244210_20161223153810_1You know, usually when I make posts like these, I have everything all planned out in advance within a notepad document, but today I’m a bit off my game. The other guys here at PRC thought all this info was worth putting into an article, a few friends were eagerly anticipating what I’d have to say about it in full, and after the boys over on Reddit were given a brief glimpse of my findings, they were left wanting more, but unfortunately I’m not firing on all cylinders here. So my most sincere apologies go out to any of our readers who feel a bit underwhelmed by this piece.

Let me start off by saying that I’m a supporter of the #Gamergate movement. No, I don’t align myself with the few rogue man-children who made shitty fake Twitter accounts and emailed bogus bomb threats that perpetual victims such as Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian took seriously for reasons only God understands (it’s the internet, very few death threats are even the least bit genuine), but there’s no point in ignoring the elephant in the room: actual video game journalism has turned into third party marketing, and it really sucks. I’ve made enough smart decisions in life where the act of purchasing a new video game at my leisure really isn’t a big deal, but to many people on this planet, $80 is a lot of money to part with, and they rely on both mainstream and independent outlets to guide them in the right direction. I feel it’s wrong to fuck with those people, and blatantly lie about the product they’ll receive after busting open their respective wallets. And as a gamer, I enjoy reading about video games while taking a dump or chilling in bed – not sitting through extended length commercials thinly disguised as video game reviews.

Yet as mainstream outlets ignored the legitimate concerns raised by the GamerGate movement, and instead claimed it was some coordinated harassment campaign by a bunch of angry nerds, part of why I started PRC was to prove that even in a genre dominated by men – where women were removed from the community almost entirely – the values GamerGate campaigned for were still every bit as relevant; which would in-theory totally decimate the whole“GamerGate is just anally devastated virgins mad at women on the internet” thing. Fuck you for perpetuating this bullshit, a whole bunch of gamers are tired of blatant advertising masked as genuine reviews. That’s the GamerGate movement in a nutshell.

reviewsThe 2016 calendar year featured no better example of the concerns raised by GamerGate than the release of Assetto Corsa on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and in particular, how major gaming outlets evaluated the title. For those who are tired of hearing this on a semi-regular basis here at PRC, I’ll try to keep this short while covering all the bases: lots of people love Assetto Corsa and play it every day, but the game is objectively unfinished in terms of features, and buggy as fuck on a technical level. Unless we evaluate each title based on the pure driving experience behind the wheel, in no way would Assetto Corsa ever hold a candle to something infinitely more polished such as Forza Motorsport 6. This isn’t really up for debate. In Forza, you’ve got a mammoth career mode to explore, thousands of car customization options, and a fairly robust set of online race types. Assetto Corsa won’t even let you create custom online lobbies, nor can you track fastest laps among your friends with built-in leaderboards; there simply aren’t any.

So when the console version of the popular-yet-flawed PC racing simulator launched in August of this year, I immediately began claiming some of the reviews listed on Metacritic were dishonest, and the result of either bribery or intense nationalism, particularly from outlets within the exact same countries which publisher 505 Games called home – Italy and Spain. And as you can see above, there was a pretty major discrepancy between publications flying under the same banner – IGN Italy rated Assetto Corsa five points higher than Forza Motorsport 6, while the American office fared thirty five points worse. This raised a few eyebrows, and I promptly called it like I saw it, because while I occasionally both fall for fake stories and grossly over-react to them (which is hilarious for our spectators), I’m not this stupid. Clearly, something shady was going on.

stefano-quoteStefano Casillo of Kunos Simulazionithe guys who made Assetto Corsa – ended up getting really upset at my assumptions that the only positive press the game received on consoles had been bought by the studio and wasn’t genuine. For proper formatting’s sake I’ve taken his quote and pasted it over a pretty picture of Assetto Corsa my buddy took – because the quote is part of a much larger rant that doesn’t lend itself to proper cropping all that well – but what I’m trying to convey is that a member of the developer team who built the game got genuinely mad I accused them of bribing certain review sites. According to him, they simply couldn’t afford it – which essentially admits this practice does exist, but that’s besides the point. Now I understand why he’d become emotional over such an accusation to begin with, because indie game developers with small audiences care about indie gaming blogs intended for said audiences, but the smart way to handle what has the potential to turn into a grand shit-flinging competition it is to just show our readers why I made those conclusions, and let people decide for themselves where they stand.

ksdemonA few days prior to the launch of Assetto Corsa on consoles, a guy from what I presume to be Destructoid arrived on the Assetto Corsa subreddit, completely bewildered by the sub-par quality of the product. His posts were instantly brigaded by the community, but they paint a picture of a game with framerate problems, glitches that should have been ironed out months earlier, and an experience that simply did not live up to the fanfare. The guy genuinely believed he didn’t configure the options menu correctly, because the game was so drastically different compared to the one Assetto Corsa lovers commonly discuss across various enthusiast forums. KSDemon’s pleas and comments mirror release day gameplay footage, where the Xbox One version of the title can be seen struggling to hold a framerate that’s even remotely playable.

Despite this, over ten different gaming outlets – again, all from the same locations as the headquarters for 505 Games – praised Assetto Corsa as one of the best racing games ever, and conveniently failed to mention these show stopping technical issues, despite the North American outlets ripping the game apart, and Kunos Simulazioni themselves quickly issuing a news update saying the team were looking into the widespread performance problems. I mean, guys from these websites were literally taking to Reddit in absolute confusion and begging the community for help, yet a chain of websites from an extremely specific region of the globe where both the developer and publisher happen to be located, completely ignored a show-stopping technical problem that even Kunos Simulazioni admitted existed. This simply doesn’t happen without some under-the-table bullshit, and I didn’t feel it was wrong of me to make those assumptions.

comparisonSo I did some digging, and by digging, I mean “spent five minutes on YouTube and Instagram.”

The Kunos Simulazioni headquarters are located at the Vallelunga Circut – an Italian race track which is hardly a run-down facility by any means – a location which plays host many regional auto racing championship events, alongside being used as a test track by the German Touring Car series – which most people know by it’s acronym of DTM. None of this information is a shock to anyone, nor is the fact that Kunos occasionally have been holding private events for members of the gaming press to come out to the facility, check out a preview build of Assetto Corsa, and ride along as passengers in a fleet of luxurious supercars. Yes, gaming journalists are being wined and dined by an indie team which Casillo claims can’t afford this sort of thing – so that’s a bit sketchy – but both videos of the event are sitting out in the open (seen HERE and HERE), and it’s hard to knock what’s objectively a really enjoyable day at the race track. Cars, video games, food. As a car guy, this is my kind of day. I’d prefer to be driving, but you know, insurance costs and stuff.

But it’s what I recently came across on Instagram that brings it all into perspective, and basically confirms that all of this positive reception in the face of a technically unstable piece of software was clearly paid for.

party-packageBased out of Sydney, Australia, Jack Huddo is a 25 year old generic YouTube personality – one of thousands which cover modern video games for his small yet dedicated group of followers. On his Instagram account from shortly before the console game hit store shelves, he can be seen showing off a fancy press kit he claimed to have received at one of the Assetto Corsa events at Vallelunga, featuring a hat, model Lamborghini, free copy of the game, and some candy, all given to him by the Assetto Corsa team. This dude only has two thousand followers on Twitter – meaning he isn’t exactly swimming in YouTube money – and lives on the exact opposite side of the globe as Italy, indicating he certainly couldn’t foot the bill himself to jet across the entire fucking planet, just to cover some obscure racing game he hasn’t mentioned on Twitter in months. The guy basically posts about Monster Energy and Overwatch. This doesn’t sound like your typical sim racer.

So who did foot the bill?

Stefano Casillo claims Kunos Simulazioni cannot possibly pay for positive coverage of Assetto Corsa, yet here on Instagram there’s a much different story – they’re flying out random motherfuckers from the other side of the planet (which obviously costs thousands of dollars) to hang out at the race track for a day and maybe get an Instagram shout-out or two – so imagine what they’re doing for review outlets? Now, maybe Stefano’s technically correct on this, and it’s 505 Games paying for the arrangements instead, but when you join forces with a publisher to put your game on the market, every idiotic move they make reflects poorly on you, and every idiotic move you make reflects poorly on them. You’re a cohesive unit bringing out a video game to the masses. This isn’t a rock band, where Paul Stanley of KISS can go on CNN and shit on his bass player for not sharing the same political beliefs. You really don’t have an option here.

Not only does Casillo look a bit silly for attempting to play the victim and claim Kunos couldn’t possibly pay for positive coverage of Assetto Corsa, we actually know what was inside the complete press kit each journalist at the event received as a parting gift. So not only were a whole bunch of social media personalities and journalists flown out to Rome and given an all-expenses paid track day at a fancy Italian motor racing circuit, they left with a pretty cool gift bag as well.

But those glowing reviews that conveniently left out major technical issues? Oh, maybe they just really liked the game in spite of its faults and other numerous shortcomings?

Sure, sure…



70 thoughts on “Shilltastic

  1. I’m not quite sure such a disclaimer of being a member of the movement at the start is quite necessary. In my experience, corruption in games journalism is generally agreed to be an issue, but Gamergate’s pretty solely associated with the aforementioned crazy manchildren. That whole opening and apology for rushing the piece feel pretty detached from the rest of the article that follows; it doesn’t really get to the point for a long while. Not sure why it’s there.

    Beyond that, though, it is a bit concerning how aggressive people get over these games even when they’re NOT getting paid and wined and dined to advertise them, so when that IS the case, that’s even more concerning.


    1. Quite so. I wonder why the “ethics” people didn’t hatemob or dox the bad publishers and media outlet owners who let the corruption happen… Wait, could it just have been a front?

      Doritogate is years old already, games media in bed with games industry is nothing new. All the previews and reviews are made from game publisher press kit material and rarely say anything critical. There is a small number of independent media on the PC side but generally it’s waste of time reading reviews or watching youtube.


    2. “but Gamergate’s pretty solely associated with the aforementioned crazy manchildren.”

      Which is a blatant fucking lie, distributed by the same outfits that were exposed by GG to be selling reviews and favourable articles in exchange for money or a quick fuck (like in the case of Zoe Quinn).


      1. This comment is a perfect example of getting overly aggressive about a video game. Chill out dude. For a lot of people, gamergate IS associated with the bad acts of some angry nerds. You can raise the issue of dishonest reviews without supporting what went on. So maybe, if it’s such an issue, we should be looking for ways to address this problem in a more mature and thoughtful manner without reference to gamergate, which was clearly the wrong approach.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. It’s still wrong though. Every movement has their fringe groups, the “alt-right” (which is a made-up term by the media btw) has their Richard Spencer, and Gamergate has some basement-dwelling neckbeards. That doesn’t make the whole movement naught. Gamergate WAS, IS, and will ALWAYS BE about ethics in journalism, nothing else. If you deny that, you are just as bad as the people trying to frame GG as something bad, which it clearly wasn’t.


  2. The Gamer-gate thing was mildly amusing untill Anita and Zoe spoke at the UN, it became laugh out loud funny at that point. All the stuff going on the in the world and here are these two speaking out on the incredible injustices they experienced, a little perspective me thinks.

    I’m a console dude and since the release of Assetto, all the contradictory reviews have served to do is undermine my faith in the more established media. Perhaps it’s my own fault for thinking that said media were staffed by enthusiasts not advertisers, naivety at it’s finest. As a result, a once avid follower of the more mainstream sim racing news outlets, I now take only a passing and somewhat cynical interest in them. Surely I’m not alone in this. This sea of disinformation will inevitebly lead to others sharing this perspective. We play video games, hardly up there with matters one would associate with the UN, hopefully we can leave all the cynicism to the bureaucrats as well.

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  3. Don’t forget their deal with the RSR Nurburg. This is the company where the cars are from. I’m pretty sure renting those awesome cars will be quite a lot cheaper to Kunos than for average joe. Because of the deal.

    What would be better way to market your simulation game than to let people try both: real one and simulated one back to back on track and on rig?

    Ps. They also have a deal with the rig manufacturer. They look for partners to make proper marketing possible for such small company. Like they did with the Porsche..


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    But the Jews are not happy about this attempt to take their preciousss away. Writing in the Jerusalem Post, Seth J. Frantzman even calls this tendency towards universalism a “second genocide”.

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    1. I always wonder why everyone goes insane over the 6 million Jews killed (although evidence suggests the number was closer to 100k) but nobody gives a shit about the 20 million Russians killed by Stalin or the 100 million Chinese killed by Mao

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        1. Technically, Russia won the war. Weren’t they the first to reach Berlin before the fat ‘muricans could build a bridge large enough for their giant asses after the last Germans detonated the last intact ones?


          1. Haven’t you heard? They claim they “let them get there first”. LOL

            Red Army would have sent them to the Pyrenees if they dared trying to take the big price after joining late and once war was decided.


      1. Probably because idiots like the above guy want to act like it didn’t happen… I don’t see anyone denying the communists killed a whole lot of people (probably because capitalists love to demonize anything that could take some of their power)


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      Your pathetic, sniveling moral relativism cannot obscure this central fact: That, according to the Nazi’s own “survival of the fittest” dogma, they were complete losers whose only legacy is the ashes of murdered children.


      1. Stop spreading Jew propaganda.

        Anne Frank’s Diary is one of the most important hoaxes perpetrated in the interest of advancing the Holocaust racket. The power of this hoax is that it puts a dead little girl’s face on a lie, which puts you in an awkward spot if you ask questions about what really happened during WWII. The book was “co-authored” by her father, Otto Frank, as admitted recently by the Anne Frank Fund, which is especially sick as it explains why there are detailed masturbation scenes in the diary that you can just tell weren’t written by a 13-year-old girl 70 years ago.

        Now the evidence is beginning to mount that the diary wasn’t Otto Frank’s first rodeo – he was a highly experienced criminal. The narrative goes that a group of Dutch “good samaritans” hid the Franks during sweeping Gestapo raids and eventually sold them out, but this too is a lie. What really happened is that German and Dutch investigators were looking to crack down on highly lucrative food ration card racket, and by sheer happenstance came across a bunch of criminal Jews, including Franks.


  5. My, my, my. I can’t even think what I should say because #Gamergate just literally changed video game industries in general. But for the article, this give me more concern for VG industries and…

    Dunno how am I suppose to say next, ’cause I got a headache for reading this article.


    1. Why would he do that? There’s no true point in this article. Telling that Kunos invited media to proof their simulation aspect because they are proud of what they’ve created is paid stories only by James’s standards. If you think about it more than 2 secondsn any conspiracy theories doesn’t make much sense. Pure clickbait from start to finish. Why would a company be worried about a blog post which is just a pointles rant without a proper beef?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. “Why would a company be worried about a blog post which is just a pointles rant without a proper beef?”

        Well they’ve fixed things that PRC have pointed out as broken in the past, so clearly they pay attention, despite their claims that James is mentally ill


    1. Definitely not the first time I’ve seen that ‘KSDemon’ name either, but like mentioned early in the article, this is all stuff some people thought would rattle some cages, like it’s #Jetfuelandsteelbeams all over again.

      Reality is no one really cares, and those who ‘do’ still won’t do anything about it besides bitch & moan.

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  6. C






















  7. Now, the actual simming news. Formula Truck is a massive fun, nevermind the pun.
    The NGP page now lists an “RBR Car Manager”. About time some people actually got out of their way and wrote one. Now if only there was a convenient way to swap out the stages, change the weather, the surface condition and the tires, and voila! The best fun to date you can have on a toy wheel, albeit still not exceptionally user friendly.


  8. So from where I’m standing, gamergate was indeed a coordinated harassment campaign from a bunch of women hating virgins. Now, is video game journalism a bit of a joke? Yeah, and perhaps there should be a discussion about that, but I think everyone should condemn what happened in gamergate, because it was NOT about truth in journalism, make no mistake.

    Then again, the fact that the whole thing blew up is just evidence that I must be too old or out of touch because I can’t understand people who take games so seriously they consider “being a gamer” as part of their core identy as a human.


      1. You’ve found evidence of a company holding a promotional event for their product. Theses events are not a secret and there’s no evidence of Kunos directly paying for reviews.

        How these journalists are treated at these events can influence their opinion. It’s human nature. It’s no different to Sector 3 giving you free content. It’s no coincidence that R3E gets off the lightest on this blog.


          1. So above, we have:

            – a Black Friday deal causing so much traffic it ruined the online servers
            – Shitty AI in single player wrecking the shit out of each other
            – Sector 3 locking out non European residents from competitions because LOL SERVERS
            – wall riding exploit in competitions completely undetected
            – scoring loops being all fucked up in normal online races, making leagues almost impossible
            – absurd pricing model forcing you to buy the same car over and over again
            – begging the developers to abandon raceroom altogether
            – pointing out how a free weekend created chaos in online servers
            – comparing R3E3 to Sim Raceway, one of the shittiest racing sims ever created

            Apparently that is considered “going light” on a developer.


            1. You’ve missed out all of the positive articles in between. R3E definitely gets more positive articles than any other sim.

              Like I said though it’s just human nature for Sector 3’s gift to influence your opinion. Don’t worry about it.


                1. So you’ve just admitted that because the Sector 3 devs have left a positive impression on you it’s easier for you to write positive articles about their game. Just like the Italian journalists.


                  1. RaceRoom didn’t fly me out to an all expenses paid trip to Hockenheim, let me rip around in a BMW for a while, send me packing with a comprehensive press kit, and then instruct me to avoid discussing the shitty pricing model, online server chaos, fucked up scoring system that was preventing a lot of leagues taking from taking off, and numerous competition exploits anytime I addressed the game in public while other outlets were ripping the game to shreds.

                    There is simply no comparison. Not to mention I also don’t score games, so I’m not even in a position where my reviews can influence something like the metacritic score.

                    It’s insane how you AC devotees will try and bend over backwards to deny what’s going on.


                    1. It’s insane how you don’t understand. If a reviewer or youtube personality already likes the game and he goes to Vallelunga event, then Kunos isn’t paying him to like the game and say positive things. They are inviting or even paying their trip and in return they give exposure to the game. Is like a press conference, the journalists aren’t invited to shill for the whatever product is at the event, they are invited to give exposure of what’s happening and what’s on offer for the people at home.

                      And you’re speculating very hardly that Kunos is inviting people over and making them not say negatives about the game. I don’t doubt if anyone asks those people of the negatives of the game, they can tell which for them isn’t working well. But they can also tell the positives of the game, since people that usually go to these events don’t have an agenda.


                    2. I’m not speculating. It’s called Terms and Conditions, which you sign before taking part and receiving all the tickets/accommodations.

                      As I said before, AC had massive technical issues on consoles. It’s very odd that these were never addressed by the personalities who attended the event.


                    3. How do you know they weren’t? And from what I remember they only had access to special events of selected cars and tracks, before the game was released on consoles. There were some that pointed fps and screen tearing problems.

                      Is also odd how you keep commenting every time you have the chance about day 1 problems, never once said anything about improvements along the updates.

                      Somehow you think everyone is blind about the game problems and only you are the enlightened one. But when you will wake up and admit that thanks to the people who report problems and give feedback in the official forums and other places that Kunos is able to see problems missed and then fix them. Without the actual users giving feedback about the game you wouldn’t have material to write on your blog. So please wake up and realize that many people, including the devs, know about the problems before you do.


                    4. >no private lobbies
                      >can’t even pick the color of your car online
                      >fps issues
                      >screen tearing
                      >landmines shooting the car into space
                      >private race car parties with the devs
                      >swag kit
                      >instagram models shilling for the game

                      It’s so bloody obvious.


                    5. Its the same principle James just on a smaller scale. If Sector 3 were doing a console release they’d be doing the same.

                      For the record I’m not an AC devotee. Its my least favourite sim I have installed on my PC. It’s pretty arrogant of you to label everyone who disagrees with you as a fanboy.


                    6. The scale is precisely the problem. That’s what you’re not understanding.

                      Part of being some sort of media personality is receiving free games to review. What’s not is being gifted a free vacation at the expense of the developer/publisher, scoring the game 30 points higher than your contemporaries did, all while ignoring all of the technical faults they found. It’s dishonesty and scummy.


              1. Well… a few things,
                1.Being given something for free, doesn’t bias your opinion. With Christmas just gone, we’ve all gotten some shitty present we’ll probably throw away. So, for Sector 3 to allow access to all the content is nice, it sure doesn’t make me suddenly change my mind about the quality of the product.

                2. As James mentioned, Sector 3 does keep pretty quiet and keeps to themselves, so there’s not a whole of news/story articles about how big an asshole the devs are. The only complaints are the ones James has listed. The Kunos guys however are CONSTANTLY acting like fucks and talking about how great and perfect their game is, while for me it’s unplayable due to micro stutters and terrible performance.

                3. I’ve only ran the free portion of the game, because well, fuck that pricing model, but it’s fairly solid. It feels nice and there’s nothing crazy going on with it, and it performs fine.

                Although yeah, this article could’ve been summed up much quicker. Guess James is using a thesaurus to figure out how to lengthen articles.


  9. I only believe the reviews by that “Worthabuy” guy on YouTube. His 2-part evisceration of “No Mans Sky” is a) 100% accurate and b) incredibly funny.

    He also destroyed the new Gears of War game. Unfortunately, I had already bought it and – Yes – it sucked just as bad as he said.

    Gave F1 2016 a good review and Yes, it’s actually quite a fun F1 career sim. So far he’s batting 1.000.


    1. He once fisted a bunny in one of his videos. Forcing the poor stuffed animal to ring the bell while getting sexually assaulted from behind.


  10. Something I don’t understand here, why are the players and customers always the most undervalued and underestimated?
    Everyone is paid or offered stuff/experiences in gaming journalism and reviews (including James), which according to these blog writers logic, everything is fake. But are the people who play and support these games all bought and fake?

    Do you think those who play iracing, assetto corsa, rfactor2, raceroom, project cars, automobilista, their choices and own opinion of the game don’t matter?
    The actual lesson for the companies of these games/sims is to learn why aren’t more users buying and playing their game and not have some blog making the current players feel guilty/sad of the game they’re playing.

    And neither you James actually know why sims aren’t more popular, because all you ask from the devs of these sims to implement is more of the same features for more of the same type of players. The only one that managed to touch a bigger market with a sim racing was Kunos but is still their “fault” for not managing to get millions of customers, because they and we all know the game is not prepared in a way to make it attractive to millions of users and twenty thousands to play it daily. But one thing you can’t fault them for is for trying and pushing their game forward and reaching a bigger market. The problem between this blog and Kunos/AC is that they aren’t taking the path James wants them to take, so he gets mad for not having things his own way and starts shooting in all directions. Not once you care about the users and customers who help Kunos to push the game forward, all you care is to find opinions that match yours and with that point the finger. That’s just a bad attitude from someone who wants to push sim racing forward and has no idea is doing the opposite.


    1. Assetto Corsa is a game that averages sub-800 players when it’s not on Steam sale or just had a DLC released. Even a game that has been on sale 10,000 times like CSGO has between 5 and 10 times the player retention rate that AC does. That they managed to get one game to sell slightly well by making it look like a Gran Turismo substitute will do them no good when nobody buys any of their future products.


      1. This must be one of the dumbest comments I have ever read on PRC.

        First of all AC has currenly retention rate of 21.53% counting players from the last week, CS:GO is at 33.11%, that isn’t 5-10 times difference. Secondly CS:GO is the most successful and popular PC shooter of all time. Thirdly that is one of the reasons why companies release DLC and updates; to keep the retention rate high, CSGO has skins, updates and other shit added periodically.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. sub-800 players? Go to reddit r/simracing and on the front page look at the graph in the thread named “Interesting look at how many people play each sim over the last two years”.

        The lowest 24h peak was still above 1000 and that was in 2015. Since then basically starts from 1500 and in the last months the lowest peak has been from 2000 concurrent in-game players, with the highest peak going to 3000.

        Those aren’t numbers for how many people play per day or weekly total, just one point in time, the highest or lowest moment of concurrent users in 24h.


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