptyBox, which encouraged everybody to rush out and re-install rFactor 2 because this was the mod which showcased the potential of the otherwise dated, dying simulator.


I like Matt, but throughout the seven race championship, as well as a few one-off special events at Bathurst and Lime Rock Park, I really wanted to know what he was smoking, and if one of my friends knew a guy who sold that stuff locally. As I wrote in my review of the mod – appropriately titled “Boats on Ice” – no piece of on-board footage displayed the same kind of driving experience EnduRacers had created with their Flat6 mod for rFactor 2. Not only was I literally throwing the car into each corner and counter-steering as if I’d been driving a Dirt Late Model, someone sat down, cracked open the tire files, and realized the tires EnduRacers had composed didn’t actually wear or lose adhesion if the temperature increased. You intentionally sent the car into a slide on entry, jammed the throttle to the floor, and allowed the build up of rubber from rFactor 2’s real road technology to glue the car to the ground, because excess heat from sliding had virtually no effect on the car’s handling – completely unlike that of a real car.

As the season progressed, car counts slowly dwindled, with many drivers clearly unable to deal with such bizarre handling characteristics on a consistent basis. Though I will admit I had some epic battles for the top spot with a number of drivers whose names I can’t pronounce, there were an equal amount of drivers in the field obviously perplexed by a car that simply didn’t make sense, displaying their bewilderment via numerous catastrophic incidents which ended their races prematurely. All of this was unfolding in a competitive league, while the greater sim community claimed this was one of the best cars ever released for rFactor 2.

rfactor2-2016-02-13-18-20-25-70So in two seasons of online racing using content created by EnduRacers – and winning both of them – the most prominent thing that sticks out to me is that while these guys create phenomenal 3D models and load up each package with a library of cars to choose from, the actual driving experience is as if some sort of crazed sociopath yanked the default set of physics from Need for Speed shift, injected it into a highly anticipated rFactor mod, and called it a day. And thanks to the work of a few dedicated sim racers on 4Chan, they discovered the cars weren’t even balanced correctly – essentially having to reverse engineer a mod the rFactor community practically jizzed itself over just to conduct fair races.

enduracers-endurance-series-11Now if you’re one of those people who loves the Endurance Series mod regardless of the stuff I’ve outlined above, it’s cool, I respect your opinion, because there are a lot of fucking cars in this mod, and I still think it’s worth the download just to marvel at the car select screen and slowly go through everything. We’re certainly not in the F1 Challenge days anymore; mods this comprehensive don’t come around too often, so I can understand it’s a bit of an event when something like the Endurance Series package drops on the community.

But I respectfully object to the mod being used in some sort of premium league. Look, I’m not just talking about RaceDepartment in particular, but across the greater sim racing community there are tons of people who dismiss games like Gran Turismo, Forza, and even Project CARS as “inferior semi-simulators.” And you’ll know it when you see it; mentioning you enjoy Gran Turismo 6 instantly warrants someone claiming it’s not a true sim… We’ve all been there, and even if we haven’t participated in those threads directly, we’ve seen it shouted at someone else.

So to see a community such as RaceDepartment that’s so anti-simcade, pro-hardcore simulation, choosing to conduct the ultimate elite online championship with a mod that objectively drives worse than Gran Turismo 6, and then proceeding to delete comments in the official thread discussing it, to me it looks extremely hypocritical. I’m not saying to run the URD payware cars instead – because they suffer from their own unique problems – but for a premium online league to essentially throw realism out the window when that’s literally the whole point of the website… It’s goofy. Really goofy.

But at least EnduRacers will let RaceDepartment take their mod and make the necessary physics corrections prior to the start of the season, right?

ohOh. Guess not. Looks like we’ve got hardcore sim racers justifying sub-par, unrealistic physics just because the name of the game they’re playing is rFactor 2 instead of Forza Motorsport 6. Whoops. Can’t let anybody see that.


122 thoughts on “EnduRacers Enthusiasm

  1. Many rFactor 1 mods use fantasy physics anyway, so that doesn’t mean much. That’s also why it annoys me when people recommend that over rFactor 2, soley for the quantity of mods.

    rF2 is a long term project, which won’t be replaced anytime soon.

    rFactor 2 has much more advanced and dynamic AI and physics (chassis flex, physical thermomechanical tire model with dynamic peak slip angles based on temperature and pressure) than both, and more advanced and versatile race rules and track dynamism and wet weather (dynamic realroad and drying line in the rain), proper long distance racing support, resume from replay savegames. And auto-updating of mods, workshop support, auto-downloading of mods during mutliplayer, modular mod packaging system, so that mods can’t confict with each other, and realtime modding tools such as gJED.


    1. Forcing people to download with 20 gig of useless rough beta workshop contents, then have to do some deleting,unsubscribe etc..shit mods like fantasy island Toban,Mills Metro,AtlantaMP that nobody use in rf2 mp, an ice cream van etc..


      1. Toban is a pretty fun track imo, but I see you’re point. I think the plethora of shit mods damages the reputation of rf2. Like when you download a track and it looks worse than forza 1.


        1. Agreed on Toban. As for the plethora of shit mods, which mods-oriented sim doesn’t have them in abundance? rF1 basically consists of them. AC doesn’t only have a ton of them, it is the first racing “sim” in history with a lot of shit mods offered for a price.

          What’s important here is that rF2 does have some really nice content which makes it worth getting. A pity some of it appears to be AC’s scanned tracks rip-offs. But at least that provides some redeeming quality for AC.


          1. “it is the first racing “sim” in history with a lot of shit mods offered for a price.”


            Sim Dream have been around since 2010


            1. Sim Dream doesn’t make for “a lot of shit mods”. Or do you know only of them? I’ve never even heard of Sim Dream before AC. And now it’s their go to source to grab some quick cash.


              1. Just because you’ve never heard of them, it doesn’t mean they didn’t exist.

                Sim Dream morons are part of the “shovelware modders” category of the rF1 community, a small bunch of cucks that started this all stolen payware saga way before URD even became a thing.


    2. Long term project by ….. the company that gradually abandoned its development? Or by the troll who goes around as if he has a life or death stake in the game’s success?


      1. Long term project by ….. the company that gradually abandoned its development? Or by the troll who goes around as if he has a life or death stake in the game’s success?

        This online attitude only fuels animosity. Just be quiet and let the new studio do their work. Nobody from the teams care for online personal opinions.


  2. What’s really embarrassing is that RaceDepartment mods are absolutely convinced, or in simply in denial, that’s enduracers is still possibly “realistic” despite there being reasonable proof/facts to show the mod is broken.

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  3. None of the Corvettes were from the original mod, and they had different physics between GT2 and GTE versions themselves. I seem to recall their 430 and 997 being reasonably balanced but I don’t have a lot of data points for that.

    I know the stock versions of the later model Acura and Porsche LMP2s were really well balanced, not leastly because they had nearly identical physics.


  4. The RD morons don’t care if the truth is that the mod drives worse than GT6. All they care about is maintaining the toxic air of superiority that surrounds the sim community, because apparently whether you are better at steering pixels around in one game versus another is VERY IMPORTANT to these people.

    The mod is crap, bad physics and outdated cars. Would like to see someone else do better. And screw rF2 while we’re at it, that’s not worth anyone’s time either.

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  5. There he goes again… “rF2 is crap because of some mod”, except the last time it was AMS.
    While we’re at this, what’s wrong with the URD one?

    Where’s your assessment on the actual content by S397? I guess you’re not interested in rF2 when it just works? Happy racing in your newfound Kunos-powered bliss, albeit with a shitty force feedback and the stab catching your car for you whenever you try to be silly on the controls. Not to mention that watching replays is very reminiscent of console titles in the manner how the cars appear to behave. Well, it IS a console title now, so what else there to expect…


      1. Time to grow up already maybe? Your “shill this, shill that” fad has become a bit boring as of late..
        Well, tell me why is that you are deliberately trying to bring these two titles down? AMS and rF2. You won’t tell about what’s good about them… you would rather find some 3rd party mod and make it look like it’s the sim’s fault. And if somebody opposes that, you promptly name them “a shill”.


          1. The last time I saw you writing anything about Reiza, you were going on about how they were all thieves and con artists. Which was ironic, coming from a guy who “fukken saved” an illegal AC mod and shared it with everyone else and most likely was using other unauthorized conversions and rips on most of the platforms, not to mention a whole article on how Kunos should have squeezed in one of equally “legit” cars.

            Apparently, it’s ok to rip stuff when James wants it for the sim currently approved by James.


              1. You are implying you wrote something good about Reiza/AMS previously? Well, that was in the past. Now you are up to ruin the two sims images for some reason, which suspiciously coincides with you being an S3S affiliate. You thought admitting that automatically makes you come out clean? It’s a bold move, but it doesn’t automatically lift every suspicion off of you.


                  1. Nope, I just forgot about that article. But what’s your point?
                    “Doing absolutely nothing to progress the genre forward in any meaningful fashion aside from merely regurgitating a simulator many enjoyed” – if that was the case, I’d be just using rF1 instead. It has thousands of cars and tracks. Even rally ones. But for some reason I’m sick of rF1. I can’t stand GSCE. But I find AMS to be one of the most enjoyable simulators… How come? I am a shill? Why do I “shill” for a lot of things including obscure rally sim mods? Maybe Workerbee throws some cash my way to mention the most recent NGP version while admitting that the previous ones were not so good?

                    Either way, back to the legal issues. According to you, Reiza are basically criminals for ripping F1 cars and the Carrera Cup from real life, making them look different and attempting to sell them. At the same time you are hating Kunos for doing LESS of the same thing. How come you are ok with Kunos doing that, but not with Reiza? And let’s be completely honest here, you don’t give a shit if someone rips something and inserts it into a sim. If it’s not Reiza. I also guess you scorn rF2 for having ripped mods… but it’s totally ok for AC.
                    I’d say it’s probably a time to stop playing an IP vigilant and admit that the legal side of things is for the respective business owners to care about, not for us.


  6. I guess be careful what you wish for. I asked James to tear an rf2 mod a new asshole rather than just ignore the sim, and it happened! (though I suspect he was writing the article before I had even posted the message.)

    Hopefully after ten more AC articles, James will get tired of deep throating AC, and he’ll give us his honest opinion on actual rf2 content, like the USF2000 or the GT500?


  7. Seriously, that has become a pattern already.
    Pick a crappy mod (and there is a lot of them practically for ANY title) and make it look like it’s rF2’s or AMS’ problem. There is, like, two or three decent mods for rF1 out of a freaking thousand, but somehow rF1 is ok, while AMS is not, despite addressing some of rF1’s flaws.

    For AC it’s the other way around: he finds a mod he’s happy with and uses it to promote AC. Huh?

    Then he’s accusing Reiza of using F1 lookalikes, almost proceeds to file a DMCA infringement claim even, yet he’s ok with Kunos circumventing the licensing limits the same way. Furthermore, he wrote TWO articles on how Kunos should have included yet another car using the same loophole.
    Hypocrite much?


    1. PRC’s goal is to get the most amount of traffic and as many comments as possible, and the way to do that is to shit all over a title and watch the fanboys create a clusterfuck in the comments section. Lately it has been rf2 copping it sweet.

      This makes for an entertaining formula, but it becomes a bit much when you’re absolutely reaming the shit out of a title, yet fail to cover any of it’s good points.


      1. He’s not failing to, he’s deliberately trying to bury alive the two most popular isiMotor-based sims other than R3E, which he’s affiliated with. But I still think he is doing it out of spite rather than anything else. Of course, generating the traffic was always the number one priority, no doubt about that.


        1. I guess he knows R3E is not worth currently so he doesn’t bother making articles + the paid shilling. Once in a while he throws a R$E article to meet the demands of his shilling contract, because Sector3 also wants some marketing. But the most profitable for him is definitely his shit with SMS. He got some with R2P and brick rigs but he overestimated these software, more specifically r2p, as he didn’t point any flaws and r2p went under. Common.. a service that doesn’t attract new customers for years has no flaws? And this coming from le biggest “critic” of sim racing, le James? Ah, I forgot, he doesn’t know how to critique. All these years you’ve been playing in r2p and no article on what they’re doing wrong?


          1. Sector 3 may have given a press pass to Austin but thats as far as it goes between them. Every two bit YouTube channel owner to the more established reviewers such as Team VVV and ISR have press passss that enable them to access the content free of charge for a bit of coverage.

            Austin found a setup bug or at least blogged about it and got the pass much like a few of the ‘alien’ sim racers who are also helping Sector 3 with glitched setups and other known tricks. There are no kickbacks other than being able to use the released content for free…until Sector 3 revoke the ability.

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                1. Developers aren’t paying us to shill. Publishers would never in a million years allow that to happen. And if they did, it would essentially admit a lot of what’s posted on here is true – which would cause major problems within the scene.

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                  1. Then I guess you are doing your thing out of spite. Seriously, everything else aside, do you really not enjoy the driving feel in rF2? And I’m not talking about GT3 cars… Somehow even the URD ones are not quite as nice as I expected them to be. Maybe it’s just some inherent GT3 problem (I yet to see a sim where they are addictive to drive). But what about other cars? The Celica, for example, or that 458 Challenge… Maybe the Skippy. Do you not like a single car in rF2?


                2. How about you apply via Sonat at Sector 3 to become a beta tester and learn a few things about what goes on behind the scenes. Skype and Mumble are great resources to learn a lot about how sims are made.

                  Like or loathe him, Austin has helped make R3E better for zero gain like all the beta testers do. The other aliens have helped to find setup exploits, tracks exploits and other tricks.

                  As for Austin not liking rF2 etc, personal choice is a beautiful thing.


                  1. Didn’t know Ogonoski had a PR manager.

                    I don’t want to be mumbling over Skype with S3S on the topic of how R3E is made when there are already better sims around, not to mention I would rather read than voice chat it over. Should be a good medium for gossiping about “celebrities” lives, but hardly a way to obtain any serious information.

                    Also, having all the content for free is not exactly something I would call “zero gain”. At least I had to pay for my stuff quite a lot. And if he really likes R3E as much as he claims to, that makes it a good deal.


                1. How stupid are you? Hopefully it would take a bit more than a lousy $79 worth of content to buy someone off. I mean, is James a homeless drifter that’s panhandling when he’s not running the blog? Cause that’s about the only kinda person that’s going to care about 79 fucking dollars.


  8. You should add to the article that Klo-che (the “head” of EnduRacers) is a retarded manchild like Stefano, Marco and Ian, picking fights over the internet with other modders and/or simple community members to prove he has a bigger dick than everybody else.

    Spoiler alert: he doesn’t. He has a tiny cock, just like all French.


  9. James, next weekend is a simrace in Las Vegas. Price money: $1.000.000. And they’re using….rFactor2.
    Why they use rFactor? I think you know the answer, On the other hand reading your articles I’m not sure about that.

    You are a joke!


    1. Who cares..After Vegas. the one that bought rf2 4 the event will play PC or AC or will never play any sim again ..yes those 20 rl ForE drivers who being forced like China komunis to play rf2 4 the event..and the rest 10 Team gayredline already took 5 seat..haha what a joke event..I will not be suprise if Huttu n geng win since any sim software can be exploit and he knows it.


  10. James, next weekend is a simrace in Las Vegas. Price money: $1.000.000. And they’re using….rFactor2.
    Why they use rFactor? I think you know the answer, On the other hand reading your articles I’m not sure about that.

    You are a joke!


    1. Because Mak Corp is incapable of modding anything other than gMotor2 stuff. And even then, their FE mod being used as base for that “league” is totally garbage.

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    1. Grow up and learn to talk your own way. What’s with that kindergarten speak? If somebody’s explaining the advantages of something, they are “a shill”, if people are dumbfounded by the amount of BS on the blog, they are “triggered”.

      Let’s see how “triggered” you will be when you’ll get screwed over good for a mortgage.


  11. rFactor 2 is dogshit, no wonder hardly anyone plays it, majority of the vanilla content is crap that nobody even cares about and 99% of the mods are pure shovelware-grade guesswork crap with fantasy physics, disregarding maybe few premium payware mods. Graphics are shit, sounds are shit, performance is shit, even AI is pretty shitty even if few shills claim otherwise.

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    1. Hardly anyone plays it because it has naturally a much narrower target audience. It’s not youth oriented, hence “Graphics are shit, sounds are shit, performance is shit, even AI is pretty shitty even if few shills claim otherwise.”
      Graphics is ok as it is. Besides, AC’s graphics is seriously overrated. And it sounds still crappy despite Kunos’ best attempts at fmod’ing it into shape, breaking mods in the process ever so often. As of late, the performance also took quite a hit… and according to many sources, the AI was never a strong point of it, so… And honestly, I could care less about every single point you’ve mentioned even if AC would be miles ahead in those regards, but… it’s pretty much a general disappointment. Only the tire model kind of started looking not bad since the last update, but it barely saves the situation with the overall physics being as sketchy as it is and the FFB being on par with the physics.

      So, even with just the GT500 on the ripped Kunos Nordschleife it’s still worth much more than the whole AC set including the dowloadables. Of course, if you are into driving for the hell of it. If you are a “pretend racer”, you’re probably better off using iRacing instead, though I find people renting that thing questionable in terms of their mental health at best or just not knowing better where to stuff the cash into.


      1. GT 500
        sound ..copy/paste FR3.5 with audio filter ..check
        physic…copy.paste Skip Barber with steroid..check
        Strangely different from GTR G1


        1. You only have a point about the sounds. The GT500 is much much faster than any GT1 car. In Super GT, GT1 cars were only competitive in the GT300 class. A Japanese team tested a Maserati MC12 once with the intent of running it in GT500, they blitzed the regular FIA GT1 lap by 3 seconds (at Vallelunga) and still got fucking destroyed by 4 fucking seconds at Suzuka by the GT500 boys. The disadvantage was so big the team simply gave up racing that season.

          Small news blurb from the era

          The core reason appears to centre around the aerodynamic disadvantage inherent in the MC12 against the factory GT500 cars, a team source explaining that in corners faster than 175km/h the Maserati has a major disadvantage, losing a full half second to the Nissans, Lexus and Hondas through turns 1 & 2 at Suzuka for instance and a further half second through the famous 130R.


          1. GT500 cars are prototypes with factory bodies on. It is estimated that they could match the performance on a LMP1 car in full race trim at Fuji. In 2015, they even asked FIA/ACO to be allowed to enter the WEC Fuji 1000Km with the SGT500 cars as wildcards. Guess what, FIA/ACO refused because they were too afraid that some niche cars from Japan could match and stomp the precious LMP1s to the ground.

            The Maserati SGT500 was a running joke, at the time they saw private Ferrari teams entering SGT300 with the 360 Modena GT2 car and thought they could do the same with their car.

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            1. This is a 2013 GT500 car. It has a stock cabin section and almost exactly the same pace around Fuji as an LMP2 of the same time.

              Goh had good reason to try the Maserati, that car always ran heavily restricted in FIA and IMSA competition (because it was illegal as fuck). In GT500 configuration the car ran closer to the speed of Super GT cars than FIA GT cars (4% faster. In Super GT weather makes such a big difference to lap times it’s stupid to compare times set during a different test), they just didn’t have the budget to compete with factory aerodynamic development. To put it another way, because it was always being BoP’d against the legitimate GT1 cars anyways the car never really had any development, but at the time the car debuted two years earlier the lap time it set at Suzuka would have been good enough for 3rd on the grid.


              1. That still doesn’t invalidate my point. Actually, it makes yours even more silly than it already was.

                Sure, the MC12 was the car everybody was afraid of in GT1 and they did everything they could to make it go slower than it actually was.

                At Suzuka in 2006 they went to test with the car in GT1 spec, not SGT spec. No wonders it was a joke and was outpaced by the other cars. All those fancy bodykits and wings/splitters they run with in Japan are not for show, and they found out the hard way.
                They admitted it themselves that they were not going anywhere in those conditions. The only remotely good thing that came out of there, was the bigger wing they later used in 2007 in the ALMS (another joke of an effort).

                This is what they should’ve done. If properly developed like the 360 GT2, they could’ve stomped everyone to the ground. Instead, that attempt will remain in the history of SGT as the best joke ever.

                Even today, the GT3-spec cars that run in the SGT300 are not really GT3 cars. Same base, engine and body, different specifications. You can’t just take a GT3 car to SGT300 and viceversa without heavily modifying it under the hood.


        2. I didn’t even notice there was any sound. rF2 never was about sound. Though it IS important, unlike the graphics. Maybe S397 will do something about the sound engine at some point.
          As for the physics copy/paste claim, don’t be ridiculous. They feel completely different. Besides, Skippy is one of the strongest parts of rF2 anyway.

          The bottom line is, the car does have a great driving feel. For me, personally, that’s the most important thing. If AC had a single car with a good feel, I would not only leave it on my HDD, I’d also use it more often than rF2 thanks to the selection of tracks. And I actually want AC to be better. If anything, for the Porsches alone. But no, every single car in it still feels like crap, still is lethargic on the yaw changes thanks to the hidden stabilization, still doesn’t want to trail brake properly down a bend.
          You like that kind of car behavior? Good for you. Or maybe you like the graphics instead? As if that greenish crap deserves any liking. Though the car models are nice, I’ll give you that.


          1. “But no, every single car in it still feels like crap, still is lethargic on the yaw changes thanks to the hidden stabilization, still doesn’t want to trail brake properly down a bend.”

            Hit the nail on the head. If this could be fixed, I would quite possibly play rf2 and AC in equal amounts.


  12. OK, I saw this article and felt a bit of relief that I’m not the only one who didn’t care for this mod. I have a general policy of reluctance when it comes to critiquing free mods, as I have a lot of respect for the labor of love many of these mods represent for so many people. But, since PRC has sort of opened the door here, I’ll stick my foot in and say I just don’t think this mod drives very well.

    The car set itself is very good – lots of cars; very nicely modeled inside & out – but I found the driving experience to be lackluster. I was surprised and puzzled to see so many people going nuts over this mod…glad to see I am not the only one.

    Oh, and for the record – I am no AC fanboy (or fanboy of any one sim, for that matter). I actually really enjoy driving rF2, given the right car. I just don’t think this mod fills that requirement.

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  13. Romanian president blocks appointment of first female Moslem prime minister

    Romania’s President on Tuesday declined to nominate as prime minister an economist who could have become the country’s first Moslem premier.

    Iohannis’ refusal prompted an angry response from the Social Democrats, which put her name forward last week.

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  14. Just reinstalled (actually, I got a new Steam copy just to support them) rF2 and reinstalled my URD EGT paymod.

    Damn! I have to say it’s a lot more challenging to drive these cars in rF2 than in AC (I have the same mod for AC). But once I got the hang of it, it became really addictive to hustle the “Darche” GT3 car (Porsche RSR) around Road America. The graphics get the job done (a new 4K 49″ Samsung helped with that a lot), and the AI is excellent as always (on that track anyway).

    Anyway, if I were S397, I’d cut some kind of deal with URD to start bringing in more cars. Those guys obviously know what they’re doing. Next, I’m going to try the PX mod but so far I’m actually liking this slightly better than AC.


  15. I have suspected for a while now that we may soon be witnessing (or, in some ways, are already witnessing) a post-mod sim racing world (i.e. fewer free mods, more DLC & payware). That’s would be a pretty remarkable transition when you consider, to a large degree, that the sim racing landscape has been dominated by mods for such a long time.

    I think sims are just getting too sophisticated to expect a handful of guys in their basement to be cranking out high quality content in their free time. Yes, there are some exceptions – some very good stuff has been cranked out for the current gen sims, but I just don’t feel like it’s at the rate (or will ever be at the rate) that we saw with rF1.

    My personal experience with the “all time great” rF1 mods is that they shared 3 high level characteristics (in order of importance):

    1a) Great graphics
    1b) Great sounds
    2) Tons of grip

    Anything beyond that was icing on the cake. The physics just needed to be good enough to convince a bunch of people who will never see one of these cars in real life (let alone drive one!) that the simulation was a reasonable facsimile of the real thing. “Oh, what’s that? You say a 1979 F1 would never be able to run that much camber? Sorry, having a hard time hearing you – I’ve got temporary hearing loss from playing it non-stop for the last 3 days with the sound cranked all the way up.” By and large, nobody gave a rat’s ass.

    Fast forward to today and I think the leap forward we’ve seen in “simulation value” means that you’ve got both raised expectations on the consumer’s end as well as a trickier task at hand on the producer’s end. The extra sophistication means there are just a lot more holes waiting to be poked as well as more things that can go wrong – it all conspires to lead to a much less rewarding experience.

    I think this is all going to lead to a lot more DLC & payware, as you’re going to need people who have the technical resources available to them to translate the real-world experience into these ever more sophisticated simulation engines. I’m not sure how well this is going to be received by a community that has really been fueled by mods for well over a decade, but I think we sim racers are a funny bunch…we’ll go out and spend $1000’s on cockpits, direct drive wheels, VR, GPUs, etc…but $5-20 on high quality payware/DLC? Suddenly, it’s “what?!? Someone wanting to be compensated in return for a good and/or service they are providing? Aw, hell naw! Call the fuckin’ cops…”

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    1. Great post. Thats not really what you used to see here in the comments on PRC. I think we are a bit spoiled and alot of discussions about which sim is the best and which sim is the worst instead of being happy that we have so many to choose from and its something for (almost) everyone.


    2. What the fuck makes you think I’m spending that money on hardware? I bought a G27 in 2013 for $200 to replace my DFP from 2004, and went slightly out of my way when it was convenient to have matched monitors. GPU upgrades aren’t for potato ass racing games.

      Maybe if the quality of the software was better I’d care but it hardly matters when everything is so far off.


    3. “All time great mods” for rF1? It’s hard to come up with even a single really good one. Maybe those made by Niels, but that’s about it.


  16. Here is my theory of why AC simcade fanboys and rF2 elitist often don’t seeing eye to eye. I shouldn’t say it’s ‘my’ theory, because it’s been said before, it’s just my experience of said theory.

    AC feels pretty damn good straight out of the box, very accessible and great to drive, yet actually pretty challenging if you’re new to ‘hardcore’ sims. It’s a good mix of fun and skill.

    rF2 on the other hand, can feel like absolute shit straight out of the box.

    I remember booting up rF2 about 2 years ago, and trying the Palatov D4 track car. My initial thoughts were that it felt very odd, it didn’t feel like an actual car, and I couldn’t really understand why the big names in the sim racing community were praising the physics/ffb of rf2 so much. I never drove the Palatov again.

    However I did keep trying different cars and I gave rf2 a real go, and along the line somewhere I felt a connection I had never felt before, and I kept chasing that connection. I became less of a sim racing whore and more monogamous toward rF2 (it’s 5am here and I haven’t slept all night so just bare with me a bit longer.)

    Today I realized that I had literally driven the shit of every car in rf2, except the Palatov, and it was time to give it another bash…

    …aaaand it felt like fucking crap. However…

    the default ffb was insanely strong, so I dropped it all the way down to .30

    The G27 was jittery as fuck, so I cranked the smoothing up to 10.

    The steering was WAY too sensitivity, so I changed the steering lock of the car in the setup from 30 degrees to 19 degrees.

    I noticed that due to the weight of the car, the tires where taking a long time to warm up. I took it easy for quite a few laps to let the heat build up and track rubber in (something I didn’t consider the first time playing).

    After doing all that, the car felt amazing. I was powersliding out of corners, pushing the absolute limit, doing fast little corrections, and generally just driving the car as if it were the real thing. It truly felt great. But with that great feeling also came a little sadness, because none of my friends have had the patience to get into rf2, and so I was left to enjoy my peak experience alone.

    So my point on this drug fueled rant is that it takes a lot more effort to peal back the layers of the eye watering onion and make rf2 feel as good as AC. And then on top of that, it takes a lot of practice to be competent enough to find the limit of a cars capabilities. Only then can you experience the depth and beauty of the rf2 physics engine and tire model in all their glory.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. One thing about Associat0r: At least he’s data-driven. He must do the rF2 thing full-time ;).

          It’s pretty impressive how well he documents and researches in support of his opinions/conclusions, and his posts are often quite interesting as a result. Even if I’m usually disappointed with rF2 when I reinstall it for like the 20th time (it hogs close to 40gb on my SSD).

          They’re more like blog posts.


            1. He clearly sees a lot of potential in the rF2 platform (as do we all, I think) and feels it necessary to chime in whenever he thinks it’s being criticized unfairly.

              Me, I just don’t know. I think maybe its physics are perhaps too complicated for part-time modders to comprehend.

              What I don’t get is this: If the physics engine is so wonderful, why can’t you just put in the real-world values for whatever you’re trying to recreate? Seems like rF2’s fidelity could actually simplify the process, since you wouldn’t have to “translate” the raw data or, worse yet, fudge that data to get a reasonable facsimile of the real car.

              Probably it’s nowhere near that simple, which is why I don’t know shit about modding. All I know is that rF2 mods are (reputedly) vastly more difficult to create than they would be for AC.


    1. “As good as AC”? Why not “as good as Dirt 3”? 🙂 I, on the other hand, was never able to make AC feel as good as rF2. Also, I never had a need to tinker with the cars too much to make them feel great. Though I did have to crank the smoothing up to the same 10 or so right from the start.

      Years ago rF2 simply wasn’t good enough in general. The tires were sliding all over the place, the cars were twitchy. Then ISI did something to it after moving on from the 9xx builds to 10xx, and it suddenly became THE sim. And then they decided to abandon it… Just when it started to get really good. Good thing there were these guys around who can’t make logos, but seem to be able to make cars.


  17. Marc Chapelle (EnduRacers) about Alpine A460 LMP2: Sadly, don’t count on our mod on AC until AC offer proper endurance features. it looks like we are far from that. Also, AC owners don’t seems much opened to modding teams support and discussions, sadly too.

    Well.. more like makcorp thing. Dismiss AC because either simcade or not enough features, but apparently rf2 community is receiving your mods badly.


  18. The moderators on RD are shilling for the Enduracers mod so hard that it’s extremely laughable at this point. In the thread about the event, they tried to shut down any criticism of the Enduracers mod. Sorry that you get your feelings hurt because we point out that the physics in the Enduracers mod are horribly inaccurate, and are on the same level of Forza and GT. I guess they can enjoy their simcade racing series. 🙂

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  19. Hey, I bought rFactor 2 from the current Steam sale, but all the online servers are empty expect a few locked servers and servers that are filled with AI cars??


    1. It’s looking like Kunos or 505 paid a few Instagram whores… sorry… “promo models” to take pictures of themselves holding a copy of AC. I rounded ’em all up and made fake ads for the lolz because the sidebar needed a shakeup. I’ll hide some surprising links in there every once in a while.

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